and lots of hair braiding

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Tatsumaki :</b> You are not going to win this time, Caped Baldy.<p/><b>Saitama:</b> An interesting theory. Let me propose an alternative one: I am going to win this time.<p/><b>Tatsumaki :</b> Ah, but-<p/><b>Saitama:</b> And this is a theory I have built up from the following postulates: one – I win every time; two – this is a time; three – I will win this time.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

jason likes braiding kori’s hair just because it’s soothing to them both, and anything that helps jay unwind is something that kori and roy will get behind immediately. it ends with her hair in a different braid each time because jay doesn’t like to keep things simple and roy is always bringing up new things to try

Draco loves to braid hair headcanons

So I have this headcanon that Draco Malfoy loves to braid hair. And he’s great at it

  • He can do it all, French, dutch, fishtail, milkmaid, four strand braids, you name it, he can do it
  • He can do it all, French, dutch, fishtail, milkmaid, four strand braids, you name it, he can do it
  • He can do other hair things but he loves to braidHe grew up braiding Narcissa’s hair. Narcissa prefers her hair down but she loves having Draco braiding it and she’ll leave it up when he does it because, and that makes him so happy (and that makes her happy)
  • He had to learn from different types of braid from books. no youtube here folks
  • He wishes he’d had a little sister sometimes he would have always been doing her hair
  • He used to do Pansy’s hair when she visited the manor, and when they went to Hogwarts he did it all the time
  • And it just expanded from there, he did Pansy’s, then Millicent’s, Daphne’s and Astoria’s
  • He ends up braiding a lot of hair cuz he just can’t say no
  • Like he’ll huff and sigh and then you know he’ll sit down cross legged on the sofa and motion in front of him and they’ll just sit down in front and do it(it’s the only time he’ sit that way he usually sits very fancy like with just his ankles crossed)
  • He’s in high demand at dances
  • Before quidditch try outs and games he braids all the girls and long haired peeps hair if they ask
  • French speaking Draco braiding the Beauxbatons girls hair
  • People ask who braids his hair but they know better than to say Draco
  • It’s like the best kept secret in Slytherin
  • But in 8th year everyone finds out cuz of the 8th year common room
  • Then everyone gets their hair braided
  • Everyone’s sitting down and drinking and Draco is braiding someones hair
  • He still braids the younger Slytherin students hair
  • Other kids sneak into the 8th year common room to get their hair braided
  • Especially Luna. Although she’s there all the time anyway
  • In a ‘Sirius lives’ verse he braids Sirius’s hair. Sirius leaves it in for a month
  • He always wanted to be friends with Tonks so he could braid her hair. Braiding a metamorphmagus’s hair?? That’ be so cool
  • In a verse where she lives he finally gets to
  • They love it
  • Somewhere in this verse they watch tangled and see the hair braiding part
  • And they instantly look at each other and are like ‘yyesssss’
  • Everyone rolls their eyes
  • They do it. It’s awesome
  • Grown up Draco and Harry and Draco braiding Harry’s long hair for his work
  • Teddy grows his hair long and Draco braids that too. Also great
  • And also yes Draco can braid his own hair but it’s not the same. Braiding someone else’s hair is beautiful and relaxing and it’s trust because that person trusts you to do it
  • In 8th year Draco does a lot to try to apologise to everyone and make it up to them. Especially Hermione. And the day that Hermione comes to Draco and asks him to braid her hair he knows he’s finally forgiven

Woah. This got way out of hand. At some stage I’m totally making a fic about this, but till then, thank you for reading this.

Super special thanks to @ferret-face for being my sounding board and contributing to this wonderful headcanon


Rhaegar Targaryen

or an AU where piercings and ear stretching is a tradition within the Targaryen dynasty lol 

How They Cuddle...


Harry Potter

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Honestly, you are probably more of a cuddler than he is. He enjoys to feel you cuddling him. In rare times (most likely when he’s half asleep) he’ll sleepily wrap his arms around you and rest his head above yours. He would sometimes wake up before you and smile at the sight of your peaceful expression.

Ron Weasley

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This little squish always felt asleep on you. Sometimes he would fall asleep on you for hours, but you refused to move and wake him up. He would wake up after a long period of time and find you in an awkward position that had to be uncomfortable. He would always get up, carry you to your bed, pull the covers over you, and kiss you goodnight.

Neville Longbottom

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CUDDLE KING!!! He was such a big teddy bear. He towered over you, yet he was the softest cuddler ever. He would always wrap his arms around you daintily. Definitely big spoon mainly because he always felt like you were 100% protected. His hands would always roam lightly over every aspect of your body in the softest, gentlest way as if he was afraid to break you.

Draco Malfoy

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Okay but he was the most secretive cuddler? Like you expected for him to be like as far away in bed as possible, but no. Each night his arms and legs were wrapped around you in some shape or form, not that you minded. Sometimes he would come to bed late and just flop on top of you and start aggressively nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck.

Fred Weasley

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You two were always laughing while cuddling, as cliche as it sounded. He could never just let you lay there in silence as he was either cracking jokes or starting a tickle war. Definitely the big spoon. He would also play with your hair a lot, running his fingers through it or braiding it.

George Weasley

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He would always be gazing into your eyes when you were both relaxing. He just loved seeing your soft expression. He would love how your nose crinkled up when he poked your ticklish parts or how you would grin and giggle every time he kissed the tip of your nose.

dating christoffer schistad would include…
  • him being a cheeky lil bastard in the beginning 
  • he loves how he always makes you blush 
  • he’d be so whipped for you
  • his friends teasing him because of how much of a softie he actually is
  • PDA
  • attempting to study together and ending up making out somewhere
  • you getting along with all the penetrators
  • them sometimes flirting with you to mess with chris
  • making him v mad and jealous because you’re his
  • would most likely pin you against a wall and start kissing you just to show who you’re with
  • will give you a sweater with his name on with a special color because you’re unique
  • you being ready to fight him because of that sweater
  • ”you’ll never see me wear this in a public place”
  • ”but babe you look so good in it”
  • you stealing all his shirts and sweaters 
  • tbh he’d be really committed to the relationship 
  • treating you like a princess 
  • sleepovers!!! 
  • horny 24/7
  • will not hesitate to tease you in class
  • he’d always smirk at your reaction
  • him loving when you pull his hair
  • he’d always whisper something sweet to you
  • ”fuck you’re so beautiful i can’t believe we’re together”
  • lots of cuddling 
  • him playing with your hair and trying to braid it
  • ”i love you so much thank you for being a part of my life”


  • First off, he’s the sexiest motherfucker to ever grace the fictional world in the history of literature so props to J.K Rowling…
  • He borrows your hair ties…
  • You like to run your hands through his hair…
  • He’s moody and clingy and doesn’t like being away from you…
  • You talk to James about it when you first start dating…

“Pads is fucked up for sure but he’s the greatest man I’ve ever known. Dunno where I’d be if he hadn’t come along, so you gotta stick to him, nobody else will.”

  • He’s really big on PDA because it pisses off his brother…
  • Everyday he has something interesting to share…
  • He sneaks food for you almost every day…
  • You both utilize the secret passage ways until the care taker almost catches you…

“Did you know that there are only three words in the entire English language that begin with the letters d and w?”
“That’s interesting.”
“Wanna know which ones?”
“I know dwindle, dwell and…?”

  • He likes your signature matching couples bedhead… 
  • He likes falling asleep using your stomach as a pillow… 
  • You’ve never felt unloved around him… 
  • When girls try to flirt with him he’ll make a big show of kissing you dramatically so they’ll go away… 

“Your breath smells, get off me!”
“My breath does not smell.”
“Pads, for the love of Merlin brush your teeth before kissing me.”
“What are you? My mother?”
“Snogging your mother now, are we?”

  • Sometimes he gives your bum a little squeeze because it makes you squeal and he thinks it’s cute… 
  • You braid his hair a lot when he falls asleep… 
  • He goes through a photography phase and is constantly claiming you as his ‘muse’… 
  • When it’s cold out he’ll come up behind you to slip his hands into your front pants pocket 'for warmth’… 
  • You kiss his hands when he’s stressed… 

“Love you, y’know?”
“I know, baby. Go to sleep now, go on.”

I love the blue streaks and that now her hair is in one big braid and lots of little braids and all the beads and gemstones and S T U F F just IN THERE. Also Ashley said Pike has super long hair so I’m just gonna run with that to Timbuktu because long hair is LIFE.

I’m not super sold on her lil brooch design though so plz just Don’t Mind That I’ll probably change it later. 

Genderqueer!Joker headcanons because I need to plan for a fic

- the genderqueer flag is literally J’s favourite colours and when he finds this out he’s fucking ecstatic

- J uses he/him pronouns but sometimes he prefers they/them and somehow Damian always knows what ones to use without the clown saying anything

- Bruce always knew J ignored the gender binary (I mean he is the one who pays for all of the clowns make up) but he was heartbroken at how scared J was when he came out. Bruce 100% wanted his clown to know he’s loved and even helped him dye his hair 1/3 white and 1/3 purple for a pride parade

- (J was scared of coming out because he know Bruce already puts up with so much of his shit and he didn’t want his gender to be another burden)

- J grows his hair out a little until it’s just above his shoulders. Bruce fucking loves it. The clown lets Stephanie braid his hair a lot (Dick helps sometimes too)

- joker is a clothes stealer and nine times out of ten when he’s missing he’s later found in one of the bedrooms wearing one of Bruce’s giant jumpers and a skirt that Babs lost at least a month ago

- eventually people take the hint and start buying J dresses and skirts for Christmas as well fancy suits and ties (Bruce buys him jumpers too but the clown still insists on wearing his batsy’s clothes)

- J’s lucky in that he doesn’t often get dysphoric but when he does, it’s like all hell breaks loose. Clothing and makeup stores get robbed for every last item and the manor’s master bathroom becomes a mess of makeup products and smashed mirrors (Bruce always manages to calm his clown down with hot cocoa and a movie night - at which J always ends up crying because his boyfriend is so accepting)

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Cuddles with the Allies please? Thank you!

I’ll do this as a pro/con thing! I love my babe America but sadly he has cons ;////

America (Alfred F. Jones)
- he’s super big so he can cuddle every little part of you and keep you nice and warm
- Has some softness to him (though he’s trying to work on it)
- Will play with your hair a lot
- loves to wear his jacket. He loves the damn thing so much. Gosh golly, the zipper is a bit (very…) scratchy
- Sometimes he can be a bit too warm
- Will make sure you don’t fall asleep but eventually falls asleep himself

Canada (Matthew Williams)
- Smells sweetly of maple syrup (he bathes in that shit probably)
- Will sing to you quietly some of the cutesy lullabies he remembers
- there are none
- He’s the perfect cuddle buddy
- Okay maybe he refuses to let go

France (Francis Bonnefoy)
- Also pleasantly soft
- Plays with your hair a lot. Will braid it and probably just smell it a lot
- Probably lubes up his body with lavender or smth so he smells like that and will hopefully help you relax
- if you’re cuddling face to face expect the stubble to just kinda scratch
- Then again if you’re spooning kind of a magical baguette appears,.
- he smel
- Bonus!!! His hands tend to roam to ~special places~

England (Arthur Kirkland)
- Despite having no taste his furniture is pretty damn comfy. Wanna cuddle on the couch? That shit soft. Bed? It’s all memory foam baby
- Back rubs….. a lot. Sort of like a massage
- Heccin™ good tea nd shit to help you calm down if it’s the result of a panic attack especially
- he’s a fucking grumpy old man and it’ll take him a bit to be convinced (but if it’s a panic attack he won’t hesitate)
- Literally. Never. Gets. Comfortable. Is always shifting around. Haha nope dearie that hurts my back. He has the comfy furniture so his partner feels comfy.
- When he gets in the calm mood he just won’t fucking shut up

China (Yao Wang)
- Despite being old he still trains sort of so his embrace is 😩🙌🏻
- Will play white noise/ASMR because whenever he’s cuddling he usually gets tired
- Gets comfy super duper easy
- because of the ASMR he kinda tends to drift off so if you’re expecting conversation I’m sorry
- Whenever he falls asleep he never lets go
- Maybe part of the reason he has back issues is because he keeps falling off the gotdamn bed

Russia (Ivan Braginsky)
- Super duper big. Keeps you all cuddled up better than Alfred.
- Super strong and safe embrace.
- also doesn’t let go (unless you ask, but he’ll probably tease you)
- Will sometimes smell of vodka
- If you’re not a fan of conversation don’t cuddle with him. He talks a lot and will never let you sleep

Keeper Melarue

So Pre-Arlathan clothing is really fun to design. Enjoy some Keeper!Mel. Dragon version coming soon to stores near you!

So, this is a good way to show subtle pride if you have long hair that I’m doing today- (this is a horrible picture so I’ll probably replace it later)
1) buy a pack of multi-colored ponytails
2) braid your hair to the side but don’t go for very long. The idea is to have a little bit of braid and a lot of hair left over.
3) use the ponytails to make your pride flag (may be difficult for people with a lot of colors, but you can buy thinner ponytails and it should work just fine)
4) have pride.

Ravenclaw!Reader dating Sirius Black
  • You knew of the four Gryffindor boys, of course. Who didn’t? They were practically famous. Especially thanks to their great pranks
  • So when they approached you claiming that they needed your help, you were hesitant. After all, it could well be one of their not so funny jokes.
  • But the boys really did need your help. About something that sounded quite illegal. A map. Of Hogwarts.
  • It took you some time to decide to help. But you agreed eventually.
  • Through the trial and error that was the process of creating the map you grew closer with the boys and, quite unexpectedly, fell for Sirius.
  • You were very surprised when you finally acknowledged your feelings for the pure blooded boy. Then you scolded yourself. From all the boys in Hogwarts, heck in the world, Sirius was the one to capture your attention. Sirius! The womanizer.
  • You ignored him for a week, mad at him for distracting you with his Sirius-ness that was for some awful reason attractive to you.
  • He confronted you about ignoring him. At first, of course, you scoffed, dismissing the idea. Somehow you started arguing and five minutes later you were yelling, angrily confessing your feelings. Sirius was watching you, stunned.
  • It didn’t take you too long to start dating after that.
  • He’d subtly wink at you when you had a class together.
  • You would blush and ignore him
  • Holding hands in public.
  • Quick make out sessions in empty hallways between classes.
  • Studying together.
  • Getting distracted half of the time.
  • Playing with his hair a lot and even braiding it from time to time.
  • Him secretly loving it.
  • Him trying to sneak into the Ravenclaw common room and succeeding after a few tries, though your classmates weren’t very happy and shooed him off.
  • You weren’t very surprised when your house got pranked a few days later.
  • Moving together after school.
  • Calming him down when he gets too paranoid about the war.
  • Sirius calming you down after nightmares about your close ones dying.
  • You being very busy in the order coming up with plans and most of the tactics.
  • Blaming yourself when something goes wrong only for Sirius to prove you wrong and remind you how amazing you are.
  • Going to James and Lily’s wedding together and just being really supportive.
  • Insisting on babysitting Harry so James and Lily can have a date night.
  • “Sirius, no! Do not give him your wand!”
  • “Oh, but Y/n look how good he is.”
  • “Sirius he just set the cushion on fire.”
  • “Oh shi-”
  • “Not in front of Harry!”

Hello! I hope you like this and thanks to the anon for requesting. Requests are open by the way, so If you have anything that you want me to write you can just say c:

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