and lydia's face in the back is a

I want Lydia to call for Stiles and finally find this feeling of hope again. I want her to finally breathe again she remembered Stiles. She remembered everything about him. She knows what he looks like, what he smells like. She knows that he is her home. She finally remembered every detail of their life together. She’s ready to fall back into his arms. She sees a shadow her hopes are high but alas it’s not Stiles who walks out of the rift it’s someone else. Lydia falls to the ground and onto her knees. Tears start to stream down her face. She was so sure this time. She was so sure they found him. Suddenly she feels a hand on her shoulder and it’s one familiar feeling she looks up but the image is a blur from all the tears filled in her eyes. The familiar touch moves to her cheek to wipe a tear, he calls out to her. Lydia. Without thinking She jumps into his arms and whispers in his ear you came back.

Midnight Shenanigans

Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Theo x Reader
Word Count: 1,678

Warnings: kissing, swearing, mature language, teasing, fingering, unprotected sex

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Dirk Gently Asks!
  • Dirk Gently: Do you own the same piece of clothing in more than one colour?
  • Todd Brotzman: Have you ever told a lie you really regret?
  • Farah Black: What is your dream job?
  • Amanda Brotzman: Do you have any illnesses?
  • Bart Curlish: Have you ever wanted to kill anybody?
  • Ken: What's your favourite piece of technology?
  • The Rowdy 3: Have you ever deliberately broken something?
  • Estevez: Do you miss anyone right now?
  • Zimmerfield: Is there anything cool you can do with your face?
  • Riggins: Do you have/want children?
  • Friedkin: What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?
  • Patrick Spring: If you could go back and change one thing, what would it be?
  • Lydia Spring: Have you ever run away from home?
  • Rapunzel the Corgi: Do you have any pets?
  • Blackwing: Does your group of friends have a name?
  • Holistic: Who do you feel the most connected to?
  • Icarus: Have you ever known something was going to happen before it did?
  • Svlad Cjelli: If you were going to change your name, what would you change it to?
  • Gordon Rimmer: Who's your favourite musical artist?
  • Perryman Grand: What's the fanciest place you've ever stayed?

imagine when they get stiles back him and lydia are laying on his bed facing each other while stiles is playing with lydia hair and they talk about lydia meeting his mom and grandfather. 


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I feel like this is the moment in which Kira realises Lydia likes stiles. Like she looks at Lydia then at the front and sees the jealousy on Lydia’s face and just smiles to herself because she knows Lydia hasn’t admitted it to herself yet and I need Kira back just so she can be like finally 💕💕💕

“How can you not like milkshakes?”

“They’re empty vessels of sugar.”

“Excuse you, they are delicious!”

“Coming from the guy whose diet consists of Fanta and squeezable cheese.”

“Are you calling me fat?”

Derek just shrugs, and oh, fuck him, he deserves the french fry Stiles throws at his face across the booth. 

It’s not often the whole pack hangs out together, let alone gets dinner at skeezy diners outside of town. But it’s spring break after their first year separating from college, and Scott is a stickler for tradition, if anything. Or, friendship. 

Either way, that’s how Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Allison, Kira, Malia, Jackson, Derek, and Liam find themselves squished into a round booth in the back of Granny’s Closet.

“You’re like a twig, Stiles, how could he be calling you fat?” Kira retorts, taking a sip of her water. 

“He just shrugged!” Stiles exclaims brashly, and then glares at Derek. “You think just because you’re all buff and muscular and eat raw bunnies that anyone else is a disgrace.”

Derek rolls his eyes. “I never said that.”

“Yeah, well, you said it with your eyebrows.” Stiles slumps in his seat. 

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352,385,396 and 407 w/ Stiles (feat Derek)

352. “Shut up.”  “I didn’t say anything.”  “I don’t care, shut up.”

385. “You just give off the impression that you want to murder everyone you look at.”

396. “Come here.”  “Why?”  “Just come here.”  “No, you’re gonna hit me.”

407. “You’re smarter than you look.”

“Hey Derek,” Stiles whispered, failing to be quiet. When Derek ignored him, he tried again. “Derek.”

“Shut up.” Derek snapped, turning away from his conversation about how they were going to take Peter down, again.

“I didn’t say anything.” Stiles lied with an innocent smile on his face. Derek and everyone else knew that Stiles was lying, but Derek chose to ignore this.

“I don’t care, shut up.” Derek replied impatiently and he turned back to his conversation with Scott, Lydia, Liam, and Malia. Stiles scoffed and then turned his attention to you. You were stood against the wall with your arms crossed against your chest, listening to the conversation that your brother was having with some of the pack.

“What?” You questioned, raising an eyebrow. This Stiles kid really pissed you off. You’ve met him four times, and from the stories that your brother has told you, you don’t want to know him.

“Nothing. You just give off the impression that you want to murder everyone you look at.” Stiles smirked.

“You don’t even know me.” You replied, slight pissed off that he would say something like that when he didn’t know you any better than you knew him. All you knew was that his first name was Stiles, that his dad was the sheriff, and that his was a massive pain in the ass.

“I don’t need to,” He said matter-of-factly. “I just need to look at you.” You looked at him in disbelief, shocked that he would say that to someone he doesn’t know.

“Come here.” You growled, obviously annoyed. Growing up a wolf with anger issues was hard. Stiles’ smug look was replaced by surprise, and if it was possible, he paled even more than what he was normally.

“Why?” He gulped. It was your turn to look smug.

“Just come here.” You repeated, unaware that Derek and the others had stopped talking to listen to you and Stiles.

“No, you’re gonna hit me.”

You smiled, “You’re smarter than you look.” You pushed yourself off the wall and walked after Stiles, who had taken up hiding behind your brother.

“Stiles, what are you doing?” Derek questioned, trying to pull Stiles from the back of his top.

“She’s gonna hit me.” Stiles replied.

“Well you did wind her up,” Derek chuckled. “And if she doesn’t hit you, I will.” Stiles let go of Derek’s top and ran behind Scott. 

“Scott, can we go? I made both of the Hales’ mad.”

I am so here for stiles and lydia figuring out their feelings for each other over the course of senior year, slowly becoming closer and closer and hanging out again like they did in before malia. I can imagine them having lunch every day at school and stiles waiting for lydia outside of her class, or vice versa, and waiting at each others lockers in the morning and the pack knowing what’s going on but no one really wants to say anything because they all have bets on who’s going to confess their feelings first. I am SO here for lydia, after a day of school, walking back with stiles to his jeep finally turning to him because she’s lydia martin and she’s never had any trouble communicating her feelings until it became to this boy and blurting out “kiss me” and seeing the emotions flick across his face in quick procession from the boy, the one from early in high school who was head over heals for her to the man she knows now leaning in and FINALLY kissing her

The One Where He Doesn’t

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader

Summary: Alec ended his relationship with you to marry Lydia and since then, you hadn’t spoken. After trying to save Ragnor, you end up facing certain death. The only question is, if you wake up will you still have time to win Alec back or will he be the new Mr. Branwell? 

A/N: did anyone else fully squeal over tonight’s new episode? #malec
oh and there’s new writing so check out my new jace imagine here and my first ‘the 100′ imagine with john murphy here!

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“Go, I’ll stay with her,” Magnus states, his hands hovering over your body, “She’ll be okay.”

Jace hesitates as he watches over you, “Magnus…”

“Go,” he commands and Clary nods, pulling Jace through the portal with her.

Your eyes flutter open and Magnus breathes out a sigh of relief, slumping against the wall, “Oh thank god,” he mumbles.

“What happened?”

“Shax demon,” he grumbles, “You fell over the bannister trying to save Ragnor.”

“Is he-“

“He’s dead,” Magnus stammers, his voice shaking.

“Magnus, I’m so sorry,” you pull yourself up before groaning and falling back to the floor.

“Yeah, when you fell not only did you fall hard, you fell onto a vase,” he nods towards your shirt which is steeped in blood.

“How deep did it cut?”

“Let’s just say, you don’t want to look yourself,” he shakes his head, looking slightly disgusted.

“We’d better go,” he stands up, “I’ll portal us back – don’t strain yourself too much,” he instructs you, looking at you sympathetically.

“You don’t have to feel bad for me,” you grumble and Magnus shrugs, “You did take a giant shard of glass to the stomach.”

You shake your head, standing up, “I meant about Alec. I’m tired of everyone treating me like I’m-

Broken,” he finishes for you, “Won’t happen again,” he smiles before his expression contorts into one of concern as he notices your face draining.

“Whoa,” he catches you as you pass out, stumbling into his arms.

“So, you’ll give me away?” Alec asks and Jace grins, nodding, “I’m glad we sorted this out,” he hugs Alec .As he pulls way he stares at Alec nervously.

“What’s wrong?” Alec creases his forehead and Jace takes a deep breath, “It’s y/n, she-“

“Jace, I know what you’re going to say. But this is what’s right.”

“I-It’s not that…”

“Then what?”

“When we went to get Ragnor, a Shax demon somehow followed us. Y/N was trying to protect him but she got thrown over the bannister and a shard of glass-“

“Where is she?!” Alec’s eyes fill with worry.“In the infirmary – but Alec, I don’t think it’s wise you see her.”

“What?” his face contorts with confusion, “W-hat are you talking about? I have to see her, I have to-“

“You already said your goodbyes and agreed to stay away from each other. Don’t cause her more pain,” Jace sighs and Alec stumbles backwards, his eyes stinging as he swallows hard.

“I’m sorry Alec, I just think that’s what’s best,” Jace steps forward but Alec steps away from him, shaking his head as though he was in denial. 

“I have to go,” his voice cracks, “I have a wedding to-“ he doesn’t finish his sentence and instead stumbles out of the room.

As he passes the infirmary his heart continues to pound harder and harder as though it was trying to escape his chest and find its way to you.

“Alec,” Isabelle appears behind him, “Did you see her?”

Alec stares at her, beads of sweat dripping down his forehead. She presses a hand to it, “You have a fever.”

“I’m fine,” Alec mumbles, pulling her hand away, “How is she?”

“She’s severely concussed and she’s lost a lot of blood.”

“Izzy…”“She’ll be okay. It’ll just take some time.”

“How much time?”

“Let’s just saw you won’t see her at the wedding.”

Alec runs his fingers through his hair, running his hands from his hair down to his face and burying his head in them.

“Hey,” she whispers, pulling them away, “She’ll be okay.”

“The last thing I said to her was that I didn’t want to see her again – Izzy, I didn’t mean – I didn’t mean like this, I- I-

“I know,” she pulls him into a hug, rubbing his back, “And she knows too.”

“Jace won’t let me see her…”

“I think that’s for the best Alec. I’m not sure she could take seeing you looking all strapping and handsome in your suit,” she laughs, fixing his collar.

Alec catches her hand, “Stay by her side for me, will you?”

Isabelle nods, “Of course.”

As he stands at the alter, Alec’s mind flashes to the exact moment he had broken your heart.

“Alec, what are you talking about?”

“I’m marrying Lydia.”

“That’s not funny,” you roll your eyes, going back to hanging your clothes up.

“It’s not a joke.”

You stare at Alec, “What the hell are you talking about?”

“It’s done.”

“What’s done?”

“I think its best we don’t see each other from here on after.”

“Alec,” you pull him back by his arm but he rips it out of your grasp, “I don’t want to see you again.” 

“Alec?” Lydia hisses and Alec snaps out of his thoughts, clearing his throat.

“I’ll ask again – Do you Lydia, take Alec to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

 “I do,” she smiles nervously, her eyes on Alec.

“Alec, do you take Lydia to be-“

He doesn’t,” Jace interrupts, “Not yet, anyway,” he grumbles, pulling Alec aside.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“You need to go to the infirmary.”Alec’s eyes widen, “What’s going on?”

“Y/N has some internal bleeding – something about the glass travelling through her blood stream or something – I don’t know. But you need to go see her, Alec, while you can.”

Alec doesn’t hesitate for even a moment, bounding down the aisle as everyone’s stares and whispers turn to a blur. As he reaches the door to your room he hesitates, his hand on the handle. Your screams can be heard echoing down the halls but they momentarily subside as Alec takes a seat beside you.

You suck in a breath, wincing.“Y/N…” his eyes well up as he moves hair away from your forehead, “I’m – I’m so sorry,” he cries, burying his face by your side.

You run your fingers through his hair, before letting out a cry of pain.

“We have to sedate her,” the doctor states, pushing Alec out of the way. He presses his back against the wall, his breathing heavy.“What’s going to happen to her?”

“We have to take her into surgery. After that, only time will tell.”

“Hey, you’re awake,” Isabelle squeals and you grimace as she wraps her arms around you, “Sorry,” she laughs, pulling away.

“You really scared us,” Clary sighs and Jace nods in agreement before he notices your eyes wandering.

“You’re looking for Alec.”

You slowly nod and Jace looks at the floor, “He went through with the wedding.”

Your throat closes up at his words and you force a smile, “Oh.”

“He’s in his room if you want to see him,” Isabelle states, her eyebrows furrowed together as she stares at Jace, “Doc says you can walk.”

You nod, slowly pulling yourself out of bed and Clary steadies you, a grin on her face.

“You’re creeping me out,” you stammer, staring at all of them as they stare back at you in amusement, “Did you take some of the stuff they put me on?” you ask and they all grumble, their expressions dropping.

You slowly walk towards Alec’s room, one hand on the wall for support. You hesitate outside his room before knocking, “Its y/n,” you call out, straining.

There’s no answer and you slowly turn the knob, pushing it open but the room is empty. You slowly make your way back to your room, pushing the door open and screaming as Alec jumps out from behind it.


“EUGHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” you scream in surprise before putting your hand over your chest, stumbling backwards and clutching your side in pain as you land on the floor.

Alec’s eyes widen in concern as he pulls you up, his hands on either side of your face and examining you. Your eyes wander around the room.

“Alec, what is all this?” you whisper in amazement as you look at the room which was filled with yellow roses, yellow balloons and even a life size yellow teddy bear.

Your face drops, “Guess Lydia’s favourite colour is yellow too, huh?” you mumble, “Though, it’s not like I died, how did they manage to kick me out of my room so quickly?” you grumble, letting your fingers trace over the petals of the flowers.

Alec looks at you in confusion, “W-hat? No, these are for you…”

You stare at him in confusion, “For me?”

He slips his hand into yours, “I thought I was going to lose you…” he traces a fingers down your cheek, delicately tracing your lips, “Look at you,” he whispers before pulling you into his chest.

You stay there for a moment before pulling away, “Alec…”

“I love you,” he whispers, “It’s always been you and it will always be you.”

“Alec,” you smile crookedly, sniffling as tears trail down your cheeks, “I love you, but we can’t change what’s already happened.”

“No one told you?”

“Told me what?”

“Nothing – Nothing happened,” he states and you choke, “W-WHAT?!”

“Nothing happened. No marriage, not even a kiss.”

“J-Jace said you went through with it.”

“My bad!” you hear Jace call out from down the hall, a smirk evident even in his voice.

You shake your head laughing, “I’m so embarrassed,” you chuckle, wiping away at your eyes with your sleeves.

“Now you know I still love your idiot ass – I should’ve made you work harder,” you sigh, “Should’ve punished you a little.”

“Trust me, you couldn’t have punished me more than the way I felt watching you in surgery.”

He presses a kiss to your forehead, “I love you, I love you, I love you,” he whispers continuously, peppering kisses all over your face before he returns to your lips.

“Let’s go away for a while,” he suggests, “How does France sound?”

“It sounds far away and time consuming.”

“So, perfect for us then,” Alec grins.

“Where’s Alec and what have you done with him?” you scoff.

“What would you say if I told you I have two honeymoon tickets to Paris?”

“That’s sad… and so, so wrong,” you giggle.

“But, this-“ he wraps his arms around your waist, “This is right.”

“Then I’d say ‘Fuck yeah let’s hook up on top of the Eiffel Tower’.”

Alec blushes, “My mum is in the next room,” he mumbles, his cheeks a bright shade of red.

“Well, I hope she has earplugs so she doesn’t hear us doing this,” you laugh, pulling your shirt over your head as you pull Alec onto your lips.

A/N: make sure you check out my new jace imagine here and my first ‘the 100′ imagine with john murphy here!

Be My First 


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Hi there I just love your blog! I was wondering if you could write an imagine where your scared to tell Theo that it’s your first time, so you talk to Lydia and Malia about it and Theo overhears you.

Side Note: Got this done earlier than expected, so yay for that ahaha.

Powering through the halls you had to find Lydia and Malia, it was an emergency. On top of trying to find your two best friends, you had to keep an eye out for Theo. Yes, you had been avoiding him all day and you were pretty sure he knew. But you couldn’t face him, not after the most embarrassing moment of your entire existence.


You were leaning against the mountain of pillows while Theo seemed to be comfortable lying on his back beside you. It was one of those quiet afternoons, the house was empty due to a surprise holiday your parents had suddenly gone on, not that you were complaining. As you flipped the page of the magazine in your hand, your right leg started to get pins and needles. Moving it about gently to shake it off, your foot kept brushing past Theo’s leg.

Being so absorbed in the current article you were reading, you didn’t notice Theo’s eyes focused on you. “Hey, I was actually enjoying that”. exclaiming to your boyfriend who didn’t seem to care that he had interrupted your reading. “Finish it later, babygirl”. He stated as his lips connected to your neck. Being so lost in his touch your brain was becoming fuzzy, his hands roamed and heat was rising.

As Theo started to move down that’s when things become more clear. You pulled away and he had this look of uncertainly, “What’s the matter?”, he asked. Gulping there was no way you had enough bravery to tell him. “Nothing, I’m actually quite hungry. Did you want take out?”. It was the only thing you could come up with under this intense situation. Theo arched his eyebrow along with a cocky grin, “I’m hunger for you”. You felt his tongue glide over your neck, and your eyes rolled back.

Pushing him off again, Theo lightly sighed. “I’m going to order pizza”. You particularly bolted out of the room. Once out of view, you leaned on the wall.

End Of Flashback

Spotting Lydia chatting away with Malia in a excluded part of the library, you rushed right on over. “Whoa Y/N, did you run a marathon or something?”. Malia spoke. Taking a minute to calm your breathing, you inspected that area to make sure no-one was going to listen in. “I need help, well advice and none of it can get back to Theo”.

This sure got their attention. Lydia put down the book she was reading and Malia leaned in closer. “Is this a supernatural SOS or a personal one?”, Lydia quizzed. “Personal, a very personal one”, replying back to her with a serious expression. Drumming your fingers together it was a difficult topic, one that you hadn’t talked about out loud. But this was Lydia and Malia, they would be nothing but understanding…at least that’s what you hoped.

“Come on, spit it out”. Malia requested.

“I haven’t told Theo that I’m a…virgin”, you whispered the last part on fear of anyone else knowing. “Why not?”, Malia answered first clearly not seeing how or why this was an issue. “I’m sure what Malia means is why are you so afraid of telling him? Theo will understand, I’m sure it won’t even matter to him”. Lydia replied, while shooting a side ways glance to Malia.

Fiddling with the pen that was most likely Lydia’s, you knew that it wouldn’t be a big deal to Theo. But it still wasn’t an easy thing to bring up. “What if his disappointed that I’m not experienced?”. It sounded silly, you knew that. And judging from both Lydia’s and Malia’s faces they also thought the same thing. “Or what if his flattered that he gets to be your first?”, Lydia challenged. She did have a point, Malia interjected with. “Just tell him Y/N, you can’t keep on avoiding it”.

You mumbled a quiet yeah and throughout the day you were trying to master enough courage to finally tell Theo after school. Sending a meet me at my house text once you got into your car, it was time to be completely honest with him.

Arriving home, you kept busying by cleaning. 6pm rolled around and the doorbell rang, leaving you with mixed emotions and a want for this to be over quick.
Inviting Theo in, he wondered through the long hallway and made himself comfortable on the couch. “Do you want a drink?”, he shook his head.

“Is there something you want to tell me?”. Panic set in, did he already know? How could that be…

“What are you-”.

Grasping your hand he shifted to the side to make room on the couch for you. “I was in the library this afternoon, and I might have overheard what you told Lydia and Malia”. Going red, this was so humiliating. Trying to hide your red cheeks, Theo wouldn’t allow it and laced his hand in yours. “Why didn’t you tell me babygirl? I don’t care if you haven’t had sex”.

“But I do! I hear stories from girls at school how they satisfied Theo Raeken, and I want to be the one who satisfies you. But I can’t do that if I don’t even know what the hell I’m doing”. You headed to the kitchen for a glass of water, moments later Theo joined leaning against the island while your back was facing him, you didn’t have the heart to look him directly in the eye. “Baby?”, he used a soft tone but you still had no desire to make eye contact. Theo’s arm sneaked around your waist pulling you into his chest, he rested his chin on your shoulder.

“It shouldn’t be a competition Y/N, you should have sex when you feel 100% ready. The fact that there’s a chance that I get to be your first, that’s such a turn on”. Your body begun to relax in his embrace. “Baby, I get to be the one that hears you moan for the first time, I get to find out what you like and what turns you on”. Thank god he couldn’t see your face, cheeks started to heat up again, but for a very different reason with every word. His breath ticked your skin, and Theo’s voice dropped to a very seductive whisper. “And do you know what the best part is? I get to hear you scream my name for the first time and you get to hear me scream yours”.

It was extraordinary, the way Theo was with words. The way he knew what to say and more importantly how to say it. Spinning around faster than he could blink, you smashed your lips onto his, not one shred of fear circling in your head. “I’m ready”. Theo gripped you close to him and that smirk sent you wild, in a different way than it usually did. “And I’m not just saying that, I mean it Theo. Be my first”.

Theo turned that smirk into a genuine smile. The two of you descended up the stairs, he opened the door to your bedroom and kicked it shut with his foot.


Y/N and Lydia flinched as Stiles fell on his face while trying to bust out a new move. “Do you think he’s okay?”
“He’ll be fine.” Lydia tried to sound reassuring as Scott and Liam rushed over to get Stiles back up.
requested by harrisonwellstrash
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do you guys understand how many times we came close to knowing Stiles’ real name?!?! Like it was right there, and then they’d just not say it. NOW PICTURE THIS WITH ME: 

When Stiles and the sheriff reunite, he calls him by his real name and runs up to him and hugs him and then Stiles is just like, “dad, not in front of Lydia!” And he’d blush and grin cause he’s back with his friends and family and LYDIA. and then Lydia would run over and they would hug and he’d caress her face and kiss her all lovingly. And then they’d tell each other that they love other and Scott would grin and slap him on the back. and Malia would give him a hug and scold him and then Lydia would tease him for his name and they’d banter like an old married couple and then move the hell out of Beacon Hills together. 


Requested by Anon

Request: Hi i love your blog and was wondering if you could do a jealous allison×female reader imagine? Thank you so much 😀

Pairing: Allison Argent x Female Reader
Word count: 438
Warnings: None

Allison frowned when she saw you giggling at yet another one of Scott and Stiles’ jokes. You were introduced to the pack for about a month ago and you already got pretty close to them all.

Lydia saw the countenance on Allison face and pursed her lips. Allison sighed before she spoke. ”Since when did Scott and Y/N start to hang out on regular basis?” making Lydia turn towards the spoken persons and shrug.

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Remember Me...

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader (Beta) x Stiles Stilinski
Words: 1,082
Warnings: season 6 feels! 
Request? yes or no
Inspired By: season 6 feels. also the scene where lydia is holding Stiles lacrosse jersey and trying to get the sheriff to remember him.
A/N: yet another archive story, i wrote this long before season 6 started and I decided to bring it back to this blog. sorry for taking it down in the first place.

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They’re a few six-packs deep when it begins to become apparent that something is wrong with Dirk.

Many spectacular evenings have begun with a group of people deciding to have a few quiet drinks at home. This particular group happened to have just conducted a highly successful raid on a government facility, extracting around half a dozen Persons of Interest, including three leather-clad gentlemen and a young lady in need of a good scrub. The conquering heroes are now, for not necessarily related reasons, in hiding from the government in a room in a hotel in a city far from Seattle, but nice all the same.

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Tear your curtains down (for sunlight is like gold) by Writergirl8

“I have to go,” Lydia says for the third time that night, sitting up on Stiles’ bed. She’s been lying on her back for a few hours now while he types furiously at his laptop, his long fingers stroking roughly over the keys. She likes to watch his face illuminated by the bright white light of the screen, nose casting a shadow over the cupid’s bow that she has been dying to pull between her lips all evening.

But tonight was for homework, and Lydia had promised to keep her hands to herself as she had stood at the threshold to Stiles’ bedroom and held her hand right hand up, her left hand placed upon a copy of her AP bio textbook. Which had meant hours of no kissing, hours of wanting to kiss, and hours of staring at the boy who made her so insatiable that it sometimes astounds her that she is able to get anything done when he is in the same room.

WC: 4k
Link: AO3

Lydia, Jackson and Stiles

So it is confirmed that Colton Haynes, who played Jackson, will come back for 6B! At first I was iffy but then… I began headcanon-ing. 

So what if Jackson comes back, matured, hopefully, and tries to aquaintance him again with the pack. He sees how different Lydia is, better; Eventually, he asks Lydia if they might have a chance together. Lydia glances quickly at Stiles at the other end of the hallway, talking to Scott with an irritated look on his face whilst pointing at the exit doors. Her eyes flit back to Jackson.

“Sorry, but I’m already interested in someone else.”

And then struts of like the banshee queen she is.