and lots of storage


There was a time before the Pocket Mortys craze when C-382 and D-416 actually got along pretty well. 


1 hour plus no lineart/sketch challenge - I’m a little out of practice with watercolour, so I thought I’d better paint something and who else to do except the literal water gem :3

RFA reacts to MC’s phone breaking and she can’t get on the chat.




  • Yoosung doesn’t worry about it too much at first. 
  • He just gets absorbed into LOLOL again so that’s all he’s thinking about. 
  • Until hOURS LATER.
  • Starts to seriously get worried. 
  • Rapid fire spams her phone with messages, pretty much close to tears.
  • Did he do something wrong?? Is MC okay??
  • Can’t go to class, he’s so worried Not that he would’ve gone anyways.
  • So relieved when she finally messages him back, although he feels a little silly for overreacting.
  • Never tells her just how bad his overreaction got.


  • He was so proud of the selfie he sent her. He looked gooood  ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ – ✧
  • Wasn’t too worried about her not replying immediately. She was probably just so blown away that she was speechless. 
  • After awhile, though, he starts to feel a little bit hurt. 
  • He didn’t think she was annoyed by his selfies…but maybe she was?
  • Starts to feel bad about all the selfies he’s swamped her with. He should’ve toned it down…
  • Can’t focus on his acting practice. Can’t remember his lines and starts to get annoyed with how much he has to look at himself. 
  • MC probably thought his picture was annoying so now it’s annoying him too. 
  • Finally, a couple days later, MC sends him a selfie of herself and her new phone, explaining everything. 
  • Sends her another one of him totallynotfreakingoutatall
  • Hewaschillthewholetimewhatareyoutalkingabout.


  • Can barely reply to messages herself thanks to how much work she has Thanks Jumin
  • So when MC sees her message and doesn’t reply, she’s not too worried about it. 
  • She’s probs busy and Jaehee 100% understands. 
  • But after a couple of days, she’s worried MC’s hurt, not busy. 
  • Starts asking around the RFA to see if anyone else has heard from her, no dice. 
  • Keeps working so she doesn’t worry, but can’t work as proficiently as usual because she can’t shake off the worrying. 
  • Remain calm Jaehee. She’s probably okay. Don’t freak out. 
  • But what if she’s not?? She wants to help her but she doesn’t want to overreact…
  • Right as she’s about to call the police or the hospital, MC messages her on her new phone and apologizes for worrying her. 
  • Won’t admit she might’ve overreacted a little, but sets aside time away from work so they can go for an extra long coffee break. 
  • So relieved her bae’s okay ♥


  • Immediate possessive-panic mode. 
  • She read it and just…left?? What even?? Did he just lose her??
  • Not even a day later, he’s convinced she’s dead. Or seriously injured. 
  • CRUSHED that he couldn’t convince her to stay by his side where it was safe. 
  • No work that day. Nope. Gotta worry about MC Sorry Jaehee…
  • 1000% ready to start a nation-wide search like he did for Elizabeth the 3rd. Ads on all the websites. Commercials on television. Calling everyone he could. He didn’t care, he just wanted his MC. 
  • Jaehee only convinces him against it when she gets MC’s address (Other than Rika’s apartment) from 707 so he can go visit her himself. 
  • Doesn’t even feel silly when MC explains what happened, just INCREDIBLY relieved. MC’s pretty embarrassed, tho. 
  • Buys her the nicest phone possible and the most protective case he can find so it doesn’t break again. 
  • Treats her to a nice dinner that night, glad to see she was okay.
  • MC turns off the read receipts, though (´・_・`)


  • Sent MC another reeeally lame joke. Maybe even a pun. He wasn’t surprised that she didn’t respond. 
  • Tries to lighten the mood with another joke. But now she’s not reading that one??
  • Was his first joke really do bad to start ignoring him? Probably but still.
  • Finally hacks into the CCTV, just to check on her. Sees the broken phone and understands everything. 
  • Sends her a new one, along with a kitty cat case (◕ ワ ◕✿)
  • But the phone wasn’t without a few…alterations 
  • He makes sure it’s got a lot of storage and even some good graphics if she wants to play some mobile games Like Mystic Messenger, but that’s not all. 
  • ALWAYS autocorrects 707 to “707, DEFENDER OF JUSTICE!!!” no matter what. Although MC starts just calling him 7 to get around this. 
  • Changes all her contacts to “It’s a mystery~ (・o・)
  • But the most important thing is that he basically gives it NOKIA level sturdiness. Just to make sure it doesn’t break again  ♥
What Happens to Morty’s Abandoned in the Daycare?

What happens to the Morty’s who get abandoned at the Morty Daycare? I know the idea of a naughty Storage Rick has crossed a lot of people’s minds but I like to think of a different scenario playing out. One a little more sweet~

Some of the Morty’s are abandoned by choice. The person who previously ‘owned’ them drops them off and simply fails to return, they have no use for them and so there they stay to wonder when someone will come back or IF someone will come back. Other Morty’s get dropped with the intention to stay only a few days but perhaps end up staying much longer when there trainer meets and unfortunate end.

Storage Rick knows which ones are abandoned. They sit there day in and day out with the hope slowly dwindling in there eyes. And eventually he’ll hear stories through the many people who stop by about this or that trainer meeting an unfortunate fate or they’ll notice how a trainer fails to meet the eyes of the abandoned Morty.

It doesn’t bother him at first. He has a job to do and it pays well so why worry about other people? why worry about the Morty’s there fed. They get a place to sleep. It’s not HIS fault that those other damn Rick’s don’t understand how LUCKY they are to have a Morty. He’s never had one, he’s never had a Beth either. No family, no problems. Just him and the large chunk of change he gets for doing his job.

But that all crumbles eventually. It starts with one scruffy Morty, that just wont stop hoping. Everyday its “Have you seen my Rick? Has he stopped by? Is he picking me up soon? He said he’d be back in a few days.“ Storage Rick doesn’t even care but he goes to find out what happened to this damn Rick just so he can get the kid off his back. When he eventually finds out the guy got himself killed he feels a little sick. It takes a few days before he works up the courage to tell the Morty, but he doesn’t have to. The moment the words “Hey kid im sorry-” leave his mouth the little guy is already in tears.

And storage Rick has NO idea what he’s thinking but he can’t stand to watch this loyal hopeful Morty just crumble in front of him so before he knows what he’s doing he’s asking the kid if he wants to stay at his house. Not permanently, he just has an extra bedroom and whatever.

Before he sees it coming Storage Rick has amassed a small army of Morty’s he’s had to buy a bigger home in order to house all his new grandsons but its a kind of chaos he had no idea he ever needed in his life. Some of the Morty’s there are permanent others are just there for a few days before they’re returned to there proper universe but its just one big family.

Storage Rick wakes up every morning to fresh pancakes for breakfast, and he comes home each evening to a clean house and a big dinner. Sure there are rough patches because having that many Morty’s in one house is bound to cause drama but Storage Rick would not exchange his new family for anything in the world.

AND OH GOD FATHERS DAY. All the Morty’s are in competition with each other each trying to outdo the last. All day long Rick’s getting gifts and cards and food as each Morty does there best to show there appreciation. Despite Rick’s best attempts to act unfazed he can’t help but crack a smile and thank each of his darling Morty’s for doing there best.

Just imagine Storage Rick, going from a loveless, man with no family to the happiest Rick to exist because he has a big house packed with happy thankful Morty’s that he rescued. Imagine him feeling overwhelmed some nights when he lays in bed because he remembers how lonely he use to be and now he has so much. Imagine the Morty’s who get abandoned and forgotten, imagine how scared and sad they must feel. Imagine a Morty abandoned and alone suddenly being adopted by Storage Rick who takes him home, to this large vibrant household full of happy Morty’s ready to welcome anyone.

JUST IMAGINE THIS HAPPY CHAOTIC HOUSEHOLD. I came up with this awhile ago while chatting with @gaily-daily who fueled the flames of Storage Rick being grandfather of the year. And it was about time I shared it all with you.

Minimalism Meets College: Minimalist Tips

1. Giant Backpack, No More: Put your large NorthFace or traditional styled backpack to the side, and transition to a lightweight, simple oversized tote or purse-type backpack.

In it, include: a simple wallet that carries importance cards and your school ID; (a repurpose DIY) a glasses case as a pencil case that can hold: 2-3 pens, 2 pencils, a sharpie and a highlighter; your day planner or journal (depending on how you keep track of assignments and things-to-do); your laptop and/or notebooks (if your classes don’t permit electronic note taking); and your room and/or car key(s).

2. Take Control of Your Notes, Structure Over Stress: If you’re a visual or kinesthetic learner, taking your notes by hand is helpful. If you’re an auditory learner, try recording your notes. For ease, designate one notebook for each class to make reviewing and maintenance easier (option: color coordinate too for easy identification). Organize your material by going digital. For each class, create a file for writing assignments/essays on your laptop. This makes sorting through past papers easier and decluttering/removal less tedious.

3. Downgrade Your Dorm: Don’t just leave decluttering for your room at home, take it to college with you. The struggle between your social life and academics is never ending; however, having a clean, organized, simple room (with your own special flare and style) can ease the daily stress of being a college student. Having a space of your own—that embodies your minimalist attitude/outlook—allows you to further embrace and practice a minimalistic lifestyle that is genuine to you. Avoid the bad habit of focusing on and adding décor to your dorm to make it feel personal—it only promotes clutter as you’re not in need of all that décor. Being a college student isn’t easy. Take this as the perfect opportunity for a low-budget, room make-over. In addition, if you’re an out-of-state student who moves out of their dorm every school year, doing more with less in your dorm makes storage and travelling a lot less stressful and easier to manage: you’ll pack fewer clothing items, shoes, health and beauty products; you won’t have to pay so much for storage (especially if you share a unit with other students who might need the space); and you will not leave as many items behind for someone who lives nearby campus to hang onto for you. As a bonus, move-in day will no longer be “move-in week”.

4. That’s Money, Honey: As a given, minimalism allows you to save money. Use this advantage to manage your college budget, you’ll be surprised how much money you might save. Your college budget might not be as small as you once imagined. Rather, your budget will prove to be livable and fitting for your lifestyle. Take this as an opportunity to start practicing financial habits that could carry over into adulthood. In addition, renting your textbooks and/or reselling them is a good way to cut down on buying full price textbooks and not accumulate a library of books you’ll never use again. Try to avoid hanging onto books “just-in-case” someone else might need them. Go ahead and sell, or rent to begin with so you’re not left with that load on your hands. For novels and such, try going digital with your books on a tablet or Kindle—or buy eBooks (if permitted by your professor).

5. Recycle the School Year: Feel free to recycle old notes, exams, and/or papers from courses you’re sure you’ll never revisit. If you feel the need to keep a paper or exam (until graduation or end of the year), digitally save them on your laptop for later use then delete them. If anything, general notes for courses can be found online as well, so try to avoid getting too attached.

6. Apply What You Learn: Reduce mental clutter and apply what you learn after you’ve learned it. This can be done by immediately starting on a homework assignment, assigned reading, or reviewing your class notes after your classes. This improves your cognitive retention about the material, reduces stress when it comes to exam time, and promotes healthier learning habits that can result in long-term academic success.

Nice to see y'all are enjoying these time traveling shenanigans just as much as I am! (・ω・)ノ


He was assigned to you in the beginning, as a councilor of sorts. That was something he would never mind doing; he enjoyed helping anyone who wanted it.

However, something about you seemed different than others he had worked with.

Yes, you were frazzled- an expected response- but you accepted him, trusted him, at a much faster rate than he was used to.

It was……..refreshing?

Either way, you quickly became one of his favorite students and closest friends. His team of two suddenly became a group of three, and he was left with a confusing feeling, striking him silent in the most peculiar moments.

“You called me master?” Genji peaks around the open door leading out to a close grassy cliff side, perfect for meditation.

“Yes, do you have time to speak with me?” Zenyatta sits there, petting a stray cat in his lap, under the shade of a large tree.

“I do.” He settles next to his master, cross legged as always. “May I ask about what?”

“Of course,” he rests his hand on the back of the purring cat, “I wish to speak of my emotions. They have become more and more confusing as time passes.”

Genji nods in agreement. “I understand. I will do my best to help you master.” He folds his hands in his lap. If he was being honest, he didn’t feel anywhere near qualified to assist him.

“I am glad.” He hums, “Now where to begin?” He taps his chin. “Perhaps the warmth in my chest.”

“Warmth? Are you sure it is emotion causing it?”

“Yes. I had a doctor check it.” He sets his hand on his chest plate, “I believe it is caused by my body overworking itself due to unknown circumstances. It is a feeling akin to a fierce battle; though, one is not occurring at the time.”

“And, when does it happen?”

“During the normalities of my daily routine.” He lowers his hand and glances at it, “There are times as well were I cannot think, or am forgetful. Though, it is not happening now.”

“That is interesting. You still have no idea what the cause is?”

“No.” He sighs. “Do you have any suggestions, my student?”

“I am not sure. Human and Omnic emotions sometimes differ,” he pauses, “however, if you were human, I would think that you were either sick, or had a crush.”

“A crush?” It was more of a statement than a question. “Yes, that would make sense.”

“It would? But, on who?” Though he tried to hide it, his extreme curiosity coated his words.

“Hmm. Perhaps [y/n].” He begins to pet the cat again, and it lets out a contempt chirp. “Yes, as I think about it, I believe it is correct.” He beams at Genji. “Thank you.”

“It is no problem.”

Good friends, to Genji, were hard to come by. Sure, he had many acquaintances, but not many people above that.

It took maybe a day of knowing each other to move into friendship. He was ecstatic, to say the least, to find someone so fond of his presence, and who would also laugh at his lame jokes (to which he told a lot).

“High five!” You boast, and he complies, following it up with a fist bump. Childish, he knew, but he was allowed to be such. “Haha! Nice.”

“No fair!” Lúcio fakes a huff. “I’m not used to going on three! I panicked!”

“Okay, my turn.” You place your fist in your palm, determination in your eyes, “Me and you, death match.”

“I will not lose to you again!” He readies his stance, Angela counts down, and you both release your weapons.

“Paper beats rock, Genji wins.” She announces.

Lúcio knowingly sets his hand on your shoulder as your head falls. “Looks like we got cleaning duty.” You groan loudly and he nods solemnly, “Me too.”

“It’s best to get started now.” Angela starts, shooing the two of you out. “The storage room needs a lot of work.”

“We know,” you sigh and turn to leave, “c'mon Lúcio.”

As soon as the door shuts behind you, Genji begins his speed walk out, only to be stopped by Mercy’s expecting hum.

“You weren’t expecting to leave without giving me an update, now were you?” His shoulders droop, knowing he’s already lost.

“No, of course not Doctor Ziegler.” Curse his polite nature! He knew she only wanted to gossip, but he couldn’t find it in himself to be rude enough to lie in order then leave.

She clasps her hands excitedly and smiles wide. “So, any new developments?”

“No, nothing has changed.” Her smile disappears slightly.

“Still nothing?” He nods and she frowns, “Genji, I thought Saturday was the day!”

“It was.” He crossed his arms, pausing his thought, carefully choosing his words. “Until I accidentally spilled juice on them.”

She was struck with silence. “I- and how did that happen?”

He places his head into his hand, “I was……….showing off…….”

“Genji,” he hears her scolding him, “we talked about this!”

“Yes, I recall.” He runs his hand down his faceplate, “I was nervous and not thinking. I did apologize, but that may have made things worse.”

“Is that why there was broken glass on the floor?”


She let out a short sigh, “You do tend to make a big fuss around them.” Steam leaks from his shoulders and he turns his head away. She shakes her head, tapping her foot against the floor. “Maybe it would be easier if you didn’t try so hard. I’m afraid, at this rate, you might end up really hurting someone.”

He shifts on his feet and nods slightly. “You are right. I should try to handle this less forcibly.”

“Do you want me to brain storm ideas with you?” She offers.

He perks up a small bit, “It would be most appreciated.”

It was no secret that you were immediately shy upon meeting the cowboy. But there was something else about you, something……..odd.

Maybe that wasn’t the best way to put it- yet he didn’t know what else it would be. So, his curiosity drove him to you. He needed to know what it was.

Now, believe it or not, Jesse was a smart man; and when feelings started to occur, he immediately started to distance himself, only to realize that he was in too deep.

For him, a fling was something he could handle. Real romance? Haha! No.

“Hey! Mr. Jesse, any chance I could talk with you?” Oh, it was that Lúcio kid. What could he want to talk about? They weren’t exactly friends; more like acquaintances.

“Sure, I guess?” He shoves his hand into his pocket, and uses the other one to scratch his beard. “‘Bout what, exactly?”

“[y/n]-” Why you? What about you would he want to talk about? Oh. Oh god! The jig is up, he knows; he’s gonna tell you! Abort, ABORT.

“You doin’ okay over there, buddy?” Lúcio sways slightly on his heels, “You’re getting a little pale.”

He coughs in his hand to rid himself of nerves. “Yeah, just dehydrated, I reckon.” His body feels a bit more clunky, “I didn’t quite catch what you said there before.”

Moment of truth. He knew this day was coming, but did he prepare for it? No.

“If you say so…” He wasn’t entirely convinced; it was written all over his eyes.

He distantly remember you telling him that Lúcio was incredible at reading people, and that wasn’t helping him calm down one bit.

“I was just asking what you thought I should get for their birthday?”


Well, doesn’t he just feel like an idiot.

“I’m sure whatever’s fine.” He wanted this conversation to end so that he could go to his room and scold himself for getting so worked up over nothing.

“Are you sure your okay? Nothing’s up?” There was a pause, not long enough for him to respond. “Is it about [y/n]?”


“It is!” He exclaims, pointing. Man, he was good at reading people.

“No, it’s not!” Jesse crosses his arm, glancing around the room. He’d rather not talk about this in a public place.

“I promise I won’t tell no body!” This boy was getting excited. He shuffles over to him and jokingly jabs his side with his elbow. “Who knows? Maybe you’ll be my present to them, huh?”

“Now that’s just ridic-”

“Oh my god. I was just joking! I didn’t know that you actually liked them!” How much more excited could this kid get?

“Look, I don’t really want to talk about it.” He lifts his hat off his head, runs his fingers through his hair, and places it back on his head. “Not here, anyway.” He gestures to the open, and thankfully empty, lounge.

“Oh yeah, got it!” The Dj whispers at him with a wink. “I’m totally willing to help you out, dude!”

“I….. just might take you up on that offer.”


“Not if you keep shouting!”



I really like writing Lúcio……. Can you tell?

(I’m also really tired, so please excuse my mistakes ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ)


If I only had hot air balloon
I’d sail across the land…..

If I only had a loyal platoon
Lending a helping hand…..

If I only had sense to stop this tune
I’d finish what I’ve planned.

Break over,
Back to spring cleaning.
(But I’d still like help)

Random Starters!

Send one! Change pronouns to suit muse. 

  • “Does your masochism extend to an enjoyment of being put in your place like the little bitch you are?”
  • “I’m going to furiously shit lava onto your phone if you text me another three hundred Japanese emoji.”
  • “What the fuck is swiping left and swiping right? I don’t fucking swipe anything, fuck that subtle shit. If I see it I take it and I don’t give a FUCK who’s looking, it’s mine.“
  • “I was using my Grandma’s computer and the last three searches on google were for the price of rat poison, some quotes on cheep funerals, and what the best dating sites are. Should I be worried about Grandpa?”
  • “Once I get paid that Hello Kitty Assault Rifle is MINE.”
  • “Godzilla must have a dick the size of a Winnebago, but we never get to see it? COME-ON TOHO COMPANY, GIVE US THE BUS SIZED LIZARD DICK”
  • “I am a gift from god himself, a treasure amongst you heathens, and I deserve to be fed as such.”
  • “Some people just, eat onions? Like they’re apples? Like they take a fucking bite out of an onion like it’s nothing? How do you fuck up as a person like that?”
  • “How do you super glue a four generation family tree back to its stump? Asking for a friend. His name is Redwood.”
  • “Nobody invited me out, which is too bad for them because my presence is a grace upon your otherwise lifeless existences.”
  • “You commit so much property damage when you’re drunk we should just call you Hurricane Fuckface.”
  • “You ever see a cake so beautiful you wanna fuck it? That’s how I felt when I ate my first phallic cake.”
  • “Having the flu isn’t an excuse to lay around all day sniffling. You know what would make you feel better? Infecting complete strangers, that’s what. Let’s go bowling!!”
  • “I!! Am not!! A person!! NO!!!”
  • “My friend tried to pull the ‘dick in the box’ joke on me, and then I kicked it. Now he’s in the hospital.”
  • “I tried to fuck an apple pie like in that one movie. It was pretty nice, until the next day when I found out I had a yeast infection.”
  • “Good morning. The cat took a shit in your shoes. Both of them. What do you want for breakfast?”
  • “Eat my food again and I’ll fling you into the sun by your ankles.”
  • “You know someone who’s like, sort of ugly, sort of okay looking, but then their personality just pushes it over the edge and they’re just ugly? That’s you.”
  • “Here lies your reputation, in the trash next to the empty bear bottles and a dead raccoon.”
  • “Yeah asshole, reading my diary was EXACTLY the key to mending our relationship.”
  • “Ever since I let you borrow my laptop, Google won’t stop giving me ads for ammonia in bulk and empty storage lots nearby. What exactly were you doing last weekend?”
Headcanons regarding what goes on in the Morty Daycare

*Every Morty who goes in is given a free Zelda 3DS and a variety of games. A lot of them love Animal Crossing.

*Although Storage Rick runs the place, other Ricks will often volunteer to help take care of the Mortys. Super Fan Rick is the most frequent volunteer, for obvious reasons.

*Sometimes the Mortys use dream devices to enter Asleep Morty’s mind. He has really nice dreams, too. They don’t call him the happiest Morty on Earth for nothing.

*They’ve also tried to enter Sleepy Morty’s mind to help him with his nightmares. It didn’t end well, and none of them slept for weeks afterwards.

*Because the Mortys are all horny as all get out, they will often “experiment” with one another. They think the Ricks don’t know.

*Test X72 Morty is intelligent, but his mouth can’t form words. He communicates primarily through singing. Mermaid Morty acts as a translator for those who can’t understand him.

*Cold Morty was once caught warming his hands over Flaming Morty. Fortunately, Flaming Morty was understanding and allowed Cold Morty to continue doing so.

*Crazy Cat Morty likes to hide under Spooky Morty’s sheet.

*Whenever one of the Mortys has a panic attack, Rabbit Morty will let them pet him to calm down.

*Skeleton Morty can play his ribs like a xylophone.

*Flaming Morty and Frozen Morty are best friends, but they can never touch because doing do will hurt them.

*Mini Morty likes to ride on the brim of Cowboy Morty’s hat.

*Greaser Morty and Hippie Morty use slang from the 50′s and 60′s, respectively. The other Mortys find this annoying.

*Old Morty comes from a universe where he is Beth’s father and Rick’s grandfather.

*Sometimes the Mortys annoy Flaming Morty by roasting marshmallows over him.

*Spoon Morty really likes Yogurt. I mean, REALLY likes yogurt.

blue skies smilin’ at me

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Lance spends some quality time with Blue on a deserted planet, and uses the time to introduce her to his family. His memories of them, at least.

Huge shout out to @kyukyunya and @bluewinter-pupper​ for excellent coaching in Spanish.

Day 1

Lance sat back on his haunches and put his hands on his knees. He was kneeling in Blue’s cargo hold and was surrounded by piles of supplies he’d found by rummaging around. Blue had a lot more space for storage and living than he’d realized. Giving it more thought, it did make sense. The paladins of Voltron were supposed to be defenders of the universe, and the universe is, well, huge. Surely paladins in the past had gone on solo missions. It didn’t make sense to limit the protection of Voltron to one entity when it had the potential to be five…

Blue rumbled confirmation, and Lance made a mental note to ask her about it later.

He’d managed to find quite a lot of supplies in Blue, as well as a whole area he’d never even noticed before. She was actually quite well-stocked, and it made Lance wary since he hadn’t actually put any of it there himself. These supplies had the potential to be thousands of years old, and he wasn’t too sure about actually using them, but Blue seemed to think it was okay, and honestly, he didn’t really have a choice.

Blue was absently paying attention as he sorted through the pile, giving him flashes of memory to explain what each thing was. There were tins of a petroleum-like jelly that were supposed to act as a healing agent. He smeared some on his fingers, and it almost immediately made them cool and tingly, so he supposed it hadn’t gone bad. He put them aside with some other first-aid items he’d compiled, the basic bandages and splinting materials.

From what he could tell, most of what was left were food items. There was a stack of paper-thin wafers that were an odd yellow. Lance pressed his finger to the top of the stack and lifted one away. It felt like tissue paper and smelled vaguely like pine. Blue showed him that if he put it on his tongue, it would dissolve with enough nutrients to last him roughly 32 hours. There were bulbous orange jellies that were full of water and electrolytes and supposed to do wonders for hydration. They were made from a calcium alginate gel that had apparently kept the juice fresh for however long it had been in here. There were adhesive patches that could act as stand-in for eating, and offered the nutrients directly to the bloodstream, but Blue warned him that they were not intended for long term use. And finally he found dense squares of soft sticky grain, vacuum sealed into pouches.

Based on what Blue was telling him, he could potentially survive for months, but it would be extremely dangerous to go that long on just the wafers and adhesive packages. If he stuck solely to the energy bars, he had two weeks.

“Two weeks isn’t so bad, huh? We can do that… right hermosa?

Blue purred.

“Okay, let’s put this all away.”

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Cheers! (I’ll Drink to That)

This is my first time writing a headcanon! I came up with this one while chatting with @themissimmortal last night about how the Chocobros + Cor, Ravus, Luna and Aranea would be if drunk out of their minds. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don’t own FFXV or any of the cultural references I used. I don’t own the concept of Leonhart either. (Ask Moosh about it! You won’t regret a thing ^^)

Tagging a few people who I think might like this: @ohgodsnowwhat @itshaejinju @blindbae @stunninglyignis @crown-city-moogle

Noctis: The Happy Drunk

- If you looked up the definition of ‘happy drunk’ in any urban dictionary, you’d see a picture of the normally sulky prince.

- He becomes a ball of sunshine rivaling a sober Prompto, a huge grin plastered on his face even when being chewed out by drunk Ignis or smothered by drunk Gladio.

- This guy will laugh at anything and everything. Hears a sneeze? He’ll bust a gut. Someone walks by? He can barely breathe from laughter. May the Gods help him if something crazy funny actually happens.

- Noct practically becomes the life of the party, dancing around and singing without a care in the world. If he happens to get control of the sound system, he will play the loudest and craziest tunes at full blast.

- Will last be seen either table dancing or going with Luna as she attempts another dangerous stunt/prank

Prompto: The Philosophical Drunk

- Our beloved chocobutt normally struggles with words. But get him drunk? His vocabulary becomes endless.

- Look out Einstein! This guy will suddenly know everything and speak to you for hours on end about topics like the meaning of life, the genetic make up of chocobos, and the physics behind Noct’s magical storage room.

- Have a lot of paper and pens ready, because he’ll start jotting down mathematical and chemical formulas like it’s nobody’s business.

- Prom’s imagination is also insanely active when he’s hammered. He can create worlds out of the simplest things. If you tell him to create a world based on music, he’ll not only give you a picture of the world and it’s residents, but also a full paper of their language, mythology, etc. The possibilities are endless!

- Will last be seen in the center of a small audience, either discussing his latest philosophical musings or the potential cure for cancer depending on his mood

Ignis: The Angry Drunk

- Specs normally doesn’t get drunk, especially since he has to worry about the other three bros. But on the rare chance that he is, the normally calm and collected man is now a stylish spitfire of pure, unadulterated rage.

- One drunk you MUST avoid at all costs! His anger rivals even that of the Hulk’s, Sonny Corleone’s and Gladio’s tempers combined.

- Ignis will suddenly remember any and every single thing you did to make him feel annoyed/frustrated/upset, even if it happened like over ten years ago. He will blow up and shove these back in your face, a truckload of expletives mixed in there for good measure (who knew he had such a dirty mouth?). My advice if you end up crossing paths with him? Just pick a god and pray.

- This guy becomes an absolute tornado of destruction, picking a fight with everything and anything that moves. Hell, he can even toss both Ravus and Gladio across the room now! Expect his knuckles to become a bloody mess at the end of the night if he forgets his gloves.

- Will last be seen screaming at someone/something for a death match (last time, it was a barrel)

Gladiolus: The Clingy Drunk

- The Shield was already a pretty friendly guy before. But drunk out of his mind? He’s on a whole ‘nother level.

- Like a cuddly teddy bear, he will give big warm hugs to everyone he meets. Unfortunately, unlike a teddy bear, these hugs will crush you down to your very soul.

- Gladio will cling to the closest person/object as if his life depended on it. Pulling away only strengthens his grip. Aranea tried this once and ended up dragging him around for the rest of the night.

- The resident tough guy’s soft side will come out in full force. He will affectionately stroke and sing to whatever/whomever he’s holding on to. If he’s really hammered, a bit of baby talk is involved.

- Will last be seen squeezing someone for dear life (most likely Ravus if he’s there) in the corner, making promises to protect them and to never let them go *cues My Heart Will Go On in the background*

Cor: The Flirty Drunk

- The mysterious Immortal is not so stoic and serious anymore once you get a few drinks in his system. Watch out ladies, you’ve got a bonafide Casanova on your hands now!

- He drops pick-up lines like a pro, knows exactly how to get your heart racing (or your panties wet), what positions to use to get you going…Who knew the Marshal could be so smooth?

- Much like a drunk Yuuri Katsuki, Cor can certainly work a pole when he’s wasted. Rumor has it that this is actually a skill acquired from his younger days. An occasional murmur of “Leonhart” will escape some lips if they happen to see.

- This man will flirt with anything that moves and has a pulse, XX or XY chromosomes be damned. Even the most straight-laced and homophobic fellows aren’t immune to his pheromones!

- Will last be seen entering a bedroom or supply closet with a small group of men and women in tow (the very same door will have obscenely loud moans and screams of pleasure coming from it a few minutes later)

Ravus: The Weepy Drunk

- The High Commander normally doesn’t let even a hint of emotion apart from disdain cross his features. But now? He’s a depressed, weeping mess in the corner.

- The smallest thing can set him off. Drop a napkin? Sobs will be heard and tears shed. Ignis screaming at a barrel? Ravus is now ugly crying in the corner while growing mushrooms.

- He becomes way more open to physical contact. If a drunk Gladio is in the area, the former Prince of Tenebrae will become his choking hugging partner for the night.

- Have plenty of tissue, ice cream and blankets on hand if you decide to approach a drunk Ravus. But be warned: don’t give him any sylleblossom-scented items or vanilla ice cream. Both remind him of Queen Sylva and will send him into hysterics.

- Will last be seen either being crushed to death by Gladiolus or curled up in a room somewhere, crying himself to sleep

Lunafreya: The Reckless Drunk

- The prim and proper Oracle? As soon as she gets wasted, it’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde all over again! Luna’s drunk personality prefers to be called “Stella”. She’s a braver and flirtier version of Luna. (Noctis admits that this switch actually turns him on quite a bit

- “Stella” is all for danger and adventure! Keg stand five times in a row? She’s game! Drunken daemon hunt? Try and stop her!

- A master prankster and all-around rebel, drunken Luna has had her fair share of run-ins with the police. Unfortunately for them, “Stella” is also a pretty good actress, imitating Lunafreya as needed. She takes advantage of her sober counterpart’s Oracle status to get away with anything and everything, a few eyelash bats and kind words enough to send them on their way.

- For reasons still unexplained, this woman is now a proficient monster tamer. A drunken hunt led her to befriending the imps she was supposed to kill, “Stella” then ordering the group to raid the nearest outpost for potato chips.

- Will last be seen dragging Noct along to help her with one of her schemes or to watch her perform one of many death-defying stunts

Aranea: The Sober Drunk

- The Commodore would look like she was totally fine, the only indication that she’d been drinking being a faint red tingeing her cheeks.

- Her normally brash and witty banter has pretty much stayed intact. She will trip over or slur a few of her words, but she’ll still be able to carry on a decent conversation.

- While the dragoon’s grace and precision is already impressive enough when she’s sober, it becomes that much more amazing when she’s hammered. Do not play Beer Pong with her; she will destroy you.

- Aranea can pretty much pass for sober when drunk and vice versa. She’s the one the others normally turn to when it comes to sending away the cops because of obvious reasons.

- Will last be seen watching the others make fools out of themselves, recording it for future blackmail material

Hope this was alright…Thanks for making it through this huge wall of text! Have a wonderful day/afternoon/evening :3


This is for a request made by sabrinahasablr :3

Tools for the Kitchen Witch

Here is a list of things that I would suggest that kitchen witches keep on hand. I know that we get a little caught up in the THINGS of witchcraft, but for the kitchen witch the things are much more simple and easy to come by. Also I feel like kitchen witchery is kind of about these things:

  • Wand: for a kitchen witch, the wand is one of the super fun items. Because… your spoon is your wand! Pick a favorite metal spoon or a wooden spoon, maybe decorate it, maybe not. Designate that as your wand, and make sure every magic concoction is given a good stir with it. Even use it in non food spell casting! Brandishing a spoon has a very unique and powerful feel to it ;3
  • Besom: the witch’s broom can take many forms. I like to have 2; a practical broom that I can use to clean and to cleanse, and a little broom for more symbolic cleaning. I’ll use it when I feel particularly yucky and I “sweep” out the air around me. I made mine from willow branches, and wrapped them in a long string to make the handle, and dipped the tip in wax. Easy! The kitchen witch can use any old broom to be their besom.
  • Cauldron: you’re probably getting the idea. The cauldron doesn’t have to be massive, cast iron, and hang over a fireplace. Choose a pot to be your cauldron. Specify it for magical concoctions. Making a super-charged soup for cold fighting? Pull out the cauldron! You can even use it every day, because magic is best when it happens all the time. I also keep a small ceramic bowl that I use as my mini cauldron, much like my mini broom, it’t for more symbolic workings.
  • Athame: any kitchen knife can become your athame, but having a special knife set aside for specific plant harvesting is I think a good idea. I also have a neat (and useless) arrowhead knife that I use for symbolic things in spells and rituals,
  • Empty jars. Lots of empty jars. Spells and storage!
  • Sewing kit: I really like making little sachets of herbs for various spells, and as a kitchen witch I’m always fixing and making things. Also who hasn’t had a button fall off their favorite shirt?
  • Herbs: There are a great number of dried grocery store herbs that I think a good kitchen witch will want to keep on hand, both for cooking and for magic. The are thyme, garlic, onion, ginger, bay leaf, basil, oregano, rosemary, nutmeg, cinnamon. Sage is of course the witch’s all purpose cleanser, and lavender is a great herb to have. These may not be as easy to find, however lots of lavender soaps and oils are becoming available.
  • Cook book: get the most all inclusive, massive, wonderful cook book you can find. Write in it. Find things on the internet and print them out. Build a massive library of delicious things to do with food.
  • Spell book: This is also your Book of Shadows. Every witch should keep a journal, notebook, and or their own personal book in which they gather information on their craft. Record everything, even things you later don’t believe. Be informed!
  • Notebook
  • House plants: House plants are air cleaners, mood boosters, and good friends. Jade and other succulents are extremely easy to care for. I feel that kitchen witches are well suited to keeping little friends, for good spirits and the like.
  • Candles: keep candles on hand, also for spells. Birthday candles are great for some quick magic.
  • Hearth: I know that in the modern world, having a fireplace isn’t going to be possible for everyone. Kitchen witches are about the home, and as such I think that we need a “hearth”. For the urban and or poor witch, this can be a stone, a candle, a jar, anything. Make it your center. Make it the essence of your home. This makes cleansing and assessing the energy of your home a little simpler. It’s also a great way to help acknowledge the home as an entity with a heart.

That’s it! Most of these are easy to get, not only inexpensively, but also at pretty much any store. And even so, I want to say again that not all of this is necessary. You just need a kitchen to be a kitchen witch, really!

Happy cooking kitchen witches!

Be warm and be well,


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How would your describe some of the things in Tony and Dean's room?

hmm well their whole house aesthetic is kinda like these

tho like, those are their ideal.. realistically its more mismatched kinda dirty, and just furniture both of them could pull together; a lot of old stuff that was sitting in family storage. they also hang goofy ass shit on the walls,, like weird photos and posters

Good places to take your crush

By Fox William Mulder.

Forests - Be one with nature. Avoid holes

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Haunted house on Christmas. Because Halloween is predictable.

Dark stairwells (if possible with assailants.)

Crappy motels

Shopping trips. 

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Cruises on ghost ships in time loops. Or boats with holes in.

Or any activity that may lead to a trip to hospital. Because nothing screams romance like the smell of disinfectant.

Honourable mentions to parking lots, crappy diners, underground filing storages, insane asylums, cult HQs and sewers.

Sherlock Valentine’s Day Challenge Day #6

Prompt #6: “I love you.”

A/N: Make sure you read Prompt #5 First! This is a continuation! 

“Try the door again!” you yell, your voice echoing off of the metal walls that surround you.

“It’s no use,” Sherlock replies, grimly, his voice straining to be heard over the sound of the rushing water in. Terror fills your chest and you spin in circles, scanning the room again, searching for something you’ve missed. There is nothing, no windows, no air vents, just a large pipe in the ceiling with water pouring out.

“Where are we?” you ask, wading through the already waist deep water towards the detective.

“An old rooftop water tank,” Sherlock answers. “South side of the city, if my deductions are correct.” You want to ask how he managed to figure that out during your blindfolded trip here in the back of a van, but decide to skip that for now.

“We are going to die. We are going to drown,” you say, subcomming to your panic.

“Listen, Y/N,” Sherlock said sternly. “These tanks hold about 10,000 gallons of water and at the rate that water is pouring in, I say we have about 30 minutes. We will figure something out.”

“Do you think John will get the clues? I mean, do you think he can solve it without us?” you ask.

“He will,” Sherlock nodded, extending his hand to you. “He will find us.” You take his hand and he squeezes it reassuringly.

“If he doesn’t though…” you start.

“Don’t Y/N,” Sherlock warns.

“No, please, I have to. I have to say it before it’s too late,” You are shivering now, and you can’t tell if it’s from nerves or from the cool water that keeps rising higher and higher. “I love you, Sherlock. I have been in love with you for months. I tried to fight it but I can’t–” And you are cut off as the perfect lips you’ve dreamed about crash against yours with bruising force. His hands are in your hair, his long fingers cupping the back of your head, keeping your mouth pressed to his. When he finally pulls away, you are panting.

“It’s been the same for me,” he confesses. “But I need you to hear me. We will get out of here.” It’s all too much and you begin to sob. “Y/N, please,” he says, cupping your face in his hands. “John will find us, everything will be ok. We can be together, we can finally be together. We won’t have to fight this anymore.” Sherlock kisses you again and you cling to him. The water is up to your chest now and you are having a hard time standing.

“I’d like that,” you say, managing a smile. “I am sorry I waited so long.”

“It doesn’t matter,” he insists. “We have the rest of our lives.”

“Which could be a half hour,” you joke, trying to make light of your situation.

“We need to stop worrying about that,” Sherlock smiles at you, “And start worrying about how we are going to break the news to John that I am in love with his baby sister.”

“You might be better off dying in here,” you tease, feeling a fresh round of tears coming on, despite your attempts at brevity. “John is never going to forgive himself, if he can’t solve this in time and loses us both.”

“Shh,” Sherlock hushes you. You realize he is now treading water, too. You look up and realize the top of the water storage tank is a lot closer than it was before. You have minutes left. Your legs are cramping and tired already and you wonder what drowning feels like.

Suddenly, there is a horrible noise, metal grinding on metal and with a groan the door to the water tank opens and you are being sucked towards it at great speed. You are pulled under and water fills your mouth and nose you reach out with your hands, searching for Sherlock. You feel his hand grab your wrist and you kick with both legs.

Suddenly, you are lying face down on wet cement as hundreds of gallons of water rush around you. You cough and sputter and force yourself up. John, Lestrade and several other officers are rushing towards you. Above you, a helicopter circles the rooftop, it’s spot light illuminating the tank that was almost your coffin. EMTs appear with heavy blankets and you gladly allow them to wrap you up. John is at your side and they usher you to a dry part of the rooftop. John is hugging you tightly, not caring that you are getting him all wet.

“You saved us,” you keep repeating over and over. Eventually, the EMTs get him to release you so that they can inspect you. You glance over and see Sherlock speaking to Lestrade, wrapped in his own shock blanket. When he finishes, he turns and heads towards you. Your eyes lock as he nears and you forget everything else. He comes to stand in front of you and neither of you speak at first. John watches the whole exchange with a perplexed look and he finally clears his throat uncomfortably.

“John,” Sherlock says, turning to his friend. “I am in love with you sister.”

“Excuse me?” John says, his eyes widening in surprise

“It took nearly dying for us to admit it,” you add.

“You didn’t ‘nearly die’,” John huffed. “I got here in plenty of time.”

“Regardless,” Sherlock said, continuing on. “We are going to be together. I hope that this isn’t too difficult for you.” And with that, he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close and kissed you. You weave your fingers into his damp curls and you were only vaguely aware that John was busy trying to get Lestrade to lock Sherlock back inside the water tank.