and look what has become of me

Exo reaction - His tomboy girlfriend debuts with a cute concept

(Thank you dear anon for this request! This was really fun to write! I’m also trying to only write with OT9, so you could write to me and tell me if you think i should keep OT12 or do OT9 from now on <3)


“Oh look at that ball of sunshine! She’s wearing a skirt and a hairband! I so do not regret coming here” He would just giggle and watch you with proud eyes.

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“Cute concept? Really? And i thought you said you didn’t even own a dress? I will happily sit on the front row when you make your debut!”

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“Oh well well, what do we have here? My girl has become a princess. Well i approve this”

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“Does this mean that i get to see you do aegyo sometime now? Oh i can’t wait!”

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“Way to go baby! You rocked the stage, and i know that your idol carrer will be the best it can be, work hard! Fighting” 

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“I saw you up there on stage! You never fail to surprise me. I’m really proud of you”

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He would meet you backstage after your debut stage with flowers and a proud smile. “I love this style on you. You should be proud! You did it!”

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“Wow, so this is what it’s like to see a princess?” He would be proud of how good you did on stage, and of course the change of style since he knew that you usually never wear cute stuff.

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“I would be proud of you, whatever style or music you did. Still though, i can’t say that i’m not surprised about your style up there”

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at the very end of last week's episode, oliver glimpses very briefly at felicity. what his look reminded me of, were his words of 1.04 (to l): if you knew, you would see me differently, you would see me as damaged. he is so afraid she will pull away from him because of what he supposdly is/has become. this is kind of echoed in the newest sneak preview released. what do you think?

I think you’re right on, Nonnie! Chase successfully broke Oliver last episode, making him face the monster Oliver had tried so hard to run from. In the short term, Oliver won’t want any of his team around. And I think he very much believes that he is that monster. But the good news is that he’s been broken down so he can rebuild. It’s like rebreaking a bone that was set incorrectly so it can heal properly this time around. That’s ultimately what happened for Oliver. We’ve always known he couldn’t go on splitting himself in two–he finally has the chance to make himself a whole person, one that’s parts Oliver Queen and parts Green Arrow but ultimately a hero.

While Oliver is going through all of this, Felicity is going through her own crucible and transformation where she has to ultimately face if the ends justify the means. Helix is not what it seems, and Felicity will be facing that head on down the line. It may not be as dramatically dark as Oliver getting broken–but in the end, they’re both going to become stronger people–not because they’re perfect, but because they’ve both been touched by darkness and come out the other side better for it.

Frisk: “Are you an interior decorator? Because when I saw you, the entire room became beautiful.“
Chara: “I think you’re trying too hard, Frisk.”

Charisk is important. Now to try working on things that I was supposed to do tonight.

Tiny, Rambly Rant

This can’t be said enough:

Eliminate mundane causes before turning to the supernatural.

And I can understand how that would seem counter-intuitive, but let me explain you a thing …

When one takes up the craft they often feel like a whole brand new world opens up to them. Everything changes, and nothing will ever be the same, and we sometimes take this new attitude and apply it to everything. Everything becomes magical and everything has an underlying magical aura.

This is something a decent craft teacher will stop with a newspaper to the nose. *smack*

When we flip the perception, and look at everything with mundane suspicion, we are actually less likely to miss the woo. By eliminating all of the mundane causes for a thing, you also eliminate that pesky doubt you keep hearing me grumble about. You are more sure about what you’re dealing with, and can act accordingly.

For example:

I wear hematite to help with my social anxiety. They’re really energy sensitive. It is said that when they’re overwhelmed they shatter.

They are also pretty fragile and if you smack it against everything, of course, it’ll shatter.

So, when a ring breaks off my hand and I know that I’ve just been literally running into shit for the last couple of weeks. I know that it’s because gravity plays favorites, and I’ve accidentally put too much force on it.

But when a necklace that has just been sitting on my bedside table, protecting the homestead goes kaboom without being knocked around, dropped or otherwise provoked, then I know something is up.

Saturating your world with a perceived magical-ness, weakens your senses. It desensitizes you to what is out there. I recommend picking up a deliberate, goal oriented practice as opposed to a wild, come-what-may, practice. Trust me, if you’re open, the fuckery will come to you, you don’t have to go looking for it.

No, really though. Go see a doctor if you feel physically weird. Go see a mental health professional if your brain feels off. Eliminate the non-magical causes, first, and then start to investigate the supernatural.

I hope that ramble makes sense.


color palettes and su: a descent into neon light hell

heyo everybody! first real post on here and i’m starting off with something that’s been bugging me for a while: su’s color palette. now, usually i don’t like being nit-picky but i believe this has become an issue past the point of just nit-picking. today we’re diving into su’s color palettes, and what went wrong.

as proof for my argument, i’m gonna show you some screencaps from the earlier seasons (season 1 through 2) and the pilot. i want you to take note of the color palettes in these as this post goes on

these are some shots from season 1. look at how lively and beautiful the palettes are, with a strong emphasis on contrast and how nicely all the colors flow together. su’s palettes were usually easy on the eyes, and when they wanted to go for something bold and bright, they went all out for it, and it looked great.

the pilot understands this too. everything was gorgeous, easy on the eyes, and stunning to look at

strong contrasts are everywhere, and it’s very very pretty to look at and appealing. even if there are strong and bold colors, they’re well thought out and feel natural

now….here’s some screenshots from season 4.


i don’t know if this was intentional or not, but holy hell….the color choices here burn. they hurt. physically. they’re so bright and overly saturated that nothing about them feels natural. another big issue: THESE COLORS ARE ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME AS ONES FROM A BASIC COLOR PICKER. they’re nearly identical. no joke.

not exactly the same, mind you, but still pretty damn close. (source)

now, pray tell, what is the reason for this weird shift in color theory and understanding? i don’t know. part of me thinks it’s because once they got popular they stopped trying or there’s some miscommunication between animators? either way it’s still something to note and be aware of

au where bitty becomes a really popular youtuber

and after jack publicly comes out they do the couples yoga challenge for eric’s channel and jack has never been quite this bad at anything in his life, and eric is just like “oh, honey, can you not lift your leg over your head? what about touching your toes? well, at least you can lift me. lord, this just goes to show that if figure skating were easy they would call it hockey.


  • how can you look at me and see something good?
  • the world has gone to hell.
  • what have you done to yourself?
  • what have you become?
  • i trusted you!
  • you betrayed me!
  • i will never trust you again.
  • after everything we’ve been through, you turn your back on me.
  • who did you kill?
  • why are you covered in blood?
  • just breathe, you’ll be okay.
  • are you drunk?
  • this world was not meant for people like this.
  • you are weak.
  • you are nothing.
  • i hate you.
  • i don’t love you.
  • you’re going to die.
  • i’ll kill you.
  • i’ll leave you to suffer alone.

Something that is so hilariously sad is that right now in canon, I can’t think of a single person that likes Sombra. Even Hanzo and Reaper are more loved than her. 

  • Reaper: Looks like we’re working together again.
  • Widowmaker: Let’s hope it goes better than the time at the museum.
  • Genji: What would our father think of what we’ve become, brother?
  • Hanzo: It’s hard to say who he’d be more disappointed by.

Every interaction she has is filled with contempt, annoyance or indifference to her. 

  • Sombra: You wouldn’t believe what I learned about you, sparrow.
  • Genji: I am at peace with who I was, your threat does not concern me.

The creators said that Sombra considers Reaper and Widowmaker her friends but so far I’m only lead to believe that that’s one-sided. 

  • Sombra: Ah, my favorite spider. I wonder what sort of web you’re spinning now.
  • Widowmaker: It would be a shame if something happened to you on our next mission. A real pity.
  • Sombra: What’s the plan today, Gabe? You don’t mind if I call you Gabe, do you?
  • Reaper: Stick to the mission.

Even the nice and cheerful Tracer says that it would be better if Sombra just disappeared forever. 

  • Sombra: Sometimes I feel a little sick after using my Translocator, I’m sure you know what I mean, Tracer.
  • Tracer: Won’t be a problem if you just disappeared forever.

It’s so sad and bizarre. This poor woman has a grand plan and can actually execute it but she has no one that finds her company even moderately nice. I mean, it’s not 100% clear but even Reaper and Widowmaker have each other. This is so sad and a wonderful plot point for a character. It has some real nice opportunities to make Sombra one of the most powerful people in the world but also the most miserable. Of course Reaper is a strong contender but right now Sombra is in the lead. At least that’s my take on it.

Please add your thoughts and correct me if I’m wrong!

how couples spend their free time together

men’s expectations of wlw relationships:

oh yesss right there….yeah let’s have sex…all we ever do is have sex….and wear only nice frilly lingerie and nothing else when we are at home….hey let’s call marcus for a threesome 

actual wlw relationships:

*wearing baggy polyester shirt that has become a little off-white*

“hey hurry up, the show’s coming on.”

“Fine, fine. Wait, what r u eating.”

“Oh I found some crumbs in my room. You know, from the time we baked brownies two months ago.”

“Are you for real.”

women’s expectations of mlm relationships:

hey sweetie, the roses came in from Cecilia’s today, don’t you love them? Oh I see you’ve replaced the windows, they look so much prettier now, I love you cupcake. Here let me fix you a cup of tea. 

actual mlm relationships:

*playing video game*

“good fucking god you were supposed to catch that, you n00b”

“and how am i supposed to know that was for me??”

“You just had to catch it!”



so listen,,, i love angsty headcanons abt Victor’s family as much as the next person, but what if he has a really nice and happy family??

with that thought in mind, i spent the last three days working on this + a little comic i’ll be posting soon about my take on Victor’s parents

Their names are Ekaterina and Dmitriy; she’s a world-class photographer and he’s a former men’s fashion model who retired after Victor was born to be a full-time dad uwu. they met during a photoshoot and it was love at first sight (for Dmitriy anyway lmao)


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My eyes watching you from afar. My heart aching when seeing your pictures. My soul calling for you in silence. I don’t know what is happening to me. I need you badly, I wish to see you strongly. My heartbeats whisper “I love you”. I mention you before my sleep. And you come to me in my sleep. I wake up looking for you around, wishing to find you beside me. And coincidences gather us. As if we never knew each other, we avoid looking at each other. And the heart burns from its sighs. Ego has become the title of our story. So life continues more with imagination than reality. This is what vanity spawns. If only we humble ourselves more, so that our souls would cheer up and our hearts flourish with peace and love.

تراقبك عيناي من بعيد …ويتألم قلبي عند رؤية صورك …تناديك روحي بصمت …لا أعلم ما الذي يحصل لي …أحتاجك بشده ..وأرغب بلقياك بقوه …تهمس دقات قلبي ،وتقول أني أحبك… أذكرك قبل نومي ..فتأتيني في حلمي …. أستيقظ وأبحث من حولي لعلي أجدك بجانبي .. وتأتي الصدف لتجمعنا…وكأننا لم نعرف بَعضُنَا ….كل منا يغض بصره …ويحترق القلب من أهاته …الكبرياء أصبح عنوان قصتنا … فلتستمر حياتنا بالخيال أكثر من الواقع … هذا ما يصنعه الغرور…ليتنا نتواضع قليلاً … كي تسعد أرواحنا وتزهر قلوبنا حباً وسلاماً
—  سجى الليل

Help! I’m supposed to adopt this beautiful boy next week. However I’m worried that when I move later this year it will become an issue because he looks like he has pit in him. Where I live there isn’t a single apartment that allows Pit or Pit mixes. Can anyone maybe help me identify what breeds he may have in him, if it is pit or otherwise?

He looks more american bulldog/smooth collie mix to me. But I don’t know if adopting a bully breed mix in a place that can kick you out for having one is a good idea. He is super handsome!

[TRANS] Shukan Josei - Main Interview

Q. “You just released your first ‘BEST OF’ Album, ‘THE BEST OF BTS,’ which covered all of your activities in Japan for two and a half years. Are there any songs that deeply attached to?”
JH: For me it’s “FOR YOU.” It was our first original Japanese song, so it’s very meaningful to me.
SG: For me it’s the Japanese version of “I NEED U.” I like how the Japanese lyrics are slightly different than the Korean lyrics. 

Q. “Within the Japanese activities until now, what has left an impression (on you)?”
J: This is not exactly what you are talking about, but… during the last song of a concert, I always look all around the venue. During that moment, I feel something that isn’t quite happiness nor sadness, it becomes this feeling where I am unable to say anything. That lingering feeling during the ending left the strongest impression. Every concert truly leaves me warm hearted.
JM: Our first showcase (December 2013) was in front of about 500 fans. As we did more performances, our venue has grown as well. Now, we have been able to meet lots of fans through our arena tours. Every time, I am very grateful for everything that has happened.
SG: I was also super happy when we were able to participate in large music festivals such as Summer Sonic and a-nation!

Q. “At the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards” you won the grand prize (Daesang), given to the ‘Artist of the Year.’ We saw the tears up on stage, what did you feel then?”
SG: When we heard the announcement, I started to remember everything we achieved from when we were trainees 7 years ago. The tough times, the happy times. So many memories were going through my head and my heart was full of emotion. Before I realized it, I was crying. I couldn’t stop the tears…
JK: I was really grateful to our ARMYs. That’s why, whatever happened, I didn’t want to cry on stage, but I saw the fans and couldn’t help but cry because they have worked hard with us and supported us. I was so grateful that I cried. I am really…, we are really lucky.
RM: We were so happy that we went to eat dinner right after arriving back in Korea from Hong Kong! We ordered pasta and pizza.
JH: Since the day after we won the award was also Jin-hyung’s birthday,
V: We were able to celebrate both (at the same time).
J: I ate suuuper delicious food (serious face)!
JH: While we ate, we all reminisced.
JM: It was fun.

Q. “Apart from the award, BTS was the first Korean artist to place 26th on the American Billboard Chart and placed 1st for the iTunes Chart for 27 countries. 2016 must be a year you’ll never forget.”
: When we go to countries like Brazil, which are on the opposite side of the world from Korea, and feel the love from fans in those countries, I feel that we are really benefiting from this age in time.
V: But…, I want to be more love in Japan as well! (he then made a dog with his fingers and pretended to bite the arm of Jungkook who was sitting next to him)
JK: (As if this was familiar (to Jungkook), while escaping from V [he said]) That’s right, we really think this.
RM: It’s really interesting. When we perform overseas, fans of completely different nationalities and languages sing our songs with us.
V: It’s amazing.
RM: This year will be the start of a new “time” that is different from before, for both us and the fans.
JM: The truth is, right now, there is a performance that we are thinking of. One which will look cool to anyone and shows us enjoying the stage. We will continue running towards that goal.
JK: I want to grow more! In order for that growth to become our weapon.

Q. “Continuous hard work made the BTS who they are today. By the way, what is something that has and has not changed about BTS since debut?”
: Something that hasn’t changed since debut is our mindset that singing and performance are the top priorities. Even though there are things each member wants to try, we think that we should first think about the goals of the group and what we should aim to be as a group. I think that is one of our strong points (as well).
: Another one is practice. First, practice. Second, practice. Recently, things that used to take 10 will now only take 5. I think that we’ve become more efficient.

Q. “Seeing your performances, the dances are so complex, it looks really tiring…”
SG: (serious face) To be honest, it is tiring.
BTS: (lol)
: But that intense practice is what made us who we are today, so we can’t stop.
V: Don’t stop~!

Q. “I want to recommend that you guys stop and rest sometimes.”
SG: Recently, it’s been very difficult because we’ve had to practice tough choreography continuously for many performances. Until around last year, it’s accurate to say that we just pushed through with it. But we realized that that could damage our health, so recently we eat healthier and take supplements to stand on stage while maintaining our health.
JK: We have to increase our endurance.

Q. “We’ll go back to the (previous) topic, but what has changed about you (since debut)?”
V: When we debuted, we didn’t know anything, so we just worked hard at what we were told to do. Now we can express our own opinions and think about what to do next.
JK: Yeah, we’ve now come to think deeply about a lot of things. Rather than say this was a change, it seems that our attitude towards work has matured.
JM: Our feelings towards the stage and our fans have changed as well.
JH: Our growth as humans, in performance, and in how we interact with everyone. So many things have changed, but what has changed most is our internal feelings. It’s as if we’ve accepted and acknowledged that “we are professionals.” Things that are seen by the public and thing that aren’t.
JM: “We are professionals”?… Surely, the way we look has changed a lot too.
RM: When we were trainees, for all of us, our singing, dance, and fashion sense were not refined (lol). But now, I feel like we look a bit more like celebrities. 

Q. “So, from now on you will continue to grow as artists and continue to ‘Attack on Bangtan.’”
J: We will continue to attack!
: We can’t stop now (lol).

Trans cr: Mia & Kylie @ allforbts
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I’m sorry if it’s confusing to understand at all -.- next time I’ll plan ahead instead of just making it up as I go.

I used to be against drawing from refs, but once I started doing it, I realized how useful it is. I mostly draw faces, and using refs has helped me to understand how the different planes of faces work, which has made my drawings look better/more anatomically correct. 

HOWEVER, don’t become dependent on references, because there won’t always be the perfect one you need. (Not to say there’s anything wrong with people who only draw from refs, but then, that goes back to knowing what you want to do with your art).

ALSO, keep in mind that drawing from reference doesn’t have to be some rigid thing. You don’t have to aim for photorealism if you don’t want to. I like to stylize a bit by making the eyes large and using colors like dark blue or purple instead of straight black.

ONE MORE THING! Don’t fall into the trap of drawing from reference all the time when you feel like your original drawings aren’t good enough. One artist I love (I think it was Sycra?? not completely sure tho, it’s been a while) said, basically, that drawing from reference is easy because the reference has all the answers. You don’t have to figure out anything for yourself. If you’re like me and you want to draw amazing pictures from imagination, you should know that just because you can copy a photo, doesn’t mean that’s how good your art is.

that’s all for now, k thanks bye lol

Could we all be surprised and Lotor winds up being enamoured with Pidge?

A lot of people are assuming that Lotor is going to either beeline romantically for either Allura (no surprise due to the history of the series), Keith (Rival turned Romance and Keith helped him) or Lance (due to issues and people want angst). But what if that’s way off the mark? What if the one that Lotor winds up wanting to capture and becomes obsessed with, is none other then Pidge. 

Okay here me out here. We know that Katie is desperately looking for her brother and father, and now with Shiro missing that one small glimmer of hope connecting them to her has vanished with him. Shiro was one of the few that really knew just how much Matt means to Katie and the connection that they shared. It’s why he keeps encouraging her through out the story. Katie hides a lot of her own issues under the guise of logic and helping out the others, and while Keith and Lance and even Hunk struggle with their own issues (betting anything we’ll get more on Hunk’s in season three and four), they don’t always notice Katie’s problems. 

Enter Lotor, who has family issues as well. His father may or may not love him, he may or may not have been trapped inside the belly of a beast (probably trying to get the same things that Keith and Hunk were after) and there’s also the fact that his coloring is very much like the original Lotor’s indicating that he’s probably half Altean. 

So here we have Katie who has not only just got some info on her brother she may have to pause the search for him in order to find Shiro. Now given that we know her brother was rescued by the rebels this means that she’s going to want to go after the rebels to get to her brother. 

Now here’s the cool thing to note about Lotor, he is the sort of person that would be willing to work with Katie to find Matt. If Lotor keeps parts of his old personality from both Go Lion, original Voltron and Voltron Force, then he’ll probably see the easy target in Pidge over say Lance or Keith. Again keep in mind that Pidge is willing to do just about anything to find her brother and she nearly caused Lance and Shiro to get caught because of her looking up info while she should have been paying attention. Now Lance is easy to manipulate, but Pidge, oh Pidge would be far easier to work with. For Lotor it’s not about who’s easy to play with, it’s who is going to benefit him the most, and while Lance certainly could become a useful pawn in all of this…it’s Pidge that has the most knowledge to gain from. 

Katie is a genius, this much has been shown. Not only did she manage to help Coran fix the ship, but she’s also invented things that actually benefit the Lion’s as a whole. She’s able to figure out the tech of the Galra and probably could reverse engineer some of the items that they built and vice versa as she’s built things to protect and help the Lions. It’s an easy thing to see Lotor seeing her as one of the link pins to the whole team. 

Let’s take a quick look at something short here. When the Stranger takes the bag of  scaultrite he knows what he’s taking there. This to me at least indicates that Lotor is probably going to be more science minded then his past incarnations. Someone who will be more tech savvy then just a fighter and a flirt. This would put Pidge right up his alley, someone who can help him build things. Lotor is also good at playing up being a decent person. It’s not too hard to picture him seeing Katie’s weak spot and going for it. 

So where would that leave us in that case. Let’s for a moment hypothesise a possibility for season 3. Katie now has info on her  brother and wants to go looking for him but the team is more determined to find Shiro. Something she wants to too, but Keith, still getting used to the leader role, makes the mistake of acting like finding Matt is less of a priority to him (not totally true as Keith has shown to care a lot for Pidge) and upsets her. Right now they have Lotor captured for some reason (either he’s playing a trap or they caught him or something of the like) and she goes to check on the cell holding him. During this time he puts into her head the idea that he can help her find her brother if she lets him out. 

Of course Pidge refuses to, at first, leading up to a situation where she decides, against better judgement, to take Lotor with her to find Matt. He claims to really be with the rebels and offers a hand to her. The two have a bit of an adventure as they try to track down the rebels to get to matt. During this time it’s pretty easy to see a more tech savvy Lotor getting interested in Pidge as a whole and seeing Katie as someone that could be a good person to have on his side. Eventually they make it to the “rebel” location and Lotor turns on her saying that he respects her and wants her to join his group. Thankfully the teams followed them and they fight him off, Lotor getting away but now interested in Pidge as a possible future partner in all this. 

it’s a reasonable option seeing that he may find her attractive as well, and I wouldn’t put it past this team for subverting things by having him go for the one character that probably wouldn’t seem as attractive to someone as “Pretty” as Lotor. Losing her to the team, someone who he thinks he bonded with, would be something that would make him obsessed with her, more so then the others. That’s why I’m thinking that we may see that in this series over say Lance or Keith. 

Edit: Noticed I’m getting one or two comments about the age factor on this so a few things of note that is important about this post. 

1. Yes, Katie is a teenager between early teens (14/15) to Mid teens (16/17), and the likely hood is that she’s the same age as Allura in the original Voltron (16 years old) due to the fact that the Garrison would not allow anyone under the age of 15 to run the simulation, since they would not have learned enough by the age of 14 to fly. So I’m assuming that she’s about 16 years old as of this time. 

2. We do not know the age of Prince Lotor at all. Given the situation right now regarding his father (who I want to actually write a post about how the Galra Emperor has lived so long) and Haggar’s reaction to things I would think that Lotor is a newer development. Allura doesn’t mention him at all when the series started, and that at least indicates that he was born at a later point in time. Now given the history of Lotor (or at least the original Sincline -more on him in another post) we can assume that if his history stays roughly the same this would mean that he would be about the same age as Keith (16 to 17, 18 at the oldest) which would then put the whole issue of age as moot since he’s a teenager along with Pidge. 

3. And most important, this post wasn’t to be taken seriously. With all the shipping wars going on and the sudden infusion of fans jumping on a bandwagon that doesn’t yet exist (Lotor x anyone) I just figured it would be amusing to put out the most outrageous ship I could think of as a humorous thing within the context of the series, since Pidge only seems to be interested in tech and geeking out over science. 

So there you have it. Hope this clears some things up for people reading this post. 

Edit two: The more I think about it, Lotor was at the destroyed home of the Galra (if my theory is right on that) and he needed the same stuff as Keith and Hunk to make lenses for something, meaning that he probably is scientific minded like Haggar. Meaning that, yeah they could easily get along if they end up allies. :)

EXO Reaction when the play fight with their girlfriend

Have a wonderful week lovelies! Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


*Kind of becomes a touchy-play-fight* “Are you… sure you want to continue jagi… Maybe I won’t be able to stop if we do…”


*Tries to use his charms against you* “Oh baobei.. you are beautiful. Come here.. get close. Let me hug you”


“Wait wait… stop for a second! I need to fix my hair!” *Always has to look flawless*


*Running away because he’s probably losing* “Nooo!! Not this coat… stay away from my Gucci coat!”


“You want to fight? If you get close you know what will happen” *Look at those hands… such a perv xD*


*Trying to hide* “Oh no lu! She’s going to tickle me again! You have to help me!”


*And this is exactly how the fight started* “Look at that booty!”


*You win the first round* “Not bad baobei.. not bad. But this time, this manly man will win”


*Knows the perfect way to win* “My Jagi~ let me hug you and give you love~”


*Always lets you win. But only you* “Jagi.. jagi… you won… can I move now? The floor is cold…”


“You always lose because he cheats… like who wouldn’t lose it after seeing him do that!”*


“I’m a plant… she won’t notice… she won’t tickle… no… I’m safe” *His hiding techniques aren’t the best*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]


hmmmm more examples of how the REAL LEORIO is fucking HOT and STRONG as opposed to his WEAK PASTY and FALSE 2011 characterization.
look at those BULGING MUSCLES, that TONED BODY. my dad walked by while i was reading this he is a STRAIGHT MAN and you know what HE said he said YOWWW THAT MAN IS FUCKING SEXY!!!
alright if this is NEW TO YOU because your sorry ass has only watched the 2011 ANIME because you have NETFLIX and it was CONVENIENT then let me CATCH YOU UP you have been fed a FALSE, extremely PASTY (though possibly SUN BLEACHED like that episode of SPONGEBOB where spongebob becomes SUN BLEACHED because he lies in the TANNING BED for TOO LONG) LEORIO. leorio is STRONG TAN and HOT AS HELL. a reminder the pictures above are AUTHENTIC from the ORIGINAL MANGA.