and lotioning

  • Me: Ugh, Zarkon is terrible! He's so cruel! Has no heart! Cat stealer!
  • Season 3: Haha oh yeah Zarkon was a sweetheart who was afraid of cats and laughed at his friends jokes and fell in love with an Altean
  • Me, on the brink of tears: Fair enough
Make this the next copypasta of 2017

I🙋🏻‍♂️ joined the 🌈gay🌈 community as a heterosexual👫 just because I like✔️😜 gay🌈 people. I don’t “need” to be a raging😡😤 homophile🌈📂, but that's🔼 just who I am🤗. I love the ‘gay 🌈accent'🤠 the catty😿retorts, the drama😱, the hand gestures👋🏻, and without🙅🏻‍♂️ my☝🏻 gays🌈, I would ❌never❌ have discovered🔎 facial moisturizers💦! Seriously, my dudes👬, moisturize your👈🏻 face.

❌Nobody❌ in my circles⭕️ requires me🙋🏻‍♂️ to have a stack📑 of victim points☑️ to be welcomed🤝 into the group. But😤 this👆🏻 thread is filled with people👫👭 running🏃🏻 an emotional😱😭😡 rollercoaster🎢 putting 👆🏻👆🏻up a sign that says ⚠️'you must be this oppressed to ride’.

Heat wave

AU in which Newt brought Credence along to look for creatures, and real!Graves is in recovery inside the case. Let everyone be happy today :’D  
This started out as a sketch when the first heatwaves hit and took way too long to finish haha
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I can’t believe I left the voltron fandom alone for one week and i come back with two trailers, a shit ton of prince lotion, a drop in october, audio of episode one, shiro is A L I V E, hunk is sweet and dorky and gets development, we maybe get langst, there’s a girl galra, black paladin keith, blue paladin allura, klance is canon and pidge kicks ass AGAIN



Lance was supposed to fight the Prince, but he likes pretty boys, even if they are a bit evil~
Please do not use pic with Lotor without my permission and leave credits! ♥

someone say Prince Lotion?!

Imagine Lance gets captured by Lotor and instead of torturing him, Prince Lotion tries to manipulate him. So far so canon.
But while he tries to find out Lance´s flaws to use them against him, he kind of starts to like the (former) blue paladin and unknowingly becomes honest and sincere with him.:

- deep long conversations about insecurities
-sharing secrets about hair lotions
- Lotor actually changes because of Lance
- the others don´t even realize, since Lance disappeared for three hours at a time he usually sleeps
-Secret meetings,
-Lotor either becomes a nice emperor (does in honesty what he is manipulating the masses with)
-rest of team Voltron does not even believe that sh*t
-all the good Zuko stuff