and look they even did yellow lighting

Why do you write in lowercase?

Why do you keep talking about love, about heartache?

I don’t want to hear about your sadness.

Tell me about the peach trees. About the cherry blossoms,

or the way you smiled at baby Groot.

(I know you did.)

Tell me your equivalent of eating yellow paint,

tell me how the cold made your feet curl.

Did you ask the barista for iced coffee?

I want to know if you laughed at Jimmy Fallon tonight.

Tell me about fairy lights, or leather boots,

or the way the bubbles looked against the incoming traffic.

I don’t want to know your misery anymore.


i don’t even know what makes you happy // bluestruckholly

hey everyone thanks! first of all, i’m flattered you’re asking me of all people questions about process and stuff. second of all, i hope this stuff will be helpful to you. but i get the impression that everyone’s process is different because people are different in terms of how we visualize the world around us or the images in our heads. for example, i sincerely hate doing linework and i will avoid it to my death because i visualize images in color blocks, not lines. other people love linework and emphasize that part of the process the most.

thirdly, thanks for the nice things you say.

so this is kind of my process (for this spring weather thing here). details under the read more cut.

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Space Balls

Recently I’ve been playing with wet on wet watercolor techniques.  This watercolor technique works wonders with creating backgrounds, skies, water, and space.  By wetting your work area first with water, you can create organic shapes and water movement that mimic things you would find in nature.  Make sure you only wet areas you want the colors to flow with clean water.  Or your painting will become muddy and washed out.

This is step one.  Filling in the area with color.  If you experience pooling you can either:

1. Mop it up with a brush/towel/paper

2. Tilt your paper to evenly distribute the water but risk muddying colors

3. Let it dry for a darker effect but risk getting bleeding 

Experiment with different color combinations.  You can look up galaxies, nebulas, and stars online but just experimenting works even better.  

Possible color combos that worked:

1. Warm colors: reds/oranges/pinks/yellow

2. Cool colors: Blue/purple/green

3. Mix it up, if you add in just cool colors, you can add a pop/drop of red to really give it a pop.

Now we need to darken up the borders and around the organic color flows you have created.  Let it dry slightly and then mix up very dark purple with a base of blue.

Fill in edges and then go back and get high paint to water ratios of your colors (orange) and dip your brush in those areas.  Watch the color bleed into the dark purple.  Add and experiment as desired.

Check out that bleeding action!  It’s exactly what you want.  

Now take a white gel pen/white gouache/white watered down acrylic paint and tap your brush with a pencil to get nice star variations.  I even used silver calligraphy ink to add even more dimension to the stars.  Not all stars are white.  You can make them silver, gold, light blue, light yellow, cream or anything that works for you.

What I did next is scan some of my “space balls” into my computer, cut them out into perfect circles and arrange them as a print.  You can check it out below.

Experiment and enjoy!  I think this picture “tutorial” is okay but a video would definitely convey some of the technique better.  Look forward to that.



anonymous asked:

the reveal is just chat being like "ladybug whats ur name" and she just goes "marinette"

lmao omg, all of the reveals that are so dramatic and heart-wrenching and this happening is literally so funny

It’s Only A Name - on ao3

“Ladybug?” Chat Noir asked, his voice merely a whisper as his heart pounded in his chest. A simple question resided within his mind—a question that he had been dying to ask for months—yet had never found the courage to let free up until that moment. “Have you ever wondered what my name is?”

Ladybug offered a shrug, blue eyes surveying the sparkling city below their feet. A breeze blew past the pair in their spot above the world, tousling her hair and sending black strands to kiss the skin of her cheeks. “I guess. There are lots of things I wonder about you.”

“Oh?” Chat raised an eyebrow, head cocked to the side in interest. “Like what, my Lady?”

Ladybug chuckled, resting her back against one of the beams of the Eiffel Tower as she sat criss-crossed, gazing at him with a hand pressed to her chin in thought. “Most of the time, I’m genuinely curious where you get all the puns from. Do you think them up on the spot? Scour the internet for them and write them down just in case? Or do they come with the transformation?”

Chat burst into laughter, surprised at her odd (yet understandable) questions. Of all the things she wanted to know about him, the source of his puns was the first thing on her list?

“I’ll have you know, Buginette,” he began, walking along the iron beam until he settled next to his partner, “that all of those puns are purely original. I’m very good at coming up with them.”

“Are you?” Ladybug snorted. “Are you sure you don’t look them up on some pun archive or something?”


A smirk split Chat Noir’s face as his partner groaned and buried her head within her palms. It wasn’t a lie; he did come up with them himself.

“You’re unbearable sometimes, kitty,” Ladybug sighed, shaking her head from side to side. “Why do I put up with you?”

“Another good question,” Chat said, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and grinning mischievously. “The answer is because you love me.”

“Yeah, yeah. If you say so.” As expected, Ladybug responded to his touch by giving him a light shove. Chat backed away respectfully, smiling all the while he gave her the space she desired. 

They shared a laugh, giggling like two kids enjoying the company of their best friend.

Chat felt warmth spread across his chest at the thought.

Best friend.

“…You know,” Ladybug said after a moment, having turned her attention to the sound of traffic below. It was a quiet night, as evenings usually were, and patrol had been relatively peaceful. “I do sometimes wonder about you, though. I know we’re not supposed to tell each other who we are, for our safety and such, but…I can’t help but be curious sometimes—about who you are and what you do.”

Chat nodded in understanding. Plagg had told him countless times that the secret of their identities was only to keep them out of harm’s way, but the nagging wonder of who his elusive Lady happened to be settled in the back of his mind and frequently succeeded in giving him nights with little to no sleep. She was out there, somewhere, he knew…but deep inside of him, no matter how much he hoped, Chat was sure he would most likely never be privy to such secrets. 

It was a tad annoying at times. Part of him was sure Ladybug felt the same.

They were friends, after all. Close friends. Why couldn’t they hang out when not in costume? What was so wrong with that?

But, if Plagg and Ladybug’s kwami (Tikki, was it?) wanted them to keep their identities secret, they would. The little gods knew more about the miraculous than they did, after all, and it wouldn’t do he or Ladybug any good to disobey them.

Chat sighed, settling his gaze on a group of people walking below as their laughter caught his attention. They were loud, smiling, seemingly having a great time with each other.

He and Ladybug could be like that, if their kwamis allowed it. They could do stuff as friends rather than strictly as superheroes.

That would be something, wouldn’t it? To be friends with Ladybug out of the costume, to spend time with her and maybe get lunch at a café or something, or even to just hang out and take leisurely walks along the streets. That was what friends did, wasn’t it?

“Yeah,” Chat hummed, “I think about that a lot.”

Ladybug turned to look at him, blue eyes meeting green. Her fingers tapped along her thigh as she looked down, glancing around the twinkling yellow lights before her gaze settled on his face once more. She appeared to be pensive, perhaps slightly nervous, if her sudden change in behavior said anything. Her lips parted to speak before they closed and opened again, and Chat was about to ask if she was feeling alright before her voice rose up over the song of the city. 

“To answer your question from before,” she began, a hint of a smile twitching at the corner of her mouth. “Yes. Sometimes I do wonder what your name is.”

Chat grinned in response. “And I often wonder about yours.”

“Names are just names,” Ladybug continued with a shrug, “I’m sure plenty of people in Paris share our names…it is a big city…”

“…with a population of over two million people,” Chat added.

“There’s no way we could figure our identities out just because of a name…”

“…it’s not like my name isn’t common…”

“I’m sure…”

“…it wouldn’t be a big deal…”

“…if I told you my name,” They finished in unison, eyes meeting as their bodies froze. A breeze caressed their suits, colder than it had been a few moments ago, and Chat felt his heart stop in his chest.

Was this it?

Was he finally going to learn his Lady’s name?

She probably has a really pretty name, he thought, resting the dopey smile that wanted to spread across his face. Because she’s really pretty and everything about her is really pretty and- and I love her a lot.

“Ladybug?” Chat asked, swallowing. “What is your name?”

A soft giggle rose from Ladybug’s perfectly kissable lips before she glanced away, seemingly shy all of a sudden. She had never acted like that in front of him before.

It was endearing.

“My name,” Ladybug said, voice slightly higher-pitched, “my name is Marinette.”

“Marinette,” Chat repeated in a whisper, absolutely in love with the way it sounded-

Her name-




“Your name-” Shaking his head, Chat’s eyes widened as realization struck him like a freight train, his breath nearly knocked straight out of body. It was a miracle he didn’t topple backwards off of the Eiffel Tower. “Your name is- it’s- Mar- Mar- Mariiii…”

Ladybug frowned, eyebrows furrowing in confusion and- was that worry? Embarrassment? Regret?

“Chat?” She asked, voice soft. “Is…is everything okay?”

“Fine!” Chat responded in a strangled tone. “Everything’s fine! Your name is Marinette! That’s cool! It’s not like- like one of my b-best friends is named Marinette or anything-!”

But maybe Marinette is a popular name, his mind screamed at him.

Are you crazy? He shouted back, I’ve never met another girl named Marinette in my entire life and I’ve lived in Paris since I was born!

The pigtails, the blue eyes, the freckles and holy heck, the laugh! Her laugh! That was Marinette’s laugh!

He’d never forget the sound of that!

“Aahhhhh,” Chat cupped a palm over his mouth. “Ohhhh. Oh, no. We messed up, Bug.”

Ladybug’s frown grew, but not from sadness. She only became more perplexed. “What are you talking about?”

Chat swallowed, holding out a shaky hand for his friend, his partner, his crush—his crush. His crush who had the same spitfire as Ladybug and his crush who had been sitting behind him the entire time and- and-…

And his crush he’d fallen for on day one who also happened to be the girl he’d began to develop feelings for over the past month.

If she was Ladybug…if Ladybug-Marinette was Marinette-Marinette…

Then he would be the happiest person on Earth.

“Hi Marinette,” Chat laughed, grabbing her hand and giving it a shake. “I’m Adrien.”

And by the way Ladybug’s—Marinette’s—eyes widened at that detail, Chat knew they were both going to need to have a little talk with their kwamis later.

Title: The Beauty and the Beast (Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Peter auditions for the school musical to spend more time with the reader, not expecting to land a lead role or first kiss in the process.

Word Count: 1528

A/N: Okay I love this so much it’s so cute and fluffy? Let me know if you like and I hope you enjoy!! XOX :) 

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anonymous asked:

Tony going to cons in his iron man suit. Entering tony stark look alike contests. Going to cons dressed as the other avengers. Going in a modified suit and getting lectured by That Guy bc it's not a perfect replica or bonus points tony speaking via FRIDAY and That Guy assuming tony is a lady and being super condescending so naturally tony sheds the suit and lectures him (prob to standing ovation). Idk just tony nicely trolling

Tony had spent weeks working on this suit, it was specifically for conventions, and relatively low on weapons, not to mention light weight and dazzling. It’s the only armor in his arsenal not meant for battles, and therefore the only one that has both snack compartments, and a laser light show. He’s absolutely pumped to show it off at comic con San Diego, when a dude bro in a cheap Captain America cosplay starts talking to him.

“Why on earth would you paint the armor black and yellow? Are you color blind or just stupid?” The dude bro asks, giving Tony an assessing look. Tony glances at him before looking around. Clint’s supposed to be meeting up with him soon. “Not to mention, the proportions are all wrong. Did you even use a template? What kind of fan are you?” 

“Tell him to go away.” Tony asks, hoping Friday can get rid of the asshole before Clint shows up.

“It’s called creativity, you should try it some time.” Friday snarks, and Tony notices a creepy glint in the guys eyes, as he steps closer.

“Nice voice.” He says. “I don’t know a lot of girls who cosplay as Iron Man.” Tony rolls his eyes. “I can help you figure out the suit proportions, if you’d like.” He offers, and Tony is honestly wondering if this asshole thinks he’s attractive. 

“No, sorry. I like my suit as it is.” Friday retorts. Tony wishes he had a weapon when the guy leers at him, leaning forward. Tony catches sight of Clint over the guys shoulder. 

“C’mon honey. It needs some serious improvement.” He says seriously, and Tony is fuming. 

“I can’t believe you would talk to someone like that.” He snaps, the faceplate nearly hitting the asshole when it opens. “You didn’t even introduce yourself before being a judgmental asshole.” Tony waves his arm towards him, forcing asshole to jump back or get a metal hand to the gut.

“Mr. Stark?” He asks, shocked. Tony raises an eyebrow at him, then glances down at himself. 

“Appears so. What should I call you? Asshole?” He asks, and the guy looks affronted. “Oh, don’t pull that shit. You’re an asshole, who was bullying someone based on an outfit, and then being a creepy ass just because you thought it was a woman.” 

“I’m not creepy!” The guy screeches. Clint stops right behind him, waiting to see what’s going on.

“Friday, do you think he was creepy?” Tony asks, the guy crosses his arms.

“Undoubtedly Boss. Not to mention condescending, and irritating.” She offers, and Tony raises an eyebrow at him.

“Fucking slayed.” Clint mutters, the asshole nearly jumps out of his skin. “Piece of advice, if you wouldn’t say it to Black Widow, don’t say it to a girl.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” The guy protests, throwing his arms up in the air. Tony snorts a laugh, and points to Natasha.

“If you didn’t do anything wrong, go up to her. That’s Black Widow by the way. Go tell her that her costume isn’t that good, but you can help her make it better. Make sure you get really close, and her back is to a wall.” Tony challenges, and the guy’s eyes go wide. “Now if you honestly believe you could do that without being killed, then I’ll believe you think what you did was okay, but I don’t think you believe it.”

“Look, I don’t want any trouble.” The guy says, and there’s a small crowd gathered around now. Tony shrugs.

“If you don’t want any trouble, don’t walk up to people insult them, and then creep on them.” Tony offers. “It’s really not that difficult to avoid being a massive creep.”

“Roasted.” Clint says, the asshole storms off muttering about Ironman being an asshole. Tony isn’t worried, the girl in the Deadpool costume was filming the whole exchange so it shouldn’t negatively affect his reputation. “Bye assclown!” Clint calls, turning to Tony. “Natasha is going to kill you when she finds out you told a guy to go creep on her.” Clint informs him, the blood drains out of Tony’s face. “C’mon the panel starts in a couple minutes.” 

“I’m so dead.” Tony mumbles as Clint drags him towards the conference room.


Summary: You moved to Derry when you were 12 years old, and, to your luck, the monster that haunted the town was nowhere to be seen. However, he had been able to get a glimpse of you–proceeding in taking the chance to sneak into your dreams for the next five years. Until he opens his eyes, yours would stay closed too. And only to crimson dreams.

A/N: IT HAPPENED IT HAPPENED IT HAPPENEd IT H A P P E N E D you all are welcome. Anyways, thanks to everyone who stuck through the discourse today. Feedback always appreciated. 

Words: 5.4 K +

Warning: Smut

Flashing lights. The scribbling of pens that were running out of ink. That was the night Brien’s parents were murdered, the coolness of the air seeming to get worse as the winds blew, and the policemen huddled over, trying to get answers from Brien. However, soon after, the case would be dumped into the forgettable bin and never to be reopened. The night that Brien found her parents, she had rushed over to the police station first, alerting them, and then in a fleet of panic, she realized she could only stand a few of the police’s questions. Her feet tapping wildly, the wind blowing her hair, and her eyes no longer able to produce the tears that were first spilled.

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Mess with Them - part 6

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: This is a re-write of Chandler and Monica’s secret relationship.

Word Count: 997

Warnings: Language, Implied Sex

A/N: I would like to thank you all for reading this story. You have no idea how much I love you guys, you make this super fun to write ♥ From S5Ep14

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Epilogue]

Originally posted by rogerses

Weeks later, when Steve came back from his mission, the first thing he did was look for you. He was surprised to find the compound empty, it didn’t happen often.

He heard you singing to yourself somewhere in the corridor. He rushed towards the sound of your voice and came to a skidding stop, looking barely out of breath. You turned around, your brows slightly furrowed, and came face-to-face with Steve.

Your lips parted in a silent gasp as he strutted over to you. He backed you up against the wall, pressed into you and made you jump into his arms.

He leaned down to capture your lips in a searing kiss. His fingers weaving through your hair, he tipped your head back so he could deepen the kiss.

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The Boy In Yellow

Morty x Female! Reader

You were in school one day, sitting in the back as you began to slowly trace a little doodle in your paper. The small doodle looked so rough against your clean and neat notes, you glared at it, and began to trace it. Mr. Goldenfold continued to drone on about simple mathematics, you wanted to leave already, this place was cramped, and none of the kids here had any character. You gave a small sigh, dropping your pencil surrendering to your boredom, it was hard to fight, and the clocks hands weren’t moving faster anytime soon.

“Alright, class, what’s six times nine?” Goldenfold exclaimed with that monotonous drawl, he didn’t want to be here either, hell, nobody did.

“54,” said the class with the same drawl, except one kid, who’s voice cracked slightly as he said the number wrong. He was off by a few, but the class didn’t seem to even notice.

The kid in the yellow shirt was resting his hand in his palm, looking a bit tired. Why was he always so tired. You narrowed your eyes at him, studying the class nerd. His brown hair had small curls, shining fully against the fluorescent light above. His brown eyes looked dead, it was obvious enough the kid had trouble keeping awake. You pondered his name for a second, who was this kid? Nobody talked to him, and he rarely ever talked, except when he was talking to the red haired girl who seemed to always find some guy to talk to during lunch, Jessica. He seemed lovesick for the girl, every now and then saying her name instead of the answer. You scoffed slightly, trying to deny the fact you just stared and studies some need in class like a creep.

Just like that, your studying paid off! The ball rang and your body jolted into its remote schedule, and you were off. Suddenly, you turned back, you forgot your books. You shook your head, a bit too quick, [Y/N].

You walked to the desk, and there likes your notes all cleanly compact in a binder. You looked over, and there he was, that kid in the yellow shirt. He was asleep and Goldenfold had already left the room. He was a real shitty teacher when you thought about it. You shook him slightly, and in sudden panic you forgot his name, and you paused. The boy stirred, and he groaned as he sat up, drool slightly trailing down his chin. His brown eyes met yours. He suddenly looked panicked, you didn’t know what else to say, so you stated back.

“O-Oh shit, shit, I-I’m sorry,” the kid said as he scrambled to grab his stuff. The boy moved slowly, almost pitifully off balance. You handed him his books, still silent as you watched him scatter like a scared mouse. He ran out quickly, and you just stood there. It suddenly hit you that this was the first time he had been in school longer than just first period. He was the kid everyone whispered about, how he kept disappearing with his grandad.

You grabbed your backpack and headed out, heading towards the door, suddenly hushed loud whispering met your ears, you reached your locker, but gave a curious peek. There was an old man, dressed like a mad scientist, his eyes wild, His hair everywhere as you heard him speak to someone. The way he looked it was most likely himself. As you leaned back, there was a sudden voice, that cracked one, the one that stuttered to even say something to you.

“Rick, I-I’ve had enough, I don’t want to go, I haven’t slept i-in weeks, Rick, weeks! What’s your problem anyways? Y-You destroyed the council, y-you don’t need me anymore!”

You seemed shocked, he never spoke like that before, who the hell was this kid? What or who was the council? You heard a gruff voice, slurred slightly, but mainly serious, it was obviously the old man.

“Morty! Come on, w-we gotta go get these crystals, I need your help, y-YouUUUGhr my little buddy,” the voice said desperately, and suddenly the big was passing you, and you felt your body tense up. The old man made a defeated growl, muttering cusses as a weird electric BZZT! quickly faded. The boy sighed as you looked at the Boy. He looked at you, and for a second, he looked a bit hurt. You opened your mouth, and the kid perked up. It was like he never had a girl actually talk to him. You closed your mouth, and looked away. You didn’t know what that kid was into, who he was working with. Was that the grandad everyone whispered about? You loaded your books into your locker. The kid walked to his locker and disappeared. This boy was obviously working with something, you didn’t know what it was, but you were too afraid to ask. The kid seemed so off, he was off before, but there was a lot more to him then he let on.

You closed your locker, and suddenly one of your friends leaned in, scaring the piss out of you. You squeaked as she laughed, holding her backpack.

“Why are you oggling Smith over there?” She asked with a sly smirk. “Out of all the people in this school, you stare at him?”

You gave a small shrug, honestly you’ve told yourself that, the kid was weird. All he did was talk to Jessica and get the shit beaten out of himself. He was an off one, so yes, why were you staring at him? Maybe you pitied him, maybe you felt bad for the kid, be the white knight for him?

“Uh, hello? [Y/N]?”

“S-Sorry… who is that kid anyways? He seems weird..”

“Morty Smith, the one who keeps disappearing and coming back in portals, but that was before you moved here, he doesn’t disappear that much anymore…”

“Morty,” you said with a slight curious tone.

Morty Smith, you thought, it was such a odd name, but it fit him. You felt yourself grow more curious about him, tomorrow you would confront him, tomorrow you’d learn about a world beyond the stars. But that was tomorrow. Today you needed to go home and just relax

Part 2 Coming soon~♡

Pearl the foreshadowing artist?

For some reason or another I kept thinking about Pearl’s drawing of Aquamarine.  I began to realize how this person Pearl drew has feathered wings, a roundish head, and this angelic grace to her… She kind of reminds me of Angelite.  Like not to pat myself on the back because there are clear obvious differences between Angelite and this drawing, but the general concept is there.  And aside from the jokes from the Pearlapis community saying “This is of one of two times we have some sort of Pearlapis content” I kept thinking the possibility that this could be foreshadowing for something that might involved Pearl and Lapis.  And we have seen some very subtle foreshadowing that most people did not expect such as how “Mr. Greg” Greg and Pearl had yellow/orange and blue lighting over them respectfully that foils the relationship between Jasper and Lapis, and foreshadows Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond.  Hell, even Rolando’s remarks that were dismissed in the past turn out to be true! (e.g. human zoo comment anyone recall?).  Plus looking at the drawing she is wearing ballerina shoes (similar to Opal with her tip-toe feet and the Pearl’s outfit stemming from a ballerina as well), she is sad (Pearl and Lapis do get emotional quite a lot), and has ribbons (which Pearl and Lapis are the only Gems that incorporate ribbons to their design).  Even my partner @hatteri commented how Angelite is likely a Pearlapis fusion of some sort as she compared the color scheme of Aquamarine and Moonstone noting they do not exactly mach the overall color scheme for a hypothetical Angelite fusion.

If the show does make an episode concerning Pearlapis in someway and feature a fusion similar to this, to Angelite (as well being named “Angelite”) or mixture of both - essentially if I get this right, then I will eat a Carolina Reaper and post the video of it on here.

Child of light

(Excuse me, @disasterartistfangirl, but was that you who asked for more Yondad ficlets, I don’t remember? =D)

Have a little, self-indulgent Yondu and Peter story, set back in the days where Peter was still a young boy.




„I’m so tiiiired… and it huuuurts…“

„Will ya quit that whinin‘ already, Quill.“

“But, look! I have blisters!”

Yondu grunted, sidestepping as Peter all but shoved his palms at him. Not that it helped much – for someone who was only the height of Yondu’s chest, Peter could make it surprisingly difficult to escape him in any way.

And there really were some blisters starting to form on the boy’s palms.

“I said we would get ya a better blaster for next time. ‘S happened on my first blaster practice, too. Now quit it.”

Ow,” Peter said very slowly and very deliberately.

Yondu glared down at him, close to cuffing the boy over the head. But then the whining would only increase, and he would have to endure it all the way back to the ship.

Huffing and rubbing one hand over his face, Yondu shoved the boy lightly forward. “Move yer ass, Quill, I wanna reach the ship in this lightyear.”


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Nestle In

Request: Hi saw the requests are open for 24 hours! I wanted to ask for a fic with maybe gabexreaderxcas really big fluff. And you can see their wings because yes wings are amazing. Maybe a movie night hunker down. – anonymous

A/N: Alright, so my first thought for this was OMG YES POLYAMORY because, not gonna lie, I’m part of the LGBT+ community, and a lot of forms of our expression (polyamory included) are seriously underrepresented. But, since the anon didn’t specify this and it’s a little controversial, I left that part vague. Hope you like it, anon!

Author: Holly

Warnings: Minor swearing?

Characters: Y/N, Gabriel, Castiel

Word Count: 1,536

Y/N = Your Name

            Witches were evil.

            Dean locked himself in his bedroom for hours as soon as you returned. Sam, looking like he’d seen a ghost (heh), had fallen asleep in the library, reading the same page over and over. You had retired to your bedroom in the lower level of the bunker, cold, soaked through from an involuntary dip in the lake, and feeling lonely. In sad solitude, you took a hot shower and fell asleep on your bed within seconds of hitting the mattress.

            When you next woke up, it was dinnertime, the sun was creeping its way down again, and you could smell something sweet in your room. It only took you a minute to crack your eyes open with a pitiful groan and realize that the sweet smell wasn’t coming from the kitchen, but from a plate of hot, fresh-baked cookies on your bedside table.

            You swore that you were the only person at such a comfortable temperature.

            “Morning,” you mumbled into the arm of whichever angel was in front of you, scooting your legs back to press your feet against the heated calves of the one at your back.

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how did i get here? pt. 1

so, as an introduction of sorts to the studyblr/gradblr/collegeblr community, i kind of wanted to go through a quick introduction of my undergrad experience. it’s still totally crazy to me that i’m going to grad school for planetary sciences in the fall, so maybe this is a little bit of an exercise in nostalgia as well.

i did my undergrad at columbia university. lovely place in new york city that’s far enough from downtown manhattan to feel a little homey, but in manhattan enough to feel like a city. 

(ID: Columbia’s campus on a particularly beautiful evening. The sky is painted with purples and yellows and oranges. There are a few people walking up and down the white marbley-stoney steps of the campus, as well across the red brick path adjacent to College Walk, cutting through the campus. A few academic-looking neoclassical buildings can be seen in the background. All the lights are just starting to turn on, and the campus feels tranquil.)

the one constant major i had throughout college was astrophysics. a lot of people talk about how so many people change what they do in college, but somehow, this didn’t happen for me. i knew i loved astrophysics, and the astronomy department at columbia was really lovely and supportive, and i found a niche there that i didn’t want to leave.

my first year, i was also a chemical physics major. i was really interested in polymers, nanoparticles, quantum chemistry, materials science, etc. my first summer - this was my first research opportunity ever - was spent in a chemical engineering lab working on click reactions of different polymers. and while i did enjoy what i was learning, i realized that the subject might not be for me.

i dropped the chemical physics major after i got screwed on my first orgo midterm during my sophomore fall. this involved a lot of crying, a lot of thinking i wasn’t ever going to be good enough to do things that were interesting to me, a lot of questioning if it was just my lack of perseverance, etc. but the one thing i learned during that time, and in the years afterwards, is that quitting is okay! i learned that, while i liked chemistry a lot, there was a subject i loved even more, and it was okay to pursue that in full.

i then picked up a computer science major in addition to astrophysics. this was done partly as an insurance policy for my family, who remained unconvinced that i could find any real career path in astronomy. but, weirdly, i ended up really loving parts of cs, and really enjoying the moments where i could apply things i learned in cs to my astrophysics work. i kept my cs major until senior year, where i had a….less than pleasant encounter with a machine learning professor who refused to let me take his class even though i needed it desperately to graduate on time. so, in a fit of rage and self-preservation, i dropped my cs major to a concentration (our version of a minor). i had done all the required classes, so i was able to chill out a bit senior year when i was applying to grad school, which was dope.

i think i realized i wanted to do research ~for real~ the fall of my senior year, when i was still applying to cs jobs. i was interviewing in SF for a job that i realized i really didn’t care that much about, and during dinner the day of that interview i just caught myself thinking about how sad i would be if i just let my love for astronomy go. i think, at that point, i really changed my perspective and viewed grad school not just as an option, but my first option. and somehow, some way, it worked out. i guess i’ll try to talk about that in later posts.


She was impossibly beautiful. Her teal orbs glowed under the soft yellow light, her lips were curved into a gentle smile and her fingers grasped his tightly. She looked even more beautiful than the night she had stolen his heart forever, at their senior prom. 

The world fell away beneath him as their eyes connected and Jules found it difficult to remember the words he had previously prepared for his vow to her. 

Jules: At prom I assumed you had moved on from me!

Neha: Sorry?

Jules: Shit… I mean… Okay I will attempt to remember what I prepared. I memorised it in the mirror. 

Neha giggled. Shit, did he say that out loud? Clearing his throat he began.

Jules: Neha, when I met you, I was immediately fascinated. After all, someone had rejected me based on my personality. In my experience, humans normally look at outward appearances and well looking and my superior facial features, paired with my superior logical and intellectual knowledge, of course i used this to my advantage. You confused me but excited me. When we were forced together, I disliked you… at lot. Seeing you coming into my home looking attractive-

Neha: You thought I looked attractive?

Jules: That is besides the point. The point is. Your presence annoyed me until I became strange and it didn’t anymore. Now, I am glad I became strange or else I would not be in your presence now. I appreciate the fact that you did not Get together with Genetic Clone of Tolerated Guy (Kayson) otherwise I would have not experienced this strange feeling of which I am now fond of. I love you, Neha. 

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Frozen Love (Jack Frost x Reader) Part II

Jack flew over to Big Ben, looking at the large clock tower. He had flown by the tower many times before, but this was the first time he saw it glowing. Under the moonlight, it let off a light yellow glow.

The sight was captivating, but it didn’t appear as if anyone other than him and the other guardians had seen it.

“(Y/N),” he muttered, feeling how the name slipped off his tongue. It felt almost natural, but for all he was aware of, he never recalled saying the name before. Even still, it held some sort of familiar comfort in it.

Landing on a nearby building, he looked around the clock tower in wonder. How did the teeth disappear? There had to be something going on with it…

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In Control VII

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Rollercoaster time.

//Yixing x you

Summary: Yixing loses his grip, both on the track and in his life, and you are a countersteer he needs to go straight again


You won’t lie. There is a slight trepidation in your chest as you turn around. World swirls around you, colors blurring, and then you are face in face with Jongdae.

With a slight oh leaving your mouth, you free your hand. Something in your eyes tells you that he catches it, and the reason behind the sound.

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Tambourine Man

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Shiro is an insomniac and Black is a better dad than Shiro’s own. A commission for @sassafrassrex

The soft lights of the castle blinked in recognition. They knew his path. They allowed him his slow stroll past every bedroom as he listened to their soft snores and incoherent mumbling. Sometimes he would hear a breath hitch in the dark and the lights would follow him gently into the room. He reminded each of the paladins, in turn, that they were safe, and loved, and warm, and it was all okay. Everything was okay. He hushed them back to sleep before they could question where he came from or why he was always awake in the middle of the night. No matter the hour, he was always there, fully dressed, eyes clear and shoulders back.

The lights saw this, and they worried.

Most of the humans sleep more, the castle whispered, why does this one not?

The lights hummed to one another and decided to ask the lions.

Don’t ask me, said Blue.

Mine doesn’t sleep much either, replied Green, and Red purred her agreement.

Yellow slept through the entire conversation, hangar grumbling beneath his snores.

The lights twinkled in front of Black, their silent concern projected as clearly as if it were spelled out in morse code. He glared and they stilled.

My paladin is mine to deal with. As always, his words hushed the castle and lions alike. He never spoke with force, but behind the growl the weight of authority and years of experience carried.

The lights listened.

They knew his path well. They winked in front of him as a guide as Shiro swallowed his yawn, feet dragging. He was tired; he knew he was tired. Going to bed wouldn’t fix it; he didn’t sleep there either. There he was alone, without even the lights to keep him company. In bed, he had to close his eyes, to trap himself between his ears. It wasn’t a fun place to be. Better to make sure everyone else slept well than to waste time being afraid of the dark.

He followed the lights. He always did, putting his feet right where they were guided. They knew his path well. He would reach his destination.

He only looked up when the ground beneath him changed. He pulled his head up.

The hangar?

The lights twinkled and steadied. Traitors. Black’s eyes were already alight.

“Black?” Shiro murmured. The bags under his eyes were even more prominent with the wrinkle in his brow under the yellow gaze.

With a great groan, creaking joints, and a low hum that didn’t travel in sound waves, Black fell onto paws in front of him. It pushed warm air forward and for a second, Shiro could almost trick himself into believing that it was Black’s own breath. His hair was ruffled in the displaced air.

The mechanical eyes dimmed in their focus, like pupils sharpening into a pinpoint of awareness. Shiro could feel Black trying to pierce his mind. Unbidden, he stared at the floor.

“What’s up?” he asked, trying and failing to sound nonchalant. He didn’t know why he felt guilty. He hadn’t done anything wrong, he knew, but if Black had brought him here, he must have done something wrong.

He remembered his father’s study: dusty, empty, and forbidden. If he ended up in his father’s study, he’d done something wrong. Back then, it seemed like everything he did was wrong.

He shook his head and forced himself to look back.

Look at me when I’m talking to you, Takashi.

This wasn’t anything like that. He wasn’t eight years old and lonely, not anymore. He wasn’t eight years old.

He pulled his shoulders back and waited for Black to respond, to growl into his mind, to huff, to do anything but stare. The metal mouth stood uncompromising in front of him.

“Why did you bring me here?” he tried again, shoulders falling incrementally.

Chin up, Takashi.

He ignored his father and let his muscles droop. It was too much work. He leaned his forehead on Black’s maw and placed his right hand flat, fingers splayed. A wave of warmth spread out from the prosthetic. It wasn’t the usual tingle of broken electricity that radiated up his nerves. It was echoed on his forehead, where skin met metal. A pain he didn’t know he was carrying melted from his brain and he sighed. He closed his eyes.

“Are you okay?” he asked the metal.

Black’s purr shook him from the inside. He let it take him, let Black into his mind. He was too tired to fight it.

You can’t sleep.

Shiro shrugged. He turned his back to Black and let himself slide down, leaning back against the warmed muzzle.

“I do what I can.”

Shiro didn’t intend to say anything else, but he could feel Black’s expectancy. Shiro sighed.

“I don’t like sleeping. It’s a waste of time. There’s so much that needs to be done, and they—“

Black’s growl cut him off.

Don’t lie to me. Don’t lie to yourself.

Shiro choked. His father had always been all too happy to accept his lies. Yes, Father, Mother is an ever present force in my life.

“I can’t sleep. I can’t, Black, you don’t know what it’s like in here, with my eyes closed and the lights off and—“

Black shot him with a feeling. He gasped in it. Zarkon, pushing and pushing and pushing, feeling his mechanisms move without consent. He felt the darkness, ten thousand years alone. He replayed the moment over and over again. What he could have done, what was done to him, and god it was so dark. Black checked his internal sensors over and over again. Am I alive? I am. Am I there? I am not. I am in the castle. I am safe.

Shiro saw himself, swallowing in the dark, over and over again. Am I alive? I am. Am I there? I am not. I am in the castle. I am safe.

“Black,” he chewed on his voice, squeezing his eyes shut to fight the sting, “you know what it’s like. You know how hard it is to sleep, when—“

This time, Shiro cut himself off, letting his eyes fall open. Blue lights. Blue lights, white walls, warm metal at his back, not cold. He was warm, and the warmth was pulling at the strained thread of his muscles, at the knots on his back, at the pulsing ache in his head.

You are alive. Black hummed.

Shiro nodded.

You are not there.

Shiro nodded.

You are in the castle.

Shiro fixed his focus on the open door in front of him, the long white hallways and twinkling blue lights. He nodded. The lights brightened and he held their light in his eyes.

You are warm, and you are safe.

This time, when he nodded, he let his eyelids close, trapping him in his mind.

This time, he wasn’t alone. The warmth at his back held him, a whisper in his mind reminded him that he was safe.

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for the dom!prompt if you're still doing them, may i request taehyung for "tell me whose cunt this is"? thank you in advance!

05. “Tell me again whose cunt this is.” Teasing Taehyung.

There just wasn’t any time.

In a small hall closet, with the faint glow of the dimming bulb dangling above the two of you, he had you pinned to the wall without much effort, his large frame taking up most of the confined space.

His eyes seemed to appear even darker in the yellow light that touched his face in a beautiful contrast, his skin even more honey like than before, and you wanted nothing more than to reach out and bring him closer, use up the precious minutes left with your lips pressed upon his own.

But he had you truly motionless, one hand spread out on the textured wall beside your head, looking down at you with a hungry gaze, while the other cupped your center so perfectly in his palm you were left speechless. Your thin dress did nothing to mask the slide of his fingers against your folds, or how he ground up into your clit just to hear your pretty moans that you tried so hard to conceal.

“Did you think it was okay to test me, baby?” 

A gentle brush of his lips across your cheekbone distracted you from the soft stroke of nimble fingers, barely there, keeping you on edge for him. Taehyung was a giver, never one to hold out your pleasure for his benefit, unless you had well and truly pissed him off. Which you had, how unfortunate for you.

“We’re performing in five fucking minutes and you decide to be a tease now?”

He clicked his tongue in mock disappointment, the fiery red hair tickling your face while he shook his head at you, staring down into your widened eyes as if trying to figure out a proper punishment that would fit the crime.


The hand on the wall suddenly moved to cup the back of your neck, fingertips digging into your flesh as he brought your face closer to his own, where you could taste the cinnamon on his breathe and dared to close in for a taste, which he knowingly dodged, sending you a warning look instead. One that had the pit of your spine fluttering in pleasant shivers.

“You were a bad girl my love, you don’t get anything.”

The whimper that emitted from your mouth rung throughout the small area, especially as his hand delved under your dress to cup you fully over the cotton panties you wore, his fingers pressing harshly against you, letting you know with just one gesture that you well and truly belonged to him. Yet Taehyung wouldn’t be satisfied until he heard you say it, heard you whisper the words to him, drawing them out just like he did every night while deep inside you.

“Tell me again whose cunt this is.”

He breathed the question, forehead pressing down against your own as he squeezed you in his palm for emphasis. Your lips parted in a silent gasp, hips moving to try and grind yourself down into his touch. Taehyung tightened his grasp on your neck rather harshly, automatically stilling your efforts of finding any type of pleasure from him.

“It’s yours, all yours.”

The corner of his lips tugged up into a smug grin, one that had devilish intentions hidden behind it, and with one small kiss to the tip of your nose, the sensation of him was gone completely. You faintly heard the words of ‘One minute left until BTS.’ from behind the sealed door, but then he was opening it, letting the bright lights of the hallway cascade into the darkened closet and temporary blind you.

“You’re damn right it is baby, I’ll see you at home later. Be ready.”

And then he was gone, humming a playful tune as he set off to find the rest of his members, leaving you breathless and needy, cheeks flushed red and panties completely drenched.

See you at home, indeed.

Come out where ever you are (Hellboy x reader)

“Where is she?!” Hellboy yelled to the agents currently walking back into the building. They all looked to him in fear before shaking their heads. “Clay?” He asked and saw as his friend gave a short chuckle, “Hiding from you no doubt. She got off truck as soon as we pulled up.” he said while unloading the equipment. Giving a growl the red half demon went in search of his wife. 

y/n peeked around the corner, making sure her husband wasn’t anywhere down the hall. She had to hide from him until he had calmed down. Y/n knew he was going to be pissed that she went on that mission like he told her not to. She understood where he was coming from, being two months pregnant with their fist child he wanted to keep her safe. It wasn’t like the mission was to terribly dangerous, just a rouge gorgon and all she had to do was say a spell not fight. Hearing heavy footsteps come down the hall behind her she quickly took off. Running into the library she looked around for any place to hide, catching the attention of their friend Abe. “You know he is not going to be very happy when he finds you.” he said. Glancing at the fish man y/n rolled her eyes, “He is just worried about you.” he went on while she crawled under the sofa. “It was just a Gorgon.” y/n groaned out form under it. Hearing the door open her eyes went wide and y/n quickly hid back under the couch. 

She watched as black boots walked across the stone floor of the library. “Alright Abe where’s she at?” he asked crossing his arms over his chest. “Where’s who?” Abe asked as he swam around the tank. “Don’t play stupid. I heard you talking before I came in here.” “I am not in this.” was all Abe said, refusing to get in between his two friends. “Y/N… I’m not mad, I just want to talk.” he said in a strained voice, trying to keep his temper down. “Liar.” she whispered before slapping her hand over her mouth. Seeing his boots turn towards her she bit her lip. “Come out, come out where ever you are.” he said in a cocky voice. Hearing him lift piece by piece of furniture she knew hers would be next. When his hand held onto the bottom of the couch she quickly rolled out of the other side and made a run for it. “Hey!” he said as he jumped over the couch and ran after her down the hallway towards your shared room. 

Running down the hall y/n could hear him close behind her. Getting to the room she went to push the large metal door shut when he got to it and pushed back. “Gaaa!” she grunted as she pushed on the door as hard as she could. It was no use as her supernatural husband’s strength out weighed her own. Opening the door he quickly caught her as she went to run again. “Got you!” he boasted into her neck. Throwing her over his shoulder he ignored her kicking and squirming as she tried to escape. Throwing her on the bed he grabbed her ankle with his hand when she went to crawl away. Moving to lay on the bed beside her he smacked her backside, “Hold still.” he said as he began to undress her. Pulling her pants down her legs was no problem but when he couldn’t get her shirt over her head he gave a growl before ripping it down the middle. 

When he had y/n in nothing but her black undies he looked over her body for any injury she may have gotten on the mission. Seeing none she let out a puff of air, “See I’m fine…” she said but he just growled. “That’s not the point. You knew I didn’t want you going and you went anyway!” He said “People were dying red, there was no one else.” she said but he just gave a loud groan before getting out of bed and pacing the room. “Myers said…” she started but was quickly interrupted when yellow eyes turned to glare at her, “Myers?! Why does it not surprise me that you do as he said.” he growled making y/n look at him in shock. “What’s that supposed to mean?” she asked in a low voice. At that time a loud knock filled the room. “WHAT!?” hellboy yelled. “I was just coming by to give y/n the mission report form.” Myers voice said from the other side of the door and Hellboy quickly looked to her with an annoyed look. “Oh look your boyfriend brought you a present.” he said with clear mock in his voice. He didn’t trust her she thought. Feeling tears fall from her eyes she jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom.

When hellboy saw the tears fall from his love’s eyes he knew he had spoken out of turn. He watched as the woman ran into the bathroom, slamming the door shut and hearing the lock click into place. “Damnit.” He growled. “Hello.” he heard from the door and stomped over to rip it open. Standing there was john. “Snatching the papers from him he went to slam the door shut in his face when he heard the man speak up. "Don’t be mad at y/n. I’m the one that asked her to come on the mission. I knew you were busy and we needed one of you. I’m sorry.” he said. Taking a deep breath so that he wouldn’t rip the man to pieces he nodded his head before making his way back into the room. Sitting the papers on the table he walked over to the bathroom door. Hearing sniffling coming from inside he felt his heart ache with the guilt that he had hurt her. Raising his hand he knocked lightly on the frosted glass. “Y/n… babe can I come in?” At first nothing happened until he heard the lock click. Taking a deep breath he opened the door to see his wife sitting on the floor across the room by the bath tub. Her knees were pulled up and she was hugging them close to her body with her face looking away from him. Walking over to her he sat on the floor beside her. Bringing his flesh hand up he caresses her thigh with his knuckles. “I’m sorry babe.” he said in a low voice. Hellboy never apologized, so to hear him say it she knew he meant it but that didn’t mean what he said still didn’t hurt. “You don’t trust me.” y/n whispered and heard him sigh. “I trust you, I don’t trust other men. I know what they think when they look at you. I know what they want to do because it’s the same thing I want to do every time I look at ya.” he said in a low growl. 

Meeting his eyes you looked deep into them. “Do you think I have no control, just because they look at me doesn’t mean I am going to fall for them… I love you not them. I want you not them.” You told him gently. Seeing him give a small smile he moved to lift her and sit her in his lap. Looking down into his eyes he slowly scanned his yellow orbs down her body. Getting to her belly that had only a small bump he full out grinned and placed his flesh hand over her womb. “What did I ever do to deserve you. You love me even when I act like a fool, you give me a child even though I’m a child myself. How can I make it up to you?” he said as he peppered her shoulder and neck with light kisses. “Mmmhmm.” she hummed giving a small shrug of your shoulders. “How about a bath?” he asked with a smirk, knowing she always enjoyed baths. When she nodded her head against his chest he chuckled before pulling the leaver on the bathtub with his tail. As the bathtub filled up he continued to rub her back and kiss her. When the water was almost full he turned it off and pulled back from her lips. “I need to get undr…” he started before she raised her hand and snapped her fingers making him naked under her. Chuckling he slowly stood, holding her to him before stepping into the hot water and sinking down to sit in the tub with her in his lap. 

Y/n have a deep sigh as he ran his warm hand over her back, letting the hot water drip down her spine. She hummed when she felt him placing small licks and bites on her shoulder. Instantly she could feel her arousal, blaming the pregnancy hormones for making her so horny all the time. It didn’t take long for her husband to feel her nipples harden against his chest  an gave a smirk before moving his stone hand to grip her ass cheek and pull her sex to rub against his hard member. Trailing his flesh hand to her breast he cupped the mound in his palm and gave a small squeeze. Hearing a soft moan escape her lips he smirked before clamming her lips with his own. Rubbing her nipple with the pad of his thumb he slowly lifted her up and lined himself up with her sex. Easing her down on his cock she gave a small whimper at the stretch but he heard as it quickly turned into a moan. Once he was fully inside of her he rocked her hips with his hand on her ass. Moving his flesh hand to her grab her wrists he moved to hold them behind her back. Bringing his tail up he wrapped it around her wrists to hold her in place while his hand went back to her breast. When she began to moan and whine he felt her pull on her hands and gave a chuckle. “Ah ah. I’m in control darling… You let me take care of you.” he purred into her neck before giving a bite making her gasp.

No longer being able to stand it he stood from the tub and stepped out. Not caring for the water dropping to the floor he carried her into the bedroom and layed her on the bed. With his stone hand holding himself up he let her hands go for only a second before once again holding them above her head with his tail. Rubbing his flesh hand down her side he gripped her hip hard. Holding her to the bed he began thrusting his hips. It didn’t take long for her to scream out his name along with other things that he couldn’t understand.  Gritting his teeth he buried his face into her neck and growled out as he filled her with his cum. Giving a few more rolls of his hips before he unwrapped his tail from her wrists and rolled them over to lay her on his chest. When his breaths slowed down he heard her deep breathing and knew she was sleeping. With a smiled he kissed the top of her head. “I truly am the luckiest man on earth.”