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Does everyone know that it’s not really nice or cool to go around correcting other people’s grammar and spelling?

It makes you look like a rude jerk.

There’s lots of reasons why people may be doing it “wrong”, but do you know what you can do? 

You can just not say anything. You always have the option to not say anything and a lot of times that is a good option that doesn’t make you look like a jerk. 

sea040561  asked:

I just recently read practically all your reader stories. I've found a new kink lol I used to mostly read J2 fics. I'm a little un familiar with Tumblr so do you host your stories anywhere else? If not, that's cool! I'll just learn to navigate tumblr lol also, are there any other authors you'd recommend reading, esp reader fic authors?

Sorry, all my stories are just here on Tumblr. So, welcome to the madness!

As far as reader insert writers, I read a lot and enjoy a lot (so many that I won’t make a list, because it’s exhausting to think about it), but the only two I stalk daily are @littlegreenplasticsoldier and @kittenofdoomage. They are my reader insert queens. (And they’re generally wonderful people, as well.) XOXO

“that’s my word”

peridot has a surprisingly emotional reaction to garnet teasingly calling her a clod, and at first i didn’t get why. i brushed it aside as a funny moment.

however, when i thought about it… of course peridot is emotional. garnet just showed her, in terms peridot can understand, how much she likes her.

peridot obviously has trouble with reading other people’s emotions, knowing how they feel about her, and how to make her own feelings known.

she has a lot of strategies to cope with this, some of which are obvious, like the tape recorder, some of which are not. one of the little things that i don’t think all the crystal gems have picked up on - she mimics their speech

the most obvious example is steven - where she has this now-infamous expression of gratitude from:

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she also picked up “cool” from him, and the tongue-out gesture all the way back in friend ship. steven was the first person she trusted among the crystal gems, and for a while, her only ally.

and he’s not the only example! remember how in barn mates, peridot said stuff like “holy smokes”, “i got yo numbah”, ect? i think we can be pretty sure that was amethyst’s influence. they’ve been hanging out more, and it’s pretty clear peridot considers her the “best” of the crystal gems. 

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again, this tells us that peridot parrots the people she likes! this is a very subtle, maybe not entirely conscious decision. again, i don’t think most of the other crystal gems have picked it up. 

however… i think garnet gets it. ever since log date, she’s been making a conscious decision of trying to understand peridot.

of course, this isn’t one-sided! garnet says it herself, peridot made an effort to understand her. i think garnet wants to do the same. 

in log date, we also saw she’s getting pretty good at understanding peridot’s needs; putting her relationship in terms she can understand (”i’m percy and pierre”), helping her calm down, and telling steven the tape recorder is important to peridot, so he should return it.

so when garnet uses peridot’s word, “clod”, she’s giving her what she needs - reassurance that garnet really does care about her, and has been paying attention to her. she’s doing exactly what peridot does to the people she likes - mimicking her words. 

because peridot was worried, peridot was scared, and garnet wants her to know she cares. peridot might struggle to understand others, but she gets it when they make the effort to understand her, and express love like she would.

Cool Space GIFs from the Internet

There’s a lot of historical and archived space footage on the internet and we’re excited to see that the public (you!) have taken it to create many other products that teach people about exploration, space and our universe. Among those products are GIFs. Those quick videos that help you express what you’re trying to say via text, or make you laugh while surfing the web.

Are space GIFs the new cat videos of the internet? Don’t know, but we sure do like them!

Here are a few neat space GIFs from the internet…

This GIF of the Cat Eye Nebula shows it in various wavelengths…

Followed by a GIF of a cat in space…floating in front of the Antennae galaxies

One time, a frog actually photobombed the launch of our LADEE spacecraft…someone on the internet gave him a parachute…

Want to see what it’s like to play soccer in space? There’s a GIF for that…

There are also some beautiful GIFs looking through the Cupola window on the International Space Station…

This warped footage from the International Space Station gives us ride around the Earth…

While this one encourages us to explore the unknown…

When our New Horizons spacecraft flew by dwarf planet Pluto in 2015, the internet couldn’t get enough of the Pluto GIFs…


Want to dive into a black hole of other fun space GIFs? Check out our GIPHY page HERE.

Want to use our GIFs?! You can! Our GIFs are accessible directly from the Twitter app. Just tap or click the GIF button in the Twitter tool bar, search for NASAGIF, and all NASA GIFs will appear for sharing and tweeting. Enjoy!

GIF Sources

Cat Eye GIF:
Cat GIF:
Frog GIF:
Soccer GIF:
Cupola 1 GIF:
Cupola 2 GIF:
Earth GIF:
Explore GIF:
Pluto 1 GIF:
Pluto 2 GIF:

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A lot of people have posted about this so eloquently but I just really want to say how much I like how Skam is breaking stereotypes about boys.

Isak appearing like a player but is really awkward and just wants to be loved and is “no emojis?!”. The boy squad giving each other advice on dating and basically comparing notes. Even seeming to be Cool and Suave but loves epic love stories and dances to pop songs.

It’s just so awesome to watch a show like this.

look, i get it, it’s the cool thing to hate wiiu, i perfectly understand it let a lot of people down, and was mismarketed, whatever



Swear Meter
  • Elide: thinks it's really bad to say hell 1/10
  • Lysandra: wants to be a role model for Evangeline but also likes calling Arobynn Arobitch 2/10
  • Dorian: his favorite word is fuck but he doesn't ever swear around the wrong people 8/10
  • Chaol: said shit a couple of times 2/10
  • Rowan: mostly only swears during combat 4/10
  • Manon: doesn't swear a lot, but when she does, she goes hard 7/10
  • Evangeline: has mistakenly repeated swear words when she didn't know what they meant 1/10
  • Lorcan: Can normally keep his cool and not swear but Elide 6/10
  • Aelin: every other goddamn motherfucking word bitch 64/10

My professor from SVA contacted me recently to give a talk about my comics and how I get into animation to his comics class at USC (where he now teaches.) I was nervous but the students were great despite being worn out from being in the thick of finals. 

In preparing for what was essentially a mini Hilary retrospective, I unearthed a lot of things I hadn’t looked at in quite a while. It was cool to find that some pieces I still really liked and laughed at …but others …well, maybe more laughing at than with.

Anyway, here are some ghosts of Hilary past.

*note: Lucky 13 closed their 13th st location but they moved and are now bigger and badder at 644 Sackett St, Brooklyn. Check it out if you’re in the area (and of age!) Melody, the owner, is good people.

Okay. So I’ve been seeing some people who’ve read Killing Stalking and have been responding with “I wish I was Yoonbum” or “I want Sangwoo to be my boyfriend”. And you people fucking disgust me.
This shit is not beautiful. Stop romanticizing this shit. I appreciate this comic for existing, it opens eyes to a lot of people, including me, but some people are so blinded by the obsessive love that you don’t see how disgusting it is. Both Yoonbum and Sangwoo are two fucked up characters now using each other to balance off their wrong tendencies. Now, in this situation, I would understand these two because I think this comic is aiming towards how two screwed up people could work together, but the habits that this pair is still wrong nonetheless! You people are just as sightless as Bum is for thinking like that (*cough* Stockholm syndrome). KS is a really cool story, and shows us the emotions of what these two wrong people could have whem mingled together, but you DO NOT want to be like these people. I doubt you people reading KS are much like this, and if put in the situation, this would be very emotionally scarring. I recommend everyone read it, but read it openly. You all are under the Stockholm syndrome spell, and that, my friends, is nothing beautiful.


AIGHT so I’ve been trying to think of a cool way to get involved with the community hype of Mark reintroducing Dark. I like to contribute to these big events (I wrote a couple one-offs during Halloween when Anti’s big reveal was made), but I can’t draw worth shit and fanfiction doesn’t always get a whole lot of attention.

So I decided it’d be funny to do some text conversations between Dark and Anti! (Hopefully this hasn’t been done yet…..) I’m hoping to do a bunch of them continuing off each other if people seem to like them. We’ll see how it goes I guess. :)

I know a lot of you don’t know since you’re new followers and I deleted all of my old posts, but this is my art from February of 2016:

This is from recently:

The first picture is a little embarrassing, but hey, it shows how I’ve improved. There’s still a lot I don’t know, but I’m proud of how much I’ve done in a year. 

Some people drink themselves sick night after night.
Others get high almost as often as they take in oxygen.
And some find a new lover every other month.
And the sad part of that isn’t the fact that they’re destroying themselves, though it may be true.
The saddest part of all of it is that each of those people are just looking for a remedy for whatever bullshit they’re forced to feel.
Lets be honest, we’re all just looking for a pain-killer. And mine just so happened to be you.
—  You were the only remedy.

I’ve been seeing a lot of African-Americans and non-Cuban black people alike praise Castro by saying, “He did so much for Africa and U.S. blacks in particular!” And I’m thinking, “Great. But I’m hearing Afro-Cubans who said they were treated differently.” And I know others are going to view Castro differently, but if you’re not going to bring nuances into the discussion about Castro, and you are not Cuban, you should stay in your lane right now. Because just because a person saw African-Americans as “cool” and people to chum it up with but didn’t treat their own black people nice, then it doesn’t matter because they’re still anti-black. There are a lot of non-black poc who support African-American rights and BLM but ignore their own people’s oppression within their respective ethnicity. So African-Americans should especially not speak over and talk for Afro-Cubans with this Castro death and life.

Request: Final Fantasy XV Headcanons Part 2: Kisses <3

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Whoever made this gif, is a beautiful person. It’s adorable!

KC, I hope you like these!

I’ve no experience with kisses, either (I know, what kind of twenty year old student am I?), so I’ve decided to reference several of my favorite romance movies.

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  • Me: It's okay to be unsure of your gender/sexuality!!1! It's totally cool to be figuring yourself out!
  • Me @ me: except you bc u need to get ur stuff together and figure out what the heck u are right now immediately

Hi guys! So someone recently told me my art is on Instagram! Which is weird! Because I definitely don’t remember putting it up there or being asked if it was ok to put up. So I just wanted to be clear: please don’t repost my art without permission. Don’t give other people permission to repost it. 

Stumbling upon your work on another person’s account is a terrible feeling. 

I’m glad my art makes you happy but that’s not a reason to screenshot it and post it on your own account. Not cool. 

I made an instagram account and asked a few of them to take my stuff down but there is a lot of art on here and here that I know hasn’t been run by the original artists.  

“But i’m giving the artist credit! That makes it ok!’

No.  If the artist hasn’t given you consent to post their work, it’s not ok.


I’m an “awkward black girl”; I’m very shy and reserved, I’m not “fun” or out going, I suck at talking to boys, I can’t dance, I don’t have a lot of friends, I’m always labeled as “not black enough”. People are always surprised when they get to know me because apparently “I look like I’d be lit”. I could go on really. I mean I look at other black people who are considered “lit”, “cool” or whatever and can’t help but wish I was like that and wonder why I turned out the way I am 😔😞