and lost girl got a season 4


Vilde: Your brother chatted with me today Sana

Sana: What did he say

Vilde: He asked for nudes

Sana: I will beat him up


Vilde: It was just nice and funny 😜😀

Noora: Nice and funny?

Vilde: But maybe we could hang out with them soon?

Eva: L to the fucking OL

*youtube video*

Vilde: Oh my god 😂😂😂

Chris: 🔥x3

Chris: You got pranked

Sana: .. *gif*

Eva: “I think she is going to send some” 😂

Vilde: I would never have done that

Vilde: What happened to my integrity?

Chris: You lost that a long time ago


B: “I thought that if I could be the Blair Waldorf that I want to be a little sooner, that maybe I could return to Chuck before he fell for someone else.”
D: “Well, you do know Raina broke up with him.”
B: “Yes, in my head, but in my heart I feel further away than ever. I mean, tonight he’s thinking about a different girl, and meanwhile, I lost my job, I failed a test, I almost got my best friend’s mother arrested…”

DAIR REWATCH ⇢ 4.16 While You Weren’t Sleeping

Now I’m curious about what Friday’s clip will be. These were the last 3 seasons:

Season 1- Eva deals with the aftermath of everyone finding out about her and pChris. Jonas wont talk to her/her reputation is ruined at school/ her friends question having her back on this (not all really just vilde) Its consistently sad through out.

Season 2- Noorhelm angst basically. But it’s similar to s4 episode where it starts a little sad (i mean just angst with them but yeah) then rises in the middle with her good convo with Sana and later Vilde then in the end it exploded with Noora getting drunk and blacking out. So it makes you feel like things are looking up then suddenly we deal with the possibility of Noora being assaulted.

Season 3- Tbh probably the hardest hit up until now. We ALL know episode 8. STARTED OUT SO BEAUTIFULLY! We finally get Isak and Even together and its sunshine and rainbows all around…. except, its consistently laced with impending doom. Even though we’re happy, we constantly wait for other shoe to drop. Evak kissing and dancing in the kitchen= Even slightly off and talking about how Sonja controls him. Isak and Sana having a good talk were she apologizes= Isak comes out to his dad and its so so. The boys meet Even= Even is more erratic and vague and sonja calls. And then of course the final clip: romantic gesture= Manic Episode/Isak finds out Even is bipolar/ He’s told everything between them wasn’t real. 

Season 4- So far in general the season has been consistent in the pain department. So far in episode 8 IT. WOULD. NOT. LET. UP. It literally starts with Sana alone going through memories with the girls and feeling so lonely. The isolation continues and then she confesses only to receive major backlash. She is alone. heartbroken. Scared. BUT today the episode lifted. The girls came through for her and showed loyalty. (yall i lost it when Vilde got aggressive and was like ‘you fuck with Sana you fuck with us!’ #same) So things are GOOD. But we know, we know Friday its going to burn. all of it just fire and chaos. There is no avoiding it. It’s the one consistent thing about the seasons. the question is, HOW BAD WILL IT BE? 

And just to point it out……. all the final clips of episode 8? It’s the Mains worst fear. 

eva: despreately didn’t want Jonas to find out about the hook up. bam.

noora: doesn’t drink or is sexually active due to past negative experiences. bam.

isak: overwhelmed by mental illness and how its affected his life. Fear of not being loved/accepted. Losing Even. 

Sana: I would say losing her friends but the show now corrected that. So what does it leave? Yousef. retaliation from pepsi max. 

anonymous asked:

5 seasons. It feels more a lost cause then slowburn at this point

I am going to say this as nice as possible, so please don’t be offended, but I am weary of everyone who shows up in my inbox telling me that “Blarke is never going to happen.”/”It’s taken too long.”/”Give up hope.”

Like….I’ve been here just as long as you all have and I have not given up. Nothing you say will make me give up. I will not give up on Blarke until the final episode of the final Season, and even then if they leave the ending ambiguous enough, I will maintain my hope. 

Four Seasons (because we have not seen the finale yet) is so long for y’all? o you know how long I’ve waited for ships to become canon?

Booth and Brennan from Bones? The Season 6 finale and even then we’re not sure if they’re actually together or just pregnant, until Season 7.

Fran and Maxwell from The Nanny? Season 5. 

Castle and Beckett from Castle? Season 4 finale but we aren’t sure if it’s a relationship or just sex until Season 5. 

Monica and Chandler from Friends? Season 4 finale.

Luke and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls? Season 4 finale. 

Sawyer and Juliet from Lost? Season 5

All of these couples are endgame and do you know what they have in common? None of them got together early on. The wait for these couples was even longer when you consider that all of these shows had 22+ episodes per Season (almost double The 100′s episode count). 

I can and will wait for Bellarke, because I know they’re coming. They are inevitable. 

i have honestly lost hope for this show/season, 4 episodes away from the finale and we’re still dragging on this tension between sana and vilde/the girl squad julie fucked up  on so many choices she made for this season, i hate the fact we had to witness that bullshit love triangle, i hate how they shoved so many other story lines of side characters in sana’s season , i hate how instead of introducing some interesting muslim side-characters like jamilla we got pepsi max, i hate this random fake friendship between sana and noora say what you will, bring up evidence from previous seasons but the fact is  noora was always friendly with sana but they were never besties the way we are shown this season, going out together on multiple occasions and sharing secrets , that’s not believable for me they should have gone with chris instead, and in general as a muslim and a poc i feel like this season has robbed me from proper representation that my community desperately needs, 

OMG! I am so emotional! I finally got to see the last clip and my oh my oh my. I am so happy😄

x Sana not feeling “enough” for anyone is so heartbraking
x I’ve stood by the girls this entire season and knew they would redeem themselves, but when they left Sana on read I lost it!
x Sanas look when she was alone with the PM-girls trying to call Chris. She almost cried😣
x I noticed Ingris and Lea wore black. The only other ones making an account. Hm?
x When time passed. And passed. And passed. And the others started leaving…. and then you could hear something distant, someone shouting and then the van came and they called her name over and over and she ran up to them and Vilde kissed her cheek and they flipped of the PM-girls and drove away with Vilde yelling “If you fuck with Sana you fuck with us” and I just exploded and imploded at the same time cuz Im so happy and tearing up and just aaaaaaaah!

Adam: Mimi rose and I are over.
Hannah: Really? (Adam shakes his head yes) I am sorry to hear that. I know you really cared about her.
Adam: I don’t know that I did, I don’t think I really knew her.
Hannah: Yeah, but that’s not how you always feel about it when a relationship ends. We’re like, who was that?! What was that?! And then you give it a few months and all the good memories come back and you can kind of live with it I think.
Adam: No, I think I was confused and I think I made a mistake. I miss you so badly and I think I just got lost in it all and I didn’t hold onto the right stuff and I let my center move. And I just got lost.
(He reaches his hand for her) Hannah.
Hannah: I think you’re just your really tired and you have had a long day and you will get some sleep and feel a lot better.
Adam: (chuckles) No, I’m serious. I’m sorry. Really I don’t know where the fuck I have been at, but, you know, I’m here now.
Hannah: Yeah um, I can’t do that.
Adam: Please.
Hannah: (rolling her eyes with tears) I can’t.
Adam: Yeah, you can!
Hannah: (shaking her head no) I can’t.
Adam: Okay. That’s fine.
Hannah: Okay (as she whips her tears).

HBO Girls Season 4 Finale - Hannah and Adam Closure

Such a bitter sweet end to this relationship. We have all been there. How hard it is to let go and not fall into that old pattern of a relationship that has outlived itself? How hard it is to finally to say “no more and goodbye?” I loved this scene and wished I only had been that strong so many times.


Ok,, so picture it:

These two beautiful people above I had the pleasure of meeting on January 21, 2016 on the set of my absolute favorite show on the planet, Bates Motel.  I was joined by 3 other girls who I met through Twitter that are huge Bates Motel fans and also share a mutual love for our beloved #Normero.  

 We finally had picked some dates that were good with everyone’s schedule and ended up going January 20-24th and we couldn’t have been more excited. Here’s the thing.. we had absolutely NO idea when we had booked our trip what we would be seeing film the day we were scheduled to be on set.  We didn’t care.  It’s the set of BATES MOTEL and we’re going to see live filming…(CRAZY RIGHT!!!).. And hey, if we got to see #Normero, that would have been just a HUGE ass bonus.. 

January 20th was finally here.  I couldn’t have been more excited to meet my girls finally in person.  I got to meet Beth and Deb first at the Denver airport on a layover as we all had the same flight flying into Vancouver, and I must say it was an instant bond with these girls.  Alex, who is actually my #BatesBestie, is Canadian so we wouldn’t be seeing her until we landed in Vancouver.  So on the plane, we weren’t sitting next to each other, but Beth and I were in the same row, just opposite sides of the plane.  Now picture this.  I had been in touch with Kerry Ehrin throughout the day through Twitter DM reason being she wanted to hear details of our whole trip as she was so excited we were able to do this.  Right before takeoff in Denver, Ms. Ehrin let me know(knowing that we are huge #Normero fans), that we were in for a pretty exciting day, and that Nestor and Vera would be filming together and were going to be the only one’s on set that day.  Ok….. so at this point, I pretty much lost my shit.  I’m trying to communicate with my girls on the plane through DM even though I really want to take my stupid seat belt off, do cartwheels down the middle aisle of the plane, and shout at the top of my lungs……… “JESUS CHRIST WE JUST HIT THE NORMERO FUCKING JACKPOT!!”  But I thought about the repercussions that might occur such as.. “Excuse me miss, but we’re gonna have to kick you off the plane”, so I refrained from having a highly intense freak out and kept my cool while in the meantime I’m going ballistic in DM telling my girls the news.  It was quite funny actually.  Picture 3 girls on a plane together, who aren’t sitting next to each other, trying to stay calm over this crazy Normero news. (Where’s the Valium when ya need it?) Meanwhile my poor Alex in Canada is seeing this conversation in DM and she is all alone with no one to flip out with.  I believe she went to the bathroom at the airport to hyperventilate at this point. #lol 

We arrive in Vancouver, and the foursome is finally complete.  We all hit it off like we had known each other for years.  This trip from the beginning couldn’t have been more perfect in so many ways.  We arrived at our hotel, in beautiful downtown Vancouver at the Sutton Place Hotel which was simply gorgeous. Checked in our rooms, toured the city a bit, grabbed a bite to eat and then called it an early night due to tomorrow being our BIG day.  

Thursday morning came.  Me and my roomie Alex were up early at 6am sharp already going through I don’t know how many outfits trying to figure out what to wear. 

10am rolls around and our ride is here.  Van pulls up with a friendly man named Jack who was our driver for the day.  Nice little touch of the “Bates Motel” sign on the side window. Meanwhile, I was sweating like a whore in church because of crazy combination of nervousness and being crazy ass excited. #lol.  

First stop - Vancouver Film Studios.  We pull in and see the green Mercedes in the parking lot and shit just got REAL. We were HERE. . We might have had a moment that we squealed like 16 year old girls at a One Direction concert.. (I know, I know.. but yeah again,, we’re HUGE fans.. LOL).  We pull up to the building and pick up our tour guide for the day and she was wonderful. After we pick her up at the studio, we head back out to Aldergrove, BC which is where the exterior set is.  The set is absolutely amazing.  The motel office itself, you really do feel like you are at the fucking Bates Motel.  There are business cards, brochures, even the keys to the rooms are just up hanging on the wall.  I asked if I could please have the Room 11 key, sadly I was told no, because they only have one. #lol.

The house itself is creepy as fuck on the outside, but also hauntingly beautiful. After about a half hour of touring the motel & house site, we headed back to the studio which is where all the interior house scenes are filmed and we couldn’t wait for the next part of our adventure.

Now, keep in mind, we had NO idea what scene we were going to see film, we just knew that Nestor and Vera would be the only one’s on set from the cast that day.  We got onto the set and the first scene we got to see was one with just Nestor.  That one I can’t really talk about seeing it hasn’t been shown yet. Later on we got to take a tour of “the house” which yes, we’re in a studio, but you literally feel like you are in the Bates house.  The set is incredible. There are just no words to actually describe how amazing.  We got to take pics and then headed out to the lunch tent just to sit with Nestor fucking Carbonell.  I can’t describe him. He is beautiful and an absolute sweetheart.  We got pics with him, but lunch wasn’t that long and he had to go back to shooting and mentioned he knew for sure we were gonna like what we were going to see. They now take us to Norma’s living room to where they are setting us up to watch an upcoming scene that will be taking place in the kitchen. As we are getting all settled in our directors chairs, Nestor brings Ms. Vera Farmiga in to meet us.  I just about DIED.  She literally is like a walking angel and was absolutely stunning.  She had said to us, “you all need to be careful with all these wires everywhere, I can’t believe they didn’t give you hardhats”..  Simply ADORABLE. We started to chat with us, but then she brought us out by the stairs where it was a lot less cluttered.  So there we are ,, the friggi’n #Normero squad chilli’n out with #Normero on Norma’s stairs.. (hang on did this really fucking happen? YES.)  I can’t really recall the whole conversation.  To be honest,  it’s a bit of a blur just because I was in such disbelief with all that was happening. Nestor took all our phones and snapped pics of us with Vera. Before the next scene they both suggested we get a picture all together in the kitchen.  It was epic.  Epic and fucking memorable.  We then were escorted back to our chairs in the living room to get ready to see the next shot where the director is telling us the next scene will be with Nestor & Vera.  One of my girls SARCASTICALLY said  “well are we going to see any good love scenes?” The director laughed, and said, well not quite THAT, but you’ll get to see the “morning after” Ok, so at this point, I think I might have lost a bit of bladder control and might have tinkled myself just a bit because I wasn’t quite sure what I just heard.   I want you to remind everyone,  we have NO idea what season 4 is going to be about at this point.  So picture this, the scene starts, she’s got a wedding ring on and we see the ABOVE scene happen right in front of our eyes and seriously my mouth couldn’t have dropped further to the floor.  I was in complete and utter shock and simple disbelief is probably the only way I can describe it.  Yes, this will sound insane to some of you, but I had shed some real tears after witnessing it. Twice.  It may not sound insane to all of you as those of you who just know me well enough online know I hold a special place in my heart for #Normero, and I’ve met some of the most wonderful people because of them.  Writing this has brought back a LOT of wonderful memories, and I will say that I did tear up quite a bit while putting this together because I miss and think about my girls every day and the incredibly wonderful memorable experience we all shared together. Monday night’s episode I already know will be my favorite. Granted we didn’t see every scene, but we saw one hell of a scene, and I will never forget that day as long as I live. 

I’m not saying put women on SMTM just because. I’m saying acknowledge when they are good. Or just show them by themselves without bringing up some dude or without having the obligatory “The girls seem pretty bad” comment afterwards.

 I highly doubt we would have even seen ASH-B on ep.2 if G2 hadn’t been brought up. How come on season 4 Yuri made it all the way to the cypher but I hadn’t even seen her until she got lost in Mino’s gaze? How come I all of a sudden start seeing female rappers when they swoon over Gray or compliment Junoflo, or talk about Reddy’s lyrics about SMTM?

An Arrow & Olicity daydream…

(I spent a chunk of the day discussing politics and I needed to decompress. So I spent the last few hours of work writing Olicity meta and what would be cool to see in Season 5 re: character journeys - especially the finale.)

I really love Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

(If you haven’t watched Buffy, please consider this me screaming in your face: watch buffy right now.)

Quick digression: I didn’t love S6 when it first came out, and that was mostly because I watched it live and got it piecemeal week-by-week. There were many, many reasons at the time. It took me a few years to see it, to view it as a whole, and to appreciate all the underlying themes and the overall tone, as a full season vs. episode-by-episode. Now it’s one of my favorite seasons. Anyway, that’s off-topic. Or is it? *side-eyes emoji*

The reason I’m saying this is because Season 6 has one of the best finales, simply because it flipped everything we know about the characters on their head. It also flipped what we expect from a supernatural/fantasy show where the villains and heroes are clearly defined, including their roles in the apocalypse and what’s expected of them. The character I never would have guessed at the beginning became the Big Bad and when she’s about to completely destroy the world in her grief, it’s not the Slayer that saves the day. It’s the character that everyone thought was just there for comic relief and to rebuild windows. (I’m boiling this down ridiculously, and if you haven’t watched Buffy, why?)

Basically, love saved the day.

Why am I waxing on about a season finale that aired almost fifteen years ago?

Because I have a daydream, friends, and it’s 100% about the fifth season of Arrow and Olicity’s role in it.

Rather, Oliver and Felicity’s role in it, as separate characters… 


Allow me to explain…

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This Picture Has So Many Meanings

Jaming to your favorite song

Got extra cheese on your pizza

The girl you hate just tripped

you just won that auction on eBay

You got haters

Season 4 of Sherlock will come out by the 90th anniversary of Doctor Who instead of the 100th anniversary

Just killed  got rid of that annoying neighbor 

You now have the last packet of crisps during the zombie apocalypse

you just lost a follower for that stupid post you made

How Stalia will help Sterek

(I wrote this as a response to something, but considering how the fandom seems to be in dumps today, I figured I’ll post it separately.

Stalia wasn’t just ‘Jeff being a troll.’

Jeff IS a troll, and he’s the first one to admit it. And I do believe without a shadow of doubt that he’s going to make us work for Sterek. The sky is just beginning to get lighter, and we know dawn is coming, but we ain’t there yet.

But Stalia wasn’t a troll. Not even a little bit. Stalia is a storyline. Now, it’s not done. It’s not even close to being done and it won’t be until probably the end of season 4. (My gut is telling me, strongly, that that’s the timing on this.) Remember that many of the things that were planned in 3B got pushed back into season 4, and Stalia is probably one of them.

And while it doesn’t feel like that right now, Stalia is ultimately pretty Sterek friendly. (I know, now you at thinking I’ve really lost it, but hear me out) 

First we need to look at and appreciate that Malia, while being very interesting, is clearly not what she appears to be- a poor little innocent girl who’s suffered from terrible tragedy and is trying to be normal again.

Not even close. Malia is a Coyote. She’s a trickster. The whole lost and innocent thing is an act, a sham developed to get her in close with Scott and Stiles. Who else pulled an act to get close to one of our heroes? Kate and Jennifer. Honestly, the basement scene is So. Totally. Like. the Dennifer scene, it’s insane. 

  • Hero in poor mental and physical condition? Check!
  • Hero ignoring time sensitive issues? Check!
  • Female pushing herself onto the Hero? Check!
  • Gross physical elements being ignored? Check!
  • Hero acting totally out of character? Check! 

The writers also said they wrote Malia to be very similar to season 1 Derek, in the same way they wrote Jennifer to be very similar to Stiles. 

So we have a large set of direct comparisons between two relationships, one overtly manipulative and harmful, so what can we conclude about the second relationship?

Malia is trying to con and entrap Stiles.  I don’t know why, that’s something that will come out in season 4, but I have no doubt at all that this is all a ploy on her part.

So, back to Sterek: Jennifer cast a magic spell, using the blood of virgins to become as attractive as possible to Derek, and the result was she became a female version of Stiles. Malia presented herself as the female version of Derek to seduce Stiles. If that doesn’t give you all kinds of Sterek hope I don’t know what will. They are literally exactly what the other finds most attractive and desirable. 

PLUS, They will now have another shared experience of both being seduced by someone for nefarious purposes. A lot of what makes Sterek work is that both Stiles and Derek are people who most people don’t understand. People look at Derek and they see a hard-ass serial killer, not the sensitive man who’s aching from losing so much. People look at Stiles and they see the goofy class clown, not the brilliant, angry mind who will do anything to protect his loved ones. 

But they do both see each other, like no one else does. Stiles was the only one who figured out what Kate did. Derek knew Stiles well enough to read his chemo signals on the roof and to predict his actions when he was being controlled by the Nogitsune. Hell, even Scott, his brother, had to go to Stiles’s house for his clothing to track his scent- But Derek didn’t.

ANd when Malia turns, Derek will be the only one who will understand how Stiles is going to hate himself, and Derek will be there for him. 

Stalia was not even a little bit random trolling. It’s been carefully planned, and in the end, it will be another stepping stone for Sterek.

Let's Raise Our Expectations

I got an ask that said that “any LGBT rep on OUAT is a victory.” Isn’t it sad that in 2015, some of us still believe that we shouldn’t expect more? That we don’t deserve more? We deserve the writers to deliver on their unspoken promise for a LGBT fairytale between the lead characters.

The narrative, the editing, the writing, the wardrobe, the acting…all led people to believe that Emma & Regina were our representation for 5 years. People fell in love with that pairing because of how it was presented. The only reason it may not be is that the writers, the network got cold feet, and in 2015, that is unacceptable.

Stories like Lost Girl, with the LEAD a bisexual woman from the beginning, aired 5 seasons. In a Catholic country, the Philippines, The Rich Man’s Daughter, with 2 lesbian LEADS and 4 additional LGBT REGULARS on free tv and a family focus aired 65 episodes. We have plenty of other success stories that prove a show can be both successful and true to its narrative.

We know that de-gaying characters is a thing. Freeheld creators spoke of how they were asked to de-gay their leads. Now and Then creators spoke of how they were made to take a lesbian character, as they had envisioned her, and remove all references to her being anything but straight and give her a male love interest.

The real question here is, are we going to sit idly by or get the networks and creators to stop de-gaying lead and/or regular characters.

Some Comments From TVD General Viewers.


Excellent. Really, really excellent. The one redeeming character in the show is now dead.

Plot Holes :

1. Magic if falling apart, yet Tyler rips Stefan’s heart out with some ease.

2. If magic is indeed falling apart, and all vampires are going to die, why is Enzo so desperate to come back? Err why did he commit, was essentially was suicide and now 2 episodes later he’s so terribly desperate to return?

3. This Liv is the same witch who was being bullied by Enzo last episode? Like come on…she’s far more powerful than Bonnie, yet she was being bullied by Enzo, while her brother was being held up by some jocks? I’d have thought witches with the power to quite literally cripple 200 year old vampires would deal a bit better with jocks, and you know Enzo, another freaking vampire!

This episode had some action, I’ll give them that, and its probably the first episode in about 10 that’s had a halfway decent storyline. There was actually something happening…for once. In the midst of everything the “Delena” moment seemed so forced…why, just why? To gratify the 14 year olds who flood Caroline Dries and Julie Plec’s twitter feed, that’s why. Its so ridiculously lame. Its getting beyond nauseating now. They’ll bring Stefan back most likely with this mumbo jumbo going on with the other side.

If, as the shows err “mythology” states, the emotions and personality of a vampire are magnified from when they’re human, howcome the same compassionate, sweet, caring Elena is still so obsessed with the guy whose threatened to kill her closest friends, raped one of them and tried to kill her brother 4 times is it now? This show follows no semblance of logic, its like one of those twitter delena trolls is doing the writing.

On second though, I hope Stefan stays dead. I watch the show cause I felt connected to the character right from the outset, and if he’s dead, I can finally spend an hour a week doing something better.

TVD is one of the few shows I absolutely loved when it started. The first 3 seasons were absolutely fantastic. This show’s been ruined by a lack of creativity, failure to follow their own fictional rules, a Damon obsessed set of writers and a teenage fanbase that thinks sexual passion is love and chemistry.


Damon and Elena should’ve NEVER become more than what it did after season 3. The traingle should’ve ended after Elena picked Stefan when she became a vampire. Elena has been destroyed as a protagonist and it’s a very big reason as to why this show has gone down in quality. How can you have a television show that basically revolves around three main characters when two of them garner hardly any empathy for the audience. This couple is one of the worst portrayed on tv and gives a new definition to the term “Fan service.” Elena continues to be the most annoying female lead ever and is obsessed with a guy who has ruined her life continuously and made her become someone she (and everyone) despises.

The CW should know that young girls take impression from such shows and the writers glorifying such an abusive relationship as a passionate love story is wrong and horrifying on so many levels.


I agree. I just don’t think a girl sleeping with two brothers translates on screen. I just never got the passion from Delena that everyone else saw. But personally now I don’t ever want to see Stelena become a thing again. The best part of this season was when Stefan lost his memory and just thought Elena and Damon were jerks. It was the most real thing the show had in a while. The Stefan champion the relationship is just odd and stupid.


Damon will bring Stefan back and die in the process… Or so I’ve heard. I kinda want Stefan to actually be dead so I can stop watching this show. Paul Wesley is the only reason I’m hanging on. And yet again we get a lame Damon and Elena scene. Those two make me nauseous.


Well said!

I definitely agree on that with you. Stefan staying dead = the one main character with redeeming qualities who fans can connect to (well unless you call fawning over bicep veins and pretty blue eyes as having some sort of connection with a character ) will be gone.

Please be dead Stefan, so I can forget about TVD as another one of those shows that just went so far downhill I had to quit.

I’m a big television fan, and have been for the last 5-6 years. I don’t exaggerate when I say that I’ve never seen a show deteriorate so fast, and the writers to be so amateurish and pathetic that they listen to 12 year old fans and make “thank you episodes” when these absolutely pathetic fans make “delena” win “best chemistry”.


I totally feel the same way. I believe the writing has really gone downhill since Julie Plec left to go write the Originals… I’m so tired of Damon and Elena - I think they were great as friends, but the real chemistry was/is between Elena and Stefan. If Stefan is truly dead, I’m done with the show. This show needs Kevin Williams or Julie Plec back ASAP - and I vote for Kevin Williams. Every year, I keep hoping that it will go back to the magic of the first two (maybe season 3) seasons. The show has some fantastic actors, but they are being wasted! Stop the triangle - go back to the roots, and stop pandering to the young fans whom just love Ian Somehalder. Yes I love Ian, but you have ruined the character of Elena for the Damon and Elena ‘fans’…. :(


I know it when I see chemistry between two characters..male or female..platonic or romantic..friends or enemy. Damon and Elena had chemistry as friends. They looked good with the banter going on and the thing was, as a friend they always told each other the tough truths. this was well done in season 2. Damon and Elena proves everything that means opposite of being romantic. Bed scenes does not make chemistry. Ian and Nina made Damon and Elena boring because they were together and when they broke up, it became pathetic. Look at the expressions in Elena’s face when she has to kiss Damon. I feel bad. This season the only romance was when Stefan caught Katherine while she was about to die. Nina looks much more comfortable in doing romantic scenes with Paul.


I don’t care what other’s say you are 100% correct - this show deteoriated the moment Julie Plec killed off the romance that was Stefan and Elena. TVD started with, “I met a girl….” and it was all Stefan. She went and changed everything because the fans wanted more Damon. Stefan and Elena were pure love and romance. It’s all gone now. I’m with everyone else…Stefan remain dead so I can stop watching because this show literally makes my eyes bleed. Even the actors seem bored - doesn’t appear that anyone’s heart is in it.


Of course Damon will bring Stefan back, be the hero, blah blah blah. Just like the entire season. After all folks, Ian is Julie and Carolines fantasy lover. Paul Wesley is such a talented and beautiful man. He deserves so much more than to be on a show that doesn’t appreciate him. I hope his character really stays dead and Paul moves on to bigger and better. Paul has been on the big screen and will do so much more. F the vampire diaries!


I think Stefan’s acceptance and championing of Delena is more disturbing to me than his death at this point. Which I didn’t really feel sad about, because this show brings EVERYONE back. And even if it doesn’t, this show has becoming poorly-written Delena fan fiction. So, peace out, TVD. I tried to endure you to the end, but no more.


CARYL 5B - Now What?!?

TWD Mid-Season finale ended abruptly, painfully and right-smack in the middle of the groups heartbreaking reaction to losing one of its youngest and most innocent members.
The finality of the incident in question was certainly resolved in terms of the death occurring BUT just as the audience was left in an emotional limbo after the Season 2 MSF where Sophia was “put down” by Rick, here too another young-girls arc was over and the audience is once again left to contemplate not just what’s next but how that “next” will feel like for everybody.

In “Pretty Much Dead Already”, Carol and Daryl were left crumbled on the ground, reeling from Sophia’s “death”, which was jarringly paralleled in “Coda” by leaving Maggie and Glenn in almost the same position as Daryl carried Beth’s dead body out of the hospital.

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anonymous asked:

could you do an age recap like you did for felicity but for oliver? just curious as to old he really is

Oliver Queen was born in 1985 (we know this because it was on his season 1 headstone).  Clearly we don’t know when since they didn’t put an exact birthday on there (eta: but apparently  it was mentioned in an ep as in May), but we can get close enough when we start projecting ages for the seasons.

I’m going to hide the rest of this just in case there are spoilers for people who aren’t caught up on the show or haven’t watched previous seasons.

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