and luhan even bows to fans



[SUMMARY] Basically what happeend today, if you guys missed out on it.

- Chinese media reported that Kris filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment. It was confirmed by his lawyer who is the same person who was helping Hangeng with his lawsuit against SM. It was because [According to several reports, Kris’s side has cited that the idol is being treated as if he is an object rather than being respected as an artist. They also mention that SM one-sidedly decided on the schedules, not giving thought to Kris’ opinion or his health condition. As they believe that SM is restricting Kris from his basic human right to freedom and his choices career wise, the contract should be nullified.]
- SM reported that they didn’t know about the lawsuit, leading fans to believe that it was just a rumour. SM later revelead that they had just gotten the lawsuit, confirming that it is true.
- There are some fans who are saying that Kris is not seeking to terminate his contract, but to have it looked over, like how Taeyeon of SNSD did back in 2011.
- All the EXO members, except Baekhyun, unfollowed Kris on Instagram and Weibo. There are rumours going around that SM confiscated EXO member’s phones and unfollowed Kris, and Baekhyun got away because he said he forgot his phone at the dorm. There is also a rumour going around that Baekhyun got slapped because of this.
- Sehun updated his Instagram with a photo with a “?”
- SM’s stocks fell.
- All the EXO-M members came back to Korea today. Kris stayed behind and cancelled his flight.
- EXO-K performed on M! Countdown today. During the prerecording, there are fan accounts about how Sehun fell to the floor and started crying after it was over, and about how the other members cried as well. You can see here that their eyes were red today:

- EXO-K won today. However, Suho was the only one who stayed back to recieev the award (videos are pinned up on the page!) During the acceptance speech, he said: “Thank you for the big award. Thank you to all the people who love us. It’s Teacher’s Day, so I want to thank Lee Soo Man sunsaengnim. We won’t forget this blessing. I sincerely love the EXO members. Our motto is, ‘We are one,’ and like the motto says we’ll become an EXO that think about EXO and our fans instead of just our individual selves. We’ll work hard. Thank you. We are one. EXO, I love you.”
- After the win, backstage, Suho was asked about the whole Kris issue, and he said: “All the members had a conversation. We don’t understand Kris’ actions at all. Everyone was caught off-guard and have mixed feelings.I think Kris’ actions are irresponsible and show that he’s not thinking about EXO at all. Our members and agency have no issues. What Kris needs to do right now is take back the lawsuit and apologize to the members and company.”
- Chanyeol updated his Instagram with the new EXO logo, captioned: “reward virtue/good and punish the bad/evil”. This post was in Chinese, which led to fans believing it’s staff controlling his Instagram because Chanyeol can’t speak Chinese well.
- Tao posts on Instagram: “The road is long, and no one can decide where you want to go. The public will always be left in the dark, but it might be that the public will side with who is in the minority. However that’s not the truth. Only those who have experienced the truth are able to understand, such as our 11 members and SM employees. To those on the outside, the right and wrong could be reflected oppositely. They probably won’t know what it feels like to be betrayed by another person and then to have everyone side with the person who has betrayed us. Everyone can have their own perspectives and opinions. However, the truth is pointing to what is right and wrong. We have a clear conscience. We can’t stop someone who wants to leave, and he kept this from us. As we were sweating and practicing hard for our concert, we learned that one wouldn’t be coming back. We have to restart preparations for the concert as 11 members. So tired. EXO, let’s love.“
- Fans did not believe that these post were done by Tao or Chanyeol, and even believe that Suho was manipulated by the staff. Tao later posted on his Weibo: "I am EXO member TAO, Huang Zitao. Everything I said on Instagram and Weibo is me. There’s no need to hide anything.” And then he posted the same thing he did on Instagram.
- Tao’s second Weibo Update: “Paper cannot hold fire, right will always be right, wrong will always be wrong, there are some people who like to distort the truth, some people will choose to believe these distorted truths. Smart people will not distort facts or believe them.”
- Fans were quick to do detective work and found out that the Weibo posts were updated from Daejeon, while Tao is rumoured to be practicing in Seoul. Also, it was posted by an iPhone, while Tao has an Android. Fans started trending “Give Tao Back His Phone” on Weibo.
- Tao’s newest weibo Update, basically talking about Kri’s betrayal again:

- Tao and Luhan started “rebelling” against SM. Luhan posted a picture of a galaxy as his Weibo header, and Tao changed his Qzone security question to 12people (Fans believe it’s a social site SM might have forgotten about). Basically, they are trying to let us know that they still love all the members and are not turning on them. It is believed that SM is trying to get the fans to believe that the members hate Kris, basically ruining things for Kris.
- There is a post going around that apparently Luhan updated his Weibo while in the toilet, to let fans know not to believe all this:

- SM artists such as Seohyun, Onew, BoA, Eunhyuk and Ryeowook unfollowed SMTOWN.
- A fan commited suicide because of all this (Not confirmed)
- There are post going around about how Kris was treated badly, how he wanted to leave before as well (before the Wolf comeback, when he left for Canada for a long time) and how SM even tries to make him bow down to the other members and staff. SM’s history shows that they do treat their artists badly, especially if they are Chinese (Hangeng of Super Junior is an example). But these are all rumours, as of now.

So yes, guys.. This is basically what I can remember now. I hope I didn’t leave out anything. But yeah, let’s try not to believe everything we see, and wait for a confirmation? THERE HAS BEEN NO CONFIRMATION THAT KRIS IS GOING TO LEAVE THE GROUP.
And even if he does, let’s support him, okay? Prepare ourselves for the worst. I know it won’t be the same, but are we really going to be selfish enough to choose our happiness over his, when it means he’ll be depressed? He must be suffering, and if SM does not plan to treat him better, and if the lawsuit doesn’t end well, and he leaves the group, let’s support him. He would be happy. And that should be enough for us.
And I know EXO won’t be the same. But we went through the good stuff together, so we should get through the hardships too, right?
And there is a possibility that this could end well, and Kris stays in the group, and everything ends well (ASSUMING SM STARTS TREATING THEM WELL. I understand it’s all about profits, but they aren’t objects; they are human) Let’s just hope for the best, okay?

Source; me, keeping up with all the upates today

Admin Star

So that’s what one EXO fanpage posted about it. Sincerely hope that this all’s gonna end good… BUT REMEMBER! If SM keeps doing what they were in past, I think that it would be better for Kris to abandon the group, because that’s gonna be good for his health! But, we still have faith and hope… #ot12

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What's your fav thing about yixing :) ??

External image
(happy camp 2013)

(thrusting his way up to your bias list) 

External image

(the difference between Yixing and the others„, ughh is he even doing the right choreo?)

(how he adds extra hand and head movements) 

(is this legal?)



External image


External image



(phoenix was made for yixing tbh)

External image

(fab pre debut era, will your oppars ever?) 

External image
External image
(with Greg and Minseok) 

(the shirt lifting)

(with Kai)

External image

External image

(when he is exo m’s main dancer)

External image

External image
(at rehearsal) 


2. Yixing+Guitar/Yixing+Piano OTP

(isn’t he attractive? T.T)

( the way he hugs his guitar, it’s real love right there)

( the way his fingers dance on piano keys, oh god ;;)

(he looks like a prince)

(his face when he plays piano)

3. His smile/laugh

External image

(wow how dare you??)

External image
(let me just hug him forever ;;)

(when Kris existense is a joke to him lolol)

4. His love for the fans aka fanservice

External image

External image
(getting embarrassed after waving at fans lol) 

External image

(waves back)


External image

(Heart ♥♥♥)

(even getting scolded and told to sit down)

(but can’t stop won’t stop)

External image
(me too yixing, me too)


(bowing to the fans before going on a plane,srsly who does that?)

(more bowing ;; the last one to leave stage)

4. his random/4d/dumb/what are you doing moments

External image

External image


(Christina imitation)





the cutest


5. OTPs 


(kris can’t stand his cuteness)

External image

External image

Layhan/Xinglu/Lulay aka BFFs aka best boyfriends

External image

(fab together)

External image
(one of the cutest xinglu moments)

(luhan needs Yixing’s permission first) 

(laughing together)

(they do everything together, even judging together)

(so affectionate :3)


(sweetest otp, they will give you cavities)

Sexing/Hunlay aka bane of my existence

External image

(lets not forget Sehun’s first kiss)

External image
(get out you two)

External image
(omfg get a room)


External image

External image

(touch touch) 

(don’t worry ge got you)

(comforting his hyung ;;)

Baeklay/Baekxing aka flirty shits

External image

(how do you explain this Zhang Yixing?)

(so dumb together)

(the smile Baekhyun gives Yixing, omfg let me just…)


External image

External image

(sorry for the many versions, but this is the most important Sulay moment)


External image

External image

External image

External image

Kailay/Kaixing aka dancing otp

(dancing Kaixing is so important, you dont understand)

(lets talk about this, kaixing locking fingers)

Laysoo(my secret ship)

When they dance facing each other:

External image

(kyungsoo’s face tho. you’re so dead yixing)

External image

External image


External image
(he’s looking for Tao to give his passport and ticket)

(tao being brat to his ge)

(teaching ge how to take selca)

External image

External image

(their pre debut photos do things to me)

External image
(and the glorious teaser era)

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Back to 20 cast comment on Luhan's character

Former EXO member Luhan will attend the press conference for “Back to 20” on November 2nd. Today, Gui Yalei who acts as his grandmother in the film, spoke highly of Luhan in an interview with Taiwan media. “He’s a very polite young boy, very humble, and he bows 90 degrees every time he sees me!”

Gui Yalei, who is already 70 years old, talks about Luhan as if he were her real grandson. She kept saying how they got along like a real family, and laughed, “everyday while filming, his fans would all gather outside, and when they saw me they would yell ‘we are your granddaughters in law’, it made me happy, like I was popular too.”

Director Chen Zhengdao who appeared alongside her, had even more praise for Luhan, and he revealed that before filming, he (Luhan) watched Eat Drink Man Woman and The Wedding Banquet directed by Ang Lee, and he worked hard. “On the first day of filming he told me that he’s very nervous and worried he wouldn’t be able to do well. He’s a very careful and hardworking kid, but he is also an actor with real ability to act. He has a very good enunciation and although he was the rookie when it came to acting, he didn’t want to slow the others down and often adjusted to other people’s schedules while filming. And whenever he filmed scenes with Yalei, the whole atmosphere would improve, Yalei is really someone who can lead while acting.”

cr: yahoo taiwan


cr: Ulicia吴妮倩, last photo via 给包纸巾啦

xiumin and luhan spotted shopping. together. again. everyday. ㅠㅠ photos are from this evening (140102).

fan posted that luhan and xiumin looked like they just shopped at givenchy, and luhan’s so cute going to get the cab. she said that luhan was very warm, that he kept bowing the moment he left the store and even looked out when he’s on the cab.

btw, they are at belif in the photos. they went to givenchy before that (luhan is holding a carrier).

140617 Luhan Filming Fanaccount (by staff)

“Luhan ran all the way into the waiting room with his head down, and, smiling shyly, greeted every one of the cast members. He was smiling the entire time. I never paid attention to him before, but seeing him today I realized that he’s like a warm child, skinny, quiet, and doesn’t speak much.

When Luhan was walking over, even in the small corridor he kept smiling and greeting people. The person accompanying him grabbed him and said, "When you say your lines later, talk louder, just now your voice was too quiet.” Luhan bowed his head and said “yes” softly, then continued greeting people as he made his way into the guest room.

At one point you will realize, even if you’re not his fan, he will leave a lasting impression on you. A polite, professional individual will always receive more applause.“ 

cr: 李李李倩云

I sometimes can’t understand the general K-Pop fandom. Exo was my bias group, but after losing 3 members, and Lay being more on hiatus than active it’s pretty obvious that they aren’t close anymore. The remaining members basically erased all 3 “traitors” out of their life and act like they never existed, completely ignoring that especially Luhan was also a factor of their huge success. I can’t support them anymore but Exo got even more famous what totally confuses me because if other idols don’t bow properly to a senior they can completely forget their career because they get dragged so bad. But Exo can lose 3 members, talk even bad about them and still have the fans blindly follow them.

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hey could u do a exo reacting to fans coming to their (the members) parents funeral?? (like they don't go inside but they go outside to show support and stuff :3)


See’s all his fans and starts to choke on his tears.


All of the fans are standing outside holding signs and not saying a word when Chanyeol see’s he breaks down over grief and happiness.


He holds in the tears not wanting to hurt anyone by the sight of him crying. He looks at each one of his fans and shakes everyone's hands not a single person left out before he leaves.


D.O gets out of the car and looks at the sight in front of him overcome with sadness he walks into the funeral home. Afterwards he thanks everyone for the support and presents.


Kai is so happy that a support group came during the hardest time of his life when he starts talking he ends up choking up bows his head then leaves. 


Doesn’t leave the funeral home but looks through the blinds scared that the fans will see him he looks away.


Lay becomes an emotional wreck when he hears the chanting that he can’t even tell everyone that he appreciates the love and support.


Everyone is just standing there and Luhan doesn’t know what to do so he just cries while walking into the funeral home.


Sehun waves at everyone that showed up then walks inside not making a scene.


Xiumin was inside the funeral home all day when it’s time for him to leave he ignores all the fans and hurriedly gets into the car where he sits and cries.


“Thank you all so much for showing up today you don’t know how much this means to me but I’ll ask that you’ll keep are privacy. Thank you.” 

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Hello I read that you've seen EXO, please tell me details how they looked :D?? were they really super tall?? who was the most attractive in live? and how was it xD?? shaare♥ Your so lucky lol i live in Canada where kpop no go T_T

I ONLY BASICALLY LOOKED AT LUHAN THOUGH and no they were not super tall (lol………) Luhan was really attractive :c Like he glows irl even when he was tired sometimes, and he’s really nice. When I saw him he was hunched over half the time because doing that semi bow to everyone and has his hands touching in front of him (sometimes protecting his phone), kinda like a deer caught in headlights when he’s surrounded by fans LOL He’s 10x crazier around Tao though~