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Pregnancy/Baby Alphabet-John Shelby

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A= Aftercare After Birth (How they act after you finish giving birth.): John keeps patting your forehead with a wet cloth after you fell asleep when the baby is out. He also makes everyone leave the room once the baby is clean and you are clean and stitched up. While he waits for you to wake up, John whispers quietly to the baby telling them how strong their mother is. When you wake up John scoots close to you and you both wrap an arm around the baby. John praises you on how proud he is of you for giving him the best gift.

B= Baby (Who is the baby more like. The baby’s personality.):The baby had John’s cheerful attitude but they can also be calm. When the baby gets older they have Johnny charm and your smarts, making them the perfect negotiator for the company.

C= Care Taking (Who takes care of the baby more. Do you have someone else take care of the child.):You and John take care of the baby equally, you a little more. The only time you allow someone else to watch the baby is when you and John are having a date night or having alone time. You don’t really like having the baby out of your sight.

D= Delivery (How they act when you are in labor, do they stay in the room or outside the room):John stays in the room with you but he stays up near your head. He is frantic and always asking if everything is okay and he needs to help. The whole time he keeps whispering to you how good you are doing and he even does the breathing exercises with you.

E= Emergencies (How do they act when something happens to the baby. If something happens during labor how do they react):The first time the baby is rushed to the doctor, John goes fucking mental. He heads to the doctor as soon as he finds out and doesn’t even wait he pushes into the room you and the baby are in. Once he is told that everything will be fine, he doesn’t let the baby go.

When Polly freezes when you are in labor John instantly asks what’s wrong. When she tells him that the baby is breeched, his body stiffens. He helps the best he can in rearranging you to help unbreech the baby.

F= Falling (How do they react to the baby falling off of a step or off a swing.):When John sees the child falling off the deck he freaks out. He rushes over and holds the baby close to his chest whisper that they are fine. When the child gets a bit older he doesn’t fuss so much as he used to.

G= Gender(s) (What gender do they want the baby to be, how do they act when it is the other gender.:John really wants a baby girl. He wants a princess he can spoil to no end. But if you end up having a son, he is equally as happy. He’s glad he can train the baby to be a boxer and a true blinder.

H= Hair Color (What hair color does the baby inherit): The strong Shelby gene of brown hair is most likely to have brown hair. If you are lucky they have your hair.

I= Illness (How do they react when the baby gets sick for the first time, how about when the baby is ill for a while.):When John saw the baby with a running nose and glassy eyes he rushed the baby to the doctor. He was freaking the fuck out, worried that something bad has happened. The doctor tells him that the baby will be ill for a while and John threats him to make the process faster to which the doctor said it’s not possible.

J= Jumping (How do they react to the child jumping into their arms from a high place, or the child jumping off the bed.):When the child jumped into John’s arms from the top of the fridge(how they got up there he doesn’t know), he told them to be careful. Also he lets them jump on their bed but he keeps an eye on them.

K= Keeping the Baby? (Do they want the baby in the first place. Do they let you keep it.):John is the one who really wants a baby, he has been begging you for months. It was you who was a little hesitant on having a baby, so much could change once you have the baby. Of course John lets you keep the baby, hell he would shit a brick if you didn’t keep them.

 L= Love (Do they fall in love with the baby right away. What do they love the most about the baby.): John fell in love with the baby the moment a bump formed in your stomach. He swears that his heart swelled when you saw the small body of his child. John fell in love with their large (Y/E/C) eyes, the same eyes he fell in love with years prior to their birth.

M= Movement (When you are pregnant how do they react to feeling the baby move. How do they react to the sight of the baby kicking.): John has his hand on your stomach at all times in hope to feel the baby kick. The first time the baby kicked John almost cried, his eyes grew glassy and his lip lightly trembled. Every time after that he would just smile brightly when the baby kicks. John also makes comments on how weird it is when you can see the baby roll over in your stomach.

 N= Normal Cravings (How do they react to your cravings when you are pregnant with your baby. Is there a food that they will not let you eat mostly because it grosses them out.): John finds the craving hilarious, all the odd foods you want to have. Even if they are gross to him, John will still get it for you. All he will do is make comments while you eat the odd food.

O= On Time (Are they there by time you go into labor. Do they arrive before or after the baby is born. How do they feel if they are late.): John does not leave your side when your due time is near. He will not go with his brothers anywhere if it means he won’t make it back in time for the birth. If John missed the birth this man would most likely rot in his own guilt. He would be so upset and angry at himself for letting him miss the amazing opportunity of seeing his child come into the world.

P= Pain (How do they react to seeing you in pain due to the contractions. How do they handle seeing you in pain during labor.): Seeing you in pain during labor causes John pain as well, he can’t handle seeing you in pain. The whole time he is smoothing out your hair and whispering that you are doing so well and it is almost over. John lets a few tears of his own fall as he watches you go through the pain of having the child.

Q= Questions (Do they ask the midwife a lot of questions. Do they keep asking if they are doing something right when they are doing something with the baby.): During the pregnancy John asks Polly and the Midwife thousands of questions. What he will need to do during the labor, how long will the labor last, will you be able to walk right away, will the baby realize he is the dad, ect.. He asks so many questions that at some point the Midwife will just ignore him, and Polly yells at him to shut the hell up. 

R= Resting (Do they get a lot of rest when the baby is born. Do they stay awake at night worrying about the baby.): John at first spent most of his nights just watching the baby, amazed that he help create such a beautiful baby. He also is the first to wake up if the baby cries out at night, which amazes you. John also loves to take a nap with the baby balanced on his chest as he reclines on the couch.  

S= Singing to the Baby (Do they sing to the baby, or do they listen to you sing to the baby. What is their favorite song to sing to the baby): John normally likes for you to sing to the baby, for he loves your voice as well. Watching the baby stare up at you with wonder as you sing a song to them always makes John’s heart swell. 

T= Talking to the Baby (Do they use baby talk. How do they react to hearing you talk in baby talk.): John has no shame in using baby talk, he’ll do it in front of his brothers with no embarrassment. When John hears you using baby talk he normally joins in, both of you looking like complete loons leaning over the crib talking in that special voice. 

U= Underneath the Man/Woman’s Heart (How do they truly feel about having a child. Do they feel as though they are ready for a baby): John loves this child with all his being. He doesn’t think any thing can top the moment he had his first child. John doesn’t think he is completely ready for a baby, but he wants to have one badly. He knows that he has what it takes due to him basically raising Finn, but he knows it will be different due to this one being his actual child. 

V= Vision as in Supervision (Do they keep a close eye on the baby. Do they have someone watching the baby at all times): The first few days John doesn’t let the baby out of his vision, wanting to make sure they will be fine. After John feels comfortable with the baby not being under his vision at all time, he will let you be alone with the baby. Sometimes he will make someone go and check on you two, and if he is out of time he will have someone making sure everything is okay for him every moment it seems.

W= When the Baby is Born (What day is the baby born. Are they in town at this time or are they off for business.): The baby is born nine months after he gets back from the war. Luckily John is in town when you go into labor is able to be there when the child finally comes out. 

X= Xray or Ultrasound (How do they react to seeing an x-ray of the baby. Do they tear up when they see the ultrasound.): Due to ultrasounds not being used often, John just has to take the doctors word. When the doctors says the baby is okay, then John has to believe the baby is okay. John wants to get an x-ray, in hopes to see the baby inside you but he heard from someone that it can make you sick, so he decided not to. 

Y= Yawning (Do tired do they get when dealing with the baby. Their reaction to the baby yawning.): The only time John gets super tired when dealing with the baby is when he had a rough day at work. the baby doesn’t tired him out easily. When John saw the baby yawn for the first time he will proudly say he made the most unmasculine noise.

Z= ZZZ (How much sleep do they get during the pregnancy. How much sleep after the baby is born.): When you are pregnant John stays awake nervous that something will happen. He also talks to your stomach when you are sleep because he can’t get any sleep himself. Once the baby is born John gets a little more sleep, but he makes sure the baby is sound asleep before he does. The moment the baby cries in the middle of the night he will jump out of bed.

Newt Scamander x reader- Mishap

“That was so much fun!” you yelled as you and Newt left the zoo.

“I’m glad you had fun.” Newt said, walking beside you.

“Some of those animals are amazing, though none of them compare to your creatures.” you said, looking at the case that contained said creatures.

“I suppose so.” Newt agreed. He wanted to say more and go on and on about his fantastic beasts, but he was never the type to brag. He was too modest to.

“Thank you so much for the whole day Newt.” you said, merrily skipping down the sidewalks of New York.

“It was my pleasure.” Newt replied. He couldn’t help but smile as he watched you skip, thinking you looked adorable. You had about twenty people looking at you like you were a complete loon, but you didn’t care since you were with Newt, the man you loved.

You loved Newt, that was a fact that you realized long ago. You thought that Newt would never feel the same about you and you have come terms with that. It’s better to accept and move on and keep the friendship instead of trying to make something happen and end up losing him altogether.

“Are we staying with the girls?” you asked.

“No. Tina’s dealing with Magical Congress mishaps and Queenie is with Jacob for the night. But don’t worry, I got us a hotel room.” Newt said, slightly blushing at the Queenie part. You felt your heart flutter a bit when you noticed he did. He was too adorable and innocent for this world. But you stopped when you realized what he said.

“‘A hotel room’? As in just one?” you asked, starting to get nervous and flustered at the idea of sharing a room with Newt. Was Newt planning something? Was he going to do something? You had to admit, you felt kinda happy at the idea of Newt making a move.

“Well, yes, but it’s not what you think! It’s one room but two beds. That’s all they had.” Newt explained once he realized what you were thinking, becoming extremely flustered as well at the ideas.

“Oh okay.” you said, both relieved and saddened by his answer. You quickly tried to get rid of the feeling of sadness you had and the hope that Newts miswording gave you. That was just Newt making a mistake, nothing more.

Little did you know Newt wanted to stupify the hell out of himself for saying that. That was the perfect opportunity and he completely messed it up.

You and Newt continued to head to the hotel and tried to get rid of the awkward mood that had formed around the two of you. Eventually you got to the hotel. You walked into the lobby and sat down and watched Newt go to the front desk to check in. He came back with the key and you went up.

By the time you had gotten to the room, most of the awkward mood that had formed had gone with Newt making awkward and bad jokes that were funny when he told them, something only he could do.

Newt opened the door and took a few steps in before stopping dead in his tracks.

“Newt? Everything okay?” you asked, worried by his sudden stillness. He said nothing as he took a few more steps into the room so you could walk in. You walked in and froze as well. Instead of seeing two beds, you saw one rather small one.

“Newt?” you asked again, slowly turning to him. There’s that sense of hope again, but it quickly died once you saw Newts reaction to the situation.

“They must have messed up the room. I could have sworn I asked for two beds. I’ll be right back.” Newt said, running out of the room. You watched him as he did so before sitting down on the bed, holding your head in your hands.

You had no idea what was going on anymore. You had about fifty emotions go through you in five seconds. After a few minutes, Newt trudged back into the room and you already knew what they said.

“Couldn’t do anything?” you asked.

“Nothing.” Newt replied as he sat down on the bed next to you.

“What are we going to do?” you asked.

“I don’t know. I would sleep in my case but there’s no room in there for me right now. And the whole place is a mess.” Newt replied, fumbling with his case as he pushed it under the bed.

“Well, guess we’ll have to share.” you sighed, trying to keep your composure as you laid down. Newt just nodded in agreement as he took off his and turned off the light before climbing into bed next to you, saying nothing out of fear of making the situation more awkward. So both of you could fit, you had to have your back right up against Newts chest.

At first, you were freaking out and constantly fidgeting, causing Newt to ask you if you were okay every five minutes, which wasn’t helping since you found that extremely cute and sweet. But feeling him pressed against your back and feeling his chest fall and rise as he breathed calmed you.

After a while, Newts breathing fell into a steady pace, so you thought he was asleep.

You slowly turned onto your other side and faced Newt, cuddling into his chest. This will never happen again so you might as well enjoy it while it lasts, do something you’ve dreamed of doing for so long. You always wondered what it would be like to be in Newts arms. He was a bit more boney then you imagined, but just as warms. It was amazing, feeling Newts warmth envelop you while the smell of herbs and his animals completely engulfed your senses, smells you’ve grown to love. You looked up and saw Newts peaceful and adorable face. He looked happy for some reason, must be having a nice dream.

With the situation you were in, you couldn’t help it when you brought your hand up and gently placed it on his cheek. You went further and brought yourself closer to him, placing your lips onto his. After keeping them there for only a few seconds, you began to pull away, but was brought back when you felt him pull you closer and begin to kiss you back.

You automatically pulled back when you felt all of that and saw that Newt was awake, looking at you with a loving smile.

“I’m so sorry!” you yelled as you scrambled out of the bed, extremely embarrassed that Newt caught you doing that. You thought that he must hate you now, doing something like he was asleep, but Newt just kept smiling as he sat up.

“Don’t be.” Newt said, extending his hand out to you. You stared at it for a minute before taking it and sitting back down.

You kept your eyes on Newts hand around yours, afraid to look him in the eye. You waited for him to say something when you felt yourself be pulled forward. You looked up and immediately felt Newts lips on your own once again.

You froze for only a minute before falling into the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck. You could hardly believe what was happening. You were kissing Newt Scamander, something you only dreamed of doing.

And he was perfect. His lips were so soft and warm against yours. He was being as gently as he could possibly be while still putting so much passion into the kiss.

Newt slowly wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer, deepening the kiss. You had to cling to him so you didn’t pass out. He was a way better kisser then you thought he’d be.

Eventually, both of you pulled away for air. Newt moved his hand up and cupped your face in his hands.

“I’m in love with you Newt, have been for a while now. I never said anything because I was afraid.” you admitted, unable to keep it in with what just happened. Newts smile broadened upon hearing that.

“I love you too (F/N). It feels amazing to finally be able to say that to you.“ Newt said, hardly able to contain his excitement. You couldn’t help but smile and laugh when you noticed Newt start to fidget as he got more anxious.

“What’s so funny?” Newt asked, noticing your smile and laugh.

“Nothing. I’m just really happy.” you smiled.

“As am I.” Newt smiled, gently stroking your cheek.

“Did you really not plan any of this?” you asked.

“Nothing. It was one big mishap that I’m so glad happened.” Newt said, lightly kissing the top of your head.

Both of you laid back with you snuggling into Newts chest again and Newt wrapping his arm around your waist and holding you close, eventually falling asleep.


That’s not the way you walk in real life, is it? Neal Caffrey is one of the few characters on television where you would remark on the way he walks.

No, my god. I wish I was that kind of peacock. Yeah, I locked myself in our guest room for about – I would say like 2 or 3 weeks working on that. And then I would walk around my block and the house. I only had one suit to my name when I got this job – maybe two. And I would put it on and walk around my block. I’m sure I looked like a complete loon in L.A. But I would walk around just figuring out how he moved through the world. We hadn’t even filmed the pilot, but I knew a lot of it was going to play in masters and us walking around together, so I figured I should figure out that part of his physicality. - Matt Bomer [13:00]

  • Proto: Do you ever wear anything besides leather jackets and cowboy hats?
  • Benzene: Says the guy who wears his lab coat everywhere.
  • Proto: This isn't a lab coat. This is my casual coat.
  • Benzene: You're messin' with me.
  • Proto: My lab coat has a name tag, a breast pocket, and safety buttons. More importantly, this one's made of softer fabric and feels much more comfortable.
  • Benzene: What in tar-
  • Proto: The collar also has a different shape, and the lab coat is longer.
  • Benzene: What kind of loon makes a coat that looks exactly like a lab coat?
  • Proto: One with good taste.
  • Benzene: Let me guess, the coat you wear on missions...
  • Proto: Armoured, with built-in life support and climate control. That one was expensive. Also not a lab coat.
  • Benzene: You've got yourself some weird taste there, partner.
  • Proto: Says the woman who wears spurs in the complete absence of animal mounts.
This Might Be The Last Time

A Kwon Jiyong/G-Dragon Fanfiction

Summary: You’d just wanted to dance away your worries, let the music take you to better places. But when you meet Kwon Jiyong in the new club in town, you never imagined ‘better places’ would be so easy to find, and so difficult to hold onto.

Chapter summary: You go to the music video shoot and get a rather big surprise.

Chapter type: Angst, Angst, Angst, Fluff, Fluff, Oh.

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction.
Chapter 10 will be the first staple chapter!

Chapter 11 (Coming soon)

Chapter 10

You cant help the tears that fall when he slams the door behind him. Of course you hadn’t fooled yourself into thinking that the two of you had something and that you were going to skip off into the sunset…But he had made you feel things that you hadn’t felt in years. You slam your palm against the window angrily, scaring yourself at how loud the slam was and catching the attention of two people walking by. You step back, angrily wiping your eyes and sighing, feeling your shoulders shake as you sit on your sofa and you pull your knees up to your chest as the sobbing begins. You dont know how long you cry, but at some point your eyelids become too heavy for you to stay awake any longer and you end up falling asleep, tiredly pulling one of the sofa throws around you and curling yourself into a ball.

When you next open your eyes its to the sound of a phone ringing and you scrunch your face against the light streaming through the windows as you reach for your phone, almost falling off of the sofa but remembering where you were at the last minute and throwing your hands out to stop yourself.

You quickly scoop up your phone and hit answer, not even checking who it was before you hold it to your ear.

‘Y/N?’ Richard calls down the phone and you wince as his voice hits your ear drum, and you realise your nose is slightly stuffy where you had been crying all night.

'Mmmmh,’ you mumble, rubbing your eyes and sitting upright.

'I’m outside, are you ready to go do the music video shooting?’ he asks, his voice chirpy and your eyes widen as you turn to look at the clock on the wall, seeing the hands saying 8:30am and you swear as you remember you have to be at the shoot for 9.

'Shit. Hold on, i’ll be down in 5.’ you say, not letting Richard answer as you stand up and run to your bedroom. You have a moment of feeling grateful that your job didn’t require you to put your own make-up on or do your own hair, but you hurriedly slap on some toner and moisturiser, cursing Jiyong for making you cry as you try to get your face to not look as puffy as it currently did. You quickly grab some jeans and a plain t-shirt and slip your ballet flats on as you grab your bag and run out of the flat, jogging down the stairs to Richard’s waiting car outside. Richard widens his eyes when he sees the state of you, but you just shake your head at him, telling him not to ask and he begins the drive to the shoot.

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*smiles widely as I lean down to both of their heights and then starts to giggles like a complete loon as I see both little Oswald and Edward playing together* Awww! Oswald, honey! Would you look at that! You have a friend! Oh, and he's just about as adorable as you are! *sweetly brings them both into a smushing hug against my chest and gives them kisses against their heads* I could just eat the two of you straight up!! <3

“Oh yes! we are good friends !But I don’t like too riddles hahah”

I’m rewatching “A Scandal in Belgravia”  and I just remembered Benedict tripping in the Buckingham Palace scene and…you can’t tell me Sherlock has never tripped before himself. 

There must have been a day where he’d just come out of his bedroom, all sleepy and brain not completely fully online yet and he just….tripped.And John would have been all worried and “God, are you all right, Sherlock?” and then he’d just start giggling like a loon because Sherlock looked just too adorable for his own good. Still sleepy and not quite sure how he ended up on the floor and Sherlock would huff and be like “Oh grow up, John!” and he’d try to disentangle himself but he wouldn’t be able to manage it on his own and John, still giggling, would have to help him. 

Storm the World with Reckless Abandon

Snippet #5

Finnick was just entering the living room when he heard it.


He froze in his tracks, for a second almost not recognizing who it was that was laughing so freely, before it registered in his head.

Annie was laughing.

He nearly lunged for the door that led to the outside porch.

Ever since Ichigo came barging into his life, Annie had been avoiding Finnick’s house like the plague, probably because she didn’t want to risk scaring off the newcomer with one of her hysterical fits that she sometimes falls into. She’s been getting slowly better over the years, but they both knew that she would never be fully sane after what she experienced during the games.

Sometimes she would stare off into space, seeing horrors Finnick was helpless in protecting her from because all of it already happened. Excluding Mags, he was the only one who was capable of pulling her out of those bouts of nothingness that emptied out her usually vibrant eyes, a dead man walking in every aspect.

He hated it. She never looked more like a corpse than those moments. He had nightmares that she would one day look like that permanently, like a pale drowned, animated body who’s only going through the motions in living.

So to say he was shocked to see Annie laughing with her hands covering her mouth, as if to snuff out the beautiful sound released from her, with Ichigo crookedly smirking at her with warmth Finnick has never even come close to seeing from him before was a vast understatement.

Though admittedly, Ichigo had been outright avoiding interacting with Finnick since the beginning of his stay. He was always observing him though, eyes narrowed and mouth curling downward as if he’s seeing something he doesn’t like the more he’s watching him.

But now, now he’s smirking off-handedly with a certain charm that Finnick hadn’t though Ichigo was capable of with how much the teen scowled.

Both looked up at the interruption and Annie immediately brightened when she saw him, sweet laughter wearing away to a small, heartfelt smile full of affection he didn’t deserve.

“Finnick!” she exclaimed happily before hugging him like there was no tomorrow. Finnick couldn’t help but grin broadly and hug her back, feeling like it’s been centuries since he’s held her in his arms. Sappy as it sounded, he’s missed her these past few days.

At the corner of the eye, Finnick saw Ichigo’s eyes widen with startlement before a thoughtful look morphed his face. It was the first time the teen looked at him without any antagonism and wow that sounded completely pathetic, even for him.

Annie let go and was still smiling. Finnick was pretty sure he was smiling back like a lovesick loon.

“Ichigo was just telling me stories about his friends from home.” Annie explained and Finnick’s eyebrows shot to the hairline at this while Ichigo rolled his eyes.

“She was curious.” Ichigo grumbled, though he didn’t sound truly irritated. His eyes were still gleaming with good humor.

“Oh?” Finnick plopped down on the porch next to the teen with Annie by his side, his curiosity piqued. Not once has Ichigo opened up to anyone or given any information about himself. From what rumor mills Finnick could discern, he even heard that Ichigo had managed to avoid the interrogation from the peacekeepers that were under Snow’s orders altogether. He was still dying to know how in the hell the teen managed that feet. “Do tell.”

Ichigo snorted but he surprisingly didn’t tell him to shove it.

Finnick took it as progress.

“Well, my best friend Rukia is a terrible drawer.” Ichigo started out, a tiny smirk playing on his lips. “And yeah, she keeps claiming it’s not true but, of course, it’s complete crap. I mean seriously, look at this!”

Ichigo took out a little note from the back pocket of his pants and flattened out the folds so they could see it clearly.

Finnick choked.

It was the strangest picture of a rabbit – or what he assumes is a rabbit, he honestly couldn’t tell – he’s ever seen in his life. The ears were beyond crooked and the face was crude to the point it looked constipated from the way its eyebrows were drawn. And for some strange reason, it had a gigantic cleaver like sword in its hand and was wearing black robes that looked off-putting on the creature.

Needless to say, it was the most hilarious thing Finnick’s seen in a while.

He burst out laughing and nearly fell off his seat as he did so, hand clutching onto the back of the bench to stabilize his position. Ichigo was full on smirking now with something close to satisfaction in his eyes but Finnick couldn’t pay full attention to that.

Good god, he couldn’t remember the last time he’s genuinely laughed himself to tears in hell, years.

“She’s-cough-certainly gifted.” Finnick managed to strangle out between his snickers.

Ichigo snorted. “Gifted my ass. She actually tried to draw a map for a little kid who was lost once and, well, the kid had commented how suckish her drawing skills were.”

“Oh-Oh no!” Annie’s eyes were twinkling with a different kind of madness, like she’s barely holding onto her composure from the sheer hilarity of Ichigo’s story, and it was absolutely breathtaking.

“Yeah, you could imagine how well she reacted to that.” Ichigo said dryly, and it suddenly struck Finnick what was happening right now.

Annie was talking to another human being that wasn’t him or Mags and she was acting perfectly fine. The surly, silent teen who hated him was looking at the love of his life like an actual person.

Not the poor, mad girl from District 4. Not the victorious tribute who had survived only by luck.

Just a kind young woman who was thoroughly enjoying the company of the new guest.

Finnick’s never seen Annie more vibrant and happy in all his time knowing her. He had only really gotten to know her after the games, and she had been a shattered shade of who she used to be by that time. Looking at her now, he could easily imagine the kind, radiant person she had been before the games snatched her sanity away.

And it was all because of the outsider that Finnick got to see this rare, precious side of her.

Now, while most would’ve been jealous at the idea that another man made the woman he loved happy, Finnick only felt a wave of gratitude towards the younger man who managed to bring out this Annie when he couldn’t.

“Well,” Finnick blinked, startled out of his reverie when Ichigo suddenly stood up, stretching his back as he did so. He glanced at Finnick, none of the previous hostility anywhere in his gaze, and cocked his head to inside. “Are we eating lunch or not? It’s half past one and I’m starved.”

Finnick couldn’t help but smile and shake his head at this, feeling more relaxed than he has in months. Even with the impending games and Snow still watching him like a hawk, he couldn’t help his good mood even if he tried.

“I’ll whip up something.” He offered, a well-natured, sincere grin slipping onto his face without permission. “I make a mean seafood pasta.”

Ichigo snorted at his words, but didn’t refute his offer. Annie smiled softly and grabbed Finnick’s hand as he led them towards the kitchen, away from the shady porch where good memories were made.

Notes: To be honest, I have no idea where this came from. I didn’t intend Annie to pop up until way later, but somehow, she snuck up on me. It was a lot of fun to write and I really have no idea if I didn’t go overboard with the feels. I’ve never focused on romance before but Finnick’s character is so intricate to how much he loves Annie that I really wanted to show how much she meant to him. Please tell me if I did an okay job and I hope you enjoy! Please comment and reblog and message me your thoughts!

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okay so i know you're taking tmr prompts and i saw this rly cute pic of thominewt in the tags and i was wondering if u could write a fic for it?? it's a picture by ladoodlelui of the ivy three posing for a picture and it's so cute! i rly like ur writing too btw thanks!

Okay so I’ve seen that picture and I think it’s hella cute. Like, really. You guys should all go tell ladoodlelui how wonderful her art is here.

I love writing fic based on people’s art, because there are so many good artists out there and I can only hope I do their art justice.

Pairing: Minho/Newt/Thomas

Fandom: The Maze Runner

Rating: PG

Notes: This is an apology for the terrible thing I wrote last night about death and despair that probably wrecked a million souls. Sorry. Also, I don’t know why the Gladers wouldn’t have any memory of how a camera works, but I just rolled with it and so should you.


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Imagine for Deana

A.N. Holy fuck I apologize for the wait and the bad quality of the imagine. I’m sosososoooo sorry if you don’t enjoy it but…here ya go!!

“Ross Ross Ross Rosssssss!” I say excitedly as I bounce on the bed next to my sleeping boyfriend. It was seven in the morning and I was already up and acting like a puppy waiting for it’s owner to get up.
Ross and I had been together for about ten months now and when he found out I’ve never been to Disneyland he made it his mission to be there when I first went. And that would be happening if he wasn’t still snoring.
“Get up. Get up. Get up. Get. Up.”
“Where’s the snooze button?” He grumbled, arm flying out and hitting me lightly.
“No time for snoozing. You have to get up and shower so we can go eat and go to Disneyland!” I inform him, shaking him lightly which only resulted in me being pulled into his arms.
“Five more minutes then I’ll get up, I promise.” He mumbled in my ear, kissing the side of my face.
“Fine. Five minutes.”

An hour later Ross and I were walking through the front gates, both of us equally excited. Ross had my hand in one of his, the other holding his energy drink which I reluctantly bought him.
“I can’t wait to show you all the rides and the water show and the parade and the-” He said with a bright smile before I cut him off with a laugh. “What?”
“You almost seem more excited about this than I am, babe.” I chuckle as we walk over to the Star Wars ride, which I chose.
“I can’t help it. I love this place and I excited for you because you’re gonna love it too.” He said with a firm nod.
While we waited in line, I watched as Ross talk to a group of girls behind us, signing autographs and taking pictures. Sure, most girlfriends would be jealous if the saw their boyfriends talking to random girls who were so blatantly flirting it almost hurt to watch but I couldn’t find it in myself to be jealous. He chose me, he loves me, and he’s here with me so I don’t see why I needed to worry. Especially when he actually introduced me to them as his girlfriend.
By lunch time we had gone on several rides and attractions, got Mickey hats, matching rings, and took countless photos with random fans. A lot of them even ended up asking me to be in it with them instead of taking them like I expected.
“So, how’re you liking the Happiest Place on Earth so far?” Ross asked, mouth stuffed with a burger.
“It’s amazing, thank you for taking me.” I giggle, leaning over to wipe some sauce off the corner of his mouth with a napkin.
“You’re welcome. It’s been awesome with you here.”
“Yeah! And the fans actually like me!” I say, probably way too excited then I meant to which caused Ross to laugh.
“I knew they would, what’s not to like?”
After lunch we end up in line for Tower of Terror in California Adventure, me squeezing Ross’ hand as if it were my life support. Each time he asked if I was okay I just laughed and rolled my eyes, giving him the same response. “Of course, I don’t get scared. But are you okay?” Which he would only laugh at and hug me closer. It’s not that I was scared necessarily, just…nervous.
“You ready?” Ross asked excitedly as we sat down in the back, helping me buckle myself in before kissing the side of my head with a chuckle.
“More than ever.” I mumble before yelping when the ride starts, my hands clinging to the bars my my thighs as my knuckles turned white. I only relaxed a bit when Ross placed his hand on mine.
I think it’s safe to say that that relaxation only lasted a couple seconds before I was screaming at the top of my lungs as we dropped. “HOLYSHITIDONTWANNADIEIMTOOYOUNGHOLYMOTHEROF…” The rest of my cussing was blocked out by everyone’s screams or laughter; mainly my boyfriend’s laughter.
“So, that went well.” Came the sarcastic remark as we exited the ride to go look at the picture which earned him a playful punch on his arm.
“Shut up.”
We bought the picture for two different reasons.
Ross wanted it so he could have proof if I ever denied that I was freaking out before I looked crazy.
I wanted it because Ross was laughing and smiling and he looked cute. Plus, I will admit even though I look like a loon, I still looked good.
We stayed till the parked closed after the firework show and went back to the hotel, completely exhausted. After Tower of Terror we went on a few more rides in California Adventure before hitting up Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, the Cars ride, and others. Ross sang with a group of people, I recorded it, he signed autographs, I was asked out by a little boy, he made girls’ days, and I made friends. So overall we had a rocking day.
“Babe?” I mumble after we settle into bed, my head on his chest as my eyes slid shut.
“Yeah, gorgeous?”
“Thank you. Today was great.” I whisper, slowly falling asleep.
“It was my pleasure. I’m glad you had fun.” He whispered, playing with me hair.
“Love you, Ross.” I mumbled before finally falling asleep seconds after his response.

anonymous asked:

we can keep asking for no fucekry, but the thing is, there is no way out of this w/o fuckery. The only way out of this w/o lies, dishonesty and scams is if the lid is blown off & bc is forced to come totally clean, or he throws his hands up and does a tell all and admits that it was all a sham, she had him over a barrel, there is no baby & he had no idea how to get out and not look like a loon/ embarrass his fam. the prob is the pram pic. he looks completely insane runnig aroundw an empty pram

I think there is a way out without fuckery (stop public appearances, quiet announcement after Hamlet) but only if all participants agree on one out and all of them follow the script. You need to be a professional about it, slip ups are not allowed (cough). Good PR control would be essential. There have to be lies covering up all the lies, no doubt about it, they don’t have other options. This whole thing started out as a lie, it will finish with a lie (or five) but it could end without fuckery…if they’re smart. The truth will never come out, that’s never an option…there will be rumours, but no-one will come clean about the fauxmance. Especially not BC because he has the most to lose here.