and lots of hair braiding


Rhaegar Targaryen

or an AU where piercings and ear stretching is a tradition within the Targaryen dynasty lol 

i was just thinking about zimbits as parents and i know lots of people hc Bitty to be the one to braid hair and shit if they have a daughter but i actually think it’s Jack ‘110%’ Zimmermann????? Like, yeah Bitty know how do already from helping the girls get ready when figure skating but he doesn’t really enjoy it but Jack already likes playing with hair (i saw a post about him playing with Shitty’s hair once???) he finds it relaxing and so when their daughter’s born he researches the fuck outta different braid styles and practices on Shitty (who at this point has regrown his flow) and he gets really good cuz you can bet your ass that he perfects the fuck out of his french braid technique and he really enjoys trying out different styles. basics all i’m saying is their daughter always has bomb ass looking hair and everyone thinks its Bitty who does it but its really Jack

Different hairstyles for Bunny!! This was very fun to do actually :D Inspired by this 

Number 4 is from @corona-de-flores 

So, this is a good way to show subtle pride if you have long hair that I’m doing today- (this is a horrible picture so I’ll probably replace it later)
1) buy a pack of multi-colored ponytails
2) braid your hair to the side but don’t go for very long. The idea is to have a little bit of braid and a lot of hair left over.
3) use the ponytails to make your pride flag (may be difficult for people with a lot of colors, but you can buy thinner ponytails and it should work just fine)
4) have pride.

dating bucky barnes would include:

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A/N: guess who wrote a long steve imagine and decided she hated it, before deleting it! me bitch! it was me! let me love bucky for a second while i calm down. thnk u 

- meeting him thanks to steve

- him being shy and reserved around you at the first

- lot’s of stuttering and being afraid to be too close to you

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Being best friends with Carl Grimes would include...

-Holding hands a lot
-Playing around with his hair, braiding it, putting it in pigtails, finding a hair straightener and straightening it, putting it in a bun, etc etc
-Laying in bed having sad conversations really late at night when everyone else is asleep (sometimes you both end up crying)
-Reading your separate comics/books side by side and telling the other when something worth mentioning happens (”[character] just died” / “[character] just proposed” / “Listen to this joke omg”)
-Always trying to protect each other (”Y/N get behind me!” “No, you get behind me!”)
-Sometimes getting in small fights, but you both forgive each other quickly (”I don’t want you going, Y/N! I’ve already lost enough people!” “I don’t want you going either, Carl! You’re not the only one who’s lost people!”)
-Watching Judith together
-Bringing things back to Alexandria that you think the other will like on the rare times you’ll go on runs
-Finding nail polish and painting each other’s nails (”Y/N you’re getting it all over my fingers.” “Oh jee sorry, it’s almost as if I haven’t painted nails in five years, oh wait, I haven’t!” “I’ve never painted anybody’s nails before and I’m doing a better job than you!”)
-Having lots of inside jokes
-Reassuring him that he’s wonderful and you love him (because the poor boy’s probably insecure af)
-Hugs. Long hugs, short hugs, thank you hugs, don’t be sad I love you hugs, tired hugs, every kind of hug

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My babies who are finally together-together!!!

  • Nora loves playing with Ren’s hair. In their first years together, when he missed his family a lot, Nora would sit behind him and brush his hair, braid it or just run her fingers through it. It made him feel better to sit with his chatty best friend and be touched and cared for. Nora never liked growing her hair out because it made combat training more difficult, but even once they started Huntsmen training, Ren never cut his. 

  • Nora’s semblance, like a lot of things about Nora, makes Ren nervous. It has come in handy in battle, and she’s completely unafraid of getting hit if it means becoming stronger and helping them win. Still, something about watching her get shocked or hit by lightning makes him uneasy. He’s never gotten used to it.

  • They’ve always been really casual about things like dressing in the same room and sharing a bed. More so as children, before those things became associated with “being together-together.” Privacy rules are stricter now, but they can still be prevailed upon to cuddle and fall asleep together sometimes :)

  • Once they’re finally in a relationship, not much changes, and even less changes immediately. Mostly that’s due to how close they already were- it’s hard to make their relationship stronger. So literally the only aspect they didn’t already have is being outwardly romantic, and it takes a while for either of them to go there. Picture both of them realizing they can kiss now, they’re allowed to do that, but neither one is willing to make the first move. Once they finally kiss, the awkwardness mostly goes away. 

  • Nora is very affectionate by nature, but still respects Ren’s personal space and his preference for keeping those things private. She’s still prone to cuddling him, but now she can smooch all over his face while she does it. Ren will sometimes randomly smooch her cheek or her lips while doing something else (or while she is distracted with something), which appears to be spontaneity but is actually his way of getting her attention. It never fails. 
what the signs look like
  • Aries: small, freckles, wild messy hair, big smile, smirks a lot, wears a lot of red, chapped lips, a gap in their teeth
  • Taurus: doe eyed, wears Dutch braids a lot, always wearing sweaters, honey blonde hair, button nose, soft hands, good eyebrows, heart shaped lips
  • Gemini: tall, wears leather, wavy dark hair, bright blue eyes, big lips, clear skin, good butt, their go to shoes is white sneakers
  • Cancer: resting sad face, short hair, medium height, big brown eyes, kinda looks like a puppy, wears a lot of dresses, collar bones, bites their nails
  • Leo: good style, uses their hands to talk, always has their hair down, dorky laugh, jewellery hoe, tan, great teeth, long legs
  • Virgo: resting bitch face, hair is always in a bun or tied back, brown hair, long eyelashes, rosy cheeks, freckles, shoulder length straight hair, very small
  • Libra: perfect hair, starry eyed, small smile, long neck, trendy clothes, has a cool birthmark, wears heals a lot, make up is always amazing
  • Scorpio: blue eyes, long hair, bites their lip a lot, wears a lot of black, really likes to wear lipstick, average height, looks timid but once you get them talking they're very enthusiastic, messy eyebrows
  • Sagittarius: oval face, green soft eyes, scattered freckles, lanky, honey blonde long hair, can't keep still, painted nails, uses the dog filter in selfies
  • Aquarius: blunt bob, wears glasses, raises their eyebrows a lot, dresses very classy, brown narrow eyes, pretty tall, clear skin, rarely wears dresses or skirts
  • Capricorn: likes to have their hair tied back, blue eyes, medium height, rarely smiles, minimal make up, ginger hair, small nose, cute elf ears
  • Pisces: long eyelashes, big forehead, slightly smaller than average, wispy hair, chubby cheeks, wears a lot of sweaters, smells good, thin eyebrows
List of OT3's That Are Great
  • Red, Blue and Green: Karma/Nagisa/Kayano (iconic and original, the only problem is who gets to sit on Karma's shoulders?)
  • Ikemen Children and a Memelord: Kataoka/Isogai/Maehara (Maehara claims he's in a relationship with the same person, Kataoka blushes and Isogai sighs. Although it's great to be dating your 2 closest friends)
  • Sweet, Sour and Spicy: Isogai/Maehara/Karma (The ikemen keeps the level of the memes down, Karma gives best hugs and Maehara gives best kisses)
  • Memelords: Karma/Nakamura/Maehara (TOO MANY GROUPCHATS, TOO MANY MEMES. on their wedding day, they all dabbed instead of saying 'i do')
  • Smart Kids Only: Karma/Gakushuu/Isogai (consists of Isogai persuading the other two not to kill each other today. movie nights are the best with this 3)
  • Why Not All Three Of Us: Ren/Sugino/Kanzaki (was kinda an accident but is actually very pure and sweet. ren and sugino help to braid Kanzaki's hair a lot.)
  • Lesbian Mode Activate: Kanzaki/Kayano/Okuda (SO! MANY! CUDDLE! AND! LIL! SMOOCHES! 100% pure, like to go to the park for dates.)
  • Ikemen Children and a Lesbian: Kataoka/Isogai/Yada (3 cinnamon rolls, what I can I say? Kataoka and Yada help out at Isogai's cafe if he's ever short staffed or tired)
  • Two Oranges and a Poor Man: Maehara/Isogai/Gakushuu (was completely accidently. Maehara walked in something e shouldn't have and then he was invited to join. Surprisingly enough, Maehar and Gakushuu get along)
  • A Meme, an Actress and A Babe: Okuda/Nakamura/Kayano (SO SWEET BUT YET SO MEMEY. all of them are just so kind and they all take turns making breakfast. they have 3 cats bc cats r great and dogs r too high maintenance)

some domestic victuuri plus yurio headcanons that i came up with while talking to @thaidoodles (get well soon baby)

  • viktor helping yurio with his longer hair since he knows how to take care of a lot of hair (advising him to use conditioner, etc.)
  • he also loves braiding yurio’s hair and trying new hair styles!!
  • yuuri and yurio going shopping and bonding over their (in viktor’s opinion disastrous) fashion sense
  • movie nights! yuuri’s lying on the couch with his head in viktor’s lap who’s occupying one end of the couch; yurio sitting in front of the couch and letting yuuri play with his hair
  • yurio and viktor talking about something and finally succumbing back to russian while yuuri tries to follow with his minimum knowledge of the language
  • yurio struggling with a word or an expression and asking viktor the english equivalent
  • when the couple visits him in moscow, yurio and his grandfather bake a few batches of cookies for their arrival (not that yurio would ever admit it)
  • when yurio has an accident and has to undergo surgery he wakes up to viktor placing flowers into a vase while yuuri’s asleep on a chair next to yurio’s bed, holding his hand and yakov and his grandfather talking quietly (poor yuuri and his jet lag)
  • yurio won’t admit admit it but he was pretty happy when yuuri said he loved his cat
  • viktor giving yurio the talk (”i’m fifteen, what-” “shh. this is imporant.”)
  • when yurio is over he usually takes makkachin out for his morning walk so that viktor and yuuri can sleep some more
  • he doesn’t remember but one morning he was still asleep and pecked both of the adults on the cheek with a slurred “good morning” before trudging into the bathroom
Dating John Murphy Would Include..

- LOTS of making out in the middle of nowhere

- Hair braiding

- Sarcastic remarks all day/night

- Him being the little spoon whenever you were in privacy

- Him being dominant only when he is angry or jealous

- You being the only one to be able to touch his neck

- Sharing rations back on the Ark

- Being the only cure to each other’s night terrors  

- Lot of ass grabbing both ways

- Him staring at your breasts

- You punching Bellamy a lot for hanging Murphy

- Carving stakes together

- Skinny Dipping in the creek

- You stealing his jacket and him chasing you

- Embarrassing him in front of the camp at times

- Rough sex

- Loving sex

- Kinky sex

- Just sex anywhere

- Him being turned on when you bite your lip

- Him always putting your bra on his head to make you blush

Black Sails Headcanon // How they hug you and some other comforting things (characterxreader)

It’s not really a hug but he places his hands on both of your shoulders to comfort you as he tries to look into your eyes whether you look at him or not. He tells you it’s going to be fine, how he will fix everything and make you some tea if you’d like. But if you get to give him a hug first he responds to it immediately like he’s been waiting for one for a long time.

He doesn’t really understand hugging and won’t make the first move because he’s afraid he might do something wrong. Even though he could be the one that needs it even more than you, there’s nothing selfish about his hug and he makes sure you are okay by not letting go before you do. After, he asks if he can get you anything or if you need anybody killed.

When he gives you a hug to comfort you, he tries to cover you as much as he possibly can with his embrace. His hands are stretched all across your back and he will place his chin on top of your head if he can. You feel like he would probably wrap his legs around you as well if you let him. To make you really feel safe he will pull in every person passing by to join the hug. Usually it’s Ben Gunn and he’s just being very careful trying not to crowd you overmuch.

She cups your face in her hands the second she sees that something is not right and she will pull you into a hug right there and then not caring who is there to see it because in that moment you are all that matters. She calmly explains to you how she will take care of you and how everything will be better tomorrow. She doesn’t let her voice break from the soothing kind tone as she takes you to her room and stays there with you as long as is needed.

She is very careful not to say or do anything that might make you feel worse and for that reason she doesn’t really know what to do. But if she ever sees you being sad or hurt she will march over to you and pull you in for a hug without even thinking about it. She clings to your shoulders and lets you bury your face in her neck. If you want to be left alone she will make everybody leave the room and she will bring you as many pillows and blankets as you need. She tells you how she will use her shotgun to blast a hole in the next person who tries to hurt you.

He makes sure nobody will come to disturb you when he’s comforting you by having men outside the door on watch. He sits next to you and makes you lean your back against his chest as he strokes your hand or your hair. Whatever it takes, he tries to make you forget the thing that was making you feel down and he will suggest having a sword fight with him or sailing to a nearby island you’ve not visited before.

Even though she doesn’t get to your personal space, she lets you know she’s there for you with compassionate looks. She will also let you hold her hand and she will sit next to you until you feel better. If anybody is trying to approach you with anything but love, she jumps up in front of you to be your bodyguard. If you ask for a drink she will get somebody else to fetch it for you so she doesn’t have to leave your side.

Jack hugs you casually whether you’re feeling down or not. Sometimes it’s a pat on the back and other times he pulls you so close he can rest his head on your shoulder. He’s overall very touchy in the most purest way - like he will tap you on your shoulder or pull your sleeve to get your attention, or when he’s handing you a bottle or a glass he places his hand over yours to make sure you won’t drop it.

This is a celebration of all black hair. Because if you want to keep it natural, that’s beautiful. If you want to relax it, that’s beautiful. If you want braid,twist, dread, weave, put on a wig, or just shave it all of (I mean I did). That. Is. Beautiful. Always. It goes excellently with your dark or medium or lighter skin. It helps to accentuate your stunning facial bone structure. It’s yours. Never change your hair for anyone: Not your partner Not your interviewer Not your boss Not your parents Not for the standard of beauty Change your hair only for you. Because you love yourself and you want to express your versatility. This has been an uninvited public service announcement.

Oiling your hair is so important, I can’t stress that enough💁🏻