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who's your favorite paranatural character

Hmm… difficult to say, without time for them to settle in properly. I’m fond of RJ because wow, nonbinary character that’s human and not the result of magic or going ‘hey I squished a guy and a girl together and look at this!’ but even though Morrison does a really good job of conveying expression and personality w/o words, I still think I don’t know enough about them. They’ve been more of a force of nature so far. 

Isabel’s too obvious a choice. She’s almost designed to be a fave, if you know what I mean. 

I am somewhat drawn to Dr. Zarei bc she’s gay and socially awkward and I can respect that. 

Johnny has the best lines but is only now getting some character depth, although I have high hopes for him.

 I do enjoy Forge’s design a lot. 

So far one of the more intriguing characters has been Isaac, as well. I want to know what’s going on with him. 

 This answer was useless.

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I just wanted to say that whenever your Alchemist art pops up on my dash, I get sucked into it over and over again. I love the characters a lot and I wish I knew more about them! The art is beautiful and tells so much of the story, but also leaves a lot for the imagination, and leaves me wanting more. Good luck with the artbook! <3

Thank you so much!! I’m actually very pleased that this story is having a little success on tumblr. When I made it I thought no one would care because it was “too personnal”? I know it’s stupid XD haha

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As much as I love the kitchen scene and will rewatch it until season 2 comes out, the intensity of their passion doesn't really match up with what we saw from their relationship through the season. Either there were some major bughead scenes cut or that was 100% not acting. They were almost like 2 completely different characters, that was a whole lot more Lili & Cole than bughead. They just couldn't tone down their sexual chemistry to make it look like an inexperienced teenagers' 1st time imo

Errmmmm…..I agree it’s Cole and Lili, but we had that same chemistry on screen, all along….and as I noted yesterday, there’s been hints at that, if you watch closely, all season. Jughead’s been showing a propensity for taking charge of things and being pretty skillful and forceful all along:

despite his nervousness, he ultimately jumps in a kisses her like a boss the first time—-and that’s after climbing up to her room by ladder in broad daylight. Within two days, she’s responding to his non-verbal requests when he’s upset. By episode 9 he’s quietly calling the shots, pushing things further and she’s unquestionably into it.

Literally, we’re shown when they’re alone (which he’s most comfortable with), he’s not repressed in the least and had clearly been wanting this for awhile.

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23, 26, 14

23: Unpopular character you love?

I know she’s become a lot more popular now, but I’ve already mentioned the only other character I can thing of that would fit this, so Drew Tanaka.

26: Most shippable character?


14: Unpopular opinion about your fandom?

It’s absolutely shit at characterisation (see girly!annabeth, persassy, ‘not my type’ jokes etc).

Salty Ask List

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  • How I feel about this character: He deserved much more screentime, he’s a character with a lot of potential. His white eyebrows are always disturbing me and I look like him when I’m alone in the streets and don’t want anyone to piss me off.
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: None? Saddly I haven’t found any pairing with him that caught my interested yet.
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: His interactions with Ardyn (and the non-canon ones made by the fandom) made me love to see these two together
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: He would look better if his eyebrows were slightly darker
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon : a real fight with Ardyn or Noctis would have been awesome. He looks SO COOL during chapter 13.2 when he fights against daemons, I want to see him fight more!

Hogwarts’ students were about to face the worst test of their lives so their professor invited Auror Harry Potter to talk about his adventures. The Q&A went out of the professor’s control, though x)

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I think I overdid this

Oh my god what I have done



Farkle Minkus | Riley Matthews parallels  


It’s 4am I can’t sleep, so have a mini sketch dump of old Sasuke drawings.

Doomworld - Len’s Progression

I’ve literally rewatched all of Doomworld to make sense of Len’s characterization and honestly, I don’t think it’s as far off as I originally thought it was, or that it’s irreconcilable with the Len we know. After I calmed down, I could make sense of so much of his behavior by reading between the lines.

So I’m sharing that with you, a sort of quick look into his scenes in the episode. 

Long post, no gifs, but here we go.

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What people think Lena Luthor is like: *Icy. Unemotional. Always has a steely gaze in her eyes. Goes to bed every night and wakes up every morning with perfect hair and make-up. Owns nothing but black pant suits. Has never cried, ever. Will destroy you. Speaks in chess metaphors. Never smiles*

What Lena Luthor is actually like: *Has cried thirty-seven times today. Adopts stray animals so often that no one asks questions when They see strange new ones in her apartment. Gets emotional at videos of dogs being reunited with Their owners. Loves hugging and cuddling. Always wants to be the little spoon. Her bed is covered in stuffed animals. If you were nice to her once seventeen years ago, she probably still loves you for it. Will physically fight you if you disrespect Kara. Pets every dog she comes across and usually has to be pulled away by someone. Will cry if you raise your voice at her.*


Fun fact: The debt he’s referring to here happened between chapters 310-311. It took him over 200 chapters to repay his debt and he never once forgot about it this whole time.

And heres a doodle page that i’ve been doing everything on

With @doodledrawsthings Bendy
And @everestcresent Bendy

And my oc Nyat