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First Kiss

(Based off of this post by @wyattghouleff) // They’re about my age (15/16) in this // Warning for kissing IG

Summary: Richie and Eddie’s first date

WC: A short 969

Eddie shouldn’t be surprised.

As long as they’ve known each other, Richie’s been chaotic. His curls are always unruly. Holes pattern his mud-stained sneakers beneath ripped up old jeans. His elbows and hands and knees are often graced with band-aids for the scrapes he gets falling off his bike or tripping when he’s running. Every other word out of his mouth would make a sailor blush. Richie’s loud and messy and the definition of chaos-

And he loves Pop Rocks.

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Stozier jealous Richie

A concept

- Richie is super possessive and clingy because he has abandonment issues and he’s super insecure and always scared that Stan will find someone better.

- When someone hits on Stan, he’ll just casually call him babe or kiss him or put his arms around him to make it very clear that Stan is his.

- One time someone slapped Stan’s ass and wouldn’t leave him alone after he told them to go away. Richie lost his shit and he broke their nose and gave them a concussion.

- Richie overreacts sometimes and snaps at people who are getting too friendly with Stan even.

- Consider: Richie getting real pissy with Bill because Bill is always staring at Stan

hold on to your butts it’s about to get awesome… no I’m kidding. hey all! i’m maddie (25, she/her, pst), super excited to be here, i feel like i’m late to the party which i hate more than anything, but people keep asking me to do things for them so this happened. anyway, this is my doll of an angel cassie. her full a bio is here it’s kind of long, but a good read I promise. if you don’t feel like reading that right now the rundown of cassie is under the read more so please check it out!

[ ✧・– CANDICE PATTON ] – oh, SHE/HER ?? that’s CALISTA ARABELLE LOCKHART, the TWENTY-SIX year old CISFEMAL from EAST EGG. she’s worth around $87 MILLION thanks to her FAMILIES DYNASTY OF ACTORS AND ENTERTAINERS BUT MOSTLY HER OWN TENACITY word around town is that she’s really AMBITIOUS but also very EASILY AGGRAVATED. regardless, i’m sure she has an incredibly busy and expensive year ahead of her.

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Does anyone else eat waffles with just their hands, no silverware?? Like I realize how messy it is with all of the maple syrup and butter, but it’s the best way to eat waffles. Sure, you get odd looks in public, but it’s 100% worth it.

The cool thing about doing all of this early prep work for Band of Seven (my NaNo project) is that when I realise that the background of a character needs to change and so I need to rewrite their introductory chapter, I have more than enough time to do that. 

I certainly didn’t mean for this to happen. I thought I knew the Smuggler’s past, but I don’t, as I’ve discovered while writing her. And that’s one of the coolest things about writing, I think. There’s a lot of stuff that changes as you build your story up.

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hc where the losers make fun of eddie for writing the V onto his cast

// I couldn’t keep it sad sorry :(( / ooc a little //

- Eddie can’t look at the word ‘Loser’ on his cast. Even if he and his friends reclaimed the word, it still hurts, so he takes a red permanent marker and scribbles a capital V on top of the S. ‘Lover.’ It makes him feel a little better.

- When Richie sees it, he bursts into laughter, barely able to speak for almost a full minute. “Eds,” he wheezes, still doubled over, “You’re a loser, face it. We all are.”

- “It’s nuh-not funny Ri-ri-richie,” Bill says. 

- It’s not uncommon to hear, but something in Bill’s tone is too serious. His joke wasn’t just not funny, it was mean. Too mean. When he looks at Eddie, there are tears gathering in his eyes.

- “Sorry, Eddie. Bit too far.”

- Eddie nods and takes a shuddering deep breath. Maybe he is a loser, but it just hurts to hear and see every day.