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What Happens to Morty’s Abandoned in the Daycare?

What happens to the Morty’s who get abandoned at the Morty Daycare? I know the idea of a naughty Storage Rick has crossed a lot of people’s minds but I like to think of a different scenario playing out. One a little more sweet~

Some of the Morty’s are abandoned by choice. The person who previously ‘owned’ them drops them off and simply fails to return, they have no use for them and so there they stay to wonder when someone will come back or IF someone will come back. Other Morty’s get dropped with the intention to stay only a few days but perhaps end up staying much longer when there trainer meets and unfortunate end.

Storage Rick knows which ones are abandoned. They sit there day in and day out with the hope slowly dwindling in there eyes. And eventually he’ll hear stories through the many people who stop by about this or that trainer meeting an unfortunate fate or they’ll notice how a trainer fails to meet the eyes of the abandoned Morty.

It doesn’t bother him at first. He has a job to do and it pays well so why worry about other people? why worry about the Morty’s there fed. They get a place to sleep. It’s not HIS fault that those other damn Rick’s don’t understand how LUCKY they are to have a Morty. He’s never had one, he’s never had a Beth either. No family, no problems. Just him and the large chunk of change he gets for doing his job.

But that all crumbles eventually. It starts with one scruffy Morty, that just wont stop hoping. Everyday its “Have you seen my Rick? Has he stopped by? Is he picking me up soon? He said he’d be back in a few days.“ Storage Rick doesn’t even care but he goes to find out what happened to this damn Rick just so he can get the kid off his back. When he eventually finds out the guy got himself killed he feels a little sick. It takes a few days before he works up the courage to tell the Morty, but he doesn’t have to. The moment the words “Hey kid im sorry-” leave his mouth the little guy is already in tears.

And storage Rick has NO idea what he’s thinking but he can’t stand to watch this loyal hopeful Morty just crumble in front of him so before he knows what he’s doing he’s asking the kid if he wants to stay at his house. Not permanently, he just has an extra bedroom and whatever.

Before he sees it coming Storage Rick has amassed a small army of Morty’s he’s had to buy a bigger home in order to house all his new grandsons but its a kind of chaos he had no idea he ever needed in his life. Some of the Morty’s there are permanent others are just there for a few days before they’re returned to there proper universe but its just one big family.

Storage Rick wakes up every morning to fresh pancakes for breakfast, and he comes home each evening to a clean house and a big dinner. Sure there are rough patches because having that many Morty’s in one house is bound to cause drama but Storage Rick would not exchange his new family for anything in the world.

AND OH GOD FATHERS DAY. All the Morty’s are in competition with each other each trying to outdo the last. All day long Rick’s getting gifts and cards and food as each Morty does there best to show there appreciation. Despite Rick’s best attempts to act unfazed he can’t help but crack a smile and thank each of his darling Morty’s for doing there best.

Just imagine Storage Rick, going from a loveless, man with no family to the happiest Rick to exist because he has a big house packed with happy thankful Morty’s that he rescued. Imagine him feeling overwhelmed some nights when he lays in bed because he remembers how lonely he use to be and now he has so much. Imagine the Morty’s who get abandoned and forgotten, imagine how scared and sad they must feel. Imagine a Morty abandoned and alone suddenly being adopted by Storage Rick who takes him home, to this large vibrant household full of happy Morty’s ready to welcome anyone.

JUST IMAGINE THIS HAPPY CHAOTIC HOUSEHOLD. I came up with this awhile ago while chatting with @gaily-daily who fueled the flames of Storage Rick being grandfather of the year. And it was about time I shared it all with you.

Headcanons regarding what goes on in the Morty Daycare

*Every Morty who goes in is given a free Zelda 3DS and a variety of games. A lot of them love Animal Crossing.

*Although Storage Rick runs the place, other Ricks will often volunteer to help take care of the Mortys. Super Fan Rick is the most frequent volunteer, for obvious reasons.

*Sometimes the Mortys use dream devices to enter Asleep Morty’s mind. He has really nice dreams, too. They don’t call him the happiest Morty on Earth for nothing.

*They’ve also tried to enter Sleepy Morty’s mind to help him with his nightmares. It didn’t end well, and none of them slept for weeks afterwards.

*Because the Mortys are all horny as all get out, they will often “experiment” with one another. They think the Ricks don’t know.

*Test X72 Morty is intelligent, but his mouth can’t form words. He communicates primarily through singing. Mermaid Morty acts as a translator for those who can’t understand him.

*Cold Morty was once caught warming his hands over Flaming Morty. Fortunately, Flaming Morty was understanding and allowed Cold Morty to continue doing so.

*Crazy Cat Morty likes to hide under Spooky Morty’s sheet.

*Whenever one of the Mortys has a panic attack, Rabbit Morty will let them pet him to calm down.

*Skeleton Morty can play his ribs like a xylophone.

*Flaming Morty and Frozen Morty are best friends, but they can never touch because doing do will hurt them.

*Mini Morty likes to ride on the brim of Cowboy Morty’s hat.

*Greaser Morty and Hippie Morty use slang from the 50′s and 60′s, respectively. The other Mortys find this annoying.

*Old Morty comes from a universe where he is Beth’s father and Rick’s grandfather.

*Sometimes the Mortys annoy Flaming Morty by roasting marshmallows over him.

*Spoon Morty really likes Yogurt. I mean, REALLY likes yogurt.

Good places to take your crush

By Fox William Mulder.

Forests - Be one with nature. Avoid holes

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Haunted house on Christmas. Because Halloween is predictable.

Dark stairwells (if possible with assailants.)

Crappy motels

Shopping trips. 

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Cruises on ghost ships in time loops. Or boats with holes in.

Or any activity that may lead to a trip to hospital. Because nothing screams romance like the smell of disinfectant.

Honourable mentions to parking lots, crappy diners, underground filing storages, insane asylums, cult HQs and sewers.


Silvia: So you technically use here as a storage for your stuff. 

Danny: A lot of my stuff is here, yes. 

Silvia: Maybe your stuff can stay here. 

Danny: Just my stuff.

Silvia: Well, if you want to join your stuff, we can do that too. 

Danny: When can I join my stuff? 

Silvia: Next week, tomorrow, today…. now…

Danny: Okay. I think I’ll join my stuff here, now. 

And that’s the story of how Danny and Silvia began living together. 

Zootopia/Robin Hood fan fiction TAKE A STAND ch.24 Salut d’amour

(AN/ Hi Folks it’s Garouge / Crewefox here with another chapter of Take a Stand, thank you to everyone who liked, followed, faved, reviewed and reblogged the last chapter. Not going to lie folks, I cried a lot writing this one so get your tissues ready. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…..)

Here’s the link…

Chapter 24- Salut d’amour

It was just after 9am when Nick and Judy pulled into the parking lot of the storage locker place on the outskirts of Savannah central, Nick switched off the engine and the both of them got out of the audi convertible and scanned their surroundings to make sure they weren’t being spied upon. “Which locker did Skye said we need to go to?” Nick asked, sounding serious.

“86.” Judy replied, noticing the were stood in the 50 to 60s area. The duo followed the numbers to their desired location, most of these lockers were made with very large mammals in mind like Giraffes and Rhinos making Nick and Judy appear tiny, they finally reached locker 86 and Judy knocked twice on the metal shutter, almost instantly the small mammal sized hatch on the door opened with Jack beckoning them in.

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Our Cosplay Craft Room

It’s hard taking photos of your craft space when you’re constantly using it.  But with Katsucrunch finally over, we’ve finally been able to photograph some of our favorite pieces in our craft room!  We constructed this room with the goal of having lots of storage and lots of open space sewing parties with friends.  There were some really specific pieces of furniture we wanted, but at the same time we didn’t want to break the bank - much of what you see is DIY-ed together, re-painted, or reupholstered.  After many years of sewing in the middle of the living room floor, having a bright, open space to craft really makes a huge difference!  This room is 14x15ft all together, and even if you don’t have a big or dedicated space, there are still lots of things you can do to improve your own craft area.

Some tips:

  1. Give yourself some storage space.  It’s hard to keep your craft area clean if you don’t have the space to keep your projects.  We store our scrap fabric and current projects in large square bins.  Smaller items are organized in the desk drawers, and less-used items are stacked in closet bins.  Drawers and labeled ziplock bags also make a great way to store away wigs while taking up very little space.
  2. Hang whatever you can.  Mount your wigs!  Mount your rulers!  Mount your thread!  Anything you can fix to the wall is one less thing covering your work surfaces.
  3. DIY the heck out of your furniture.  Unfortunately we can’t show you where to buy either our double-wide desk or the rolling cutting counter… because we made them ourselves!  Commercial “craft” labeled furniture with lots of storage can be really pricey - the Pottery Barn equivalent of our cutting island clocks in at $1,000.  We made our two big work surfaces for around $300 using pieces from Ikea, a saw, and a drill.

We’ll be writing some more specific how-tos for how to make the below items for your own cosplay craft room, so check back on the below link soon!

Double wide desk / Cutting counter / Wig rack /  Magnetic pin board

What I’ve Learned About Notebooks From My Last 4 Years of College

1. Multiple Subject Notebooks

I highly recommend multi-subject notebooks for a lot of reasons. If you are someone who has a hard time staying organized or are a bit forgetful, take care of yourself and just keep everything for the quarter in one notebook. This can also help if you don’t have a lot of storage space in your living area or backpack. It can help leave room for your textbooks and laptop. If you’re the kind of person that likes to preserve your notes for later, you’ll also be able to easily organize by quarter.

2. You’ll Probably Use Less Space Than You Think

There is only one notebook that I’ve completely filled and that was an Algebra notebook that I bought from Daiso. The rest of my notebooks have a lot of pages in the back that were unused. My solution to this has been to buy smaller notebooks to decrease that waste and keep organization, or just use multiple subject notebooks. However, this has also made me less afraid of taking up a lot of space when I feel the need to and turning to the next page for organizational purposes.

3. Take Notes On Syllabus Day

In most of my notebooks, I have a page from the first day of class and I have usually used those to answer a question about the teacher that I had later in the quarter. If I don’t have that, I have a marked up copy of the syllabus, which answers the questions. 

4. Date Your Notes

This has been really helpful to note only me, but my peers. Before I have started taking notes every day, I make sure I have the date written down. This has helped me figure out what has been covered on what days. It has allowed me to give notes to peers if they happened to miss class.

5. Mark Sections

This can be done by test section, chapter, or whatever else makes sense for your individual classes. I’ve typically marked sections with flags, that way I can easily turn to the new section if need be. If you happen to be using a multiple subject notebook, definitely color code these.

6. Headlines Will Save Your Life

We’ve all seen the beautiful note taking posts with nice headlines. They work. You don’t have to put as much effort into them, but just make them bigger and noticeable for your future-self to be able to reference. You’ll be happy you did. 

7. Consider Transcribing Digital Notes

In the last year, I’ve taken all of my notes digitally. When I have had time, I’ve transcribed those to a notebook and organized them as a way of studying them. This makes them looks nice and familiarizes me with the information. 

8. Perfect Notes Don’t Exist

The most important thing I want to say is your notes are perfect just the way they are if they are organized in the way that works for you, you can reference back to them for the information you need, and you can read them. They don’t have to be beautiful or cute. They just need to work for you. I’ve struggled when I’ve tried to make pretty notes while in class. Make a system that works easily for you and follow it. If making pretty notes is what will help you, then by all means go ahead and organize them, but consider waiting until you are back at your desk. 

These have been my experiences with notebooks. Your experience might be different, so by all means find your own methods and make your notebooks work for you in whatever way they need to. Good luck out there!

Imagine being Nicks oldest daughter and being assigned to work ‘under’ Barba.

Requested by anon.

Warning: Sexualness (not really), Sexayyy Barba, Fatherly Nick, Barba vs. Nick

****** You are 20 years old*******

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kitlntincr  asked:

Which MacBook do you think the sims would work best on? Macs have a lot of storage which I need so I want to get one. But I don't know which will work with the game. I plan on getting one used or refurbished. I don't know if you are the person to ask but you seem smart.

Personally, if I were you, I would try to look at some Windows laptops instead for playing The Sims on. There’s nothing wrong with MacBooks, but if you do more than just simple browsing/design/productivity work, you have to be okay with a few trade-offs when it comes to gaming and the like. 

The price you pay for a cheaper Mac can get you a much more powerful Windows laptop that can do everything a MacBook does, and more. Cheaper Macs come with cheaper specs, which means you’re not going to be able to play The Sims smoothly at high graphics. You might be able to play it at an acceptable frame-rate at medium or so, but obviously that isn’t ideal. If you pay the same price for a more powerful Windows laptop, you’ll find it much easier to play the game at higher settings.

If you’re still insistent on getting a MacBook, maybe take look at the MacBook/MacBook Pro models made after 2014. The Air looks like it can barely run iMovie. :P


MUN: (Oh my! Thanks a lot for wanting to give her a new weapon, but i don’t think such a gun could exist in One Piece. I’ve taken a look and even the most cool looking guns in the Manga/Anime/Movies, look old pirate style.)

(Cannot add it to the Storage. But thanks for making me draw this meme xD)

Whoever doesn’t get it, Google “ALIENS meme”.

Low Space on Phone

Hey guys! I know this isn’t Supernatural related, but I thought I would post this to save a life.

On my phone, I have 16gb but recently I’ve had no space. I have quite a lot of music (nearly 2gb rip) but above that was Tumblr. It had taken up about 4gb, along with iFunny. I’m pretty sure this is because it doesn’t delete your cache.

DELETE YOUR TUMBLR APP AND REINSTALL. I literally got 4 gb from doing that back and everything is the same. Just remember your password!

If you have an iPhone, check your phone space by going to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage. If Tumblr is taking up a lot of space, I recommend doing this.

If you know someone who has this problem, tell them! Reblog to save a life :)

i used to wear tights sometimes and before that i wore tights a Lot, tights are such a look, i think i got rid of a lot of my pairs though but next time i go to my storage unit im gonna find some tights to start wearing again :~¥