and look at yixing covering up for him

Wake Me Up

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Yixing (Lay)

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 1,386

Summary:  It’s a lazy Saturday morning and you just want to sleep in. Yixing has other ideas.

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EXO Has an Innocent S/O

Contains: fluff / swears / protection / alcohol / G-rated ears

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// Minseok

“Hahaha!” Baekhyun and Chanyeol laughed.  You had lost again.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered at Minseok, who said it was okay and picked up the two shot glasses.  He coughed because the soju went down wrong.  You patted his back and he nodded that he was okay.  You two were on a team and were losing more than you expected to.  But since you didn’t drink, Minseok had agreed to drink for both of you when you lost.

“Are you sure?“ you whispered.  “We can stop playing.  Let’s stop.”

You brought Minseok to his room and helped him lay down.  You brought him water and bread and let him lean against you.

“Ugh… I’m glad you don’t drink, Jagi.”

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// Junmyeon

You were out at the mall, hand in hand with Junmyeon.

“You hungry?” he asked.

You nodded and led to toward the food court, where you got a bowl of noodles to share.

You had just begun eating when a fight broke out right next of you.  Two guys stood up and began loudly swearing at each other.

Junmyeon was quick to remove you from the area, covering your ears to minimize what you heard.  You were a little shaken after witnessing it, even when you were away from the food court.

“That was soooo crazy!” he said in an exaggerated way, easing your nerves and making you laugh.  “Do you want to leave?”

“We didn’t get to finish our food… we should go back and get it.“

“Okay.” He held you close to him as you returned to the food court, where you saw the police pulling the fighters away from the area.

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// Yixing

You were watching Go Fighting! together, laughing at his reactions and all the antics.  You were curled up in his lap with a big blanket draped over the both of you.

As everyone was fishing around in the show, you heard something you didn’t expect to hear.

“OH $¢£§!“  It was from Yixing in the show, and you immediately tensed up.

“Oh nooo!” he laughed, covering your ears so you wouldn’t hear the replays.  “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I forgot about that part!!  Aiyo…”

You looked behind you with wide eyes.

“I saw a snake in there, I was so surprised, it was completely involuntary,“ he told you, but you were still pretty shocked by it.  “Do you still want to watch?“

You nodded and he promised there wouldn’t be any more moments like that, especially not coming from him.

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// Baekhyun

Baekhyun was playing League of Legends with Minseok and, unlike how they usually play, it was getting really heated.  He must have forgotten that you were right behind him watching, because he let out a whole string of expletives when they lost.

“Aiiish, 40 minutes for nothing.”  He spun around in his chair and when he saw you there he quickly covered his mouth.

“J-Jagiya, you didn’t hear that!!” he tried to deny.  “I said “truck” not… not what you think I said… oh gosh, I’m in trouble.“

Minseok was laughing at him as he got out of his seat to hug you and take you away from the room.  “You didn’t hear that, you didn’t hear that….”

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// Jongdae

You had come with CBX on tour and after their last concert, and the boys were ready to celebrate at the hotel before going home.

“It’s a party day, it’s a party day!” Baekhyun sang.

“What’s everyone having?” Minseok asked, so he could bring back enough drinks for everyone.

“______ will just have soda,“ Jongdae answered for you.

“You sure?  You may not have fun,” Baekhyun asked you.

“______ can still be fun without drinking, right?“ he asked, and you nodded, smiling that he was so understanding.

And you did have fun!  So much fun, that they had to call hotel security on your room, and it was only the four of you!

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// Chanyeol

It was finally date night and you had taken all day to prepare and to look your best.  You’d be going to a new fancy restaurant, you knew that, but Chanyeol had told you the rest of the evening would be a surprise.  You only knew to wear something upscale, so you did.

When you came downstairs to tell him you were ready, he was not prepared.

“Oh $#!t!” he jumped up and yelled before realizing what he had said and covered his mouth.  He had startled himself too, and had also knocked over a lamp when he jumped, which popped with light when it hit the floor.  “Oh $#!t!” he yelped again.

You didn’t like hearing those words, but he was so flustered and clumsy you couldn’t help but laugh.

“Stop it!” you said, hitting his arm.  “Be careful, I think you broke the light bulb.”

“Sorry, Jagi, you just look so amazing!!  Do you forgive me?”

You did forgive him, and later on in the night when he took you to the beach for a surprise, you laughed about it some more.

// Kyungsoo

You two were on the couch eating popcorn and watching Kyungsoo’s latest film.  It was a tense scene between Kyungsoo and the other male lead and you were hanging onto his arm as things got more heated between the characters.

When you heard the barrage of R-rated language, you covered your ears and buried your face in his chest.  He was so startled by your reaction that he paused the movie.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, petting your hair.

“I can’t believe they made you say those words!”

“Well, it was in the script, it’s what the character would say,” he said with a small laugh.  “Here, we can mute this scene, I’ll just tell you what happens, okay?”

You nodded and he unpaused the movie, narrating the remainder of the scene, then unmuting the TV.  But in the next scene, Kyungsoo had to take off his shirt, and you weren’t prepared for that either.

“Ohmygoodness!” you screamed, both unable to turn away and unable to keep looking.  Your eyes darted around the room as he chuckled next to you before pausing again.  “Did everyone see you like that?” you asked with your eyes closed.

“They were just the cast and crew, it’s okay!”  He rubbed your back and held you until you looked up at him.  “Want to watch something else?” he asked.

You felt guilty, because you had promised him you’d watch his movie, but you weren’t sure how much more you could take.  “…maybe let’s take a break…”

“Okay, I’m tired of watching myself anyway.”  He turned on Pororo and let you snuggle him as you two watched that instead.

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// Jongin

EXO was having a fun night in, telling jokes and laughing.  It was all in good fun, but it was getting a bit out of hand in your opinion and it was beginning to make you uncomfortable.

“Guys, stop it!“ Jongin suddenly called out over the noise, and everyone in the room got quiet.  “Don’t use that kind of language around ______.”

Jongin looked down at you and patted your back, and you uncovered your ears.

There were some quick apologies from the other members.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” you said quietly, but Jongin wasn’t through being mad at the members who had yelled out the swears.

“Go wash your mouths out with soap, all of you!”

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// Sehun

You and Sehun were on your way to an all-inclusive trip to a resort in Cancun.  That meant unlimited free food, entertainment, and drinks for a whole week.  While you were excited, you wanted to make sure Sehun knew what your boundaries were.

“Sehun?”  You tapped his shoulder and he took out his earphones.  “You excited?“

“Of course.”

“I just wanted to clarify… you know I don’t drink, right?”

“You don’t?  Not even on holidays?”

“Nope, never.“

“Huh… Okay.”  He looked forward, then back at you.  “Can I still drink?”

“Yes, I just won’t drink with you.”

He nodded.  “What are you most excited for?”

“The beach and the sand, I think.  What are you the most excited to do?”

Sehun took a deep breath.  “Well…” (see gif)

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Tutor (M) - Zhang Yixing

A/N: I loved this request so much! It was so much fun to write this. Hope everyone likes it! -Admin Grace

Genre: Smut, fluff

Length: 1.7k

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EXO’s Reaction to your sick dance moves



*Pleasantly surprised. He knew you dance but this is the first time he’s seen it live. Needless to say, he loved it and sometimes gets distracted during a performance thinking about it.*

“Damn…she’s really, really good. I wonder if she’d give me a personal show, if you know what I mean..”

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*Loves your dancing, whether it was to be ridiculous of professional. He shows his love from the side lines or sometimes even on stage.*

“No matter how professional she looks, I am always going to show her love with this dance.”

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*Both proud and impressed. He’s seen you dance a few times before but this was something different. He loved it when you danced and love it even more when you invite him to join.*

“We’re so in sync. Everyone, this is my girl. Isn’t she wonderful? I can go on talking but I don’t want to distract you all from her amazing dance moves.”

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*He challenged you to a dance battle, not knowing that you were one hell of a dancer. Just when he thought he was going to get the last laugh, he was wrong. You were going easy on him all this time.*

“How dare she lead me on? How dare she make me think that she can’t dance? She made me look like a fool! Well jokes on her, I sing better…”

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*Has no idea what happened. All he knew, you didn’t know how to dance and now, it looked like you found some new powers. He doesn’t show it but he wants you to teach him.*

“What…wha…how did you-? What happened?”

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*You never really told him you were a professional dancer, so, when Baekhyun challenged you to dance and you kicked his butt, he’ll be surprised for a while.*

“Wow babe. That was..quite a show…Where um..where did you learn to dance like that?”

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*He knew you danced very well. So, when Chanyeol pointed at you and declared a dance battle, he was sitting in the back, phone in hand and video taping while holding in his laughter for Chanyeol’s inevitable defeat.*

“He has absolutely no idea what is about to hit him. I love (Y/n) so much.”

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*Shocked and slightly mad that you never even thought to tell him you had godlike dancing powers. In his mind, two dancers make the ultimate couple. So, every time you danced in front of him, he’d give you a look (like the gif).*

“Look at her. Look at her dancing. She never even told me that was that good. If I had known, we would be unstoppable.”

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*100% smug. A bit ticked off that you never told him but to cover it up, he pretended that he was still better. In his mind, you were at his level already.*

“Pshhh….You still have a long way to go if you wanted to be better than me.”

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Exo When their S/O has a tattoo and they try to hide it

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Junmyeon definitely strikes me as the traditional type.  Here’s the thing, though, he’s practically lived his whole life surrounded by people with tattoos of both genders.  At this point, he’s use to it by now.  So when he discovers that you also have a tattoo, he might be initially surprised by it, but it isn’t going to change the way he thinks about you.  In fact, I feel like Junmyeon would be the type to really enjoy and marvel at the super colorful and aesthetically pleasing tattoos, bonus points if it’s watercolor!  There’s just something super artistic about it that he would think it only enhances your beauty.  Junmyeon will wonder why you were so adamantly trying to keep it from him, but once you explain it was because you knew Korean society wasn’t too hot on them, he’d tell you not to pay any attention to their standards.  “Jagiyah, you’re dating me, not the whole of Korea.   I happen to really like your tattoo.  I’ll even go with you if you want to get another one.  Honestly, you’re beautiful no matter what.”

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KINK ALERT! KINK ALERT!  I don’t know why, but Minseok strikes me as someone who has a tattoo kink.  Like maybe not a super hardcore one, but enough to where it’s definitely a turn on.  You’ll stretch your arms over your head casually after a long movie marathon, your shirt riding up enough to expose the colorful tattoo resting on the inside of your hip.  BAM! Minseok would be transfixed!  He’ll ask you when you got it and all the subsequent questions that go along with such a discovery.  Don’t worry too much if he seems lost in that beautiful head of his or if his eyes kind of glaze over, he’s just playing though some fantasies, he’ll be back.  Your tattoo will become his new favorite part of your body.  He’ll flower bruises all around it, kiss it, nip at it, trace it (fingers, tongue–whatever he’s feeling at the time tbh), etc.  It’s in such a place that he doesn’t have to worry about it being found by anyone else, but dear lord, please do not make the mistake of showing it off to anyone else (even by accident).  That is for his eyes only and he’ll make sure you know.  “Jagi, you were trying to hide this from me?  But I love your tattoo!   Do I need to show you how much?”

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This muffin seems like he might be more on the traditional side, but honestly, Yixing will love his s/o no matter what.  I think it will be super surprising for him.  He wasn’t expecting to catch a glimpse of anything on your shoulder, but there it was as clear as day.  It will definitely take a moment to register what exactly it is his eyes are seeing, down to that adorable ‘o’ face he’s so famous for, but the second you go to pull on a sweater or cover it up with your hands, this guy will be swatting your hands out of the way so he can have a closer look.  He’ll ask questions about it, curiosity being a given, but Yixing is an absolute sweetheart, so more than anything he’ll want to know if it had been a painful experience.  To him that’s all that matters.  He just wants you to be safe and sound, so the prospect of you going through something so seemingly painful (even if it was by choice) would startle him.  If you said you were planning on getting more, his reaction would probably mirror panic. “What?  You want more?  How many?  No, no, of course I don’t mind, Baobei, but it hurts, right?  Are you sure it’s something you really want to do?”

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I Am An Alpha Ch 7: Yixing

I hope this makes up for being MIA for a few days

“Is all of this really for me?” My jaw drops and my mouth waters at the sight of the beautifully set table with many kinds of food covering it. “I’ve never seen this much food before.” The wolf on my left hums as he leads me closer to the table, he nudges the head chair before looking at me expectantly. I quickly obey and curl up in the seat. I’m thankful Yixing has also given me one of his hoodies to keep warm in such a big house. He lays down at my side allowing me to eat alone, I sigh, when is he going to realize I don’t want to be alone. I use my foot to push the next to me out making him jump. “Join me?”

He hops up on to the seat and stares at me.

“What would you like?” I muse scanning over all the dishes, most consisting of marinated meats and vegetables. He continues to stare at me and I swear I can see him smiling. “You can transform back into a human if you want. I promise I won’t be scared anymore.”

He shakes his head.


His eyes scan over the room and even into the living room.

“Ah, you don’t want to leave me alone again, right?”

He nods.

“What a shame, I would really like to talk to you,” I hum as I pet his head. His massive head leans into my touch eagerly. “Well I guess since you can’t tell me what you want you are going to eat what I give you.” I take the empty plate that had been left for me and quickly begin filling it with a little of everything that was on the table until there is no room left. “How does that look?” I set it down in front of him and watch for any kind of reaction. He stares down at the food before looking at me, concern in those golden eyes. I chuckle, “Don’t worry Hyung, I’ll eat too.”

I begin picking off each plate and shoving the food into my mouth eagerly, hoping that he would eat too.  After I stuff down a few bites he eagerly begins eating too. I’m proud of myself, see, I tell myself, I can do this!

“How are things tasting?” Baekhyun muses as he places a hand on my shoulder. I’m out of my chair before I even know it, my teeth bared at the sudden intruder. His hands are up in surrender, “It’s just me.” The moment I realize that it’s him I stand up straight and give him an apologetic smile.

“I’m so sorry Hyung!”

“You are fine,” He gestures for me to return to my seat, “Your pack mentioned something about how you won’t be used to physical affection, I’m sorry. I just got excited.”

“They’re right, beyond my pack I never received any kind of love or gentleness so I’m going to have to get used to it.”

He nods, “I think that is one of the reasons we let Lay take care of you, he has the most self control out of us. Especially right now, I’m so impressed and kind of jealous.”

Yixing lets out a low growl.

“Don’t worry Hyung I’m just stopping in to make sure she’s enjoying her food and her silent company.”

“I told him he could transform back but he doesn’t want to leave me alone.”

“He is right, not all of us have his ability to stand this close to you for a long period of time without being all over you. I heard that Kai couldn’t even last a minute once he caught her scent.”

I wrap my arms around myself, his stare making me uncomfortable, “You heard about that?”

“I also heard that Kris got to touch you,” He takes a step closer making me curl tighter in my chair.

“I figured it would be fair, I owed him.”

“For what? If anything he owed you for attacking you all those year ago.”

I gulp, “I shot him.”

“This is getting so exciting!”

Yixing growls once again when he comes even closer.

“I would leave if I were you,” I suggest sensing the hostile energy coming off the wolf. “He doesn’t look like he’s in the best mood.”

Baekhyun suddenly looses his happy smile, “Do you want me to go?”

“That’s not it, I just-“ I’m cut off by the sound of excited boys speaking loudly and rushing in our direction. Again I’m out of my chair, but this time before they enter the room. My back is to Yixing, at this point I feel like he is the only person I can trust to stand behind me.

“Go quick, they just came back from a quick run, their instincts are still going to be really strong. We don’t want them getting too excited when they see you, go back to Yixing hyung’s room and I’ll bring some more food up, but you need to go now.” Baekhyun shoos me out of the dining room.

I follow Yixing back up stairs, pouting a bit, “I wasn’t scared for once and now I’m running.” At the top of the stairs I hesitate and almost consider going back down, I might not be this brave later on. By brave I mean I’m not shaking in my boots like a pup and I feel like I could actually look them in the eye. But Yixing nudges me forward, I trust him to know best. Back in his room I’m cautious of where I stand so I end up standing in the middle of the room like an idiot. He gestures to the door with his nose, asking me to lock it, which I quickly obey before he disappears into the closet.

“Feel free to sit on the bed,” His voice startles me. Of course he transformed back to his human form, I even told him too but why do I suddenly feel nervous? I take this moment to mental prepare myself to have one on one time with one of my mates for the first time. I can do this.  “Or if you don’t feel comfortable with that you can continue to stand in the middle of the room,” He teases as he comes out of the closet.  I turn around to face him and automatically regret it.

He is so good looking. In sweat pants and a t-shirt he is wearing what I’ve seen my pack mates wear a thousand times but on him but just looks so much more sexy. He pushes his black hair out of his face and gives me a small smile that has my heart racing. Of course he notices it and automatically switches from charming to panic. He rushes over to me, his hands hold on to my upper arms.

“Are you okay?” He worries. “I’m not scaring you am I?”

“No!” I answer quickly, and a bit too aggressive. I find myself covering my mouth from embarrassment.  

“Than what’s wrong?”

I nibble on my lip before admitting, “You just made my heart race, that is all, I’m sorry for worrying you.”

“Oh,” His grip on me loosens but he doesn’t let go, a small smile forms on those pretty pink lips. We just stand there for a minute enjoying each others company, I let my hands hold on to his forearms and smile at the electric sensation between our skin. After a long moment he asks me, “Could I ask you a few questions about you and your past?” Looking up at him I know it was a hard question to ask, I’m expert when it comes to reading peoples body language and facial expressions, it also helps that Yixing seems to be an open book. It allows me to know that him and the rest of his pack are very concerned about what could have happened to me, that strangely warms my heart.

“Of course, ask anything you want, I’m not shy about my past,” I try to give him a non-awkward smile as I let him lead me toward the bed. I sit on the left side with my back pressed against the headboard, I almost consider going under the covers but kill the idea when I think about what could happen with us under the covers together. My cheeks burn at the thought of anything dirty.

“I’m going to get more blankets, Sehun and some of the others like the house cold at night so we are going to need them,” He says as he leaves the room.

When he is gone I let out a breath I didn’t even known I was holding, oh my god, he’s so cute. I can’t believe he is part of this pack, he seems far to sweet but I guess I have no room to judge. I grimace at the thought of them seeing the real me, but at the same time I can’t wait for it. They are going to be blown back, the idea has me giggling so hard I don’t hear Yixing coming back in.

“What a beautiful sound,” He muses, “What has you giggling so hard?”

“Nothing,” I lie with my big doe eyes.

He doesn’t question it, he just chuckles to himself as he lays out a couple of blankets over the bed. I relax into the bed and sigh, I can’t even remember the last time I slept on a real bed. It must have been around the time we got Kookie, so around 25-28 years ago? Oh god it has been too long. My embarrassment of sharing covers is taken over by my urge to burry myself in the comfort of all these blankets and pillows. Yixing just watches as I burrow under the covers and into the calling warmth.

“Are you having fun?” He chuckles once again.

I nod, “It have been a long time since I’ve slept in a bed and it definitely wasn’t this soft and it sure as hell didn’t smell as good.” The last part kind of slips out and I find myself blushing. I realize that’s why this bed seems so inviting, sure the bed is soft and the blankets are warm but it is his alpha pheromones calling me to him and his territory.

“What do I smell like to you?” He wonders as he crawls on to the bed, he lays on his stomach.

“You smell sweet,” I hum as I try to think of more descriptive words. “You make me think of when I would mix honey in with my tea.”

“I smell like honey tea?” He mocks.

I nod, “I love the smell of honey tea. But before I let you mock me, tell me what I smell like to you.”

“Spring, like the beginning of spring when all the flowers are blooming and everything is waking up after winter.”

I smile, “You said you wanted to ask me a few questions?”

“Aw yes!” He pops up to rest on his elbows, “I actually have more than a few but they are not all my own. Kris hyung and the others were sending me some when I was in my wolf form.”

“I completely forgot about the telepathy.”

He cocks his head in confusion, “You don’t transform often do you?”

I shake my head, “I haven’t transformed in over a year, it makes it harder for people to sense us on their territory when we are in human form.”

“What about before you were out of the army? Did you transform often?”

“Nope, we weren’t allowed to. They thought that if our wolves had the chance to dominate our mind we would rebel.”

“Do you miss transforming?”

“I would like to be able to run freely, I haven’t done that in so long. The last time I let my wolf take over completely was right after we were set free. All of us did it, in turns, half of us went while the others stayed back to keep an eye on your stuff. But when I went out I didn’t come back for a whole day,” I grin at the memory. “It felt so amazing to be that free, I have no idea how I got my wolf to turn back for my pack.”

“Why didn’t you start being a normal female omega after you were freed?”

“In all honesty I was really scared of the idea. I mean even if I started acting like a normal girl and dressed like one my pack would have treated me the same but I didn’t want others to think of me as some weak link. Not to mention it would have added a target on not just my back but my packs as well. Most male packs would kill for a female omega, mate or not, it was something to fuck. I wanted to avoid the attention and at the same time I also didn’t want to loose my title.” I pat my chest proudly, “I am an alpha. I made it into the top hunter party of the blood red army. Even though I didn’t enjoy what I was doing to the innocent I was happy about the fear I could strike into the other soldiers who looked like they were enjoying the horrible things we were doing.”

“My mate is so strong,” He coos.

“What about you?”

“What about me?”

“How did you end up here?” I scoot a little bit closer to him but there is still a massive space in between us on the king sized bed.

“Nothing even near as exciting as your story, my brothers and I just took over this territory from our father and we’ve just expanded it a bit but that is just about it.”

I scoff, “That is not just about it, you are the black dragons! I’ve heard scary stories about you, you guys wiped out the whole entire red ribbon army, while at least most of them. Some were too good to be caught,” I mock with my tongue out.

“We are pretty brutal people, but I don’t want you to know that side of us until you get to know us. I don’t want you to know anything but warmth and love from us.” He reaches out and strokes my head softly.

“Too late for that Hyung,” I chuckle. “I was already attacked by head alpha and shot him, I already know your dark and wild sides, well his not yours.”

“Kris ge,” Yixing corrects.

“Kris ge,” I echo.

He nods, “Ge would not like you being so formal with him, he already feels like you hate him.”

“I don’t hate him.”

“Make sure you let him know that when you see him.”

“He isn’t sleeping this early is he? Could he be doing work or something?”

“He’s most likely working, why?”

“I don’t hate you Kris ge!” I sort of yell, loud enough for him to hear where ever he is in the house but not loud enough to bust an eardrum.

Yixing laughs so hard he has to hold his stomach, “Couldn’t wait could you?”

“I don’t want something like that weighing down on his mind.”

“Such a sweet girl.”

“I’m not usually like this so enjoy it, my hyungs and dongseangs would have a field day with this.”

“I will definitely enjoy this.”

We lay there for hours talking about everything and anything. We slowly scoot closer and closer together until my head is resting on his shoulder. Our hands are collapsed together, fingers intertwined. Yixing has tucked us both under the covers hours ago when the house already started getting colder, his body makes the perfect heater. He offers to sleep on the floor or in another room but I quickly shut that idea down.

“Did you ever feel scared and alone out there being an omega?”

“I felt lots of things when I was out there. I felt weak, scared, stupid, useless, but never once did I feel alone. I always had someone, I always had my pack. Sure some times we would get separated for a little while due to missions but never for more than a day. Loneliness is foreign to me or at least I thought it was.”

“Trust me, you are never going to feel lonely here, there will always be someone trying to get your attention so you can rest easy.”

“Good, I don’t even want to imagine life all by myself,” The horrifying thought has me snuggling into Yixing’s embrace. He doesn’t seem to mind one bit, in facts he wraps his arms around me and pulls me closer.

“Is this okay?”

“This is more than okay,” I mumble as I finally burry my face in the crook of his neck.

“Good, because there was no way in hell I was going to be letting you go.”

 Here you go! *Throws glitter aggressively into your face*

Little Big Secret pt.5 (final)

<– Part 4 |

Genre: Fluff/Angst
Warnings: Angst, bashing SM (sorrynotsorry), probably wrong representation of photography industry don’t bash me. Insinuations of sex, but no actual smut.
Pairing: Reader x Yixing/Lay
Wordcount: 2648
A/N: This is my goodbye to this series, the first series I finished on this blog. I hope you guys enjoyed it and enjoy this part. Send me some feedback!

With Yixing you had definitely gotten so much more than you bargained for. So much more, and only in a good way. Especially when you found yourself panting in his arms, heart hammering in your chest as he chuckled against your ear. He was drawing soft shapes on you bare hip under the covers, propped up on one arm to look at you. The look of love and desire in his eyes made you shiver, and you pulled him down for a kiss. Capturing his lips with yours, and he growled softly as you bit his lip. He deepened the kiss, rolling over you. The delicious feeling of his skin on yours rose goosebumps on your arms, and still sent sparks down your spine. Where he was so sweet and gentle, his tongue was devilish, and he could make you moan by just kissing you. And right now that was just what he was doing as he massaged your tongue with his, hands finding the place on your hips where his fingers left bruises earlier.

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Dragon Spell Part IV [Yixing x Reader]

Rating: M +18 

Warnings: Sex 

Word Count: 1624

A week has passed since the incident and Yixing was currently typing away on his computer.  You had your legs over the side of the pool as you gave Tanis a bath.  She hummed as you rubbed her scales.  

“You’re spoiling her.”  Yixing mumbled as he clicked away on keys.  

“You don’t so someone has too.”  You smiled as she slowly slide under the water rinsing off.  You giggled as she rubbed up against your feet.  Looking over at the clock, you let out a yawn.  It was close to 1 in the morning as you’ve been putting off sleep.  Yixing has been sneaking into your room since the incident.  Sometimes you were either just about to get to sleep when he crawls in either behind you or close enough not to disturb the sleeping dragon by your side.  The other times you awake to him leaving the bed, his arms slowly untangling you from him.  You pretend to be asleep as to not overthink anything.  

“Nice and clean Tanis?”  He asked as the snake transformed into a young girl.  Her hair draped around her and in her pajamas instead of usual dress.  

“How do you do that?”  You asked looking at the cute outfit.

“I think really hard about what i’m wearing before I’m transform.”  She smiled as you nod, hugging her tightly.  “Can you brush my hair?”  She asked as you nod.  She quickly grabbed her brush from the dresser and jumped up on Yixing’s bed.  You follow, as Yixing finished typing his last couple of words before turning around looking at the two of you.  

“You know she has a bed.”  He stated, his hands folded in front of him.

“Yes, but you always sneak into hers, might as well get some use of this huge thing.”  Tanis, played with her clothes as you continued to brush her hair.  Tanis smiled as you giggled.  “I wish I could stay like this.”  She mumbled as Yixing froze.  You paused as you looked down at the dragon.  A tear ran down her face as you quickly hugged her.  

“Don’t cry little one.”  You whispered patting her head.  

“It’s not fair.”  Yixing walked over, sitting on the edge of the bed.  

“What’s not fair?”  He asked as she sniffled.

“Spending time like this, is a constant for you.  In a couple of hours I’m going to have to transform back into a beast!”  Turning around she buried her face in your shoulder as you tried to calm her down.  

“I can’t transform at all.”  Yixing said, rubbing her back.  “I don’t remember what it’s like anymore.”  You watched as the two exchanged looks.  Yixing moved up sitting next to you, his arms wrapped around the two of you.  He began to sing an old song.  You felt Tanis relax as she fell into a slumber.  Her human form slipped into her dragon one, as you continued to pet her.  Yixing’s voice trailed off as his grip around you tightened.  Tanis laid on top of you as Yixing’s intertwined his fingers with your hand stilling your hand.  

“Yixing, shes…”

“Asleep.”  He whispered back as he tightened his grip on yours.  “It’s okay.”  You felt your eyes begin to close as he resumed singing.  Finally you felt yourself let go and sleep over coming.  

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◇ You, his mate, his beautiful mate, his world.

◇ Lay x reader

◇ vampire!au

◇ more vampire!lay - monster

◇ also i kinda wanna do more vampire!exo so if anyone has requests/ideas hmu also I just hit 100 followers?! wut!? much thank u guys i lub u all


His jaw was clenched tight, teeth gritted and hand crushingly wrapped around a vampire’s neck. Said vampire, despite the imminent death that was approaching, was laughing; a wheezing, cackling, disgusting laugh. Yixing’s nostrils flared in anger at the reaction he was getting, hand tightening and fracturing the bone hidden beneath the vampires skin.

“What did you say?” Yixing’s voice was dangerously quiet, eyes flickering between the vampire in his hold to Sehun, who was holding down another vampire effortlessly while listening to what the other had said. The vampire laughed again, watching as Yixing’s eyes began to turn pitch black in anger.

“I said,” he wheezed, struggling to breath through the pain while simultaneously cackling to himself, knowing that his death was approaching but not caring one bit, “You’ll regret this… Every vampire has a weakness - and we know who yours is…”

Yixing knew exactly who they were talking about - you, of course. You, his mate, his beautiful mate, his world. This - this - disgusting excuse for a vampire had threatened his mate, right in front of him. The red hot anger coursing through Yixing made him tighten his grip, before he inhaled deeply and closed his eyes. Think this through, he thought, calm down.

Yixing flung the vampire towards Sehun, who had finished off the other vampire, and glared at the coward who was trembling on the floor, still giggling to themselves. He rose an eyebrow, thinking of the horrible fate that awaited him. “Take them to the Courtyard.”

At the sound of the dreaded place of death, the vampire’s eyes widened - he seemed to regret what he had done, especially as he started wailing and flailing his arms around desperately, trying to claw at the marble floor of the ballroom as he was dragged away by Sehun.

Fixing his jacket, Yixing turned on his heel towards the exit of the mansion, planning to get to you as quick as he could. He had been away for about a week, reclaiming territory that had been stolen by other clans, and it was only during this brawl that a vampire had even mentioned his mate - and it made Yixing angrier than he could imagine.

He strode outside of the mansion that he had successfully reclaimed with his brothers, not even bothering to bid them goodbye as he disappeared in a whirlpool of smoke, mind completely fixated on one person and one person alone.


Yixing peered up at your house in irritation, eyebrows furrowing, lunging forward to knock on the oak door again. There was no answer, and Yixing cursed before he descended the stairs at the front of your house, circling back to your back garden. He regretted getting a masking spell put on your house; he couldn’t vaporize to inside your house, he couldn’t hear your heartbeat, he couldn’t smell your scent, and it made him all the more anxious.

“______!” He yells, knocking against the glass of your kitchen window. There’s no answer, and Yixing growls - he has to get in there, no matter what it takes. Backing away, he suddenly runs towards your back door, kicking with all of his force and busting the door open.

He’s quick to run through your kitchen, knowing that no-one’s home, and starts to look through the rooms, so fixated on finding you that he doesn’t stop to listen for your heartbeat. After seeing that you weren’t in the living room, he strides up the stairs, two at a time.

He peeks his head quickly into every room he comes to before he runs to your room at the end of the hall, bursting in and looking around frantically - only to see you, laying in bed, headphones plugged in and eyes closed peacefully. His eyebrows furrow as he looks around your room - nothing seems out of place. His (undead) heart rate is slowing down, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion but also relief.

He pads over to where you’re covered with your blanket, cuddling the pillow that Yixing usually used on the rare occasions that he’d stay overnight. He didn’t want to wake you; you needed your sleep, unlike him, but the threat loomed over his head and he didn’t want to take his chances.

He leans over you, brushing some hair from your forehead as he gently shakes you from your slumber. “Wake up, my love.”

Your frowning as you stretch, groggily pulling the earphones from your hears and wiping at your eyes to look at the man kneeling beside your bed. Yixing never visited in the middle of the night unless it was something important. “Yixing? What - what’s wrong?”

“Something came up, love,” he explains quietly, rubbing his thumb over your hand comfortingly. It always surprises people how uncharacteristically gentle he was with you compared to others. “There was… there was another clan residing on our land, and one of the vampires mentioned you-”

“Am I - am I in danger?” You ask softly, biting your lip. You remember how Yixing got possessive every time you were involved in any of his… business, whether it was a vampire trying to feed off of you, Beings trying to lure you into dangerous places, even if a Being tried to talk to you. He was completely adamant in keeping people away from you for as long as possible - until he turned you so that you could stay together for eternity.

Yixing smiles softly, bringing your hand up to kiss gently. “Never, sweetheart. Not under my watch - I’d just feel better if you came with me, just in case.”

You nod tiredly, starting to sit up and slip out of bed. You’re dressed in pajama shorts and an over-sized t-shirt that’s probably Yixing’s (he’s lost count of all the articles of clothing you had stolen from him, at this rate), and Yixing reassures you that you can return to your house tomorrow to fetch more clothes - and to get your back door fixed, he reveals.

“You broke my back door?” You ask sleepily, snuggling deeper into his chest as he readjusts you in his arms. He smiles a tiny smile, shaking his head and walking past your front door, closing it with one hand and holding you close with the other, 

“It’s minor, really. Nothing big-”

“You’re lucky my parents aren’t in the country,” you mutter, closing your eyes, “Otherwise they would’ve killed you.” You don’t mention the fact that your parents have no idea Yixing exists, at least not for now.

“Surely, you wouldn’t let them, sweetheart?” Yixing asks, fake indignation painted on his handsome face, readjusting you again as he gets ready to vaporize to his own home. You giggle, leaning up just a little to press a kiss on his chin before settling down to rest against his chest.

“Of course not, Yixing,” you sigh sleepily, a smile still painted on your face, closing your eyes and drifting back to sleep, knowing that Yixing would keep you completely safe.

And Yixing looks down to you, nestled comfortably in his arms, and he swells with pride and love, knowing that he would never let anyone hurt you, whether they were human or not, big or small, threatening or not.

Bad Girl Ch 11: Just Let Me Hold You

Sorry had a busy day! Here is three chapters to make up for it!

“Oh how things have changed,” I sigh as I dip my hand into the warm water. Baekhyun is facing away from me, his body curled into a tight ball in the tub. “Baekhyun,” I call softly, daring to reach out and rest my hand on his shoulder only to have him scoot away from me. “How is your head feeling?”

“It hurts,” He answers back in a small voice.

“That’s what happens when you almost knock yourself out from banging your head on the floor. Why in the world would you hurt yourself like that Baekhyun?”

“I feel guilty.”

I nod, “You should.”

He sniffles softly, “I’m so sorry for being such a horrible person to you.”

Without much thought I reach out and rub his back gently, “I forgive you but only because this whole situation is a hot mess.”

He is quiet for a moment before looking at me over his shoulder, “Were you really going to marry him?”

I hold up my left hand, “Yep, a month from tomorrow we were going to get married.”

“Are you mad at me for ruining it all? Would rather have not known about us?”

I sigh as I look down at the ring that usually makes my heart flutter but now it’s a different feeling, “I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at Jiyong for lying to me, and to be honest, I’m grateful that I found out about all of this before we got married or had a family.”

Baekhyun opens his mouth to speak but closes it a second after only to open it again, the words caught in his throat, “You want to have a family with him?”

“I want a family, yes, I’m not really sure with who anymore though. This is a lot right now, I just need to figure out the rest of the week before I think that far ahead.”

He turns a bit so he is almost facing me, “What are you doing about tonight?”

“You guys have me for tonight.”

He perks up, a small smile plays on his lips, “The whole night?”

“Yes, and you are wasting your time with me pouting,” I flick him on the forehead.

“How much time we do we have left?”

I shrug and glance at the door, “Until someone, my guess Xiumin or Chanyeol, come busting in to check on us. So at most five minutes.” He surprises me by grabbing one of my hands in both of his, holding it softly as if it is an egg that he could crush. I’ve never seen those beautiful hands so hesitant to touch me, I think back suddenly of all the times these hands have made me come undone and I find myself blushing.

“Baby,” Baekhyun muses, “Stop looking at me like that, I’m getting embarrassed.”

“Sorry,” I mumble softly as I look away.

There is a knock at the door, “Baby.”

I groan, “You guys shouldn’t be using that nickname since we aren’t back together.”

Chanyeol peeks his head in the door, followed by Chen, Tao, and Sehun, “We are so used to it, are really going to tell us to stop?”

I nod, “Yes, I’m telling you to stop and use my name like normal people. I wasn’t lying when I said I’m a different person.”

They all pout, Chen comes in first and takes my free hand, “Baby, please stop saying that stuff.”

“Well Jongdae,” I take both of my hands away, “Excuse me for being honest.”

“You guys stop giving her a hard time about this,” Xiumin scolds joining us in the suddenly busy bathroom.

“Are we having a party in here?” Kris muses.

“No,” I snap standing up to glare at them.  “Baekhyun was taking a bath and we were having a quiet conversation before everyone started busting in. Now all of you please get out so he can finish his bath.”

“Why does he get alone time with you? Hitting my head up against the wall a few times is all it takes to get your attention?” Sehun murmurs.

“Don’t you even think about doing it,” I warn.

“Everyone calm down,” Xiumin’s stern voice echoes through the room making everyone quiet down, I even find myself bashfully staring down at my hands feeling like I’m in trouble. “How about we each have our time alone with her like when she first got here?”

“Can we make it ten minutes in stead of five?” Tao suggests.

Xiumin nods, “We each need our time to catch up so yes.”

“Does that mean this is my time alone with her?” Baekhyun finally speaks.

“Yes!” The group decides unanimously.

“Than get your asses out of here!” The usually playful man snarls.

The group grumbles but doesn’t put up much more of a fight as they shuffle out of the room with pouts on their faces. When the door is closed and I am alone with Baekhyun again I let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding and sit back down on the edge of the tub.

“Those bastards,” He grumbles under his breath as he shifts to a more comfortable position in the tub closer to me.

“Those bastards are your brothers,” I remind him.

He closes his eyes and rests his wet hair on my thigh, “They are my competition.”

I sigh but stroke his head softly, “Why am I called baby when all of you are nothing but children?”


“Yes, children, selfish, narcissistic, and spoiled.”

His face shows obvious irritation but he doesn’t move from my lap, “I am not a child.”

“Than what do you call that tantrum you just had?”

“That wasn’t a-“

I cut him off, “It was an episode right? A mental break from all the stress of my death and, I guess, my resurrection? Do those happen often?”

He shrugs, “Every once and awhile.”

“You should have gotten help from a professional, that’s what I had to do after all of that.”

He opens his eyes to stare up at me, “What was it like for you?”

“For me? At first it was really hard since I had been told that the people who I thought loved me the most left me to die but after some time and two therapy sessions a week I got better. Jiyong and Jiho really helped me too, they made me feel really safe.”

“Did you think about us at all?” His eyes are closed again, his brow crinkles as if he’s preparing himself for an answer he doesn’t want to hear.

I chuckle as his childish attitude, “Of course I thought about you all the time at first.”

“At first?”

I nod, “At first it was hard to go more than a few hours without thinking of you but after time I got myself to stop. It hurt way too much to keep thinking about you guys, I felt so betrayed.”

“We didn’t betray you!” He roars, suddenly on his feet.

I stand up too, my hands out in front of me in surrender, “I know that now.”

He shakes his head, “No, you have absolutely no idea how we felt when we thought we let you get murdered by those bastards!”

Anger boils in my veins, “I may not know the exact feeling you had but I know the pain of having your heart ripped out of your chest and shredded to pieces. Sure, you all had to sit there and watch it happen but I had to experience it, I felt each kick, each punch, I had to listen to all their degrading and threatening words.”

His face softens, “I’m sorry Baby.”

“Our time is probably up,” I straighten my shoulders and turn on my heel to leave. I don’t get very far before wet arms wrap around me.

“I’m so sorry, for everything. For letting that happen to your in the first place and for not being considerate about it now, I’m so sorry.”

I sigh but turn around a pull the crying boy into my arms, his face tucked into the crook of my neck, “I forgive you.” We stand there for a few moments before he starts shivering and I have to pry the boy off me. He looks absolutely miserable shaking there as I run into his room to grab him some clothes. I help him get dressed a small smirk on my face.

“What is so funny?”

I look up at him as I pull his shirt over his head, “I’m just thinking about how we switched. I never thought any of you would need my help this much.”

He gives me a small smile as he strokes my cheek, “We need you more than you will ever know.”

“Time is up!” Sehun busts into the room again.

I kiss Baekhyun’s cheek before looking to the younger boy and follow him out of the room. The younger grabs my hand eagerly, he leads me to his room where he automatically slams the door shut and locks it. I raise my brows at him.

He gives me an awkward smile, “I just want to make sure none of the hyungs try to bust in.”

“Like you just did?”

He ignores the question, “How have you been? You look so pretty, I like your hair.” Without hesitation he reaches out and begins twirling a lock of my hair around his finger.

“I’ve been good I guess, though today hasn’t been the easiest day of my life. What about you Sehun-ah, how have you been?”

He looks me in the eye, “I’ve missed you, so much.”

“I heard you were having some issues, you, Kai, and Tao, how are you feeling?”

“I’m happy I didn’t die. I’m so happy to know you are alive, I’m happy I can touch you again, feel your soft skin under my finger tips. I can breath in your sweet vanilla scent again.”

“You need to remember to keep your distance Sehun,” I remind him as I take a step away. I look him up and down and suddenly I feel on edge from his domineering presence that he only has when he wants to have sex.

“Like you kept your distance with Baekhyun hyung?”

“That was different,” I snap back, “He didn’t have his fuck me eyes on like you do.”

“So I have to look like a lost puppy to get you to touch me?” He scoffs.

I gulp but nod, “I need to feel like you are as defenseless as me.”

“I am completely bared to you right now,” He opens his arms to me, his voice cracks as he speaks. “I don’t know what else you want me to do. You already have my heart so I have nothing else to give.”

“Sehun,” I take a step closer. “I don’t want to make all of you cry today.”

“I cry every day because of you. I lay awake every night because I don’t want to dream about you, I know I can’t handle waking up without you so don’t worry about me crying right now. I just, I just, want to hold you right now. We can talk more later right now I just want to lay down next to you, please?”

“If you try anything I’ll kill you,” I warn him as I slowly make my way over to the bed.

“I would prefer it to a life without you.”

I want to ask him more but the sad look on his face keeps me from opening my mouth. Instead I just shuffle to the bed and roll into the comfortable warmth. Sehun goes under the covers before snuggling closer to me. “Sehun.”

He looks up at me with wide, innocent eyes, “I’m a lost puppy.”

I snicker but roll on to my side so we can snuggle, he scoots closer behind me so our bodies curve together perfectly. His arm snakes around my waist as he tries to pull himself closer and closer until there is no space left between our bodies.

“Thank you Baby.”


“You are all such children,” I groan as Kai insists to snuggle like Sehun did. After a few minutes of being wrapped in the youngest’s arms he was fast asleep. Kai came in when the ten minutes were up and it was easy to see the jealousy on his face. He was some how able to pry me out of the other’s arms without waking him but the moment we got into Kai’s room he demanded me to basically rock him to sleep. Like before I lay on the bed expect Kai to take the same position as the younger by but instead he rests his head on my chest and wraps both of his arms around my waist before rolling us so he is on top, his whole body resting on me.

“Only when it comes to you,” He mumbles into my chest.

“How ironic when I’m supposed to be the baby. I thought I was supposed to be the only little in this house.”

“You make me feel so little some times.”

“Oh really?”

He chuckles, “I thought I would be okay when you were gone, but I wasn’t. None of us were but I think Tao, Sehun, and I had it worse.”

“We are still really young, we aren’t as mentally stable as the older boys so that’s probably why.”

“Mentally stable? None of us are mentally stable anymore, I don’t even know if we were to begin with but the moment we lost you we all went completely insane.”

“Jongin, there is no need to exaggerate.”

“You are right , this no need. I’m not exaggerating at all! Sehun and I stood on the edge of a building for a whole day talking each other on and off the ledge. Tao was in the hospital for two months after he tried to kill himself in a car accident. You saw what Chanyeol and Baekhyun are like now, they’ve been doing that to anyone that just looks at them wrong. Chen, Suho, and Lay have been MIA for a good amount of the year doing horrible things that they said they would never do. Lay got involved in providing black market organs for gods sakes, we don’t deal with people. Kris created a new branch in the human trafficking line in Korea. Luhan nearly overdosed and Xiumin,” He stops to take a breath, “Xiumin hyung has been as bad as you would expect.”

“I thought you were sleeping.”

“Why? Is that too much of an update for you?”

“No,” I snap, “I’m just struggling with the answer to a question and you are distracting me. Our time is running out so you should get to sleep.”

He peeks up at me, “Can you run your fingers through my hair?”



Tao holds my hand tighter in his, our fingers tangled together. We lay on the couch in the living room that is surprisingly empty.

“So I heard there was an accident,” I sadly muse at Tao.

He looks away strangely bashful for his usual demeanor, “I was hoping they wouldn’t tell you.”

“Tao, this is really serious, how could you just try to roll your car? You almost killed yourself and a few other people.”

“Can we not talk about it?”

“Fine,” I cross my arms over my chest. “What do you want to talk about?”


“You have to be more specific, what do you want to know?”

He hums to himself for a moment, “Tell me about your new life.”

“Like what?”

“Do you go to school still?”

I shake my head, “Jiyong got me a tutor.”

“What about friends? You don’t talk to Jihyo still do you?”

Again I shake my head, “I stopped talking to her when you left, Jiyong’s reasoning was that I didn’t want her to get involved in all of the crazing ness but now I realize it was because she thought I was dead. Was the funeral nice?”

He chuckles, “Are you seriously asking me that?”

“Yes,” I actually laugh, “Not many people get to know how their funeral turned out so I’m curious. Have you gone to see my tomb stone?”

“Yes, all of us have even though we made a pact that none of us deserve to see it since it was our fault you died. You have lots of flowers, it’s never dirty, your favorite foods are always there.”

“Thank you guys for taking such good care of me in the after life,” It all weirdly warms my heart to know my resting place is so well taken care of.

“I’m just happy we don’t have to do that anymore now that we have the real thing back.”

“You know I’m not really back.”

He sighs and places a kiss on my forehead, “Fine, but whether you are back or not, you are alive and that is all that matters.”


“How did you not know I was alive?” I wonder with our fingers tangles together. Xiumin lays as closes to me as possible, I realized a hour ago after my time with Chen that this is all they really wanted. Not sex or half the time not even words, just this little amount of physical attention seems to be good enough for them.

“I thought I was crazy,” He admits.

“Had something like that happen before?”

He nods, “All the time, I would see you on the street or in a crowded bar. I’d think I would your voice in the distance or in my dreams. I had just thought that since I had seen you that night I was just loosing it even more.”

“So did any of you stay some what sane when I was gone?”

He chuckles, “I mean Suho seemed pretty stable from what I heard.”

“That man was living in sin with the rest of you, don’t you dare lie for him. He told me about his time with debauchery.”

“Don’t act like you were an angel.”

“I would definitely say I was a step above you, though sin is still my friend.”

“I believe he is a friend of all of ours. How was your time with everyone?”

“Well when we weren’t talking about how everyone pretty much killed themselves things were fine. You and Kris were the only ones who didn’t cry. The only people who got me to cry were freaking Tao and Yixing, those two were just so sad today.”

“They are like that everyday. What are you planning on doing about Jiyong?”

“I’m going to ask him about my kidnapping and how Jiho is involved in all of this but everything after that depends on his answers.”

He sighs, “Is there any chince of me being able to convince you to just stay?”

“I have work and Jiho to worry about tomorrow.”

He pouts cutely, “Jiho this, Jiho that, who is this bastard?”

“Ya, watch your mouth,” I flick his forehead. “that is my friend you are bad mouthing.”

He takes my hands in his so I can’t swat at him again, “I will bad mouth anyone who thought they could take my baby away from me.”

“Jiho didn’t take me away from you, calm down, he wasn’t involved in this mess.”

“What makes you so sure? I mean you can believe Jiyong is involved over this man, he must be something special.”

I glare at him, “If you are assuming what I think you are, I will answer your question now, I am not sleeping with Jiho. He is like my older brother. He is a loyal friend who would do whatever he has to do to keep me safe.”

“He did a horrible job, Baekhyun got you.”

“That is only because Taemin doesn’t like him in his house.”

“Taemin is a very good judge of character, you should listen to him.”

“Is this really how you want to spend your ten minutes with me? You all are so easily entertained. Kris and I talked about work, Lay started off our conversation about the new Zoo downtown that I went to. Kai and Suho are the only two people who actually gave me an update on people. Everyone else just kept asking me about my life with Jiyong.”

“Because we are having a inner battle on whether or not we want you to leave him and come back to us or stay with him where you are obviously happy.”

“You guys should know by now I am the only person who can decide what happens.”

He chuckles, “A man can dream.”

EXO’s Reaction to you nibbling on a chocolate bar



*He’d be so smiley. Watching you cutely nibbling on chocolate, it can’t get any cuter. When you were halfway through with the bar, you looked at up with big eyes and smiled. That made him go shy and cover his face.*

“There is no way your this old but still look adorable.”

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*Somehow found a way to make it into a contest.*

“She thinks she’s cute, chewing on that chocolate bar and looking cute? Well guess what…I’m cuter…I’m waayy cuter..”

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*Cutest human ever. He’d be smiling and watching you eat, sometimes asking you to break him a piece.*

“Teach me how to eat cutely like you.”

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*Takes a deep breath to calm himself. Doesn’t know if he’s turned on or if he fell in love with you more. I mean, you look cute but so alluring at the same time. HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!*

“So like…do you have to eat it that slow?…Can I have a piece??”

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*Find it cute for 2.5 seconds before he decided to turn it into a game.*

“I will give you a two second head start before that bar of chocolate is mine.”

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*He thinks he can see right through you. Getting the wrong intentions and eventually embarrassing himself.*

“Look at her…she knows exactly what she’s doing. Eating slowly and trying to seduce me…well it’s not going to work…And you know what…two can play that game. I’ll eat slowly and seduce her too….I’m so smart. 10 points to Chanyeol.”

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*Stares at you with the move love he could ever give to anybody. You looked extremely adorable and he couldn’t help but blush and smile like a fool.*

“Hey, hey sweetheart! Darling, cutie pie!..look over here.”

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*It’s been so long since he’d had chocolate. Watching you made him hungry and a bit, just a bit, frisky ;)*

“Hey babe…you want to share that? No, don’t give me a piece…You know exactly I want it, so come over here and let me have a taste.”

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*Offended. Not only did you not choose to share, you also took the last bar. In his heart, you looked hella cute but in his mind, you were provoking him.*

“You know, you look adorable and everything but, if you keep on eating that, I will make you go buy me a new bar.”

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Guys, I need more reaction requests. Lol, this one is the last one in my inbox.


{Reaction} EXO finding out you’re sick.

First let me say your blog is one of my favorites that I am constantly checking on waiting for you next post. Secondly I was wondering if you you could write how exo would react to finding out that their girlfriend is really sick. Love you and stay wonderful.

Note: For some reason it’s not allowing me to post screen shots of your request, so forgive me for that, hopefully it’ll be working again soon! Thank you very much for your kind words, I’m really happy that you’re liking my blog as I really love to run it! I hope you like your reaction anon, and stay strong! Fighting~

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

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Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol is very observant when it comes to health, so when you start coughing and complaining about a bad throat, he’s already on the case, picking up all the different medicines, warm blankets and junk food in preparation for your sickness bug.

{y/n}: “Really Chanyeol? I’ve got a cold, I haven’t suffered from a blow to the head.”

Chanyeol: “I don’t care, take the pillow and lie down before I make you.”

Do Kyungsoo

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Kyungsoo isn’t quite to forceful or as worrisome as Chanyeol, but he does worry about you whenever you’re sick. So when you tell him that you’ve got a cold, he makes sure to cook you warm soup and that you’re always comfortable.

Kyungsoo: “Are you feeling better today?”

{y/n}: “Yeah, I think so.”

Kyungsoo: *Smiles, pulling you into his arms before placing a kiss on top of your head.*

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun would more than likely joke around when you get sick, even though he does genuinely care about your wellbeing. He grinned as you walked into he living room covered by a bug blanket and hugging a mug of tea in your hands.

Baekhyun: “Ah Jagi, keep your germs away from me.” *Giggles, but can’t stay away, and before he knows it he’s already over, joining you under the blanket sna pressing kisses on your face.”

Oh Sehun

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Sehun would pretend like he’s grossed out by your cold, but he is concerned about you really. He’d show his concern for you in more discrete ways, for example putting the kettle on for you when he knows you need a hot drink to soothe your throat, or washes the bed sheets after he knows you’ve had a bad night so they’re soft for when you go to bed later on.

{y/n}: “Did you just turn the heater up?”

Sehun: “No, why would I do that? I’m not wasting money on the gas bill because you’re cold.” *He totally turned up the heater, but you’re not allowed to know shushhh*

Zhang Yixing

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Illness isn’t always physical, and Yixing knows that better than anyone in the group. He starts to notice the dark circles around your eyes, and how you’re almost always falling asleep even though it’s only the middle of the day. He knows you work hard, you have a job whilst also studying too, and it makes you have limited rest. He starts to worry, so on your behalf, he rings up your job and your college, telling them that you’re taking a week off.

{y/n}: “What do you mean I have a week off?”

Yixing: “I don’t like seeing you overworked like this. Now come on and join me before I get cold, we’re going to take a nap.” *Wiggles as he opens up the covers for you to join him in bed.*

Kim Jongdae

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Jongdae would find out about you being ill and would make sure to look after you until you’re feeling one hundred percent better. He would take off as many days from work as he can to look after you.

{y/n}: “You can’t keep taking days off like this for me, Chen. your manager is going to start getting annoyed.”

Jongdae: “I don’t care, I just want you to get better, Jagi. Now, what drama do you want to watch?”

Kim Minseok

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Minseok would make you fresh coffee and make sure you have all the clean blankets and soft pillows when you’re ill. Like Jongdae, he would also take time off work to look after you even though that you persist that you’re fine. He would make sure to cook you meals so make sure you’re eating and drinking well. He’d be sweet the whole time, but when you finally start to regain your health, he’d go back to being the amazingly sexy boyfriend he usually is.

Minseok: “So Jagiya, do I get a reward for looking after you this week?” *winks at you.*

Huang Zitao

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Tao knows you’re sick, but you aren’t showing showing any signs of a cough or a sore throat, only stomach cramps and strange cravings for sweets. At first, he’d worry that you were pregnant - especially with all the extreme  mood swings you were having. It was only after he’d asked Kris for help was when it finally clicked that you weren’t sick at all, you were just on your period.

Tao: “Do you need anything else Jagi?”

{y/n}: “A cuddle, I’m having a bad day.”

Tao: “You’ve literally sat and watched dramas all day how is that a bad-” *Sees the glare you’re giving him and gives up, deciding it was a better idea not to argue.*

Kim Junmyeon

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Suho would be really sweet with you when he finds out you’re poorly. He’d make sure the house was stocked up with everything that you’d need to recover and would send you regular texts and calls to make sure you’re doing okay. And when he’s finally done with work for the day, he’d pull you into his arms and hold you tight to make you feel better, even though he could feel himself catching your illness.

{y/n}: “You idiot! Now you’ve caught it!”

Suho: “Rather me than you, Jagi.”

Lu Han

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Lu han would research different remedies and medicines that would help you get better because he feels like the internet is the answer for everything, but of course, as we all know, Google isn’t always the best when it comes to diagnosing yourself with illnesses.

Luhan: “Jagi, it says here that chest pains can lead to heart attacks. Should I take you to the hospital?”

{y/n}: “For god’s sake, Luhan. I’m on my period, I’m not dying.”

Kim Jongin

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Kai would make sure that you’re feeling well before he’d do anything else. He’d take time off work to look after you, at least until you were well enough to do things for yourself without getting nauseous. He’d be very sweet, and would make sure you had everything to get better.

{y/n}: “You got me some flowers and a get well card? Awwh, thank you Jagi.”

Kai: “The man said the flowers help with colds, so I couldn’t leave them.”

Wu Yifan

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Kris would also be the kind of member that would pretend to be grossed out by your illness, but he would be one of the most caring. He would make sure that all the house jobs had been done, even the ones that are your responsibility, because he doesn’t want you to over work yourself. He would also go out and buy pretty much anything you asked for.

{y/n}: “Thank you again, Kris.”

Kris: “It’s a good job I love you, isn’t it?” *Kisses the top of your head.* 

Greek to Me

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Member: Exo Lay/Yixing

Type: Fluff

You really didn’t want to be there. 

The loud music blared from the speakers as the smell of cheap liquor filled your nose. Your face probably showed your disgust, because people stayed clear from you and your scowl. You were leaning against a wall silently scrolling through your social media apps, refreshing each one over and over again hoping to find something interesting. 

You stared at the five percent left and groaned, closing the apps and shoving your phone in your pocket, crossing your arms and taking a look at the scene around you. You were in the dining room, against the wall of the stairs, and from where you were standing you could see a group of people playing some game that involved salt and lemons, another group that seemed to be smoking weed, and a few others dancing and grinding on each other. Then there were the random floaters who’d be going from group to group, getting high then dancing with a lemon still in their mouth. 

In all honesty, you didn’t really have any idea what was going on. Some friends of yours had dragged you here, somehow forgetting that you weren’t exactly the partying type. They’d disappeared into the crowd of frat boys and under-dressed girls.

Overall, the atmosphere wasn’t as…exciting as you’d pictured. Your idea of frat parties was developed through movies and what others had told you and this, even though you weren’t a fan of parties anyways, didn’t seem like exactly what you’d expected. 

Maybe you just hadn’t seen enough. Maybe if you’d left your spot on the wall you’d actually have fun but the idea of waking up hungover and smelling like weed didn’t seem appealing to you. Honestly you’d still probably wake up smelling like weed but hey at least you wouldn’t be hungover. 

You felt a something hit the wall behind you and you turned to see a guy on his phone, his back against the wall. His eyes squinted for a second before he cursed, shoving his phone into his pocket before turning and giving you a surprised look. 

“Sorry, I didn’t see you,” he said, and you shrugged. 

“It’s not like I own the place,” you muttered, before biting your tongue. “I’m sorry that was rude.” You saw him chuckle, and you let your eyes graze over him, taking in his appearance. Tall, lean, muscular arms, dark hair, dark eyes, sweatshirt, hair covering his forehead, mouth curved up slightly as if he was still laughing at-

“Are you checking me out?”

You choked on your own saliva, your body folding over as you coughed and you felt his hand land on your shoulder as he apologized, asking if you were alright, You straightened out, swallowing hard before responding. 

“Do people still say that?” you asked, making him laugh outright. “And, well no, I wasn’t  exactly. I just like looking at people. I mean-”

“I know what you mean,” he smirked and you looked away, having a feeling that the conversation was over. Apparently it was not. “So um, I’m Yixing?” He spoke as if he was asking a question, like he wasn’t sure if you were actually willing to talk to him. 

You looked back at him, looking at the little smirk on his face as he leaned against the wall next to you, and realized you could probably use the entertainment. You introduced yourself, trying to sound as polite as possible. 

“I know who you are. I see you around campus a lot. I just don’t usually see you at these uh established events.”

You raised and eyebrow quizzically. “You know who I am?” 

You saw him swallow, his cheeks turning slightly pink as he responded, “Um well sorta. I knew your name and stuff. I always see you drinking coffee on Thursday mornings at the same time. The barista always spells your name wrong, huh?”

Laughing, you choked out a response, “What are you, stalking me? And yes, no matter who it is, they will always spell my name wrong.”

“Imagine how I feel. Yixing isn’t the most common name you know,” he scoffed, and you felt yourself smile. He reciprocated it, and you watched the dimples form near his mouth. 

“Wow,” your hand moved to touch one of his dimples and he raised an eyebrow, his smile faltering and you pouted. “No, no smile again I wanna see it.” You poked his cheek and suddenly felt your face heat up, realizing how uncomfortable he must be. You apologized, pulling your hand back.

“What was that about?” he asked, and you looked away, suddenly feeling shy. 

“Um, I don’t know I’ve always loved dimples. I get a little touchy when I see them, I’m sorry.”

He laughed again before grabbing your hands. You looked up at him as he brought your hands to his laughing face, putting them on his cheeks. You felt your face get hotter as his hands stayed on your wrists, keeping your hands on his face. “You can touch them as much as you’d like. Nobody’s ever taken that much interest in my dimples. I’m quite honored actually.”

You bit your lip as he finally released your wrists, and you found yourself playfully pinch his cheeks before retracting your hands again, still slightly embarrassed. 

“So,” he began again, seeing your sudden awkwardness. “What brings you here?” 

You shrugged, trying to relax yourself so your face wouldn’t feel so hot. “My friends said it would be fun. They lied.”

“You’re not having fun with me?” he asked, his voice oozing with fake hurt. His hands moving to his heart and his lips forming a pout. “And here I thought you were starting to like me.”

You laughed, shaking your head and reaching up to pinch his cheek again. He chuckled too, his hand reaching up to grab yours holding it for a second. You pulled away slightly but his hand stayed on yours, and you felt his thumb rub the back of your hand gently as he opened his mouth again-

“Yah, where have you been?” you heard your friend’s voice from behind you, making Yixing automatically drop your hand as you pulled away to turn to her. “We were worried about you. You’re bored right? I’m sorry…” She looked at you apologetically, failing to notice Yixing standing next to you, rubbing his neck awkwardly as she spoke. 

“Um, I’m fine. I’m not really bored actually,” you said shyly, looking up at Yixing. Your friend’s eyes traveled from you to him before her lips formed an “o” shape, as if she’d realized that something was going on. 

“Well I guess I’ll just…go back then…have fun kids…” she muttered awkwardly and you laughed, watching her step back and turn away. 

Turning back to Yixing, you saw the blush creep up on his cheeks as he moved back against the wall again. You joined him, your shoulder right up against his and you smiled, a finger moving to poke his cheek. 

“‘Have fun kids’?” he repeated and you shrugged, biting your lip. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“At least she didn’t say ‘Use protection’,” you joked before covering your mouth with your hand. He immediately started cracking up, and you sighed, wishing you could control your tongue just once. 

You watched him laugh, his dimples more visible than ever as you stood, letting a smile creep onto your face as you joined him. His laughter was more infectious than you thought, and when he looked at you again his eyes bright and his smile wide you realized that maybe this party wasn’t so bad after all. 

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Dragon Spell Part I [Yixing x Reader]

Dragon Spell Part I 

Word Count: 

Rating: T 

Wishes Note: Continuation off of the Yixing Monster AU Reaction #5

How you fell into the cave, you will never understand.  You brushed off the dirt as you peered around where you fell.  To your surprise the placed looked like an actual bedroom.  A nice king size bed was placed on the side.  A laptop was in the other corner on an old antique desk, you recognized from one of your history books.  Books piled everywhere amongst, antique jars laid around as you peered around.  The thing that caught your eye was the small waterfall and the hot spring  it fell into, hidden under ground. The only light was either coming from the light stands which were candles, or the small hole that you felt through.  Walking over to the spring, you looked at the clear water.  Able to see the bottom of it, as it shined.  An unknown light source came from beneath, glittering against the gold coins that coated the bottoms.  

“You shouldn’t be here.”  A deep voice rang out.  Looking around you noticed a figure behind the falls.  His actual appearance blocked by the water.  It distorted your view, only to show you that he was very tall.  

“I fell.”  You motioned towards the light in the other room.  “Can you help me?”  You took a step closer as he moved away.  


“I’m sorry for barging in, but what is this place?”

“It’s my home.”  

“Again, I’m sorry to barge in like this, but could you possibly point me in the direction out?”  

“Get away from the water.”  He yelled as you looked down, suddenly it felt like something grabbed your ankle and pulled you into the hot springs.  You gasped as you struggled against whatever was holding you down.  Strong arms wrapped themselves around your waist, as peered into one snake like eye and one human one.  You gasped as you looked at the serpent who held you.  With a look, the serpent ran away from him, as he lifted both of you above the surface.  Your held onto his shoulders as he his arms were wrapped around your torso.  Gasping at the air, you peered at your savior, scales covering half of his face leading down his neck.  

“Sorry, about her, she doesn’t like strangers.”  He whispered as you held onto him tighter.  Your legs were wrapped around his torso, as to try and stay a float.  He wasn’t loosening his grip either.  

“I can tell.”  You whisper as you stare into his eyes.  “You have scales.”  You mention, unsure of what to say.  With a nod of his head, he floated to the edge of the pool towards the shallow end.  

“You have your legs wrapped around me.”  He retorted back.  

“I don’t want that thing to grab me again.”  

“One, its a she and two were out of the water.”  You glanced down to realize that he was standing on a step near the edge.  Blushing you quickly untangled yourself from him, placing your feet on the dry land.

“Thank you.”  You turn away, trying to clear the blush rising on your cheeks from being close to a man, even one with scales.  Walking around you, you kept your gaze down as he left over to the side of his bed.  You peered at his back, as half of his body seemed to be covered in scales while the other half wasn’t.  Yet his muscular physique still shined in the candle light.  You blushed thinking how your legs were wrapped around him.  A hissing noise took you from your thoughts as you turned to see the serpent’s head sticking out of the water.  Letting out a small yelp you turned, shocked and stumbled back on the rock floor.  Embracing yourself for the hard surface you were met with the softness of a body.  

“Tanis.”  His voice seemed to be chastising her at the most.  Tanis shook her head, going back into the water.  “She really doesn’t like strangers.”  Quickly standing up from his grasp you blush as he hands you a towel.  

“Thank you.”  Walking over to the whole in the middle of his ceiling, he peers up at it.  “I was just walking, and it collapsed.”  You answered peering as he seems to glow under the light.  Walking over you peered up.  You noticed a peace on one of the roots sticking out.  Looking down you saw a scratch were part of your dress was.  

“I’ll fix it later.”  Gazing down at you, he watched as you began to watch as you fingered your dress, the cloth still damp.  “I apologize if I’m off putting.”  Making eye contact with him, your eyebrows grow together in confusion.  

“What do you mean?”

“You seem nervous.”  He pointed to the fact that you haven’t stopped gripping your dress.  “The scales tend to make people nervous.”  He walked over to his computer, pressing the spacebar to wake it up.  

“It’s not the scales making me nervous it’s-” You blushed as he turned looking at you.  “You’re not wearing a shirt.”  You stutter out, as he glances down.  Your eyes looking anywhere but at him.  At first Yixing didn’t know how to react.  He his lips turned into a smile as he let out a laugh.  Your blush deepened as he continued to laugh.  

“You see a man covered in scales and the fact that I’m not wearing a shirt is what’s making you nervous?”  Looking at the water, Tanis had her head above it, looking at him strangely.  “Mortals.”  He whispered as he walked over to his dresser throwing on a shirt.  

“So you live here?”  You asked as he walked back over, opening up a word document.  

“This is my home.”  He stated, looking at the context of the essay he had been writing.

“How does one leave your home?”

“Through the cave entrance under the waterfall.”  His voice was deep as he was speaking as if not really paying attention.  You nodded walking slowly towards the water.  “But it will be night by the time you exit the cave, that’s if you could find your way through the turns and twists I laid out.  So it’s best to wait till morning.”  You stopped in your tracks as you turned to look at him.  He wasn’t even looking at you as his eyes skimmed the pages of his document.  

“You’re not going to kill me and feed me to your snake are you?”  Slowly turning in his chair he looked at you with a slight amusement to his face.  “Tanis is not a snake, she’s a miniature water dragon.  Very rare.”  Standing up he walked over to you, slowly making you move backwards.  You paused as you felt yourself on the edge of the pool again.  He wrapped his arm around your waist as he pulled you closer to him.  “Nor does she eat humans, she prefers fish to anything else.”  Your hand instinctively gripped his t-shirt as he leaned in.  “I don’t kill mortals, there’s no fun in it.  Though I could eat you if wished, haven’t been with a mortal women in a couple of decades.”  He watched as a deep red over took your cheeks as you realized what he meant.  Pushing him away, he took a couple steps back, as you covered your face.  He laughed at you as Tanis came up once more, splashing water at him.  

“I was kidding.  Just five minutes ago you were trying to kill her.”  he complained as she went back under water.  You walked over towards the hole looking for where your phone might have dropped.  He walked behind you looking over your shoulder.   

“What are you looking for?”

“My phone.”   

“You mean that?”  He asked pointing to the hole.  Mixed in the roots was device that now had a cracked screen.

“Damn it.”  Placing his hands on your shoulder he spun you around to face him as he leaned down gripping you by the legs.  You yelped as he lifted you up just enough for you to grab the phone.  Quickly grabbing it, you braced yourself on his shoulders as he brought you down a little, but instead throwing you over his shoulder.

“Let me go!”  You yelled, hitting his back as he continued to chuckle at you.  Throwing you down on the mattress he leaned over you.  A blush rising on your cheeks again.  His hand on your hip as he kept you in place.  

“Now, I have to finish this paper before midnight.  Be a good human and be quiet.”  You gulped as he sat up, removing his shirt he was wearing.  “You can change into this to sleep in.”  You swallowed as you looked at his back.  “I won’t look, I promise.”  silently slipping out of the wet dress you were wearing, you slipped on his shirt, removing your bra while you let it out to dry.  

“What is your name?”  You asked as he continued to look at the screen.  

“In this time period, I’m called Yixing.”  

“As in the historical writer Yixing.”  

“That would be the one.  Please be quiet.”  

“I’m __.”  You answered back.

“I didn’t ask.”  His eyes never once turning.  

“Just thought I would put it out there.”  Lying back under the covers you closed your hoping sleep would take you soon.

Little patter of feet was what woke you up.  Blinking you opened your eyes to come face to face with a child peering at you with big eyes.  Startled you moved back with a yelp, hitting skin as he grunted.  An arm came about you, wrapping you closer to the body behind you.  

“Shush.”  the voice behind you said as he wrapped both arms around you, face digging into your back.  You kicked his leg as he leaned up, looking at you.  “You humans are not very obedient.”  Turning he made eye contact with the little girl.  “Morning Tanis.”  The girl smiled as she crawled into bed, sitting right next to you.  

“Your pretty.”  She stated, her voice sounded like fairy bells as she leaned on the pillow next to you.  

“Thank you.”  You sat up, peering around the room.  Removing Yixing’s arm from around you, you looked around for your clothes.  

“I’m sorry for almost killing you yesterday.  I just don’t trust humans.”  She started to jump up and down on the bed.  Yixing groaned sitting up.  

“Why did you wake us?”  He asked, glaring at the child.  

“Why are in bed with me?”  You asked as he smiled.  A blush growing on your cheeks.  

“Because I wasn’t going to sleep on that chair or the rock floor.”  Slipping out of the covers he made his way to the dresser pulling out clean clothes.  

“You told me to wake you when it was morning.”  Tanis jumped down.  She walked over grabbing your dried clothes and came back with it.  Slipping out of bed, you slide the shirt off.  

“Where did you get that scar?”  Yixing’s voice rang out as you quickly covered yourself.

“Are you looking?”  

“The scar on your shoulder.”  His voice trailed off as you quickly got dressed.  

“When I was a about three, I apparently tired to save a baby snake from a bird.  The talons got me in my shoulder, it never healed.”  Tanis face began to light up as Yixing peered away.  

“Do you need a job?”  Tanis asked her voice bright.

“Tanis!”  Yixing said sternly.  

“What?  She could help us.”  

“What kind of job?”  You asked as Yixing went over to his computer.

“Yixing can’t go to the market because of, well you know, not being such a great person to be around.  And I can only stay like this for short period of time before I have to turn back into my real form.  We’ve been meaning to try and find someone who could bring supplies back to the cave but never had the chance to find anyone.”

“We don’t need her help.”  Yixing snapped as Tanis went over and smacked him on the back of the head.  

“Quiet.  You need all the help you can get.”  

“I already have a job.  At the bookstore in town.”  Tanis came up, her big eyes looking at you.  

“Will you at least think about it?”  You nodded your head as Yixing slide on his hoody.  

“Come on, I’ll take you out.”  You waved goodbye at Tanis who smiled at you as you left the cave.  Leaving behind the waterfall.  It wasn’t as long as you thought as Yixing stopped just before the opening to the cave.  The light bright as you held your hand in front of your eyes.  Reaching into his pocket he pulled out his phone, handing it to you.  

“Put in your number, I’ll you call once I reconsider the deal and if you’re still willing to help.  I do need someone and you don’t seem to be scared of me.”  You nodded placing your number in his phone.  Turning to leave he gripped your wrist in his hand.

“Why haven’t you asked what I am?”  His eyes questioned as you shrugged your shoulders.

“Everyone has difficulties in life.  You saved my life without hesitating, I think that’s all I need to know.”  He nodded his head letting go of your wrist.  You smiled, waving at him as you left the cave making your way back down the mountain to your village at the bottom.  For some odd reason, hoping he would call.  If only to prove that last night wasn’t a dream.

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Cam-Boy (Exo Drabble Series) 04. Sehun

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Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1,763

Summary: Four college friends without a dime and school fees biting at their feet decide to take an Interesting part time job.

04. Sehun and Baek enjoy each others company on their collab web show. Baekhyun enjoys seeing the drama of Sehun’s life unravel afterwards.

01. || 02. || 03. ||04.||05. || 06.

A/N: Here’s part four. Please read the others and enjoy this last intro before a plot appears. :’) Lowkey have a thing for noisy Baekhyun now. Next update will be this weekend.

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Revenge. (Yixing, werewolf!au, Mating Season series) *NC-17*

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Revenge. - Yixing, werewolf!au, Mating Season *NC-17*
Warning: Smut


Put a spider on you, now did he? You fumed in your head as you straddled your sleeping mate’s hips.

Put a spider in bed, that’s what he calls fun? You asked again, as you thanked all the Gods that Yixing is a deep sleeper. It was almost too easy to just guide his arms upwards and secure them tightly.

With your pretty pair of cuffs.

Once you were sure the frustrated werewolf couldn’t escape from his prison, you deliberately sat over his crotch.

And you ground down. Deliciously slow.

“Good morning, babe.” you said with a big smirk at the sound of Yixing’s moan and the way his hips bucked up against yours.

“___, what-?” his voice was still rough with sleep, as he tried to blink the drowsiness away. He probably didn’t even realize that he was cuffed, the poor thing, from the way his fingers attempted to reach for you.

You laughed, lowering yourself so your naked chest pressed up against his oversensitive skin. Yixing growled at the contact.

“What are you doing?” his honeyed eyes pierced yours with an unreadable stare. He looked so perfect like this, cuffed to your bed, like a defiant male that tried so hard not to fall for the vixen female.

“Wake me up with a spider, did you?” you breathed in his ear, your warm breath going down his delicate neck, making him snarl and struggle against the cuffs.

“You can try as hard as you want, baby.” you chuckled, kissing down the column of his neck. Normally, you would be careful with the skin, just because your werewolf boy can be unreadable at times and he might snap a lot easier during mating season than anytime during the year.

“I had these reinforced by Tao’s mate.” it paid off to have a hunter as a friend at times.

“There’s no way you’ll break through these…and also…” you paused, kissing him deeply, yanking his head back by his hair. His neck arched so prettily, you mused as you stared into his reddening eyes.

“They prevent you from changing as well. So no matter what you do, you’re trapped, Yixing.”

“Fuck.” your mate breathed, his head falling back against the pillows. Another animalistic grin settled on your face as your hips ground deeply into his.

“Exactly.” you grated, rewarding him with one more thrust against his already straining manhood. It was so exhilarating, being in control this way, you couldn’t help the chuckle coming out of you.

“And now, since you’ve had so much fun with putting a spider under the covers…” you paused to rake your nails down Yixing’s bare chest, eliciting a deep growl from the werewolf.

“Let me have some fun of my own.” you rasped against his lips, kissing him deeply. With a groan, Yixing responded with the same passion, tilting his head and trying his best to get as close to you as possible in this position. One of your hands continued its journey down his chest and abdomen, to cup him through his pants. Yixing moaned at the contact and his hips ground against your hand, looking for whatever kind of friction.

Soon enough, you broke the kiss with one last peck, as your other hand pulled him back by his hair. His eyes, hazed and pure honey stared at you, unsure if he wanted you to continue or stop. You paid it no heed, your lips littering kisses down his jaw, to the deliciously sensitive neck. You had Yixing gasping at the first hard suck.

“___, no…” he growled lowly and you covered his mouth with your hand.

“You’re not in control now, Yixing.” you sang mockingly, rewarding him with another hickey. Yixing keened under your hand, his back arching up against you, to feel more of your skin on him. You complied, your hips settling over his and setting a slow rhythm to accommodate your needs. He sighed, slowly moving in time with yours while you continued your conquest down his chest.

Once your mouth enveloped his nipple, sucking on it lightly, you pulled your hand back to hear Yixing curse in Chinese, his head falling back against the pillows, defeated.

The different language made your insides melt- you loved when Yixing spoke in Chinese, it sounded so hot, coming from his mouth in cut off pants as you neared the place he wanted to you to touch the most.

“Oh, please, ___…” you heard him as you played with his waistband, pulling it back and then snapping it against his skin.

“Do you want them off?” you asked him, enjoying the desperate look on his face.

“Yes, just take them off, please…” he moaned further, his hips bucking against your hands as you fondled him through his pants, enjoying the snarl that ripped through his chest.

“Shit, ___, please, just…” he couldn’t finish his sentence, far too gone with lust. Pity. You were just getting started. With a swift tug at his pants, you pulled them down and off his muscular legs- his already hard member sprang out of its confines, already leaking with pre-cum.

Yixing moaned your name as you kissed down its side to the hilt before licking up a stripe back to the tip.

“Now you have to stay still, okay? “ you moved back up to look into Yixing’s eyes- you were delighted to see the redness appear and his fangs elongating- that was the only thing he could do, though.

He nodded, his jaw clenching and you couldn’t help but to drop a kiss on his lower lip. It took only a second and your lips were gone again, moving down the familiar path of his neck, chest, abdomen and to the pulsating member.

Your mouth closed around the head, sucking softly, enjoying the keening moan Yixing released. You flicked your tongue across the slit before gripping the base of him and taking in more of him. You heard Yixing’s voice in Chinese again and you hummed around his length, pulling back to his tip.

“Please,  ___, just…shit…___-“ he sounded so hot, as he desperately tried to keep his act together. You felt the quivering of his thighs as he tried his best not to buck into you, forcing you to take his whole length. You chuckled quietly, sliding him into your mouth again, deeper this time. Your hand stroked the bit of him that didn’t fit in your mouth in time to the way you bobbed around his length, your speed gradually increasing. You heard Yixing’s breathing quicken and the small desperate whines and growls leaving his mouth as you worked on him faster.

“Shit, babe…” his string of curses was interrupted when his breath hitched in his throat because fuck he felt himself hit the back of your throat and the way you moaned and swallowed around him made him see stars.

“___, I’m close…” he warned you breathlessly, expecting you to cut off his pleasure. He was taken aback when you swallowed at him again and gently coaxed his hips to move against you. Yixing almost wailed in pleasure, setting up a pace as he was chasing his climax, nearing it more and more. You heard the final sob and you shoved his hips down onto the bed, your hand working on his length while you opened your mouth in front of him expectantly, looking up at Yixing’s reddened gaze.

Yixing felt his heart skip a beat and then he was coming, pearly strings shooting out of him and over your lips and cheek and tongue and a moan of your name on his lips. He slumped back against the pillows as you wiped at his release on your cheek, smirking back at him. Once you were clean, you moved back to look at the debauched werewolf.

“Now, will you put a spider in the bed again?” you asked quietly, not resisting but feeling proud of the way you made him so perfectly tired. Yixing turned to look at you, cheeks still flushed and sweating and amber in his eyes.

“I won’t.” he told you with a small smile and his eyes closed as you hummed in content, reaching for the key of the cuffs.

“I’m glad we have this sorted out.” you told him cheekily, unlocking one of his hands, and then the other.

You moved to put the cuffs on the nightstand.

“But I’m not done.”

The exhaustion in his voice was gone and you realized too late that Yixing was faking it.

Your yelp was muffled as you were shoved face down into the pillows and your arms were pulled behind your back, cuffed in place.

“And now I’ll show you what happens when you play with the wolf, ___.” his voice was so beautifully rough and you whimpered at the smack at your ass.

Fuck, you were in trouble now.

Yes, sir

A/N: After searching through EVERY. SINGLE. DOCUMENT on my laptop… coming to the conclusion that it was officially lost/gone…and beginning to rewrite it, I found the story…in my Google Docs. (-_-  ) How annoying. The Sehun story is most likely in there too so… look out for that, lol.

Request for this scenario:

Then if you are willing can you write a daddy kink smut scenario with Yixing? If not then a boss smut scenario. (he messes with me soooooooooooo much)

Group: EXO

Pairing: Yixing (Lay) x Reader

Genre: Smut

“Two minute warning” your coworker announced to everyone. She was rushing from the door to her desk. You adjusted your hair in your compact mirror and made sure everything was fine: your make up in place, nothing in your teeth. You dropped your mirror back into your desk drawer and cleared your throat before standing up. You straightened out your black pencil skirt and walked around your desk to stand next to his office door. You fully opened the door and got back to your post. You grabbed his hot coffee from your desk and quickly stood up straight just as he walked into the room.

“Good morning, sir” a few workers exclaimed happily. Yixing nodded to them, adjusting his tie as he continued walking. He was a well-respected and highly pawned over bachelor. You smiled and slightly tilted your head to the side, subtly offering him his coffee. “Good morning” you smiled.

As he walked passed you, he stuck out his hand and grabbed the coffee from your hands. “___, I need to see you” he said, not bothering to look at you. You kept your smile until he was fully in his office and then exhaled, your polite facial expression sliding off. You grabbed your planner off your desk along with a pen and walked into his office, gently closing and locking the door behind you. He was a man who valued privacy which meant that his door was closed at all times and no one was allowed within two feet of his office unless they were given permission.

He was logging in to his computer as you made your way over to the desk. “Blinds” he reminded. You instantly turned around and closed the blinds before walking back over to the desk. As you took your seat, Yixing glanced at you. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” he asked.

You flipped through your planner, looking for today’s date. You quickly went through his schedule telling him about every conference call and meeting that he had today. Yixing sipped from his coffee cup, his lips closing over the little opening in the lid. You swallowed hard, eyes lingering a second too long, before closing the planner and letting it rest in your lap. You squeezed your eyes shut, trying to erase the memory that tainted your dreams. Yesterday, your boss had moved beyond his usual stares and you were a wreck, wondering what he was going to do next.

“Don’t you think this is a little inappropriate for work?” he asked. You were backed against the wall, your heart rate escalating with each step that he took to get closer to you. He ran his finger over the ‘V’ that formed from your buttoned shirt. The tip of his finger lightly grazing the top of your breasts. You blinked, inhaling shakily, and watched as his eyes followed his finger.

“In-inappropriate? I’m sorry”

“Mmm, don’t worry about it” he said, taking his finger away. He smiled lightly and cocked an eyebrow, studying your expression.  “I like it” he commented. He moved closer, his body only a couple inches from yours. He moved dangerously lose to your lips and you exhaled shakily with unblinking eyes. Yixing let his lips just barely touch yours before smirking and pulling away.

“See you tomorrow” he said, turning his back to you.

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Morning Mischief | Zhang Yixing

Rating - Fluff, Smut References

Word Count - 1k

Summary - In which it is the morning after, and the two of you have plans with the boys but Yixing decides that it is a good idea to chase you around your flat in the morning first.

YouTuber AU

Originally posted by yixinqs


I was woken up by a ray of sunlight peeking through the blinds and hitting my eyes. I lightly scrunched my face as I got up and stretched my arms freely. I looked down at Yixing sleeping peacefully, as his toned chest rose up and fell down taking deep breathes. As I noticed his awfully messy hair, the memories from the night before flashed through my mind and I lightly blushed and looked down. I decided to start off my day with a nice vlog since we had a good day planned. I lay back down, as his arms instantly went back around my waist pulling my close to his bare chest.

“Good Morning my beautiful people! Y/YT/N here” I whispered to my vlogging camera. “Quick life update: It is currently 11am and I’ve still not managed to get out of bed because of a certain dimwit” I complained trying to wriggle out of his arms, to which he replied with a groan. Considering the fact that it was summer time, the whole room was unbelievably warm and we were both pretty uncomfortable. But he didn’t seem to mind as he tightened his grip around my waist, nuzzling his head into my neck.

“As adorable as you look right now, I’m really hot and you’re sticky. So please let me get up” I whined, attempting to get away. ‘Attempting’ being the key word here.

“It’s too early Y/N. They won’t be here for another couple of hours” He whined with his eyes still closed as I rolled mine.

“But the state I have this flat in right now, I think it’ll take a couple of hours just to get it to look presentable” I chuckled. Yixing finally opened his warm brown eyes and gave the camera a lazy smile.

“Morning” He greeted in his morning voice as he lightly pecked my lips.

“What are we doing today Yixing?” I asked him and he got really excited.

“We are going to an adventure park with the boys!” He exclaimed, his eyes lighting up with such a beautiful childlike glaze.

“Yeah, we’re both pumped.” I pointed, giving the camera a bright smile to the camera as Yixing sat up and rubbed his eyes with both his hands. I began to stretch out my arms, not getting any relief until my elbows popped. I started to make weird noises which apparently creeped the fuck out of him, as he looked traumatised.

“You sound so scary when you stretch” He childishly whined covering his ears and I rolled my eyes.

“Hey! If it doesn’t look like an exorcism is taking place, you’re not doing it right” I laughed as he continued to give me a weird look.

“I’m getting up” I quickly slipped out of bed catching him of guard. “You really need to work on your reflexes” I smirked as he tried to grab me but I easily moved away. He groaned as he swiftly got out of bed, and began to run towards me. I instantly darted towards the staircase and began to run up the stairs, occasionally almost tripping.

“It’s seriously way too early for playing tag around the house; I’m usually asleep at this time!” He whined as I continued to dash around the furniture of the living room. I stopped momentarily to laugh at Yixing’s poor attempt of trying to catch me, which was a big mistake as he quickly caught up to me and I let out a little squeal as my back hit his chest.

“Gotcha” he whispered in my ear before wrapping his arms around my waist once again, sending shivers down my spine.

“About damn time Zhang Yixing” I muttered and he raised an eyebrow.

“Babe, we both know that it took me a while, because I’m not a morning person. Other times I’m way faster than you” He grumbled placing his head in the crook of my neck, placing butterfly kisses on it.

“Whatever, go put a shirt on” I instructed as I pulled away from his grip to throw on a jumper.

“You know you love it babe” he smirked as I rolled my eyes before going back to my room to get ready for the day.

Hearing the bell ring and I rushed to the door, swinging it open to reveal the rowdy bunch of five year-olds, already beginning to pile into my apartment with a few greetings. They were all just sat scattered around my flat whilst I was in the kitchen preparing a little lunch for us before we left. I suddenly felt Yixing creeping up behind me.

“My back is killing me" Yixing complained as he wrapped his arms around my shoulder.

“Sleep on it weird?” Baekhyun suggested devouring a tube of Pringles and Yixing shrugged.

When Yixing turned to go back to the sofa, I instantly noticed that the back of his shirt was slightly see through and you could see light marks on his back. I ran upto him to give him a heads up, but before I could say anything, some of the boys had already noticed.

“Unicorn got some last night!” Jongdae wolf whistled as all the attention in the room diverted to Yixing and I. A slight blush begging to tint my cheeks, Yixing noticed my embarrassment and pulled me into a hug.

“As long as you were safe…” Chanyeol continued and I threw a cushion at him which he dodged.

We were all waiting for the company car and grabbing last minute things, when Yixing decided to quickly pulled me to the side.

“Thanks for not telling me in the morning” He laughed and I smacked his chest.

“Well it isn’t my job to look at your freaking back to check for marks” I replied.

“So I’m just that good huh?” He smirked stepping into the space we had between us and I rolled my eyes. I slowly began to lean in and quickly turned my head so he kissed my cheek.

“Love birds! Continue this in the bedroom later, we’ve got a car waiting for us” Junmyeon hyung announced as he walked past us as we simply laughed it off and went down to the car

A/N: My first Yixing imagine! Just a little post I’m gonna keep while I’m working on the requests I have :) I’m currently working on a Harry Potter AU (I know! So friggin excited!) so those requests will be worked on throughout the week, and hopefully be posted soon. My week is going to get slightly busier than usual, but hopefully I’ll be able to manage :) Thank you so much for reading Loves!

~Shazz xx


Dragon Spell Part III [Yixing x Reader]

Rating: T

Word Count: 1602

It’s been a couple of months since you started working for Yixing and it’s become almost a daily routine.  Every other 3 days you stay the night up at the cave.  But as you were about to enter your apartment to grab your bag for the night someone grabbed you from behind and pulled you into a parked car.  He covered your mouth so you couldn’t scream and the door quickly closed.  Tanis was sitting on the floor of the backseat her eyes wide as she threw a blanket over you.  Turning you met Yixing’s eyes as you relaxed.  

“What are you doing?”  You asked as Tanis put her finger to her mouth.  Suddenly there were three men outside the door, exiting from her apartment building.  All three were wearing face masks and sunglasses.  

“Don’t worry the windows are tinted, even with their eyes they can’t see in.”  Yixing held you close as Tanis slide into dragon form, getting ready to pounce at the door.  They looked around, one of them glancing at the car but quickly looked away thinking better of it.  You held Yixing’s hand as he kept his arms around you.  His one golden eye flared as he glared through the window.  After a few minutes passed, Tanis transformed into her human form, her eyes glaring at Yixing.  

“You promised she would be safe.”  She said sternly.

“I didn’t know they would go as far as finding out where she lives.”  

“Finding out where I live, what are you two talking about?”

“His annoying brothers.  The princes.”  

“Princes…you mean you’re a prince.”  

“Sort of.”  

“Either you are or you’re not?”  You asked as Tanis answers for him.

“He is.”  Opening the door, he slid out his arms glaring at him.  

“So what do they want.”  

“We don’t know, the last time Yixing got close to a human, she ended up dying.”  

“Tanis!”  Yixing said sternly as she took your hand.  

“We need to get to the cave, they can’t enter there for the time being.”   You exited the car was lead up to your apartment with Yixing following close behind.  Tanis glared at him as you entered your apartment.  The place looked fine as if nothing was touched.

“Do you have your go bag ready?”  


“Pack for a couple of weeks.”  He said, as he went towards your bedroom.  

“I’m not going to the cave until you tell me what this about!”  Yixing stopped as he turned his eyes on you.  You tried to look sternly as held your ground.  “What happened to the other human?”  You asked as his eyes harden a little.  

“She died.  She got caught in a crossfire between the Dragons and the Hunters.  She died protecting Tanis and myself.”  He walked over to you.  His hand moved cupping your face.  “It’s been over 600 years since then.  My brothers don’t tend to be trustworthy of humans especially since the human they did trust ended up being the daughter of the head hunters.”  You looked back up at him.  His eyes softened at you.  

“He said I looked like her.”  You whispered as Yixing gave a soft sigh.

“Only a little.  You have similar noses, but the true resemblance is your eyes.  You have her selflessness and her strong will.”  You gave a soft smile as you felt tears start to prickle behind your eyes.

“Yixing, I’m frightened.”  You admitted as he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close to him.  

“I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”  Tanis came back from your bedroom, a suitcase which was probably bigger than her in tow.  

“I packed for you.”  She smiled as she looked at you with her big unnatural looking blue eyes.  You pulled away going over to Tanis and picking her up.  She hugged you as you turned to look at Yixing.  

“It’s okay if I do come and stay with you for a while?”

“My brothers will lose interest soon.  Besides Tanis says you’re better cook than me.”  He grumbled as she giggled.  

As the three of you made your way to the cave, Tanis began to sweat a little.  Yixing looked around as he picked her up.  

“You can change back no one is here.”  She nodded as she let go of the struggle she was having and transformed.  Yixing handed her to you as the little water dragon fell asleep in your arms.  Yixing smiled.  As you both were making your way to the exit he stopped you, pulling you behind his back.  Turning around he unzipped his sweatshirt, and zipped you up, covering you.  “Stay behind me.”  You nodded as you gripped Tanis tightly to you.  The dragon remained asleep as she was still gathering her energy from transforming so much.  Yixing gripped your bag in his one hand ready to use it as a weapon if need be.  When you turned around the final bend, you saw two figures standing outside the cave.  Both of them looked handsome and well groomed.  One was really tall and had fiery red hair, while the other one was shorter but his black hair gave him a meaner look then the other one.  

“What are you doing here?”  He asked.  His hand gripped yours tightly as he kept you behind him.  

“Just wanted to see if what Baek told us was true.”  He nodded towards you as you shrunk behind Yixing more.  

“I thought you were learning your lesson from the last time?”  The shorter one took a step forward.  Tanis began to wake up as she slide her head out of the hoody you were wearing.  

“There’s Tanis.” The taller one smiled as she shrunk back under the fabric.  He moved towards the cave, bring you with him.  

“Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, please leave while I’m asking nicely.”  Both of them moved forward as moved around them keeping you behind him the entire time.  His front always to him.  When you were on the cave entrance, he let go of your hand as Tanis slid out of the sweatshirt, as she moved between the two, moving backwards as you moved back.  

“Do you want to be permanently damaged Yixing, is that what you want?”  Kyungsoo asked, as you felt a fire run through you.  

“Yixing.”  You called as he didn’t turn back.  Chanyeol saw his slight distraction and made his move, quickly moving towards you, You fell back on the cave floor as Yixing quickly grabbed him by the throat and slammed him against the wall.  Kyungsoo went to move but he threw Chanyeol at him, making them both hit the ground.  

“Get behind the waterfall.”  He commanded as you quickly ran back into cave.  Tanis followed quickly as she could behind you as you heard Yixing growling.  Tanis slid into the water as you quickly hid behind Yixing’s bed.  You heard fighting as Yixing stumbled through the waterfall, his lip bleeding from the side.  You saw two figures try to get through but couldn’t.  Yixing smiled as it had worked.  He sighed as you quickly ran over to him, wrapping your arms around him.  

“Thank god you’re alright.”   You breathed out a sigh as he held you back.  

“This isn’t over Yixing.”  You heard as they both left the cave.  You pulled back grasping his face in between our hands.  

“You’re bleeding.”  You quickly pulled away and went to go find a First Aid kit but he pulled you back to him, his arms encircling around you.  

“I heal fast.”  

“But Yixing-”  

“Just, please stay still for a second.”  He buried his head in your shoulder as cradled you close to him.  You held him back as he you heard him sigh in relief.  “I’m just glad you’re safe.”  You smiled as he pulled away.  He walked over to his bed sitting down as you walked over this dresser pulling out a pair of flannel pajama pants.  You handed them to him as you went and grabbed his robe off its hook.  

“Change, you have blood on your shirt.”  He nodded as you walked over to Tanis.  “Tanis!”  you called as she swam to the surface.  “Are you okay?”  The water dragon nodded her head as you smiled at her.  She came up and placed a wet kiss on your check as she went back down into the water.  Going over to your suitcase that Yixing still managed to bring in, you pulled it back towards your room.  Yixing’s eyes followed you as you left.  Once in your room you started to unpack and kept a pair of pajama shorts and one of Yixing’s shirts out to sleep in.  He had kept lending you shirts that you just brought them home to wash.  Slipping into it, you didn’t hear Yixing come in.  His arms wrapped around you as they startled you.  He buried his head in your shoulder as you turned to face him.

“Can I stay with you?”  He asked.  You smiled as you gripped his scaled hand in yours.  Moving the covers over, you slid under them, as he followed suit.  

“Tanis is going to be jealous.”  You whisper as he gives a sad smile.  

“She’ll just come and squeeze in between us when she wants to.”  Sliding his arm under your neck, he pulls your back up against his front, arms wrapped around you.  You laced your hand in his he let out a reassuring sign.  “I just want to know you’re safe.”  He whispered.  You felt your heartbeat increase as his own slowed down, sleep taking him over, while own was quick to follow.

Part I | Part II | Part III