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Alright as promised here are my winners for my 2nd annual tumblr awards!

Winners have won:

Two free promos from me

One icon as requested 

One gifset as requested

And the winners are:

Robbie Turner Award: Best Icon! @charlserik

Bruce Robertson Award : Best Theme @isaakeven

Mr. Tumnus Award: Best mobile theme @tomhhlland

Victor Frankenstein Award: Best Url @magnetosmind

Wesley Gibson Award: Best Original Content** @eveenstar

Charles Xavier Award: Best X-Men /Marvel Award @lehnshark

Rory O’Shea Award: Best Newcomer* @potterpoints

Conor Ludlow Award: Nicest Blogger @l-p-r-o-c-k

Tom Lefroy Award: Best Multifandom @stexvebucky

James McAvoy award: overall personal favorite @jim-kirk

thank you all so much again! i had fun looking at everyones blogs :)


Color Palette Meme

Killua Zoldyck + Winter Colors asked by @tachibana–chan


“He focused on Luke once again, and saw his son was crying. Yes, that was it; he was tasting the boy’s grief – because he looked so horrible; because he was so horrible.

“But he wanted to make it all right for Luke, he wanted Luke to know he wasn’t really ugly like this, not deep inside, not altogether. With a little self-deprecatory smile, he shook his head at Luke, explaining away the unsightly beast his son saw. ‘Luminous beings are we, Luke – not this crude matter.’

- Return of the Jedi, Ch. IX, by James Kahn


he had been asking you questions all day, dumb questions like “what do you see when you look at this ink blot” or “what is your most cherished childhood memory.” so when he asked “what do you look for in a significant other?” you were a bit taken back.

“why do you need this information again?” you grinned.

“psych paper.” he stated, “so? what do you look for in a significant other?”

gif credit (x) original gifset (x) gosh i adore the runner of this blog, you guys should all go check it out, such perfect teen wolf gifs im in love <3 <3 <3 and thank you so much to the creator for giving me permission to use these amazing gifs <3


Carolina takes off her helmet, and the Director takes off his glasses, and they look at each other with the same bright green eyes
Allison:”And don’t worry, you’ll see me again.”
Carolina tries to stay mad at him, but instead pities him and kisses him on the forehead
Director:”Just a bit more time.”
Carolina:”Come on Church. We’re leaving.”

This is my fave scene in Red VS Blue!! This scene is so emotional and beautiful, I love all the emotions in Carolina’s face in such a short time!! 

THE 100 MEME • 5 QUOTES • [1/5]

“I could keep you safe,” he rasped. “They’re all afraid of me. No one would hurt you again, or I’d kill them.” He yanked her closer, and for a moment she thought he meant to kiss her. He was too strong to fight. She closed her eyes, wanting it to be over, but nothing happened. “Still can’t bear to look, can you?” she heard him say.

// requested by dornishmansblade


bangtan bomb throwback 11/?

Leliana for cailantheirin (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

The Girl Who Died, deleted scene. Part One

A.K.A. The Doctor has troubles reading faces. He writes down every kind of look Clara gives him (possibly with drawings) so he doesn’t miss a single emotion crossing her face because she is so important to him that he wants to know what is going on in her head at all times and because he is afraid of making a mistake again without noticing it, afraid of missing that something is wrong, afraid of anything that could make him lose her.


I want to be the mirror that reminds you to love yourself. 
I want to be the air in your lungs that reminds you to breathe.
When the walls come down, when the thunder rumbles, when nobody else is home, hold my hand, and I promise I won’t let go. x

He Sees Her

Let’s talk about that Stydia scene in season 1 episode 11. You know the one. The one were Stiles persuades her to dance with him. I don’t know about you, but I’ve come across more than one anti attacking that scene, or more accurately Stiles in that scene.

The general consensus of those attacks are that Stiles was being utterly disrespectful and insulting to Lydia. They believe Stiles was taking away for agency by trying to get her to dance with him when she didn’t want to and that his words “cold, lifeless exterior” where insulting and offensive. 

Now, I can see where they might get that from, but if you watch the scene again (or even just look at a gifset of it) and really pay attention, you can see that that is not the case. At all. If either character did not respect the other, it was actually the other way around. 

Let’s look at some gifs, shall we?

Okay, look at the second gif. Watch Lydia before she answers. Look at her eyes. She looks Stiles up and down. Look at her expression. Lydia doesn’t say “pass” simply because she doesn’t feel like dancing. She just doesn’t want to dance with him. Not because she thinks Stiles is a bad person and wants as little contact with him as possible, because at this moment Lydia sees Stiles as a loser. And Lydia Martin does not dance with losers. She does not want to dance with Stiles because she does not respect him and because she does not see him as an equal or worth of her time.

Look at Stiles here. Stiles knows exactly how Lydia sees him. This is Stiles “Knows Lydia Better Than Anyone” Stilinski. Stiles sees the real Lydia when others do not. Even Lydia’s own parents didn’t see the real her. Even they were surprised when the teacher told him how smart Lydia really is. So Stiles knows exactly why Lydia doesn’t want to dance with him. He knows she doesn’t respect him. And he’s had enough. So, Stiles starts demanding her respect in the one way he can, in the only way he knows how to get through to her.

Stiles is done hiding in the shadows. Stiles is coming right out and showing Lydia that he knows exactly who she is. When he says “cold, lifeless exterior”, he isn’t insulting Lydia. He’s insulting the facade, the act she puts on for everyone else to see. The act that has everyone fooled, everyone but an observant teenage boy named Stiles Stilinski. That is what Stiles is trying to get her to see. That is how he tries to win her respect.

And he succeeds. Watch Lydia’s face throughout Stiles’s rant. You see that she is actually paying attention to and taking in everything Stiles says. She is hanging on to his every word, and by the end of his speech, she actually smiles. Because Stiles didn’t just say what he needed to say for Lydia to start respecting him, but also what exactly what Lydia herself needed to hear. Because, deep down, she wanted, needed someone to see the real her, not just the facade she puts on. And someone finally has. So she smiles.

Look at her face in those last two gifs. Does that look like the face of someone who feels like she was just insulted? Does it look like the face of someone who feels like she was just disrespected? No. If anything, it looks like the face of someone who was just paid the highest compliment, of someone who was just shown the greatest respect. And you know why? Because she was. Stiles paid her the best compliment and showed her the greatest respect she had ever received at that point. Because what Stiles was really saying was this: I see you.