and looks around at the other guys and the crew

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zayn waiting for louis to pick who he would date if he was a girl [x]

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Mr K made me do this. Are any of your characters passionate lovers?

Tae looks at her Creator. “Don’t. you. dare.”

Actually several of them are. I’m gonna skirt around the issue of Tae because I like keeping my internal organs on the inside. 

Chong Li my mudang is married to the god of seduction. 

"Oye!" Erond lounges around. "What about me?"

As are several of my pirates. Hush you I’m getting to you guys.

Groth is the only married man out of the crew of THe Aguja Del Mar. THe others catch it where they can. 

"I’m the best out of the lot." Erond smirks. "None of mine ever complain."

So yeah. A majority of mine are.