and maddy!!!!


Dua Lipa - Blow Your Mind feat Maddie Jade & Charlize | Brian Friedman Choreography (filmed February 2017)

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching the boys perform their own songs and I am so so so proud of each of them, but I really freaking miss them being together on stage, interacting as a band.

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relationship status: married to my job and also my cat

favorite color: blue or yellow

lipstick or chapstick: chapstick, applied approx. every 2 seconds

last song i listened to: “don’t leave” by the ministry of magic, an iowa wizard rock band. HELLOOOOOO 2007!!!

last movie i watched: black plains (?)

top 3 tv shows: parks and rec, brooklyn 99, broadchurch  

top 3 characters: i’m going to fucking cheat okay lmao: jane eyre, edward fairfax rochester, joshua york, abner marsh, erik lehnsherr

top 3 ships: ron/hermione, cherik, jane/rochester

books I’m currently reading: JONATHAN STRANGE AND MR NORRELL and also the first harry potter book over again

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"I slept with him once. Wasn't impressive." Asfghhjkllvnzitqu but sex with Lexa was impressive that they defied science and made a child. This is proof that sex with women is the best

A fucking Twilight child too. The kid is six but looks twelve. That was some next level sex right there. Not only did Lexa knock her up, but she knocked her up with a superhuman baby. The hettys could never. #LegendsOnly

*sips orange juice from a cocktail glass*

so just reminding people that if you see a spelling error or grammatical error in a fic please don’t point it out because we were probably just in a rush to get the chapter out and the chances are we’ve seen it too and can’t be bothered to fix it

*winks and tries to sip from now empty cocktail glass*