and lucas is wearing the jacket

height difference af

bUt wait hold up a minute lucas got 10000x hotter in the span of one year right? he’s definitely taller and shiit those arm muscles but i digress..what happens in a few years when they’re in high school? if we (and maya) are drooling over him now just picture him 6′2 and muscular af KEEP IN MIND SABRINA’S 5′0 he’s on the football team at school and wears that amazing letterman jacket (that fits him waay better now) whenever maya wishes him luck before the big game she has to stretch up on her tippy toes in order to reach him, wrapping her arms around his neck, just being able to reach her lips’s to his. lucas teases her because now she really is a short stack. when they’re at lucas’s house and maya insists she doesn’t need his help reaching for something at the top of the pantry, so he leans back against the counter watching her struggle with a huge grin on his face. when they’re baking together and end up throwing flour all over each other and across the room with maya screaming at the top of her lungs. he picks her up bridal style and puts her on the counter in order for them to be face level, standing in between her legs, molding his body to hers. lucas’s mom walks by shouting ‘mom in the room!’ as a flustered maya pushes lucas away who gives her a mischievous look in return. when prom comes along, maya has to attempt to pin the stupid little flower on his jacket until lucas puts her out of her misery and helps her out whilst smirking the whole time. but lastly imagine them slow dancing at prom and maya’s head just reaches lucas’s chest as they sway back and forth wrapped in each other’s arms. in conclusion HEIGHT DIFFERENCES

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yet another possibility: jock boyfriends treremy wearing each other's varsity jacket

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Janine De Luca is a leather jacket wearing, sharp-shooting, secret forces badass. She has delivered a baby in an overturned van while directing the preservation of her township and zombie distraction. She ran the township after her superior was killed, she’s been betrayed, she’s been lied to, she’s had people try to kill her, she’s had people destroy her home, and she’s had people steal her home from her and hurt her people. Now she’s in command of a group of rebels on a crusade to take back their home.

On top of that she’s seen Titanic eight  twelve times, she knows all the words to Text Me Up, and she knows more about the pop star Gina than Jack and Eugene.

Can I get a round of applause for JANINE DE LUCA?!


Okay, so all credit for the first photo goes to @lucayahasnochill on Instagram. This was amazing and extremely full of insight! Except, the writers tricked us with the outfits.
Okay, for example, We see that Jack has on a tux and a dark purple/almost burgundy shirt on, and we look at Charlie, who is wearing a red t shirt underneath his tux jacket…But something was off. Look closely at the two pictures of Farkle on the bottom… He is dressed even more like Jack. He looks like he is wearing a black button up shirt, but look closely, and you can see that he is wearing and extremely dark button up shirt, with a collar, almost exactly like Jack was dressed. Girl Meets Semi Formal is extremely insightful. Especially in the dance picture where Lucas is dressed just like Eric. Interesting how alike Eric and Lucas are (Both are like Riley, both were and are teenage heartthrobs, both silly, both like family to Riley.) It’s amazing how they tricked us with Charlie, when the real culprit was right in front of us: Farkle Minkus (The Jack of all trades).

Even though Farkle acts quite a lot like Minkus, and he has Topanga traits as well, his character development is also like Jack’s caring, outsmarting, and Jack and Eric and Farkle and Lucas’s relationship are quite alike. They both tease each other. I now have new insight we can’t go by who is Cory and Topanga, even though there are plenty of traits, we have to go by Eric and Jack because Riley’s character development might just be Eric, or Rachel with the fact that Eric is so much like Riley, (He was infatuated with Rachel, just like Riley is infatuated with Lucas) The Rachel of this group could actually be Lucas (If you want to parallel) the reason being that Eric, Jack, and Rachel were also in a triangle. Lucas looks like he could kill you, but he knows better and he wouldn’t, just like Rachel was. Topanga looks like she would be the kind to be all sweet and unharmful, when in reality, she could actually harm you, kind of like Farkle. This has been another character analysis… So you could see Lucas as a form of Rachel and Riley as a form of Eric and Farkle as a form of Topanga and Maya as a form of Shawn, but she’s developing hope. Riley has enough of Cory in her, to know to learn from life, even though she is so much like Eric, we don’t have to assume that she won’t get answers, or that she’s dumb, or that she won’t end up with someone. Go back and look at BMW, it will definitely show you some parallels to the characters. Riley and Farkle wouldn’t be Corpanga… They would be Riarkle. Keep that in mind as well! Love y'all!

have you ever realized that whenever someone “gives someone away” in gmw they wear a denim jacket that doesn’t have sleeves (ie Farkle when he lets Riley go on a date with Charlie in gm Texas part 3 and Maya in Ski lodge part 2)? In bmw the first time Cory told Topanga he loved her he was wearing a denim jacket,so when Farkle and Maya were giving Lucas and Riley away they weren’t wearing their hearts on their sleeves

February Challenge - Day One - clothes sharingi

Lucaya and Riarkle
1,049 words

btw I totally thought today was the 1st 😫

Maya always thought it was cheesy when Riley wore Farkle’s shirt to bed, or when Farkle would always bring an extra jacket so she could wear it or take it home. She alway’s scoffed at the exchange and rolled her eyes.

“Why does every girl have an urge to wear their boyfriend’s hoodie?”

“Do you not love having me around” Lucas chuckles, pushing Maya lightly.  She glowers up at him.

“You are ALWAYS around, so why do I need an inanimate object to remind me of you?”

Lucas laughs once again and pulls her towards him by her shoulder. “I love it when you get angry about normal things.” Maya leans into him and sighs. It was always hard keeping up a rant when Lucas was so…patient, with her.

They walked together to class, Lucas taking his seat behind her, and just as if the universe was mocking Maya; Riley pranced in the door wearing Farkle’s black hoodie. Maya scoffs loudly, making Lucas laugh out loud.

“What?” Riley said smiling, pulling Farkle in behind her.

“Do I have something on my face?” Farkle asks touching around his mouth.

“No nothing Farkle.” Sarah chimed in next to Maya.

Riley smiles over at her and continues her way towards her seat, letting Farkle’s hand go once she’s sat down. When Mrs. Finn walks in, Riley doesn’t get to ask why they laugh earlier.


“So why were you laughing when I walked in class today?” Riley asked, laying on her bed staring at Maya laying on the floor, sketchbook in hand.

“Lucas was laughing, I was scoffing.”

“Why?” Riley, asked curiously.

“I just don’t get the whole sharing clothes thing, I just think it’s too much.”

“I don’t think so.” Riley says sitting up on her bed.

Maya puts the sketchbook on the floor and stares at Riley“No?”

“No.” she repeats her self, shaking her head. “Farkle and I are together most of the time, but I feel like somehow when I wear his stuff he’s a part of me. Like no matter what he’s always close, and don’t tell me you don’t love the sent of Lucas.” Riley looks accusingly and Maya, and she can’t lie so she nods. “Well you know when you’re lying in bed together, and after that first night of falling asleep with him you somehow sleep better?” Maya nods again. “That shirt, that  sweater; it smells like Farkle. Each night, especially when i’m sad and I can’t be with him he’s there, but not there.”


“Are you staying the night?” Maya asked, helping Lucas through the window.

“That depends?’ Lucas groaned as he hit the floor, “Is your mom home?”

“No.” Maya smirked, leaning down and rubbing Lucas’s head.

He glared at her, “Then why did I just climb through the window?” Maya let her self fall to a sitting position.

“I just like to see how you don’t fit anymore.” Lucas eye faked twitch.

“You’re a hassle you know that?”

Maya nodded her head, and pulled herself into his lap. The rest of the evening was made up of Lucas making dinner, and sitting on the couch Maya’s feet on his lap and watching the latest binge-watch marathon they had going. When it was getting late, and Maya started to yawn, Lucas send her to shower so he could clean up the kitchen. Maya didn’t argue, gave Lucas a kiss and walked to the shower.

Once Maya was done, she walked the small hallway towards her room; all the lights turned off in the living room and guess Lucas was already waiting for her. She expected to see him already in his pajama pants and no shirt, like always but when she walked in to see him wearing one of her blue hoodies she bursted out laughing.

“What the hell are you doing?” she said staring at him. The sweatshirt covers half his torso, half his arms. Both his arms bulged like balls. “Oh my god!” she said covering her hand to her face. He gave her a toothy smile and poses his hand on his hip. Maya is holding her stomach, and falls to the floor, and then snaps quickly up. “YOU’RE GOING TO STRETCH IT OUT.” she screamed and runs towards him trying to pull up at the hem.

“LUCAS!” Maya screams as she hears the tear, as she makes it up his chest.

“It was old.” he says laughing, “OW!” he screams as she smacks him on his side.

“YOU BETTER BUY ME A NEW HOODIE!” she’s pulling up again, the tearing other then her frustrating huffing audible. After about 3 minutes, a couple of smacks, and a lot of tearing Lucas is on the floor, holding Maya as they laugh.

“Why did you do that?” she asks wiping her eyes.

“I wanted to know what it was like wearing your hoodie,” he says peering down at her.

“Why?” she asks, looking over at the torn sweatshirt.

“Don’t tell Farkle I told you this.” he said giving her a threatening look.

She hold her hands up, “Okay okay.”

He sighs, “He said he took one of Riley’s shirts, once of her shirts she wears when she’s lying around the house. He said that at night, when he isn’t with her, he’ll wear it or sleep next to it.” he can tell Maya is about to mock him, so he raises his hand to silence her. “He said, that she’s there but not there and it’s the next best thing. So I thought maybe if I took something, and those nights I can’t stay.” he pointed to the bed “Then maybe when it’s hard to sleep I can just lay with it and some how know you’re there but not there.” He’s staring into her eyes and she’s smiling up at him.

“You didn’t have to try it on.” she guffawed.

“That was more of entertainment.” he answered and pulled her closer to him.

“Why don’t you just take my blanket, and you give me yours. So rather then we can wrap ourselves with them, just like we do with each other at night.” she said in a low voice. He nodded and pulled her by her chin, giving her a quick kiss.

“I knew you were always a romantic.”


oh hey, thank’s for finishing! I’m going to try to tackle this challenge by the beautiful Banna aka Braedens :3

I’m very self conscious about my writing because well plain and simple I think I’m horrible. I write, edit and edit and edit then try to write and then edit. Which sadly I did today. That usually goes horribly so with this challenge I hope every day I get better at just word vomiting and then writing. I’ll probably do different characters or make up my own. Also this looks so much nicer on my laptop omfg 

We’ve got a colored version of this


Reverse!Lukas wears shoulder armor, and as a reference to his leather jacket, he wears a 1940′s bomber jacket. His jeans are a more 90′s style (I think) and he goes by a serious 50′s greaser style (I mean, look at that hair and those damned sideburns!).

His primary weapon is a bow (around his torso and he carries arrows at his waist). At his place, he likes to try and tinker with bows and arrows.

Girl Meets Flaws

It is so important to consider what flaw each character adopts during this episode. I feel like my understanding of these flaws has helped me to better understand why Riarkle and Lucaya work in the world of Jacobsland romance. 

Riley - Insecure

Riley’s insecurity is a result of her naivety when it comes to expectations vs. reality. She wants to live a perfect fairy-tale life, but the show constantly reminds her every episode: life is not perfect; Riley’s world is imperfect. Mothers miss art shows, fathers leave, families break up, kids bully, and some people have to wear two jackets. Riley’s inability to achieve her unrealistic goals renders her insecure. When she first found out that Lucas had gotten in trouble at his old school, Riley demanded that Lucas tell her if he was “worth it”–suggesting that Lucas’ past behavior has made her feel insecure about her own actions. Her insecurity causes her to think that Lucas has failed to meet the requirements of her heroic prince (Bay Window)–something she is unable to accept even after SoL (Texas). Also consider Yearbook when a prank from Riley’s classmates caused her to adopt a new personality. Riley constantly strives to be the best and do good but at the same time she has a lot of trouble accepting her flaws as well as Lucas’ flaws (see Forgiveness). 

Farkle - Nothing

Farkle has a fear of being thought of as “a nothing”. His friendship with Lucas, while awesome, also showcases his envy/insecurity. I mean, he calls Lucas Freak Face and is constantly reminding the audience that Lucas won the genetic lottery (Belief). Although Farkle has all of the money and brains in the world–he seems to have some social anxieties (as discussed in GMIAmFarkle). Farkle has found comfort in his friends–who allow him to feel like something. Riley is a perfect example–she’s always building Farkle up and that’s exactly what he needs. If you break it down, it seems like Farkle and Riley actually have the same flaw: they’re both insecure about their worth in the world, and as a result they’re both remarkably thankful/appreciative/supportive of each other.

Maya - Broken

Maya’s broken flaw manifests in a lot of different ways. In the most recent episodes, one interesting manifestation is that Maya appears to be distancing herself from the world emotionally. She doesn’t want to hope or believe at first because she fears getting let down. Even more recently, she doesn’t want to admit her true feelings about Lucas because in doing so she makes herself vulnerable. The last thing Maya wants is for anyone else to exit her life, and so she does her best to ensure no one has the opportunity to leave her. Look at how fearful she was in Bay Window when it came to the idea of going to high school and getting left behind by her friends. Getting left by her father made her blame herself and hate parts of herself–perhaps she begins to lose her Mayaville self because she feels like Riley is the best person she can be. 

Lucas - Mr. Perfect

Lucas’ perfection is nothing more than a facade; I mean the episode in which the major lesson was called “the secret of life” was also the episode that introduced the audience to Lucas’ imperfections. Because his life seems perfect from the outside, people aren’t all that attentive to his hardships. Farkle, Riley, and Maya wouldn’t even really listen to him in GMMS. Lucas exists on a whole different level than the other three–he doesn’t have any childhood photos, he can bust through barricades in no time and lasso girls. His parents never even appear on screen. Farkle straight-up tells Lucas that he is un-”relatable”. While at first it looks like Lucas and Maya’s flaws are exact opposites, they’re really very similar. Lucas’ perfect exterior means that people don’t take his problems/struggles seriously–he’s from a broken family just like Maya and yet that’s a subject that the show has never even approached because it’s not on any of the characters’ radars. Riarkle is good for each other because they build each other up. But Maya is good for Lucas because she, more than anyone else, sees him as a real, imperfect human. 


Remember how Farkle use to wear turtlenecks and the reason was specifically brought up in this episode? Then we have Older Riley wearing one in the same episode 🤔 

Bonus if I might (but i’m certainly not 100% on this one) but isn’t it interesting that Lucas use to wear hooded leather jackets and older Maya was wearing one too? Plus a red plaid shirt?  I think it’s something to think about. 

This episode is excellent and I can’t stop. 


GM Father: red plaid pants, denim jacket, rose on shirt
GM Friendship: red plaid pants, denim jacket, rose on jacket

I don’t know what it means, but it’s definitely not an accident. (And doesn’t Maya wear those red pants at least one other time?) Also in GM Friendship, Maya wears at least TWO “New York” t-shirts over the course of the episode.

Riley’s in yellow for GM Father, but in GM Friendship and in GM First Date (the two most romantic-looking Rilucas episodes), Riley wears purple in the major scenes (horse & kiss).

I’m just taking notes, but the outfit similarities for Maya in Father and Friendship are waaaaaaay too close to be any kind of a coincidence. Same with Riley wearing purple for the two biggest Rilucas moments. I still don’t have any kind of unified color theory, not really, but this seemed worth noting.

cc: @bmgmw

Farkle’s Choice and Legacy

I noticed some similar things.


Is a lot like


And Riley at some point wore overalls:


(Farkle’s Choice)

Plus, both Lucas and Farkle said they didn’t want to ruin the girls friendship (which makes sense).

rilaya things

  • maya realizing that liking lucas was just a way to get closer to riley because it’s her she loves. maya not knowing how to deal with this and pulling away from riley, only for riley to pull her closer. maya tells riley that she’s going to kiss her and she does.
  • riley realizing she loves maya once they kiss. riley realizing she has always loved maya and just hadn’t known it until then.
  • riley giving maya her jacket like cory gave topanga and maya wearing it everywhere.
  • rilaya and smarkle double dating.
  • maya and riley cuddling together when they’re sad and vowing to protect each other always.
  • rilaya going to prom together. riley stressing about her dress and hair for weeks. maya trying to make everything perfect for riley. pre prom party at the matthews - maya waiting for riley and crying when she sees her. maya telling riley she is the most beautiful girl in the world. cute prom photos. slow dancing together.
  • having to go to the exact same college because they can’t be apart and everyone tells them they’ll break up but they never do.
  • riley proposing to maya. the girls using their ring power rings for wedding rings. riley paralleling cory’s wedding vow with the “the only thing that ever made sense to me was you.” zay crying harder than anyone. rilaya requesting that farkle dance with the both of them bc ot3 always.
  • riley and maya having ten kids and living their lives happily together :)