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Alejandro Jodorowsky
Sé cada día un poco menos cobarde que el día anterior. (Los #IlustroTuit de Alejandro Jodorowsky & Ankor Inclán)

Thank you, but…

It’s really grateful to see an artist I used to admire is using gif format in his publications, but I think is not fair the way he is doing it. Some people notify me that Alejandro Jodorosky’s official Facebook page was using a gif I have created but with no credit at all and the same with a lot of works from many gif artists I see usually in tumblr. 

Facebook is not using me so I tried to contact him directly but I couldn’t find his personal email. I wrote to the other guy, Ankor Inclán.

They are doing a thing called “ilustrotweet”, wich consists on Jodorowsky writes a quote and Ankor Inclán (the man I wrote to) “illustrates” it. So he is picking gifs from any artist and using them to put next to Jodorowsky’s texts. It’s quite strange that an artists who has an incredible amount of work needs to use other people’s work (with no credit and changing the titles). And… if Jodorowsky writes the text and a gif from another artist illustrate it, what is the reason of the other guy, Ankor Inclán? I call this Beggars of the Likes.

They didn’t write the author until I send an email, no problem. I understand that internet is the natural environment of this format, and sometimes can be hard to find the original artist. Here a tool.

The problem comes when I asked them to change the text, because my original gif has its own title and writing a new one, changes the meaning of the piece. In fact, I am very against all this “unjustified positivism” they are spreading with those texts and I don’t want to be part of it. (they wrote: Be each day less coward than the day before) I prefer no title than this words.

Finally he told me that is ok to credit the author, but they won’t change the text for the one I want. (is not “the one I want”, is the original title of the piece).

Just to make you know what is behind the “idols” and their virtual identity.

So I show my vision of this and remember a great loop from the Holy Mountain.

No more words.

there are a lot of brutal stuff to gif in his films… really…


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anonymous asked:

As an INFJ I feel like I live constantly in my head and in the future. This sometimes makes me feel like I'm missing out on my actual life. Even when I try to focus on the moment and the present and on my physical sensations, I find this to be a really difficult task. What can I do to live more in the present? To live?

Develop your functions in the order of your functional stack. If you try to develop the inferior function without having sufficiently developed the auxiliary function, things can go wrong. To put it simply, people get stuck in their heads because they only care about themselves. They cannot see the world as it truly is, rather, they only see things in relation to the ego, only in terms of what they can obtain, chasing superficial rewards/validation and trying to avoid emotional discomfort at all costs. Therefore, to get out of your head, actively care for (not just about) something/someone other than yourself, take responsibility for something/someone unrelated to yourself, leave behind all your comfort zones, put in the hard work to engage with the world and confront the failures/disappointments that will inevitably come. Get involved in things with your extraverted functions instead of constantly fretting about who you want to be, how you want life to be, how things will turn out, how people perceive you, how things aren’t good enough, etc, etc. Ni doms who claim to be “focusing on the moment” are more often than not grossly misinterpreting Se, trying to unconsciously sidestep proper type development by convincing themselves that self-work is just “mind over matter”, fooling themselves into believing that merely thinking about being present means that you are present. Doesn’t work that way. If you have to think about it or remind yourself to do it, you’re not present. It is useless and frankly bullcrap to follow such mantras if you’re not actually doing anything that produces a tangible impact in the world. Developing extraverted functions requires ACTING and DOING, not merely thinking and believing. “Living” is a verb, not an abstract idea.