and lots of run-on sentences

When you’re an adult and should feel valid in privately enjoying your standard adult content that was made for your adult consumption but you’ve been conditioned to feel guilty for enjoying things that your adult person should be allowed to enjoy because it was made by adults for adults but God forbid you don’t think about The Children, even though the content literally doesn’t exist for The Children or to harm The Children. It’s almost like adults are allowed to have things in their own spaces online too. It’s almost like the science behind teens being incapable of seeing outside themselves is also true and they can’t conceptualize how it’s not all about them. It’s almost like 18+ warnings and restrictions exist for a reason. It’s almost like classifying things as adult content is an attempt to protect The Children and it’s not a random adult’s fault when anonymous children overstep those protective barriers solely to be angry.

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modern blupjeans: how would they meet and how long would it take for one of the losers to confess to the other and what would their first date be

i’m gonna assume this is one of those fancy modern aus that have magic and shit lol uhhhh

they’d probably meet in a similar way 2 how i assume they met in taz which is through something like the ipre. like lmao maybe they’re assigned as lab partners and they work rlly well together even tho barry’s a bit awkward at first but he starts 2 relax around lup and they just start 2 have a rlly good time together!!!!

and like they’ve been working together for a couple months now and so i’m sure barry’s met taako at some point and taako can See What’s Up so he probably just pulls barry aside like “lmao ask her out” and so he does and he’s a blushing mess but lup loves it so they eventually make it to the chug n squeeze bc taako recommended it and they just have a rlly great time!

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"Krieger even speaks in an upbeat rhythm, words flying out in high-speed, run-on sentences. She says a lot in a short amount of time, but the message is clear and meaningful: She’s not worried." Orlando newspaper perfectly describing AK11, the run on queen.

its either really fast and full of information or ak mumbling the same thing over and over again

Pizza - Joji Miller Imagine

You can’t say that this is one of your finest moments, heading out to get pizza in your pajamas at eleven o’clock at night, but fuck it. This is New York, and you definitely aren’t the weirdest thing on the streets as of right now, lack of a proper bra and fucked up hairstyle be damned. You’re just hungry, and nothing in your apartment is really going to do it for you.

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Criticism vs Opinion

Criticism: “You write a lot of run on sentences and it can be hard to read.”

Opinion: “I don’t like what you did with the character in the last chapter.” 

Criticism: “I noticed you misspelled a couple of words here and there.” 

Opinion: “I thought the last chapter was kind of slow.” 

Criticism: “You misrepresented a culture/practice/way of life in the last chapter and I would suggest reading up on it a little more before you handle it again.” 

Opinion: “I didn’t like this because it didn’t fit my headcanon for this character’s behavior.” 

Criticism is something objective the writer can change. Opinions are personal preferences that the writer doesn’t have to conform to. 

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hey i hope you don't mind me asking, but where do you get the high quality videos to make your gifs? your gifsets are always amazing!!

aww thank you! 

typically i torrent everything, but i know it can be… daunting to manouvre if you haven’t spent 14 years torrenting aren’t comfortable, best place i go to (since kat was shut down) is RARBG (please use adblock for this) – for things i gif a lot and know i’ll need to zoom in on, i use 720p, and for things that are like.. to collect i just collect generic HDTV/480p. a lot of people swear by 1080p but it shows down my screencapper and computer so it’s just.. not worth it in most cases but it’s all on that site. 

there’s a fantastic service that makes an rss feed out of a list of shows to add to a typical bt program (like qbittorrent) at, and it updates whenever there’s a new episode, so you wouldn’t even need to visit the minefield of ad-riddled torrent sites.

i find it’s more than just the source it’s the sizing and sharpening and colouring and exporting too? so 500% at 0.3px radius on “more accurate” for photoshop CS5, and a very natural psd (one of my faves), not zooming in, and it won’t matter too too much the source quality, as long as it’s not choppy and >480p. the more colouring layers the more the source quality will start to show, like in this one i used maybe 10 layers and it’s really showing on helena (480p) but not on dinah (720p). 

idk you probably already know all this and just want a download source but hey might as well have it all in one place. i 100% recommend showrss though. saved my watching-19-shows-at-once life.

[Ask RPedia] Using Commas?

Anonymous asked: This is an incredibly dumb question, but I’m tired of racking my brain until I’m afraid to post, could you possibly write a brief explanation on commas? High school had successfully ingrained in my mind that commas are a sin, along with the word ‘said’. To this very day I hesitate on whether a comma is needed, and it severely hinders my ability to enjoy rping. 

I am a genuine sinner when it comes to commas. I use commas everywhere. I use commas in my sleep. I’m pretty sure, if God were watching, he’d ask, “What the fuck is with that kid and his commas??? I didn’t make you like this?!?” He did not make me like this, I just came out that way. Originally the issue is a lot of kids do run-on sentences with them so killing commas saved lives. An entire 3 page paper with no periods and 300 commas? That was a thing. If you use commas right though, ain’t no harm to them.

This and “said”, is not a sin. “Said” was considered, for the brief period in which we all went to school, some kind of darkness because REPETITION IS HORRIBLE, but it turns out our brains completely zap it out of our consciousness. Jumps right over it. The bigger stumbling block is coming up with a ton of new ways to say “said”, which can sound fucking stupid, and totally makes conversations glitchy to read. Use “said”, it is a good word. It’s an honest word. It’s a word that works like background noises, sometimes the sound of the fan drives someone nuts, but usually we all just ignore it instead. Someone who doesn’t like fan noises ever existing and wanted to eradicate them eternally, however, yelled about “said” and fucked up an entire generation with a fear they don’t need.

So, let’s, go, bitch, about, commas, under, the, read, more, shall, we?

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TF2 sentence starters

1. “Come ‘ere, Cupcake.” 

2. “I am the angry bird god of the badlands! Fear me!” 

3. “Your magic is weak, wizard.” 

4. “I ain’t got time to die.” 

5. “Get behind me!” 

6. “For the first time in my life, I’m at a loss for words.” 

7. “Do not do it. Do not even think about doing it.” 

8. “I make it look easy.” 

9. “Are you even trying?” 

10. “You are an amateur and a fool.” 

11. “I’ll see you in Hell, you handsome rogue.” 

12. “Quit blubbering and take your medicine like a man.”

13: “I never really was on your side.”

14. “Just lay your weapons down and walk away.” 

15. “Oh dear, I’ve made quite a mess.” 

16. “Let’s do this!” 

17. “I’m running hotter than Hell’s basement!” 

18. “Kiss me.” 

19. “This corpse has got to move, ladies!” 

20. “Everything’s gone bloody crazy!” 

21. “What the hell is that?” 

22. “You can have this when you pry it from my cold, dead hands. And even then, good luck, because I will have glued it to my cold, dead hands.” 

23. “Schnell!” 

24. “Another successful procedure.”

25. “Boom. Headshot.” 

26. “Hahahaha! Bloody brilliant!” 

27. “You are not welcome in my world.” 

28. “I will not tolerate failure on my team.” 

29: “Thanks, Doc.” 

30. “Ya’ll gotta run a lot faster than that.”  

Warden Commander Aeron Tabris | Art by @steftastan


…I’m sorry. I’m just. I’m so very hyped about this right now? It is nearly 2am as I type this, and I am just really hyped because dude, look.

A while back (four months back, according to Tumblr, wow) I saw the gorgeous tarot card @sarcasmfish commissioned from @steftastan and I, being the sort to be as I get about art (and also having hemmed and hawed over wanting to have a tarot card of Aeron done but not being sure if I should get one) was finally like, “That’s it. I want one, I am getting one, and I want that artist to do it.”

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hey i have a problem with this too in my writing-but just a lil constructive criticism: there are a lot of run on sentences in your drabbles, but everything else is sooo good

Ah thank you! Do you have any tips on fixing it?

I just hate it when people don’t want Steven and Connie to be together just because it’s gonna be cliche or cringe-worthingly sappy (I’ve seen a reddit post earlier about what-if Connie will “break up” with Steven, with the implication of *cough* *cough* ConniexJeff *cough* *cough* as “Jeff’s character development, just because they assumed that Connie just made up an excuse not to hang out with Steven in yesterday’s episode— needless to say, it ruined my day)

But knowing the depths of Steven and Connie’s relationship, as I have, their future-(quasi)romantic relationship will not be like that, at all, unlike what they thought it’s going to be (in which they despise)

I know, best friends to lovers might be a cliche, but in StevenxConnie’s case, is it really? Most of us might not be aware that: they break the gender norms, not only in their character/personality but also within their relationship (which was inherited in Stevonnie’s character). Them showing a relationship growing up and how children and teens alike should treat each other (with their relationship most likely going to overarch throughout the series up to their teens, and to what the future holds for both of them). There’s also their deep friendship, affectionate and understanding, always on each other’s side, comforting and reassuring each other whenever the other one is overwhelmed with their problems, and more self-explanatory details in their relationship (yet many still complain how “the show shoving StevenxConnie ‘romance’ to our faces” -_-)

I’d say how their relationship will transition into “more romantic” one, and what their romantic relationship will be like, would be different than what they say “cliche”. (And I’m also under the belief that it’s not going to be a total 100% romantic relationship, their friendship will always stay with them, and it’s not like their friendship will be ruined just because of romance, which is a huge misconception. What I’m saying is that they will be a quasi-romantic couple, not totally romantic nor platonic.) Their relationship dynamic (and their relationship, in general) already shows that. Just how fluffy their casual interactions are, just how strong their bond are, just how the show shows how overly-adorable and cute their moments are—let’s just say that they’re going to be the dorkiest couple ever~

Not One to Forget

A/N: I can’t believe that my first Gravity Falls fanfic is a 9k fiddauthor angstfest that was originally just a short Fiddleford character study. What a hell of a way to come off a 5-month writer’s block lmao. 

Shoutout to @tallykale whose amazing fiddauthor fics MAY have influenced me writing this (seriously, pls read their stuff, it’s so good!!). Also thanks to my friend @toobookishtohandle for listening to me wail about my own writing and who implored me to give this a happy ending and tone down my angst for just ONCE in my goddamn life (I failed, btw). 

Also available on my brand spankin’ new Ao3

Warnings: fluff then devastating angst, non-consensual touching, lots of anxiety, blood, and a few other disturbing things. Nothing too harsh tho, I think. Also mostly canon-complaint? Just with a lot more gay. 

…anyways, welcome to run-on sentence hell… hope you enjoy!

Fiddleford Hadron McGucket wasn’t one to forget things.

It wasn’t to say he didn’t forget things, or that he didn’t have a few memories he’d rather not remember, but he’d always been good at seeing the truth of things. Like how when he introduced himself with his full name, soothed by the Southern accent he’d inherited from his Ma, people tended to either snicker or look doubtful that he was in college in the first place. Or when he first walked into his dorm to the sight of his future roommate dropping a stack of too-many boxes filled with too-many papers all across the floor, and the man had stammered out a quick apology at the same time he introduced himself as Stanford Pines and practically threw himself at Fiddleford, offering him a handshake before remembering his insecurities and wincing as Fiddleford grasped the six-fingered hand. In the space of that time, Fiddleford saw a lot; this was a man that had been ridiculed just as much as him (for a birth-defect rather than just a silly accent and a big brain, Fiddleford thought), someone unused to social interactions, someone that with a wince said silently, “Let’s get this over with…”

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silver and gold

In which Akashi woke up from a nightmare

pairing: akashi x reader

genre: angst??? fluff??? maybe minimal idk

words: 2242

note: a songfic insipired by like i’m gonna lose you - meghan trainor ft. john legend. for tara (i cant tag you) thank you for putting up with my shit whenever we talk via line

Life of an Akashi Seijuuro was never easy. Some people thought that the redhead had always won a life ever since the beginning, overlooking the fact that he’s the only child and the pressure was indeed greater than anything else. It’s only 7 PM, yet he felt like he’s been working for 72 hours straight due to the three consecutive meetings and the immense number of paperwork on his table. He never asked for this – all he wanted was to live a normal life. But the thing was, he had Akashi written all over him. No matter what he does, he can never change the fact that he’s an Akashi, thus he needs to live up to the expectations of his father and everyone else in the family. It sucked big time, yes, but he’s still striving for a good future with you. He knew that one day, all his hardwork would be paid off. He had already pictured it actually…you, him, and a kid or two – no one knows since it’s all in the future. Everything’s yet to come.

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April's Grammar Guide Masterpost

Hello, everyone! If you don’t remember or if you’re new, I posted different grammar tips each day in April to celebrate the joys of grammar and I’ve made this convenient masterpost for easy access.

Day 1: Where, were, and we’re

Day 2: Semi-colons

Day 3: Where to capitalise

Day 4: Titles in texts

Day 5: Apostrophes

Day 6: There, their, and they’re

Day 7: And or a

Day 8: The three dashes

Day 9: The Oxford Comma

Day 10: Comma splices

Day 11: Affect or effect

Day 12: Historic or historical

Day 13: Then or than

Day 14: Definitely or defiantly

Day 15: Brought or bought

Day 16: Loose or lose

Day 17: Could have, would have, and should have

Day 18: There are or there is

Day 19: Whose or who’s

Day 20: Lay or lie

Day 21: Lesser than or fewer than

Day 22: Me, myself, or I

Day 23: Complement or compliment

Day 24: Principal or principle

Day 25: Dangling participles

Day 26: Run-on sentences

Day 27: Alot or a lot

Day 28: Ellipses

Day 29: Catched or caught

Day 30: Two, too, or to

I hope all of you have a great May (besides examinations) and I wish you the best with your grammar!

Jane Doe is one of the most amazingly multidimensional female characters on television. She can fuck shit up to the point that there is no doubt she’s the most physically capable and badass person in any room. Her emotional fortitude and bravery is truly admirable. She’s incredibly strong in more ways than one. At the same time, she’s also vulnerable, fragile, and broken in a way that makes you want to give her a giant hug and protect her from anyone who ever even looks the wrong way in her direction. She’s allowed to be fragile and weak, allowed to need a lot of help from those around her, allowed to break down in tears and be confused and terrified and have as realistic of a reaction for television as possible to the events of Season 1.  

She essentially takes over the spot that’s usually assigned to the male character, the strong one who can protect herself but you want to protect anyway. Blindspot is an amazing show all around but its lead character is so fantastically acted and written that if not for anything else, you need to watch this show just for her. 

My thoughts on 7/27 and Work From Home

When the album cover first dropped, I wasn’t sure I liked it but then I slept on it and decided I did like it. These girls have always been very strong and independent individuals which is represented in the fact that they’ve got unique looks on the cover but together they’re still a cohesive unit that can stand together and be badass and that’s what I feel the cover represents.

As far as the name of the album goes, I absolutely LOVE it. I love that they were able to pick a name that is both an homage to their beginnings and a symbol of their future and rising trajectory as a group.

Onto the song…I knew it was going to snatch my weave, but it’s one thing for it to be the night before the premiere and I’m like “I have 100% faith in them. This is gonna SLAY.” and another thing for it to be premiere time and I’m literally SO overwhelmed with how incredible it is.

First of all, I love that it is what I call a “chill with a groove” song. That’s so in at the moment (see Hotling Bling and Can’t Feel My Face). You can’t NOT bop to this song. Second, it’s catchy as hell. There aren’t a ton of lyrics and I find myself singing along to the whole thing already. Third, I love that ALL the girls sing AND get to show off different sides of their voices - case and point, Ally’s verse. We always hear Ally belting high notes or singing whistle notes, but hearing this side of her voice (that smoky, sensual lower register) was WOW and her verse is probably my favorite part of the song for now. Another aspect I love is the chorus, that it’s Lauren singing it and that it’s in her lower register. A lot of popular music follows that guideline of having lower verses and higher choruses/bridges (range-wise) and this song seemingly does the opposite which I find super fascinating.

Lastly, the video. Where do I even begin with this?

The QUALITY. I mean this is like super, extra, ultra HD x10. I feel like I am standing at the construction site.

Production. Hello? Outside sets? 2013-2015 Fifth Harmony has never seen the light of day in a music video. God bless you. And the rolling camera shots from one girl/scene to the next give me life.

Storyline. There are actual vignettes of each girl to the all get their “solo” time AND they interact with other characters (HELLO HOT BUILDERS IN MUSCLE TANKS!)

Choreo. Like what? They’re doing actual choreo and while it’s not super fancy, it’s EXACTLY what they need to make them all look amazing and legit.

I really couldn’t ask for more and this is only the beginning of this era. Sorry this was all just one giant run-on sentence but I had a lot of thoughts and I’ve been up since 2:45am so I wanted to just blab them out before I forgot.