and lucy basically tells her that she has nothing to fear

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of posts taking stabs at Xena for taking the ‘subtext’ way out of LGBTQ+ representation during its six-year run. I would totally be on board with that if the show stopped at, say, season 3 or 4. But it didn’t.

The first few seasons showed our heroines in an unusually intimate friendship because that’s what the writers originally had intended Xena and Gabrielle to be, based off the Hercules and Iolaus mold. But their relationship seemed to grow beyond the writers. It developed a life of its own, and the writers began shifting their angle from 'intimate, saving friendship’ to 'lovers and soul mates.’

After season 6, I struggle to think who can call it subtext. Yes, it’s true that they never took the Ron Burgundy route and had Gabrielle scream out, “Xena and I had sex and now we are in looooove!”, but let’s face it, would that be in character? For either of them? By this stage in the game, the way I saw it, it didn’t need to be defined because it was pretty explicitly laid out after six years of following them around.

For instance, we’ll take the reincarnation episodes. Sure, the first stunt they pulled had Xena and Gabrielle getting romantically together while Xena was reincarnated into a man’s body. Technically gay because we tend to think of them as we knew them best: both women. But by the last reincarnation episode, 'Soul Possession’, we see Ares swap Xena and Joxer’s bodies so that she’s a woman again, more palatable to his taste. And what happens at the end of this episode? Xena and Gabrielle are still together. There’s nothing subtexty about Xena with her arm around now-red-headed wife Gabrielle saying, “I liked ya better blonde, but I can go with this!” Or let’s look at the Rheingold trilogy. They pulled the Disney, true love’s kiss can break Gabrielle’s sleeping curse move, but the trick was, only Gabrielle’s soul mate could walk through the flaming prison that kept her away from harm. Xena walked right through it and kissed Gabrielle- not on the forehead, not on the cheek, but on the lips- and, in true Sleeping Beauty fashion, Gabrielle was awakened. 

The Rheingold trilogy really opened the doors for our leading ladies’ sexualities. Xena was shown first manipulating Odin into believing she loved him, and then doing the same for the Rhine-Maiden. We’ve seen Xena’s varied past, explicitly shown with Borias and Ares, for instance, and heavily implied with Lao Ma and M'Lila, but, with the exception of Gabrielle, this may be the first episode we’ve seen Xena openly flirtatious and sexual with two sexes in the span of 43 minutes. Gabrielle, whose sexual history had been decidedly hetero for the first few seasons, had been gaining quite an array of romantic interests in the last few. It became a joke of the fandom that “everybody loves Gabrielle.” In the Rheingold trilogy, we see another woman take interest in Gabrielle: Brunhilda. The two develop a reliance upon each other until Brunhilda declares her love for our battling bard. And let’s also keep in mind that during all this, she was also dealing with Beowulf’s well-meant but badly-timed advances.

Gabrielle’s sexuality had also been explored with Aphrodite, let’s keep in mind. The goddess of love had always had a weakness for Gabrielle, and in season six’s 'The God You Know’, she essentially makes out with her, much to Gabrielle’s surprise. 

Of course, there’s the episode 'You Are Here’, one of the crackiest, strangest and most fantastic episodes in Xena history. We see defensive Xena telling the stage manager to “watch his hands” while giving Gabrielle a mic and we see, as love is restored with Aphrodite’s godhood, pink hearts falling all over our heroines as they gaze into each other’s eyes and smile. What’s drawn some heat is the end of the episode, where the reporter asks them for the hundredth time what the true history of their relationship is. Xena asks, “should we tell him?”, which is, of course, not a question you’d ask if you had nothing going on between you and your friend. But as she launches into her explanation, the camera “cuts out”. I don’t think this was the writers opting out. I think this was the writers having a laugh with the image of a straight man puzzled by their relationship to end an episode that was nothing short of ridiculous.

The most damning of all evidence is 'When Fates Collide.’ Basically AU fanfiction of itself, the episode explores what would have happened if Xena and Caesar had ruled together. Spoilers: Caesar is still a dick. Gabrielle is a playwright in this universe, and her play is being shown as entertainment in the Roman court. Xena automatically feels an attraction toward this work and to its creator. After the play is shown, they share this exchange:

Xena: “In the third act, you had your hero throw himself over the
cliff with no fear of dying– all for her. Do you really believe
that kind of love exists?”

Gabrielle: “That’s what we all dream about, isn’t it? Someone who
looks so deeply into our soul that– they’d find something worth
dying for.”

We see Caesar becoming bitter and jealous as he watches the women interact, and later on we hear Alti taunting Xena with, “I saw the way you looked at her tonight during the play. Wouldn’t Caesar give anything to have you look at him that way?”

As the plot goes on, Caesar has Gabrielle wrongly imprisoned, and Alti shows Xena what her true life really was. And as Caesar is about to crucify Gabrielle, she admits her connection with Xena, despite knowing nothing of her former life: "Xena– Xena– when I thought I was going to die– it all became so clear. My life is empty– despite my success. I write about love, but I’ve never felt it before. I will never forget you.“

Alti is sent to kill Gabrielle, and shows us foreshadowing of the Xena finale: "your story will end with your playwright unable to save her fallen angel.”

As they are recaptured, another exchange is had:

G: “Xena– when I’m with you– this emptiness that I have felt my entire life– is gone. You have to tell me what’s going on.”

X: “Caesar changed our fate– giving us this godforsaken world.”

G: “There must be something that I can do.”

X: “No– what you can do is get out of here alive. I have to go
through this alone.”

G: “I can’t let you die.”

X: “Some things are worth dying for. Isn’t that what your play
was about? Being prepared to sacrifice all for love?”

G: “For love.”

X: “In the other world, my destiny was linked to Caesar– and
that cross– and I hated them both– but now I realize that–
everything happens precisely as it should– precisely. …I’ll love you forever.”

It boggles my mind that people claim that is simply subtext. This is the quintessential Xena/Gabrielle episode in my mind, because it shows that no matter how fate is changed or manipulated, these ladies will always find each other because they are meant to be. And of course, we have, in A Friend in Need, Gabrielle’s tearful pleading that Xena is “all that matters to her”, Xena introducing Gabrielle as “her soul mate”, and Xena teaching Gabrielle the pinch while saying, “if I only had 30 seconds to live, this is how I’d want to live them- by staring into your eyes.”

In my opinion, the writers of Xena did not choose the easy way out. Seasons 5 and 6 blast through any and all subtexty vibes. They raise a child together, Xena has a poem written for Gabrielle by SAPPHO OF ALL PEOPLE, they are married in reincarnated forms, they are shown through all lands and fates as soul mates and two people who are madly in love. The intensity of their relationship defies explicit terms like 'girlfriends’ that the wider audience would comprehend, and after six seasons of watching these ladies grow and love, who needs that label, anyway? My grief with the writers is in episodes like 'Antony and Cleopatra’ where, I’ll admit, they made Xena treat Gabrielle like shit because of a guy. But for some reason, that blunder can almost be absolved by the beauty of the story they’ve put forth through six seasons, beauty that most shows nearly twenty years later are still afraid to put forth because of societal norms. 

Could Xena: Warrior Princess be told as a more explicit LGBTQ+ love story? Absolutely. But the show was never just a love story, even if it revolved around the relationship between its two protagonists. The show is about perseverance, overcoming odds, redemption and the power of forgiveness- both from others and from yourself. Xena is a powerful character behind a powerful story whose life was shaped by the love and unconditional support, understanding and forgiveness of Gabrielle. Their story moved at a pace that was realistic for the damage in Xena’s heart and the confusion surrounding Gabrielle’s character development. Their love proved to defy time and death, over and over and over again. 

Ace, Andy, Kena, and Vic’s Danatole Kid Hcs


* * helo naught xhildern, it’s danatole child time
* THE KIDS: Fyodor(Theo) and Lucette (Lucy) Dolokhov-Kuragin
* Dickle
* every close friend/relative gets One Name to suggest
* all of them are really good and considerate…………..until they go to balaga, a family friend
* they tell balaga that he has One Chance……. And the name he choses is dickle
* “ok balaga you have one shot at this, don’t fuck it up”
* “ok ok hear me out. dickle.”
* anatole is dying
* dolokhov is having a heart attack in the background, im fucking wheeding
* “ok but give me at least three chances”
* “hear me out: succulent butterfly or FUCKING NUTMOBILE” “why’d you scream the second one?” “Because it should be in all caps” “get the fuck out”
* “you had one chance, WE’RE NOT NAMING OUR GOTDAM SON DICKLE”
* “but can the middle names spell dickle, what about troika”
* “balaga please get out of our house it’s midnight”
* “how about pikachu. Or ash ketchum.”
* fedya, screaming from the background, heart attack paused: “YES”
“i think i thought of the perfect name” balaga literally gets to anatole’s height by climbing him and whispers, “the loud THX noise from that one movie.”[a]
* “name the child the THX noise” “balaga,,,,its been four days please leave”
* he Won’t give up
* Other balaga recommendations:
* lucas steele, and variants
* paul pinto
* razor boy
* succulent
* marvin
* paul pinto in khakis
* lucifer
* succulent butterfly
* lampost
* trash can
* naruto
* pikachu
* ash ketchum
* kukas steeke
* THX noise
* fursuit
* (anatole kicks him out after that one)
* “fedya you are the father”
* “so are you”
* “oh shit true”
* the first child (theo) grows up and learns that they were literally almost named fucking nutmobile and is ready to deck both balaga and their dads
* balaga is like “im gonna teach your kid how to drive”
* anatole astral projects while Everyone it holding fedya back from destroying balaga
* balaga teaches the kid how to drive anyway bc fedya and anatole can’t stop him
* so the kid gets pulled over by a cop the first time they drive (w/balaga) bc of course
* the police person is just like “I KNOW YOU” and balaga screams “FLOOR IT”
* “green means go, red also means go probably, yellow means speed up”
* “balaga why is my kid crying” “,,,,,,,,,,reasons”
* balaga calls theo dickle forever bc he can
* Lucy has Fedya’s Determination and she does everything balaga does better
* balaga cries into a wine bottle on the pavement
* “balaga eating saltines and chugging wine on the sidewalk”~Quote from Ace
* one time balaga takes lucy out for night lessons
* fedya wakes up as this is happening and has a panic attack because “where is our kid oh dear god”
* he literally sprints out into the driveway and balaga screams “FUCKING FLOOR IT” and lucy’s doing all sorts of pro maneuvers
* while balaga ends up hanging on for dear life because “oh so this is what it’s like to be my passenger”
* “lucy lucifer”
* balaga has a corkboard full of parking tickets he never paid, he hoards them like trophies
* (balaga voice) speed limit 420 haha nice

* “Balaga that says 42,,,”
* “if i put four engines in my car,,,”
* balaga owns a school bus that’s decked out like a monster truck
* balaga works for uber AND lyft, like a double agent
* one time he gets an uber and lyft at the same time so hes like fuck it and gets them both
* fuzzy dice on rearview mirror
* balaga’s car is named nutmobile & it has a nut sticker
* balaga sleeps in his car in a walmart parking lot at night??
* on lucy’s first birthday balaga teaches lucy how to say fuck and fedya decks him in the street
* balaga picks lucy up from school or something one day and he saw her and just yelled “HEY LUCIFER”
* lucy whips around like YEAH FUCKASS WHAT DO YOU WANT, she was like 14
* balaga runs like naruto
* balaga was the babysitter literally all the time
* balaga worked as a gym teacher for a month before getting fired
* (“what’d he get fired for?” “nothing you can prove”) ~Andy and Ace
* someone else parks in his parking spot and he just keys the car
* balaga worked as a librarian for two hours before being fired for telling the kids to shut the fuck up
* balaga never gets fired from uber no matter what
* Review: 5/5. Almost died but i got to my destination, 30 minutes away, in 2 minutes.
* balaga has completely taken over anatole & fedya’s garage
* they try to walk in one time like “is this is fucking dead rat” and he shoots them with a paintball gun and says “no this is covfefe”
* Balaga goes as a gc egg shaker for halloween w the kids
* “No you just hear the beads and then theres tiny egg man” ~Kalvin
* “yeah the guy who lives in our garage uhhhh tiny egg man” ~Theo
* lucy draws balaga and he says “hell yeah fanart,” hangs it up on like the ceiling of his car
* when lucy and theo play mario kart she always chooses rainbow road
* chooses monopoly for Family Game Night
* “lucy please we’ve been playing for three days” “no it’s blond dad’s turn”
* anatole’s dying on the floor, fedya’s crying, theo’s dissociating
* theo’s a hide and seek master

*They watch Buzzfeed Unsolved
* lucy & theo go ghost hunting, lucy’s humming the ghostbusters theme and theo’s shaking like a leaf in the corner with ten vials of holy water on him
* “hey demons it’s me, ya boi” “LUCY NO”
* Theo is Dipper Pines
* lucy is always ready to Deck People (kalvin style)
* lucy has a pokeball in her backpack to throw at people she doesnt like
* the guys at school call her “hellraiser” and the girls call her “lucifer”
* theo and lucy are Not Straight in the slightest
* lucy is pan, theo is gay & ace, & also trans
* lucy makes so many innuendos she got detention multiple times because of it
* theo can play literally any instrument and spent his money on bookfairs in elementary school
* Theo knows that anybody who plays violin is a basic bitch so he plays viola instead
* “Fyodor jr.!” “Sorry dad, you’re basic.” ~Convo with Anatole
* theo quickly become better at gambling than fedya, it switches from fedya letting him win to him actually getting demolished, fedya cries
* lucy does the thing where it looks like you’re doing ballet but then you go over to someone and kick them in the face
* lucy literally carries around a bag of glitter to throw on people when they say/do something stupid
* lucy’s ringtone is the THX noise and it’s always so fucking loud
* ippolit kuragin is the cool uncle but also cryptid
* is a fashion designer in NY apparently
* unrelated: (dolokhov voice) me me big anxiety
* theo stans all the murder musicals
* also is totally straight for phillipa soo
* also stans all things LMM
* lucy’s contact pick for Blond Dad is That anatole pic
* lucy is team valor and theo is team instinct
* fedya’s valor, anatole’s mystic (prettiest logo???), balaga’s instinct
* everyone outs poor anatole for being on team mystic
* “so uh anatole what team did you pick?” “mystic” “oh because they’re smart and stuff–” “no, they’re the most aesthetic
* the kids are highkey competitive about pokemon
* anatole does that thing where he does 600000 soft restarts to get a shiny starter
* he REALLY LOVES alolan vulpix!!
* lucy has an embarrassing collection of photos of anatole
* Balaga insists on giving the kids The Talk
* theo didn’t talk for a week after but it could have gone much worse
* someone: so how’d It Go?
* theo, shaking, looking up with the purest fear in his eyes: it could have been worse
* balaga teaches theo to curse
* also, someone @ theo : “fuck, i mean shoot! im so sorry!!”
theo, drinking a glass of vodka: what the fuck you can swear around me i literally fuckimg 21 years old what the shit
* theo, quietly: in the heights is better than hamilton
* lucy, a floor down: EX-FUCKING-SCUSE ME
* once lucy asked balaga “hey do you sell drugs”
* and balaga was like “no why, do you need them? bc i can get you them”
* everyone sees theo as the calm kid, but if you talk shit about his family he Will duel you in a denny’s parking lot @ 3am hamilton style
* there’s always the option to go live in the garaga with balaga
* Theo’s secret dating the Andreirretasha kid, Nico(lai)
* They are the cutest couple™
* Okay some Mama Helene™ bs
* Helene was the mom, Fedya was the dad
* “Helene and Dolokhov arm-in-arm,”
* Lucy looks like a mini Helene, Theo looks like a mini Fedya
* The only difference between Helene and Lucy is while Helene has the green-hairpiece-thing, Lucy wears a mauve bow
* On Lucy’s fourteenth bday, Helene bent down to eye-level, look soulfully into her eyes, and said this:
* “Lucy, as my daughter, i feel as if you should have this..”
* It’s a necklace that says “Bitch”
* Lucy was 13 when she started her drunk text collection
* On Lucy’s 16 bday, helene gave her her most prized possession
* “Lucy, I want you to have this, I was going to give it to you later in life, but you’ve come so far already..”
* She pulls out a book from her purse, written in fancy calligraphy on it are the words “Burn Book”
* “Lucy this is everything that someone i know has done wrong, treat it with care…”
* It was one of the only times lucy has ever cried
* You bet your ass there’s an entire section dedicated to Anatole
* “Anatole, age 1-6, Anatole, Age 7-10, Anatole, Age 11-13, Anatole, Age 14-18, etc”
* Theres even some stuff about Cryptid-Uncle-Ippolit
* “Hey dad? Remember when you and uncle Pierre tied to guy to a bear for shits and giggles?”
* Theo is on the spectrum
* Helene got him a fidget cube
* He and Lucy do sibling costumes
* Theo is a gangly mess of limbs like how does the kid function
* Theo was cis-passing when he started dating Nico
* When he told him he was trans, Nico just shrugged and kissed him alot
* Yeah so I love these kids and might write a fic

Land Next to Me

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @natsusluce !! I thought I’d post the first chapter here for your bday because I have decided on the final pairing ;) plus we’re angst sisters so you’ll enjoy this *cackles*

So this is a cross over with the 100! I hope to do this justice, and this chapter is pretty similar to ep 1 but after this it’s going to get quite different. Notice- I changed 97 years to 300.

Huge shout out to @cupcakecana and @x-benihime for editing for me! <3

Enjoy! Chapter 2 will be posted next week!

Fandom: Fairy Tail/the 100

Rated: T

Words: 2743

Characters: Lucy, Levy, Loke, Jellal, Cana, Jet and Droy

Summary: Three hundred years since the human race has set foot on Earth, one hundred teen prisoners are sent down with nothing but their wits. Even though she’s just as scared as everyone else, Lucy Heartfilia will do anything she can to make sure they survive. 


Chapter 1: Whatever The Hell We Want

I say, screw fear. I’m telling my own damn story.
{Bellamy Blake}

The ground was rough and uneven beneath her feet as she took her first few cautious steps, weary of her new surroundings. Her new home. She relished in the sounds of the leaves crunching with each step, and the feel of the wind on her face.

They were alive.

When the door to the drop ship opened, she didn’t know what they were going to face; whether or not they would be hit with radiation and burn and die. She was scared.

But that wasn’t the case and she, despite everything, was happy. For the moment at least. They still needed to figure out food, water, shelter, and everything else. For now she would take in the earth—a place she never thought she would get to.

She looked around with wide eyes. Trees loomed above, mesmerizing, with thick branches full of colourful leaves falling every now and then. The sounds of the other prisoners echoed through the forest, so utterly entranced by this new world. A smile quirked the corner of her mouth, slowly breaking into a grin as she took in a deep breath. Fresh air filled her lungs. Fresh air.

It was heavenly.

“What are we going to do, Lucy?” The sound of her best friend’s voice brought her out of her trance, drawing her back into reality. Lucy bit her lip, looking to Levy uncertainly. She fumbled with her bracelet, toying with the keys attached to it.

“I’m not sure, Lev.” She looked around at everyone laughing and exploring the ground in excitement, but still staying close to the ship. She figured they were just as scared as she was, even if they weren’t showing it.

She spotted Jellal and Wendy—the sister locked up for being born, and the brother who watched as his mother got floated. She pitied them. Her eyes softened as he pulled the young blue-haired girl in for a side hug. At least they were together now.

“Whatever the hell we want,” a voice stated confidently from behind Lucy. Turning around, she saw Cana, the girl who had been imprisoned for stealing alcohol.

There were worse things to go down for, she mused. Lucy rolled her eyes and looked up to the grinning brunette.

“We’re free from the Ark now, with no one to tell us what we can and can’t do, so I say we do whatever the hell we want.” Cana emphasized at the end, smirking with her hands coming to rest on her hips.

“Cana,” Lucy stated forcefully, crossing her arms, “there are one hundred people here, most of us under the age of eighteen.” She glanced briefly at Jellal, wondering how he was here. It didn’t make sense. “And we don’t have enough food or clean water to last a week, let alone months, if we survive that long. Plus, where is everyone going to sleep?” Lucy narrowed her eyes, daring Cana to go against her logic. “It’s been over three hundred years since anyone has been to Earth. We can’t just do whatever the hell we want. We need order.”

“Order?” Cana laughed, though it wasn’t a happy sound. “Fuck order. We’re finally free and able to live. Don’t you want to live, Lucy?”

“Yes. Which is exactly why we need to have a game plan. To establish some basic rules.” Cana shook her head, sighing as she turned her back on Lucy.

“That’s not living, princess. That’s surviving.”

Scowling at the nickname, Lucy stomped back to the drop ship to search through what little the Ark had supplied them with. The Chancellor said there was a bunker close by with supplies to last them a few years, they just had to find it with the map that was given to them.

“She’s right you know.”

Turning, Lucy spotted blue hair and recognized Jellal almost immediately. Licking her lips, she narrowed her eyes before going back to one of the bins and continuing to search through the contents. She already found the map, she just needed to be prepared for the journey. “Why are you even down here Jellal? You’re twenty-one. You aren’t a guard.” Canteen. Protein bars. Knife. They didn’t give them much.

And with a cold revelation, Lucy’s resolve only hardened. They didn’t expect them to survive.

She would make sure they did.

Ignoring her questions, Jellal carried on. “We finally have freedom, don’t you want to know what that’s like?” He came closer, looming over her as she glanced at him over her shoulder, eyes hiding something she couldn’t quite figure out.

“First we survive. Then we live,” she said. Adamantly, she grabbed her pack and the few others she put together before storming out of the drop ship.

“Whatever the hell you want.”

Lucy paused at the entrance, looking back to him, gaze steeled. “Whatever the hell you want, Jellal.” She hiked up the packs on her shoulder, leaving him in the drop ship as she went to find Levy again. She felt irritated, his expression burned into her mind, refusing to leave. She still wanted to know how he got onto the drop ship since the why was pretty obvious. The way he and Wendy smiled at each other warmed her heart and gave her something good to focus on for a little bit.

“Here you go, Lev,” Lucy tossed her one of the packs and set the others by her feet. “Couldn’t find much, but it’s better than nothing. There’s just the matter of not knowing what’s out there and nothing to really protect us.” Which was the biggest thing and, in hindsight, Lucy should have tried to cooperate with Jellal a bit more since she saw he had a gun. But he grated her nerves in the worst way, and she wasn’t having that. “Here, you’re the better navigator. Probably,” Lucy grinned as she gave Levy the map, the blue-haired girl giving an airy laugh. What good were tests and scores when it really came down to it. They were here now and who knew what would happen.

“So, who else is coming?” Levy asked, already studying the map. It wouldn’t take her long to decide the best route to take.

“Good question.” That was the next step—finding people to go with them. She knew Levy could easily get Jet and Droy, since they were both basically in love with her, but they weren’t enough and they needed more people they could trust.

She scanned the area and a grin broke out on her face.


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anonymous asked:

Oh my Sun, Stars, Moon and Hedgehog! A post about attack on pregnant S/O was amazing, glorious and sad(〒︿〒)But you've mentioned you can do version for 10 years old(happy, I assume?)future? Can I kindly request that? It would be a honour to read such!

Okay, this one is tricky because you said happy but like… I can’t. I’m sorry, Nonny, this one is going to be sad by nature of the request. Maybe a little less angsty because they aren’t young anymore, but still sad.

Under the cut!

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Finally. Effing. Finally.

And before anything, if you suddenly noticed the big change on how I draw Lucy, I blame TCS’s cover for this.

(Also apparently I have to clean the rust that has started forming around my hands.)

Incoming L&C:THB spoiler (I still respect those whose translation is as slow as mine–I feel your pain), opinions, feels etc etc. Super long wall of text ahead! tl;dr

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Juvia is the TRUE villain of FT

Yeah, that’s right, I said what everyone else was thinking, but didn’t have the guts to say. You’re welcome.

Maybe you didn’t even know you were thinking it, like I didn’t until today. I just woke up this morning, and had this epiphany (or maybe it was gas, it’s hard to tell). I didn’t even have to think too hard about it, to know it was true.

Juvia is evil incarnate. That just sounds right, doesn’t it? It makes sense.

Let’s face it, she stalks, she threatens, she’s violent, aggressive, harassing, obsessive, and extremely selfish. How anyone could not see her for the awful character she is, is beyond me.

Now, I’m sure those naive few (you poor, poor souls) who would take issue with my immensely factual statements, would like to see me clarify my claims. No problem. I don’t usual go looking for facts to back up my truths, because my gut tells me they are undeniable, and completely supported by manga events. But for you? I’ll make an exception, because unlike Juvia? I’m a good person.

Man, where to even start, right? There are so many incidents involving the awfulness of this character. 

I know! Let’s start with the Avatar arc. That arc was basically an advertisement for how problematic Juvia truly is. Thanks for that, Mashima. ^__~

So, Juvia was living with Gray. And we all found out the truth of that little scenario:

EXPOSED JUVIA. That’s right, this little stalking, obsessive brat actually forced herself into Gray’s home and refused to leave! And then you expect us to feel bad for her when Gray goes off for six months? Please. So deserved. HE DIDNT EVEN WANT HER THERE. Look at her face in the background. She’s LAUGHING at Gray’s suffering!

Despicable! People try and brush this off as Gray being embarrassed about the public teasing, but we ALL know the tru-

Ok, well that? Means nothing. We all know how nice of a guy Gray is. He probably felt SORRY for her ( I don’t know why, though. She deserves none of your pity, Gray!!!). It’s obvious this moment is incredibly forced and completely OOC! I’m sure Mashima was holding an illustrated gun to Gray’s head to get that bit of dialogue out of him. As for that “answer,” IF it’s about Juvia’s feelings (which I DOUBT), we all know what he’ll say already, because he’s said it once before (and of course the ball of crazy ignored him):

That’s right! So I personally look forward to his “answer.” Bring on the Juvia tears mwahahaha!

Anyway, back to Avatar, where Gray left Juvia behind for 6 months without a word (LOL!).

So now she’s all depressed, and making it rain all over the village, driving everybody else away. So typical. So selfish. Thanks for ruining everyone else’s lives as usual, Juvia! Just cause you have an unhealthy obsession with some guy, doesn’t mean everyone else around you needs to suffer for it, jeeze.

And what did Juvia do during this time Gray was away? Absolutely nothing, obviously, which just goes to show how unhealthy this “relationship” is. Juvia became a depressed mess, and a shell of herself. Clearly she wasn’t working, let alone eating for those six months, and how she survived is anybody’s guess (ZombieJuvia?!). But what’s worst, is that she claims to “love” Gray, but she just sat around waiting for him! What a joke! If you’re really so worried, like you claim, why don’t you go out and sear-

Oh… so she wasn’t just waiting around, and wasting away, but actually looking, but this just goes on to prove my next point instead! If Juvia had been searching for him every day, surely once Gray finally pops up, she will be FURIOUS. Because as we all know, Juvia’s biggest weapon is INTIMIDATION.

Ah ha! What did I tell you?! Look at Gray’s face! He’s terrified! And as usual, what does Juvia do?! That’s right, ATTACKS a woman for DARING to get near Gray. No love rivals allowed!!! She is so insane! Surely Gray will be devastated that Juvia hurt this new friend and potential lover-

Ok, so she was a villain, who Gray also attacked. BUT! My point still stands, as we are about to see here, where Juvia is aggressively keeping Lucy away from Gray:

I know that it looks like they are just chatting normally, but that’s just Juvia being shrewder than usual in her approach. Besides, even the arrow is pointing at the next victim of her madness!

We still don’t know if Frosch is a girl or a boy, but it makes no difference! Juvia hates all love rivals equally! Gray hugging Frosch? No way is Juvia going to put up with that, and of course she doesn’t! She has already declared it a love rival! So typical, so Juvia. But now we must fear for poor Frosch!

Look how genuinely terrified Frosch is at Juvia’s reaction. Look as the little exceed flees from Gray at Juvia’s intimidating stare-

Oh… well, I’m sure both Frosch and Gray felt Juvia’s wrath in the very next panel that Mashima forgot to draw in his haste. It’s a weekly series after all. Things get mistakenly left out all the time. We forgive you, Mashima!

In any case, the moment of truth is upon us. So, what did Juvia do when she found out Gray left her for 6 months on a secret mission under Erza’s orders? Surely she was furious! Surely she was declaring Erza as her love rival! Surely she was forbidding Gray to ever leave her side agai-


Huh… W-well, it doesn’t matter! I’m sure Juvia gave Gray an earful when they got back to their home!  That’ll teach Gray from daring to ever leave Juvia’s side  to go off with other females without Juvia’s permission! Not that he has any other female friends left, of course. Juvia saw to that ohohoho…

WHAT ARE YOU DOING GRAY?!!!!!!! Leaving again with your team?! With Erza, Lucy, and Wendy in company?! You should know better than that!!!!!

You can even see Juvia’s anger is boiling just below the surface at being stuck with people who aren’t Gray!

I don’t even know why Juvia logically reacts like this. I guess it’s just her crazy obsession that makes her so possessive! Otherwise I see no other reason why she would want to be near Gra-

Ok, so what if Gray’s father wanted Juvia to take care of Gray?! And so what if that’s hard to do if Gray keeps mysteriously disappearing under dangerous circumstances! That means NOTHING! Juvia doesn’t think about anyone but HERSELF. That’s a FACT.  

And Juvia will surely terrorize all those girls, and give Gray a piece of her mind when he gets back-

Mashima, why must you off-panel all of the things that prove my points?! This is very vexing!!!! >_<

No matter! Juvia has forced herself on Gray LOADS of times before. Gray has his own team, sure, but Juvia is a stalker, remember? She doesn’t need to join Gray’s team to keep an eye on him. Not that she lets Gray go on missions with his team anymore, of course. That’s the whole point of Juvia isolating Gray from all of his female friends. He’s not allowed to be alone with any of them ever since Juvia joined the guil-

Gray is away on another mission without Juvia, surrounded by his team of potential love rivals, and people Juvia has surely already isolated Gray from?! What is this sorcery?!  I’m sure we will see Juvia following closely behind at some point. Hold on while I peruse the manga so that I can find those panels of Juvia stalking Gray, that so often appear….

*five minutes later*

Oh, they are in here. That arc went on for over three months. I’m pretty sure she popped up at some point…

*ten minutes later*

Ok, I see the arc is winding down… where are you hiding, Juvia?!

*15 minutes later*

Ah ha! A hot springs scene with Gray surrounded by naked love rivals?! I don’t think so! Bitches about to get water sliced. Where you be, Juvia?!

*arc finishes*

…. That’s fine. You know why? Because I’m sure I remember that when Gray got back to the guild, Juvia went off on all of them! That’s what it was! Just you wait-

Doesn’t matter. considering how flushed Gray is I bet those breads were poisoned (Juvia has tried to drug Gray before. Remember that very canon love potion episode? BECAUSEI DO). I’d be worried if I were you, Elfman. Just saying…

In any case, forget about Juvia not letting Gray socialize with other women, and no longer having any female friends. We know that’s true, because I said so.

(And Cana doesn’t count. With all those boobs she gropes she’s practically one of the guys.)

Also, can we talk about Juvia’s selfishness. because she IS. Incredibly so. Especially when it comes to Gray. She constantly dismisses his feelings time and time again. Remember that creepy 413 Days Omake? *shiver* That was a prime example of Juvia’s selfish behavior. Gray is feeling down on the anniversary of Ur’s death, and Juvia DARES trying to impose some bullshit anniversary on him, and expecting him to be happy? WOW. And then when she found out why Gray rejected her stupid gift (a scarf? For an ice mage? Seriously? As if anyone would ever give an ice mage a gift like tha-

The point is. Juvia clearly didn’t care the least about Gray’s own feelings, as we can see he-

I’m sure that was just her trying to save face. That’s all! Can’t look bad in front of Erza. Juvia is so two-faced. Anyway, the fact is, Juvia ruined Gray’s day. Thanks, Juvia, for making Gray even more miserabl-

Well…He’s FROWNING, isn’t he?! And I’m sure that smile afterwards is just to cover up his frown on the inside. Poor Gray. You’re not even allowed to be sad when in mourning because of Juvia.

And this wasn’t the last time Juvia tried to rain on Gray’s sadness parties. Oh no, because after the GMG, when Gray was upset about Ultear, guess who had a problem with it again? Oh that’s right. JUVIA. 

And of course she didn’t care how he was feeling. I’m sure her worried expression is just her frustration over Gray not speaking to her OBVIOUSLY.

Sorry we all can’t be happy in other people’s misery like you, Juvia! Thankfully, Gray gave her a piece of his mind this time…

Man, Gray is such a nice guy. Putting a smile on his face, and lying to spare Juvia’s feelings like that.You are so lucky, Juvia. No one else would put up with your crap!

And Gray has put his life on the line multiple times for Juvia! And how has she repaid him? By being horribly selfish, of course. that’s the point I’m making, after all. It’s not like she’s ever really done anything of value for him-

Ok, so she may have protected him/saved his life a couple of times. But big deal? Who hasn’t saved lives in this series? That’s nothing special!

The point is, Juvia doesn’t really care about Gray. As we saw at the end of the Tartarus arc. She knows Gray just lost his dad. And she knows it’s her fault (MURDERER). And yet, she follows (stalks, stalks, stalks) him all the way to his parents grave, where he’s in mourning, and tries to saddle him with her guilt. How self-absorbed can one person get, I ask you?! She doesn’t care that he’s hurting. All she thinks about is her own feelings for him -

Ok, so she’s giving up on him because she feels she has no right to love him any more after the pain she just caused him. And that’s supposed to make me feel what, exactly? Please. Spare me, Juvia. And yeah, she killed off Keith, thinking Gray will hate her forever for doing it, but she did it anyway because Silver assured her it was what was best for Gray. But so what? 

You can keep your “sorries” Juvia, we know you don’t really mean it! At the end of the day, she still hurt Gray knowingly. Thankfully Gray is about to go off on her AT LAST.

Poor Gray, he’s far too upset to even think straight! Don’t stick your face there (the phrase is a shoulder to cry on, not a boob!)! You were almost rid of her forever!!!! Ugh! >_<

Whatever, she’s so selfish that she doesn’t even attempt to console Gr-

Ok, that scene doesn’t really give the full effect of how terrible Juvia can be. Let me go back to Juvia’s jealousy. As I said, Gray is not allowed to be in contact with other females, but having PHYSICAL CONTACT with another girl is ESPECIALLY PROHIBITE-

Gray is carrying Erza ( a woman who Gray is clearly no longer friends with thanks to Juvia isolating him from the female population) on his back?! Unforgivable! Juvia will surely never allow that!!! Watch as she… 

…does …


Oh. Well, I mean, surely she has already expressed her extreme displeasure, and threatened her unconscious figure with retribution, wishing her wounds never heal in a panel that Mashima forgot to include. No matter! We know the truth!!!

Plus, there were plenty of other moments where Juvia showed her violent anger over Gray touching another female that wasn’t her.

Gray dove to catch Lucy?! How dare he!!!! How dare he put his hands on her?! Oh, we are about to see some intense Juvia anger oho! Lucy better watch out, because she thinks she’s in pain now, but wait until Juvia gets done with h-

Well, I’m sure Juvia’s look of concern, and being one of the first people trying to run to Lucy’s aid means nothing! It’s just for show! We know the true feelings lying just below the surface! She was seething with jealousy on the INSIDE Surely Juvia spent the rest of the day privately celebrating Lucy’s misfortune, and wishing her further ill. I bet she didn’t even go visi-

That’s fine. Juvia being the first from Team B to rush into Lucy’s hospital room is MEANINGLESS, do you hear?! She was probably laughing raucously at Lucy’s suffering moments before she rushed inside! You are not fooling anyone, Juvia!!!

Lucy and Gajeel about to be attacked by Keith. Yes! two false friends, and her greatest love rival about to get taken out in one fell swoop. Excellent! Juvia will be celebrating to-

NO!!! What are you doing?! Juvia!!! 

Ugh, honestly, Juvia doesn’t have friendships, ok? I get she wants to look good to manga readers, but this is just too hard to swallow. As if Juvia would show any care, connection or try and protect someone that’s not Gra-

Ok… you know what? Who cares if Juvia’s done the most unison raids, which is a magic attack that is supposed to show a close bond between two people? Who cares if she’s had important “moments” with other people? Plus, a lot of those things happened a LONG time ago, so obviously they don’t matter any more.  If it didn’t happen in the most recent chapters, it’s null and void. Simple as that! Everyone knows character development has an expiration date. She obviously hates these people now, and is no longer friends with any of them. DUH! 

Anyway, Mashima, you can keep trying to make us believe Juvia isn’t a heartless, selfish stalker, who’s goal in life isn’t to isolate Gray from all of his friends, and heap harm upon all love rivals. But I’m not buying it.





Because I, and MANY others, know the truth. It doesn’t matter if the actual manga doesn’t support my claims, because I think it’s obvious what Juvia’s true character really is. So, no matter how many times you show Juvia “caring” about other people, and no matter how often we see her “selflessly” sacrificing her own well being and interests for the good of others, I know how things TRULY are.

There’s a darkness lurking just below the surface.

We’re all on to you, Juvia.

Zeref? Acnologia? You ain’t got NOTHING on Juvia, The True Face of Darkness (forget E.N.D., it’s all about T.F.D.).

Taking down Fairy Tail from the inside, one love rival at a time.

Venting for the last time

Alright, this is probably going to be my last rant-like post concerning the Life is Strange finale and endings, given that it’s been a week now and I’ve had time to think about it and it’s time to put those thoughts into a locker to stop disturbing my day-to-day life.

To spare you a long-ass discussion about the finale, it’s all under the cut!

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Assassin's Creed: Bonds #5

Ta-dah! I tried to describe the concept of the entire franchise in this chapter for those who are not familiar with the franchise plot and synopsis. Let me know how I did, please!

Chapter Five: A Spark Starts

To be hired under the HeartfiliaKonzern was to be held in high regard. Business merchants would leap at the chance to work under the profitable Jude Heartfilia. Household servants received the best care with housing on the manor premises and three meals a day. To work for the Heartfilia family was to be higher than the common peasant.

In her many years of learning the way of the nobles, Lucy forgot many souls used the Heartfilia name as freely as she; mostly for personal gain. Levy McGarden never crossed her as such a soul. It was a bitter truth, like the taste of strong tea that has chilled in the winds of ignorance. The blue haired librarian had been her closest and most trusted friend in the solitude of the manor.

It seemed foolish to overlook that everyone had secrets.

When brown eyes locked with hazel, the librarian froze in surprise, seemingly calibrating Laxus’s words and the sight of her charge seated in such a dirty tavern. Lucy could see the thoughts fly through her mind through the contractions of her pupils. The blonde could see the tense posture at the realization of just what situation she ambled into.

The petite little woman then scowled, the intense emotion of anger striking Lucy like a swat of a kitten’s paw. The only anger she feared was that of her father.

“So this is what you refused to tell me! Lucy, I can not even begin-” The bookworm brought up her hands, fingers curled as she snorted in outright indignation. “How in the blessed world-?!”

“Natsu Dragneel happened to climb through her window and invite her here for lunch on him. It seems you are not the only one gathering information from the extensive records of the Heartfilia family.” Laxus drawled, slouching as much as the stool would allow. “It seems the secrets kept have collided.”

Eyes darted from Laxus to Levy, and Mira hummed lightly at the tension. “Well, stop being a stranger and come in! I suppose you and Laxus have much to discuss.” Her voice was still light and sweet; Lucy stunned when Levy relaxed under the effect and smiling.

“Okay. Thanks, Mira. I guess I must relay all necessary information to our new-” Levy trailed off as Laxus snorted rudely.

“You may tell her the basics, but sensitive information is to be under discretion until she has passed my judgment. We cannot afford to throw out security breaches because of kindly words.” The man was bristled like a ruffled mutt, defensive and protective. His mind would not be swayed.

One glance to his gaze, and Lucy conveyed once more that she had no qualms with his hesitation. Protect your own, as her father would preach. Instead of stocks, this time it was with the lives of people sworn to protect the free will of mankind. The blonde woman would not risk such a valuable and heavy price.

With quick steps, Levy let her bag crumple to the floor boards much less gently than ever. In the air, Lucy could taste the confrontation she would endure once alone with the blue haired woman. Something far more unpleasant than the interrogation, she supposed.

“Now, I assume I will be informed of the details behind your meeting with one of our resident Dragon Assassins. The fact that you managed to withhold that knowledge from me is commendable, a true test of something akin to loyalty, but I digress.” Lucy bit her lip and cringed. Levy’s tone was business like, crisp and to the needle point. She was a tad bit scarier now.

“So, if Natsu invited you here, you must have made one hell of an impression. Even Gaj- No assassin would hand over such risky information to a commoner unless you really wooed him with your knowledge. Just when I was beginning to believe he was romantically stunted-”

Lucy spluttered with a burning red face while Laxus raised his hand and spoke, “A drink on me  for the little munchkin.”

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I want to say something about how Supergirl is so aggressively heteronormative it’s actually hella homophobic.

But first I have to tell how, as a bisexual woman, how hurtful it is when something uses QUEERNESS AS HYPERBOLE. It’s a fucking punch to the gut. It’s one of those subtle ways media has of telling us we’re not normal and what we watch is not for us.

In a world where I have to stand the usual “everybody is a bit bisexual” and the “it was a phase” argument is basically EVERY comedy I ever watch, be it comedies I hate like Trainwreck, or comedies I love like Spy, the queerness-as-hyperbole problem seems a bit less obvious, but it’s equally insidious.

What am I talking about? Well, let me tell you why I recently wanted to hurt things at my tv screen while watching CBS’ Supergirl. It was during a scene where Kara was talking to his sister about how jealous she was of Lucy Lane because she was with James, whom Kara likes. The whole thing was Kara listing Lucy’s virtues and how perfect she is (and obviously resenting the fact) and she ends with the zinger, saying that “Hell, I want to date her”.

This is classic queerness-as-hyperbole. Kara is basically saying “Lucy is so awesome that even I, Kara, 200% straight and not at all queer, would want to date her, that’s how perfect she is”.

You see this done a lot for humor. Male characters who are so amazing that other male characters get crushes on them while remaining perfectly and comfortable heterosexual. Being able to instill “theorical queerness” (that never ever goes anywhere) on other characters is somehow a compliment.

Fuck that.

It hurts, it tires me out.

We know Kara is not sexually attracted to Lucy. We know she would never consider dating her. It’s a figure of speech. It’s using the fact that there’s no room for queerness in this show to make a fucking point.

And yes, it also hurts to see a lot of people in fandom go “proof that Kara is canonically bisexual!”. It’s frustrating. I’m not going to take queer people’s need for representation even in headcanons away. God knows I need it too. But this is giving Supergirl credit for representation when in fact it was just reinforcing the oppressive heteronormativity of the show.

And it’s not even the first time Supergirl has been homophobic.

The pilot has Kara literally screaming she’s not gay from a rooftop.

Then we have the moment when Lucy tells James that she fears he’ll get obsessed with Supergirl because he was so obsessed with Superman, except this time there’s the possibility of it being romantic because Supergirl is a woman, and it’s like “Superman in a skirt” so it’s perfect for James. The only thing that separates James from being in love with Clark Kent is the fact that he lives in a completely heterosexual narrative, nothing else. That scene is both painfully heteronormative and weirdly homophobic.

Heterosexuality is so reinforced all the time in this show I can barely stand it. Cat’s son didn’t have to be a boy at all (in fact it would have been more fitting with the show’s usual basic faux feminism if it had been a young girl who looks up to Kara), and definitively we didn’t need to have him have a crush on Supergirl. A shy boy with social skills problems and how does that get fixed? He gets sexually reinforced because of his connection to Supergirl, whom he has a crush on, and so he gains the confidence he was lacking. That was the way they encouraged this character, I kid you not! It’s so cliched and so disgusting.

I mean, what did we expect, from Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg and the conservative, misogynsitic shit they normally produce.

But it’s just, it’s so tiresome.

And if you are straight please, please, before saying how awesome Supergirl is and giving it representation cookies because Kara is canonically bisexual because she said she wanted to date Lucy, think about if you truly believe the show was really telling you Kara wanted to date another woman because she’s bisexual or if the show was making and point and a joke by playing with the idea that heterosexuality is the default in the Supergirl universe.

Tinder Matched

Lucy sighed, wondering why she ever installed this app.

Oh, right. Levy.

“Come on Lu, it’s a great way to meet people, and I’m not saying this because you’re single,” though at this point in time she gave her a very pointed look, “but you can just make friends and chat with people when you’re bored. It’s how I met Gajeel, remember?”

Yeah, Lucy remembered. She remembered telling her friend that it would not be a good idea to match with a guy with a bunch of piercings and looked like he just got out of a fight. But against her best friends judgment, she matched with the guy anyway.

Lucy was not a happy camper when her friend decided to actually meet this guy, so she went ahead and insisted that she accompanied her. Levy had promptly said no and met with him behind her back.

But that was a few months ago and now that Lucy has actually met Gajeel, she can’t help but think they fit so well together as a couple, and that he’s actually a pretty decent guy.

So with all of this in mind, Lucy opened up her newly added Tinder app. Not like she was looking for a boyfriend or anything thing like that, she was just bored and wanted to talk to someone since Levy was out on a date with Gajeel.

It was actually kind of boring, swiping left and right, barely looking at the pictures, no one really catching her eye, although she did get quite a few matches. “Maybe I could take a shot every time I got a match,” she muttered to herself, but shook the idea away since she didn’t feel like drinking. Maybe if Levy was here then they could make a game out of it.

Her fingers paused on a picture. Pink hair? Weird. For some reason this picture captivated her, because really, how many people had pink hair? Natsu, 24. So he was a year older than her, that wasn’t too bad. Swiping right, she was slightly surprised when it showed they had a match right away. Letting her curiosity get the better of her, she decided to send him a message.

Is your hair naturally pink do did you dye it?

It’s natural
And it’s not pink

Sorry :$ I was just wondering!
Not a lot of people have naturally pink hair

Everyone always asks that, no sweat
And it’s salmon!!

Lucy couldn’t help the grin that appeared on her face at the messages, finding it amusing. I guess this app isn’t too terrible.

Are you positive that it’s salmon though? It really does look pink from your picture.

Are you positive you’re blonde?

Yes, yes I am. Does my hair look yellow or something?

Your weird
Yellow hair? Really. Who has yellow hair?

It was a rhetorical question, pinkie.

Correcting my grammer?
And what’s rhetorical

Lucy was having way too much fun for such a simple conversation. This Natsu guy didn’t seem too bad. But they were really only talking about hair, so why was she grinning like an idiot?

Yes, I will correct you’re grammar* because I majored in English.
And basically it’s a question that’s not meant to be answered.


Frowning, Lucy tried to think of something else to say. She didn’t really want this conversation to end just yet, since it’s her only sense of amusement at the moment.

So…What brings you to Tinder?

My friend made it for me but he’s more like my rival
He was trying to find me a girlfriend or something, idk
But then you messaged me so he told me to take over

For some reason this made her upset. So he wasn’t the one who swiped right at my picture, it was someone else.

Oh, that’s cool then.
If you don’t want to talk then we don’t have to.

I mean, just because I didn’t match you doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk to you
Sheesh Luce, don’t jump to conclusions

I’m not weird, it just seemed like you didn’t want to be on here is all
And Luce?

Whatever, weirdo :P
You’re pretty fun to talk to anyways
And yeah, Luce. Lucy takes to long to say

But you aren’t actually saying my name? We’re typing.
And thanks, you’re pretty fun to talk to too.

But when I say you’re name in my head and stuff
And what if we end up meeting or something?

Lucy froze. She never really thought she would actually meet this person, or anyone for that matter on this app in real life. This was just because she was bored, nothing more.

Okay then.

What brings you here?

My friend told me to make an account; she said it was a good way to pass time when I’m bored or just to make friends.
She actually met her boyfriend on here, which might be an underlining reason for her wanting me to make an account.
She fears for my love life, I think.

My cousin, the bastard, met his girlfriend on here too
Well you made a friend anyway! Mission accomplished :D

That’s pretty funny!
I don’t know Natsu; I’ve only been talking to you for a few minutes, does that qualify us as friends?

Of course it does
Why wouldn’t it? You seem nice enough
Besides the fact that you keep saying my hair is pink

Lucy rolled her eyes at that, back onto the topic of hair colour. She was just about to respond when she heard the door open and saw Levy walk in. Putting away her phone, she got up and greeted her with a smile.

“Hey! How was the date?” Lucy was sort of surprised that Gajeel wasn’t with her, he usually came back for a bit after their dates to hang out or eat or something, anything really. He liked coming up with excuses to hang out with Levy.

“Good! We went to the aquarium, it was so cool!” Levy plopped down on the couch and Lucy resumed her spot she vacated earlier.

“So where’s Gajeel? He usually comes back here for a bit.”

“His friend Gray texted him, telling him to come home immediately. Some S.O.S with his cousin or something.”

“Oh, I hope everything is okay!” But Lucy wasn’t too worried as Levy seemed pretty calm about it.

Levy’s phone started to ring, signalling Gajeel was calling her. “Oh sorry Lu, I’ve got to take this! I’ll be right back and then we can watch some anime, sound good?”

Giving her the thumbs up saying it was fine, Lucy turned on their TV and was going through Netflix looking for a good anime when she suddenly remember Natsu. “Crap!” Grabbing her phone from her pocket, she went to her Tinder app and saw she had an abundance of messages from Natsu.

Hey, sorry if it was too much to say we’re friends
You’re right, totally not friends
Come on Lucy, answer me 
I’m bored again and you were making things unboring :(

Sighing, she began to type back furiously.

Hey Natsu, so sorry! My friend came back home and I got distracted!
It’s totally fine, we can be friends if you want, and you seem pretty nice too.
And I’m glad I was making things unboring for you :)

“YOU’RE JOKING!” She heard Levy squeal from her room. Worried, Lucy got up and walked to her room, knocking. “Levy, are you alright? Did something happen?”

Suddenly the door was thrown open with Levy grinning like a maniac.

“Oh, you bet something happened.”


My friend got Tinder the other night because we were bored and needed entertainment and so I was like, “hey, this would make a pretty good Nalu story!” and that’s how this came to be.

I hope you guys liked it!

P.S: Part two should be up shortly! This is only a two shot (probably). We’ll see how it goes.

Read Part 2 here

Somebody I Used To Know

Summary: In that one year he was gone, in that one year she was alone, a year full of secrets, tears and bottled up emotions. They have never felt this distant…till now. Nalu.

I swear my music player has a life on its own when it comes to things like these, all these angsty songs keep popping up one after another… Like how it plays stuff like ‘Nothing Helps’ and ‘Ending Story’ when I’m studying for my exams. *glares and waves fist in the air* Oh well, inspirational angsty music for angsty fics, what can possibly go wrong? *laughs nervously*
Warning tho, the characters may be slightly ooc, so I apologies in advance to those who feel offended or ticked off by it.

He barely felt Happy’s tears on his skin, the salty droplets evaporating the moment they brushed the back hairs of his neck, or swept away by the wind at the speed they were flying at.

But the acrid smell of his burning fur lingered nauseatingly around him. Happy’s scalded paws trembled with effort as he carried him away from the scorched wasteland of the battlefield and hurtling back to the building by the hill.

Back home.

With a hiss, the last vestige of Igneel’s power faded from his arm, and Natsu shuddered, grabbing the spot where the black mark used to be as a treacherous chill crept up his veins.

Zeref was his brother. The one responsible for the sorrow and tears of his nakama.

He was E.N.D. He was a demon from the Book of Zeref.

If he kills Zeref…

He would die too.

As he came down from his battle high, his brain finally registered these facts and a torrent of different emotions ran rampant in him ­– anger, horror, guilt, the whole magnitude of it all threatened to swallow him whole.

When the guild finally came into sight, a single figure stood vigil at the entrance, and his stomach dropped.



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Iron Legends -- Chapter 9

Series: Fairy Tail

Characters: Gajeel, Levy, plus appearances from Natsu, Lucy and others.

Genre: Hurt/comfort, Sci-fi

Summary: The old lab had always been fuel for a good story, something you would half-heartedly joke about going to sometime.  Some did, and when they came back they never talked about it again.  The legends circulated, telling of ghosts, monsters, and anything else someone would be likely to conjure up about an abandoned building.  But even with all the stories meant to keep everyone away, there are still those for whom the intrigue is too tempting.  

Note: Thank you, again, so much for all of the positive feedback.  You guys are awesome and I’m really really happy you all like this story so much!  This is a scene I’ve really wanted to do for a while to really establish some things, and in a way it’s kind of an intermission chapter(so to say?) that didn’t quite feel right going on the end of ch8, nor does it feel right going straight into what I have planned for the future, so it’s unfortunately short. So, enjoy the fluff, but don’t get too comfy. 

This chapter’s soundtrack: The Wolves – Bon Iver (Straight up I had this on repeat while writing this).

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Levy fidgeted nervously with the edge of the blanket she had wrapped around herself, staring into the fire with her back against the couch.  The sound of the fire, crackling and hissing, tried to overpower the sound of running water in the background.  When that didn’t suffice, she tried to focus on the sound of her music, which helped only a little.  The blunette glanced to the clock on the wall, surprised that it wasn’t as late as she thought it was.   Maybe because it felt like eternity since she had offered for him, a man, to use her shower.  At night.  

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