and lucas is wearing the jacket

You Belong With Me

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A/N: AND SHE RETURNS!!! Hello, it only took me eight years but here I am, with something new, especially for @thatsadbreakfastclub and our mutual love of Reggie. Its not perfect but it’s s o m e t h i n g (hopefully it’s not eight more years until the next one)

Summary: Walking alone in Riverdale can be dangerous, especially at night when well-meaning football players are lurking. (Andrews!Reader)

Word Count: 2,133

Warnings: N o n e, ‘cept some mild fear at the beginning 

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From Autumn To Autumn I Wait

December 1983 — Contemplation

The night is thick with a silence that seems to engulf. The sky, dark, splashed with glowing stars, glistens and winks. As far as the eye can see, there is a thick layer of white packed snow on the ground, which shimmers in the heavy-hung moonlight.

Mike sits alone, resting on a bench. The park is empty, aside from himself. His blue winter coat and hat are hardly enough to do the trick, but they keep him from getting frost bitten. His shoes scuff the white power below, his hands fiddle with a loose string in his pocket. He stares straight ahead, not really thinking. Just breathing little white puffs of air, and watching them drift away into nothing.

Just like her.

He can’t deal with it anymore. At least, not alone. It hurts to be alive. It hurts that no one quite understands. It hurts that everyone just expects him to go back to normal, even though he can’t remember what normal is.

Mike leans his head against the bench, wishing, suddenly and startlingly, that he had a cigarette. It’s an odd thought. One he isn’t quite prepared for. But the deeper, darker voice in the back of his mind knows just why; they’ll kill you slow, but they’ll still kill you, it whispers. Your lungs will rot and your face will sink and you won’t even be able to feel pain anymore.

He shivers. There is something wrong with him, he decides just then. Something wrong and twisted and sick. It’s as though poison ivy has gown along the walls of his heart and mind, sucking away all of the good.

He stares up at the stars, tears freezing to his cheeks, and conjures up the purity of missing her.

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“Watch out, there’s a puddle right there.” He warned, stepping in front of her protectively.

She laughed almost too perfectly.
“I doubt a small pool of water is any kind of threat to me.”

Taken aback, he turned to face her in a subtle pout, arms crossed to act as some sort of barricade.

“Isn’t this what guys are supposed to do on rainy dates?” He questioned, in a resumed walking pace.

“Well I wouldn’t know about that, considering I can’t recall anyone officially titling our little adventure as a date.” She teased, raising her eyebrows subtly.

“Oh really?” He mused, abruptly ceasing his slow walking pace.

He slouched slightly in order to meet her height, looking a little too closely into her eyes.
“You’re wearing my jacket.”

Overcome in an uncontrollable state of blush, she twirled and began walking ahead of him, embarrassed to an obvious point.
“Only because it’s cold, Lucas.”

“Yeah yeah, we both know it’s because you love me.” He replied.

—  V.B.//Lucas and Elsie

Author Note: Another pull from the request jar.  Enjoy!

Nyquil Haze

Riley’s head was swimming as she sat on her couch, a Hallmark movie was on, she was sure she saw Mariah Carey, but it had to be the Nyquil she had chugged not long before. Why wasn’t she falling asleep? That’s all she wanted to do.

This cold was kicking her ass. It was the only way she could explain it. Her head hurt, her nose was stuffed up, she was cold, then hot, her throat felt like it was on fire.

She didn’t want to think about her hair, less than a week ago she’d gone to get it styled differently to enter in her twenties—maybe even prepare to see him again, but now a week later it was a tangled knot on the top of her head.

At least she was home alone, she was thankful she convinced Maya and Smackle to go to the Christmas party without her. It was Zay’s annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party, which just meant he’d have Christmas Vacation on, a keg flowing of Keystone Light, and everyone would be dressed in ugly sweaters.

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FanFic: The Fall of Friar

A/N: This is it…the final chapter of The Fall of Friar. I can say that this has been the most emotionally raw fic I have ever written. As stated in previous A/Ns…this fic hit home on way too many occasions. 

If you have read my other fics, you know the future life I’ve imagined for Rucas. This fic takes place before Charmed Moments. Things changed slightly as this fic developed so there are some inconsistencies.

I owe many people for their advice, encouragement, and support. @gmwpluto @zombeeemomeee @drizzyyjayy @frankchurchillsaysrelax @shebe67 @madelinecoffee @pipereliza14 @grapes-day @spamiam77 @mtsunlodge … thank you!

Special thanks to @siennese You asked and I hope I delivered.

Apologies for any formatting issues…. posted this from my phone

 Chapter  [1] [2] [3] [3b] [4] 

Chapter 5- Shadows of the Sun

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✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ 

Riley had never been shy of a little rain. As a kid she embraced the rainy days, she would always slip on her rubber boots and raincoat and out she’d go; splashing, jumping, twirling around in the downpour with her mouth wide open. It was almost too perfect that the boy she ended up falling in love with, loved getting caught in the rain just as much as she did.

So when the wind picked up on their afternoon walk through the park after school, she glanced up at the black cloud that consumed the sky above and felt a rush of excitement.  They were only a few blocks from Lucas’ apartment complex but there was no way they’d make it there before the storm started.  

Lucas furrowed his eyebrows as he looked to the now dark sky, clutching Riley’s hand in his as if he was preparing to run. “Is this why you wanted to walk to mine?” His mouth curled into a small smirk as he gazed knowingly at the brunette before him.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She smiled, resting her head on his shoulder as they continued their trek to his house.

The scent of rain is heavy and a stillness falls over the street, and in the silence comes a low crackle of thunder. For a moment, everything stops. Even the wind holds its breath. A streak of lightning splits the sky, and the downpour begins.

“Run!” Riley shrieked, as they ran across the slippery sidewalk, weakened by the weight of their now soaked clothes. Neither of them could stop the smiles from forming on their faces as they leaped across puddles while Lucas hovered his jacket over their heads to shield their eyes from the rainfall.  

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Chubby Lucas Headcanons

-Lucas sits at his computer all day, he must have a little podge around his stomach

-When have we ever seen him running or fighting? In the actual game, the only time Lucas runs is when Ethan manages to escape his trap room

-Lucas hides his little belly underneath his hoodies and jackets

-The boy refuses to wear anything skin tight

-Marguerite loves his podge and coos over him all the time

-Zoe is the far more muscular child and finds it fun to tease him at the little chub

-It’s so adorable. Just a lil belly that he refuses to acknowledge

-Lucas always gains a little weight over Christmas due to his love of Christmas pudding

-His go-to snacks are moonpies (basically marshmellow sandwiches), cheese straws, Zapp’s chips and RC Cola (seriously. none of this is healthy)

-He’s very gangly but Marguerite loves giving him hugs cause he’s got that extra bit of huggable fluff

-Lucas takes after his dad and that means he’s got a bit of pudge from genetics

-If he had a s/o they’d undoubtedly love to cuddle him whenever

-He can’t run from their love!

-Marguerite loves to make his favourite meals and constantly has to remind him to eat

-He probably really hates his body and says he’s going to work out but never does

-Everyone else thinks Lucas should gain more weight cause he’s so skinny everywhere else!

-He constantly snacks when he’s programming or designing a new trap room

-Lucas s/o would totally give him back rubs and such when he’s stress

-No one can touch his waist or stomach

-He WILL bite you

-Unless you’re good at belly rubs. And you’re his s/o. Then he’s a little less reluctant.

-Zoe sometimes offers to help Lucas get in shape but she doesn’t really mind if he does or doesn’t. Having a soft brother isn’t that bad. 

-She can destroy him in a fight. It’s great!

-And his occasional hugs are the best

-It makes Lucas a little less intimidating (if you can even call it that)

-He’s just an introverted chubby meme




(These are my own headcanons~ No fights about it, please!)


Day 1. Second date.

Hi all. Day one of rucas fanfiction week and I have vowed to myself that I will make very one shot 3000+ words. This is incredibly hard for me so ahhhhh!!!! Wish me luck.


Riley sat down in front of her vanity and brushed her long brown hair. She turned on her phone and clicked her music app, ED Sheeran blasted through her room and she sighed. She looked down at her makeup and moved her stuff around trying to figure out what she wanted to put on. She grabbed her too faced palette and decided to not put on anything too heavy. She knew Lucas liked her for who she was and that she shouldn’t do anything too drastic.

She grabbed an eyeshadow brush and started putting a transition in her crease. She put a glittery shade on her inner lid and a darker shade On her outer corner. She picked up her liquid eyeliner and went to start her cat eye. She made the movement just above where she wanted it and just as she touched the liner to her eye she heard a knock, she flinched backwards scared and her hand moved and the liner went into her eye.

She groaned in pain and she heard laughter come from the window. Riley grabbed a q-tip and hair brush, using the q-tip to clean up the liner and Riley threw the hair brush at a laughing Maya.

‘Ow.’ Maya screeched grabbing the other stool and sitting next to Riley.

'Well you ruined my cat eye.’ Riley groaned reapplying her eyeshadow.

'Well Lucas doesn’t like over the top makeup anyway. So I did ya a favour.’ She joked standing up and prancing over to the closet. She stammered through all of Riley’s clothes and tried to throw away all of the colourful things. Realising that Riley was super colourful and that she never wanted her to change she picked out her favourite colourful items.

'Riley where exactly are you going again.’ Maya called out to Riley who was finishing up her contour.

'Movies. It’s a cuddle bunnies special I think.’ She yelled back her smile growing at the idea. Riley was so smitten about the idea of what they were doing, it was so Riley and Lucas. It was just them and that made her happy. Riley couldn’t dismiss the knotting in her stomach though. She was incredibly nervous that she would stuff up or scare Lucas off.

'I’m done. I found the perfect outfit.’ Maya sang as she walked back out of Riley’s closet. She set out the purple top and black jeans and a denim jacket on the bed and smoothed it out for Riley to wear.

'So I’m assuming you have underwear but the bra you have on won’t do.’ Maya spoke to herself darting back into her closet to Riley’s bra collection. She looked over all them and decided that Riley needed something more, uplifting. Maya darted back over to her backpack and picked up a push up bra.

'This.’ Maya spoke showing Riley. Riley turned away from her makeup and turned the bra Over showing Maya the endless amount of push up.

'Maya no.’ She seethed rolling her eyes.

'Maya yes. Now go put your stuff on. I want to take a pic for my snap story.’ Maya rushed bundling the clothes up and throwing them at Riley as she pushed her into the bathroom.

Riley rushed to get changed and looked at her outfit in the mirror, she liked the how it wasn’t over the top but it was nicer than normal. It was pretty but it wasn’t try hard, and no matter how much she hated it, the push up bra looked good.

Riley quickly brushed her teeth and made sure her hair was still looking nice. She stepped out of her bathroom and was hit by the flash of something. She death stares Maya but Maya just smiled and added the snap to her story.

'Ok so now shoes. Converse or boots.’ Maya spoke thinking out loud. Before Riley could answer they heard another knock at the door. They darted their eyes over to the door and saw smackle walk in.

'Converse now Riley out.’ Smackle demanded pushing Riley out the door. Riley stumbled into the living room and saw Lucas facing her father. He seemed to be quite calm but Riley knew better.

'Dad let him go.’ Riley called walking over to Lucas as she tried to put her converse on. Lucas spun around and took one look at Riley and instantly felt weak in the knees.

He tried to choke his words out but his mouth felt dry looking at the girl in front of him. Riley felt the same way as she looked at his tan slacks and his maroon button up. She smiled a little and went over to hold his hand.

He returned her smile and rubbed his hand on his pants before grabbing her hand.

'Sir I’ll have her home by 9:45.’ He formerly spoke and mr Matthews grunted and walked away.

'So you ready.’ Lucas croaked and Riley rubbed her thumb over His hand.

'As I’ll ever be.’ She soothed and they walked out the door. Riley tried not to move weirdly and focused on walking as stiff as normal. Lucas looked over to Riley and saw her moving a bit weirdly and he realised what was happening. He sighed and squeezed her hand slightly, Riley looked up at him and saw his concerned face.

'Riley. Why are you walking like that.’ He questioned and Riley’s gaze stiffened. She looked down at her feet and still tried to walk normally.

'Umm. I. Umm.’ She stammered but she couldn’t get the words out the way she wanted.

'Riley I like you for you. I like klutzy Riley, I like every Riley there is. You don’t need to act different for me.’ He ranted and Riley felt tears well up in his eyes at his sincere words.

'Thanks. I just- you know- get worried.’ She spoke quietly and Lucas removed his hand from hers and moved his arm around her shoulder. They sat down on the subway and hesitantly Riley put her head on his chest.

'Yeah I know. I understand you have anxiety thing. I remember when you kinda told us when we put the labels on out forehead.’ He sighed and Riley snuggled into him.

'Thankyou for understanding. So how do you feel about Katy and Shawn getting married, oh and Maya and Josh finally sailing.’ She asked and Lucas furrowed his brows.

'Sailing?’ He laughed and Riley hit his chest lightly.

'Like the ship has sailed.’ She spoke in a duh tone. Lucas looked down at her and laughed not understanding teenage girls at all.

'Well I’m happy for both of them. It’s gonna be great.’ He cheered and Riley burst into laughter at his tone. she noticed the weird looks she was getting from people on the subway but she couldn’t Seem to restrain herself.

They both left the subway at their stop and Lucas put his hand in hers again. They chatted about little things while they walked to the theatre and Lucas couldn’t be happier.

'We’re here.’ Riley Beamed happily and bounced into the theatre. She ran over to the front desk and asked for two tickets but she saw Lucas step in front of her.

'I’m paying.’ Lucas insisted and Riley rolled her eyes sneaking over to the condiments. She asked for two popcorns and two cokes and quickly payed before Lucas could insist. She scrambled her way back over to Lucas and gave him a popcorn. Lucas looked down at her and sighed before reaching for his wallet. Riley waved her hand In front of him and Lucas sighed once again.

'I know it’s a very white feminist thing to do. But I have to pay, it’s a me thing ok. We have to deal with it.’ She ranted and skipped off towards their screening. Lucas jumped behind her trying to get some of her happiness into him, which was successful by skipping, it was the safest way to travel.

The reached their area and they sat next to each other in the third row. Lucas positioned himself closer to Riley.

'So is this the point where I put my hand over your shoulder while I’m pretending to yawn.’ Lucas jokes and Riley giggled, she had really hoped he wouldn’t do such a cheesy move and was glad he thought it was funny.

'Yeah you can just do it without the yawn. It’s only 7:30 I hope you aren’t tired yet.’ Riley joked back and felt a buzz on her butt. Seeing as it was only the ad she took out her phone and saw a text from Maya.

“Have you guys made out yet.” She read and Lucas peeked over her shoulder and almost spat out his drink.

'Lets trick her.’ Lucas suggested and Riley looked over at him feigning interest.

'Well what shall we do.’ She asked her eye brow raised. Lucas smirked a little at his idea.

'We send her a photo of us kissing. I mean we don’t really have to kiss we will just have to put a hand over your mouth, how about to Jexica ?’ He joked and Riley thought about it for a second before deciding it was a good idea. Riley nodded and picked up her phone and turned on the camera, Lucas faced her and Riley faced him.

'Ok 3,2,1.’ Riley spoke and went to put her lips on his. They both realised a little too late that they both didn’t know who was putting the hand up. Before they knew it there lips were touching and Riley had pressed the camera button. She meant to pull away but she was so intoxicated by the kiss that she couldn’t pull away, she deepened the kiss slightly by opening her mouth and Lucas followed. He wasn’t sure how far she wanted to go so he pulled away her forehead on his, Lucas smiled at her and kissed her lips lightly one more time.

'Again.’ Riley whispered and Lucas was happy to comply, Riley had accidentally hit video on her phone and deleted the previous Picture. They made out intensely before they heard someone cough behind them. Abruptly they broke apart and saw that the movie was starting anyway. Riley quickly clicked sent on what she thought was the photo and focused her attention to the movie, Lucas cuddled Riley and she cuddled back into him.


Riley and Lucas both stood up and walked out of the theatre. Riley quickly excused herself to go to the bathroom and Lucas happily sat down on the seat. Riley waited in line and went to be bathroom. Once she was done she washed her hands and quickly checked her phone. Immediately she saw 10 calls from Maya, 32 texts, and 30 calls from Zay. Confused she opened her texts and read through them, her eyes widened when she saw what they were about. She quickly scrambled outside and tackled Lucas before he could read his messages. Lucas sat upright once again and looked over at Riley who was fretting.

'What.’ Lucas questioned to his girlfriend who was fretting again.

'I kinda accidentally sent Maya a video of us making out and I think Zay has seen it too and wants a great Riley and Lucas story.’ Riley scrambled and Lucas’ eyes widened but then he just laughed.

'Riley they know we are dating. It’s natural for us to do these things. I mean from now on it probably should be private but who cares. Plus Zay is just bored.’ Lucas soothed rubbing Riley’s back, Riley was instantly relaxed and realised that she had done absolutely nothing wrong.

'Thanks for that.’ Riley beamed and Lucas smiled standing up and taking her hand.

'Dinner?’ He asked and Riley nodded.

'But somewhere other than Topanga’s.’ She begged and Lucas smiled and nodded. They walked two blocks in comfortable silence and decided to go into a pizza place.

Once they were seated and Lucas had ordered them a pizza Riley decided to start quite conversation.

'How are you liking high school? I mean other than the rough start.’ She questioned and Lucas rolled his eyes.

'Hey the start was my fault and I’m kinda liking it. It’s a challenge but I like an actual challenge.’ He responded and Riley nodded.

'Where do you want to go to college for your vet course. I’ve heard Texas a&m was really good.’ Riley suggested and Lucas furrowed his brows.

'Wait you’ve been looking up colleges?’ He asked her and she looked down in shame.

'Well you know how I told you about that whole sandwich drink and cake thing?’ She asked and Lucas nodded.

'Well I was also thinking about future future. Like other than bunny farmer future. I just have a lot of free time.’ She tried to save herself and earned a laugh from Lucas.

'Tell me about it.’ Lucas asked dazed by Rileys eyes.

'Well we go to different colleges. You get into Texas a&m and I encourage you to go but you don’t like what Texas did to you. So I go to Columbia and you go to nyu but then you transfer for your masters course. We get a place together and one year before you graduate I end up pregnant. It’s a surprise and all but with me working anyway it turns out to be amazing. Half way through the pregnancy we find out there’s two babies, my dad Almost dies of a heart attack but in the end they help us find a bigger apartment. You end up graduating with high marks and co-own a business, we give birth to two beautiful twins and live upstate, but we don’t buy things in bulk. I haven’t really thought too much about anything else though.’ She ranted a bit embarrassed that she had probably just creeped Lucas out a lot. She Finally gained the courage to look up and saw Lucas’ smiley face.

'What about names though, I’ve always like the ideas of Violet and-’

'Bailee.’ Riley cut him off.

'Sorry I jut have always kind of liked violet and bailee.’ She looked down her cheeks heating up. Lucas’ heart nearly pounced.

'I’d always thought of violet and something starting with b to be honest. What do you think you’ll work as.’ Lucas answered honestly. The waitress came over and gave Lucas and Riley their margarita.

'Bachelor to become a social worker. It’s a short course so I’d have time to raise the kids. And maybe if you want after we have the twins we could have 1 or 2 more.’ She asked hesitantly.

'As many as we want. And we’d have a big yard and a dog.’ Lucas finished for her and she smiled.

'OOO and bunnies.’ She yelled making herself giggle.

'Maya and Zay would probably live very close and smackle and Farkle would be making millions across the country. Your mum and dad would be like a 20 minutes away and my parents would come visit every so often. Sounds perfect doesn’t it.’ Lucas dazed and Riley found herself daydreaming as well.

'And when ever you were stressing about your permanent record, or going through an identity crisis, or wanting to follow the big seniors. I would be there to support you.’ Lucas continued and Riley beamed, she needed that.

'And I’ll help you with all your choices and when you feel like you aren’t as good as others I’ll help you through that. Why can’t we go there now.’ Riley sighed and Lucas squeezed her hand while eating his pizza.

'Because we have to get there first. We have to live through all this high school lovely dovey to get to our amazing future.’ He breathed and Riley hummed finishing off her second piece of pizza.

'Oh shit it’s 9:30 we better get going princess.’ Lucas insisted and quickly payed for the bill. Riley and Lucas ran to the subway and just as they were about to reach the cover rain starting pouring from the sky. Riley couldn’t help but laugh and start singing Galway girl.

'MY PRETTY LITTLE GALWAY GIRL.’ Riley sung and Lucas watched her from afar awe'ing At the girls beauty.

'COME ON LUCAS.’ She called out to him, she ran over to him and grabbed his hand pulling him out to the rain. He spun her around her top moving around slightly. Lucas had the biggest smile on his face as he watched her spin the rain dripping down her forehead. Not being able to resist he pulled Riley in and kissed him passionately. Riley popped her foot up and smiled into the embrace.

After a few moments Lucas pulled away slightly.

'Ok princess we really have to go otherwise you’ll have another shoe to add to your bucket.’ He perked and nodded fiercely remembering her deadline. They raced on to the subway and stood by the door impatiently waiting for their stop. Once the doors opened for bleeker street they raced off hand in hand. They arrived at Riley’s door at 10:42 and Lucas pulled her in for one last kiss. The electricity pulsed through there body and they both sadly pulled away.

'Those kisses give me even more adrenaline than when I snuck off to Shawn’s with Maya.’ She whispered and Lucas laughed.

'Yes and you left me to talk to your mum. All about my choice.’ He retorted and her smile grew.

'All about you choosing me ?’ She asked and Lucas kissed her lips again.

'Fishing for compliments are we.’ He jokes and Riley rolled her eyes.

'By the way it was about you. Of course.’ He finished and opened the door for her. Riley walked in and Lucas followed behind her.

'Goodbye Cory. Goodbye Topanga. I’ll probably see you on taco day.’ He fretted ready to leave when a hand stopped him.

'Riley head to bed doll.’ Cory called and Riley stomped her way to bed.

'Yes sir.’ Lucas spoke looking down.

'Thankyou for taking my daughter out.’ He answered sincerely and patted Lucas on the back. Lucas looked at him confused and then he popped his bottom lip a little, happy about the outcome.

'Anytime sir.’ He answered and then he walked out going home. Thinking about her.

Title: 5 Times Mike Wheeler and Will Byers Nearly Kissed, and the 1 Time They Finally Did

Pairing: Byeler (with Mileven mentioned a couple of times)

okay so this turned out longer than i originally planned. apologies if this has been done before! 

also, @michaelwhee1er this one is for you!! (since you wanted me to tag you when it was complete!)

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Fantastic Birdlife of the The South Pacific; A Field Guide

In the interesting my current resolution to “finish everything” (More BBT coming) here’s a long gestating Harry Potter/ Thunderbirds crossover, which is admittedly somewhat confusing in the modern era.

Summary:In the year 2050, Hugh Creighton Ward is sent by the ministry to a small island in the Mid-Pacific to recover a stolen piece of British magic.

The Ministry’s representative at the Fijian Consulate in Suva is a seasoned diplomat and therefore does not show any anxiety when Lord Creighton-Ward announces at breakfast that he will accept the American’s request. Displays of concern are left to his predecessors, who scurry between the apas cloth hangings, tapping angular noses and rubbing embroidered eyes, and to the consulate house elf, who wobbles the teapot as he pours the earl grey into his Lordship’s cup.

Instead, the consul decapitates his soft-boiled egg before arching an eyebrow and saying, “Are you sure, Your Lordship?”

Lord Hugh Creighton-Ward takes another bite of his bacon – flumed in daily from London, rather disappointing, he had been hoping to try the local fare – and chews deliberately before swallowing, “Quite sure.”

“We can provide you with a Nimbus 10,000, the latest model, and, of course, an escort,” says the consul. “It would be the safest way to travel.”

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Mike Wheeler Highschool Headcanons

- captain of the debate club
- definitely participates in mock UN
- known throughout the school as uptight except for those close to him
- Worries™
- Mom Friend™
- once let el straighten his hair for cosmo and lucas made him swear that he would never, ever let her do it again bc of how ridiculous it looked
-tells his friends he loves them at least once a day
- in charge of picking holly up from elementary every day
- daydreams a lot in class
- one of those kids that doesnt try but gets really good marks anyway amd everyone hates him for it
- Insomnia
- writes a lot of short stories, especially during the nights he cant sleep
- once called his PE teacher mom
- a HUGE ray bradbury fan (farenheit 451 is his fave)
- keeps pencils behind his ears
- gets glasses in 9th grade that he refuses to wear for a solid four months
- he only starts wearing them because of constant badgering from his mom, will, and his sister.
- (and also because will says he thinks glasses make him look cool)
- a fan of denim jackets

height difference af

bUt wait hold up a minute lucas got 10000x hotter in the span of one year right? he’s definitely taller and shiit those arm muscles but i digress..what happens in a few years when they’re in high school? if we (and maya) are drooling over him now just picture him 6′2 and muscular af KEEP IN MIND SABRINA’S 5′0 he’s on the football team at school and wears that amazing letterman jacket (that fits him waay better now) whenever maya wishes him luck before the big game she has to stretch up on her tippy toes in order to reach him, wrapping her arms around his neck, just being able to reach her lips’s to his. lucas teases her because now she really is a short stack. when they’re at lucas’s house and maya insists she doesn’t need his help reaching for something at the top of the pantry, so he leans back against the counter watching her struggle with a huge grin on his face. when they’re baking together and end up throwing flour all over each other and across the room with maya screaming at the top of her lungs. he picks her up bridal style and puts her on the counter in order for them to be face level, standing in between her legs, molding his body to hers. lucas’s mom walks by shouting ‘mom in the room!’ as a flustered maya pushes lucas away who gives her a mischievous look in return. when prom comes along, maya has to attempt to pin the stupid little flower on his jacket until lucas puts her out of her misery and helps her out whilst smirking the whole time. but lastly imagine them slow dancing at prom and maya’s head just reaches lucas’s chest as they sway back and forth wrapped in each other’s arms. in conclusion HEIGHT DIFFERENCES

British Invasion | 7

Overview:In the middle of her freshman year of high school Riley Matthew’s mother gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to run her firms London Office. Much to everyone’s surprise her mother accepts the job, forcing Riley and her younger brother Auggie to leave behind everything they’ve ever known. Almost three years later the Matthew’s family moves back to New York and Riley comes to realize a lot has changed in the time she’s been gone.
Author’s Notes: [Filler chapter.] Riley’s visitor has everyone wondering who he is but more importantly what he is to Riley.
Chapter Five: “Sam I am.”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Word Count: 3,279


Riley and Isadora sat on the floor of her bedroom, meticulously going over their shared notes for an upcoming quiz they had. Aside from Zay the only other person Riley didn’t have any weird tension or unresolved issues with was Izzy. And even though Zay is great she was glad to have some girl time even if it was just studying.

The two brunettes easily flowed through their study session and every so often the conversation would derail and they’d find themselves reminiscing or Izzy would ask Riley questions about London and for the duration of time she was there Riley felt as if nothing had changed. Back before her family moved away she very seldom spent any alone time with Isadora and that was mainly because the 6 of their friends were always together that there never really was a time when it was just the two of them. But on the rare occasion where it would be just them they always had a natural chemistry, nothing about their friendship felt forced or fake. If they talked they talked and if they didn’t they didn’t, but it was never weird.

Silence amongst her other friends, especially Maya, meant there was tension, something wasn’t being said which always led to an uncomfortable amount of silence but with Izzy silence just meant she was comfortable around you. She didn’t need to feel the void with mindless conversation, she was more than happy with just having the company.

“Did you hear about Charlie’s Halloween party?” Izzy asks, carefully highlighting a passage in her book.

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gravity on the open road (a girl meets world fanfic)

“Most people don’t have their dad teach them all through middle and high school either,” Maya proclaims. She’s high on adventure tonight, and it shows in her confidence. “Most people don’t get to watch their mother find love again with their best friend’s dad’s best friend. A lot of stuff that happens to us isn’t necessarily realistic. I’ve kind of learned to just go with it. Are you in, or are you in?”

Riley glances at all of them, and in that moment it hits her how much they’ve all grown. Sure, a picture can show the physical change, but the atmosphere of their dynamic has grown and shifted with them. They’re a group of energy, boundless energy, and Maya’s determined to make it kinetic before they’re separated. For some reason, a lesson from years ago echoes through her head.

“We need to circle the ones we love for as long as they’re here. We need to hold them close, because no matter how far we travel, they are the ones who hold us in place. It’s gravity, and without it, we would just all float away from each other.”

She’s not ready to float away just yet. After a deep breath, she nods consent. “Let’s go before I change my mind.”

also known as, the clique six road trip before they all go off to college and start their own stories. ( read on ao3 )

Chapter: 1 (Girl Meets Acceptance)

Word Count: 6,120

special shoutout to @cassian-bodhi for burying me with enthusiasm for this idea and helping foster it into something existent

Considering the amount of schools Isadora Smackle applied to, there wasn’t a whole lot of surprise when she basically got her pick of the lottery.

What surprises Riley is the sheer amount of the scholarship offers they’re throwing in her face. Every time Smackle makes a point of deciding, one of the competing schools will come back with an even larger financial aid offer and even more promises of success. M.I.T. is practically breaking down her door, and Princeton is throwing money her way like it’s going out of style. Harvard is promising her prestige, Yale’s promising her brand recognition.

“Aren’t all of these schools going to give you brand recognition?” Zay asks as they’re sitting in Topanga’s, sorting through all of the letters. “There’s not one school in here that I don’t recognize. I feel like I’m looking at the Buzzfeed list of the hardest schools to get into.”

“Buzzfeed?” Farkle’s face is skeptical. “You’re trusting Buzzfeed over Forbes? Or any other possible source?”

“Hey, you get your information how you do, and I’ll get mine.”

“This is amazing, Smackle,” Riley says enthusiastically, reaching over the table to lightly pat her hand in congratulations. “How on Earth are you going to decide?”

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The Hive Five Style Visuals

MAYA HART: Artsy/Bohemian.

When it comes to style, Maya’s reflects her artistic side. Her closet is mostly filled with flowy peasant tops and denim with the occasional appearance of suede or corduroy. Her go-to accessories are boots with a slight heel for added height (bc she’s a short lil stack of pancakes).

RILEY MATTHEWS: Romantic/Girly.

Layers. Lots of layers. Riley’s choice of outfits are shown to be girly, patterned, and usually layered with many tank tops, jackets, and leggings. She is usually wearing bright colours and girly patterns. More often than not, she wears flats instead of heels because of her height.

FARKLE MINKUS: Laidback/Casual.

Farkle’s style is quite traditional, especially for someone who is experimenting with their looks. Farkle’s colour palette is much darker than everyone else’s, and he is usually seen wearing graphic t-shirts, slim jeans, and beanies. On occasion, Farkle’s graphic t-shirts will have a scientific or educational meaning behind them (good lil genius).

LUCAS FRIAR: Outdoorsy/Classic.

Lucas is the most traditional dressing boy on the face of the planet (and it’s not at all bad, he works it tbh). It’s been shown that Lucas wears a HECK TON of blue, with the occasional appearance of red. He’s often wearing simple pocketed t-shirts as well as flannel, plaid, and button-up shirts with his sleeves rolled up (bc arms ayye).

ZAY BABINEAUX: Classic/Comfortable.

Zay Babineaux’s style is very classic, but with lots of colour. He’s usually wearing plain denim jeans, a flannel shirt, and a colourful/graphic t-shirt underneath. I can see Zay’s style becoming much more experimental, where he probably starts wearing more colour and patterns, as well as hoodies (heck ya).

believe in the good ✗ part two

A/N: SO here’s part two! I hope you guys enjoy and feedback is always appreciated! :)


It’s been at least two weeks since their dramatic break up of Riley Matthews & Lucas Friar and she hasn’t been the same ever since. She would always wear her heart on her sleeve, believing the best in people before turning them down. But ever since the whole ordeal with Lucas, all she’s been trying to do is pick up the shattered pieces and lock it away forever.

He’s been trying to get her attention in various ways but she refuses to give him the time of day and with Maya by her side, he has close to no luck whatsoever. It’s incredibly frustrating and he regrets ever trying to be someone he wasn’t considering that was what got him into this situation in the first place. 

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