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Do you have any embarrassing/whacky stories from school?

well it’s kind of a mix of whacky and embarrassing so here goes

i had this math teacher my junior and senior year of high school who was just the actual worst. i mean he was weird and familiar and had shit taste in music. the kind of guy who looks like everyone and no one, and if one day i hear that the police found a corpse buried under his floorboards I’d kinda just nod and be like “yeah, sounds about right.” i mean, he married a student. that kind of teacher. 

he was awful. and for some godforsaken reason he thought we were friends and even that we had an inside joke because one day i had calc first period and i hadn’t had coffee yet and he kept calling on me and i just looked him in the eye and i was like “look, no disrespect but it is too goddamn early for this.”

and the whole class held its breath because im a smartass and i mouth off all the time, but its usually with a smile. the teacher and i are usually palling around and i never swear at them. but he bursts out laughing and for the next two years every time i couldn’t answer a question (which was often because math is the devil) he’d be like, “oh is it too early for this?” with his serial killer white guy chuckle. 

that’s not the story. that’s just some context. 

one of his other more charming traits was that he was obnoxious about people using the bathroom in his class. and if we’d just come back from lunch, forget it. he’d make you sit and wait until you were sure your bladder was going to explode

on one such day i happened to get my period literally ten minutes after coming back from lunch. and it’s no big deal, i’ve got tampons in my bag, no crisis there. 

so i raise my hand and ask to go to the bathroom. and he just chortles at me. chortles. like we’re on a goddamn sitcom from the 50s. and then he very indulgently tells me that i should have gone during lunch. to which i respond, very politely, because i would love not to make this A Thing, that i really have to go to the bathroom. 

and by this point, people are actually paying attention and most of the girls in the class have an idea what’s going on. because we’ve all been there. and men love to forget that periods exist because theyre too icky for the male constitution. fuckin whiners. 

i try a third time, and i even stand up, and now he’s not laughing, he’s just kind of pissed because i’m disrupting class. 

“no, you cannot leave. please sit down so we can get back to the lesson. you should’ve gone during lunch”

and then i hit my limit. my stomach hurts, my uterus is throwing a tantrum because my gay ass hasn’t given it a baby this month, and this chucklefuck is clearly not getting the hint. 

so i get explicit. 

“well my period didn’t come during lunch and as much as i’d love to bleed through my jeans, they were expensive so i’m going to go put in a tampon if that’s okay with you.” 

i swear ive never seen a teacher turn purple before. and he just kind of stutters and points at the door. and then i left and put in my goddamn shitting tampon and then took a nap in the nurse’s office for the rest of the day 

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im glad about the way you see bakugou. so many people take the fact that he has a temper and then goes. temper=angry lover=frivallous/casual sex life. and im like?????????????? like headcanons are fine but complete misinterpretations of characters that become popular in the fandom and get seen as canon just makes me sad

Well, I understand this tbh, some popular headcanons are kind of cringy to me too - personally I’m under the impression that if Bakugou were ever to decide he wanted to involve himself with someone else it’d be because he’s really, 100%, completely and utterly convinced that’s something he definitely wants in his life and he can’t do without, and that just doesn’t fit with casual relationships? He’s too focused in a one-track-mind way on becoming number one, a “distraction” of that kind wouldn’t work for him

Then again it’s not like this stuff is canon, everyone’s free to see him as they wish haha

Anon said: What’s your favorite bnha crack ship?

…………………………………… TetsuKami - it??? kind of started because of their quirks??? A lot of my ships started because of the quriks actually, but yeah their quirk compatibility intrigues me - are they perfectly compatible? Or would Kaminari just straight out kill Tetsu if he ever used his quirk on him? Metal and electricity have some fancy things they can do together, if Kami could electrify/magnetize Tetsu without killing him they could be an amazing team?? I thought about this so much that I started thinking about a possible friendship between the two (they come from the same prefecture too!!) and in the end it turned into a ship rip


That depends on which bokuroteru we’re talking about and just how much you mean to change! 


Ohhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *O* I’m glad you liked it!!!!!!! <3<3<3

Anon said: yamaguchi (my husbando) looks so freaking cool in your style!! i love it so much!! aaaaaaaaaaaa

BOI thank you!!!! I haven’t drawn him enough for it to be comfortable yet, so I’m glad I’m doing something right hahaha

Anon said: I thought you should know that you and your posts are the reason I wake up every morning and I love you!

!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!! I love you too!!!! And I’m glad I can help you like that???? oh my!!!!

Anon said: I love you!! Your art makes me really happy! I hope you’re doing well!!

THANK YOU!!!!! I hope you’re doing great too, anon!!!!!

Anon said: I read the last anon asks, and the one about the rare pairs made me laugh, because I find that haikyuu! And BNHA are two fandoms where there is barely any ship wars. Yeah, some are more popular, but you could pretty much ship whoever you want and everyone is like “yeah, that’s good” because every character in both series are so well developed, that you see them as actual people and not just cookie cutter archetypes who can only be shipped with a single/certain type of character, and I love that.

Right? Fandoms in which my multishipper heart can have its way are my favorite t b h, I’d been looking for something like this since khr ended a real long time ago and now I have two what a good so many possibilities I’m Glad™

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ART SENPAI CAN I ASK U ADVICE?? Like, u don't seen to post traditional and all but u actually started w that right? Soooo, I'm really proud of my pencil pieces but?? Every time I try to even line a sketch w pen it looks weird?? Idk what I'm doing wrong :( sorry if its a dumb ask tho. Have a shining day bae :D

IF THATS NOT ME!!!!!!!! I’m realllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad at lineart because I really don’t like it. Like lineart has to be cleaner with more details and I hate details eioizhg so yea I’m really bad at it on paper and on tablet.

But recently it gets better. I realized that neater lines or drawings are not made for me. So I just don’t really care and I do my lineart with a big pen. For example if my drawing is pretty small I take a 0.4/0.5 and it looks great! (kinda???). I jus’t can’t do the lineart with a small pen, same on tablet. So maybe you’re like me!! Bu unfortunately I can’t really give u real advices since I’m also really bad ahah

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Hey emma i hope you are having a good day^^ i have a question i hope you'll answer. Mafumafu is selling a copy of his latest fav neklace and when you look at it its excatly the same as illuminati pyramid with an eye middle of it. I know it is nonsense but it made me scared. He didn't join the organization like other singers to make himself more popular, right? Its just fashion, right? I am just paranoid, right?

Hi anon! :D I hope you’re having a good day as well!
I’m honestly not sure why Mafu chose the Illuminati logo for his new fashion brand, or if he’s even aware of the origins of that symbol :P
But uh just so you know, the Illuminati isn’t a real thing in the sense that you described? :P People think they’re some shady organization trying to keep control over the world through media and such, but that’s mostly made up for fiction. It’s the same as any other conspiracy theory without any real facts to back it up ww I mean I think there’s still organizations that call themselves the Illuminati around today, but whether or not they hold any power over anyone important isn’t proven at all? 
I guess if he was really part of some secret society, I sure wouldn’t know about that www but the same could be said for anyone…

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“A heart’s a heavy burden.”

Accepting || Studio Ghibli Sentence Memes (x)

At the woman’s words Hulk looks down and places a large, green hand over the center of his chest. “Hulk know. Hulk still want one though. It’s what he was missing, what made him this way…right? That’s what Banner thought. After all, the day Banner’s heart was taken was the same day Hulk made his first appearance. Even if regaining his heart killed the Hulk, destroyed his very existence, if it made him and Banner a better person…then he’d do it. 

Hulk want heart. Heavy burden but…want to be better. Better for Banner, Betty, and everyone. He wanted to be a hero right? He’d pay this price if it meant saving everyone else from himself. 

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Send 🎵 and my Muse will sing in front of yours.

So close to reaching
That famous happy end
Almost believing
This one’s not pretend
And now you’re beside me
And look how far we’ve come
So far we are, so close…”

“Oh how could I face the faceless days
If I should lose you now…?”

He wasn’t even aware that he’d been singing in front of Rose. The song just kind of took its hold on him and he had rolled with it. With how much he and Pearl had been going at each other recently, it just kind of felt right to let his feelings out. He just wanted to be with Rose. Was that so wrong?

The lyrics were improvised this time. He just let his heart guide him. It only was when he got the distinct feeling that he wasn’t alone that he stopped.

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I feel you might appreciate that I was bitten by a plot bunny after watching Trolls & the songs holy GOD they are stuck in my head. Anyway, I got a plot bunny where Stiles drags Derek to the movie theater to see Trolls because Stiles has seen the movie & it's like pure joy even Derek would smile right? cept Derek looks the same broody neutral as always. But when D gets home he proceeds to put Get Back Up Again & Can't Stop the Feeling on repeat & sings along and dances & it becomes a THING 4 him

Like he just puts on the Trolls soundtrack whenever he’s feeling a little off and it’s the first thing THE VERY FIRST THING EVER that makes him feel good he’s allowed himself to have since the fire. It’s his secret until Stiles comes over one day, sees Derek dancing and singing while dusting and Stiles is just SO GONE over this secret dork and he walks right up and starts dancing and singing with Derek and so it becomes THEIR thing.

And when Derek is having one of his really BAD days, Stiles grabs his guitar and sings Justin Timberlake’s arrangement of True Colors to Derek. And they get married and have kids and Dream a Little Dream of Me is the kids’ lullaby and they all live happy ever after. As soon as Christmas crafting is over I will TOTALLY be writing this.

Alright, so, this is the purest thing ever and while I really want to focus and cry about how, yes, anything that makes Derek Hale have a good day - especially kids movies because you know how I feel about Derek Hale and Disney/animated movies, particularly accompanied by hot chocolate with marshmallows - is my sole weakness but, darling, THEN YOU HAD TO GO AND MENTION STILES PICKING UP A GUITAR AND THAT JUST ISN’T FAIR BECAUSE THAT REALLY IS MY SOLE WEAKNESS. (Well, apart from Stiles and/or Derek in glasses, geeking out about nerdy things and Disney but that’s besides the point.)

Seriously, I mean

I know…the image of…Derek Hale…dancing in his kitchen…and then having kids with the love of his life…should be taking….priority right now…but….all I can imagine….is Stiles jamming on his guitar…maybe composing some songs for Derek….which he calls…’Feel Good Jams For Hopefully my Future Husband’…and I just….

Is stardom really this Shitty?

I thought long about it if I should really write something about it or not. We all had read that post aiming badly at Stardom entertainment, written by an ex-fan of ToppDogg with several connections.
I myself cant really agree to the things she wrote…but also cant deny it but I have my own opinion about it. (I wont say its right nor its wrong)
So Ill write about it based on my own experiences with Stardom and with what Friends of mine who worked under stardom told me.
1.Mino were kicked out of stardom, thats why hes shooting at stardom and stardom artists now.
First of all…Mino werent kicked out, he left Block B and stardom entertainment because he were still underaged and his Father dissapproved him beeing part of a HipHop group~ Thats why he joined a Ballad group (BOM) afterwards and now that hes full aged, he can decide himself what kind of Music he will do. Also I dont even see it as Diss what he used during show me the money. Most rappers believe that youre only a good rapper when you show some kind of arrogance and confidence, and you can only show this when putting yourself better than the others. So I dont think he really meant it serious when he rapped, but only wanted to appear as real rapper. I asked Jucy since people said she felt hurt about his diss, and she said she was dissappointed in herself for not doing better but that she doesnt care about others “dissing” her.
2. Stardom fucked up with Block B
Yes they did…but the Team of stardom entertainment changed to 80% after that incident…and after the fake ceo dissappeared and Cho PD took over the ceo position again, they had a talk so both parted on good terms. Stardom helped them to build up Seven Seasons.
3. Stardom ent is corrupt.
I cant say anything to that since I dont work there and have no clue about their incomings and what they usually pay for things…
I just can say that after Block B left stardom fired most of his staff and had to quickly hire new staff people….and those people are really extremely chaotic, No one knows what the others do….and that is even said by the persons who worked there as internship. I know that the Fan-staff is really biased towards some fans, and HATES internationals…so Koreans easily get intern informations while internationals even have alot of problems during fan-sign events….But on the other hand, If internationals search the contact to the staff whos responsible for promotions, you easily get out all informations you want as long youre an International. I remember when ToppDogg were about to make their Open the Door comeback….Stardom started to post the member teaser pictures 7 Days before the MV Release (take down saturday and sunday since no one in stardom works on the weekend) ~ so 5 days, for 13 members…. and then my friend told me after 3 days: wow…they just realized that they dont have enough time to post all teaser pictures.
Another incident that happened were about the concert in europe. Stardom found an organizer who was willing to bring them to Germany, and everything were settled already~ The German-Organizer than told us that he had to cancel the concert sadly because stardom is not trustworthy. He said that they already had a deal to hold a concert in April but stardom cancelled it (I guess because they didnt only wanted to come to Germany) and now they had a deal, since the other concerts in europe were announced already, stardom had to write a short message on their facebook account that ToppDogg will come to Germany BEFORE the ticket sale for the other countrys start. Stardom failed that deal and didnt wrote anything so the organizer cancelled everything.
Then we all know about ToppDogg and Underdogg~ stardom had a clear Idea about the concept of both Groups, thats why they started with the “kingdoms”~ one Kingdom for every sub-unit + Underdogg as addition to the sub units~But however, they already announced underdogg when they didnt even had all members, so they casted 2 members afterwards~ one got kicked out…one left a while ago as well so they casted another one again in…and of course the concept were leaked out, so they wanted to come up with something new to surprise the audience but everything ended up in chaos again, so even the employees at stardom ent doesnt know what toppdoggs sub units etc are about.
I also know that Hansol had suffered from depressions for some time when he were called Gay by more and more fans, but stardom insisted him to keep up the fanservice with B-Joo, I dont know how he is now, I just know that it were like that not too long after ToppDoggs Debut. Also they created TD as 13 member group to not lose its trainees. even though Originally, TD were planned as 6 member group.
BUT~ The ToppDogg AND the EvoL girls trust Stardom ent and Cho PD~ The girls of EvoL had the chance to leave but they stayed. So I dont think they are really treatened worse. Just that stardom simply has no clue how to promote someone right (But there are more agencys out like that…just look at CCM/MBK or D-Buisness) 
One of my friends working there said: “I will keep on working here that one Day I can take over…no one here knows how to lead such a company right, no one knows what the other does or how to promote someone the right way…they dont know how to use facebook and Tumblr well…so If Im leading this company…I finally can teach them!”
So I think…there are alot of wrong things in the company..but not because they mean it bad but because they just dont know it better. 
And I know that its hard to not get furious when we hear stuff like that and worry about the ones we grew so attached to…But we all CANT know and tell whats going on behind the doors. Maybe Stardom is corrupt, but we cant know since were not investigators. Maybe stardom is shitty and treats its artists wrong, but we cant know since were not trainees there. So I think we shouldnt shoot blind at stardom entertainment but use our energy instead to support ToppDogg and EvoL….Instead of sending hating messages towards the company, send something that shows your love to your group to show stardom that its worth it to give them a proper promotion. If youre a Fan of EvoL…stop to ask” Where are evol? what is shitty stardom doing?” use your sns accounts to tell the girls personally that you love them and that you support them. The girs are so thankful for every single support…You can think about stardom whatever you want…but keep your thoughts in your head and the support for your beloved groups in your heart and hands~

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hello! I really like you blog, your art is awesome!! love 'em! 。◕‿◕。 its abt fhq, sad and ironic, but knowing oikawa's personality (esp in front of iwa-chan) kinda cannot bring me into tears of sadness :"D yes im crying but its bcus i cannot hold my laughter, even in a post(forget which one) i laugh till there is no voice come out from my mouth and my stomach hurts huehuehue. anyway thankyou for doing such a nice art, have a nice day and love you! btw your makki kinda looks like yaku-san ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

Thank you!|

It’s okay! Everyone experiences FHQ differently. I’m just really happy you could enjoy my art at all!

Also, you’re right, he does kinda looks like Yaku-san, doesn’t he? Though if I were to differentiate them, I’d do it like this: