and look he has a cat


Found this baby in the pages of my notebook…


The feeling when your classmate found the doodle first and decided to write “NiSe”/“Noice” on it….damn it

Im also trying out different eyes for King Dice…he looks double gay-

Chips’ design is from @circateas (aaaaa hes so handsome look at the boi I love him so much! Lol i forgot the lines hhh)

[Please do not repost]

Dazai gets turned into a cat somehow and Atsushi is the only person [apart from Soseki probably] who can see what he used to look like/understand him, even though his appearance has been altered quite a bit. Dazai ended up at the agency because he learned that they were ability users and hoped they could turn him back, but they ended up keeping him as a pet.

I’m still so sleepy… though I figure it’s because it gets dark early now, though today has been fairly off. Some tea and an early bedtime might help…

sustisama  asked:

What if Bobby was a scientist and one of his experiments went wrong, resulting in him becoming evil? He would abduct people to experiment on them (along with other crimes aswell). The reader is a renowned genius detective, who has come to solve the mystery of Derry's missing people. Bobby finds this chase of cat & mouse to be exhilarating. This "relationship" of theirs becomes his obsession. Hcs please? (Evil Bobby has opened up a plethora of possibilities!)

My family is mad at me because I screeched like a god damn banshee after reading this(All I think of now is Evil Bobby😍)

  • You arrive to Derry and realize that the town looks almost empty, so you do some research before eventually learning about Robert Gray
  • Once you find out about him, he finds out about you and is not all too happy about you being brought
  • Though, he finds it to be a game now that he has somebody who is going to chase after him without fear and grows interested
  • Sometimes he is going to leave you clues and little “gifts” which will not be all too pleasing
  • There will be times when you meet up somehow and the situation will always have you pinned to the wall or you pinning him down on the ground
  • He’s going to take a special interest in you and will purposely get caught before he gets out of your clutches and runs off(thinking he’s a tease)
  • Sometimes he’s going to take “breaks” and not do anything at all because he wants to confuse you. Although in reality he wants to see if you’ll go after him to see what he’s plotting
  • Other times, he is going to let you escape in a few situations because he’s looking for a way to bring an end to you, and he wouldn’t want the game to end so soon
  • If you end up taking a certain interest in him, he’s going to notice and absolutely love it because there’s a mutual feeling and being on opposite sides makes it all so much more exciting.
  • With this situation, there will be some sexual tension which will lead to him pinning you a lot more while being a real tease and getting pretty handsy
  • And boy is he going to love it when you have him struggling under you, even chasing him will get him pretty excited 
  • Although, he will never really try anything and just leave you hanging every time
  • “Until next time, my dear (Y/N)~If you ever need me, you know where to find your loving Bobby~”

Colored of Flapper Glamoured Hilary. I had to learn a whole new other program for school since I had to stay away from photoshop and Procreate for some assignments, so I painted the sketch in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro app, because thats what my final has to be done on. Digital painting is still really hard for me, I’m not very good at it at all, but I hope this looks okay @littleagranger because now I’m working on Emily, as well as some finals for school. My whole week has been hell when it comes to technology because one program didn’t work and then my cat ate three of my iMac and iPad charging cables so I’m a little ticked with using my works for school. But of course I can’t be mad at my cat because he’s a kitten thats teething but god dammit still. Anyways, I let a load off, so I’m just gonna end this conversation with me hoping you enjoy this one colored piece I managed to do as an experiment to understand a new program that I still have no idea how to use it.

hellosterfry  asked:

ok but consider for the alice au: jeremy grew up really secluded from any kids his age, and he had private school lessons at his house, so when he fell down the rabbit hole he was really excited to meet people that at least looked to be his age (i have so many headcanons for this au i fell in love with it)

Everyone in wonderland loves jeremy and jeremy lives all of them and he never has friends he likes nearly as much as the ones he has in wonderland. They convinced him to leave when he was younger, but when he returns he stays for good bc what else could be better than being with his cat boyfriend and all his amazing friends!!

Highlight Reel Time!

Three Philly’s in this one

Dan straight up looking like Shawn Mendez in Phil’s shirt

Jump Scares like did they just read the bingo card and go off of that?

The return of Phil Howell

Dan tattooing his own face on Phil’s arm


Look guys, this is the third or so time we’ve gotten a good look at Phil’s butt. He obvs bottoms at least 40 percent of the time I mean did you see that jiggle? srsly the verse erasure has to stop

Dan being all maniacally happy about getting Phil back in the cheese costume, just to be put in it himself.

Dan’s hip-work “Cheese and ripped jeans” more like “I could be your angle or ur devil philly.”

bullying cole sprouse

“Did you miss this tickle?” someone get on that fic dialogue

“You’re an aged cat, and I’m a little kit”

“Nothing gets me riled like…” just the best

“Watch me dad”

Learning Phil doesn’t drive tho

The sensual alliteration of “Maybe you’d learn your lesson LESTER”

Dan’s “Not a Model Howell” pic

Just kill me this was everything.

I am so mad that someone declawed this cat. Declawed and then apparently dumped. Why do this to animals? I’m very much in the camp of animal welfare (not animal rights) but there is no positive side to declawing. My poor cat can’t even scratch himself. He walks with a limp too, and one of his rear toes has a pretty bad callous on it.

I’ll be taking him to the vet next week, get his leg looked at and some advice for how to make a declawed cat comfy and happy.

Poor guy.


spock holds things and looks cute

A closer look at the new Yuri!!! on CONCERT artwork

I have a little bit of time this morning, so I’m going to take a closer look at the new official artwork for Yuri!!! on CONCERT!

Yuuri is the only one not wearing black, and I like that detail because he’s the protagonist, after all. A midnight blue tux looks great on him, and I like that they chose to keep his hair natural instead of slicking it back – really keeps that “soft” aesthetic in place.

Victor’s wearing black but he stands out with the pinstripes. It’s also likely that he’s the concertmaster in this ensemble. And I don’t know if it’s just me or that we don’t have a super high-quality version of this art yet, but he almost looks like he’s looking at Yuuri (again)?

Phichit looks like he’s busking on a curb. Someone with art or Photoshop skills can do something with that, maybe. He gets to have a frilly shirt! A little extra detail but not overwhelming. The statement piece is obviously the hamster charm on the violin.

Yurio really decked out his tux. Not only was he extra and opted for one with coattails, he put on a Russia pin and probably some buttons with cats on them. I wonder if he’s on cello because it’s just bigger than the violin and he wanted his instrument to be bigger than Victor’s (not an intended innuendo). Also, he probably just has to play something that looks similar to Otabek’s.

Otabek is the picture of refinement on his double bass. He’s only adorned with a single pocket square in his tux. It also looks like he’s either wearing a vest underneath or maybe even suspenders?

Oh, JJ. He’s the viola, I think. It looks slightly bigger than Victor’s violin. JJ is just SITTING ON THE PIANO, and he’s trying to set himself apart by wearing a white jacket. He’s once again lifting his leg – he seems to do that every once in a while in official artwork?


I’m shocked but not really surprised that he’s put on the harp. He’s certainly one of the more “romantic” characters in YOI. He’s also sort of…winking? He’s probably comfortable with spreading his legs for this, though.


If anyone spots any other fun details, please feel free to add!

summersaltturn  asked:

"Have anyone told you you have the most intimidating nostrils I've ever seen?"

“Yeah, I won an award, junior year,” Derek answers, frowning at his new IKEA (bought and built, all in a soft Henley sweater; Stiles knows, he supervised) book-shelf, like he hasn’t just finished a seven hundred page tome on Egyptian artefacts. A seven hundred page tome on Egyptian artefacts alone.

Derek Hale: epic nerd and assembler of easy-to-build IKEA products. Of course, Stiles thinks, cursing his stupid Professor and DIY kinks. Why not? The worst part is, he doesn’t even think those kinks are sexual. It’s just….a thing. That he has. A Derek thing. The Butterflies That Live In His Stomach were trying so desperately to move on with their lives, too. They’d shopped around. Hired a real-estate agent. They were ready, goddammit!  

Derek settles on a book - Stiles is pretty sure it also has the word ‘artefacts’ in the title - and sighs, all feigned nostalgia, and glances over his shoulder. “It was a golden nose, too. Across the bottom it said,” he pauses, grinning, “Stiles Stilinski needs to get a life.”

Stiles opens his mouth, clutches his chest, because rude much? Is it his fault Derek’s nostrils belong in some kind of anatomy museum? Is it his fault his Saturday nights are spent playing video games in his underwear, when his week days are spent chasing down monsters and researching things like how Scott and Erica managed to contract chicken pox when stabbing them does, like, nothing? (Except get Erica excited because she’s a beautiful, terrifying weirdo.) The moment he tries to tell Derek this, however, a copy of - is that Pride and Prejudice? - is thrown at his head. 

Stiles doesn’t know if he’s more offended when Derek rolls his eyes when it misses him, or the concerned look that crosses his face when the book sails past him and lands in an empty pizza box, like Derek is worried if it’s okay or not. 

And to think, Stiles was going to screw up his courage and finally invite Derek to see a movie this weekend. In an actual theatre. Where people go to be normal. Well, the laugh is on Derek because Stiles is going to buy the big popcorn and he’s going to enjoy it all on his own. 

Yeah, that’ll show him. 


“Has anyone ever told you your eyebrows could star in a disturbing kid’s movie about caterpillars?” 

Stiles is drunk. No, he’s wasted. Hammered. Loaded. Completely and utterly shit faced. Which is probably why instead of ending up on his ass on the floor, Derek just pinches the bridge of his nose, tips his head against the back of the couch and says, “what.” Not even a hint of inflection.

This dude, Stiles thinks, and then laughs because, ohmygod, Derek is this dude now. Not that dude or whoa, what are you doing crawling through my window, dude? but this dude. And that’s kind of beautifully heart warming, in its own way. 

Really, Stiles should write into Hallmark. It could be a trilogy. A Gay Trilogy ™. Bisexuals on ice. Except, without the ice because Stiles doesn’t know how to skate. Can Derek skate? Stiles totally bets Derek can skate.   

Speaking of Derek, he’s got this little crinkle on his forehead now, right between his eyebrows, and man, they really are very nice eyebrows. Animated but nice. A little dramatic but nice. Murderous but nice.

“What,” Derek says again, looking more confused than annoyed by the second. Stiles really wants to kiss him.

Instead, he stares. Stares and stares and stares.


Slapping a hand over his mouth, he begins laughing uncontrollably and before he knows it, he’s clutching his sides and has his face pressed against Derek’s chest, because the hilarity is killing him. 

Because this is them now. Drinking peach-snaps at Derek’s loft, on a couch filled with throw pillows. Throw pillows. One is even soft and pink and frilly and another has a picture of the pack on it. Granted, no one is looking at the camera but Derek, Boyd and Kira and Derek is not so much looking at the camera as yelling at Stiles (holding the camera) for eating his secret stash of cookies, but it’s nice. It’s a nice picture. There is a plain black pillow too, of course. Somewhere. Stiles might be sitting on it, actually. He figures one can only expect so much when it comes to sour-wolves but Erica glued little cat ears on it last week and Derek said nothing. Fuck, he’d even smiled.

It says a lot about what a secret softie Derek is when it comes to vulnerable, drunk-ass people, because he doesn’t push Stiles away; just lets him laugh and laugh until he passes out, drooling on his chest. 

When Stiles wakes up, Derek’s sweater is pretty soaked through but he hasn’t moved an inch. He does, however, tell Stiles he snores like a deranged goose and that he owes him a pastry later.

He doesn’t even ask for a specific kind, Stiles chastises in his head, falling back to sleep. He’s in love with a pastry idiot. 


“Do you know when you smile, you brighten up the whole damn room?”

The question clearly catches Derek off guard because he falls head first…into a duck pond. 

Stiles’ first reaction is to jump in after him - he hates to admit it, but he gets a little nervous around water when Derek is with him; there have been several incidents where he’s unconsciously grabbed Derek’s hand in order to drag him away from pools and, one time, a very large puddle - but when Derek emerges, wearing his someone is about to die face, Stiles can’t be held accountable for the way he falls to the ground because, yup, that’s a tiny, outraged duckling perched on top of Derek’s head.   

“Oh my god,” he yells, rolling onto his back and kicking his legs in the air. He feels like a kid, grabbing his stomach, water practically pouring from his eyes. This was, quite possibly, the best day of his life.

Normally, Derek would be yelling threats - several, in fact, some in Spanish because he’s a show off - but he just stands there….in the middle of a fucking pond. The duckling is still sitting on his head, like he or she plans to set up home there and it’s so adorable Stiles thinks he actually coos out loud.

Still, Derek still doesn’t say anything. Not even when Stiles coos again, very, very deliberately. (And Scott said his middle name could never be Danger, pffft.) Stiles can’t actually guess what Derek is going to do but he doesn’t care. He looks a strange cross between wanting to murder someone - namely, Stiles - and a little kid who was told they couldn’t get a puppy only to get one on Christmas day anyway. 

Mostly, he just looks lost. And wet. Very, very wet. Somewhere out there, someone is playing It’s Raining Men and Stiles wants nothing more than to share this glorious moment with them. He’s just in the process of taking out his phone to at least snap a photo to send to the pack when - 

“Did you mean it?” Derek asks, and man, those water droplets just keep on running, don’t they. 

Stiles grins. “Did I mean for you to fall into a pond and adopt a new feathered friend? No but I think we can all agree-” 


Derek growls and it would be effective - at least in getting Stiles to help him out of the pond - if it wasn’t for the fact his ears were turning a little pink. A lot pink, actually and - 


Sitting up, Stiles drags his butt over to the edge of the pond.

“Yeah,” he says. “I meant it. I mean, smiles can’t literally light up rooms, I know that, but when you smile it’s like…” He sighs and flaps his arms, suddenly nervous, hitting Derek in the process. The duckling practically glares at him and Stiles briefly wonders if he has competition here. 

Right. Better make this good then. He clears his throat. 

“It’s like, everything just makes sense for a little bit, you know? I look at you and it’s not that smiling is rare for you, at least not anymore, but it’s still pretty thrilling to see it and when you do I’m like, that’s some quality shit right there but then I get confused because it’s like, do I wanna punch it? Kiss it? Pet it? Who knows. Usually it depends on what you’re wearing.” 

Derek blinks and Stiles groans because, yeah, he just said that out loud. In real time. To Mr McGrumpy himself. Who is currently not reacting.


“Uh, I mean,” he attempts to correct himself but it’s too late. Derek is already slowly pulling him in and pressing his lips to his in what is the single most innocent, chaste kiss of Stiles’ life - because, you know, duckling and head movements - but somehow, it still manages to be perfect. 

“Nice,” Stiles whispers, after, waggling his eyebrows.

Derek snorts and kisses him again.


“Turn it off,” Derek whines, nuzzling further into Stiles’ neck. “This is why I leave my phone in the kitchen. Like we discussed.

Stiles tries to swat him, ends up kissing his temple. Sue him, he’s tired. “Says the person who can afford to leave their phone in the kitchen. We don’t all have supernatural hearing, asshole.”

Derek whines again. “You also have the worst taste in ringtones.”

Stiles gasps, suddenly sitting up. Well, he tries to. When your boyfriend is made of muscle and is half lying on top of you, it makes moving a lot more difficult. Not that Stiles is really complaining. Much. “I’ll have you know Bushes of Love is a Star Wars parody classic.”    

Derek rolls his eyes, Stiles can feel it, says, “just answer it, sweetums.” 

“Ugh,” Stiles grimaces, “I already told you I’m sorry for the pet-name thing. It was an accident!”

“Calling me your ‘slutty buddy’ in front of your dad was meant as a pet name?”

“It sounded better in my head!”  

Derek groans and wraps an “exasperated” arm around Stiles’ waist. Oh. So. Exasperated. Stiles grins. “Answer. Your. Phone.” 

Stiles finds his phone on the fifth try.

He has fifteen missed calls, all from Erica. Texts too. Every single one is a link to some article online, followed by a string of heart and eggplant emojis.   

Young Love and the Ugly Duckling’,” Stiles reads, clicking on the link. “Uhhh, Derek?” He prods him. 


There’s a picture of us in the online Beacon Gazette,” looking into each other’s eyes, like a pair of love sick fools, Stiles wants to add because, wow, is he really that obvious when he looks at Derek? To be fair though, Derek isn’t much better and he is the one with an angry bird on his head.

He prods Derek again and again until he finally gives in, makes him look at the phone. 

“Huh,” he says, blinking at it. “Fred looks pretty pissed that I’m kissing you.” His face breaks out in a smug grin and Stiles rolls his eyes. Hard. 

“You are aware Fred is a duckling, right?” 

“Yes.” Derek grins harder, showing all his teeth, although his cheeks do colour slightly when he catches Stiles’ eye. 

Stiles sighs, totally not fond. “They couldn’t have come up with a better title, though?” he asks, brandishing his phone. “The Ugly Ducking, really?” 

Yeah,” Derek says, frowning. “I mean, I wouldn’t go as far as to call you ugly.” He laughs and Stiles smacks him across the chest with a loud, “hey!”

They both turn back to look at the picture. 

“We look so stupid,” Stiles whispers, shaking his head and biting his thumb. We fit, he thinks. We look like we fit. 

Leaning in, Derek smiles at him. “We do,” he agrees, burying his face back into the warmth of Stiles’ neck, muttering something about home and content and stupid Star Wars parodies.

Stiles snaps a selfie, captions it goals, and sends it to Erica. 

andromedasstars  asked:

hi your andriel 'I hate Neil Josten and his pretty face' headcanon is beautiful and pure and wholesome and has healed my soul and i was hoping you'd be open to expanding on Neil's 'revenge' calling out Andrew and being dorky in the process?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much and, sure, here you go!

  • Andrew is waiting for it
  • he knows Josten’s too much of an actual child to let go of the video
    • no matter that he solved the coming-out problem
    • and made Renee and Reynolds a tonshit of money
    • fucker never knows when to back down, does he?
  • so really
  • he’s not that surprised when Nicky sends him a link to some live streaming website
  • there’s 10-reasons-to-hate-Andrew-Minyard-by-Neil-Josten in the page name so it’s not hard to guess what’s going to happen

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my roommate had a photoshoot with my majestic princess, max. is he not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen ever?

Shit my wife has said to our cat, part 6

- Eat your gruel, orphan. Big Momma loves you.

- Is the devil your sponsor? Was he there as your midwife to usher you into this world?

- Are you poxed, you sunnovabitch? Look at him! He’s poxed!

- (singing) you’re just a chicken in a cat suiiiit!

               -(still singing, to the tune of Nelly Furtado’s hit single) I’m like a biiiird, a               chicken in cat suit! I can’t fly awayyyy! Cause chickens can’t flyyyyy.

- Throw some dirt on it! You’re terrible! You’re beautiful! You’re a gremlin! You’re so…. fucking CUTE.

- You love me so much and I don’t give a lick! That’s not true. I’d save you from a fire, I guess, if you were conveniently found. I mean, if you were waiting by the door I’d pick you up. 

- Kill the string! Murder it so it cannot have children.

- You just had to be an eyeball-sniffing bitch!

- Hi, buddy! How’s it going? We were just talking about wieners. Half of yours was cut off!

- You moved so I could hold your belly! Your belly is a superhighway to your butt! We learned about your body today, Miss Kitty! Science and anatomy! 

- You purr because you are full of bees, angry bees that you swallowed because you are the swallower of bee worlds. 

- Oh my God your face! Your stupid fucking face! You’re so cute? Put it in a box you stupid face. Face. FACE.

- That’s right! Big momma knows how to love you right! That should be the name of my boxcar band.

- You should be dipped in soapy water and used to clean dishes. At least you’d get a bath then, you little shit.

- You’re okay. No, no, you’re a shithead, but on my list of shitheads you’re pretty high up there.

- I just peed for like thirty minutes. My bladder was so full it was painful. And I’m telling you this, cat, because you seem to want to piss everywhere.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

a lil’ practice activity in diversifying faces ft. the space cat squad