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Hi I don't know if you do this or not but your blog is popular so i just wanted recommend the fic "Just to See You Again" by MellytheHun. I just read it for the fifth time and felt the need to share it with you and your followers. Warning it's a tear jerker ❤

hah! I was just telling her how awesome her fics are and here is more proof, @loserchildhotpants. - Anastasia

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Just to See You Again by MellytheHun

(9/9 I 14,950 I Explicit I Sterek)

A sterek college!AU where writing student Stiles specializes in love letters, runs a blog about it and can be commissioned to write love letters on behalf of lovers who are at a loss for words.

He makes some cash, he’s good at what he does (especially when he gets to be a little more explicit in his letters), it pays for his textbooks and that’s all he’s really looking for and life is fine. That is, until someone anonymously commissions him to write a love letter to mathematics student, Derek Hale.

i decided to infodump about my RWBY OCs, Team STAR under the cut!! they’re part of a conjoined alternate universe with my friends and we’re gonna have our own little story/AU and it’s gonna be awesome

this post is a Work In Progress because i don’t have the mental energy to come up with everyone’s backstory and semblance in one go. feel free to hmu with suggestions, thoughts, comments, ideas, whatever i love to communicate

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is been a long time since i’ve posted something about the musicians au but here i’m with more information and A FANFIC UHULLLLLL
yeah babes, a f a n f i c. You can read in AO3 or in tumblr and in fanfiction


now for the cool part:

- It will take some time until Marinette sing without being anxious in front of Adrien, because he’s pretty, new, and she don’t knows him very well.

- He will always try to take some time to sit with her and practice, while also tries to discover a little bit more of the beautiful girl that haves a awesome voice.

- I made a playlist for Adrien, and trust me, he have some really good songs, like: Sunset Lover, Knee Socks, Middle, She Will Be Loved. You can check his playlist here

- Marinette doesn’t know that Adrien can sing, yet. But when she discovers….

- After multiples jams, dates, conversations, Adrien and Marinette finally start being best friends, and having scenes like the one you seen on the drawing up here.



Geoff: “Total. Control.”

COLLAAABBBBBBB//!!!! me and @atizay-se-lavi

she did the awesome lines 

and i colored it and wrote the extra dialouge bits!!

and it was SO fun doing this and i love it and @atizay-se-lavi is totally awesome and you should follow her and like collab wih her and all that good jazz


Important Cosette things to consider:

Cosette with political and social commitment before and without the Amis and Marius.

Cosette always noticing little changes of people and complimenting the barista on her new haircut or the girl from her lecture on her new dress.

Cosette simply telling everyone how beautiful they look when she thinks so.

Pastel dresses and combat boots.

Cosette taking long walks with dogs from animal shelters through the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Cosette bringing home flowers for Valjean and hanging photos of them on the walls so his room doesn’t look empty and cold like a prison cell.

Just. Cosette and Valjean.

Cosette knitting mittens and hats when it starts to get cold and giving them to homeless people and shelters.

Cosette baking cookies or making soup and showing up at the Amis’ apartments when someone forgets to eat during their finals again.

Also weakly tea parties with the nuns.

Toy Story AU!!!!

So Jack is an action figure of real life hockey player Jack Zimmermann, his kid is a girl that’s a massive fan of The Falconers.

Jack isn’t Jenny’s favourite toy, but it’s not a bad life. He gets played with often and every time there’s a game he’ll be pulled from his special shelf to watch it with her. He once got to go to a hockey camp for a whole summer. It was awesome.

When she’s not around, he spends most of his time perfecting the shots and replaying the stuff he saw real him do.

The rest of the toys don’t like him much, first because he’s obsessed with hockey, and second, it’s weird that he is based on a real person. Jack isn’t considered a ‘real toy’ by the others.

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Sol’s Flare

Written by - @that-cosplay-sans
Edited by - @rsfoster
Based on Outertale “Sol” Grillby design by @pyramidheaddezby art link:

The way to the place was a unique glimmering walkway of swirling stars and galaxies; that created a path to the entrance of the restaurant next to the resort.  I checked myself in the reflection of the dark glass one last time, straightened my dress, made sure no feathers were ruffled and my beak well glossed. Giving my reflection a nod; I resolved that, yes, I had the air of a regular patreon.  I hoped so anyway.  I had come for something particular after all.  Through rumors floating through the local station by the comet stream; I had heard the bartender was capable of mixing drinks that could aid monsters in various ways.  Hell, it is even said that the one week when my boss was rather relaxed it was because he ordered a drink from the bartender here. 

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we can even touch the stars

Summary: Of fate, names written inside book covers, and the space between fairy tale and reality. A Whisper of the Heart AU.

For the lovely anon who asked me for headcanons for this AU (sorry I went a bit overboard), and for @witchymomo because I love her and hope this helps her spirits lift!

Nico makes the connection for the first time the summer of his senior year, on an afternoon that’s sloppy with the kind of heat that makes breathing a chore.

The name is a simple one. Unassuming. Will Solace, written in the scrawling, fanciful letters of the head librarian. It’s not the kind of name that’s made to be noticed.

Nico notices it anyway.

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Bad Dracula (M)

(Gif Credit goes to Admin Smuttyfairy)

Genre: Horror/Smut/Romance

Summary: Lisa, your best friend, loves to party. You love quiet nights where you can dream about her friend Bambam. Bambam loves your smile, and your slender neck. A pushy invitation to a party, A wet dream that turns into a nightmare, and wait- are those fangs? (Vampire AU, Bambam x Reader, Best Friend!Lisa x Reader)

Warnings: Suffocation, Assault, Blood, Alcohol use

Word count: 6,136

Written by: Smutty Jaefairy

Here’s something I’ve meant to upload for a while now. I hope you guys enjoy! (I promise I’ll write less Bambam in the future OTL ) 

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Merry Christmas @yourunderwaterskies​ ! Thank you for being an amazing friend for all these years <3 and for all the FE gore of course

All these fanart are inspired by her awesome fics: The Tibarn/Reyson one is inspired by Reign because I fell in love with this dark AU

Chained Ike is my second fanart for The Hangman’s Knot (you can find the first one here), an AU where Ike and Soren are taken captive by the Daein troops….there is assassin!Heather in it, what else do you need?

Latest pic is for Ordered Chaos, a lovely fic about Soren’s life

Go read them!

Somewhere in My Dreams-2


This is part 2 for my @pjohoobigbang fic! There’s one more part after this, and it should be posted later today. Once again, I wanna thank everybody who managed and participated in the big bang this year! You guys are great. Also, go check out the amazing art that @grimreapercy did for this fic! You’re awesome, Shellie!

Make sure to read Part 1 before tackling this one. You can find it in this tag. If you have questions/comments about this AU, send me an ask bc I would love to talk! Hope you like it! 


Annabeth packs her clothes into an extra duffel bag that Rachel found stuffed in one of the closets of the Alpha house. Other than her clothes, she doesn’t have many belongings. A candle Rachel bought her. Four books that her mother left her. A few other, random things that she’s managed to collect over the years. She will pack those into the duffel as well.

Her body is operating on autopilot as she packs her things. Back in the meeting room, with her dad and the other Alpha, he had claimed that he was going to take Annabeth back to his pack with him. Immediately after, everyone was sent out of the room, Annabeth with a heart rate a mile a minute and Rachel clutching onto her arm in a death grip.

Later, her dad came back to the Alpha house and told her to pack her things.

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I looooove @mysupernaturalfics -she made me this amazing video as a trailer for Strawberry Wine 

Y’all should watch this and her other fanvids cause she truly has a gift :D 


Here’s the line up for the first eight characters in my Grimmsouls AU, drawn by the awesome @razenix. These eight are essentially the “party members” that are gonna be joining Ruby during her quest in Vale. 

There’s definitely gonna be more coming up but, I hope you enjoy for now.

You can check out info about the AU here

and read the fic on AO3

I’m sorry this is from a camera.. it sucks.. This is a fanart based on a au @decembercamiecherries  wrote recently~! This fic is so awesome~i love it with all my heart! <3 i wish it would continue… Check her fic if you haven’t! 

Also…leather jacket Gon is my new aesthetic…i regret nothing

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As a die hard itasaku shipper, what are your favourite itasaku fics?

OKAY ANON, here we go. I didn’t reply right away because I dug around and i really couldn’t pinpoint my top faves. I was on a KakaSaku binge for a long time lol. Here’s some I just read that I liked, and then I’ll hook you up with some awesome writers.

Pianissimo by Itonami  M - Complete

In a battle of deceit and control, Sakura comes on top the first time, but Itachi will not be played as the fool the next time around.

The Tortured by Serenity Komoshiro T- Incomplete

What if Itachi had met Sakura sooner? What if he took her under his tainted wings in order to make her stronger? What if in the process, she finds not only power, but love? What if… AU ItaSakuDei 

Disturbia by Lady Silvamord T - Complete (Everything by Lady Silvamord is good)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every action has an equal and opposite reaction - a concept that Itachi never fully understood, prior to this.

Vicissitudes by CountessMillarca E - Complete (Shisui/Itachi/Sakura)

Change. Sometimes it is necessary, and sometimes things are perfect the way they are and shouldn’t be messed with. (Not for the feint of heart)







There are so many others whose usernames I can’t remember, and I’m still on the hunt for great fics! 

have a doodle of these three adorable nerds going around playing Pokémon GO! used the design from jununy’s highschool au because they are absolutely cute and her blog for the au is damn awesome! 
Have fun everyone!

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Hey so LOVE the twins au! So, we know the DC twins switch places to cover one another, but have the kittens done it? How would adrien rock a dress and Adrienne a man's blazzer? Also, I know Mari likes sewing but I imagine Marin loves drawing. He and Nath are art buds. Also, I see Adrienne as a tennis player (so she's got an arm for the staff XD)

Thanks!! I love the idea of Adrienne as a tennis player, it’s a suiting sport for her. Maybe for this AU she plays violin instead (Gabriel wanted his kids to be well versed in their own things each I suppose) too, making for fun duets with her brother. Likewise, Marin and Marinette could do all sorts of collaborations. Though I admit, I kind of see him being the one who likes to sew and her being more into drawing in this AU. Either or, I think Marin would be good friends with Nathaniel.

Also yes! I’d imagine Adrien and Adrienne have switched too (Adrienne covering for Adrien in a fencing tournament while he’s off fighting an akuma and absolutely wrecking the competition. Or Adrien throwing on a wig and taking his sister’s place in a runway show and almost eating it trying to walk in those heels). It would mostly be during sports things tho since the first time they tried to cover for the other in a ended in a long scolding by Nathalie AND Gabriel…. 


so, here this one is. finally! feels like it’s took forever and it’s probably the most au type video i’ve made so any comments are always welcome!

big thanks to @austennerdita2533 for her lovely words, as well as @iemma-swan , @accidental-rambler and @klarolinekolvina . you’re all awesome and i hope you enjoy this one<3