and look at yixing covering up for him

EXO’s Reaction to you nibbling on a chocolate bar



*He’d be so smiley. Watching you cutely nibbling on chocolate, it can’t get any cuter. When you were halfway through with the bar, you looked at up with big eyes and smiled. That made him go shy and cover his face.*

“There is no way your this old but still look adorable.”

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*Somehow found a way to make it into a contest.*

“She thinks she’s cute, chewing on that chocolate bar and looking cute? Well guess what…I’m cuter…I’m waayy cuter..”

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*Cutest human ever. He’d be smiling and watching you eat, sometimes asking you to break him a piece.*

“Teach me how to eat cutely like you.”

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*Takes a deep breath to calm himself. Doesn’t know if he’s turned on or if he fell in love with you more. I mean, you look cute but so alluring at the same time. HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!*

“So like…do you have to eat it that slow?…Can I have a piece??”

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*Find it cute for 2.5 seconds before he decided to turn it into a game.*

“I will give you a two second head start before that bar of chocolate is mine.”

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*He thinks he can see right through you. Getting the wrong intentions and eventually embarrassing himself.*

“Look at her…she knows exactly what she’s doing. Eating slowly and trying to seduce me…well it’s not going to work…And you know what…two can play that game. I’ll eat slowly and seduce her too….I’m so smart. 10 points to Chanyeol.”

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*Stares at you with the move love he could ever give to anybody. You looked extremely adorable and he couldn’t help but blush and smile like a fool.*

“Hey, hey sweetheart! Darling, cutie pie!..look over here.”

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*It’s been so long since he’d had chocolate. Watching you made him hungry and a bit, just a bit, frisky ;)*

“Hey babe…you want to share that? No, don’t give me a piece…You know exactly I want it, so come over here and let me have a taste.”

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*Offended. Not only did you not choose to share, you also took the last bar. In his heart, you looked hella cute but in his mind, you were provoking him.*

“You know, you look adorable and everything but, if you keep on eating that, I will make you go buy me a new bar.”

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Guys, I need more reaction requests. Lol, this one is the last one in my inbox.