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You Could’ve Asked

Pairing: Jimmy Malone x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3467

Author’s Note: Guys, I finally finished this damn fic. It’s been in my docs for at least two months? I don’t even know, but it’s cute for those who know Jimmy from High Road. If not, go watch it. I’m pretty sure it’s on youtube! I hope you enjoy though! Thanks to my bby @lovelydob for proofreading this for me!

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Your family has been friends with Jimmy’s parents for quite a while and when we learned that his mother had passed away last year, everything has changed. I haven’t actually seen or heard from Jimmy in quite some time and I’m absolutely worried about him, he was my best friend. I contemplated on going to his house quite a few times, but decided not to, thinking that if he needed me, he’d call or text me.

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Taken {Ethan Dolan Fanfic}

A/N: So basically I’m trying this out to see if people want me to continue writing this, I like the idea and I’d love to keep going, so feedback is appreciated! Also I would like to thank @dangly-feather-earring-dolan for ideas on this story ❤

Your POV
I was currently being dragged outside by my younger cousins to endure a game of hide and go seek. As we walk along the path through the woods to get to our normal ‘hang out’ spot, my youngest cousin, Carter points out a new path that, I’m assuming my uncle created.

“Y/N can we go see where that path leads? Maybe we could play hide and go seek there?” Carter looks between his older brother, Reid, and I.

“Sure, I don’t see why not, it has to be safe if Uncle Brent made a path to it.” With that, we set off on the path, we walked for about 5 minutes before we reached a large field beside an old road that probably hadn’t seen a car in days. Amongst the bushes and trees there seemed to be an old, abandoned house. The house was weathered, it had a hole in the roof, you could see through some of the boards making up the walls of it. It was a fairly large house, it would be beautiful if it were fixed up.

“We should play in there Y/N! There are probably so many places to hide, so much space to move around-” I cut him off, not know what could be lurking in that house, I can’t keep them safe if a bear is in there or something.

“So many unknown things that could attack us or make us sick, no thank you, we can play where we normally do.” I turn to walk back, grabbing Carter’s hand.

“Oh come on Y/N you never let us do anything fun!” I raise my eyebrows and turn my head to him.

“Dangerous is fun to you? Carter you don’t know if you can even walk on the second floor, look at that house, it’s rotting.” He stood his ground, jerking his hand out of mine, which made me cave. I can’t handle when people get angry with me.

“Fine but I’m going in, ALONE, to check it out, I’m not risking you two getting hurt or else Aunt Mindy will make sure I’m hurt worse.” I sigh, speed walking towards the decrepit home. As I creep closer I turn to look back at my cousins, Carter looked tickled pink that I was letting us do something so dangerous. Reid looked worried, his eyebrows furrowed, eyes narrowed. At least someone cared about my health. I scoffed and turned to walk to the door. As I was about to enter I hear Reid call.

“Be careful!” I smile and give him a thumbs up, I push open the rotted door and step inside. The smell of mold and wet wood fill my senses, I pucker my lips and throw the neckline of my sweater over my nose to help save my nostrils from the stench of the mold. I look around, I check the rooms surrounding the entrance then I walk down the hallway I’m assuming leads to the back of the house. As I walk closer to the corner of the hallway which turned into an open room with a few doors, I start to hear voices.

I slow my pace and make my footsteps as soundless as possible. I crouch slightly and follow the voices to a door that was slightly ajar, just enough so I could see inside.

“Please, please don’t do this, I don’t owe him anything! I paid off my debt!” A man tied to a chair whimpers to the 3 men surround him, I couldn’t see their faces, as they were turned away from me, from what I could see, they weren’t guys to mess with, two looked about the same size and one looked slightly smaller but still intimidating.

“If you paid it off why are we all here then? Huh? You still owe the Boss and you can’t pay what you owe, so that means we get to do whatever we want until you can’t trouble the Boss anymore.” I could hear the smirk off his voice, it was deep, bone chilling. I looked at the man who was pleading with them. His eyes caught mine, my heart dropped. His eyes widened, he smiled like a mad-man.

“Help me! Please sweetheart help me! These men are crazy!” They all turned around and I froze for a second, but only a second, after that I bolted down the hallway and into a room I had checked, I knew there was a closet in here and that’s where my only chance was. No way was I going outside and leading these assholes to my cousins. I got into the closet and closed the doors as best I could with the old wood and hinges. I whip out my phone and text Reid to bring Carter home, informing him I would be home soon.

“Fuck Ethan, we lost her!” I hear a voice growl. I try to steady my uneasy breathing. I curl into a ball, I feel tears that I didn’t even know I had, hit my hands as I lay my head on them.

“No we didn’t. She’s still here Gray. Check everywhere, she can’t get away!” I hold back a sob, biting my tongue. I try to focus on being as small and silent as possible. Just as I as about to wipe my free falling tears, the closet door opens.
“Here she is. Oh princess you don’t know what you walked into.”

Chloe and the Yellow Cup

Summary: Beca’s risky hot drink decision leaves her finding out just how dedicated Chloe is to her yellow cup.

Words: 1,840

A/N: This is a one-shot I wrote literally just then because it came into my head. I was thinking of turning this into a collection of one-shots from prompts, so if you’d like me to continue this, or have any prompts, shoot me a message - and enjoy! 

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