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I love the idea that, in October, videos are still /relatively/ normal. But each week in the month, Anti hunts down one of the SepticEgos; Chase Brody in a sketch is suddenly interrupted, Jackaboy Man fails to save somebody (and himself), Marvin's Magic Tricks can't hide him from the Glitch Bitch. One by one until it's October 30th and Jack is the only one left. What d'you think'll happen in October??

That sounds like an awesome idea. Like we’d see a vlog from each of them telling us that Anti’s coming and asking them to help them but every time Anti gets hold of them!

My own idea is that nothing happens. At all. No glitches, no Bio changes, no hints at all for the whole of October. The fandom gets twitchy with every week that goes by, asking where Anti is. Theories, fan art increase. A hashtag starts up, something like #LetAntiOut. Still nothing happens. Until Halloween.

It starts with Jack looking into the camera in a vlog, panicking and looking incredibly scared. He’s nearly crying, asking why we would want Anti to come back so badly when he hurts him and us so badly. He pleads one more time not to think about the glitchy demon before it blacks out. There’s a pained cry and a sound of a body slumping to the floor. The familiar sound of Anti giggling is heard, one glitchy flash of his wide grin and blood soaked neck is see before it goes to black again and he says: “I’m back”


BEST VIDEO!! Look at the chemistry between Grant & Candice! Oh and I love Tom! She definitely is our leading lady. 

Favorite moments:

  • Zashy
  • Candy
  • How she hides and Grant says, “Really?”
  • How when she’s reading off her character’s good traits, Grant is nodding the whole time. 
  • Tom raises hand, “Smart!’
  • Grant raises hand, "Pretty!” :) Awe. Look how she blushes and he smilesl and stares at her. 
  • Tom raises hand again, “Incredible.” “Incredibly awesome." 
  • Pretty much just how cute they all are this entire video. 
  • Oh and I love Candice Patton so much.
  • And have a crush on Grant. 


Cops and Crooks

Ok guys, this is something I have been working on that I wanted to share with you. I’ve only written the first part so far, I wanted to see what you guys thought of something that wasn’t a reader insert. This is a Stuck AU fic! A criminal AU fic to be precise. So yeah, let me know what you think. Honestly please please do, if I don’t get much feedback I probably won’t continue because i’ll assume nobody liked it and i’ll write something else! Thanks! - Elizabeth xox

Bucky takes a deep breath, peering out of his car window at the bank on the opposite side of the road. His dark hair hangs loose, curtaining his face. He wears a simple half mask over his mouth and nose, only his eyes, which were smudged with black charcoal, on show. His black cargo pants are heavy with various tools, extra bullets and a miniaturised computer for cracking safes. When standing a thick belt held up the trousers, without which were at constant risk of slipping down. The thin, black, long-sleeved shirt he wore clung to him, stretching over his muscular arms and contouring his stomach.

On the seat beside him were his guns, an automatic and a pistol. The automatic he fired after he locked the front door to get everyone’s attention. The pistol was to threaten. He had only shot someone once, a security guard, in the leg. Shooting to kill wasn’t his style. There was also three grenades, one smoke, two explosive. He used the explosive to blow the safe once he had cleared it out, to destroy any evidence. The smoke was as he left. It didn’t exactly serve any purpose, it was more of a calling card, a superstition if you believe in that kind of thing. 

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I mean, I know we are all losing our chill over Malec (romance and reconnection according to Matt Hastings….like…ahsjahshah) and the beauty that is Harry Shum jr. in that scene but can we also talk about the freaking penthouse itself? How awesome does that set look? Seriously. All these details. And it looks so cozy. And also so over the top at the same time—but still so like Magnus?? No wonder it felt like the whole season 2A was filmed there from the bts pics we got. I am just…I need that episode in my life. Like yesterday!

Meet and Greet

This is my first semi long story so please please please let me know what you guys think of it!

You meet Calum at a meet and greet and he asks you out.

You were going to a concert with your friend and she dragged you to a meet and greet before the concert for a band she loved, 5 Seconds of Summer. The line was a mile long and you and your friend were at the end of it. Your friend looked like she was going to jump out of her skin due to how excited she was. You on the other hand were more concerned with keeping warm as you turned to shield your face from the harsh December wind. You didn’t hate 5sos, they were a great band but you didn’t have an obsession as outrageous as your friend did and you weren’t looking forward to waiting for hours just for your friend to have 30 seconds with them.

“(Y/N)! The line is finally moving!” Your friend jumped up and down as you moved forward, only about 3 feet, but at least it was moving. “I can’t wait to meet them, I want a picture with all of them okay?” She told you before how important to was to her that she get a picture with each one for her blog.

“I will make sure to take your picture!” You laughed at how in love she was with four boys she had never met. For the next hour or so you both huddled together trying stay warm until you finally got inside the building. There were maybe 20 people ahead of you guys and your friend could barely contain herself. She was bobbing up and down in the crowd trying to catch a glimpse of the boys. You stepped off to the side trying to get some breathing room, and when you looked up you met eyes with a tan, dark eyed boy. For a second the mob of screaming girls was silent, all you could hear was the sound of your heart, beating faster and faster. The boy looked as if he was in a daze staring at you, he wasn’t paying much attention to the fans around him, all of his attention was on you. His black skinny jeans had holes at the knees and his black tank top looked slightly too big for him as he pulled the falling sleeve back onto his shoulder. He ran his fingers through his hair and you felt yourself start to smile as you admired his toned tattooed arms. Your daze was broken by your friend, she pulled your arm signaling that the line was moving forward. 

“Are you okay?” She asked you.

“Yeah I’m fine, I just zoned out for a second.” You answered, still unsure of exactly what had happened. Another 30 minutes passed and you two made it to the front of the line. Your eyes met his once again and you tried to act calm. Your friend handed you her phone and quickly ran around to pose with each one of them. You tried to focus on the pictures but it was hard with his eyes burning a hole into you. Once she had all the pictures she wanted the two of you turned to head back to the door.

“Wait! What about you?” The boy reached out and lightly touched his hand to your arm trying to stop you from leaving.

“Oh, no I’m not that much of a fan, I mean I think you guys have great music but I don’t really need a picture.” You answered shyly.

“How about one for me?” He quickly reached in his pocket and pulled out his iPhone, smiling as he held it up to you. “I’m Calum.”

“You want a picture with me?” You asked confusedly.

“I was hoping for a little more than a picture, maybe your number also? Oh and your name, I’d like that too.” He chuckled nervously. You turned to your friend who was in shock, Calum handed her his phone and she tried her best to stop her hands from shaking. He wrapped his arm tightly around your waist and pulled you close, you smiled as your friend counted to three and snapped the photo. She handed him his phone and he quickly handed it to you.

“I was serious about that number.” Calum said as he placed his phone in your hands.

“Oh sure, and my names (Y/N)” You were still a little shocked at what was going on but you put your name and number in his phone and handed it back to him.

“That’s a beautiful name, are you in New York for a while? I would love to call you when we get through here.” Calum questioned.

“Yeah I live here, and I would love for you to call me.” You said shyly.

“Calum we have more fans get over here.” One of his bandmates called.

“Be expecting my call (Y/N).” He said before rushing back over the rest of his band.

As you both turned, walking in opposite directions, you finally felt that you could catch your breath. What had just happened? It was a feeling you had never felt before as if the whole world stopped and it was just the two of you left in existence. You realized at that moment that something sparked between you two, and all you could look forward to was that phone call. Your friend was still shocked about what happened between the two of you after you found your seats.

“(Y/N), do you realize that was THE Calum Hood that asked for your number!? Oh my god that was crazy!” Your friend said.

You were just as stunned. Now you couldn’t wait to see him on stage. Your heart was racing and finally the concert was starting. The whole time your friend was jumping and screaming, singing at the top of her lungs and you couldn’t help but join in. You both had floor seats only 4 rows from the stage and Calum couldn’t take his eyes off the whole time. He had the cutest smile on his face while he sang and played his bass.

“Thank you guys so much! We have had a blast tonight playing for all you amazing fans! We are 5 Seconds of Summer! Good night!” Luke finished as the boys ran off the stage. Your friend’s voice was practically gone after screaming and singing so loud. You both walked back to the car and headed to her house for a sleep over.

You both anxiously waited for the call. You had butterflies and all you could picture was that adorable tan face and gorgeous brown eyes he stared at you with. After about 2 hours of anxiously waiting, you got an unknown call.

You and your friend froze. At first you both hesitated not knowing what to do. You tossed the phone back and forth until you finally answered.

“Hello?” You said nervously into the phone.

“Is this the beautiful girl, (Y/N) I met today?” You could hear him smiling. You couldn’t help but smile too.

“Yes, this is she.”

“I hope you enjoyed the concert. What did you think?”

“I thought you did alright,” you joked sarcastically. You really thought he did amazing and you knew because you didn’t take your eyes off of him the whole time. Your best friend, meanwhile, was in shock the whole time.

“You looked like you were singing along pretty well for someone who isn’t a fan.”

“I never said I didn’t know you’re music, just that I wasn’t an obsessive fan.” You replied.

“But you had fun though right?” He asked.

“Oh my goodness yes, it was incredible. It must be awesome having all those girls screaming your name.”

“The only girl I paid attention to tonight was you.” He said shyly and you felt yourself blush. “What are you doing right now?”

“Right now? I’m with my friend.” You said.

“Are you crazy?! Go with Calum!” Your friend practically shouted.

“So it sounds like you’re free.” Calum laughed after hearing your friend. “Where are you, I’ll come pick you up.” You gave him the address and he said to be ready in 30 minutes. When you got off the phone you and your friend were running around the room trying to decide what you should wear.

“I can’t believe this is actually happening, I’ll bet you’re happy I made you come to that meet and greet huh?” Your friend teased.

“Yes! I owe you but first can you help me get ready!” You scrambled to fix your hair and makeup while she picked out an outfit for you. Time flew by and before you knew it the doorbell rang. You froze and stared at your friend, you couldn’t believe you were actually going out with Calum Hood.

“What are you waiting for?! Go get the door, I’ll stay here.” She sat down on the bed and gestured towards the door. You took a deep breath and walked out of the bedroom. You opened the door and were overwhelmed with nerves when you saw him. He was wearing tight black skinny jeans with holes at the knees and a black jacket. You smiled looking at the tuffs of hair poking out from underneath his beanie.

“You look amazing (Y/N).” He bit his bottom lip as his eyes wandered. He reached his hand out and you gladly took it. He led you down the walkway to the awaiting town car.

“Where are we going?” You asked as Calum opened the door for you.

 “I thought we could go to dinner, maybe a movie or something after?” Calum replied. He closed your door and walked around to the other side.

“Calum, I just got a call from your manager, we have to go back to the stadium.” The driver said looking at Calum through the review mirror.

“What? Now?” Calum ran his hands through his hair in frustration. “(Y/N) I’m so sorry, if you come with me I promise it will only take a second then we can go.” Calum pleaded, his brown eyes begging for you to go with him.

“Of course, I don’t mind.” You replied. He smiled and let out a sigh of relief as the driver pulled away from the curb and headed to the stadium. Once you arrived the car dropped you guys off in the back and you followed Calum inside and he stopped in front of a dressing room.

“You can wait out here, I’ll be right back.” Calum smiled before walking into the dressing room. You wandered around the hallway admiring the different posters hanging on the walls when you heard someone coming up behind you. You turned around and recognized the boy as one of Calum’s bandmates. You smiled as he walked up next to you.

“Hey I’m Ashton, you must be (Y/N).” He said smiling.

“Umm yes I am, how do you know me?” You questioned.

“Calum hasn’t shut up about you all day.” Ashton chuckled.

“Really?” You felt your stomach fill up with butterflies.

“Yeah, he’s gone on and on about how beautiful you are. I think he really likes you.”

“How? We just met this morning.” You replied.

“That’s what we said, he said he can’t put his finger on it but there’s something about you that makes him feel like he’s known you his whole life.” Ashton smiled as he saw you blush.

“(Y/N)!” You turned around to see Calum racing towards you. “I’m sorry about that, we can go now.”

“It was nice meeting you Ashton.” You waved at him as you walked outside to the car with Calum.


“This restaurant is beautiful Calum.” You commented as you looked around the room.

“I’m glad you like it.” He replied. He picked up his fork but it slipped out of his hand and landed on the floor. His face turned red as he flagged down the waiter to get a clean one. Calum reached for his water and nearly knocked it over, and you laughed a little at how clumsy he was. “I’m sorry, I’m just nervous I guess.” He said shyly.

“You just preformed in front of thousands of people but you’re nervous now?” You asked.

“It’s just been a while since I’ve been on a date.” He admitted.

“Oh come on, you’re Calum Hood, famous rock star. I’m sure you go on plenty of dates.”

“That’s just it. Not a lot of people see me as a real person anymore. People like me because I’m famous. When we were talking at the meet and greet you didn’t act like I was a celebrity you acted like I was a normal person just like you.” 

“Well you are a normal person, you just happen to have an abnormal job.” You responded.

“There’s not a lot of people who think like that (Y/N), but I’m glad you do.” He smiled. You blushed and looked down at your lap before speaking.

“So this is a date?” You questioned sarcastically and he let out a small laugh.

“If you want it to be.”

“I’d like that.” You smiled. He seemed less nervous now and the rest dinner was filled with laughter as he cracked jokes and told you all about his life as a rock star.  “So how did school work for you? Do you take online classes or something?” You asked.

“Actually I dropped out.” Calum said shyly.

“Oh, uh I’m sorry.” You mumbled not really knowing how to respond.

“No its okay, I was never really good at it anyways and I had to make time for the band. Sometimes I wish I could’ve finished but then I don’t know what would’ve happened with the band.” He admitted. “What about you? What are your plans for the future, like college and stuff?” You told him how you’d be graduating soon and planned to stay in New York for college unsure of career plans though. He seemed to be intrigued by your life although you weren’t sure how since you lived a pretty average life.

“The check sir.” The waiter said as he handed the bill to Calum. You reached in your purse for your wallet but when you looked up Calum already sent the waiter away with his credit card.

“Oh, Calum let me pay you for my meal.” You said handing him some cash, but he pushed your hand away.

“No way (Y/N). This is a date and I’m a gentleman.” Calum responded. He sat up straight and pretended to fix and imaginary bowtie. You laughed and put your money away. Once the waiter brought his card back the two of you stood up and walked out to the car. Once you got outside he called the driver and you guys waited on the curb in front of the restaurant. Calum stretched his arms up in the air and as he brought them down he placed one over your shoulders.

“That’s the cheesiest thing you’ve done all night.” You said and he started laughing.

“Yeah I know, but it worked didn’t it?” The car pulled up in front you and Calum opened the door for you before walking around to the other side. The next stop was the local movie theater. Calum chose what looked like a sappy chick flick and insisted on getting the large popcorn even though you just had dinner. Calum ate most of the popcorn before the movie even started and when it did start he pulled the cheesy move of stretching before putting his arm around you again. You smiled and looked over at him as he shoved popcorn in his mouth. This night was almost unreal to you, even though Calum was a celebrity he was one of the most genuine guys you have ever met. You kept staring at him and Calum eventually felt your eyes on him.

“You’re missing the movie.” He whispered, eyes still glued to the screen. You giggled and turned back to the screen. When the movie was over you were both standing on the sidewalk waiting for the car. Calum reached over and grabbed your hand intertwining his fingers with yours. He pulled your hand up to his face and kissed the back of your hand. You blushed and looked down at the ground trying to contain your smile. When the car arrived you both got in and headed back to your friend’s house. He walked you to the door and the two of you stood in silence staring at each other for a moment. You started to babble about how great the night was when suddenly you were interrupted by Calum’s lips crashing into yours. When he broke the kiss you stood in shock for a second staring at him.

“I’m sorry, I-I just, I’ve wanted to do that all night.” He admitted running a hand through his thick black hair.

“It’s okay. I‘ve been wanting you to do that too.” You said shyly and Calum grinned from ear to ear.

“So I guess you wouldn’t mind if I did it again?” He asked and you smiled as he leaned in again. The warmth of lips against yours made goose bumps form all over your body. He placed a hand on your back and pulled your body closer to his. When he broke the kiss he kept his hand on your back and he looked deep into your eyes.

“I had an amazing time with you tonight (Y/N).”

“Me too Calum.” He gave you one last kiss before turning to walk back to the car.

“Can I call you tomorrow?” He yelled right before he got in.

“I’d like that.” You yelled back.


Villain Style

Everybody loves the bad-guys! A compelling villain can absolutely make a tv series or film and I think Once Upon a Time has always excelled at presenting interesting, complex villains.

Obviously the Evil Queen has the best wardrobe from the whole show but the other villains also have some excellent outfits. I think Maleficent has an awesome wardrobe - from her 40s suits to her highly structured ‘witch’ outfits and, of course, her Stevie Nicks get-up, she always looks incredible.

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So... My favorite part of the marketing for Frozen is that they call Hans "the nice guy". Cause with all of the nice guy conversations in the media about what girls might "owe" a man who acts a certain way with her and the spoilers from the movie, I just love the trolling in calling him a nice guy. What do you think? (AKA here is a chance to rant about Frozen if you needed one today.)

[Okay, finally gave this a lot of thought…. prepare for LONG rant ahead….]


I actually completely forgot about that part in the marketing, lol…. shows how much marketing affects me, huh? =_=” However, now that you’ve reminded me, it’s really quite brilliant. Everyone was complaining about how Frozen’s marketing was terrible because it made it look silly and absurd (ie: the teaser trailer with Olaf and Sven), and yet…. right before the film was released, suddenly Disney bombards us with AWESOME trailers, a few AWESOME clips, and fabulous marketing. They started off looking silly, partially to grab little kids’ attention (I mean, come on, when the teaser trailer showed in theaters, EVERY little kid was cracking up, including my little brother), but also perhaps as the element of surprise. No one was taking the movie seriously (except for the fandom, who did their research), until Disney suddenly launched a whole series of incredible marketing skills. It was risky, but brilliant, in hindsight. 

Now, to get back to Hans…. Again, I completely forgot about the “Nice Guy” marketing tool by the time I saw the movie, and yet when the spoiler scene occurred, I was completely taken by surprise (as was everyone else). Whether or not the trolling of “friendzones” was the intention, I don’t know, but the marketing was definitely deceiving… in a good way. In almost every single Disney film, both good and bad, you can pinpoint who the bad guy is going to be, either by the dark design, ominous background music, or just some subtle (or not subtle) character traits. Even if the villain is never seen, or not until the end, the build-up of their character still marks a great villain. Hans is the amazing exception to the rules. 

I remember fangirling over Frozen to my boyfriend (after he FINALLY watched it, after I saw it twice), and complained about how jarring and unexpected Hans’s villainy was. I mentioned how though it was refreshing to have such an unique villain set-up, where were the hints?? My boyfriend said that the moment Hans emphasized his “twelve brothers” and how three of them ignored him for years, he knew he was up to something and so wasn’t too surprised at the revealing of his true character. I thought about that and taking your thoughts on the “Nice Guy” marketing, suddenly, it all makes sense. 

Hans was seen as the “Nice Guy” due to his charm and seemingly “connection” with Anna (namely, the siblings who’ve shut them out). And then you get Kristoff’s title, “the Ice Guy,” which throws another wrench in the outward characterization, because the opening song, “Frozen Heart,” sings about bewaring those with frozen hearts, and sings about the beauty and danger of ice. Though one can take Kristoff’s marketing title LITERALLY (being an ice harvester and all), it also contrasts greatly with Hans’ “Nice Guy” act. The song “Frozen Heart” seems to be literally talking about ice and thus make a connection to Elsa’s ice powers, but then again, it was Anna’s heart who froze, and contrariwise, it is Hans who is the real villain, “the only heart here that is frozen is yours,” as Anna coolly told him. And, to take a closer look at the song aforementioned, in the first stanza, lyrics say “This icy force both foul and fair/ Has a frozen heart worth mining.” BOTH FOUL AND FAIR. Hans is unbelievably handsome, the kind of looks any naive girl could fall for, and yet his actions are despicable. And I think that “the frozen heart worth mining” could be interpreted as sort of digging a little deeper into someone’s character (namely, Hans) and see that his heart is nothing like his outward appearance. 

But then again, the same goes for Elsa, the one character the song could literally be talking about. Her powers have beauty, but also induce fear, fear within herself and fear from outsiders. When Elsa’s powers are finally revealed, everyone is terrified, shocked, and repulsed. Everyone, except Anna. Though it is Anna’s heart that is literally frozen, her character is the most open and expressive among the rest. Even Kristoff hides behind a rough exterior before his tenderness is shown towards the climax of the film. Whereas Hans is automatically seen as affectionate and tender, his true character is cold and cruel. So, ultimately, the “Nice Guy” and the “Ice Guy” switch roles. 

This movie has a major theme of hiding your true self (as has been explained countless times on Tumblr), and is notable for being among Disney’s few animated features to break down and change archetypal roles shown throughout many of their fairytale films. The fact that Hans was supposed to be the love interest and a PRINCE, of all things, makes his villainy all the more fascinating and perfect. Everyone was rooting for him (and, if you ask me, I think some people are STILL rooting for him, simply because they cannot get over the fact that he was a bad guy all along… >.>”), and yet he took everyone’s expectations and slapped them across our faces. Though I have no objections to previous Disney love stories (the whole meet prince, fall in love, get married, happily-ever-after routine), I do appreciate Disney for taking a risk and a jump over traditional characterization and give audiences a whole new meaning of “bad guy.” Sometimes the “nice guy” is really a jerk. Sometimes the rough, grumpy guy is the sweetest person ever. It’s all about getting to know someone before deciding to take a chance at love. 

I think one of my favorite arguments I’ve read on Tumblr was that even if Kristoff did reach Anna in time and try to save her with a kiss, it wouldn’t have worked because it wasn’t true love……. not yet. Kristoff and Anna ended the movie still falling in love, not completely fallen yet, which is another tactic I think is brilliant. Because, all her life, Anna loved Elsa with all her heart, even after giving up on reaching out to her, she still held her sister in the highest regard. THAT is true love. 

And to get back to your original idea, of the friendzone factor…. in a way I can see that…. and that disturbs me even more, now that I think about it. When a guy assumes that once he wins over a girl’s heart by being charming and perfect and lovey-dovey, only to change his tune the moment he has her, or the moment she rejects him, he’s hardly a real “nice guy,” and that fact is something that people still argue about to this day and something that Hans greatly represents. If he had married Anna, without revealing his intentions, he would have been on par with abusive relationships, because once ascended to the throne (after killing Elsa), he could do whatever the hell he wants with Anna…… possibly even force himself on her to produce an heir…. *shudders* Whether or not she’d be murdered too is besides the point: he acted like the “nice guy” in order to gain her innocent trust and to achieve his goals. That is not real love, and certainly not true “nice guys” do. 

Now let’s look at Kristoff. Offhand, he’s rude, blunt, and tactless. He’s awkward around people, especially women, but his heart is so pure, he can’t help but fall for Anna, who also is pure of heart. And yet UNLIKE Hans, who seized on Anna’s innocence to win her over, Kristoff struggles. Though he knows her engagement is ludicrous, to say the least, he still knows a marriage is not something to get tangled up in, and so refrains from expressing his love to her, even going out of his way TO TAKE HER BACK TO THIS UNKNOWN FIANCE JUST SO THAT SHE MIGHT BE SAVED. Kristoff is not charming, not “handsome” in the sense of typical love interests, and not remotely smooth in any form or fashion, and yet his heart is probably the biggest one of all of Disney’s male princely-hero characters. He never put on a good guy act for Anna, because he found her annoying and naive at first, and even when he sacrificed his love to put her in Hans’ care, he only did it for HER sake. 

The key difference between Hans and Kristoff is that Hans SAYS all the sweet, nice things a lover should say, but Kristoff DOES all the sweet, nice things a lover should do. Huge, huge difference, something I’ve been trying to tell my friends for ages (the ones who always have a habit of falling for “bad boys” because they SAY the sweetest stuff, but in reality, are utter jerks).

And that’s the main reason why I adore Kristoff, but despise Hans. I never really found him that appealing (“oh joy, another hot, boring prince, ugh” was basically my train of thought), but now that everyone knows his character through and through, it annoys me to no end when people still defend him. His motives were simple, but his actions toward them were unique in the Disney villain line-up, and for that, I give the writers credit. However, I do not like Hans at all (similar to me despising Gaston, ANOTHER villains girls on Tumblr seem to love…. seriously, what the flying fuck?!?!), and I wish people would understand that just because he was also “shut out” by his siblings, and just because he seemed so nice in the beginning, it does not, by any means, make him a better person. Repeat after me, Tumblr: BACKGROUND STORY DOES NOT DEFINE A PERSON’S CHARACTER, NOR EXCUSE A PERSON’S FUTURE ACTIONS. I seriously cannot emphasize this enough…. 

All in all, I think Disney labeling Hans as the “Nice Guy” might be confusing for kids, but is brilliant for teens and young adults (and also for kids who’ll grow up watching Frozen). Not every nice guy is your true love, and no one should be judged, either positively or negatively, by their outward appearances, but by their ACTIONS. Though this theme has been used in previous Disney films, both princess or not, I think Frozen stepped it up to a whole new level and that’s what makes it so captivating and wonderful for kids and families to watch. I adore Frozen for many, many reasons, but I think its theme of “hiding/accepting yourself” is among the most effective and powerful tools. True love themes can be romantic or family-oriented, for all I care, but the key factor everyone should learn about is to stop hiding yourself and just embrace who you are. And likewise, make sure you get to know someone before defining their character. 

…. And I think I’ve said enough for today. ^_^”

follow forever’s are really fun so i wanted to make another one and show a you all how much i love you and how special i think you all are! so hopefully even if this is posted a little before 2015, that it starts your new year off with a bang! 

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I feel so conflicted about LoK at times. Book Three was cool; Book Four had its flaws but the finale was pretty awesome, and I'm incredibly happy Korrasami is canon. But then I look back at the Book One finale and the whole of Book Two and I just can't be entirely enthusiastic about this show. Know what I mean?

Well, overall I’m quite enthusiastic about the show. But I do agree that S1 and 2 were weaker than 3 and 4.

As Bryan said in his tumblr post (that we’ve probably all read at least 5 times), the only arc that was planned for the entirety of the series was Korra’s spiritual arc, which is beautifully done. And wasn’t most of Book 1 written under the assumption it’d be its own mini-series? But that being said, there’s a certain uh…myopia that you feel when watching S1 and S2. I don’t think it was bad, in fact I enjoyed most of it. It just didn’t always feel like was a clear narrative direction.

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