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hello! Here is another roman!percy au fan, and i'm in love with all your other stuff too. You're awesome. Well, i know that in this au percy is a really big shot, has a lot of money and power, but now that he is not actually preator, what does he do? Is he a dentist? idk

That’s a question that I’m currently struggling with! He’s a part-time consultant for the New Rome senate on security issues, but they only need his opinion once in a blue moon and most of that money is to get him to stay out of their hair. Otherwise, he currently doesn’t have a day job. He’s in a tough position because people both admire him and are terrified of him, so no one really wants to hire him for anything or let him volunteer at their organizations? They’ll pay him to show up at big events, but they certainly don’t want him around long term. 

I’m leaning toward him having a business he runs secretly on the side (a burger shack!) or doing something dumb outside of New Rome like giving surfing lessons in San Fran on the weekends where there’s a lower chance he’ll be recognized. Owning a vineyard or a brewery seems more “on brand” for roman!Percy than owning a burger place, though. That’s more up canon Percy CHEESEBURGERS ARE LIFE Jackson’s alley. 

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How many scenes to Kim and Trini have that they interact with each other? Like they don't even have to talk to each other, even if they just give each other looks or stuff.

They had a lot of non-dialogue scenes together, especially in the training montage (even a glance at each other during class). They had a lot of dialogue scenes though too. During the team’s first interactions, Trini was distant and not interested in really joining them and Kimberly kept going after her and wanting to talk to her and get to know her, it was adorable. They also had a few interactions in the zord fight which was awesome too

  • thing that makes me sad: posts in actuallyautistic tags that claim that autigender is an illegitimate identity, or that it's offensive to "actually disabled" autistic people
  • thing that makes it better: the anti-autigender posts never get a lot of notes, and any original posts made in response to affirm autigender identity get tons of notes
  • for more information about what autigender means:
  • additionally: i am a real live autistic person on government disabled-person assistance because i'm too disabled to work due to autism plus comorbid stuff, *and* i affirm trans autistic people who are autigender. your gender being autigender doesn't invalidate any other autistic person's gender. keep being your awesome autistic selves. <3

I’m so bored.
It’d be totally awesome if any of you in these fandoms would gladly give me art requests or asked me questions- if you actually look at a lot of my art and stuff Iand yeah… (<—- Questions thing)

But then again I am totally fine with drawing stuff from any other fandom! Your choice!

Oc’s are ok too-!
So are ships!

And let’s not forget! You can request it in Digital drawn or on Paper!
When Digital: it’s gonna be colored no matter what.
When paper: It can be either colored or not.
(Examples are above)

But if you do take part in this I’d totally appreciate it!

So, every couple of weeks since I first saw The Force Awakens, I will wander into the Leia Organa tags to see if there is anything awesome that has yet to cross my dash. (This rarely happens as my dash is pretty fucking amazing when it comes to posting all the cool Leia stuff.) I visited it again today, and while I did find something awesome to reblog, I also found something disturbing.

It was a post comparing Kylo Ren/Rey to Han/Leia.  Apparently the “Reylo” shipper was upset because critics of the ship were saying that Ren was too old for Rey. They argued that in that case Han was also too old for Leia.  Which…is an absolutely legitimate argument.  I don’t know that we’ve been given the exact ages for any of the characters, but we do know the ages of the actors, and the age gap between Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley is smaller than the one between Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. So, with regards to that argument, the Reylo shipper was correct.

I also saw, right after the movie came out, a very angry post from a Reylo shipper stating that we don’t know that Rey is Luke’s daughter. We don’t know that Rey is related to Luke, Han, or Leia at all.  Which…is again an absolutely legitimate argument, if a bit shakier one. Considering the last six movies, the Luke and Leia story, and the way they’ve been paralleling things all over the place, I wouldn’t bet against Rey being in some way, shape, or form related to Kylo Ren. However, it is also entirely possible that Rey has no connection to Ren at all. So, with regard to that argument, the Reylo shipper was again correct.

So why am I disturbed? And make no mistake about it, I am disturbed by the shipping of Kylo Ren and Rey. But it is not because of the age difference or even their potential to be related. If it was just one – or both – of those things, I would say ship and let ship and not speak a word against it. But it seems as though people are ignoring what I consider to be the most important factor in shipping Kylo Ren and Rey.

Kylo Ren is an abusive asshole.

Oh, wait. Let me say it again for the people in the back.


I could give a fuck that he is the son of my oldest and most favored OTP of all time. Or that he is conflicted in his darkness. Or whatever other reason people have for woobifying him. This does not change the fact that as of now, with what we have been shown, he is an abusive asshole whose sole purpose is to become as great an evil as his grandfather, Darth Fucking Vader.

Now, I am going to go ahead and admit my bias right now. I don’t particularly care for Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren killed Han Solo. He helped create a monstrous base that wiped out multiple planets. He is part of the system that stole baby Finn from his home and raised him to be a mindless automaton. He ordered the deaths of an entire village, tortured Poe and has broken the heart of quite possibly my favorite fictional character of all time Princess General Leia Organa.  

That being said, I am not against his redemption. Not just because Leia deserves some small ounce of happiness, but because he did at least voice some conflict in turning to the Dark Side. And because, frankly, these movies at their heart are about family and redemption and I see no reason to think they aren’t going to take his character down that road.  I hope they do it in a way that fits within the narrative they’ve created, and I hope they start him down the path sooner rather than later because I’d hate to see him be evil for the next two movies only to pull an Anakin and turn back three seconds before dying.

However, whether or not Kylo Ren is redeemed in the end will not change my views on Reylo. I will ALWAYS be disturbed by Reylo. Because it isn’t just that Kylo Ren is currently an abusive asshole. IT IS THAT HE WAS ABUSIVE SPECIFICALLY TOWARDS REY.

Kylo Ren hunted Rey down. Kylo Ren physically restrained Rey using the Force. Kylo Ren knocked Rey out using the Force and kidnapped her. Kylo Ren manacled Rey to a chair and then while she was physically restrained and helpless, Kylo Ren VIOLATED HER. He violently and against her will forced his way into her mind and attempted to tear it apart to find what he needed. And when she escaped, Kylo Ren hunted Rey down and tried to convince her to join him on the Dark Side. When that failed, Kylo Ren fought with Rey in an attempt to, if not kill her, at the very least incapacitate her in order to kidnap her again.

What the actual fuck, people? How can anyone NOT find shipping Kylo Ren and Rey disturbing? He is her abuser. He is her rapist.

I am honestly so tired and so disgusted by this culture we have created that not only makes it okay to ship female characters with their abusers, but that romanticizes it.  I am sick of teenage girls being taught that hundred year old vampires stalking teenage girls is dreamy. I am sick of hearing about girls shipping female comic book superheroes with the villains that stalk and rape and obsess over them. I am sick of teenage girls reading books about abusive stalkers chasing down inexperienced girls and telling them it’s okay because he’s rich and so what if he is misrepresenting the entire culture of BDSM in order to justify his abuse? I am sick of a culture that doesn’t just tell girls that it is okay for men to treat them like this; it tells them that they should want men who treat them like this. That as long as those men are attractive, they should woobify and idolize and SEEK THEM OUT. That these men are the ultimate goal in relationships.

And we just keep doing it. We just keep celebrating these whiny, pouty, pretty boys and their manpain. We excuse their mistakes and justify their crimes, no matter how horrific. Even when those crimes are against young, innocent, vulnerable girls.  And we not only expect these men to be forgiven their sins, we demand that those same girls they have sinned against be their redeemers. We force them to suppress and ignore their own pain in favor of saving their attackers. We tell them that they need to forgive not for their own healing and peace of mind, but for the peace of mind for the men that abused them. We tell them that their lives and minds and hearts and souls are less important than those who have hurt them. We tell them that their only importance in the narrative of their own life is to erase their pain in favor of the men who caused that pain. We tell them that they don’t matter.

And I’m done. I am done with this mentality. I am done pretending it is okay to ship fictional female characters with the male characters that have hurt them just because the men are attractive and pout prettily. I am done with keeping silent about the way young women are being taught to look upon themselves and their worth in romantic relationships and in life.

I’m just done. Rey is an amazing character. She has already inspired so many girls (and women) because of her intelligence, and her strength, and her heart. She has her own story, about finding your place and your family and yourself and I will FIGHT ANYONE WHO TRIES TO REDUCE HER TO BE THE SAVIOR LOVE INTEREST OF THE MAN WHO ABUSED HER.

This is the hill I will die on.

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any tips for not letting a crush take over my entire mental?

Oh lordy I wish I had tips for that.

I’ve found for myself the only cure is just experience and knowing that as awesome as any one person might be, you’re going to meet lots of other people who are also just as awesome. And also knowing that no matter how awesome someone seems, they’re gonna have flaws, too.

I find a big one is to allow yourself to want them, desire them, sure, but stop playing that “imaginary future together” game in your head. I find playing at game in your mind is where a lot of the “overwhelming crush” stuff comes from, whereas if you’re just like “Yas, I am super attracted to this person and want to be with them” it isn’t as bad.

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hey girl i love your writing, have read every single isaac story! can you recommend other good isaac stories? xxx

Hey! Thank you so much for the compliments. I’m working on giving you more to read soon. :)  As for your question about more stories, I don’t know how much help I can be. I follow a lot of great teen wolf blogs but I haven’t really had time to read much. @mermaidenisaac is an amazing writer with some really terrific stuff for you to read .And @multicolouredtw is good too and does some really awesome pic imagines with little scenes written for them. I can’t really vouch for anyone else’s stories but I can tell you some really terrific people who write and let you decide for yourself.






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I love Jamie Marchi as Cana she was just perfect casting

Agreed. The FT Dub had a lot of those in my opinion: Todd Haberkorn as Natsu, Colleen Clinkenbeard as Erza, Cherami Leigh as Lucy, Monica Rial as Mirajane (Especially when she uses Satan Soul), Chris Sabat as Elfman, and Jad Saxton as Carla to name a few. 

There were also a few voices I wasn’t expecting but ended up liking a lot as the series progressed: I love Brina Palencia as Juvia (some people had issue with Juvia not referring to herself in the third person in the dub, but I thought it was fine. It wasn’t like it drastically changed her character), Rob McCollum is good as Jellal/Mystogan, Lydia McKay is awesome as Ultear, and even though I didn’t care for her too much at first (Despite loving her in other stuff) Brittney Karbowski’s Wendy really grew on me. Also special shoutout to Chris Guerrero (AKA General Ivan in the youtube world) as Ichiya.

I personally think that FT is easily one of Funi’s best dubs next to DB, Yu Yu Hakusho, FMA, and One Piece. 



I’d like to request a smutty fanfic please ;) (where its not all lust and its more fluffy) but Newt pounds the reader so hard she can barely walk the next day and you can carry it on from there. Thanks love x (submitted by anon)

Hey! I was just wondering ‘cause your fanfics are awesome… Could you do this fanfic with reader and Newt (of course some of the other boys too) and the reader has been in Glade for a while. And then she ends up having a thing with Newt. And theres plenty of stuff like where Newt tells how much he adores her, how he has been follofing her and told the other boys to be really nice but not to flirt with her. Just a lot of love confessions… They end up having a night together. Please, do this :)

Submitted by: amakanu


Smut :)

(A/N: Okay so I figure this one can be a prequel to the story I wrote last night since they kind of go together [Sam] So yeah I think I’m going to stick with that.)

“You’re so shucking beautiful.” 

Newt hugs you tightly from behind and you lean up on your toes, pecking his lips lightly.  You two both came up in the box together, the original Gladers and you two have always been attached at the hip. When Alby’s initial set of rules stated that there would be no relationships in the Glade you were upset. About three weeks into living in your new home, you and Newt began to sneak around.

It was innocent, at least at first it was. When the two of you were done with work for the day and everyone was off to bed, you both would sneak out and into the Deadheads. He would sit up against the tree and you’d take a seat in his lap, tangle your fingers in his blonde tresses, his hands on your waist and you’d kiss for what felt like hours. 

Tip toeing around Alby and the other Gladers was beginning to get tiresome. You didn’t want to hide the feelings you have for Newt. The day everyone found out was both a shock and a relief. Newt had pretty much had enough. He went up to Alby and told him that he was in love with you and he doesn’t want to keep sneaking around. He went on about how it didn’t effect our work or our efforts on trying to make it out the Glade. 

Needless to say the whole Glade was shocked. The last person they’d expect to break the rules was Newt. And they were equally as shocked that Alby had reversed his ruling.   That also happened to be the first night you two had sex. It was timid and slow and pretty much perfect considering it was your first time together (and most likely ever).

“You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.” He murmurs softly and nips at your ear, “I want to be inside you so bad.”

Night had just fallen over the Glade and you two found a secluded area in the Deadheads that over looked a beautiful lake. 

“It’s been nearly a week and I need you so badly.” He kisses down your neck and stops just before your cleavage. 

“I miss you, too.” You sigh and hold his chin as you connect your lips to his. 

Suddenly your mind drifts to a different place and time. The day Newt had attempted to kill himself was the hardest day of your life on the Glade.  You stroke your fingers through his hair and help yourself from crying. 

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” He cups your cheeks in his hands, “What did I do?”

“You tried to off yourself.” Your voice was barely a whisper.

He brings his lips to your forehead and wraps his arms around you.

“I wasn’t thinking then, Y/N. It was six months ago. I’m better now I promise you that I’ll never do it again.” He whispers in your ear and kisses the base of your neck, “You mean the world to me and I never want to see you cry like that ever again, let alone me being the reason why you cry like that.”

“When we get out of here I want us to start a family.” He says suddenly pulling me into him, “Have lots of kids running around. Just an all around normal happy life.”

You look up at him and smile within seconds you push him up against a tree and plant kisses all over him.

“Well, I guess you feel the same.” He grips your waist and keeps you still in between his parted legs.

“You know, we’re gonna need to practice. I mean if we are going to have a whole bunch of kids and everything,” You pull up your top slowly and his eyes linger on your bra, “We need to make sure we’re good at making them.”

You unzip his pants and bring them down around his ankles. His member is straining against his boxers and you can’t help but lick your lips. You reach up to kiss Newt and slide your hand into his boxers, gripping him tightly. He lets little moans and groans slip past his lips. You’ve only done this to him a few times and it was usually when you two were up in the Homestead. Since having sex would wake the whole Glade if the two you did it there you always go to the deadheads to have some privacy.

“Please..” He murmurs.

You push his boxers down and get onto your knees. You wrap your lips around his cock and start to bob your head up and down slowly while looking up at him. His eyes look like as if they travel to the back of his skull. His fingers lace into your hair and he gently guides your head. 

“God you’re fucking beautiful.” He hisses, “Angel…”

You love when he calls you that. It always sends a tingle up and down your spine. He needed you desperately. You could feel his member swelling in your mouth. You pull him out of your mouth and kiss the head before standing up and ripping off your bottoms.

“Off.” You say tugging at his shirt.

He smiles and pulls his shirt up and over his head. Your hands run down his toned stomach and back up to his chest and shoulders. Most girl would probably go for a guy with a build like Gally or Minho, but you loved Newt’s body. Perfect in every way possible. 

You bend yourself over, supporting yourself on the tree, and wiggle your bottom.

“You’re too cute.” He chuckles.

You feel him lined up at your entrance. He pokes at you and you can’t help but giggle from the anticipation.


“Tell me what you want, love.” He runs a finger over your clit and you feel your stomach tighten.

“Please fuck me.” You beg.

He quickly slips inside you and you feel as if all the air has been squeezed out of your lungs. He bucks into you hard gripping onto your ass. He smacks your ass, which is new, and takes you by surprise.

“God yes.” You moan and his ruthless pounding into you continues at a faster pace. 

“Baby,” You choke out, “I want to ride you.”

He gives you a few more hard strokes and pulls out, taking a seat against the tree. Your legs feel week and you clumsily position yourself over him.

“Are you sure, Angel? You’re already sore. You’re not gonna be able to w–.” You cut him off by sliding down on to him and he lets out a growl, bucking his hips up into you.

“What was that?” You bounce faster, feeling him swell inside you.

“I love you… Y/N I don’t think I can last much longer.” His voice breaks and you kiss him deeply, grinding down into him, you feel him gasp into the kiss as he finds his release inside of you.

Feeling him orgasm inside you causes you to go over the edge and you dig your nails into his shoulder blades. You slump onto him, your head laying on his chest, he’s still inside you.

“I could stay like this for a while.” You murmur and he smiles stroking your hair. 

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Hey! I fucking love this blog and hate that those last two messages haven't got you down. Thank you for providing safe space for us to share this kink, because it's fucking hot and it makes me happy that others are into it too ☺️!!! You are honestly so awesome in everything you do, and those past two stories are hella good and sexful. Hope you are still interested in writing more (I would message about a collab but am too shy 🙃). Lots of love, keep doing what you do! 💜💜💜

Hey!! If you want to message me feel free! I’m really nice, and won’t share anything that we speak about or even disclose your name. I love talking to people who like the same stuff I do, so. Feel free to message me!! :)

Gabriel: Humans have done a ton of awesome things! Television, processed junk food, amusement parks! Yeah, you guys do a lot of things wrong too and even some of the good stuff comes at a price, but you’re figuring it out!

Raphael: Your rapid development of medical procedures is stunning. You are growing so quickly and I must admit that I am impressed.

Michael: You have grown as too be expected. You are everything that our father wanted and more. I am not one way or the other about the topic. 

Lucifer: You guys screw things up beautifully. 

Gabriel: Thank you, eternal pessimist Satan.  

i know ive needed to hear this so i want to say this in case any other radical feminists need to hear it too. engaging in patriarchal influenced behavior does not make you any less of a radical feminist. we as women were socialized to be this way, to want to wear make up and shave our legs and tons of other stuff. we all can’t live our ideologies all the time as awesome as that would be, and fighting internalized misogyny can be very very hard. there are a lot more serious things too then leg shaving and wearing make up that we’ve been socialized into, like not removing abusive men from our lives or being submissive sexually. while these activities are way more dangerous and serious then leg shaving (as you know, since if you’re reading this you’re a radical feminist i assume) they still don’t make you less of a radical feminist. they make you a human who has had to suffer through female socialization.

putting radical feminist beliefs into daily life can be extremely difficult and you aren’t a bad radical feminist because of socialization

the children whom you should worry about if they have kamuis dragon genes

Rhajat - she slings curses for fun and will kill anyone no problem if you piss her off even the slightest. imagine all tht emo n rage in a dragons body.

Sophie - she once accidentally burned a whole house down while trying to learn how to use chopsticks. nuff said.

Nina - she’ll see it as an advantage to scare the shit outta people and steal from the rich. also a giant stalking dragon.

Asugi - boy will use his dragon powers to steal stuff too. only its candy. lots and lots of candy. a dragon with a hoard of sweets.

Selkie - she’s a handful enough as a half-kitsune. imagine the other half as a dragon.

Ophelia - will try to transform daily and try out awesome dragon moves. the results mostly end with broken trees and screaming people.

Shiro - will fight anyone. kind of reckless and restless sometimes. have you seen his paralogue? boy be going to his death sentence smh.

Kisaragi -



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Star cries because someone called her stupid and shes like “Marco…They’re right though. I am!”

He sits down across for her and he’s like “No you’re not! Honestly.. You just got thrown into like, freshman year with no other preparation. I would be struggling too!”

Star sniffles and goes “Yeah…I guess.”

“You know a lot about war stuff though, don’t know? Like how to operate catapults and tame unicorn badgers and stuff, right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Thats awesome! Not everyone knows how to do that. You’re very smart and I lov u.” he tries to wipe her tears away and smudges her makeup REALLY BAD like raccoon eyes omg…they both laugh

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I heard somewhere that you're a middle aged man

You heard somewhere? Goodness, I had no idea I was so widely spoken of.

I am a male identified person and I’m much closer to quarter-aged but for your point, sure. I’m an adult. Married to a female identified person, financially independent, do my own taxes, all that scary stuff. 

It’s funny because when I was 16 or so in fandom and I would run into adults who would make really awesome things, write epic fics or organise big projects I was always in such awe of them and now I’m here, and at least trying to use my experience to contribute to a fandom I love and make it a fun place (Yes, I will be doing secret santa again and maybe a halloween thing too) and it just feels so strange to be on the other side. Strange but good.

A lot of things change in fandom but enthusiasm never does and I’m happy to still be here carrying on as the people before me with other kids who grew up but never old. 

I need help for Russian

I have enough people thank you! Resources still appreciated

I need someone who speaks Russian. Not necessarily a native, but someone a bit more advanced.

Because I don’t really like my teacher at school and I’d like to make sure my homework is correct before I go to class with it. And a lot of other stuff since I’ve decided I want to learn something too and not just pretend I’m learning.

Also if you know any learning resources for Russian I’d be so happy if you shared them with me :) Especially wordlists by theme would be awesome, if there is any


Say the name, Seventeen!~

I just finished Queen of Shadows, dear Gods.

Okay! Hey fandom friends! I’m at a bottomless pit of book hangover-ness. The book was so good! I cannot contain my excitement. I was so happy with the Rowaelin stuff, and getting to know the other characters more too. Lysandra is so awesome. I love the “territorial Fae bullshit” too. It made me laugh a lot. MANON AND ELIDE THOUGH. MANON would rip me to shreds if she knew I thought she really did have a heart. Kaltain Rompier was so strong. Strong enough to defeat a Valg inside her. Her shadowfire was terrifyingly beautiful. I just- *INHUMAN SCREECH*

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