and loves her nieces
Men of Reddit, what innocent behaviors have you changed out of fear you might be accused of wrong doing? • r/AskReddit
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Just a short selection of comments I found. It seems men can’t seem to get away from being called pedos and perverts.

Sticking to myself at shopping centers.

I’m a tall(6'3), bearded man who grew up in a small town of about 800. So I grew up holding the door for anyone, saying have a nice day or howdy everywhere I go, and help anyone with anything if they need it. It’s just how I was raised.

One day I was headed to my girlfriends house and decided to stop at Walmart to grab some snacks on the way down. I was 20 years old at the time, but for as big as I am and the beard you could confuse me for 25-30. Anyhow, I was standing in the chip isle and noticed a little girl no older than 5 wandering around looking frightened, so I walked over and said are you lost? And she just kept saying “ mommy ” so instantly trying to do the right thing I thought to take her to the cashier so she may call over the loud speaker and call for her mother. As I walked she held her hand up to hold mine and I thought nothing of it, being as I was only doing the logical thing. Next thing I know the mother runs up to me screaming and snatching her daughter up, calling me a kidnapper and threatening to call the police. I tried explaining the situation and where I was trying to take her, unfortunately she was an uneducated moron and at that point I got a little heated and decided to tell her to maybe not let her child run off next time. Moral of the story, I tried to do the right thing not even thinking about how it would look for a bearded man to be walking with your little girl, even though they shouldn’t of been left alone, but it’s definitely something I’ll never do again.

When shopping with my wife and she wants to try stuff on I just have her text me pictures of her outfits if she wants my opinion.

We were at Macy’s a few months ago and I was just patiently waiting outside the dressing room waiting for my wife and she would open the door and step out to get my opinion.

I was just looking at my phone and minding my own business when I notice people walking up to me. A middle aged woman had gotten a manager and she had brought a security official of some type and asked me to leave or they would be forced to call the police.

It was super embarrassing and now I feel super self-conscious when shopping with my wife.

I stopped going to the playground with my niece. She loves it when I’m there with her. Going on slides with her or pushing her swing. But according to the mother’s there and the old ladies its creepy for a man to go there, even with my niece.

At first I didn’t care, I just ignored them. But some even went as far to ask my niece who’s only 3 if I was her father and other inappropriate things. Even got the cops called on me twice and after explaining the situation and having to go as far as having to get my sister down there, they left. But I’m still a creep to the woman’s eyes. I don’t talk to the other kids, I say Hi back and answer them if they ask something.

But… I just don’t understand.

I’ve been getting driving lessons recently and after the first one the instructor dropped me off and when we were organising new lessons we just said we would meet at the same place. It’s outside a school.

We probably met there about 10 times at various parts of the day in a car with massive “Driver Learning School” stickers all over it.

A woman came up to me yesterday as told me how it was wierd that two men met there and how people were talking and how there were “weirdos” about who people thought were selling drugs and how we wouldn’t want anyone thinking we were “weirdos”.

I’m a large dude. I seem to get more scared of this at work.

I’ve been told I’m intimidating in meetings. I pay close attention to my tone and body language now.

I stare at the elevator doors with my headphones on, especially when a lady gets on.

When the kids charity uses our offices for events every few weeks, I go to a different floor to use a private bathroom so I’m not alone in a public bathroom with any kids.

I volunteer at cub scouts. No parent or scoutmaster (predominantly male) is allowed to take the children anywhere alone. Not even to let them play in the gym after the pack meeting.

A female colleague was leaving the company. I offered a handshake. She asked for a hug (which I gave). I told her that in a company with 60% women, you never assume a hug. She nodded and said ‘Fair point.’

I have a bad back. I asked for a place to lay down occasionally during the day for short periods of time. They told me to use the 'wellness room’. Which is built for and decorated for nursing moms. And it’s outside the women’s bathroom. I told them a 6'4" dude with a beard laying on the floor outside the women’s bathroom is not a good look. They agreed. I lay on the cold tile of the handicapped bathroom now.

All it takes is an accusation, even if wholly unfounded. The conversation will always be there. I make sure I don’t even put myself in that situation.

Lords’ reactions to MC’s pregnancy announcement
  • Nobunaga is proud of her, proud of himself, proud of the tiny little foetus they made together, SO PROUD HE CAN’T CONTAIN IT. He gathers the retainers and makes them party until dawn. Katsuie is in tears because he’s so happy (and incredibly drunk). Nobu sneaks out early with her because she needs to rest and he is going to make sure she gets ALL the rest.
  • Mitsuhide is stunned but so excited. His dream of having ten children is finally getting underway! He kisses her tummy and her lips and her forehead and her nose and her cheeks, he can’t stop, he just wants to shower her with love and affection. He’s so thankful that she’s in his life and in love with him and bearing his baby.
  • Yukimura is terrified. Women die in childbirth, what if that happens to her!? He tries to put on a strong face but he is so freaked out. He wants her on bed rest immediately, wants to carry her if she looks even the tiniest bit tired (actually, even if she doesn’t), goes to the medicinal shop in town and asks the herbalist for advice on how to take care of pregnant women. He is going to do his absolute best to make sure that nothing bad happens to her or their baby.
  • Saizo is… conflicted. But he sees how worried she is about how he’s going to react, and he just can’t have that. He puts an arm around her shoulder and kisses her hair and tells her you’re going to have to start making dango in bigger portions because he’s not going to share, not even with his own child.
  • Masamune is happy, but a little apprehensive. His relationship with his family is complicated, to say the least, and he’s a teeny bit worried about whether he can be a good father. Low-key hoping for a girl so that things won’t get worse with Yoshihime and Kojirou. Kisses her cheek and pulls her in close, rests his hand on her stomach, starts daydreaming about their future and tells her about it.
  • Kojuro is very pleased and satisfied. He’s always liked children and he feels like he practically raised Masamune and Shigezane, so he’s 100% ready for his own kids. Things might not always go smoothly, but they’ll be together and they’ll face their troubles together. He is so ready. They cuddle (he’s totally not tearing up at all), he can’t stop stroking her hair and kissing the top of her head. They start making plans for their new nursery.
  • Hideyoshi is ultra hyped! Puts a hand on her cheek and they just smile at each other for a moment before kissing. And then he wants to go and tell everybody the good news. They walk around the castle hand in hand and he’s grinning and everybody’s congratulating them and it’s perfect.
  • Inuchiyo is speechless. Like… really? Are you sure? It takes a couple of moments to sink in, but when it does, the smile on his face is the biggest ever. He grabs her, lifts her, and hugs her really hard before nearly dropping her because DID HE JUST SQUISH THE BUN IN THE OVEN? No, Inuchiyo. No. He wants to go and shout it from the rooftops, he’s so overjoyed that they’re starting this new stage of their lives together.
  • Ieyasu stares at her, eyes wide. Well… I guess even someone like you can catch me by surprise sometimes. She laughs and launches herself at him, he catches her and she wraps her arms around him. He’s a little worried that he won’t know how to be a good father, but he can’t brood about it when she’s smiling at him like that, her face mere inches from his own. He silently vows to give his child a life far better than his.
  • Mitsunari walks out. When she gets to the door and looks up and down the corridor, he’s nowhere to be seen. She fumes and frets and has driven herself into a frenzy when he finally reappears an hour later. These are books about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. We are going to read every one of them cover to cover. She grabs the nearest one and throws it at his head.
  • Shingen grins in satisfaction because that’s what he’s been gunning for all along. He pulls her close and kisses her, like hell yeah that’s my woman, always giving me exactly what I need. The Takeda clan celebrates late into the night. Kansuke brews a herbal tonic for her and pointedly says that he hopes she will be a better patient than her husband. Shingen roars with laughter.
  • Kenshin is really excited and immediately starts planning for the baby. The furniture, the clothes, the toys, babies need so many things! And he is going to find the most perfect things. Many, many perfect things. They hug, but before he can suggest they go out shopping, she says that they should tell everyone the good news! Especially Kanetsugu, he’ll be so happy for them!


  • ALL ACCORDING TO KEIKAKU. Nobuyuki smiles.
[W]hen Mary [of Hungary] heard that Henry had remarried again after Anne Boleyn’s execution, she wrote to her brother Ferdinand: ‘It is to be hoped, if one can hope anything from such a man, that if this one bores him he will find a better way of getting rid of her. I believe that most women would not appreciate it very much if this kind of habit becomes general, and with reason. […] I do after all belong to the female sex, so I shall also pray God that he may protect us from such perils.’
—  Sarah Gristwood, Game of Queens (pg. 188)

It’s sad to miss something you’ve never experienced, something that could have happened but never happened.
Watching her grow up was enough, seeing her take her first steps, the first time she told Sasuke ‘Papa’, her first time with a kunai in her hand, her eyes glowing expectantly to see how that object worked; If I had been alive I would have missed seeing the little details of her life, those that make a person be as she is.
I’m not sad. I have been able to live a part of her that her parents did not, it’s something like a secret between us that no one else knows.
I wish I could be by her side, hold her in my arms, teach he the secrets of the clan, have our jokes that the rest of the people would never understand, I wish I were alive to be by his side.
But I will always be next to her, taking care of any evil, protecting her from anyone who wants to harm her, even if she does not know that I am there.
Because that’s what makes the family, protect and care.
Because I love her.
Because she’s my niece.
Because she’s an Uchiha.

i’m losing my shit over Nadiya Jones because in my D&D campaign the brilliant fantasy-Indian scientist is married to a shapeshifter so Travis is just playing my NPCs’ daughter

Urianna Thalassa Hook

Urianna Thalassa Hook - daughter of Uma and Harry Hook.

+ When Uma was pregnant, she distanced herself from Harry. They could be best friends, captain and first mate, but that was different. Raise a child in the Isle of the Lost wasn’t easy. A lot of babies died, and the ones who lived had to survive their abusive parents and the terrible conditions of the isle.

+ Uma tried to hide her pregnancy for a long time. From her mother, her crew and Harry. But someone knew that something was wrong.

+ Gil.

+ He wasn’t the smartest guy on the isle, but he knew that something was wrong with his captain. One day, when Harry was off with the rest of the crew and Gil was on a timeout again, he entered the chip shop and found Uma cleaning the tables. She looked at him and rolled her eyes.

“I already told you that you can’t come back yet.”

“Uma what’s wrong?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I noticed that you’re avoiding Harry… And I know that I said the wrong thing again and that you’re mad at me and I’m sorry for it, but I wanna help you. You can trust me.” - he said firmly and noticed that her body shook - “Uma?”

“I can’t take it anymore Gil…” - her voice was weak and he knew she was about to cry, so he pulled her into a hug and he felt her burry her head on his neck.

“It’s your mother again? Did she hurt you?” - he asked and felt Uma shook her head.

“Promise you won’t judge me.”

“Of course I won’t.” - she breathes and says:

“I’m pregnant.”

+ Gil looked at her before hug her stronger. Uma liked how sensitive Gil was, and she definetly loved when he hugged her, she needed comfort.

“It’s Harry’s child?” - she nodded - “You need to tell him, Uma, he deserves to know. He’s going crazy cause you’re avoiding him, you’re the one who keeps him sane.”

“He won’t want the baby, Gil. We live in the middle of trash and danger, who would want to raise a child under these conditions?”

“Uma, look at me.” - he took her hands and looked deep in her eyes - “I know I’m not that smart, but I know that Harry loves you, everybody knows. He would die for you if he had to and I’m pretty sure he will stay by your side. And you won’t be able to hide this forever, he knows something is wrong.”

“But, what if he gets angry? What if he leaves us?” - she pointed to herself, pressing her hands in her belly.

“I’ll stil be right here, with both of you. And trust me, seeing how you care about the kids who need protection, I can tell you’re gonna be an amazing mother.”

+ Uma’s eyes tear up and she smiles, which makes Gil smile too. He finally said something right.

“You’re not in timeout anymore.” - he laughs and so does she - “And Gil…” - he looks at her - “Thank you.” - he kisses her forehead and leaves.

+ Later, when all the crew are sleeping, she tells Harry that they need to talk. He only nodds, his eyes look tired and his hair is a mess.

“I have to be straight with you. You’re probably gonna hate me, but I can’t hide anymore.” - Uma hates how vulnerable she sounds, but she’s with Harry, so she can sound vulnerable. 

“What is it love?” - he looks at her, only to found her looking at the floor.

“I’m pregnant.”

+ That changes everything. Harry loved Uma deeply. But he wasn’t expecting be a father. Uma sounds nervous, vulnerable, tired. He doesn’t know what to say, and he sees that Uma is ready to leave, but he stops her.

“Sorry, I’m just… I wasn’t expecting this.” 

“That makes two of us.” - she snorts - “I’m not ready to… Well, I don’t know. What do we know about raising a child anyways?! Our parents only hurt us. This isle is a prision, our lifes are nightmares and we’re gonna do an innocent person suffer just like they did to us, we just ruined someone’s life.”

“No. We won’t. I’m not my father, and you’re not your mother. You saved a lot of kids who were starving, sick or homeless. We’re gonna do this, and this child, our child, will have the best we can get here. We’ve been throught a lot together, we’re gonna do this, and we’re gonna do our best.” - Harry loved how a big smile appeared on Uma’s face making him smile too. He cupped her face and pulled her into a kiss, different from all the others that they shared before - “I love you, Uma.”

“Love you too.” - she whispered instantly.

+ The time passed and the baby was born. It was a girl, a little, healthy, beautiful and innocent girl. Uma couldn’t explain how she felt when she held her daughter for the first time and looked at her. She felt tears in her eyes, she smiled and stroked her face, gently. She was perfect. Uma felt something warm her heart as the baby touched her hand.

+ Harry was speechless. A little girl. He looked at Uma, seeing how happy she looked. He never saw a smile so bright on Uma’s face, and on his own. She looked like Uma. The skin, the eyes, and later, he would discover, the smile

+ They decided to call her Urianna. Her middle name, Thalassa, refered to the sea. And it seemed perfect for her.

+ Gil was in love with their Urianna since Uma appeared at the ship with her on her arms. She was so cute and small, and he almost cried when they asked him to be her godfather. He immediately said yes.

+ Uma is a very protective mother. You better don’t mess with Urianna cause you’re gonna regret it. With Harry is not better. If you mess with his little girl, Gil and him will come after you with the rest of the crew.

+ Uma and Harry started to be more happy, gentle and patient. Urianna changed them at the moment she looked at them with that innocent eyes.

+ Her first word was “mama”. Uma still throws that on Harry’s face. She’s still herself after all. Uma was so, so proud of her baby girl.

+ But her first steps were at his direction. He was so proud of her (and himself). 

+ One thing that surprises everyone is that Urianna never stops smiling. Her laugh is something that they could pass the day hearing without getting tired.

+ They hug and kiss her all the time, telling how much they love her. That they will never let anything hurt her and that they’ll always be together, no matter what. 

+ Once, when Urianna had a fever, Harry was visiting Harriet when Gil came and told him about it. He forgot to catch his hook, and didn’t remember untill she got better, after two days

+ She’s the most important thing for him now. Screw the hook.

+ Harry, Uma and Urianna sleep together in Uma’s bed at the ship.

+ Gil loves to paint Urianna’s face just like he does with his own. And she loves too. They both laugh a lot, while Harry and Uma roll their eyes. After all, they have two kids.

+ Urianna loves Gil - or, Uncle Gil. He carries her on his shoulders, and plays with her when Uma is working and Harry is not there.

+ Harriet visited them and she fell in love with her niece. Looks like her brother finally did something right.

+ Captain Hook and Ursula know about Urianna, but who said that Uma and Harry are ever going to take her to meet them. They could never see someone hurt her.

+ She’s been homeschooled. They don’t want nothing to ruin how happy, innocent and full of joy she is. Even that they live in a dirty isle, she’s not gonna be corrupted by the evil in there.

+ Uma taught Harry how to count (the basic) and helped Gil to read better, so she’s a good teacher.

+ But no only that. They already started giving her self-defense lessons (not with swords, of course), but she’s going to learn all that they know.

+ She taught Urianna how to swim too. Urianna loves the ocean, and, just like Uma, she breathes under the water.

+ One day, Mal, Evie, Ben, Jay and Carlos appear. They heard things about Urianna, but didn’t know it was Uma and Harry’s daughter, so, they ask her if they can talk to them.

+ Urianna is very confused, because: “Who are they, mommy?”

+ Gil keeps playing with her while they talk, and Ben invites her, Harry, Gil and Urianna to Auradon. He couldn’t help being really suprised when both Uma and Harry say “yes” at the same time without hesitate. 

+ Urianna would finally live in a better place, a safe place. She would go to a school where she would learn normal things, she would have toys, a better food, a better bed, a better life. They were giving the chance she deserved and Uma wouldn’t take that from her, even that she still has her issues with them.

+ BUT, she hadn’t forgot about all the other kids and the rest of the crew. She will fight for their rights as equal she did for Urianna’s.

+ Urianna’s face bright up when she sees Auradon for the first time and Harry hugs his girls (and so does Gil).

+ Fairy Godmother is, at first, impressed with how sweet the little girl was, and instantly falls in love with Urianna.

+ Just like everyone who meets her. Even Chad.

+ The rotten four were surprised to see how caring Harry and Uma are with their daughter.

+ When she starts school, she knows how to read and count perfectly

+ It’s impossible don’t love Urianna. But as Harry told Uma once: how was possible that some people hurt someone so innocent and joyful? That’s cruelty.

+ Uma, Harry, Gil and Urianna are one of the most caring families that you can meet. 

+ Every single thing that Harry and Uma do, they do thinking about her. She’s their lives.

an excellent and miniature girl

literally as we speak my brother and my sister-in-law are having their first baby, as we speak the person who flicks water at me out of his cup with a straw at every restaurant, no matter how fancy, is becoming a father, responsible for a tiny person’s upbringing. like what the fuck. 

(also as we speak I am becoming the glamorous nyc-based lesbian aunt we all wanted as children)


Here you go, hope you enjoy! To check out some more if you feel like it, I have a masterlist here that has everything I’ve written for ACOTAR and TOG in it!


Having children was never something Amren was inclined to do. She found them irksome, and the way they couldn’t care for themselves and were so overly dependent was annoying. She had never truly loved a child until her family had started procreating. First was Cassian. She thought his son might be the true spawn of irritation like his father, but that feeling melted away the first time he clenched her finger in his fist, and she saw the dimples on his cheeks. Then Rhysand and Feyre popped out a little girl, and she had never felt the urge to protect as strongly as she had then. As more and more of them had children and her life was filled with calls of Aunty Amren and the sound of high-pitched laughter, her heart settled on the idea of kids – not her own, but loving someone else’s. No matter how much she loved her nieces and nephews, there was no way she would ever want to give birth. The problem? Her lover of centuries, Varian.

Amren couldn’t miss the way he stared longingly at families if she tried. It had started small at first: a lingering glance full of envy as he stared at Azriel and Mor with their son and daughter, being willing, even wanting to change shit filled diapers, holding babes close to his chest and just closing his eyes. But it became more than that. Tarquin gave him full reign of care over his children, and Varian took every opportunity he could to whisk them away and be the best uncle he could. Amren could admit that he would be a wonderful father. As for her? That just wasn’t something she’d ever considered or wanted. She’d seen women give birth, and there was no way in hell she was doing that. Amren knew this like she knew the sound of Varian’s breathing, like she knew the beating of her heart if he was near. So, as she looked at him now with Tarquin’s youngest giggling in his arms, she was afraid. Scared that this male she loved so much, who owned the key to her locked heart and soul, would leave her.

Varian threw his niece into the air and caught her, her little giggles echoing around the atrium.

“Thank you for bringing her back safely,” Tarquin said. His other children had been busy in tutoring today, but his little girl couldn’t read yet let alone learn history or languages. That meant that while Tarquin had a date with his mate, Varian got his daughter.

“Same time next week?” Varian kissed the toddler’s forehead.

Tarquin approached him while nodding before lifting his girl out of Varian’s arms. The High Lord cooed at her and cuddled her tight, the tot snuggling eagerly into her Papa’s chest, tiny hands clenching onto his jacket’s lapels.

“I’ll see you soon, take care.” Tarquin left, muttering things under his breath to his daughter about how much he loved her and how much her missed her during the day.

Amren would never be able to give Varian that. There was just no way she could ever carry a baby in her body.

That night as Varian released himself in her and groaned her name, a tear escaped her eye. Every time that she now made love to him might be the last. It was inevitable. Amren could not give him a child.


It had started to happen.

Amren knew Varian too well for him to be able to hide his emotions from her. She could tell he was steeling himself to ask her if they could try to conceive a child. The first time she noticed was the morning after their five-hundredth and eighty-third anniversary, when she awoke to find him running his fingers over her bare abdomen. Then one day while they were walking down the Sidra he stopped to look at baby clothing, even though the clothes were too small for any child they knew. The week proceeding, she caught him reading a book of names, the fortnight after that he asked Azriel to teach him how to be a carpenter so he could build furniture for him and Amren. The piece he made? A crib. The first time something like this happened a seed of dread planted itself in Amren’s stomach, and every situation since had only watered it until it had grown to the size of her body, completely consuming her.

Amren could not give birth.

She sat across from Varian at their table, barely picking at the food while he enthusiastically ate. He kept giving her strange looks as she used her fork to push her peas into the shape of a dagger, but he didn’t comment. He did keep tapping his fingers on the hardwood table though, something he only did when he was nervous.

“There’s something I wanted to talk to you about,” he said as he laid down his cutlery.

Amren had dreaded this moment, but resigned herself to her fate. “Yes?”

“I’ve been thinking about us a lot lately. We’ve been together so long, and these years have given me nothing but joy when I’m with you. There hasn’t been a war in Prythian since the King of Hybern, and there are strong treaties between all the Courts. We’re perfectly safe, and I think that now would be the perfect time to maybe extend the little family we’ve made for ourselves.”

The look of pure hope on his face made Amren want to throw up the small amount of food she had managed to eat through her anxiety. She didn’t reply, just turned her head to the side. Varian misread her distress as hesitancy so he got up from his chair and came around the table to kneel in front of her. He took her hands in his, the rough feel on his calluses from centuries of sailing on her skin was the most comforting feeling she could hope for at a time like this.

“I don’t know…”

“Amren, I love you. I have since the first time I say you in Adriata and you looked like you were going to murder me, but then stood and drank with me anyway when I was feeling lonely. You are everything to me, and I can’t imagine a life without you. It’s been nearly six-hundred years, Amren, and I think we’re ready to-”

“Don’t say it.” She hissed.

Varian’s face fell slightly, but he tried to hide it with a smile. “Amren?”

“I can’t,” she breathed.

“It doesn’t have to be now, for now we could just talk about the idea of a child.” He lifted his hands to caress her face but she grabbed his wrists to stop him.

“I’m never going to be able to give you what you want, Varian.” She stood up and stepped away from him, releasing his wrists and looking away.

“I… This – okay then.” Varian’s shoulders slumped. “I’m happy with just you Amren. I always have been and I always will be.”

When Amren finally looked up, she didn’t see a man content with his relationship staying the way it was. She saw a man with tears in his eyes and a hand on his forehead. She saw a man whose hands were shaking slightly and whose cheeks had reddened. Varian was no liar, he meant what he said about her, or at least he thought he did. Sometimes, the person who knows your emotions best isn’t yourself. Amren looked away, covering her mouth with her hand to supress her emotion. Amren could see the truth between them like shadows dancing – Varian was already a father. A father, who because of her, did not, and never would, have a child. The last six hundred years had been the best of her miserable existence. They had been a light, love and happiness that she did not know possible, and it was because of the male in front of her. If she did not let him go now, then she would destroy him. She would shatter him into a million bitter pieces where not even one was capable of a selfless love. She would make him like her.

“This is it,” she said.

“This is enough,” he genuinely believed.

“No, it’s not.” Amren turned her back to him, her face crumpling. Amren prided herself on her control, so as the tears fell down her face it was just another reason for her to feel ashamed of herself. “This has to stop.” She whispered.

Varian came behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his face in the crook of her neck. “I agree. I don’t want to fight with you. Let’s just go to bed, okay?” He kissed her neck, and it only made her cry harder. “You’re shaking,” he said with concern, tightening his arms.

This is over.”


She turned and because she was selfish and she loved him she kissed him one more time. She breathed the last of her soul into that kiss, tasting him for long enough that she prayed his essence would stay on her lips forever.

When it was over, she put her cheek to his and pulverized her heart. “We can’t be together anymore.”

As he stood there in utter shock, his eyes wide and mouth unmoving, she left him.

It was for the best. That’s the only thing that made her capable of walking out that door.


Varian stumbled into the palace of Adriata, guards yelling in concern as he did. The way he was walking and breathing made them think that Varian had been attacked, that somehow he was injured, but the reality was much, much worse.

The red marks his tears had marred down his face were so raw it looked like he had been clawed at. His breathing was so shallow and inconsistent that his sobs were no longer possible. His chest hurt so much that he had a hand clutched to it at all times.

As Varian crossed the threshold to the opening atrium, his knees buckled and he fell to the floor. He could hear people calling his name and feel their touch as they tried to make him stand, but nothing could be done. His eyes were glazed and he could see nothing but the blurred ivory marble floor.

How could this be? How could she be gone? What could he do to get her back?

Eventually, it was Tarquin and Cresseida that picked him off the floor, his cousin carrying him over his shoulder and taking him to his room at the palace. A healer was called, but after confirming that there was actually nothing physically wrong with him, she left. His two closest family members sat with him, his sister in tears with worry and Tarquin begging him to tell him what’s wrong. Varian could not find the words to say what happened with Amren, so he simply closed his eyes and hoped when he woke up he would have a miraculous answer on how to fix this mess.


“I know what happened,” Tarquin said as he passed Varian a tray of breakfast.

“How?” he croaked.

“I contacted Amren and she told me that she ended the relationship. But why? Varian, I had no idea you two weren’t happy. I wish you had told me so I could’ve helped you.”

Varian sat up in his bed, a pile of cushions behind him so he could easily lean and be comfortable. His throat was so dry from the night before that when he saw the glass of water Tarquin had for him he greedily drank it. His throat was still burning though, his whole body was, and he doubted it would end soon.

“We were happy. Or I was. I had no part in this decision.” If Varian closed his eyes, he could pretend that the night before had not happened. That he hadn’t been stupid enough to bring up the possibility of children when she was so obviously uncomfortable. He has such an ass, thinking that maybe if they talked it through she might be more open to the idea; instead, all he’d managed to do was push her away.

“What happened? You two have never seemed… I never thought you would end.” Tarquin asked hesitantly.  

“I want children and she does not.” Varian whispered. The image he’d been picturing for a hundred years now was disintegrating in his mind. An image where he walked along the shore of Adriata with his child in his arms and his wife at his side. An image where together he and Amren taught their boy or girl to sail and fight and lead.

“At all? She seems to enjoy spending time with children. Maybe that maternity doesn’t spread to her own offspring.”

Varian was no idiot; he knew exactly why Amren wouldn’t want kids, and he should’ve thought of that before broaching the subject. “I think the more likely problem is that she doesn’t want to be pregnant. When it comes to her body… It has always been purely her own. She doesn’t eat certain things because she doesn’t like the thought of it being inside her, will only let certain healers treat her if she’s injured, doesn’t like it if people touch her without her explicit permission. I think she sees growing a baby as a violation to herself. Or, not a violation, but an intrusion. She would never be the same after that – that’s where the problem lies. And Cauldron, I can’t blame her for feeling that way. Thousands of years and she’s finally proud of the skin she walks in, I could never insist on taking that away. I’m such an idiot.” Varian groaned and put his face in his hands. He was so ashamed for thinking about his wants and desires before considering the impact it would have on her.

“Varian, just as there is nothing wrong with her not wanting to be pregnant, there is nothing wrong at all with you wanting children. Have you considered other options?”

“Like what?” Varian unintentionally snapped. “We could adopt, but where the hell would we find an unwanted child? Not even the Illyrians abandon their bastards anymore. Or I could make her endure a surrogate, what women doesn’t want to watch her man fuck another female? Mother above, we were in our twenties when we went Under the Mountain. I don’t know how to actually live without her, Tarquin. What am I – what am I going to do? I – I-” Varian’s tangle of words ended in a shaking sob.

Tarquin, having raised five children at this point, knew how to be soothing. He sat next to his cousin and best friend and put his arm around his shoulder, letting him cry into his shoulder while he smoothed back his hair.

“Do you want to be a father, Varian?”

“Yes,” he hiccupped. “But only with her. I could never look at another woman.”

“I might have a solution for you,” Tarquin offered. “But first I want you to take some time to yourself first, just give me a week and I promise I can give you at least one thing you want. Do you agree?”

“I’ll do anything,” Varian resigned.

Tarquin nodded and then left Varian with his food and guilt.


Amren had not left their home in over a week. Or was it now just her home? Varian had not come anywhere near it, she would know if he had. She had spent the miserable days without him alone, the only interaction she’d had with another person was when Tarquin had messaged her frantically to say something was wrong with Varian and she must come. She replied saying in time Varian would heal, and explained in a single sentence that they were no longer together. All it took was a single sentence, and suddenly the past six hundred years of her life were exactly that – the past. She would no longer wake up to Varian at her side every morning, would no longer sail the world on a whim, would no longer feel like she belonged in this world dominated by High Fae.

Her friends and family had come by desperately wanting her to let them in so they could help her, but she sent them away. This was a problem she needed to deal with on her own. The only person who could get through the wards she had laid around her home were Varian, and hopefully he had embraced the fact that he was better off without her.

She sat at her bay window, clutching a pillow to her chest and gazing out into the rolling sea. The way the moon shimmered off the thrashing waves reminded her of sunlight glinting of Varian’s hair, and it made her smile. When she looked at the stars, she only saw the constellations Varian had taught her while they were on the sea so that no matter where she was, she’d never get lost.

But what if I lose you? she had joked. When she was with him was the only time she allowed herself to be vulnerable, and under her joke hid a serious question and insecurity.

He had kissed her until she had forgotten her words, and made love to her until she knew for sure that the only way they would be parted was through death, and maybe not even then.

Amren’s gaze jolted away from the window as she heard a faint but insistent knock on the door. Who the fuck broke her wards? She was fuming. She didn’t care that her hair was a gritty mess on her head and that all she was wearing was one of Varian’s old shirts, she was ready to murder.

She stormed to her door and picked up a dagger on her way, fully prepared to throw it in the face of whoever was disturbing her. She threw open the door snarling, but went silent as she saw Varian in front of her. The dagger dropped to the ground with a clang, and she lowered her arm.

“Varian? What are you doing here?” She had a lot of things to be embarrassed about, but she found herself not caring that he was seeing her in this state. He had seen her at all her best and worst moments, and been there for her through every one. Surely, he could handle seeing her break down like this too.

“I have only two questions, and it could change everything. All you have to say is yes or no.” Varian looked put together. He was clean shaven and bathed, the scent of salt and lavender that followed him everywhere invading her senses. He had on a Summer Court suit made of fine whites, golds and greens, and he was adorned with golden jewellery.

She had lost the ability to produce coherent words so she just nodded. She didn’t think for one second that Varian’s appearance meant he was taking this easier than she was, but she was intrigued about why he had put so much effort in his lookds when he was just seeing her.  

“Am I correct in saying that when it comes to us having a child, the obstacles have to do with pregnancy and birth more so than raising a child?” His eyes glimpsed up and down her. They were filled with longing and sorrow, likely mirrored in Amren’s.


“If there was a way for us to have a child without having to conceive it, would you? With me?”

Amren had never considered this option. Adoption in Prythian was very uncommon. On the rare chance a child had no parents, someone else from the family would swoop in and take them to raise. After the war there had been a few children in need of homes, but that was quickly sorted. The Illyrians no longer abandoned bastard children, and even then Amren had no right as a fae to take one of them to raise for herself. Surrogacy, or a donor mother, was something that was beyond the bounds of possibility. For a fae to get pregnant was unlikely enough, let alone one who was willing to do so just to give the child away. And it also meant that Varian would have to intimate with another woman. Polyamory was something they had experimented with before, but only together. She didn’t think she could handle him being with someone else if she wasn’t there too. All it was, was another failed alternative.

“There’s no way-”

“Just answer yes or no. If we could have a child without you giving birth, would you do it?” His hands were the only part of him that betrayed how nervous he was about her answer. They were fiddling with his belt, and she wanted nothing more than to reach out her hand and stop his fretting with a kiss to his palm. But they couldn’t do that anymore. There was one thing she could do though.

“Yes,” she answered again.

His fingers stopped and a smile as wide as the Sidra graced his beautiful face. “I love you,” he breathed.

“That doesn’t change anything! I still can’t give you what you want. You have to have children, Varian. And when you find a female that you love and who can give you that you will be the best father in Prythian, but that woman can’t be me.” She stepped away from him and tried to close the door, but he stuck out his foot so it was in the way.

“If you come with me I can show you something that I swear you’ll want to see. You just have to keep an open mind.” He put his hand on the door frame and wedged himself further inside their home.

She rolled her eyes and put her hands on his cheeks. “I will never stop loving you, and I wish I was able to give you a child, wish I could watch you as a father to our baby but I cannot, and will never, get pregnant.”

He leaned forward and quickly kissed her. “You don’t need to.”


Amren was led by Varian to Adriata’s palace. His steps were hurried and he never let go of her hand as he pulled her down the stone spiral staircase that led to the infirmary. She had no idea what was going on and knew that she should probably be nervous about whatever shenanigan he was going to lead her into, but his excitement made her slightly giddy.

Before she had left she had quickly thrown her hair into a bun and put on pants – the situation would probably require them. When they had made it to the infirmary, Varian bypassed the healer on shift and went straight to the room at the end of the hall. The stopped outside the door when he turned and kissed her again.

“I love you,” he reminded her.

He reached his hand out, it was trembling slightly, and opened the door.

The inside of the room was the nicest area Amren had ever seen in an infirmary. The navy drapes covering the walls made the room seem bigger and warmer, and the carpet was a bright red colour. There was a multitude of mahogany dressers lining the walls and in the exact centre of the room was a white cradle.

Amren stared at it, and Varian pulled her forward so she could see more.

Inside the cradle was a small infant, with white curls and lovely dark skin. The baby had pointy ears like the fae and tiny little hands and feet, which were kicking as the baby looked up at them. The baby’s eyes were the most precious green, like seafoam.

“She’s ours, if you want her.” Varian let go of Amren’s hand so he could pick up the little girl. She tucked into his chest, one of her hands making a fist as she grabbed onto his shirt. It was exactly how Tarquin’s daughter acted when held by her father.

“How?” Was all Amren could manage to say.

“One of our patrols found her near the border, completely and utterly alone. She couldn’t have been older than a few days and as hard as they tried to find her family they couldn’t. They waited to see if someone would come to claim her, and when no one did they informed Tarquin. Amren, don’t you see? We wanted a child, so the Mother gave us one.”

Amren’s breathing became unsteady as she looked at the small girl. “What if I’m a terrible mother?”

“You won’t be, I’m certain of it. Amren I’ve – I’ve already signed the certificates making her officially my daughter. We’ll wait for you, if you need some time.”

Amren knew from that statement that Varian was one-hundred percent in this, and his confidence in himself made her feel better about her being a parent too. Even if she did everything wrong, if she was absolutely terrible at being a mother, Varian would be good enough of a father to make up for it.

Amren walked forward and peered at the tiny baby, her green eyes staring curiously back. Amren put out a hand and ran a finger down her soft cheek, and in response the baby closed her eyes. And just like that, she was asleep.

Amren looked up at Varian and held out her arms. With a smile on his face, he handed the baby to her to hold. Amren shuddered a breath with the baby in her arms, and she knew the truth. This baby was her daughter, and she would try to be the best mother she could be.

“Our baby,” Amren sniffled.

“I love you.”

“I will never be able to thank you enough, my love.”

A Halloween To Never Forget

Pairing: Dean x Daughter!Reader ; Sam x Niece!Reader

Warnings: SPN cannon violence, language, mentions cheating husbands, revenge, dead children, death, ANGST

Word count: 2765

A/N: This was written for Katie’s ( @winchesters-favorite-girl ) 31 Days of Halloween Challenge. The theme I picked was witches for day 21. I was originally going to write this as a fluff piece, but decided to change it to ANGST to get back at Katie for the ending of Make a Choice Dean (Check it out if you haven’t)

Summary: It’s Halloween and in your family’s line of work it’s never a good night. This year your dad and your uncle catch a case that turns out to be a witch and reluctantly brought you along. However, Sam has a past with this woman. What happens when she sets out for revenge?

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Lesbian Minerva McGonagall

I will defend this to my grave.

  • So as a child she grew up pretty much isolated from other children due to her magic
  • She has her younger brothers Malcolm and Robert who she loves with all her heart but she can’t help but feel different even in respects to her magical siblings.
  • So, when she goes to Hogwarts, she feels as though this weight has been lifted because so much more free to be herself.
  • She becomes well know to the entire school due to her hatstall and everyone wants to be friends with this stubborn, fierce Scottish girl who couldn’t be easily sorted.
  • Despite this, she’s very down to Earth and spends a lot of her time with the Hufflepuff Pomona Sprout.
  • Pretty much everyone wants to get to know her, and by the time she’s 15 she has the reputation of Hogwarts’ Heartbreaker because she has rejected every boy (and there have been a lot) that ever made any kind of romantic gesture.
  • Minerva McGonagall was unapologetically uninterested in boys and when she’s in her 5th year, her brother Malcolm spots her kissing a Ravenclaw girl under mistletoe at Christmas.
  • She becomes really worried that her family will hate her, but they all love her, and whilst the don’t necessarily understand it, they don’t think of her differently.
  • She is endlessly teased by her brothers about her crushes on various different school girls throughout the next two years. She laughs along, because she’s just relieved that they still love and care for her.
  • She’s very talented at Quidditch and in her 7th year at Hogwarts she becomes the Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. She’s very focused on winning half the time because she is insanely competitive and she’s completely unaware that she makes pretty much anyone swoon over her when she’s in her Quidditch kit.
  • After being made Head Girl she develops a massive crush on the Slytherin Head Girl and she is the only person in the school that can make Minerva blush and stumble over her own words.
  • Once she finishes her last year at Hogwarts, she returns home to her family and lives with them for a few months.
  • During these few months she falls in love with a Muggle Girl who lives in her village. McGonagall quickly realises that they cannot be together due to her magic - something she is not willing to give up.
  • She ends the relationship despite her feelings, because even if she were to give up her magical life for a muggle one, Minerva and the Muggle Girl would still not be allowed to be together due to the social stigma at that time.
  • Minerva leaves the village and begins to work for the Ministry of Magic but quickly becomes unhappy with the job because it’s not something she wishes to do.
  • Around seven months in to her new job as transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts, she receives an owl from her brother Robert who tells her that the Muggle Girl had been involved in a car accident and died.
  • Minerva in complete shock, cries until she is found by Dumbledore. She tells him everything and with his understanding and kind words they become close friends. 
  • (Up to his death, Minerva and Albus had frequent chats in his office and were huge gossips)
  • After a few years, when Minerva turns 29 she reconnects with a woman she worked with whilst working for the Ministry. They become close friends, and Minerva eventually realises that she’s in love with this Witch who reciprocates her feelings.
  • They had one of the strongest relationships and they were completely in love and by the time Minerva is 30 they live together.
  • Minerva realised that she couldn’t have kids of her own, but her Brothers’ children visited her and her partner regularly and were completely doted on.
  • She was a very private person outside of her family however. Most presumed that she wasn’t interested in marriage or having children.
  • (This was quite the opposite, really)
  • She felt as though she had so much love to give, but with the shadows of war beginning to emerge she knew she had to keep her partner safe.
  • She was very caring of everyone in her care at Hogwarts, she wanted everyone as safe as possible. Even the four boys from Gryffindor who drove her to distraction with their pranks and jokes.
  • Is completely aware of the Marauders wanting to become animagi and discusses the best route to go about becoming one with them. All hypothetically of course.
  • She loves being called Minnie by the Marauders because that’s what her Nieces and Nephews called her and she loved them.
  • Minerva getting invited to James and Lily’s wedding and being told to bring a plus one with her, of course, everyone grins and smiles when Minerva walks into the wedding hall, hand in hand with her Girlfriend.
  • Minnie cries when they eventually James and Lily exchange their vows because everyone is growing up and everyone is in danger and she doesn’t know how much longer everything is going to be like this.
  • She spends the rest of the wedding getting drunk and gushing about the love of her life to Remus and Sirius who smile, knowingly.
  • On more than one occasion, she babysat Baby Harry and would turn into a cat for him to fuss when he got restless.
  • After James and Lily’s death, as well as her youngest brother’s she realises that no one is safe. She even offers to provide for Remus and live with her and her Girlfriend. He declines, due to guilt.
  • As Harry grows, she becomes increasingly fearful of the safety of her loved ones, she does everything she can to keep everyone safe.
  • After the Second Wizarding War, Minnie becomes Headmistress of Hogwarts
  • (As thanks for her effort Kingsley Shaklebolt, Minister for Magic, allows same sex couples to legally be married in wizarding terms)
  • So, at the grand old age of 76, she gets married to the woman who has been by her side through almost everything, surrounded by all the people who mean the most to her.
  • And, as she looks at her Now-Wife’s smile, she waves her hand and lights the hall with thousands of soft small glowing embers, before leaning in to give her a kiss.
  • (And well, she always did want to use that spell) 
Supercorp Kid Fics

Dearly beloved SilentRain91

  • Lena isn’t surprised by neighbors knocking on her door to ask if she can spare a cup of sugar or a couple of batteries. What she doesn’t expect, however, is an impromptu proposal from her always-borrowing-sugar neighbor whom she barely knows…

The Fifth Wall Black_Tea_and_Bones

  • Kara goes to bed with Mon-El, and wakes up with Lena Luthor. But it isn’t Kara’s bed, and they’re not in Lena’s apartment, and that is definitely not their baby… Right?

listen closely and the stars will singcelaenos

  • Lena casts her mind around for the last time she felt this unmoored, this off-balance, by a woman, and can’t come up with anything. Kara Danvers is unlike anybody that Lena has ever met; the sweetest, bubbliest person Lena’s yet to come across, and simultaneously one of the saddest, who is probably lying to everyone that she meets. It’s an impossible contradiction to wrap your head around, and Lena should probably stop hiding in this bathroom and trying. (Or, Kara and Lena get parent-trapped into a relationship by a goofy little alien.)

The Danvers-Luthor Householdtheunexpectedwriter

  • They are married, and they have five kids. Here’s a glimpse of what goes on in their lives on a normal day.

I’ll never stop holding your handFreak5000

  • Kara is forced to overthink her feelings for Lena and their relationship when someone new enters their life.

Green Eyes & Freckles & Your Smile MaddDog

  • Kara and Lena have been dating for over a month despite Lena withholding one, pint-sized detail: Her daughter.

Of Love and Luthorsfritokays

  • AU piece about Lena retaining custody of her niece because why not? It’s really cute and so fluffy. There’s a little angst but the cute and fluffy sandwich it in there so you barely (I hope) feel it.

My niece has seen Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 twice now and both times she’s cried. She’s eight years old and her biological sperm donor jumped ship when she was nearing five years old. My sister has since remarried and my niece now has a man in her life that she calls ‘Daddy’ and he truly loves her like a daughter. My niece is old enough to understand and vaguely remember that another man is her actual ‘father’ but she’s not really old enough to understand why he’s gone and just sort of vanished. I also  should add that my niece has darker skin, hair, and eyes than her current father so she’ll always know they’re not blood related.

My niece is a very sensitive kid (she cried when I told her the story of the Titanic as we listened to ‘My Heart Will Go On’ in the car once) so when she started crying during GotG vol. 2 I just sort of shrugged it off but it hit me later why she blubbered both times starting at Yondu’s goodbye to Peter until the credits.

It hits her in a way that it could never hit me.

She has her very own Peter/Yondu situation. She will always probably wonder about her biological father and it will always probably hurt that he doesn’t want her, but at the same time, she has a dad just the same.

“He may have been your father, but he wasn’t your daddy” are probably precious words to an eight year old wrapped up in the plot of a movie.

I just love that the Yondu/Peter dynamic was done so well so kids (and adults) with daddys-not-fathers  like my niece can relate to such a relationship.

the I can’t believe I’ve never read an au where Kara’s pod crash lands right next to Fort Rozz and so Astra reaches Kara before Clark and this is an astra who hasn’t had 10 years of thinking Kara was dead, or who’s first interaction was with a full grown adult. She loves her niece, and she knows what the prisoners of Fort Rozz, some of the worst in the entire galaxy, would do to the daughter of Alura, even if she was a 13 year old child. And so they go into hiding