and loves her nieces


‘You kidding Uncle Rau? I could beat Kori without even lifting a finger!’ 

‘Heh; You’re a lot like your mother little one’


‘But Uncle Kallus, if they just moved the ships over a little; there would be more room for the kids to train! AND they’d even be able to fit in a place for the blaster training without it being a hazard!’ 

Kallus’s outfit is inspired by a pic from Lledra a while ago!! 



Since “modern medicine” isn’t an attractive phrase in the Wizarding world, and many health and wellness strategies, as well as emergency procedures, are done by magic, naturally St. Mungo’s isn’t the place to find a good midwife. 

You might find one, though, at a beachside cottage in the south of England, where a young French woman whose passion has never been banking, lives with her husband and children and her love for the world around her. 

Fleur Delacour first became interested in midwifery during her first pregnancy, when she met with the woman whose hands and wand were capable of urging new life into the world. A few months after Victorie’s birth, Fleur began her training, and soon became one of the more sought-after professionals in her corner of the world, delivering all of her nieces and nephews with skill. 

She loves it because she’s good at it, because it makes her feel somehow both powerful and humble, because it reminds her that wizard and muggle; human, Veela, or werewolf, we get our beginnings from the same screaming moment when we fall into competent hands. 

Qrow is the type of character you expect to be like “rargh don’t make attachments you need to be strong on your own to protect others”

BUT INSTEAD YOU JUST GET “This is my NIECE. Ruby. Who i love. A lot. I helped raise her. I want her to grow up happy. And i also love her older sister, Yang, who is also my niece who tries really hard and is great. Also—”

A Day In The Life Of

| Request: “Hi !!! Could you do a imagine where Dan and Y/N are watching after Y/Ns niece for the weekend and she is scared to sleep alone so she sleep between Y/N and Dan ?! Please :)) Ok maybe a thing, (if that’s alright) y/n is a youtuber so maybe she is vlogging a bit of the week end and the phandom is crazy (in a cute way) about Dan and y/Ns niece :)” |

| Warnings: None. |


“Hello Internet!”

Dan said to the camera with a sleepy smile and a yawn.

“It’s around 7 am and I’m about to wake [Y/N] up because her, well, our, niece is going to spend the weekend with us!”

The Phandom loved Dan and
[Y/N]’s niece, falling in love with her after [Y/N] vlogged a hectic day babysitting her by herself when she was two.

Dan crept into the bedroom to wake up [Y/N]. She lay there, wrapped in the checkered duvet, hair messy and a soft snore leaving her lips.

Dan approached, gently shaking her shoulder. “Wake up, babe.” He said softly.

She groaned, rolling to her other side and gently slapping away his hand. “Five more minutes.”

Dan turned the camera back on himself, shaking his head. “Get up, Sleeping Beauty.” [Y/N] giggled. “I’ll get up if I get true loves kiss.”

He groaned, leaning down and softly pecking her lips, making sure to film it as he did. [Y/N] got out of bed, taking Dan’s large hand in hers and following him down the hallway as he filmed.

“When’s she getting here?” She asked, yawning as she spoke.

“Around 11, but we need to be prepared before she comes. Making up the guest bedroom, buying food a five year old will eat, things like that.” He explained, making his way into the kitchen to cook breakfast.

By “cook” I mean pour cereal and milk in two bowls.

After breakfast, Dan stopped filming to allow them to get dressed and such, quickly he began filming when [Y/N] walked in the room in her favourite outfit, laughing as Dan sang “Here she is, Miss America.”

After filming, preparing the room, shopping for food, and everything else, the doorbell rang.
Dan and [Y/N] walked to the door together, Dan filmed as [Y/N] opened it and greeted her niece, Bandit, pulling her into a big bear hug. Dan greeted [Y/S/N] and they left, leaving Dan and [Y/N] with a rowdy five year old and her luggage.

“So, Bandit, how do you feel like filming A Day In The Life Of video with Auntie and I?” Dan asked, handing her the camera and taking her from [Y/N]’s arms. Bandit nodded, having filmed with both her aunt and uncle before.

[Y/N] grabbed her nieces luggage and they put it in her room, getting her properly dressed for winter in London, and headed out.

“Uncle Dan.” Bandit started, sitting between her aunt and uncle in the taxi. “When can I get my ears pierced like yours?” She asked, taking note of the pink studs Dan wore today. [Y/N] giggled, and he didn’t know how to respond. “When your mum and dad let you, I suppose.”

The taxi soon stopped at a toy shop, where they bought Bandit a toy of her choice. A pristine doll with features scarily similar to her own.

“Of course she picked one of the most bloody expensive items in the shop.” Dan mumbled to the camera, [Y/N] shaking her head as she gave her niece the money to pay for the toy. “You said she could pick anything, love.”

They walked out of the shop, Bandit holding [Y/N]’s hand with one hand and carrying the doll that made Dan’s wallet cry with her other.

[Y/N] whispered something to Bandit as Dan talked to the camera, and Bandit let go of her aunts hand and grabbed her uncles. “Thank you, Uncle Dan!” She yelled to the camera and her very tall uncle with a scraggly toothed grin. “You’re welcome, kiddo.”

[Y/N] took the camera from Dan, talking to it about random things about London, most of which she was telling her niece.

They soon arrived at the next location, an ice cream parlour. “But [Y/N] it’s winter in England!” Dan whined. “Dan Howell how many times must I tell you that ice cream makes you warmer because of its fat content?” Bandit giggled at the playful banter between her aunt and uncle that was all being caught on camera.

They walked into the shop, Bandit releasing Dan’s hand to look at the brightly coloured ice cream in the shop. Pastel pink strawberry, bright yellow lemon, even a blue coloured flavour that Dan swore was radioactive.

Bandit settled on a scoop of strawberry and a scoop of lime, which [Y/N] noted was a “Lovely shade of green.” And rainbow sprinkles. Dan got a scoop of coffee, and [Y/N] got [Y/F/F]. They took their seats in the shop, enjoying the cold sweets and filming a bit more.

“Auntie, can you make spaghetti for dinner?” Bandit asked, her bright [E/C] eyes sparking. “Of course, we’ll have to go to a shop and buy the stuff to make it though.” [Y/N] smiled, despite hating spaghetti with a red hot passion.

After finishing their ice cream, sightseeing with their niece, and going food shopping for the second time today, they finally arrived back at the flat.

After dinner was eaten, the lounge was completely destroyed and then put back together again by Bandit, and the sound of cartoons filled the flat, they decided it was bedtime and [Y/N] prepared her niece for bed.

Together, Dan and [Y/N] tucked her, and her favourite stuffed animal, in bed, let her say “Goodnight internet.” to the camera, and prepared themselves for bed.

After crawling in bed, it wasn’t long before they heard the patter of little feet on the floor. Dan stood up at the sound of a light knock on the bedroom door.

“Uncle Dan, can I sleep with you and Auntie? I’m scared.” She asked, carrying a stuffed toy with her. Dan nodded, picking her up and placing her in bed between
[Y/N] and himself.

“Goodnight Bandit.” [Y/N] mumbled sleepily, placing a kiss on her nieces forehead, Dan did the same, and Bandit kissed both of their cheeks and told them goodnight once more.

And soon, all three of them fell asleep after a long day of babysitting.

I love sharon carter’s character but I can’t stand the grossly forced romance with her and Steve. Peggy’s funeral was so emotional for me, but once I realized they were setting up Steve and Sharon, it totally ruined the emotional effect. Peggy was an important person to the both of them. Steve loved her and Sharon was her niece and looked up to her, and what I would have like to see instead was a more familial relationship between Sharon and Steve.


Scene: Emere, Moana’s aunt was outside Moana’s fale door. Hearing the duo (Moana and Maui) doing something. T rated. (Scene borrowed from my ongoing fic: It’s Arranged)

Happy Valentine day to Moana fandom!!! Enjoy :-)

Specially dedicated to fan-art artist out there in Moana fandom, thank you for making so many wonderful pictures! @zabchansketchbook @othersketches @daniela-miha-arts @youkaiyume @art-of-urbanstar @sanjiseo

“Are you… are you sure about this?” a baritone voice said, full of apprehension.

Emere focused her attention on the voice behind the door of the fale. That was unmistakably the hulking giant’s voice that came earlier today - Maui.

“But you’ve promised!” a feminine voice whined, which none other than her niece, Moana. ”I promise you… will love it!” a teasing giggle erupted. That in itself enough to ignite Emere’s inquisitiveness to run a full enquiry. But she wasn’t going to barge in yet.

“Ugh, I don’t know… I had - I had never done this before,” Maui said, sounding unsure.

“Well, neither have I. No man had ever agree to do this with me,” Moana said casually.

Emere could hear a coquettish smile in her voice.

Wait! Wait… Are they-?! No way! Emere flushed her ear to the fale’s door.

“Don’t worry it won’t hurt,” came Moana voice, reassuring.

“Eh, that’s not - that’s not what I’m worried about. I mean, what if someone saw me like this? Maaaan, we are going to be the talk of the village, and your Aunt would surely tell your Dad!”

That’s going to be the last thing you worry about, Emere thought as she depicting the horror in her brother-in-law’s face if he knew Moana was…-

“Nah… she won’t meddle with….petty stuff like this. I am a grown woman. I can do what I like.” Moana dismissed Maui’s baseless apprehension casually.”Besides… I’ve done you a favor by saving you from that silly dance. Now, it’s payback time.”

A deep, masculine groan was heard.”Thank you,” Maui said sarcastically.

“Your welcome!” Moana said, feeling her confidence soared as she was gaining ground against Maui’s crumbling resistance.

“Now,” Moana began,”Take a seat on my bed… I’ll get the… equipment.”

A modest rustle was heard, perhaps a sound of shifting fabric against leavy skirt then came a loud anxious exhale.

“Right, I am ready,” said the man’s voice.

“A little more to the right.” Moana commanded,”Don’t you aware of your size! My bed is not that big! Now… just relaaaax.”

Maui scoffed,”Well this bed ain’t designed for two!”

“Ok, just shush,” she shot gruffly.

Then there was tussling sound, a few manly grunt and moan, but it the syllables wasn’t laced with pleasure. “Moana. Ack-! Ouch-! Could you not grab that hard!”

By the Emere nearly fainted by the door.

“Ok sorry… sorry. I’ll be extremely gentle this time.”

Then came Maui’s relief sigh.”Ahhh… that’s better!”

“I loosen the grip a little,” came Moana’s voice.

“Yes, a lot more comfortable this time.”

Another prolonged silence fell, there was only sound of hair and fabric shifting.

“Ouch! Moana, I thought you are going to be gentle!”

“Well, yours is longer than I expected - which is a good problem to have,” she muffled a mischievous giggle.”No man I’ve met in Motonui had it as long as yours. Not even my Dad.”

Emere nearly gag. Ok that’s it!

“It’s not my fault if my hand caught at…-” Moana and Maui froze on their position. The door slammed open, revealing an agitated woman, flushed and heaving with embarrassment and fury.

Moana’s eyes nearly jumped from their socket, while Maui gasped loudly before running his massive palm over his face.

Maui was sitting on Moana’s bed while Moana was on her knee, behind him, her hand tangled in his hair with a few little braids and a pig tail sprouting from his head.

If you don’t think that Peggy Carter loved her niece (or great niece?) more than she loved Steve Rogers then your wrong.
If you don’t think Peggy would have been supportive of their relationship because the niece she loves so much is with such a great guy like Steve that she knows will care about her and protect her, then your also wrong.


mary drake was charles’s mother

mary drake was in radley when she had charles

charles dilaurentis is actually charles drake

charles is charlotte

so when charlotte dilaurentis used the alias cece drake it was almost sort of a nod to her biological mother

charlotte loved elliot

elliot was willing to do all this because he was in love with charlotte

jessica dilaurentis adopted charlotte, her niece, and lied about it, possibly to cover up for her twin sister mary

i’m guessing mary had something to do with jessica’s death but who knows honestly

and elliot is british for some reason? still can’t figure that out but okay sure whatever you say

this show is definitely on an acid trip, 100% verified, that or i need to check into radley or wherever that place that alison checked herself into is called, ali’s gonna be my new roommate

I usually enjoy Philippa Gregory’s novels despite their inaccuracies, historical fiction allows for dramatization, but I could barely get through The White Princess. If any of the figures in this book were alive today I’m sure they’d sue for slander.

Richard III did not bang his niece. Elizabeth of York was not in love with her uncle. Richard loved Anne Neville, relinquished lands and titles to be with her and was recorded to have been faithful to her throughout their marriage. Richard openly grieved Anne’s death and when he sought to remarry it was Joanna of Portugal he wanted, not his niece Elizabeth.

The worst part of this book is the portrayal of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York’s relationship as miserable and physically abusive. By all accounts Henry and Elizabeth had an unexpectedly happy arranged marriage. There is no evidence that he ever took a mistress, he frequently gave her indulgent gifts, she wrote him love poems, after Elizabeth’s death Henry never remarried and became a more somber person.

While we’re at it, Margaret Beaufort wasn’t a frigid, child-murdering religious fanatic.