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I know this probably won't happen but, is there a chance of, like, a blog just for the human companion stories? Where you would write more? I really want more of these stories, but if you don't want to write them that's ok

I hope it’s ok that I’m answering this publicly, because I am so excited about the project I’m working on right now.

So. The world is kind of on fire and as a Smol Queer™ with diverse friends and family, it is absolutely terrifying to be in the US right now. And since writing is the only good thing I can offer, my response to the horror of the world is a desperate burning need to pull my friends close and write aggressively optimistic stories with them.

Enter the human companion stories.

My closest friends who write are all into the idea, so step one of what I’ve been calling the Universe Project is done!

Step two will be fleshing the universe out better. The Ginna stories as they stand are intentionally a bit vague on details, since they were just jotted off to post for fun. If we’re all going to be writing in the same universe without contradicting each other, we’re going to have to have a stronger established setting. Since my writer friends are all in various fandoms with me, and have almost all written collaborative fanfics with me (and if not, with each other), and we headcanon together for stories all the time - I have absolute faith in our ability to make a cohesive setting together.

Step three will be to write Human Companion stories (or stories with characters adjacent to the human companions). And since we’re all writers, writing is a thing we do, so that should not be a problem.

Final step: figure out self-publishing and get the stories out! I’ve already got a mostly written Ginna and Loren story that will need editing to make congruent with the shared universe, and probably a bit of expanding to novella length to make it a good stand-alone story, so that final step is not so far out of sight!

Probably we will eventually get a website for the Universe Project, but even then I will still loudly publicize all the stories that come out of that project here on my writers blog. So following me here is a good way to keep abreast of any developments!

Anyway, sorry this answer got so long. I am just very excited about the Universe Project and the Human Companions stories. I’m always happy to hear about others who loved them too, so thank you for sending this message. It really brightened my morning!




Submission by @clevercatchphrase

(undertale spoilers)

When I first played through Undertale, I found it very amusing that the Snowdin Shopkeeper didn’t realize you were human, even after you’ve completed the Pacifist Route and talk to her before leaving the Underground. But then that got me thinking… exactly how many monsters do know you’re human on sight?

So after a bunch of re-watching other’s Let’s Plays, replaying the game and doing A LOT of talking to NPCs, I’ve come up with three categories: those monsters who recognize you as human, those monsters who clearly DON’T know you’re human, and those whose dialogue still left me unsure due to how they worded it. (Maybe they do know you’re human and just don’t bother to outright say it, or maybe that’s just how they talk to everyone). What’s more, some monsters’ understanding of you change depending on what route you take in the game (mainly pacifist/neutral vs. genocide).

Anyway, this isn’t really a theory or headcanon, but I thought someone out there might be interested in this (not so) little list! SO, without further ado, here are all the monsters and their idea of what you are in the order we meet them.

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addicted for 15 daysday 14: a gifset

they’re so normal that having them here reminds me how the rest of us ride these extremes of life, rarely wading in the “okay” content state. connor is too conceited. rose is too high-strung. ryke is too aggressive. lily is too awkward. i’m too hateful. sam and poppy are just right. and i wonder if they’re the ideal we should all be striving for. or if we should just accept our nature and continue as we are. 



They’re so normal that having them here reminds me how the rest of us ride these extremes of life, rarely wading in the “okay” content state. Connor is too conceited. Rose is too high-strung. Daisy is too wild. Ryke is too aggressive. Lily is too awkward. I’m too hateful. Sam and Poppy are just right. And I wonder if they’re the ideal we should all be striving for. Or if we should just accept our nature and continue as we are.

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is Hamilton problematic? (I'm a naive gay who needs to know)

I’m too poor to be able to see Hamilton, so I can’t speak to the content of the stage play, but I’ve read a bit about it.

There’s a lot of discussion on the matter. Here are some links:

And then in addition to the above article that critiques fan response to criticism of the play, there are these tumblr posts:

Among many, many other posts by poc about the white portion of its fandom, and the play itself.

Happy reading, anon!

Masterlist of FC Alternatives for Every Stereotypical Typecast You Can Dream Of

In this masterlist I will be going over some stereotypical typecasting that I see on a regular basis in the rp world. I really hope this can be of some help to you all and that you reconsider jumping to your favorite and yet, overused faceclaim (although I’m sure they’re beautiful and stuff, no hate! Really!) when you apply for roles. I am in no way saying that these faceclaims here are bad or should not be used, but rather this list should be used to inform you of some different and yet equally as flawless options!

*note: I will continually be adding to this list, adding more overused typecasts, dreamcasts, and more. If you have any suggestions for a category, shoot me a message here.

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Fix Your Attitude: Chapter 27

Read on AO3.
Part 26 here.
Part 28 here.

Summary:  After meeting your new boss, you find your will tested. You’re totally good at obeying orders, though. Really.

Words: 3100

Warnings: None, really.

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N:  AHH I’m so happy people loved sub!Kylo! I worked really hard on that chapter and it seems it paid off. I kind of wish I could write another one, to be honest, but I’m not seeing anywhere I can fit it in…  So happy you guys still enjoy the story! Thanks so much for your support. I love y'all!

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1985. Glacier

it’s the only EP album by band Glacier.  on this short EP three different vocalists, Rex Macnew, Keith Flax, Mike Podrybau.

Classic US power metal fans should put this on their ‘must hear’ list if you haven’t heard them already. Although the mix has its faults here and there, the production overall is really impressive for an EP. Excellent classic stuff here.

Certainly a worthy addition to the collection of someone who knows classic metal.


Sam and Poppy hug more than they kiss in public, and whenever they start to have an argument, they usually take it to another room. Theyre so normal that having them here reminds me how the rest of us ride these extremes of life, rarely wading in the okay content state. 

Connor is too conceited.

Rose is too high-strung.

Daisy is too wild.

Ryke is too aggressive.

Lily is too awkward.

Im too hateful.

Sam and Poppy are just right.

And I wonder if theyre the ideal we should all be striving for. Or if we should just accept our nature and continue as we are.

Salvaging An Old Flame Part 2

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Very Little Mentions Of Blood

Words: 2,349

Part 1

Okay guys, here’s the second part. Hope you are all enjoying it like I am. Again, this isn’t mine. This belongs to one of my followers. She’s still a tad nervous about posting it herself, so until further notice, I will be posting for her. Enjoy!

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