and louis is the mastermind in all of this

A few more things so you know where I stand:

Larry is real. My receipt is observation and critical thinking skills.

Louis is not a father, and he doesn’t want to be closeted. I’m also pretty sure there is no baby.

I don’t think 1D is going to break up, though some or all of them may do solo work in the meantime. I think it’s likely they’ll be back before we know it.

I think it’s very likely an Azoff, whether Irving or Jeff, is going to take over band management and the announcement is imminent.

Louis and Harry are the masterminds behind RBB, though they may enlist the help of others when needed.

I think it’s very likely Louis and Harry will come out within the year, likely soonish.

Louis and Harry are very smart and business-savvy, and it’s insulting to try to explain away their actions, particularly when doing so ignores the limitations of their closets.

I am willing to reconsider all of this but only if there is NEW evidence. I trust my interpretation of evidence we have available so far.