and loving each other as much as u love them

I’m about to get really gay on u all but I love my gf sooo much we start and end every day by just making each other laugh and giggle so much and I could never ever imagine being tired of being around them and we just make each other so happy all the time! Every day is a dream and my old life seems like a nightmare by comparison!! I love Liz so much aaaa!!!!!

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Listen listen, listen. I love your Lup and Taako. So much. a lot. but when they stand next to each other IPRE days and there's no color I CAN NOT tell them apart AT ALL. I love them so much I wanna tell my twins apart help :<

my hc is that the only difference between them is that taako has buck teeth heres a handy timeline


“You could have come in a bit sooner, though!
                                                                                        “Well, I was enjoying it too much.”

im not saying nina taught sonny to read, but that is what she tells people

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can u talk about your love for Sweeran this site needs more positivity today


Sweeran is all we need to talk about. 

I mean look at them.

i mean they respect and love each other so much it is such friendship goals

When you have Sweeran, why talk about anything else? 

and they are each others biggest cheerleaders: 

plus they are just cute: 

and they have a lot in common: 

and there is just a pure love there 

“He is the James Taylor to my Carole King and I can’t imagine a time when he wouldn’t be.”

i mean he has a tattoo from the Red tour. That’s just how special that time was to him.

Taylor was so happy for him  I CANNOT. 

this is just iconic 

Me too, taylor. Me too

When the world feels wrong, sweeran always feels right.

plus they both love cats.


If you’re having a bad day

just look at sweeran pictures / gifs / video. 

it fixes everything

have a nice day.

suddenly everyone’s asking for suggestions I kinda love yall for being so open minded??? okay bb idk how you’re not a shinee stan yet, but I’m gonna turn you over to the dark side so grab a snack and take a seat and let’s start~~

Meet: SHINee aka the group that saved kpop

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• A 5 member group who debuted in 2008 under SM Ent. with their legendary song, Replay (I still cry when I listen to it esp with RDD right after)
• they’ve said many times that business comes before their personal friendships with each other, and we all believe this is why they’ve stuck together for so long and had an amazing career so far
• some members have gotten in fights during their rookie years, but ofc now you can tell they’re basically like family to each other and they’re each others biggest fans
• the members are all amazing actors, songwriters, producers, and singers and all are hella multi-talented

Meet: Onew aka grandpa Jinki

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• oldest, the chillest yet most savage leader
• almost killed Jonghyun once when he flung a pen at his eye, he was aiming for Minho
• such a great actor wow
• has the most beautiful and breathtaking smile you can almost hear your heart breaking when he does it, esp when they perform 1 of 1
• he’s legit so chill and laid back and lets his grandkids roast each other, but he’ll come for you if you disrespect him or any of them
• he’s enlisting in the military soon, pls pray for him and support him

Meet: Jonghyun aka the misfortunes of bling bling

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• probably the most pervy and sexual idol out there (ye I know yall seen that video on him n taemin tsk tsk tsk me 2)
• but he’s actually a puppy who’s been let off the leash??? Like he’s a sweetheart
• is in love with key and he’s their biggest shipper
• wrote so many sexual songs and gave them to EXO and Taemin “here u go I have like another 27 songs stashed under my pillow, u go sing about being a playboy”
• almost died krumping bc Minho sprayed the whole floor with water whole jjong was jumping
• is SHINee’s biggest fanboy and he’s an actual sunshine (he’s the shortest too but I don’t wanna point that out bc he’s butthurt about it shh)

Meet: Key aka wtf are u wearing u shady binch 

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•  yall better not miss any of his instagram lives bc that’s when he’s about to spill all the tea on everyone
•  loves makeup n fashion n himself n his dogs <3 actual queen of beauty skin care and shading everyone
•  he’s a great actor as well, and it’s like he’s even more savage when the rest of shinee isn’t around and he’s doing solo stuff
•  his vocal range is actually amazing and we’ll fight anyone who thinks he’s not as talented as the others
•  supposedly he made out with Jonghyun while he was drunk one time, I ??? 
•  babys taemin like he’s 2 yrs old, he used to be so protective of him and he still is and I’m a mess

Meet: Minho aka flaming charisma

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• the most competitive idol and no one can tell me any different
• a soccer superstar, his dad is a coach too…and he blesses us with so many sports campaigns and CF’s (well he’s like one of the top models in Korea rn too just throwin that out there)
• it really hurts me when people say he only got into shinee for his looks
• he’s so talented and takes his career and the group very seriously, despite him being competitive sometimes, he’s really mature and every kpop group who matters look up to him
• will diss you and burn a hole through ur head if you insult him
• what’s image??? What’s reputation???? Shinee knows no limits, their mission is to expose everyone

Meet: Taemin aka SHINee’s actual baby

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• he’s not actually innocent bruh don’t let his face fool you…but then again he’s a real angel sometimes
• shinee lets him get away with roasting them bc he’s their son n they love him (plus he never talks or opens his mouth unless he’s about to expose someone)
• he gets shy and nervous very easily and he’s mentioned that sometimes he has bad anxiety when promoting alone for his solos
• has been besties with EXO’s Kai for like 12 years and they love each other so much it hurts (pls watch their Pretty Boy performance I beg u)
• shinee used to walk him 2 school everyday bc he was bullied
• everyone in the industry who’s passionate about dancing looks up to him bc he’s such an amazing performer, he puts his heart n soul into every dance and performance I actually am in love with this man help me I can’t get up
(I’m sorry I wrote so much about him abshdjdk I could write essays about why I love him)

they were the group that got me into kpop in the first place with RDD and they’ll always have a special place in my heart, pls love them<3

okay for real tho you guys don’t know how happy it makes me when artists draw my spideypool where spiderman actually LIKES deadpool or!! or!!!!!! when it’s spidey initiating oh man that’s so Good Shit right there just!!!!! i just love it when they actually look like they’re in love rather than the 50 million fanarts where sm looks like he’s about to kill dp for even looking at him

if i could have one wish, it would be to look at Ten’s camera roll because i just know that he has a ton of super cute pictures with himself and Johnny

like cute pictures of them eating food together

pictures of Johnny sleeping and Ten pretending to sleep next to him

pictures where they are just looking at each other and you just know how much they love each other, 

probably a bunch of Johnny spam pics

videos of them dancing or doing something stupid or slightly illegal 

and probably a lot more pictures like the ones they are taking here

sm do us all a favor and please release their pictures

can i just say how proud i am of the boys because they’ve only debuted for a year but they’re travelling overseas so often for events can you imagine how happy they are

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you don't have to answer this if you don't like gc but I would love it if you drew sonya and natasha <3

wow can u believe that neither of them have ever done anything wrong ever in their entire lives???

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my Favorite B99 bts story is that Melissa Fumero and Eva Longoria had a sleepover in the house they used for Road Trip the night before they shot it. It was just them and the creepy dolls


- as u said, that time Eva Longoria and Melissa Fumero had a slumber party at the Weird Doll Hotel

- Stephanie Beatriz snapchatting pics of her and Samberg’s glasses on a table like “the glasses are best friends!”

- Terry Crews constantly talking about how much he loves everyone

- actually tbh everyone always yelling abt how much they love each other

- The Great Chicken Wing Debate circa Johnny and Dora (2015)

- Nobody Told Melissa That Samberg Was Gonna Do The Thing And So Her Reaction Is Genuine

- that time Chelsea Peretti tried to prank Sambs by stealing his name tag tape and he retaliated by sticking /her/ name tag tape on a trash can

- Eva Longoria accidentally made Andy Samberg’s lip bleed in that one scene lmaooo

- Jake’s “cool cool cool cool cool cool” is a thing that he’d actually do on set which they incorporated into the character

- Samberg ruining scenes by suddenly screaming at Fumeros pregnant belly out of nowhere as if Jake only just noticed its presence

- the fact that Samberg actually used to own a pet turtle as a child

- that one picture of Joe Lo Truglio, Stephanie Beatriz and Melissa Fumero and …… The pizza?

- that one that looks like a Renaissance painting okay

- s o m a N y RI d ic u l O U s se l fi es


Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt, mentally, physically, and emotionally hurt? You can’t imagine your life without them & one day they’re gone. Gone forever. Not in the sense that they’re dead. But dead inside? They’re not the person that they used to be. They don’t notice you exist anymore. You’ve spent countless years with this person. Watching movies together, hanging out every weekend, getting rides together. Then one day they leave you. Just like they’ve done before. You’re so hurt by this so you decide to tell them how you feel. For the first time you put yourself out there just to get stomped on. To feel broken. They pick other people over the person they said they’d never leave. You say things you can never take back. Just to realize how big of a mistake it really was. Not that you shared how you felt, but they didn’t accept it. They didn’t understand. They didn’t understand how they could hurt you by acting like you’re no longer their friend. Like you don’t matter to them anymore. And they think that u don’t love them but the truth is you love them too much. They blame you for taking medicine . You can’t help you have a mental disorder. You can’t help you think of dying 24/7. You can’t help that the one person you thought would understand you has left.
8 months go by.
You say 20 words to each other
They’ve moved on. To “better” friends and no longer think about you at all anymore. Until one day. You guys hang out again. For a couple of hours. And you can’t help but get false hope. Maybe things will go back to normal. Maybe we can be best friends again. But in the back of your mind, you know you can’t be so foolish. 8 months has changed this person. They’re no longer like you. You couldn’t be more opposite of each other now. You have different values. They don’t value anything. Not even you anymore. You can’t help but sympathize for this person because you love them still. Too much. But you can’t help but feel like they’re using you. Now it been almost a year since the first fall out. You’ve changed so much. But you’re alone . You talk to your ‘friend’ about once a week now. You can’t help but feel used. She doesn’t need you anymore. And that’s when you realize. The only person you have is yourself. The only person you can rely on is yourself. People will leave. Don’t put your happiness in other people. They’ll drop it. Every. Single. Time.
—  Three years later and I still can’t let this go.

things about that night at the bowling alley:

- ari trying to decide when he’s gonna tell dante he has feelings for him while he’s driving over to his house

- when dante gets into the truck it’s the first time he’s seen him since he realized he was in love with him

- dante being like “why is he looking at me like that” bc ari is all heart eyes @ him but dante has kinda given up at this point. little did he knowwww

- them sitting next to each other at the bowling alley and their hands are hella close like, ari can feel the heat from dante’s hand and he’s like “should i do it should i do it should i do it” but then like dante’s turn to bowl is up and the moment is gone

- dante forcing ari to drink coke like get over urself

- dante like doing something that unintentionally hot and ari is like “wow i really am super fucking gay.”

- dante probably thinking he’s imagining ari being different towards him and that’s part of the reason he gets so upset bc he probably noticed ari looking at his lips or sitting closer to him than usual but he thinks ari doesn’t feel that way about him and he never will and it’s kinda torturing him bc he loves him so much and it feels like a date but he knows it’s not (it is)

- they went on a triple date with their parents, let that sink in

- their parents trying to get them out the door

- like “you kids go have fun!!” and ari’s mom looking @ him like “tell him how u feel” and he’s like i know i know

- and then all four of them look at each other and smile when ari and dante leave together omggggggggggggggggggggggg bc u know they talked about this and set it up on purpose

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Just wondering can you do a kaisoo relationship analysis and what you think about them thank you

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Analysis umm.. I’ll explain my personal opinion and share some cute moments, deal? hahahah anyways, I think they are way to beautiful and I can’t with the feels :’3 Nini is still my bias but I love him as much as Ks and they seem to have a deep connection ;;;;; asghjgajhgdsjgdahjsasd

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How can people call yoongi cold-hearted when he literally filmed them all laughing with each other about Jimin and Taehyung’s punishment at the end of the gayo…how much u wanna bet he has all the photos and videos he’s taken of them over the years on his computer so he can look back at all the good memories they’ve had together…he said that bangtan were his longest friends and even closer than family to him, he loves them all so much