and louis and niall are literally in his shadow

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It's been to long already. Just GIVE US THE DAMN ALBUM. I think Dunkirk will come first, bth

I’VE BEEN SAYING THE SAME THING!!!! When it whole “late April early May” thing was said I was like ????? because I kinda thought he would want this to be his focus over Summer, and he wouldn’t want anything to shadow it for a few months.
BUT WHAT THE FUCK DO I KNOW? Nothing. I literally know nothing, that’s why I am stressed all the time. I’d like it to come after Dunkirk, to be honest.
Twiddling my fingers waiting for more from Niall… and Louis. LIAM… DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON LIAM FUCKING PAYNE!!!!!

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#11: Stockholm Syndrome

Notes: Liam’s like literally like getting kidnapped but like an AU, so just a heads up! Hope you enjoy! I really liked writing this one xx


Who’s that shadow holding me hostage?
I’ve been here for days
Who’s this whisper telling me that I’m never gonna get away?

“Who…who’s there?” He whimpered. You heard him wiggling around in his chair, trying to break loose. Cursing at yourself mentally, you hoped you tightened the rope hard enough so that he wouldn’t break loose. You sat patiently in the chair located in the corner of the room, watching how he wiggled his arms and legs. His hair was knotted and messy, frizzy too. The chair you were sitting on creaked and Liam’s head shot up, although he couldn’t see anything, you were startled and nervous that he could. “What do you want?” He spat, making you sigh. The plan was to keep silent until people came looking for him, or at least that was the order you were given. “I don’t have anything for you.” He spoke through his teeth, “No money, no weapons, nothing.” You rolled your eyes as if he could see you and got up from the chair. This wasn’t really your job. You were usually the one in the field, doing the exciting stuff rather then babysitting the captive. You stomped over to him and ripped the blindfold from his eyes, reluctantly, you realized the chocolate brown in his eyes with specks of gold shining through them. If anyone wanted to keep him hostage it would be for his eyes. “Why are you doing this?” “It’s my job.” You replied quickly, “But if you don’t shut up, he’ll never let you leave.” “Who’s he?” Liam was full of questions. Full of questions you couldn’t give him the answers to.


I know they’ll be coming to find me soon
But I feel I’m getting used to
Being held by you

“I’m sorry, you know I should really just be going.” He was rushing around, trying to pick up all of his belongings. You had never seen him so frantic before. It was early in the morning, the time when your mind was just waking up. Apparently, Zayn’s mind had been waking for much longer. You ogled at him, admiring the way his tired eyes were gazing all around the room, and how his hair was so messy with estranged pieces falling upon his forehead. “You know you don’t have to go.” Your voice, as sweet as the way you kissed him, caused him to stop moving. Zayn knew he didn’t have to, but he also knew that if he did, he would be in trouble. “I-“ He began to say, choking out the words, except they weren’t coming out. Lifting yourself up on one elbow, you kept an arm across the sheet over your chest, holding it up to cover your bare body. The light feeling against your skin was calming, and you wanted to give that calming feeling back to Zayn. You slid yourself off the edge of the bed, holding the sheet still over you, but when you reached Zayn, standing only a few inches from him, you let the sheet slip to the ground. A puff of air hit your feet and chills ran up your naked skin. Zayn, still speechless, dropped his clothes to the ground. He would let you keep him calm, and so much more.


Baby, look what you’ve done to me
Baby, look what you’ve done now
Baby, I’ll never leave if you keep holding me this way

“Let’s play a game.” You proposed, watching Louis’ eyes perk up with the playful thought. “What kind of game?” You had been waiting for a month to try and work out what exactly you wanted to do. Even though you were becoming excited, you did your best to hide it, and show a much more serious side to Louis. “You have to close your eyes.” “Am I not going to get any clue?” You twirled with the bandana behind your back. With a sigh, Louis shut his eyes and you tied the bandana around his head, keeping him from seeing anything. “Oh, I think I’m going to like this game.” He rubbed his hands together as you pushed him along to the bedroom. On the dresser, you had planed handcuffs for your plan, and you set Louis on the bed. You directed him to lay down on his back, and even though he was skeptic, he did as he was told. Without warning, you handcuffed each hand to the headboard and came to straddle his waist.  “Y/N what on earth-“ “Shh.” You placed your lips onto his for a brief kiss, and then began trailing your lips down his neck, reaching your hands to caress all over his body. You felt him shiver beneath you from your touch and he said in a playful tone, “Ok, I think I am going to like this game.”


Who’s this man that’s holding your hand
And talking about your eyes?
Used to sing about being free by now he’s changed his mind

Niall would look in the mirror but didn’t recognize the person staring back at him. This reoccurred often for him.  “You’ve changed because of her.” Many told him, but he often shrugged them off, not paying attention to their useless comments. They knew about you and your ways of mesmerizing, but they never thought Niall would have fallen under your spell. He had utterly become a different person because of you; he was saying and doing things that he never thought he would. Niall often reveled in the feeling of being alone, of being free to do as he pleases, go out with whomever whenever, never with the regret of doing so. Now, well, now it was a completely different story. He made sure to put you first in any choice he had to make. He would turn down his friends’ outings, all for the mere thought of wanting to spend more time with you. But what surprised him the most about all of this, about being so involved with you…is that he enjoyed it. Niall liked not being alone, not being free. He looked forward to waking up next to you, to spending endless nights with you, to be completely and utterly yours for eternity no matter what anyone had to say about it.


All my life I’ve been on my own
I use a light to guide me home
But now together we’re alone
And there’s no other place I’d ever wanna go

It was no secret that his relationships never seemed to last. They were flings: something to have fun with, but never anything to serious that got anyone hurt. When he met you, all of this changed. Suddenly, it was as if his heart had been taken hostage, and you were the one keeping it on a shelf for him to see. As much as this shocked him, he didn’t mind it at all. Harry was content with the thought of it just being you and him for as long as it mattered. “Are you happy?” You asked him, your head draped on his lap as his fingers weaved there way through your hair. He peered down at you, giving a puzzled grin. “Why do you ask that?” You shrugged against his legs and turned your gaze toward the opposite end of the room. “Your life is so different now. I was just wondering if you were ok with that.” Your voice was soft, kind-hearted, much like your actions were. Part of the many reason Harry had been OK with his heart being wrapped up by you. “Hey.” Harry told you, taking his finger under your chin and pulled your head back toward him. Now that your eyes were locked together, there was no chance of breaking that apart and he breathed: “I’ve never been happier.”