and look how happy and bouncy she is

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There is an asagao academy monster au in wich the guys are monsters or creatures and hana is a human. Just out of curiosity: wich creature/monster would be Gabby? (AU made by traceli, btw)

That’s a good question! I checked the list of some possible monsters and ‘spirits’ was on there, and heck I love ghosts but I wasn’t sure what kind of ghost would fit this AU. I tweaked it so that Gabby is a nymph-like water spirit, the victim of a drowning who is constantly soaking wet with spirit water (it vanishes after a few seconds, otherwise the janitor would have a bad time). 

A little sketch of my spooky sad girl. Despite how gloomy and pathetic she looks, that’s just her version of resting bitchface feat. existentialism. Snap her out of it, and she’s back to her normal joking self! You can tell her mood from her hair. If she’s happy her hair becomes more bouncy and flows around as though she were underwater, and if she’s upset her hair is absolutely soaked.

Her drowning also explains her fear of bodies of water, and why she prefers the dry(ish) halls of Asagao to the lonely lake she left behind. 

⌠Happy Quinn Appreciation Week │ Day 4⌡
► Jadyn Wong Appreciation Day

One of the things I love about Jadyn Wong is personality. Off screen, she’s such a different person than Happy Quinn. She’s such a vibrant - though shy - person, and she seems willing to take on any challenge. Her smile is adorable. I MEAN LOOK AT THAT:

AND OH MY GOD, I WANT HER HAIR. I love how bouncy her waves are, and I have tried non stop to make my hair that bouncy (even before Scorpion), and my hair is too stubborn, lmao.

One thing I want to hear is Jadyn playing the piano because apparently she is an expert pianist.