and mad at 1d for not touring during my break like really

Give me a reason: not to cry

Hiii! Finally, I’ve finished this. And I’m really sorry, because I think I remember who gave me this idea but I’m not 100% true so I’m not gonna say anything. But you know who you are so consider this your tag!

Give me a reason: not to leave

Give me a reason: not to hang up


“Yeah, just GO!”





Niall can still hear the echo the slamming door made throughout the house hours ago. Can still hear his own voice, rough and thick, screaming for Harry to leave. His throat feels just as raw now as it did seconds after the fight had come to a stand-still; after neither of them had anything left to say because everything else had already been said.


“‘s what you’re good at anyway, innit? Takin’ off.”

“Oh - we’re back to that are we, Niall?”

“We never left that, Harry - we just stopped talking about it.”

"Well god forbid I want to see my friends every once in a while.”

“Every once in a while?”

“Considering we’ve been on tour every year for the past four years for eight to ten months out of the year, yeah - every once in a while.”


He can’t remember the last day they didn’t fight. Can’t remember the last night either of them went to bed without being angry or upset - or both. Nor can he remember the last time Harry was still in bed with him when he woke up or the last time they were able to have a simple conversation without it turning into a fight. He can’t remember the last time he and Harry actually acted like they liked each other.

He thinks it shouldn’t be this hard. Thinks it shouldn’t hurt so fucking much - like his heart is breaking apart in his chest.


“It’s a little more than once in a while, Harry. It’s like the second the tour ends you’re flying out to LA-”

“It’s not like I’m there the whole time, Niall!”

“You’re there more than you are here - that’s my point! When we have time off you spend more time in fucking LA than you do here, with your family. With me.”


The thing is, they haven’t fought in ages - nor do they fight very often. Like, at all. And even when they do fight it never lasts very long because it’s like…neither of them really knows how to fight. Which makes fighting, now, even harder, he thinks.


"You act like I’m over there partying all the time and having the time of my life without you but, like, 80 per cent of the time I’m working-“

"I know-”

“I’m writing and I’m recording demos and I’m working out melodies-”

“I know that, Harry!”

"Then what the fuck is the problem?!”

“I fucking miss you, that’s the problem!”


Even from the bedroom upstairs, curled under the blankets and hugging his pillow, he can hear the front door open and close - softer and quieter than the last time. His breath catches in his throat and his stomach flips nervously. He looks at his phone, at the message from someone else he has yet to open because he doesn’t know what to say.

It’s well past midnight now and, to be honest, he hadn’t been expecting Harry home until morning - at the earliest.

He wipes the heels of his hands across his eyes and dries his cheeks with the duvet. It feels like the hundredth time he’s done that in the last week and he hates it; hates crying. Because crying means there’s something wrong. (Some people like to say that crying - letting everything out - makes you feel better but Niall would beg to differ. He’s only ever just felt worse.)


"I miss you too, Niall.”

“Evidently not enough.”

“Are you - I don’t - what more do you want me to say?! I’m trying here and you just keep - you’re all over the fucking place! How about you just let me know when you’ve figured out exactly what you want me to say?”

"Oh - what, are you leaving? You’re just gonna leave?”

“I need some air.”

“Why don’t you just go back to LA while you’re at it?”

“Maybe I fucking will!”


“Good. I’ll send you a post card-”

“Fuck you! Just - go! LEAVE!”


The bedroom door opens quietly, like Harry’s trying not to wake him. He’s awake though, of course, because it’s hard enough falling asleep without Harry there and even harder falling sleep after a fight. He can hear Harry walking carefully across the room, closer to the bed - like he’s tip-toeing in order to keep quiet.

Niall rolls over, then, to face him; watches Harry empty his jeans pockets and place his wallet, phone and coins on the bedside table on his own side of the bed. Harry glances at him, stares for a minute before turning to sit on the edge of the mattress, his back now to Niall. The blond sighs inwardly as he pushes himself up and leans his shoulders back against the headboard. “Lou texted me. Is that where you went?”

“Yeah,” Harry mutters tiredly.

“She’s knows, then?”

Harry sighs as he runs a hand through his hair. “She knows we had a fight; she doesn’t know everything.”

Niall nods once to himself. He contemplates texting her back to thank her for looking out - maybe even thank her for being there for Harry. He decides against it, however, because she can wait until morning. Harry can’t.

“Lux asked for you,” Harry says, voice rough - he’s been crying too. He sits back, swings his legs up in front of him and leans his shoulders against the headboard. “She wants to see you - asked why you weren’t there for lunch with us last weekend. I told her you’d see her soon.”

Niall snorts. “Which means I should probably head over tomorrow.”


“You’ll come?” he asks tentatively.

Harry blinks, letting his head fall back with a soft thud against the wood. “If you want me to.”

“I always want you to,” Niall whispers.

Harry reaches out for the lamp beside him on the table and turns it on. Niall winces as the light floods into the room, rubs at his eyes as they adjust and then his gaze lands on the brunette, whom leans back against the headboard, head tilted back. He looks at Harry; Harry, whose cheeks are a bit flushed and eyes are rimmed red. He thinks they probably look identical.

“What do you want from me, Niall?” Harry asks, letting his head fall to the side so they’re face to face.

Niall blinks, takes a deep breath. “I want you to give me a reason not to cry.”

“I don’t…” Harry trails off, brow furrowed as he licks his lips. “What am I supposed to do?”

"They say that the person you’re meant to be with - the person who’s worth your tears - will never make you cry,” Niall murmurs, dropping his gaze to stare at his lap. He picks at a loose thread on the duvet.

“You don’t - you don’t believe that, do you?”

Niall shakes his head, rubbing both hands over his tired face. “Couples fight and sometimes they cry and it doesn’t mean you’re meant to be together any less - sometimes I think it means you’re meant to be together more because you can do that and survive,” he whispers. “I’m just…I’m tired of crying, Haz. It’s all I’ve been doing since you got back.”

Harry sighs softly. “I can’t just not go to LA, Niall. It’s-“

“I’m not asking you not to go to LA,” the blond assures him as he turns to face his boyfriend. Harry’s staring at him, eyes wide and curious, searching Niall’s face. And Niall knows that - knows that LA is some place special for Harry, knows that Harry has friends there, has songwriter friends there, likes to write there. “I’m just…I just wish you wouldn’t spend so much time there. I wish you would spend more time here during our time off because I just…I just miss you when you’re gone.”

Harry blinks, continues to stare at him for a moment and then swallows hard before looking away.

“And I know you miss me too, yeah,” Niall continues. “I was an asshole before trying to make it seem like you don’t miss me enough - because I know you do. It’s just…it’s different-“

"How is it different?” Harry demands, sounding a bit offended.

“It just…” the blond trails off, licking at his lips. His stomach churns; he feels sick. “It’s like we spend all this time on the road, in and out of hotels, and we’re with each other every day - except we aren’t really alone. Because the lads are there and around and then there’s the crew and the fans and just…everyone - and apart from having quickies in the room or dressing rooms we don’t really get any alone time.

"And then when it ends I just…I just always think we’ll get all this time together but we don’t because you go to LA and I don’t see you for three or four weeks and then all of a sudden it’s time to rehearse for the new tour and it’s the same shit all over again.”


“And I know we made our plans,” Niall continues again, because now that he’s started he can’t bring himself to stop. “I know I said I wanted to bring the lads out from back home and grab some pints with the crew and play some golf and I know you wanted to see Jeff and Zach - and that’s fine. That’s not - it’s not about that. It’s that at the end of the day the house is way to quiet because you’re not here and the bed is way too fucking cold because you’re not in it and I just miss you.”

Harry continues to stare at him, one eyebrow raised and his eyes a little bit softer than before. “You’re mad at me because you miss me?”

Niall rolls his eyes. “I’m mad at you because you I was done hanging out with other people a week into the break and you were an insensitive git who wouldn’t come home.” And, suddenly, Niall feels like maybe all this time spent crying was a bit of an overreaction - and maybe a huge waste of time. Maybe all he had to do was say that instead of attacking Harry about going to LA to begin with.

"And you missed me.”

The blond snorts. “Don’t make me laugh, I’m mad at you.”

“C’mere,” Harry murmurs, reaching one arm out for Niall - who’s already crawling across the bed and into Harry’s open arms. “‘m sorry,“ he whispers, burying his nose in Niall’s hair.

"I know.”

“If I had known it meant that much to you I would’ve changed my flight.”

“I know.”

Harry breathes in deeply before pressing a kiss to the back of Niall’s head. “How ‘bout next time I go to LA you just…come with me?”

Niall jerks, pushed himself away from Harry’s chest and turns to look at him. “We can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“Because we - if I go with you there will be suspicions and-”

“People already have their suspicions, Niall,” Harry points out.

“But this will be different,” Niall insists. “We agreed we weren’t ready and if I-”

“Nobody has to know why you’re there,” the brunette says, taking each of Niall’s hands into both of his own. “Everyone knows I write there so if I fly out first and then you fly out a couple days later they’ll just think we’re writing together. Louis and Liam write together all the time.”

A smile tugs at Niall’s lips. “And where will I stay? A hotel?”

Harry scoffs. “You’re not staying at a hotel. Band mates can crash with band mates, can they not?”

Niall shrugs playfully. “I suppose, yeah.”

"Then you can stay in the guest room-”

“Fuck you,” the blond laughs, slapping at Harry’s chest. “‘m not staying in a bloody guest room.“

Harry grins back, pulling Niall against him. “So you’ll come?”

Niall cocks his head to the side and furrows his eyebrows as though in deep thought. “Hmm, I dunno. I mean, I guess if I have to-“

"Fuck off,” Harry smirks.

Niall laughs, tossing his head back as Harry wrestles him onto his back. He tries to fight back, to knock Harry off but even though he’s gangly and clumsy, the brunette’s bigger and stronger. Niall finds himself gazing up at Harry a moment later when Harry’s got him pinned to the bed.

“You know that thing you said - about giving you a reason not to cry?” Harry asks softly, resting his forehead against Niall’s.

Niall shakes his head gently. “I’m fine-“

“I know, I just…I like it a lot better when you’re laughing so just…don’t ever let me make you cry,” Harry whispers.

“Deal,” Niall whispers back, carding his fingers through Harry’s long curls.

The Weekly Mad Recap March 29th - April 4th 2015

Warning: The content of this article summarize the events of the week in a light/meant to be funny way. One could also say, it is a poor attempt at humour really (and one would be totally right), but what would be life without all the stupid stupid things you can come up with? Let’s live Forever Young kiddos!

All Gifs belong to their right owners, we are only borrowing them. If you want to receive credit contact us…

In the previous episodes…

- Zayn officially left the band and threw the fandom into a bottomless pit of despair…

… Apparently, to pursue his own solo career.

Same here Lou! Pour some anger into the pit of despair!

- Eleanor commented that her and Louis were still good friends after their break-up.

- Liam was the absolute sunshine of the week.

Ow, so bright! Too bright! Our… Hearts… Are… Meltiiiiiiing!!!

- After a really hard week of grief, the fandom was back on the game right on time for the KCAs! Ready for the Last Minute Slay?! (With capitals, because it IS a THING in this fandom, innit?)

- We might have an exclusiv’ for you… Did you know that Wikipedia work WITH ONE DIRECTION? Bet you didn’t! Want some proofs?

This is an old screenshot. It was taken on the exact same day Zayn left the tour, supposedly to have a break from all the pressure and stress. Well, seems like Wikipedia already knew he wouldn’t come back… Fishy? You said fishy?(More on this conspiracy later)

Now, let’s get cracking!

Sunday 29th : Second Johannesbourg’s Gig

- One Direction bags all the Awards  they are nominated for at the KCAs ! Oh Yeah!And that Ladies is exactly how to make our Niall happy!

Congratulatory dance anyone?

Ow, Jesus! Now you get it from the Master.

- BREAKING NEWS! The pre-production of the next album begins ! Niall is first on the News! They all seem to be very excited as well, we know how much they like to write their own songs and we can only encourage them to since the last two albums were killers! Go Boys!

- Do you know this feeling, when you just broke up with your boyfriend, you’re still quite enamoured with him, but he was the one to ditch you, and he is doing allright,he even found someone else already? Someone you obviously think is ugly and not right for him? So, seeing as he is quite happy, you start flooding your social networks with photos and comments explaining how HAPPY you are too, how life is just GREAT at the moment, how much you enjoy it and how you don’t give a toss about being single, quite the contrary actually! Ex-boyfriend, who?

All the while expecting he will see it, of course. Well, Louis might be in this kind of frenzy at the moment. Since he was extremely active all week on social networks. What do you mean, he broke up with Eleanore weeks ago now? Who said we were on about Ela? We were talking about his break-up with Bestie ZAYN, obviously!

He started lightly, posting a picture of his new bestfriend on Instagram. (yea, Zayn, he replaced you too, see!) Who can take the boy’s place, you ask? A Water Bottle ! Yes, you read it right: a FUCKING EVIAN’S BOTTLE ! Sorry Ladies. Talking about lame replacements, really. Well at least, water is good for your health Lou, so there is that…

Next he posted this ABSOLUTELY AMAZING on-stage selfie with Niall.

Much more effective as a replacement this time. (The last bestfriend wasn’t very talkative to be honest.) And you have to admit the photo in itself is a killer! Looking good guys!

- Harry and Niall in a hotel room? Some heavy noises coming from inside, creaking bed, muffled laughs, pantings,…

STOP IMMEDIATELY what you were thinking! (Don’t lie! We know exactly what you were thinking!). Harry and Niall were said to be playfighting in Harry’s hotel room… basically that’s how we picture it actually went down:


- This is what you get when you mess with the 1D fandom: #NaughtyBoyDontEatZayn was trending for almost the whole day and apparently Louis & Niall had NO FLIPPIN’ CHILL either!!!  

A joke? Well, looks like your co-worker Wikipedia didn’t get the memo:

Here is an actual translation from the French page of Wikipedia:

“Zayn Malik would have left the wonderful band that is One Direction because of Naughty Boy’s bad influence on him.

Naughty Boy also was one of the Extras in the Music Video “Steal My Girl” from  One Direction in which he had the part of a sumo. He apparently also would have tried to eat Zayn Malik”

If this is not bloody brilliant, we don’t know what is! Obviously, the article had been rectified since.

- Also, something really brilliant happened during their gig, something we won’t even joke about, because honestly, the symbol is just too beautiful!

The boys let their Public sing Zayn’s part in “You and I”. A nice way to remind you who is now the fifth member: their fans! And, this get us a little emotional…

- On stage, Harry is his quirky cute self, asking the fans to throw all they can on the stage for a minute… Well, this kid sure lives dangerously! Remember that?

OUCH!!! ><” Even LOOKS painful! (Please girls, for the sake of Harry’s future children, AIM for the ground!)

-  #1DFAMHERETOSTAY  went trending for two consecutive days. What does that tells you? The Fandom rules Twitter? Maybe.

- Liam as usual is P-E-R-F-E-C-T , Harry thinks the same, he even claims that on stage! (Shouting his love on the rooftops, at last?!) Why? Because Liam always find the good words, his little speech on Twitter was most certainly perfect.

Well, family is family Liam; we’ll always be there for you! Always!

Monday 30th :

- The photograph of Louis and Harry having breakie together surfaces and drives Larries into a new frenzy!

Do you think Harry went to the counter all bubbly and said “I used to be a baker!”? And then both Louis and his bodyguard would facepalm and Louis would try to gently break the news to him: “We know love, everybody all around the world know, you’re the most famous ex-baker in the WWW…”. Cute.

Tuesday 31th :

- Or, THE SASS MASTER slays again! We told you he had quite a hard time getting over Zayn! So, guess he was reading through Nasty Boy’s vileness like:

And now, he is full-on set on dragging his ex’s new boyfriend! Get him Louis!

That a boy!

As a consequence #sassyLouis and #masterofallwisdom was trending on twitter all day!

Hey Louis! Naughty?

Yea, might want to avoid the subject in your presence from now on.

Wenesday 1st of April : Cape Town Gig

Wow! Everyone seems to be relieved to be done with March Madness… But maybe, it was talking a little too soon considering the date: 1st of April!

Wise for once… Should have listened to her for the last two weeks!

- Blind gossip hits us again during the April fools ! Ace chooses to have a go at Harry and more specifically targets Haylor:


Most of the fandom reacted quite violently, and for a good reason: as if we needed some more dramas! We just can’t have a break, can we?!

However, never the ones to blame people for a joke we will just say that: Was not really funny pal, but nice try!

It definitely was fishy right from the begining though… Really, have you ever read Ace writing nice things about Taylor?! No? Never? What we thought!

- Now here is April fools by the fandom (which was pretty bored so we kinda saw it coming):  #HarryGotArrested trending on twitter

Now, that was quite hilarious, because… well… Harry? really?

Mouhahahaha! Try to picture Harry-don’t-swear in jail you’re in for some mad giggling!

- On another hand, and this is not an April Joke, Zayn lost about 50 000 followers on twitter, following the recent feud between Naughty Boy and Louis! We hope Zouis is still BFF after the clash!

Thursday 02th of  April :

- The boys fly to Dubai, but they have to land because of a huge sand storm. They’re stuck in a plane for four more hours after a ten hours flight!

Can only imagine how your back and bum must be sore! Well, boys, if ever in need of a good massage…

Louis shares his love for confined spaces and long flights!

Ouch, the irony.

-  He also posts a video on IG from their last gig without mentioning either Liam or Harry even though they both are in the video, and we’re sensing a pattern in the Tomlinson family here:

#Louisbelike surfaces, basically #LouisBeLike is the #LottieBeLike 2.0; siblings have got something in common. They both had one of the most hilarious trends on Twitter!

- So apparently Harry is dead. We saw on twitter #RIPHarryStyles trends. Maybe, it was the result of some random Haters work and the fandom being its bright-self it turned it into a joke, or maybe it’s the result of the fandom going completely insane after a whole day without ANY drama, now they are so not used to it that they get bored! Anyway…

Friday 03rd of April:

- Here is the first official picture of the FANTASTIC FOUR.

- Lottie and  Louis post a selfie of themselves in a car.

But wait… Is there someone sitting on Louis’ laps?! That definitely looks like a leather jacket on the right and that might explain why his left arm is not in the picture.

Then, WHO is sitting on Louis’ laps, the question that might turn the fandom crazy even before Sunday, (since Sunday is officially the day when all the drama happen all over again!). AND… We don’t have the answer, sorry.

Saturday 04th of April: Dubai Gig

- It is the last day of the Asian Leg before a two months break! School’s out boys!

- The boys are very happy and affectionate on stage, goofing around and hugging each other, and we might be swooning a little!

- Louis’ whole family meet him in Dubai and encourage the boys.

- As Lou Tisdeale said: 

And this week Absolute Sunshine of the Week Award goes to…

Louis William Tomlinson is the Absolute Sunshine of this week. Now you’re probably wondering why Louis? The answer is quite simple : IG and Sassmaster of Twitter !

This week Louis was pretty active in all social networks, firstly in Instagram with this gorgeous selfie of Niall and him on stage, and later in the week with the video of the crowd in Cape Town during “Little Things”.

He was also quite reactive on Twitter where he posted lots of tweets but most notably his furious tweet to clash nasty Naughty Boy.

We can only clap with both hands and be moved by the fact that he wants to actually PROTECT his fans when he senses someone is trying to wind them up.

What a charming prince in shining armour, we’re swooning!

We would like to thank everyone that actually took the time to read our silliness last week, all of the people that liked it and/or shared it. We hope it put a smile on your face.

Starting next week, since the boys will be in a break and we don’t want to be intrusive, we will only relay their public appearances and social medias activities  and we will try to have some special “Holiday” editions covering funny stuff like their best interviews bits, best one-liners, the craziest things they have done on stage etc… So we’re certainly not down for the break!  

That’s it for this week, tune in next week for some more stupidity.
Love and Respect to you all!

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Somehow, miraculously, you got rid of Nick, by promising him to catch up some other time and him giving you his number. After that you and Harry walked in silence for a long time, over Blackfriars Bridge to the Inner Temple Gardens. You nervously chewed your lip as he sat on a bench by a small fountain and looked at you with big eyes.

Well, care to explain?”, he asked, as you continued to be silent.

You took a deep breath, closed your eyes for a second and nodded.

Ok, so remember how, when we met at the wedding, you asked me if we had met before and I denied that?”, you started, while walking back and forth in front of the bench. Harry nodded. “Well, that wasn’t true, as you’d already guessed. We kinda have met before…on the XFactor.”

Harry’s eyes almost popped out of his head, his jaw dropping. “Wait, what?”

Keep reading

Thoughts on the break

I think the weirdest thing for me about the break, and the timing of it, and how it was announced and all that, is that there are really only two reasons it feels weird and noteworthy at all. The first is that they’re taking a break after they’ll have released an album without having toured on it; the second is that for the past five years, they have never stopped between tours and album writing and album release and promo and tour and oh look, the cycle has started again. They’ve had a couple of breaks about two or three months long during the album promo-tour cycle, but they’ve never had time off AFTER a tour, to actually recharge and focus on other things and figure out what their lives really are before writing and recording and releasing the next album. Their schedule has ALWAYS been nuts, and for 2016, they had a choice. They could either do one more big tour for the upcoming album, making it four years in a row that they would have done at least an arena tour, and continue the process of bleeding dry their fanbase which has already shown them an INSANE level of support over the past five years. Or they could fulfill the album contract and release this one in the fall and then NOT tour on it, which is obviously what they did, and which required an actual announcement about not touring. 

That’s the part that’s odd, in a lot of ways. Certainly there are lots of bands and artists who have announced breaks/hiatuses in the past (and many of them actually did return!), but usually artists get to have a cycle with a built-in fallow period after a tour, which gives them a break obviously but also gives the PUBLIC a break as well. It’s no secret that 1D have been seriously oversaturated in the market for the past two years at least; given that, it’s KIND OF AMAZING that they’ve done as well as they have in general and that Drag Me Down has been as successful as it has been in particular. But if you look at someone like Taylor Swift, who is ALSO incredibly hard working and never stops going, her album-tour-fallow period schedule is on a two year cycle, more or less. If she was doing what 1D has done for the past three years, she would be prepping to release another album in TWO MONTHS. That is insane, and it’s been insane for the boys, and I think that they looked at themselves and all they’ve been through and what they’ve got coming up, and they said nope, we need a break. We ALL need a break. 

But again, the part about this that’s WEIRD is that if they weren’t releasing another album this fall, or if they realistically had the option to push it back until next spring or summer or fall, then they wouldn’t necessarily need to publicly ANNOUNCE a hiatus or break. They could just do what most bands do, and have time off in between cycles, starting after a tour. And obviously they did have the yearly album contract, and it was even more important for them to re-brand as a foursome after Zayn left, so getting out another album this year that showed a functional foursome version of One Direction was vital and necessary. But it is also a LOT OF WORK to put into something for a band that theoretically knew they were calling it quits next March, which is why while I believe the reports that they’re taking a year off, I don’t believe that this is a break up being called a hiatus. I don’t believe this is the end.

Of course, I could be wrong. I could be wrong because I’m misreading what they’re telling me, or I could be wrong because they’re deliberately misdirecting the narrative in this way for some unknown-to-me reason, or I could be wrong because I can’t predict the future and NONE of us know how any of the boys will feel after being on break, not even the boys themselves. But all of this is why I don’t feel particularly anxious or worried in the short term about the length and pre-determined nature of the break. There’s a reading of what they’re doing that makes sense to me, and allows me to kick the can containing devastation and sadness over my band ending down the road a bit further. I’m not saying that the hiatus is going to be all fun and games, and tbh I’m already dreading the way the smallest things will be magnified and ripped to shreds because there will be no new canon and this is a fandom which has been fed daily more or less for HALF A DECADE. But unless and until the boys themselves suddenly seem different to me, I am going to assume that they’re excited about the last two months of tour, and will have fun doing the promo concerts for the album, and will be idiots while making however many more music videos we get, and whatever else, and then they’ll take a break and figure out how to live. Louis will become a dad, Liam will continue his campaign to show Sophia what a GREAT HUSBAND AND DAD HE WILL BE, Niall will live out a golf montage, and Harry will perfect his instagram photography and possibly join a monastery. And then from there they’ll have the chance to choose to keep doing this crazy job of theirs if they want to, as adults who know the score. I HOPE they’ll choose to come back, no matter what else their time off may include in terms of work or solo albums or whatever. But I’m also really happy for them, that they have the power and the self-awareness to CHOOSE to take a break, before this mad adventure breaks them. For everything else, only time will tell. 

Preference #4: When he Can't Stop Looking at You

Niall: When you’re deep into a game, especially football games. He doesn’t often take you to football games because you easily distract him, and he always misses the best plays. He doesn’t mind, however, because the excitement in your face that shows when you say, “Oh, oh my god, look at him go! He’s gonna get a goal! Niall look! He’s going to make the goal! Niall you’re missing it!” makes it worth missing the most important goal of the game. And when you jump out of your seat with the rest of the audience when your team wins the game, Niall comes up too and plants a lingering kiss on your lips, always catching you by surprise. “What was that for?” you’d ask. “Just because…” He’d smirk and leave you blushing.

Louis: When you’re really into a book, he can never take his eyes off of you. When you are both on the couch spooning (him always the bigger spoon) with some action movie on for him and you with a Nicholas Sparks novel in hand, he looks down at your book to see what part you are on. He finds it amusing to hear little gasps and, “no ways” coming from your mouth. He excuses himself from your cuddling session to make you both teas, and while waiting for the water to boil he stands in the doorway watching your eyes flicker between the words, your mouth open slightly, mouthing the words as the book gets more intense. He loves how your grip tightens on a book when you get mad, or sometimes you have to put the book down on your stomach for a minute to catch your breath because something that you wanted to happen actually did happen. And Louis loves asking about what is going on in the book at the moment, because even if he has no idea what you are talking about because he has no idea who ‘John’ is or 'Savannah’, the way your eyes light up while you discuss it with him makes him go crazy.

Harry: His eyes are glued to you whenever you come to visit him on tour. With you in university with a strict and rigorous schedule, you barely have a chance to get flown out to him. When you do, however, he spends every single second with you. Even if it is only for a weekend, he makes the absolute best of it. He loves showing you around backstage of one of the venues, and watching your reaction to being placed in the middle of the stage looking out at all the empty seats that will be filled in the upcoming hours. And although he gets slightly annoyed when one of the boys start talking to you because they are taking precious time away from him, he does really love that you get on so well with the boys. He loves watching you laugh at Louis when he picks on one of the other boys playfully, or how concentrated your face looks when you are trying to understand Liam while he explains how the in-ear monitors work during the shows. Even when he is on stage performing, he always keeps his eyes on you, making sure that you’re okay and safe, and during breaks he rushes over to you, triple checking to make sure you are having a good time. He likes to see you singing along to his solos, and when you lock eyes during his performance he can’t help but smile at the fact that he gets to hold the most beautiful girl in the arena after the show.

Zayn: In the morning, when he is still in bed and you think he is sleeping, he can’t take his eyes off of you. From the minute you sit on the edge of the bed and stretch, his eyes are locked on you. The way your back muscles are prominent as you reach up to the ceiling makes him crazy. He watches you rummage through your shared drawers looking for something to wear. He hears your sigh of disapproval, that you know means that you would rant to him later about how you have absolutely nothing to wear. He then watches you as you walk over to the bathroom getting ready to jump in the shower, and before you close the door, Zayn would shout, “You look hot today, babe!” and you would giggle as you look in the mirror and spot smudged makeup from last night’s failed attempt at removing it, your bad bed head, and disheveled pajamas.

Liam: Its when you are with children that Liam’s eyes are especially stuck on you and only you. Like for instance when you are at one of your family reunions and Liam is stuck listening to your grandfather ramble on and on about some story from the war, he is mumbling 'oh’s’ and 'yeah that’s crazy’s’ because he is really only paying attention to you. He can only focus on the way you are playing with your little cousins, running around playing tag, picking them up and swinging them around. He sees one of the little girls fall and admires the way you rush up to her and kiss her knee, just like a mother would do to her child. That’s what he thinks about when he sees you like this. He imagines you becoming the mother to his children. But first, he imagines a wedding. And by just locking his eyes on you for this small moment, while kissing a little girl’s scraped knee, he has a whole scenario running through his mind of how your wedding would be, your honeymoon, and the rest of your life would be spent together. He’s completely and utterly in love with you, and he knows it.