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Name: Renée
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Fav scent: The scent after a thunderstorm, Cinnamon
Fav Colour: All shades of blue
Fav animal: Horses, Dogs
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: Others need their morning Coffee, I need my morning Cocoa.
Average Sleep Hours: 5-6
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Fav fictional character: Daenerys (ASOIAF), Rhysand (ACOTAR) and a lot more
Number of blankets you sleep with: one blanket
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Yesssss thank you! Nidai was totally awesome and deserved a lot more recognition than he got. I don't get why characters like Komaeda get to be so popular, and yet ones like Nidai go completely ignored. Similar case with Seven. He's arguably one of the best characters in the cast, yet he gets overshadowed by, say, Junpei and June and Santa. That's not to say Santa doesn't deserve popularity (although I can't really say the same for June lmao), he does, but man I wish Seven got more love.

Nidai was totally awesome and deserved a lot more recognition than he got. I don’t get why characters like Komaeda get to be so popular, and yet ones like Nidai go completely ignored.


I mean, I get that Komaeda is a complex character and that his role was really important in SDR2. I also do like some things about him but is there something else about his character aside his obsession for hope and talent, his luck, his backstory and his dementia? 

You have no idea of how many analysis I read about him but all of them always said pretty much the same things tbh… To me he’s a bit monotonous, but hey, it’s just my opinion. 

Then there’s Nidai who’s a supporting character who always does his best to be by his friends side, to help people and to protect them. A character who’s not afraid to openly show his emotions and who tries to find the best in everyone, but hey let’s just reduce him to shit jokes and that’s it.

About 999, yes I’m appreciating Seven a lot for now. He seems genuinely good and friendly. A decent person. 

Santa pretty much intrigues me too, I admit it. Junpei kinda reminds me Hinata in the first 2 chapters of SDR2 ahah and June… well… you already know ahah


I think I overdid this

Oh my god what I have done


It seems like a lot has forgotten but Yuuri Katsuki has pride. A lot of it. This is why mistakes bother him so much no matter how little it was. This is why he hides his face and refuse to interact with the people at Hasetsu train station. He lost at the GPF and the Nationals. He’s ashamed of himself for failing that much. His pride was severely damaged since he didn’t fulfill the two goals he had set for himself at his JSF profile:

1.) To not cry during a competition

2.) To be victorious in the GPF. *Usually when an athlete says “victory”, they mean ‘get gold”

Add the fact that the GPF is just the 3rd most prestigious figure skating competition (Worlds is 2nd, Olympics is 1st), Yuuri’s self confidence would have been shaken to the core. He couldn’t get a bronze in the GPF. He couldn’t even get the top spot at the Nationals. What hope does he have for anything else? What is there for him to be proud of?

No wonder Yuuri hit rock bottom. He’s a sore loser because his pride couldn’t take it. His epic career slump is hardcore proof. His pride also magnified his lost spectacularly in his perspective that it took him ages to lick his wounds and get right back up.

To cultivate pride, reputation is a huge factor. So obviously, reputation would mean a lot to Yuuri. He’s very sensitive about it. In fact, the first thing he did after bombing his FS at Sochi was to check the news and the social media for comments about him. He was even upset with Phichit when he posted online the picture of drunk!Viktor clinging on him before the SP at the Cup of China.

Reputation is important to Yuuri. He values his dignity. His pride depends on it.

So wouldn’t the reveal of his drunk shenanigans in EP10 absolutely devastated him? For everybody else in the series, it was funny and memorable. Even us fans think the same. But for Yuuri? That probably felt like the end of his world. He made a fool of himself in front of the ISU, sponsors, coaches, and fellow athletes. He had dragged Japan and his family name through the mud. He’s now a laughingstock - a goddamn joke.

His pride took a heavy blow before the GPF SP. His reputation and dignity is gone. It’s miracle that he looked calm as he skated Eros… or not.

He probably kept lying to himself before his performance with an unknowing Viktor’s supporting him (Yeah, Viktor doesn’t know Yuuri’s pain because he will definitely hide it from him. What happened in Sochi was obviously a treasured memory of Viktor. Yuuri isn’t that heartless to taint it with his own issues. So kept his problems on his own.) He then must have convinced himself enough that he’s ok. He’s alright. Everything is fine. Everything will be just perfect. So he smiled with confidence built on lies and kissed his ring for further reassurance. (He’s still a total wreck inside barely holding himself together)

Then he skated and everything went shit.

Yuuri’s SP at Barcelona is devoid of seduction because he’s focusing too much on perfection. He desperately needed clean and perfect quad jumps. Quad jumps will help him win. He has to win because if he does, he’ll get his dignity back. He can mend his pride. He would be able to make up for the scandal he had caused in Sochi. Everybody loves a winner. Gaining victory will make everything alright. He must podium. He must get gold.

But then he flubbed his quad flip. He touched the ice. His SP was imperfect. His score would definitely be lower than what he wanted. He failed. He lost. Everything that he gives a damn about depended on that performance and he fucked it up. So Yuuri crumbles under the pressure and wept his heartbreak on the ice.


He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.

The problem with writing outside the homestuck fandom is that homestuck makes writing in-character so easy. Homestuck is long af and full of pesterlogs to examine. They’re easy to find, easy to pick apart, full of well-developed verbal patterns specific to every character, even color-coded with character-specific quirks. Other pieces of fiction don’t have that. Books have dialogue, sure, but you have to leaf through them to find certain scenes and the characters don’t always have verbal patterns manufactured to stand out. Visual-audio fiction is even worse because you have to find the meaty dialogue that reveals the character. For a movie, it means watching it, and for a game, you gotta like look that shit up. Staying in-character is just harder, at least on the perfectionistic level homestuck got me used to.


my casual suga post just got a bunch of notes recently and people seemed to like it so i thought id draw another one in my own outfit from a couple of days ago bc im Gay And Edgy

i need to stop drawing andreil, someone stop me please

basic things you should know about your main characters
  • how is their relationship with their family
  • what are their beliefs, if they have any
  • what is their motivation (preferably something unrelated to their love interest/romantic feelings, bc people care about other things, too, kthx)
  • who were they raised to be vs. who they became/are becoming
  • what are their plans for the future, if they have any
  • how do they feel about themselves and how it affects their behaviour (i mean. you can’t tell me a character is shy then have them do things shy people wouldn’t do, like?????)
  • how do they feel about things they cannot control? 
  • and last but not least: 

Fun fact: The debt he’s referring to here happened between chapters 310-311. It took him over 200 chapters to repay his debt and he never once forgot about it this whole time.

i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare