and look incredibly awesome the whole time

I mean, I know we are all losing our chill over Malec (romance and reconnection according to Matt Hastings….like…ahsjahshah) and the beauty that is Harry Shum jr. in that scene but can we also talk about the freaking penthouse itself? How awesome does that set look? Seriously. All these details. And it looks so cozy. And also so over the top at the same time—but still so like Magnus?? No wonder it felt like the whole season 2A was filmed there from the bts pics we got. I am just…I need that episode in my life. Like yesterday!


BEST VIDEO!! Look at the chemistry between Grant & Candice! Oh and I love Tom! She definitely is our leading lady. 

Favorite moments:

  • Zashy
  • Candy
  • How she hides and Grant says, “Really?”
  • How when she’s reading off her character’s good traits, Grant is nodding the whole time. 
  • Tom raises hand, “Smart!’
  • Grant raises hand, "Pretty!” :) Awe. Look how she blushes and he smilesl and stares at her. 
  • Tom raises hand again, “Incredible.” “Incredibly awesome." 
  • Pretty much just how cute they all are this entire video. 
  • Oh and I love Candice Patton so much.
  • And have a crush on Grant. 



Villain Style

Everybody loves the bad-guys! A compelling villain can absolutely make a tv series or film and I think Once Upon a Time has always excelled at presenting interesting, complex villains.

Obviously the Evil Queen has the best wardrobe from the whole show but the other villains also have some excellent outfits. I think Maleficent has an awesome wardrobe - from her 40s suits to her highly structured ‘witch’ outfits and, of course, her Stevie Nicks get-up, she always looks incredible.