and loves her nieces

Lesbian Minerva McGonagall

I will defend this to my grave.

  • So as a child she grew up pretty much isolated from other children due to her magic
  • She has her younger brothers Malcolm and Robert who she loves with all her heart but she can’t help but feel different even in respects to her magical siblings.
  • So, when she goes to Hogwarts, she feels as though this weight has been lifted because so much more free to be herself.
  • She becomes well know to the entire school due to her hatstall and everyone wants to be friends with this stubborn, fierce Scottish girl who couldn’t be easily sorted.
  • Despite this, she’s very down to Earth and spends a lot of her time with the Hufflepuff Pomona Sprout.
  • Pretty much everyone wants to get to know her, and by the time she’s 15 she has the reputation of Hogwarts’ Heartbreaker because she has rejected every boy (and there have been a lot) that ever made any kind of romantic gesture.
  • Minerva McGonagall was unapologetically uninterested in boys and when she’s in her 5th year, her brother Malcolm spots her kissing a Ravenclaw girl under mistletoe at Christmas.
  • She becomes really worried that her family will hate her, but they all love her, and whilst the don’t necessarily understand it, they don’t think of her differently.
  • She is endlessly teased by her brothers about her crushes on various different school girls throughout the next two years. She laughs along, because she’s just relieved that they still love and care for her.
  • She’s very talented at Quidditch and in her 7th year at Hogwarts she becomes the Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. She’s very focused on winning half the time because she is insanely competitive and she’s completely unaware that she makes pretty much anyone swoon over her when she’s in her Quidditch kit.
  • After being made Head Girl she develops a massive crush on the Slytherin Head Girl and she is the only person in the school that can make Minerva blush and stumble over her own words.
  • Once she finishes her last year at Hogwarts, she returns home to her family and lives with them for a few months.
  • During these few months she falls in love with a Muggle Girl who lives in her village. McGonagall quickly realises that they cannot be together due to her magic - something she is not willing to give up.
  • She ends the relationship despite her feelings, because even if she were to give up her magical life for a muggle one, Minerva and the Muggle Girl would still not be allowed to be together due to the social stigma at that time.
  • Minerva leaves the village and begins to work for the Ministry of Magic but quickly becomes unhappy with the job because it’s not something she wishes to do.
  • Around seven months in to her new job as transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts, she receives an owl from her brother Robert who tells her that the Muggle Girl had been involved in a car accident and died.
  • Minerva in complete shock, cries until she is found by Dumbledore. She tells him everything and with his understanding and kind words they become close friends. 
  • (Up to his death, Minerva and Albus had frequent chats in his office and were huge gossips)
  • After a few years, when Minerva turns 29 she reconnects with a woman she worked with whilst working for the Ministry. They become close friends, and Minerva eventually realises that she’s in love with this Witch who reciprocates her feelings.
  • They had one of the strongest relationships and they were completely in love and by the time Minerva is 30 they live together.
  • Minerva realised that she couldn’t have kids of her own, but her Brothers’ children visited her and her partner regularly and were completely doted on.
  • She was a very private person outside of her family however. Most presumed that she wasn’t interested in marriage or having children.
  • (This was quite the opposite, really)
  • She felt as though she had so much love to give, but with the shadows of war beginning to emerge she knew she had to keep her partner safe.
  • She was very caring of everyone in her care at Hogwarts, she wanted everyone as safe as possible. Even the four boys from Gryffindor who drove her to distraction with their pranks and jokes.
  • Is completely aware of the Marauders wanting to become animagi and discusses the best route to go about becoming one with them. All hypothetically of course.
  • She loves being called Minnie by the Marauders because that’s what her Nieces and Nephews called her and she loved them.
  • Minerva getting invited to James and Lily’s wedding and being told to bring a plus one with her, of course, everyone grins and smiles when Minerva walks into the wedding hall, hand in hand with her Girlfriend.
  • Minnie cries when they eventually James and Lily exchange their vows because everyone is growing up and everyone is in danger and she doesn’t know how much longer everything is going to be like this.
  • She spends the rest of the wedding getting drunk and gushing about the love of her life to Remus and Sirius who smile, knowingly.
  • On more than one occasion, she babysat Baby Harry and would turn into a cat for him to fuss when he got restless.
  • After James and Lily’s death, as well as her youngest brother’s she realises that no one is safe. She even offers to provide for Remus and live with her and her Girlfriend. He declines, due to guilt.
  • As Harry grows, she becomes increasingly fearful of the safety of her loved ones, she does everything she can to keep everyone safe.
  • After the Second Wizarding War, Minnie becomes Headmistress of Hogwarts
  • (As thanks for her effort Kingsley Shaklebolt, Minister for Magic, allows same sex couples to legally be married in wizarding terms)
  • So, at the grand old age of 76, she gets married to the woman who has been by her side through almost everything, surrounded by all the people who mean the most to her.
  • And, as she looks at her Now-Wife’s smile, she waves her hand and lights the hall with thousands of soft small glowing embers, before leaning in to give her a kiss.
  • (And well, she always did want to use that spell) 
Warmth - Date Masamune (Fluff) [Drabble]

He wanted to be a loving uncle, just like Shigezane was, but he just couldn’t. Even when he knew not all women were like his mother, he thought that maybe that little girl would be scared of him, would hate him… And if that were to happen, Masamune knew his heart would break in a million pieces.

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 A/N: Just in case you were in a Masa mood today and I needed to get this picture out of my head. I luv you <3. Enjoy. And thank you all for 600 followers <3

It had been a long day full of work.

Shigezane had finally visited Yonezawa for the first time in a while, and the rare occasion was that he actually sent a letter letting him know he was coming. At least, Masamune thought, he could prepare himself for when his loud cousin decided to appear.

His desk, finally clean of all the paperwork he was supposed to do, made him feel oddly calm. He didn’t mind all the work he had to do, but he had to admit it had been quite a day. He sighed. A cup of tea wouldn’t hurt him, but he knew it was too late to ask for it. Kojuro disappeared once the war council ended, and Shigezane with him. 

He understood why, though. And he wished to have de will to go with them, but he just couldn’t. In his mind he could perfectly see them, the baby in Shigezane’s arms, laughing, with Kojuro watching him close, in case he needed to calm down the cheeky uncle. He almost could hear the little girl giggling at Shigezane’s faces, and Lord Masamune suddenly felt sick.

All the retainers were fascinated by Kojuro’s daughter, but he decided to stay away. He wanted to be a loving uncle, just like Shigezane was, but he just couldn’t. Even when he knew not all women were like his mother, he thought that maybe that little girl would be scared of him, would hate him… And if that were to happen, Masamune knew his heart would break in a million pieces.


The sudden voice startled him. He looked up from his desk, and he found a pair of bright green eyes looking curiously at him. Aki barely knew to walk, or so he heard from Kojuro. But there she was, with clumsy steps, entering his room. 

It was not the first time he saw her, but he couldn’t help to feel the same embarrassment as before. She was so pretty, and so tiny, yet so stubborn. 

“Aki, what are you doing here?” he barely whispered, feeling the panic rush through him. Maybe she had escaped Shigezane? What if Kojuro was looking for her? She was still a baby, even is she was going to be two years old soon.  

“Unca!” she giggled again, her hands up in a clear gesture that she wanted him. 

Masamune didn’t know what to do. Was he supposed to carry her? Should he call Kojuro? Little did he know that just outside his room, her parents and Shigezane were hearing everything. They were just hoping. Kojuro trusted his daughter, and he only wanted his Lord to have a little more confidence. Shigezane only wanted some material to tease his cousin.

“Aki, I’m sure your parents are looking for you….”

The little girl ignored the blush on her uncle’s cheeks, as she walked to him. Once she was close enough, Aki put her hand on his cheeks and giggled once more. “I miss unca”

Masamune swore he had melted, but managed to smile despite his mind shouting he shouldn’t. 

Curiosity getting the best of her, Aki took his eyepatch. Lord Masamune felt a rush of panic on his veins, paralizing him immediately. The urge to yell at her was strong, but after seeing her playing with the eyepatch so earnestly he knew there was no way she would fear him.

“Aki, that’s not a toy…” he chided her, gently, a soft smile on his face.
She looked at him, and the surprise didn’t take long to appear on her bright green eyes. Still cuddled with him, Aki put her hands on his face, her eyes looking right at his blue eye. He waited for what felt like eternity, until she finally squealed: “Pwetty!”

Masamune expected any reaction, but not that one.

‘You’re just like your father, aren’t you?’, he thought, laughing softly. He took a lock of light brown hair and tuck it behind her ear, as she giggled again. “Is it?” he asked.

“Unca Masa pwetty!”


That’s what he felt.

That little girl, in his arms, was so warm that he understood why Kojuro was so protective of her. She was so precious. She was his niece, and in all honesty, he loved her. He loved her.

“Not as pretty as you, though” he smiled at her.


Yesterday evening was nothing short of INCREDIBLE!

The Opening Reception for the Fables, Fairy Tales and Folklore Art Exhibit at the Flower of Life Gallery in Lockport, IL was amazing.

The amount of people who attended the show was massive all night long and I am SOOOOOOO excited to tell you all that my piece was the first one to sell of the night!

It happened shortly after the show opening.  A gentleman found me and started asking me about the piece and telling me why it spoke to him.  He loved that the fable reminds you to appreciate what you have and not get to greedy.  He said he wanted to purchase it on the spot, and plans to hang it up in his office at work as a constant reminder to himself as he continues to transition and grow in life and business.

I told him all about the concept and how it was inspired by the version my niece had created for the kids show.  And he loved that.

Speaking of my niece - she also sold her piece as well!

I am telling you I never knew how exhilarating a small red dot could be.  But when they placed that dot on both of our tags to signify they had sold - it really was AWESOME!!!

You guys have followed me here for a long time and know that I am always striving to be better in art, life, heath.  You know that I have faced up and downs in all of those areas and that it has taken some real sacrifice to keep going down this creative path.

But when your first ever piece in a gallery show, is the first piece to sell on opening night.  It is tremendous validation and encouragement that no matter how challenging it may get, you are meant to be doing this!


Prompt : With the girls from the Omelia group chat we were talking about the 12x21 scene where Maggie and Meredith caught Owen and Amelia at the couch naked, and given that we also know that Zola took a glimpse of them lying naked together there… the prompt is: Can someone write something related with Zola asking Amelia what they were doing there?

I’ve read @ailingnoor fic and loved it so I thought I would have a go at the prompt as well - enjoy!

After all of the pestering and jokes she had endured all morning at her own expense Amelia had silently decided she had had enough. Yes, her sisters had seen “Major Hunt reporting for duty” but after what felt like 100 jokes, even Hurricane Amelia was beginning to feel a little embarrassed. Miraculously neither she nor her sisters had run into Owen all at the same time, which was the only thing her dignity was holding onto to, al be it by a very thin thread. With her lunch break looming she decided that she would go and visit one of her favourite people in the world, and someone who she was certain would not want to talk about her and Owen and his ‘thing’. Zola. She noticed that Meredith and Maggie were both in surgeries meaning that she would have her little niece all to herself.

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People rlly be thinking that I don’t love myself bc I always got a full face of makeup on but I rlly am confident without makeup. I wear makeup bc I like it and the process of doing my makeup calms me and it’s fun to me. It rlly irks me when people tell me that they think I wear makeup bc I’m “not confident”. Yes I do have self confidence issues but none of it has to do w me always wearing makeup.

I usually enjoy Philippa Gregory’s novels despite their inaccuracies, historical fiction allows for dramatization, but I could barely get through The White Princess. If any of the figures in this book were alive today I’m sure they’d sue for slander.

Richard III did not bang his niece. Elizabeth of York was not in love with her uncle. Richard loved Anne Neville, relinquished lands and titles to be with her and was recorded to have been faithful to her throughout their marriage. Richard openly grieved Anne’s death and when he sought to remarry it was Joanna of Portugal he wanted, not his niece Elizabeth.

The worst part of this book is the portrayal of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York’s relationship as miserable and physically abusive. By all accounts Henry and Elizabeth had an unexpectedly happy arranged marriage. There is no evidence that he ever took a mistress, he frequently gave her indulgent gifts, she wrote him love poems, after Elizabeth’s death Henry never remarried and became a more somber person.

While we’re at it, Margaret Beaufort wasn’t a frigid, child-murdering religious fanatic.

From the Ashes

This is just a short little fic based on a prompt from @omeliafics​. Thanks @shepherd-hunt​ for encouraging me t5o read it5 and to @francescabuccino​ for proof reading it.

Prompt: Owen and Amelia get trapped inside the elevator wen the hospital is on fire.

Amelia Shepherd was having a bad day. No, scratch that, she was having a horrible day. A patient died on her table this morning in a routine craniotomy. There was intracranial bleeding that no one could have foreseen, it wasn’t her fault but she was still kicking herself for it. To make matters worse she has barely gotten any of sleep the past few nights. She loved her nieces and nephew, but her sister-in-law’s place was much busier than she was used to, and it was starting to take its toll on her. She missed the peaceful quiet of her and Owen’s home. Owen. Amelia felt a pang in her heart when she thought of her husband. Amelia, do you still even want to be married? That question broke her heart. The uncertainty in his eyes. He thought she was running from him, he thought she didn’t want him anymore. If only he knew how wrong he was. She may have run from him but she didn’t run away, and that was a big step for her.

Amelia was still reeling from her loss in surgery. She walked to the elevator on autopilot, not paying any attention to her surroundings. If she had, maybe she would have noticed the panic on her coworkers’ faces, or the nurses and doctors running around preparing for disaster. But she didn’t, instead she pushed the button to call the elevator. With a familiar ding the doors opened and Amelia stepped on. She was so distracted that she didn’t even notice anyone else was in the elevator until she heard a throat clear behind her. She turned around and came face to face with him, the one person she had been avoiding all week. Owen. He was the last person she wanted to see right now. But he was also the only person she wanted to see. The one she wanted to seek comfort from. She needed him.

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One of my nieces is tired of me being single, so she is trying to take matters in her own hands by writing to Tom Hiddleston:

“Dear Tom Hiddleston,
I am Johnna. My ant’s name is Kelsey. She is singol. You are to. She loves to dance. She is cute, fun, and awesome! She is the best ant EVER! You have a great time! You are awesome!
Autograph here

P.S. You are my favorite sooper star.
Pleas be my uncle.”

Looking for some Sheith Romances for Valentine’s Day?

Dans and I have you covered with some shameless promotion of the fluffiest, angstiest, most dramatic, and nerdiest Sheith romances we’ve written. Whatever your flavor, we’ve got something you might like. And if you do, leave us a nice comment? :D


Bite Down 

Our current in-progress story featuring adrenaline junkie and street racer Keith who falls in love with Shiro, a young man struggling with PTSD and addiction. It’s messy, complicated, destructive love. Chapter 5 has just been posted! (Rating: Explicit)

Thief of Hearts

A Moulin Rouge inspired Sheith fic. Shiro is a high end escort, Keith is a failed thief just scraping by. A case of mistaken identity ruins everything and falling for each other is dangerous when someone else wants to own Shiro. (Rating: Explicit)


The Legend of the Sun and Moon 

Shiro and Keith were born to be enemies, but destiny has other plans. The fate of the world hangs in the balance and the only way to beat back the Darkness is to find a way to work together and break the cycle of heartbreak. A huge epic fantasy romance set in a magical pan-Asian world featuring the entire Voltron cast, including significant Hance and Allura in love with a lady dragon. ;D (Rating: Explicit)


Keith is the emotionless Ice Prince who steals away the handsome woodsman Shiro to his bleak winter palace. Will Shiro be able to find the Prince’s heart before his own freezes? (Rating: Teen)

First Love/Second Chances

The Guardian and the Dreamer

Little Shiro dreams about a mystical land that weaves together magic, mythology, and adventure with a brave little Guardian spirit named Keith at his side. Each chapter brings another lesson, but at the end, will fear win or will Shiro be able to keep his best friend from disappearing forever? (Rating: Gen)

Speed Racers

Falling in love with your best friend can be complicated, especially when you miss your chance and never confess your feelings. It’s been five years since they’ve drifted apart and lost that first love. Shiro has adopted his niece and is raising her as a single father while recently divorced Keith comes back home to find the one who got away. (Rating: Gen)

Established Relationship

The Road Not Taken

What if Shiro wasn’t captured during the Kerberos mission? What if he didn’t leave without telling Keith how he felt? What if they could start over again at the beginning and avoid the mistakes that tore them both apart? (Rating: Explict)


A short “missing scene” fic after Season 2 Episode 8, Blades of Marmora. Keith is struggling to deal with finding out about his Galra heritage and Shiro is there to help.