and loses it

“…They use each other. 

They enjoy each other. 

They’re onto each other.” (x)

Now, one of the many things I’m dying to see in s7 is how these two battle it out with each other in a game of wits. I love these two together yes, but I also want to see a Sansa vs. Petyr showdown – apprentice vs. the master. 

here’s a radical thought mlm don’t Exist to be tools for u to explore ur sexuality as a mlm like im not. telling u not to ship mlm or create mlm content (including nsfw content) but for the love of GOD stop framing it as ~a tool for women to explore their sexuality~, stop acting like mlm calling non mlm out on calling mlm ships ~sinful~ is Policing Their Sexuality, stop attacking criticism on homophobia, it’s dehumanizing and homophobic Thanks so much

Um excuse me?

So I had a blog reblog my body update post the other day. The name of the blog? Mean to fat girls. Their message on their about me was basically: who’s a good girl with a good body and who’s fat and needs to be fat-shamed.

I blocked that bitch faster than my dogs go after a crumb that falls on the floor.

I don’t need nor want that kind of negativity in my life.


*use full brightness please*

WIP Inspired by Shadow of Greed by @suggestivescribe​ part of the series Everything You Fear You Lose (when they’re in the lake together of course) 

This fic has me dying inside guys. I identify strongly with Iwaizumi ESPECIALLY this author’s Iwaizumi and I can feel him dying inside and i just can’t. 

This author is a pure gift to humanity please read their works! More fanart for them coming soon!!           

 read it here 

I’m frustrated bc I feel like my mom is not letting me doing anything too masculine like boxing(I won’t have my daughter doing that!), wearing shirts that aren’t “flattering” (yeah she said that) and saying I need to shave. also saying how I’m a terrible person to feed just bc of vegetarian, even though I cook all the meals for the house :/ idk I’m probably just being an angst teenager I’m just frustrated.