and louis will do the same


If we can keep this on anon, because I don’t want the hassle I have seen others receive.

I know that it’s not a secret that they went to Jamaica, and that’s where I saw them as well. I do know who Harry and Louis are, so it was easy enough to recognize them from their tattoos. It wasn’t anything monumental, just them hanging out on the beach with some friends, they were sitting on the same lounger for most of the time, Harry had on an aqua tank top, I remember the colour specifically because it stood out, and at one point Louis was spraying suntan lotion on Harry’s face and laughing. As an observer I definitely thought they were a couple, but at the time I didn’t care enough to be bothered telling anyone aside from a friend who is a fan.

However since time has passed and they’re in the situation they are, I was guided to a place where I could pass it along.

Cheers xx

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Soo you say that larries choose to believe in some articles and ignore others but aren't you doing the same thing? How can you say that the articles about zayn criticising larries and the other where harry and louis say that larries made them stop interacting are the thruth?? And then others aren't You are choosing in which ones to believe..

How many times do I have to say it depends? Should you trust HollywoodLife? No. Should you trust The Sun? Usually, no. Should you trust Blind Gossip? Hell no. Should you trust People? Sometimes. Should you trust E! Online? Debatable. Should you trust TIME? Almost always. Should you trust CNN? Almost always. At the end of the day, you can decide for yourself though. I’m not going to tell you who to believe because it all depends. 

Since you asked, Zayn’s FADER article is reliable. Not only did he promote the article himself, FADER also included pictures and videos of Zayn during their interviewing process. Liam’s Attitude article is reliable for the same reasons Zayn’s interview with FADER is.

You have to understand that I am do not believe just any article that comes around confirming anything the boys have already told us. For example, Louis has made it clear several times that he is Freddie’s father. I do not need HollywoodLife or People or CNN to confirm that. However, this is not the case with Larries. They take articles from HollywoodLife and Inquisitor and TMZ and any other non-realiable, trash tabloid that says Louis has not taken a paternity test as proof without considering the validity of their reports. 

There is clearly a difference between the boys sitting down with a journalist and conducting an interview than a tabloid or news outlet relying second or third or fourth party information about the boys. You pick which one of these two options seems more reliable to you.

Don't Drag Me Down

by ryanwritesthings

Louis Tomlinson is a soon to be graduating senior with a Theater Arts degree, he has yet to finish up his last assignments. Needing to study, he visits the local cafe, but his private time is cut short when he introduces himself to a tall, curly haired boy seated next to him. After striking up a conversation, Louis learns the boy is a preformer, excited to find someone who shares the same interests. But when he finds out the preforming hes doing, hes not sure whether to be shocked or… . turned on.

lots of gay, such gay
so gay its gayer than me

Created July 2015 (Reupdate: February 2016)

Words: 2267, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’

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That wasn't the question. I know you think the baby is fake. The question is, why would Louis agree to do this, if he was ever gonna deny that the baby is his. He has publically announced that he has a baby called Freddie Reign Tomlinson. Are you calling Louis a liar? :)

I mean, technically he’s “lying,” in the same way he’s “lying” about not being with Harry. He doesn’t have a choice. He’s not in charge of his own image. I don’t see why this is so difficult: we don’t think this baby is real, therefore it doesn’t matter if his last name is Tomlinson or Jungwirth or freaking Dumbledore. A fake certificate with the signatures blacked out, which Louis most likely had nothing to do with, doesn’t make me think he’s a liar or that he’s legally claiming this kid. Sorry if I’m coming off as rude, but I just woke up and I’m super over this baby nonsense.

- Steph xx

A list of Canadian stereotypes (that I know of) by province:
  • British Columbia:Every one has a mountain man beard and are the gods of fishing. Children learn to wrestle bears and run for NDP candidacy at a young age. Actual communists. Movie stars and starving artists. The Canadian California.
  • Alberta:Oil, guns, money, racism. Stephen Harper is from here. Country music. Cowboy hats. World's second biggest indoor amusement park isn't actually that fun. Secretly owned by America probably.
  • Saskatchewan:Say the same 10 times fast. Flat.
  • Manitoba:Polar bears in Churchill. Lakes are basically a Rorschach test. Would choose Louis Riel in a fighting game. Everything important about Manitoba has to do with Louis Riel. Probably doesn't actually exist.
  • Ontario:Also called Downtown Toronto. Niagara Falls and the seat of government. Stage theatre everywhere. Canada's Wonderland exists and is actually pretty fun. Every Canadian movie or TV show takes place here. Thinks it's the Canadian New York. It isn't.
  • Québec:Bah ouai. L'alcoolisme. Most of Montréal actually speaks English. La partie Québecois is an accurate depiction of the province of a whole according to the TV. It probably isn't, but don't tell the rest of Canada that. The butt of most jokes.
  • Nova Scotia:Smol. Lots of lighthouses. Sidney Crosby is from here! Kind of a footnote as far as provinces go but it's purdy. Shaped like a fish. Acadians.
  • New Brunswick:The only actually bilingual province in Canada wtf. Bay of FUN-dy. More Acadians. Surprisingly gorgeous in places. A lot of cities for such a tiny place, but they're all in the southeast corner.
  • Newfoundland:big dogs, kiss the cod, usually drunk, used to be the gods of fishing. I's the bye that bilds tha boat and I's the bye that sails 'er.
  • Prince Edward Island:Smolest. Land of a thousand green gables. Red dirt and a lot of potatoes. There's a bridge so you can drive there if you want to. Actual theme park.
  • Yukon:GOLD!
  • Northwest Territories:Big and chilly. What America thinks most of Canada is like. Always snows. Multiple islands.
  • Nunavut:Fights with Denmark over Hans Island. The baby territory. Gotta fly supplies in. Worse economy than Weimar Germany. Free them.

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Why won't you answer my question about why Freddie has Lous' last name, if Louis is unsure whether or not he's the father? I understand that it is one of many things that prove it is his son, but i still think it is weird that you can't come up with some Larry conspiracy/lie to this one :)

Hello lovely followers,

Do you wanna know one of our biggest pet peeves?  When we don’t respond to a message just yet because we didn’t have time or any reason but we were going to respond.  However, before we can, the same anon messages us all self-righteous and then it’s like “you know what nah, I’m not gonna respond to you at all because you are rude and you don’t deserve it.”

That said, we ARE willing to answer this question as it is EASY to debunk if someone NICE wants to message us.

-Martha xx

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The delay between the birth & birth certificate is likely the same reason for the delay in announcing the birth on social media. Louis & Briana didn't have a name for the kid yet.

That is possible. You are right. There are enough other fishy things about this that we don’t need to get hung up on this one. To be fair though, I think most people would have a social media announcement like, “Baby boy born tonight. 7 lbs, 19 inches. Name hasn’t been decided yet. Mom and baby are doing well.”

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Same we know Jay does everything to help Louis, and I fully believe if she was there she would have been much more involved, maybe one less louis papping and one of her or something, Tammi was papped but nothing on Jay.

I do think things would have been different and we would have seen different things if Jay actually was in LA. Maybe something will pop up later to prove people wrong, but I don’t think she was there.

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Do you ever think about how this year Freddies got a baby, Louis posting a selfie with his baby and talking about his baby, & the Larries haven't even got a picture of Louis and Harry in the same space in 2016, & yet we're the ones who are pressed? Can the larries HONESTLY say they've gotten ANYTHING they've wanted since the hiatus went official? ONE THING? Whereas, since I have no needs or expectations beyond a hope that Louis might share some of his new life with us, I'm constantly satisfied.

They are substituting the bears for substantial things.  They get nothing, but they have the bears.

I am feeling very happy for Louis, and likewise hope he’ll share parts of his new life with us.

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I'm new and I'm trying to understand the fandom's dynamics. You always say that Louis is so enamored and "embarrassing" (I know you mean it in a positive way) but what about Harry? :( do you think he's not just as in love or that he doesn't care? Louis always looks so protective and careful but it doesn't look the same for Harry, there's no real evidence of his commitment towards Louis... This is what makes me doubt that they're a real couple to be honest

I get that perceptions are subjective, anon, but, really? That boy was completely gone 5 minutes after the piss incident in the loo! He stood zero chance, it’s been 50 years and he still looks at Louis as if hung the moon. I have a “They’re in love” and a “Harry’s in love” tag that are definitely screaming about it. 

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what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck is this "larry fanfic monument???!!!" please tell me that's a joke I cannot even /imagine/ how anyone could conceive it as a feasible idea do they understand tHERE'S A FUCKING LINE?!?!??! jfc it makes me so uncomfortable I have no idea how it must make harry and louis feel jesus FUCKING christ

This is the same fandom that wanted to provide “receipts” to OUT their “faves” and wanted to have a “Larry con”. This fandom continues to prove how gutter they truly are. 

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With the Danielle pictures, I've also heard they were all taken on the same day to be released through out the month. I have a question about that, actually. Why do you think they chose Danielle? Is her career not goingwell? I was a fan originally (I love the originals) but her smug smirks on every """date""" her and Louis go on annoy me too much to call myself a fan.

My opinion on her is that she needs to go away.

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why can't they be gone im tired maryhatch*tumblr*com /post/138999390505/louis-and-liam-writing-end-of-the-day

tbh the last line is funny but same… also who came up with the idea that a bunch of straight dudes write a “lesbian anthem”… i mean lesbians are great but that song is not a lesbian love song
and why do they always see liam as a hardcore straight dudebro…

I got this tattoo when I was twenty and finally becoming comfortable with my sexuality. I got it on my Achilles because that’s supposed to be your weak spot, and for so long I felt like not falling into the box demanded by heteronormative society was a flaw, a weakness.

When I saw that Louis had the same tattoo in almost the same spot (opposite ankles), I felt really fucking incredible. I obviously don’t know if the placement for him means the same as it does for me, but the symbolism is incredible. 

Whenever I see people saying that the triangle isn’t important I get so, so frustrated. Don’t minimize this. Celebrate it. I don’t know his specific reasons behind his placement the way I do mine, but the symbolism is there and it’s LOUD and it’s IMPORTANT.

Do you know what’s not consistent? Louis acting like he wants anything to do with this pregnancy, Mr. ‘I have no responsibilities next year’.

Do you know what is consistent? Syco using this story as a weapon against Louis at the same time they try to convince the public that the band is over.

I think that the last two weeks of publicity and PR narrative are being used for two different purposes:

1. to end babygate

2. to demolish Simon’s credibility and call attention to his foul methods AND make him squirm.

Azoff has known this fight was coming for two years.

He has lots and lots of time to marshal his forces and to plan his strategy.  He got the Daily Mail on their side and TMZ, by promising exclusives in order to run certain narratives that he chose.

He dug up various evidence of Simon’s transgressions and leaked them to the Larries. How did we know to dig into Ann Marie Sampson? How did Twitter find that old fake comedy video of the Simon impersonator? Why is Louis doing a play-by-play of Simon’s actions post baby? Why did Louis and Danielle do the exact same stunts that the winter girlfriends have always done? Why did Harry stage the yacht pics the way he and Kendall did?

Azoff is running this entire thing, and he’s not only freeing Harry and Louis (with their full cooperation I believe), but he’s set out to destroy Simon in the process.

We have no real clue of what Simon has put those boys through over the years (and I am including ALL of them). I can easily see a situation in which given the option they would chose to not only clean up their own PR but destroy Simon’s in the process. Why wouldn’t they want that? It helps them and its retribution and more importantly, it prevents him from being able to control and manipulate other acts the exact same way.

Uhm…people complaining because Harry is supposedly free while Louis is heartlessly left behind…do they realize that they all signed the same contract, time wise, yeah? That if Harry is free, then they’re all free? That the Sun decided to report the news this way to spin it in Modest-Syco’s favor and to try to stir further fear into the fandom by pushing the so obvious solo Harry angle, yeah?
It’s not about reading between the lines, it’s about reading between capital headlines, for God sake!