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Superhero AUs #14

Last Meetings

- ‘So, I guess this is it, huh? It was nice…nice doing business with you’ AU
- ‘I did not pay you this much money for your irresponsible, reckless ass to die on me!’ AU

- ‘I’ve got a terminal illness and you used to be my partner-in-crime back in the good old days. Fancy one last hurrah?’
- ‘You couldn’t stop me if you tried. Besides, there’s a bank I’ve been eyeing up on 53rd every time I’ve been to bingo this month, and-’ AU

- ‘No!’ AU
- ‘Oh, my poor little hero. You really shouldn’t have given a new meaning to the phrase ‘bite the bullet’, especially not for me’ AU

- ‘Honey…honey I’m sorry, please forgive me’ AU
- ‘I always knew you were an evil bastard, I just didn’t realise you were a supervillain too’ AU

- ‘So. You’re retiring. (…but what about this? What about…us? Our rivalry? You’re my nemesis, what am I going to do without you?)’ AU
- ‘It’s time to leave the spandex where it belongs: in the past’ AU

- ‘If you die on me, you heroic fucker, I will resurrect you just so I can kill you all over again. Do not test the limits of my mad science because I will succeed, and with immortality in my grasp I’ll be around to ruin your day forever’ AU
- ‘I spend enough of my time trying to stop you breaking laws, could you please leave the laws of nature alone?’ AU

- ‘You’re an assassin’ AU
- ‘I wish you hadn’t realised that. I really am sorry about this’ AU

- ‘Hey, just ringing to ask how your day is going; I hope you’re having fun saving the day and all that heroic junk. Fighting a new villain? Starstrike, yeah, I’ve heard of her. Pretty cute, am I right? Me? Oh yeah, I’m fine. Kinda winded, just lost a fight against one of these new vigilante types, but I’ll see you tonight. I’ll get Chinese on the way home. By the way, you’ve always been my favourite hero. Have a good day!’ AU
- ‘I never got that Chinese’ AU

- ‘Even though I’m dying, I’m still glad it was you that finally killed me’ AU
- ‘You were the greatest hero of them all, and I can only regret that your death was necessary. Rest in peace, my old friend’ AU

- ‘I can’t wait for tomorrow. To finally get married to you will be the best day of my life’ AU
- ‘Me neither. Just one last patrol before the big day, I’ll be back before you know it’ AU

PS. These are sadder if you realise that for these to qualify as last meetings, someone has to leave forever…

We love you SZA

SZA went from being an artist I never cared for, despite her affiliation with artists I did (e.g: Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, SchoolBoyQ and Rihanna) … to one of my current favourites in a matter of one album. I saw her at Afropunk London last year but didn’t appreciate the essence of her presence … because I wasn’t a huge fan. 

I’d always watched her interviews, even though I found her music boring, because I found her energy so beautiful. This time around, her interview on The Breakfast Club was the best at getting me excited for the album. Charlamagne obviously listened to the album (properly) and asked all the right questions. She broke down the stories behind (most of) the track, from fucking her man’s friends to her insecurities, to being a sidechick. She confessed that this album is the first time she’d spoken about her past relationships (and feelings in general) so explicitly. And it’s so obvious to me. I always found she spoke in parables and would get to the end of a song feeling so underwhelmed and a bit … lost: 

That’s when I realised … SZA is me. I am the queen of parables. I just expect people to understand everything that is so crystal clear in my mind. 

She also spoke about how much she’d “grown” which, again, was so evident to me. Shit … even her melodies are a lot more sophisticated and refined than they used to be. She’s no longer drowning behind instrumentals and using music as a platform to lazily lay her feelings down. The songs on this album have structure and stand out from each other. That’s what I need. 

“Go Gina” is one my faves. The chorus is so sexy in its simplicity. It’s repetitive but not monotonous. I feel like Gina. “Mind my business…”

“Weekend” is another of my faves. She epitomises the beauty of being a weekend lover, addressed to her lover’s “other girl”. Melodies here? Beautiful. Digest the phrases below, found throughout the song, pls:

  • “You say you got a girl. How you want me?” 
  • “Knowing it’s selfish. Knowing I’m desperate”. 
  • “Is you coming home. Is you out with her? I don’t care, as long as you’re here by 10:30”. 
  • “My man is my man is your man. That’s her man”. 
  • “I just keep him satisfied through the weekend. Make him lose his mind every weekend.” 
  • “You take Wednesday, Thursday and just send him my way. Think I’ve got it covered for the weekend”. 
  • “I just keep him satisfied through the weekend” 

“Doves in Wind” - the pussy song. 

Again, she begins a song with a seductive bassline. 

When I first heard Kendrick’s verse, I thought “he really wasn’t needed here”. But after a few listens, I realised a needed a man to verify how powerful pussy is. Women are not making this up. Your twitter timeline is not lying. You cheating uncle is not lying. Kendrick Lamar is not lying. 

Minor detail: I enjoyed his pitch on this track. That’s not his natural pitch. (He almost sounds like Anderson .Paak in some instances, which is besides the point). Now this might not have been the intention at all, but I just got the feeling he was robbed of his traditional masculine bass just talking about good pussy. Vulnerability turned up a notch. The Kendrick I know is the Kendrick on The Recipe, for example.  

My favourite line in this song? : “You can touch the booty if you like, I ain’t trippin on you” at 2:47. 

i could on and on about more of my favourite tracks but this post will get unnecessarily long. 

Bottom line is: girl … I am impressed. 

Does Sansa not realise that requesting that the Karstark and Umber families are punished for their parents crimes, that they had nothing to do with, is EXACTLY the same as what the Lannisters did to her in Kings Landing?!

There’s so much talk of Jon learning from experience but… has Sansa not learnt from hers either?!

Sansa should literally know from her experience that if you keep an enemy’s family under your thumb, and treat them as you would treat the enemy who did you wrong, that it will only create problems. House Lannister’s treatment of Sansa created an enemy for the Lannisters in the form of House Stark - an enemy which is now coming back to bite House Lannister.

Jon needs the North to unite. By forgiving the Karstarks and Umbers who did not rebel, he is doing just that. He is erasing bitterness. He sees the big picture, because he is a LEADER.

I’m not trying to pit Stark against Stark here, I just find it baffling how Sansa (and Sansa stans, for that matter) do not seem to realise this.

Little Angel- Jon Snow x reader

Imagine being a kitchen maid and feeding a hungry baby using castle food… and getting caught. You have an upsetting past and are being taken care of by the starks.

A/N- I literally just thought about this and am so eager to write it down. I hope you enjoy it… otherwise go fuck yourself..

Anywho ha… let’s get on with this.


(Y/N)’s POV

I quickly rushed into the kitchen as my stomach grumbled. I can’t believe that I overslept. It was my day to cook for the Starks. I had planned out everything last night… too bad it took most of the night to do.

Luckily for me, there was nobody in the kitchen to yell at me about my lack in punctuality.

I sighed. What shall I do now?

My stomach growls again and I am forced to bend down to grasp my hollow stomach.
If I even dare to take Stark food I will be punished, I cannot take that risk.

Suddenly I hear a cry of a baby. It seems to be coming from outside the kitchen doors.

As I open the door, I see a baby with tears running down her cheeks. My heart throbs as she crawls towards me and into the kitchen. I move myself around the baby in order to conceal her presence and sneaking her in.

I pick up the baby and out of nowhere she clings onto me. At that moment, my heart was put at rest. All the worry I had built up inside me had vanished.

“Okay, little lady. What are you doing here?” I said to the chubby little baby. I soon realised that she was too young to reply and understand and mentally face palmed.

I noticed her reach out for the bread (idk man… just pretend they eat this stuff) and realised that she must be hungry.

I looked around and let out an exasperated sigh.

I know it is wrong but I cannot let this baby starve.

I take out the bread and rip a little but off, handing it to the baby. She giggles and devoures the bread in her tiny mouth.

While she was eating I noticed something strange. The baby had not been wearing rags. She was actually dressed in fine clothing.

She must come from a rich family. Where are her parents? How did she get here?

My thoughts were interrupted by the baby violently shoving the food into my mouth. When I tried to put the food down, her smile fell.

I didn’t want to make her cry so I ate the bread. My body was soothed a little from the hunger and I felt myself craving for more.

The baby clapped her hands, clapping as she watched me munch down the bread.

I smiled.

She reminded me of my baby…. my baby that had been taken away from me.

I recall the day as if it were yesterday.

My husband was murdered infront of me, trying to protect me from Lannister soldiers. He was a brave man. Worked to protect the Starks with all of his life. In exchange they promised to keep me in their castle as a kitchen maid. We loved our baby. Those monster stomped on my baby and jabbed a spear through her fragile skull.

I flinch as I feel a tiny, warm hand touch my cheeks. I open up my eyes to reveal the little girl wipe away my tears.

I couldn’t help but fall in love with her kindness. I hug the little baby, protecting her with my hands.

“Oh, you beautiful child. Eat up. You shall become a strong girl, who shall fight your own battles.” I kiss her forehead.

I place a pan infront of her and face it upside down so that she can band her hands onto it and us it as a drum. I happily placed more food ahead of her as i ate with her.

I got carried away with all the fun and didn’t realise how much noise I was making. I noticed people standing at the door of the kitchen and shifted myself to face them.

My heart dropped as I saw Lord Robb Stark, Jon Snow, Theon and other guard staring at me mortified….. so except Jon Snow. He had a soft smile upon his face.

I curtsied out of fear. “My lord. I - uh I am sorry..”

As Robb was about to speak, Theon yelled, “You’re sorry, are you? For what?! For coming in late?! For stealing castle food?! For kidnapping a knights kin?! Which one are you sorry for?”

My heart stopped. “A- a knights kin? I d-didnt know… I didn’t kidnap her… I just-”

I was almost cut off by Theon but Jon had stopped him.

“She was not talking to you. She was talking to Robb.” He argued and then turned to me with a soft smile.

“It is Lord Robb to you, bastard.” Theon growled. I almost reached out my hand to strike Theon. I hated the fact that people would class Jon Snow as a bastard. He had not done anything to deserve it. It wasn’t his fault.

Robb cleared his throat. “I told you to stay away from trouble (y/n). Didn’t I? I know that my father has promised to take care of you to repay for your …. for his loyalty but its hard when you’re always in trouble.” He sighed.

Tears ran down my face. “I’m sorry. All I tried to do was help. That is all I ever tried to do. She was hungry… I could not just let her starve.”

Jon’s eyes fell to the ground. I could tell something bad had happened.

At that moment, a guard ran in yelling, “I could not find the baby!” He stopped as he saw her with me.

“Why..why do you need her? What is wrong…? Tell me, please.” I cried.

Theon was going to say something but Robb got there first.

“ (y/n) … the thing is… her parents, they are dead. She doesn’t have any family. We have to….she has to go. She wont survive alone…” Robb awkwardly said. I could tell that he really didn’t want me to know.

My heart fell.
“You.. you’re going to kill her?” I whispered.

Robb nodded. Jon’s head shook up.

“You dont have to. You saw how happy she was with (y/n) … you dont have to go that. I am sure that (y/n) wouldn’t mind. ” Jon urged Robb to agree.

They all looked towards me. “I want her. I will take her in as my own. Please …. don’t hurt her. She has not done anything wrong.”

Theon yells, “she is an orphan, you stupid cow! She won’t love you as her mother! She is just as much of a burden as a bastard.” He harshly glances at Jon.

I had enough of Theon. Before I could think, I slapped Theon. “Don’t you dare! How dare you insult orphans and bastards?! I am just as bad! Im a damn widow, who had lost her child! Yet you took me in with open arms! I don’t care if you happen to be close with royalty, insult them again and i WILL take away your tongue!”

Robb smiles. “You have she same fierce love for justice that he had.”

I looked down to realise I had been shaking with anger and tears were rushing down my face.

Robb agreed to letting me keep her and dragged Theon out of the kitchen, apologising on his behalf.

I cried into Jon’s chest as he ribbed my back to cool me down.

He whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry, you shall be a great mother…. I know you will.”

A/N - Guys! Do you want a part 2 with Jon Snow helping (y/n) take care of the baby … OR would you rather have it as a really sad one… where (y/n) dies… and Jon takes care of the baby???

The End|Optional Bias Scenario

A/N - I couldn’t sleep last night, so this happened. I hope you all still remember us and this blog ♥ Our exams are almost suffocating but we will be more active soon! Love you all!
- Admin Ayu

Genre: Angst
Plot: You’re terminal and your husband is cheating on you, so you decide to let him go for good.
POV: First Person
Word Count: 832

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scarletprophecy14  asked:

What is your favorite element about Ron and Hermione's relationship?

I’m so glad you asked! Grab your preferred brew coz this is going to be a long rant post peppered with headcanons. 

My favourite aspect of their relationship is their strikingly different personalities and the way they manage to overcome some downright annoying traits and fall irrevocably in love with each other. (Yes, irrevocably- I don’t think there is ever a chance of falling out-of-love in their case like many speculate, and I’ll get to that in a while). 

I have seen opposites fall in love, and no matter how romantic the notion, I don’t think it’s ever all too flowery. Many of those relationships wear out soon after the initial set of surprises are lost. As boring it is to be with someone who is exactly like me, it is not entirely comfortable to be with someone who has no clue what I think. 

And here, I feel, lies the charm of Romione. They are different- poles apart in fact, but they understand each other perfectly. No matter how much they annoy each other, they instinctively know each other. I am not talking about realising that the other is just as hopelessly in love (Gawd, they are pathetic in that case, aren’t they?) but understanding each other’s insecurities and fears.

For them, it was not a case of jumping headfirst into a relationship just because of raging hormones. If only that had been the case, they would have walked away and never seen each other. But here, they get the time to really grow up and mature before they admit their feelings. And those seven years are not easy, especially the last couple of them. And that is why it irks me when some say they would never last. Come on! They have already seen the best and the worst of each other! There is nothing Ron or Hermione could do later in life that would shock the other enough to break the relationship (unless of course they are hit in the head with a Confundus Charm and behave all OOC. No, Ron would never sleep with some random girl, and Hermione would never betray him with Harry/Draco/xyz/a flobberworm/Pansy/etc,etc). 

I like how, over the course of seven books, their relationship slowly transform in its own way to culminate into that kiss in the Room of Requirements. I like that we can see them growing, changing and adapting to each other before actually becoming a couple.

Does Ron still annoy Hermione with his messy habits ten years later? Yes, you bet he does. Partly because that is who he is and partly because he loves seeing the way her eyes flare up in annoyance. He knows it. He does it on purpose. And when she is barking mad, he pulls her into his arms and kisses her.  Don’t they have serious fights? Of course, they do, but even when angry words are hurled at each other and Hermione locks herself in her room while Ron paces angrily in the balcony, they both know that they will eventually enter the kitchen together and cook dinner. She knows he will wrap his arms around her waist and pull her to his chest, even if he doesn’t apologise in words. She knows that the kiss on her nape and the slight brush of air, is him muttering the words. And she knows no matter how many times she swats his hands away, he won’t leave, not again. And Hermione will relent eventually, blend into him because- he is Ron, his embrace makes her feel at home. And she knows irrespective of all the rubbish they tell each other in the moment of fury, he is challenging her words not her. He is arguing against her argument- not her. And he knows the same. He knows how she thinks and how she gets carried away to prove her point. And above all, he knows she trusts and loves him, more than anyone and nothing can change that.  They both know that they will discuss it again, this time much more sensibly. And over the years, even these arguments become casual discussions because she knows how he will think and he knows what her arguments will be. They still bicker, but that has and will always be foreplay- they think the family doesn’t know but all of them do.  

Once, in the initial years of being together, when the pressure of work and kids is high and neither has had enough sleep in days. they have this huge fight and Hermione decides she is done. She begins to pack and sees Ron standing at the door, horrified. She puts a couple of items in it and he holds her wrist as she makes her way out of their room. 

‘No,’ he pleads ever so softly. But she pulls her hand away anyway. Walking over, she drops her bag in Rose’s room. She notices he is standing with his back to the main door, confusion floating in his eyes along with a lot of pain.

‘Herm-,’ he begins but she stops him there. 

‘Not now, Ron. I’ll spend the night in Rose’s room. Let’s think this over, alone.’

And before she knows, she is in his embrace again. She tries to push him away but that shaky breath and that sigh is her undoing.

‘I thought you were leaving me.’ 

She pulls him closer instead and the next time she struggles to release herself, he lets go, even managing a small smile and a nod.

‘I’m not going anywhere. This is my home.’ she says fiercely. ‘But we need time to sort ourselves, don’t we?’ she asks, unable to stop herself from touching her palm to his cheek and he nods, closing his eyes at her touch, placing his much larger palm over hers.

‘We do,’ he replies and places a kiss on her forehead. 

They sleep apart that night but know that they are repairing themselves, not breaking apart.

There is no scope of falling out of love. Relationships break only when two people no longer have the energy or the will to keep it going, or when they have nothing left to hold on to. Ron has been her anchor since she started in the wizarding world and Hermione is the one who chose him and helped him get over his insecurities. And they still remind each other- remember to express it every single day because they know how unpredictable life can be. Ron never forgets to tell her that she is his world and Hermione remembers to tell him that it was and will always be only him.Why? Because they never forget that they had almost lost that chance - but never again. 

I love this couple because I can always see those two eleven-year-olds growing old together. Laughing and bickering till they both grow old but still being together because they chose to be in love and never regretted it one bit. Ron and Hermione are nothing if not stubborn - stubbornly in love.

Astro reaction: to you seeing cute photos of them.

MJ (Myungjun) :

Originally posted by astrodaily

You’d find them by accident when you were helping him clean his dorm. They’d fall out from a book and you’d find Polaroid pictures of him pouting and making cute faces. You’d decide to tease him throughout the day by making those faces at him to see if he would notice. Eventually he’d pull you into his arms asking why you were acting so adorable. You’d just pull out the pictures with a large grin on your face. You’d tease him asking if he was practicing in order to perfect his cute poses. His answer would leave you amused, ‘Yes, all for you.’


Jinjin (Jinwoo) :

Originally posted by with-astro

We all know he is confident in who he is as a person, inside and out. When you first came to him with all the photos, although he may be slightly taken aback as to how you got them, he’d agree with all your comments. ‘I know right I was so cute!’ ‘I am more handsome now though.’ You two would have a blast going through his photos; until you found this particular one that made you laugh really hard. You would laugh so hard you wouldn’t notice him staring at you. Not until he pinched your cheek and whispered in your ear ‘I think you’re cuter.’


Eunwoo (Dongmin) :

Originally posted by mirumirumiruna

You’d go to meet Dongmin excited and sporting a really big smile. You had gotten some adorable photos of him from his parents, sent to you on your phone. For a while you had gushed over them yourself but then you decided it was your time to win.  You never could tease him about anything he was always too prepared and perfect. When you arrived at the dorm you immediately jumped onto his back holding the phone out in front of his face, showing him the pictures. He would turn to smile at you pointing at the picture ‘Want to know the story behind that one?’ At least you tried.


Originally posted by wooziken

At first the photos were A-class blackmail material. You would use them against him whenever you could, teasing him all the time. You’d mention his squishy cheeks and adorable small stature. He’d just stare at you pouting – only helping you prove your point further. Then one day you’d wake up and find them gone and in their place baby pictures of you.  You’d walk out to the living room photos in hand, confused only to find Moonbin in the living room a smug smile on his face. ‘Who’s got squishy cheeks now?’


Rocky (Minhyuk) :

Originally posted by beyondastro

You would have found pictures of him doing cute poses when visiting his parent’s house. The pictures seemed like such a rare find you would immediately ask if you could keep them. At first when you showed the pictures to him he would be so embarrassed, not at all okay with the knowledge that they existed. However eventually you would stop teasing and all would be forgotten. Then one day you would come home to find framed pictures of you acting cute on your dining room table. He’d hug you from the back kissing your cheek, ‘Truthfully you are so much cuter, then and now.’


Originally posted by simplewoozi17

The photos to him were just that photos. You would gush over how cute and adorable he was and he would nod his head along agreeing with every word. Sometimes he would randomly get out his phone camera and take snap shots of him acting cute showing them to you with glee; ‘I am just as adorable now.’ Or he would make you join him the photos taking so many photos you would have lost count. Eventually one day you would wake up and realise he had made an album.

my heart is like a snowball.
i gather it in my hands
and throw it in your face.
you are taken aback.
wipe the cool watery mess from your skin
and try not to realise
that you have just been woken up.
rudely, with no warning at all.
when you didn’t even know
you’d been dreaming.

i am the big wave you don’t expect
when you are just floating in the ocean
innocently, not knowing how to swim.
i am the rain when you’ve lost your umbrella.

and i am every other stupid metaphor
i could write in a poem
but i guess what i just want you to know is that i do not apologise.
i smile in your face,
like a crisp blue sky
on a cold winter’s morning
licking the frost from your windows
with my hazy sunlight tongue.

anonymous asked:

What are your most underrated robron/and/or robert aaron moments that you feel need more appreciation? And any scenes that the fandom loves that you're not crazy over 😋



okay so i’ll just list some moments i feel like the fandom need to shout about a lot more in no particular order because i’m a mess.

so we have:

1) the HUGE HEART EYES on aaron’s face after robert tells him that he’ll book some city break for them (yk during the first ever domestic ‘let’s eat breakfast together’ scene) ~ basically it’s the softest thing in the absolutely world and i don’t think i have ever seen aaron look more settled and secure and just CONTENT with the life he is leading. it’s literally the day after the end of the most horrific trial in the world and things are still messed up in his head obviously, he’s got a TONNE of demons who are demanding his attention but he’s telling them to piss off because he woke up next to robert sugden, he’s eating breakfast with him and robert doesn’t need to be ANYWHERE ELSE and he’s just finished telling him that they should go on a city break and ??? aaron literally looks like he’s been hit with cupid’s arrow and robert doesn’t even see it but we do and it’s EVERYTHING !!!

2) ROBERT ROASTING THE WHITES, okay so you know the scene in vic’s cottage where lawrence confronts robert about being an absolute arse who isn’t worthy of breathing or something dramatic like that? yeah that scene is literally THE BEST. it’s after robert has crucified aaron, burnt every bridge left with him and with andy too and he has ZERO FUCKS to give. so lawrence comes in and he’s literally like, come at me bro, let me go off at you as well just for the fun of it. “she’s old but she’s not that old” is probably the trashiest best thing to ever leave rob’s mouth because it’s just the sort of sarky, mouth wide open and trying not to laugh, line which KILLS ME.

3) THE QUARRY SCENE, now this is almost ancient in my eyes and i think a lot of others too but we need to talk about how highly charged the whole damn thing was. it was the first time i think the audience got a real human side of robert and could SEE how much he was juggling and trying to deal with. back then he was the definition of the phrase about spinning too many plates at the same time or whatever and the way it cultivated into those scenes was brilliantly done. it was INTENSE and wild and i think was the first time robert literally had to go SHIT i really care about aaron more than i am letting on. for him, up until that point, he needed aaron to be quiet, keep his mouth shut and sort of get over everything. he didn’t even want to try and think about how the hell this was affecting the younger man. and then he’s seeing him standing on the edge of a damn quarry and looking out, he’s sitting in a car with his suicidal brother and for a SECOND he looks away and aaron is gone. i cannot tell you how many times i have replayed the way robert says AARON ???? because he is suddenly short of breath and is2g it reminds me of the breath robert takes in before he gives it to aaron when they’re in the drowning car. it’s from his DAMN GUT and he’s ridiculously scared and WORRIED about aaron dingle ??? and yeah we need to talk about it more pls, thank you.

4) “YOU CAN BUY ME A PINT IF YOU LIKE TO SAY THANKS FOR SMOOTHING THINGS OVER” *aaron literally just keeps his poker face on and you literally see the smirk fall from rob’s face* “ALRIGHT I’LL BUY YOU A PINT” ~ like ???? can you believe the cocky smarmy confident little trash boy risks looking like a mug just to coax out a little more time with aaron?? it’s wild. aaron doesn’t even need to say anything and it throws robert completely because, wtf is wrong with this boy? can’t he take a little bit of banter? and then literally two seconds later he’s like uhh No clearly not so drop that smile because your powers don’t work on him like they usually do so - OFFER TO BUY HIM A PINT, SEE HOW HE LIKES THAT. it’s just your typical trash bag being shaken to the core because his charms don’t work on certain mechanics apparently and he literally changes tack just for AARON.

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V x MC + Rika part 2! (fluff+angst fic)

Part one can be found here! Part two became a bit longer than I thought. Sorry!!! - Michelle Xx

It has been two days. Two days, since you woke up in the morning next to a blue haired man. Two days, since you opened the door for her. Two days, since you closed that door behind yourself. It has been two days, but it feels like an eternity

Today is supposed to be the big day. The man you love so dearly is supposed to have a major eye surgery today. But that probably won’t be happening anymore. Not since the creator of his pain has come back into his life. It breaks you apart inside. Because you know that she’ll make him believe in all the ways he’s still fighting so hard to get rid off. She’ll make him believe that that’s the way to a ‘better’ world.

The past few days have mostly been spend on Saeyoung and Saeran’s couch and hugging Elizabeth closely. The white fluffy cat has been giving you alot of comfort when the twins couldn’t.

The front door is opened, so you look up to see Saeran walking into the living room. The look on his face tells you he’s pissed off. He takes a seat next to you, as close as possible. This wasn’t a strange thing. He’s always held a soft spot for you, although he won’t admit it. But when him and his brother found you crying your eyes out in the pouring rain two days ago, he stayed by your side as much as he could. It was really endearing.

You follow his gaze and see that he’s looking at a visitor. He’s looking at Jihyun. You don’t really know what to do, but sit there in silence. You can almost feel his eyes trying to focus on you. It almost burns inside of you.

“Hello, MC,” he says to break the ice.

“Hi, Jihyun,” you softly reply.

A couple more seconds pass in a painful silence. You keep petting Elizabeth’s white fur. It helps you to stay calm. You see Jihyun trying to look for words to say to you. Normally you would know just what he’s trying to say, but right know it feels like you don’t know him at all.

He takes a step closer to you and begins to talk: “MC, I’m… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t-”

“You’re sorry?!” You jump a bit at the cold tone in Saeran’s voice. “You’re fucking sorry? For what? For hurting MC? Or for still loving that blond snake!”

Jihyun puts his hands up as a sign of surrender. “I know that I’ve hurt her, Saeran. But if you would, please, just hear me out-”

“No! Don’t you dare say that you know about how you’ve hurt her! You didn’t see the way she looked when we picked her up,” Saeran’s angry voice says. “You have no idea about how fucking broken she was. The first day she wouldn’t stop crying because of you. It became so bad that when she finally stopped to take a warm shower it almost looked like she was dead inside. You haven’t heard you wake up crying her eyes out because you weren’t in bed with you. Because you were probably with that bi-”

“Saeran, stop!”

You put a hand on his arm. His attention is turned to you. It looks like he’s gonna kill someone. And you don’t really blame him. After all she did to him. If he were to actually kill her, you would probably provide him his alibi.

“It’s alright, Saeran. I can handle this. Why don’t check to see if Saeyoung is still moping around for not being allowed to touch Elizabeth?”

He takes a look at Jihyun before looking back at you again. Then he sighs and gets up to find his 'idiot brother and his stupid Honey Budha Chips’.

You look back at Jihyun and that’s when it hits you. This… wonderful man will never completely love only you. At first it didn’t seem so bad that Rika still occupied a fraction of his heart. But it starts to dawn in on you that it was you who was in that tiny little piece. Maybe the two of you weren’t even meant to be together in the first place. All these thoughts started to run around in your head and to be honest, you didn’t know which one terrified you the most.

His hands are reaching out to make sure he’s walking to the couch, stepping closer to you. “MC, please, I’m so so-”

“No, Jihyun. D-don’t come any clo-closer,” you say between the hiccups. Tears are forming at the brink of your eyes.

He stops instantly. He looks to be taken aback by your words. But that doesn’t stop you from spilling your flood of feelings. “And don’t say that you’re sorry. I should’ve known. I should’ve known that you still love her. She is everything to you and you are her sun. I may not know her before the whole Mint Eye thing, but everyone speaks so highly of her. Even you, the only one who knew about her problems and troubles. Despite everything, you still love her. How could I ever expect you to love me back as much as I love when she’s still there to claim your heart?”

With not even three feet between you two, you can hear him trying to control his breathing. But you don’t know the emotion that’s running through him. Instead, you see him kneel down on both knees. His hands are trying to find you, any part of you to hold on to. You pull your legs closer to your body so he can’t reach you. The white cat in your arms senses your onease and gives you head bumps to make you feel better.

His hands still haven’t found you and you can see him becoming slightly frantic trying to reach out for you when he can’t even see you properly. It breaks another piece of your fragile heart to see him like this. But you don’t if you handle his warm and soft touch on your skin anymore.

With a slight panic in his voice, he talks to you: “MC, p-please… I know what I said. In a way, I guess I thought that I was right. That I still love her. That my place in this world was still to be by her side. But… I know-I know that there aren’t enough words to tell you how deeply sorry I am to have hurt you. To hear your voice break between your words and to see you practially run out of the door to protect yourself. To keep yourself away from the love you thought wasn’t real.”

His words are keeping you in your place. By now you’re crying. Silent tears are running down your cheeks. They fall in sync with Jihyun’s tears. You wanna reach out and wipe them away and whisper encouraging and loving words to him until he would start to smile again. But you couldn’t bring yourself to do it.

His hands finally find you and he lets out a choked sigh of relief. His hand goes up your knee and finds your hands still holding Elizabeth the 3rd. The furry cat jumps out of your lap, giving Jihyunfull access to your hands. And you let him hold them in his own. His hands feel so cold. They only feel that way when he hasn’t been sleeping well. It tears you apart inside to know that he’s hurting too.

He takes off his sunglasses to see you a little bit better. The fact that his eyes still look dull pains you. You hold back a sob. With a shaky voice he says: “I didn’t know how wrong I was to not run after you when night time came around. You weren’t there to hold in my arms. Your warmth wasn’t there. Your beautiful hair wasn’t there for me to feel. Your soft… soft voice wasn’t there to ramble a-about wha-whatever movie was on. You… You weren’t there.”

His grip on your hand tightens. He lays his head down on your knees. Between his tears and crying you could hear him say: “You weren’t there. You weren’t there. You were gone. I thought that Rika would be enough since you would properly never forgive me. But when she started to scream at me for trying to get my eyesight back and how it was a token of betrayal… I finally realised how badly I need you. I know it’s selfish of me to ask you this, to ask you for forgiveness, but I am begging, MC. Please forgive me. Please… I-I need you…”

You can’t take it anymore. It’s too much. You can’t handle it anymore!

Your hands cup his cheeks, bring his face up so you can lean your forhead against his own. The only emotion on his face is one of fear that you will push him away. That he has really lost you.

“I’ll need you so much more than you’ll ever realise. You’ll never realise what I’d do for you, my love. How much I love you and how afraid I am that I won’t be good enough for you. But when I wake up next to you or hold your hand or just watch you take your photographs, I’ll always know that the world doesn’t matter to me as long as my reason for existence still looks at me like I am his reason for existence,” you whisper to him.

Slowly, you press your lips against his. For both of you the source of oxygen is cut off, but for the first time in two days, you two can finally breathe again. The kiss is soft and slow. Loving and gentle. It’s everything you feel for him and he feels for you.

When you finally pull back, you swear you’ve never seen someone so at peace before in your life. He looks relieved. Life will finally not be a burden just for him to bear at times, because you’ll be right by his side. You’ll be right by his side. The man who was your whole solar system, the man you could make you see stars and bring you all the way up to heaven.

Your lips connect with him again. You can feel his smile in your own lips. When you pull back again, you say: “When Jumin comes to pick up Elizabeth the 3rd in ten minutes, I’ll ask him to give us a ride to the hospital for your surgery. I love you so much, Jihyun.”

He smiles with tears of joy this time. He brings your hand up to his lips and kisses it. “Thank you,” he says, “Thank you for loving me. I love you too, my love.”

This is so random, I don’t even know.

It’s an honour. An amazing, outstanding achievement and her phone hasn’t stopped ringing all day. She should be over the moon and she would have been once upon a time. Now, it all feels tainted. She doesn’t deserve it. She doesn’t want it.

“I just don’t understand. This is an amazing thing, Callie. You’re amazing!”

Callie continues putting away the groceries, not looking at her girlfriend as she shrugs, “Penny, I just don’t want to talk about it, okay? Please drop it.”

Her phone rings again and she really isn’t interested in who is on the other end. She doesn’t want congratulations or well dones or anything at all. She just wants to be left the hell alone. Except, when Arizona rings she knows she has to answer. She knows she’s dragged their daughter across the country and answering the phone when she calls is probably the very least she can do.

“Hey, Arizona.”

“Callie, hi! I just heard the big news. You must be so happy!” Arizona is bubbly and perky and there’s something so familiar about it that Callie can’t help but smile. She sinks into the couch, sighing quietly.

“It’s no big deal, really.”

“No big deal, are you kidding me? You’re a Harper Avery nominee. And word on the street is you’re favourite to win!”

Callie snorts with laughter, unable to help herself, “word on the street? Are you 12?”

Arizona’s grin is wide, she can’t help herself, she’s just so, so proud, “don’t mock me, Calliope.”

“But you make it too easy.”

Arizona’s laugh echoes through the phone and Callie somehow finds herself joining in. It’s the first time she’s felt content all day.

“So,” Arizona sobers, chewing on her lip for a moment, wondering if this is really even her place anymore. She can’t help it though. It’s Callie and she’s drawn to her in some unexplainable way and probably always will be, “what’s bothering you?”

“Nothing really.” Callie picks at the threads on the cushion that sits in her lap, “I’m just not interested.”

“Oh come on!” The blonde exclaims and the loudness makes Callie squint slightly, “Callie, you’ve talked about this for years. We dreamed about this! This is incredible. Why aren’t you excited? Do you even know how long it’s been since ortho was nominated? And you’re a woman! This is groundbreaking stuff and you know it.”

“Arizona,” Callie breathes her name like she has a thousand times before, “I’m just not bothered. I don’t want it.”

Arizona is silent for a moment, leaning against the wall as she sits up on the roof of the hospital. A place the two had spent many hours together over the duration of their relationship. “Please tell me what’s bothering you, Calliope. This? It isn’t you. This isn’t you.”

“I don’t deserve it. Okay? I don’t want the stupid award.”

“What? Wait. What? Callie, everyone knows how hard you’ve worked. You’re talking crazy.”

Callie sighs, throwing the pillow onto the couch and standing up, pacing the floor, “no! Arizona, I’m nothing special. I’m mediocre at best. I just, I failed. When it mattered I failed. And I don’t want the award as some stupid reminder of the things I couldn’t do.”

“Oh.” She doesn’t know what else to say in that moment because all she can do is feel. And it hurts so much.



“No. Listen to me and you take it in. You spent enough of our marriage telling me how and what I felt so now you’re just going to shut up and listen. It was not your job to fix my leg. God, do you think I don’t realise the irony of it?” Arizona gives a dark laugh, full of bitter regret, “my wife was an orthopaedic surgeon and I lost my leg. But you really think that’s the worst of what I lost? It was impossible. No one could save it, not you and not anybody. You did not fail. Callie, my first thought when I heard was how proud I am. That was my first thought.”

Callie wipes away a tear, her breath hitching slightly, “you’re lying. Your voice goes all high when you’re lying.”

“Fine.” Arizona is suddenly glad for the distance between them, “the first thought I had was ‘I wish I was with her to show her how proud I am.’ That was my first thought. Calliope, I spent a lot of time telling you that you didn’t know how I felt. But that plane crash cost us so much. It cost us Lexie, it cost us Mark. We lost ourselves and our marriage and I lost a leg. What I know now is I would always give up my leg to get any one of those other things back. I never told you that and I thought you should know.”

“You’re incredible and you’re going to win that award and I’m going to be so, so proud. I already am. I’m so proud.”

Callie wipes her eyes with the back of her hand, staring out of the window across New York and up at the huge full moon, “you are?”

Arizona smiles, her eyes flicking to the starry Seattle night. She marvels at how bright the moon is. She’s always thought it was beautiful.

“The moon is beautiful tonight,” she simply whispers and Callie’s hand falls to her chest where her heart flutters. There’s something so comforting in knowing that wherever they are, they’re sharing the same moon.

“It really is.”

Arizona let’s her eyes fall closed, head leaning against the wall,

“I am so proud of you.”

That’s all that really matters.

Nobody (Part 8)

Plot:  Reader has been held prisoner by Hydra and is discovered by Nat and Bucky.  Post CA:CW (Bucky’s on the team, no one hates each other) Slight AU

Warnings: Cursing only…I think.

Words: 3115

A/N: This part might be shit.  I’m not happy with my writing style and am researching on how to improve so please bear with me. And I feel like I lost my touch…the first parts were far better…

italics = reader’s thoughts

Reader’s POV

A wave of tranquillity passed over you as you realised that you must be, once again, back in the void.  The void wasn’t such a terrible place.  You just hated how you got here.  It normally involved agonizing pain and paralyzing horror in order to get into the void.  It was just dark and quiet, nobody lived here.  Nobody hurt you here.  Nothing hurt here, where ever here is; you wished you could stay forever.  

Though, something was different this time.  It wasn’t as black and silent as it usually was.  There was a soft humming and an occasional unfamiliar beep; someone had turned the noise back on.  And the darkness was slowly washing away, like a receding ocean tide.  Don’t go.

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Gates of Glory, Part 6

Loki x Reader

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Y/N watched Heimdall to make sure no one used the Bifrost whilst Loki was absent. Whilst standing there above Asgard, Y/N thought about Vanaheim, the place she had banned from her memories and thoughts for so long now. Outrunning it was pointless as vengeance clouded her mind, and something told her that the future was too intense for her being occupied with something else. She knew that it would be hard. Not going to Vanaheim, that was actually rather simple. Getting the job done was something she had wanted to do her entire life. No, it was hard because it meant that in the wake of the attack of Jotunheim - once she knew that Frigga was save - she would have to disappear. And, to keep Loki out of Vanaheim, it was likely that she’d died. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to reach that conclusion. Heimdall won’t be able to see or hear Y/N and no one but Frigga would know where she was. To Asgard, Y/N would be considered dead. Silently, Y/N clenched her teeth. How in the world did people attach themselves to others? All it brought was hesitation, fear, guilt and pain. And yet, apparently, it was not a choice one could make.

“How did he take it?”, Y/N asked once Loki returned.

“He accepted it. With tears”, Loki replied, “What did you expect?”

“I did not say I am surprised. I assume the Bifrost is closed?”, Y/N asked and turned to the gatekeeper’s sphere.

“The Bifrost is closed and Laufey”, Loki huffed darkly in amusement, “Well, he accepted.”

“It comes as no surprise. An offer to kill the All-father does not come often”, Y/N replied and pressed her lips together, “When will they come?”

“Soon. But not just yet. Heimdall is loyal, but he is sharp. He knew I was in Jotunheim and that he could not see me”, Loki replied flatly. His gaze wandered around in the room, fixating on the Bifrost in front of them.

“Never trust loyalty”, Y/N spoke coldly without looking at the prince, “Once you do, they wield great power.”

“You can be a warrior in isolation, but you cannot be a king”, Loki replied and watched Y/N from the side.

“Sitting on a golden throne, in a palace shielded from all harm, in the realm above all the others… what is your definition of isolation, Loki?”, Y/N asked and turned towards him.

“Is there anyone you trust?”, he asked.

Y/N huffed: “I trust myself. And, if it is any comfort to you, I trust you.”

“Me from all people”, he lifted an eyebrow in scepticism, “Might be a poor choice.”

“The key to my trust is not friendliness, nor unwavering companionship. But until now, I feel that you and I think similarly. Outside the box. And”, Y/N bit the inner rim of her lower lip, “Somewhat driven by the desire of redemption.”

There was a long and intense silence between the two. Y/N let out a breath and grabbed her sword: “I shall return to Odin’s chamber now. I will guard Frigga with my life, you have my word.” Y/N walked towards the door without uttering another word.


Y/N stopped without turning around: “Any additional orders?”

“Don’t be careless.”

Y/N smiled faintly: “Yes. You too.” She felt a sting when adding: “Good bye.”


In a matter of moments, Y/N wiped these emotions and thoughts away. She had orders which she had to follow, and a goal she had to reach. There was no time to hesitate and no time to think about heartbreaks.

Frigga sat beside Odin, quietly, holding his hand. Y/N tried to grasp the idea of this quiet moment turning into a possibly lethal situation in the next hours.

“You look worried”, Frigga spoke silently.

“I do not only look worried, I am”, Y/N answered, “It has been… a rough week.”

“It has been hard for all of us”, Frigga agreed, “I feel like I have lost two sons in a matter of hours.”

“I am sorry”, Y/N replied without taking her eyes off her sword as she realised that she herself had lost no son, but herself. It had been so easy to fight, to live without anyone to care about. Life turned out to be much harder when one worried about not just oneself, but someone else.

“Frigga”, Y/N said calmly, “Do you believe in fate?”

“Everything happens for a purpose. How one wishes to call it, is up to them”, Frigga replied, “Why?”

Y/N shook her head: “Just… sheer curiosity.”


“What was that?”

“Stay down”, Y/N commanded and pulled her sword, “you have to go.”

“I will not leave Odin!”, Frigga refused to stand up, “I will fight whatever it is that’s coming in here.”

“It’s the frost giants!”, they heard guards yell.

“We do not know how many there are, please, we must go!”, Y/N yelled and took Frigga’s arm. It was useless. So Y/N let go of her and hid behind a statue where she could kill anything that might harm Frigga.

Laufey entered the room and Frigga pulled out a sword from Odin’s bed. She was thrown to the ground within a matter of seconds. Y/N watched attentively until she was sure that they had no interest in Frigga.

Laufey bent over Odin and forced his closed eye open: “It’s sad… You can still hear and see what transpires around you. I hope it’s true so you that may know… your death came at the hand of Laufey.”

There was a bright light in the room and Laufey was thrown on the ground.

“And your death came by the son of Odin.” And just like that, Y/N said good bye again. She nodded at Frigga for a brief moment before she used an illusion to disappear. It just took long enough for her to see the blond man flying towards the room. Loki’s reign was over, Y/N knew that in the last second she spent in Asgard.


The lands were green, wild. So different to Asgard. Y/N’s eyebrows twitched when she saw the vast lands in front of her eyes.

“Who are you?”, a boy asked, his eyes were widened in shock and surprise.

“A traveller from far away”, Y/N replied, “Farther than you may think.”

“Your sword”, he pointed on the weapon in Y/N’s hand, “I’ve seen these symbols before! Are you Asgardian?”

“I am not”, Y/N answered, “I am from here. Vanaheim.”

“What’s your name and where’s your home?”, he boy asked, slowly less in shock.

Y/N smiled dryly: “I do not have it. Neither a name, nor a home, I am here to save someone just like you.”

“So you’re good?”

“Am I good? I do not know. That would imply that I do what others dictate me to. Listen to my words, little one: Others can be wrong, and they do not know the exact circumstances you base your decisions by. So use your heart and mind to come up with your own definition. No matter what they tell you the consequences of disobeying are, nothing is worse but to betray yourself”, Y/N smiled and walked on. She didn’t plan to remain in Vanaheim for longer than needed, then every second she spent here longer, the deader she was to Asgard.

Y/N used an illusion to disguise herself as an elderly woman to avoid situations like the one with the boy. Whilst walking passed little villages, she realised that Vanaheim could be beautiful. Just not the Vanaheim she knew or had known. 

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ethan, my baby (i talk loads now)


“Cal!” okay so he’s having a nightmare maybe???? about Cal??? ABOUT GUILT MAYBE??? ALSO if they show his chest and he doesn’t have his scar on it (i mean let’s brush past them forgetting once) i will not be a happy bunny

“Ethan’s grieving-” - charlie to alicia. Damn right he is and damn right if this trailer is anything to go by that’s all we’ll have for the next three months. ethan being v v hurt… so no different from any fanfics then…

they’re holding hands? so everything seems to be going okay between them for the time being but ethan still looks on the verge of tears WOW good on you george rainsford

the rest is in the ‘keep reading’ section because i just realised how annoying this will be to scroll past i am so sorry

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Puppy Love Pt.11


I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s been about 36 hours and I still can’t stop thinking about it. Even as I lay naked in bed next to my supposed girlfriend, who should be all I’m thinking about right now, I’m thinking about Amelia and that kiss. I groan as I look down at my body, which is naturally responding to the dirty thoughts in my head. From just a kiss. A kiss.

“What’s wrong?” Becca yawns as she flips over and snuggles into my chest.

“Nothing,” I lie. Nothing except that I kissed Amelia and I want to do it again. “I’m just…”

“Horny?” she finishes for me, eyeing the small tent that my erection has created.  Why are men’s bodies so useless at hiding arousal?

“Yeah,” I answer. Although not for you. She smiles mischievously at me and disappears beneath the covers to give me a blow job. I feel disgusted because, throughout the entire performance that my wonderful girlfriend has decided to grace me with at this early hour, I imagine Amelia’s sucking me off.

I haven’t seen Amelia since the kiss. She didn’t come into work the day after and she didn’t answer my calls. So, when she walked into the elevator on Wednesday morning and our eyes locked, all the memories and feelings from Monday night came rushing back in full force. For most of the elevator ride, we remained silent and professional, due to the fact that others were around us. But, once everyone left the elevator and it was just me and her…

“Amelia,” I say, looking down at the floor, “We should talk.”

“I don’t have time to talk. I’m kinda busy today,” she answers flatly. We stand in silence once more until I can’t take it anymore. I reach in front of us and press the red button and the elevator stops moving.

“Now you have time,” I say as I stand up in front of her, “Why won’t you talk to me? You won’t even look at me.”

She sighs and looks up at me now. “I think it’s pretty obvious I won’t look at you because I kissed you and I have a boyfriend.”

“Okay,” I agree, “Well then, let’s talk about it and see if we can-“

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she says, chuckling bitterly to herself, “I don’t want to even be in the same space as you.” She points her index finger at me. “You. You are like a gingersnap cookie and I’m supposed to be on a diet.”

I furrow my eyebrows at her. “A gingersnap cookie?” Is she talking about my hair or something?

“Yes,” she confirms, her eyes slowly widening as she explains to me her metaphor, “It’s like I’m being offered a gingersnap cookie and I should say no, because I’m on a diet and it’s not nutritious.” She’s completely lost her mind over our kiss and I can’t help but feel a little bubbly at the realisation. I slowly smile as I stand in front of her and her cheeks turn red quickly once she’s realised how close I am. “I-It’s fattening and I’m on a diet and I just…I shouldn’t eat the cookie…” I brush some of her hair out of her face and smirk as she melts down in front of me.

I see her eyes dart to my lips and her gaze softens as she stares at them. “But it’s right there and it…looks so good. Not to mention you’ve had it before, so you know how…” she bites her bottom lip as she looks at me, “…amazing it is.”

I move my hand to her lower back and pull her close to me and she doesn’t stop me, she just keeps her eyes focused on mine.

“The cookie is right there,” she continues, our gazes locked, “and it is amazing, like, one of the best cookies you’ve ever had.” I grin cockily as listen to her analogy. “I mean, the Oreo cookie was nice, and the chocolate chip cookie was even better. But the gingersnap cookie…” Her eyes finally move to look at my mouth again, “The gingersnap cookie…”

“Is really good,” I finish for her. Her dominant hand slowly creeps up my chin and to my lips, her thumb brushing against my bottom lip as she stares longingly at it. I know she wants it, I want it too. So imagine my surprise when I go to kiss her and receive something else instead. I hear the noise first before I feel the pain, but regardless, I’m almost certain Amelia’s just slapped me across my face, hard.

I stare at her in confused silence as my cheek begins to burn from her attack. She’s staring back at me in shock, almost like she didn’t expect to do that. I smirk at her and step back. Would you believe Amelia has to slap me to stop herself from kissing me? What an ego booster.

“What colour dress are you wearing to the banquet tonight?” I confirm. She can’t even look at me now.

“Screw you,” she says.

Glad with the reaction I’ve gotten out of her, I resume the journey of the elevator and, the next floor it stops at, I come out. As the elevator’s about to close, I look back at her and throw a cocky smile, definitely seeing a pair of blue eyes rolling at me in return.

“What’s taking them so long?”

“I don’t know,” I say to Becca, checking my phone again to see if Amelia’s read my message, “I’ll go check.”

“Do you want me to come?” she asks.

I hesitate for a second. Will she be able to pick up on my attraction for Amelia if she comes with me? But if I make her stay in the car, she may think something’s up… “If you want…I shouldn’t be long,” I say. She settles for waiting in the car while I jog upstairs to Amelia’s apartment. I enter without knocking, like I usually do, and I find Ryan rummaging in the fridge for something.

“Oh, hey,” he says when he finally sees me, “Sorry for making you wait. Amelia and I were…” He pauses and grins, clearly a little drunk already. “Well, you know.”

“Of course I do,” I answer with a sigh. Then, Amelia comes out of the bathroom. She’s saying something to Ryan about his dog , but all I can acknowledge is the long, bright red dress hugging every curve in her body, making her eyes twice as blue as they usually are. It’s long, down to her feet, and it’s backless, showing off every flex of her shoulder as she moves into the kitchen.  Her hair is out and she has a full face of light makeup. I can’t stop staring at her.

“Oh, hi Owen,” she says when she notices me, a relaxed smile on her face. Something’s changed since we spoke earlier. Sex, maybe.

“Hi,” I manage to stutter. I watch as she helps Ryan tie his bowtie, as he’s clearly too tipsy to do it properly himself. She tells him she’s almost ready and he says he’ll wait in my car for her with Becca, naively leaving the two of us alone.

Once I can no longer hear his footsteps outside, I glaze my eyes over her once more, whispering, “Amelia…”

“You look cute,” she says, ignoring the husk in my voice as she searches for her shoes, “That blue tie really suits you.”  I follow her to her bedroom as she continues her search for her footwear. The words that were on the tip of my tongue moments before have now disappeared once she bends over to look through a mass of shoes. “About Monday night…”

“It’s okay Owen,” she dismisses me before I can say what’s really on my mind, “We were both drunk, I missed Ryan. It was an accident, no biggie.”

“An accident?” I seek to confirm, her words stabbing me in my heart.

“Yeah,” she says as she finally finds the matching red pair of shoes, “It’s not gonna happen again.”

“Okay,” I say. I hold my tongue as I walk over to help her put on her shoes. I’m angry that she’s dismissed me so easily after what was one of the most intense kisses I’ve had in a while. Some sex with Ryan and she’s converted back to ‘Christianity’ again? I don’t buy it.

By the time we’ve left her house, I’ve already made up in my arrogant mind that I’m going to kiss her again tonight, one way or another. I wonder if it’ll still be an accident then…

I Am Human - Part VII

Pairing: Jared x reader
Summary: He’s one of the two main actors. He’s 28, sexy, charming and funny.
She’s the new girl on set. The new assistent from a foreign country. And she is only 20 years old. She is also the one who stole his heart in milliseconds, just by being herself.  Jared Padalecki and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) are what you like to call starcrossed lovers, two fitting pieces of a puzzle. But we all know love is not easy. So what happens if their age difference becomes a problem? Can (Y/N) keep working for Jared when feelings get involved? And what secret is she hiding from him?
Warning: None

I Am Human Masterlist

Sorry for the long break, I have an exam in two weeks and currently I’m spending all my free time studying for that, so yeah…
This is kind of a personal chapter… there is much of myself in (Y/N) in this chapter and I really hope I could portray my thoughts here… :) 

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Did It For You (Joker x Reader)

Smile and Black had been chatting in the main training tent which was also the tent used to perform with another first string member called Princess. She was helpful informing the two of everything they wanted to know including the backgrounds of all of the other first string members.

Princess is far too trusting.

Before she could tell them everything Joker came up behind her and rested his non-skeleton arm on her.

“Hey Joker now as I was saying-”

“Princess, Beast needs your help with her…hair.”

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Fluid. One simple word that perfectly describes everything I have ever been in my life. I have changed so many times. I am not the same person I was yesterday.
Today I talked to some of my classmates and they said that many people in my class haven’t changed since we met four years ago and some have. But me, an exception, again. They said that I am like a new person. That is true. I am scared of that.
Usually when there is an argument going on and I have my opinion about it and someone shares theirs, I can change mine completely. I can see everything from other people’s perspectives and then I get lost and forget what my opinion was in the first place. Do you know how much that scares me? It feels like I have no personality, but I know I do, only it is floating somewhere. I once told my mother about it and she told me not to change my opinion no matter what. But how right is that? If I realised I did something wrong, why would I keep doing it?
I am always standing with doors open, I allow change to walk into my life. But sometimes, it feels like there is no doors, no room, everything open, just floating with no wish to go anywhere but can go everywhere. How good is that? I don’t know. I don’t know.
I hope I find a way out of this.

*as the a/b/o fixation continues: cherik ficbunnies that won’t leave me alone* 

  • something like White Nights where omega Charles is a hostage prince type sent to live in alpha Erik’s fortress/dukedom as a kind of political insurance and because Erik is an unmarried alpha duke/king/similar whom everyone is trying to get hitched, he is used to all the omegas he sees being stunningly beautiful (because all the omegas in his court/staff are stunningly beautiful), looking their best to try and snare him, so at first he is visibly unimpressed by the appearance of scholar!Charles’ frumpy low-maintenance robes and makes this tactlessly plain to him so that by the time he realises he’s actually wildly attracted to Charles, Charles has already trained himself to be cheerfully and utterly oblivious to him and Erik’s like well shit I went and made him seduction-proof. 
  • alpha Erik who’s never really thought about how unfair the treatment of omegas is, and smug patronising doesn’t-realise-he’s sexist omega Charles who thinks of alphas as dim-witted cavemen fit only for one night stands and not relationship material, having passionate chemistry fueled debates about the subject in which Erik gets increasingly frustrated thinking how am I supposed to win the point about alphas not being obsessed with sex when all I want to do is jump him no I will NOT JUMP HIM THAT WILL MEAN I’VE LOST. 
  • Or, hurt/comfort where omega Charles has had a bad experience with an alpha in his life, meets alpha Erik who sees he’s still wary and treats him like absolute gold, reassures him when he realises Charles is worrying he’ll lose interest if he doesn’t put out and, just, the slowburn of Charles enjoying being wooed by someone who knows what they’re about, slowly getting his swag back under Erik’s TLC until they’re finally at the point where they can go through a heat together. 
  • bisexual-but-keeps-getting-mistaken-for-a-soft-butch-lesbian omega!Charles who happens to prefer dressing like a beta thank you very much and can people please stop stereotyping him just because he attended an all-omicrons boarding school happens to enjoy playing rugby and rowed for the omegas’ team at Oxford, honestly.