and look at those jaw lines

Love Isn’t a Memory

“My name is Dean Winchester

Sam is my brother

Mary Winchester is my mom, and

Casti–Cas, is my best friend.”

Dean popped his eyebrows high and shuffled unsure.

“Yes, that’s right,” Cas urged.

“You,” Dean said throwing a finger between them. “You’re Cas?”

Cas nodded, “Yes.”

Dean looked back and a stark vulnerability in his face caught Cas between the ribs. The low room light lit him kindly; the crows feet around his eyes were showing. Cas liked those little smile lines, liked them more everyday.

Dean scrubbed his chin. “No, that can’t be right,” he mumbled.


“That can’t be all, I mean.” His jaw jumped as he worked a timid nibble into his bottom lip, “You an’ me.”

“All?” Cas frowned, tried to seek an answer in the filtered sunlight at the motel window before he gave up and shook his head. “I don’t understand.”

“Are we… only friends?”

Heat hit Cas’ face in a quick bloom. “Why do you ask that?”

Dean was fixed on Cas now, face thin and brow folded. He’d just struck a nerve, and he seemed to know it.

He felt the lapel of Cas’ coat, and briefly brushed a thumb down his tie. He shook his head like he was trying to knock something loose – or knock something away, and he grabbed Cas in those wide green eyes again. “Because I feel like… it’s more than that. I feel like I look at you, and…  I’m in love with you.”

Cas shied back. “Oh,” he puffed, blindsided.

It was incredible how easily an unguarded Dean Winchester managed to rip their lives open. Although, Dean had always been good at turning Castiel inside out.

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“Are you watching me?”

Victor’s breath is harsh, his exhale shaky.

“Victor,” Yuuri cooes. His voice is soft like silk and Victor wants to melt. “I want to know if you’re watching me.”

There’s pressure here and there, Victor can’t really take all of it in though. A firm hand on his hip, brushing of fingertips on his arm, the smooth, steady slide of a finger on his chin, his jaw line. Everything starts out hazy, but when he opens his eyes, really opens them, Yuuri is there, above him.

Yuuri looks sexy any way you put it, but he’s in full Eros mode right now. His glasses are off and his eyes are bright, something dark shimmering underneath. His hair is slicked back with those few untamed strands and Victor isn’t sure how much more he can take.

“I need you to watch me closely, okay?”

Yuuri’s breath is even and dark as he leans forwards and lets his lips brush Victor’s.

“Every move I make.”

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Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, discussing of smutty stuff.

Summary: Reader isn’t paying attention to Dean whilst he is speaking so he does something about it.

A/N: Idk everyone. Lol. Leave me some feedback, I appreciate it. Have a great Monday!!

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You had wanted Dean Winchester from the moment you had laid eyes on him. He sauntered into the roadhouse, a carefree smirk hanging on his lips when he threw you a heated look. You were hooked on all 6ft and a bit of him, his tanned freckled skin pulled taut over the thick muscles covering his large frame, the line of his jaw that was probably sharp enough to give paper cuts and those eyes. God, those eyes, greener than emeralds. He looked at you like he could see your soul.

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another concept: alec - eyes soft, fingers gentle - tracing the line of magnus' jaw. magnus turning his head into alec's hand and kissing his palm gently. alec running his hands through magnus' hair, massaging his neck. malec,,, the softest boyfriends

did you know you’re my favorite?

when weren’t those hazel eyes soft though (plenty of times really, they could be as hard as splinters of steel but not now at the very least), they were always so soft, all fractured greens and mostly brown, that deep amber in the middle looking something like dark ink dropped in water sometimes. when the two of them were alone and the lack of light had his pupils all wide, magnus would watch the way alec looked at him with those soft brown eyes and it felt like dipping your body into some kind of warmth, curls of steam wrapping around your ears.

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“You gonna say goodbye to Cara?”

Sam glances over at Dean, eyebrow raised as he watches Dean take a sip from the bottle.

“Nah,” he says, his eyes following the movement of his brother’s throat as he swallows, “not interested.” Dean’s eyes catch Sam’s then and he looks a bit surprised, but slowly lowers the bottle, obviously curious.

“You know,” Sam starts, “I didn’t mean any of those things I said back there…” Dean’s eyes are so green and Sam turns to face him completely, leaning against the side of the car. “It was just the siren talking.”

“Yeah,” Dean says too quickly, looking away, “yeah, me too.”

Sam keeps his eyes on his brother though, watches the nervous tic in his jaw and Sam can’t help but reach out, run a thumb over that sharp jaw line. Dean turns, looking a little tired, a little run down, like he doesn’t want to fight about this right now. So Sam doesn’t fight, just takes a step forward and cradles the side of Dean’s face in his hand. He’s always so amazed by how easily his brother sinks into it, every time– his tough, show-no-emotions, big brother– closes his eyes and presses into the touch. Sam makes his move then, leans in just the slightest bit and touches his lips to Dean’s, soft and chaste.

He doesn’t move back, even when Dean flutters those ridiculously long eyelashes and looks up at Sam through them. Sam doesn’t know how that siren got to him, now that he thinks back on it; Dean is… Perfect.

“We… are we good?” Sam asks, softly. The corner of Dean’s mouth pulls up into a crooked smile and Sam can’t stop a smile from spreading on his own lips.

“Yeah,” Dean murmurs, “we’re good.” And he pulls Sam down for another kiss.

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How old was Kisame when he killed the Cypher Division?

That is a wonderful question that I… wish I knew the answer to! :’D

He’s got a low voice and a strong jaw, indicating he’s at least older than 10 (I hope), but he’s also lacking the labial furrows and massive physique of his adult self, so… anything in the teens range is a fair guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

They were lying on their backs with their hands entwined, listening to the roar of the rain when she turned around to face him.
“Don’t you find it beautiful?” She whispered, while running her fingers softly along the sharp line of his jaw.
His eyes had fluttered shut. “What?” His voice was deep and rough.
“That something as strong as the universe falls apart sometimes. Its very being shatters and it begins to sob.” At that moment, there was a flash of thunder. “Sometimes it even has the need to scream.”
He looked at her then, those deep brown eyes filled with love and curiosity.
“Beautiful? How could you find it beautiful? I think its tragic.” He rolled over and hovered above her. His breath fanned across her face as he spoke. “If something as infinite and as endless as the cosmos have the need to break, it leaves us no hope. If the one thing that is supposed to be sure, concrete the one thing that should never have the need to collapse, does, we’re fucking screwed.”
—  n.g. // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #4
My paramour Jung Hoseok

                           The Jung Hoseok appreciation post

-This is Jung Hoseok AKA J-hope aka ‘Hobi’ aka J horse-

One thing about J hope, he’s a gorgeous and an extremely talented human being!

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I mean seriously look at him..

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His jaw line is so sharp it can even cut a diamond

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Even his hair is perfection

and those dimples (♡__♡)

“There are not enough days in forever to allow me to fully express the depth of my love for you.” 

This is what perfection looks like

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He can be derpy sometimes (most of the times)

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But he makes up for it

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Jhope is, always and forever, my beautiful ray of sunshine

the reason why we fell in love with BTS in the first place

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This world seems a much better place with you in it

Here’s that face tutorial I was supposed to do a week agoooo

alright so first, actually drawing a face 

Step 1: start with the general shape

like, real general. include those lines there in the middle of the face so you know where to put your eyes and nose and stuff

Step 2: Plot out some features

the basics, eyes, nose, mouth, brows. These dont have to fit perfectly into your general face shape. Have fun with what they look like! 

Step 3: refine the shape a bit

I think a significant part of what individualizes a face is the structure, you know? Where are those cheekbones?? How wide or thin are the jaw and chin? These things are just as important as the shape of the nose, eyes and mouth. You can plot out your hairline here too!

drawing lines like this from the cheekbones to the ends of the chin usually helps me figure out how they affect the shape and relate to each other, depending on how the face is turned; like how you’ll still see a little bit of his jaw there on the left side. 

Step 4: Line that stuff

I hope that helps?? A little??? I’m not so good at explaining things like proportions, I just kinda feel that stuff out = v= ;;; it takes a lot of practice! I’ll do the expressions tutorial separately, I think that one will be more useful

Sometimes I look at Harry and I’m like.. how is this person real.. those piercing green eyes.. good good eyebrows, perf nose.. cheekbones to DIE for, a mouth to drive you insane, those cute ears, that damn sharp jaw, and then he even has… *whines* dimpleeeeees… He’s just the most gorgeous thing. But then, it doesn’t end there.. he also has a long torso.. puffy nipples, and a wonderfully soft yet toned stomach, v-lines, big arms, and the most beautiful and sexy hands, a big dick, a nice perky lil booty, and fucking ridiculous legs that go on for days, deeeelicious thighs.. and cute feet, where the big toe has a tattoo that says “big”. But then.. it doesn’t end there either.. He also sings like an angel, and his speaking voice is the sexiest sounding voice ever and he has the most charming accent. And he’s the most incredible performer and he has such a command of his gift and he’s sooo so so damn talented in so many areas. And he writes tons of songs.. and he likes art, and paints and plays guitar.. and sometimes drives motorcycles and he’s inked UP.. But it doesn’t stop there.. he’s also so complex and has the most amazing personality, full of cheekiness and quirks and contrasts and layers and mystery. He’s a dirty bird but also the SWEETEST bunny, literally the CUTEST. And he is fucking hilarious and goofy and has the biggest heart and idk how his body can contain that much love. He so tirelessly tries to only spread love and positivity. NICEST boy you could find. And he’s so damn charismatic that he could give away 95% of it and he’d still have more than most of us.. and he’s so confident and calm. He’s so smart and aware and INTERESTING. He’s an old soul, a gentleman. So respectful of everyone he meets. But it doesn’t end there either. He’s also got amazing style, and blesses us with everything from floral suits and see-through shirts to the perf cuddly boyfriend style.. and he’s also just the coolest guy, and everyone digs him and says he’s the nicest guy ever.. Idg how one guy can have it all like he does.. And I just love how he’s developed such a unique and characteristic way of performing, dressing, singing, and just BEING. He’s such a damn good person and every ounce of him is superstar material. He’s a go-getter and the sky’s the limit with him, and I’m just so so so proud of him and the person he is and I can’t wait to see it all unfold. 

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“Just because you like me doesn’t mean the feeling is mutual.” oFFICE FABREVANS

it’s   FUN ,   this game of cat and mouse that they’ve been playing ,   but it’s getting   OLDER   by the minute ,   and quinn’s itching for something   –––   for rough jaw lines and beard burn between his thighs and for those   obscene   lips around him. 

he’d feel   WORSE   if he didn’t know sam was   interested ,   if the boy was any good at not checking him out ,   and at not flirting back.     but even his warnings are   HALF-HEARTED   and lacking. 

“ oh ,    of course not.     but that twice over you gave me when you thought i   WASN’T    looking just a few moments ago gives me an   inkling   that it is. ”

he reaches out ,   hand   hovering ,   almost taking him by the waist.    he inhales one last time ,   summoning his bravery.     “ if you really don’t want me   –––   i’ll drop it   –––   but i’m willing to   BET    i’m right in this case. ”


If I stare long enough, I’m sure I can find something in the swoop of his shoulder blades, or a hidden message in the constellation of his moles. Maybe it’s in the structured line of his jaw, or the underwhelming, plain blue of his eyes.

And so I stare at this golden boy, trying to piece together what exactly I’m looking for.

My eyes wander to the mess of bronze curls splayed across his pillow, over his forehead. They wander to his pink pink lips, to the column of his neck, to the thick eyelashes rimming those underwhelming, plain blue eyes.

Everything I’m looking for is already there, eight feet away from me and tangled in the wrong sheets.

I’m looking for Simon Snow, but a different Simon Snow. One that whispers lovely things into my skin, one whose fingers fit perfectly with mine, one who loves me.

Her hips swayed with every step she made against the cement. Her face was void of emotion,yet held a look so sharp it could slice through brick. Her cheek bones caved in against her porcelain skin, her jaw clenched causing a no nonsense air about her, and her lips were set in a straight line yet still retained their full appearance. But oh her eyes, those are what really captivate you. An effulgent amber color swirled with forest green topped with a cognizant mischievous gleam. They struck a distant sense of fear into anyone who met them, yet they held an underlying quality of comfort and warmth about them too.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

I don’t know what possessed me to do this, other than the fact that I’ve been thinking about it for a while. There are so many things that make this man traditionally handsome - the killer jaw line, those baby blues, the perfect ears, for god’s sake. But the more I look at him, the more I realize that the things that I find most attractive about him actually aren’t those features. They’re these. 

I suspect I’m not alone in this, so…


“What the fuck.” Harry muttered to himself for the fifth time as he stared down at the smoldering crater in font of him.

He had seen it miles off, driving home from a day on the beach, seen the– thing– crash down into the one of the old football fields that Harry and his friends often played on. Naturally, Harry had immediately started driving towards it, mostly just to make sure he wasn’t going crazy.

As he stared down at the object in the crater and the smoke began to clear, Harry realized that the object was actually a- a plane of some sort. At least, that’s the closest thing Harry could relate it to. It looked like it belonged to NASA, or something along those lines, because there were crazy looking lights and panels covering the broken exterior of the simmering ship. Harry’s mouth was wide open, jaw hitting the floor as he watched something- a person, phase through the smokey air surrounding one of the larger pieces of the ship. Harry couldn’t see very well, but he recognized the silhouette as a person. “Hey!” Harry shouted loudly, concern growing. “Are you alright over there?”

The person stumbles for a second, before beginning to move towards Harry, closer and closer without saying a word. Fear rising in his chest, Harry takes a step back and tries to convince himself that its probably just the normal pilot of this.. normal plane that normally crashed in this normal field in Harry’s, boring old, normal world.

Harry lets out an exaggerated breath of excitement when he catches a glimpse of a pale, very attractive looking boy who has finally broken through the mist. Harry’s heart leaps for a second, making the curly haired boy stumble as he goes to meet the other boy at the top of the crater. “Hey! Are you alright, mate?” Harry asks again, and the boy meets eyes with Harry for the first time.  

The boy is short, with blue eyes and hair that was originally brown, but has been dyed with a shock of blonde. He’s small and skinny and his smile is so shiny and bright, Harry has to look away for a second. Harry lets out a noise of appreciation, he has always had a thing for shaggy, beach boys like this.

The boy is smiling still, blindingly at him and Harry realizes that the boy is speaking.. or at least, trying to. His words are jumbled, sounding foreign and absolutely incomprehensible. “What?” Harry asks, confusion taking over his features.

The boy stops on a dime, looking disheartened, and Harry feels terrible for even asking the simple question. But before he can apologize, or at least give the cute little guy a hug, the blonde smiles again, looking as if he remembered something important. With his smile, he grabs Harry’s biceps, pulling himself in close. Harry smiles back, unsure but willing enough. Harry opens his mouth, ready to say something to understand just what the hell was happening, but he can’t.

Because the blonde kid kisses him, passionately and surprisingly well, seeing as the kid looked like he was an innocent little virgin. His tongue twirled into Harry’s mouth seamlessly yet recklessly, and Harry finds himself pulling the blonde in closer, gripping the boy’s neck tightly and kissing him back with equal fervor. The boy makes a pleased sound and allows it for a moment before pulling away, forcing Harry to release him. Harry frowns, hesitantly wiping his mouth. The boy giggles cutely, “Sorry,” He says innocently, his voice sounding odd with a thick accent that Harry had never heard before.

“W-what?” Harry asks, confusion and lust racing through his body.

“I, Niall.” The blonde says, He scrunches up his face and pulls himself close to Harry again, “Thank you.” He says, and Harry is completely puzzled.

“Wait… what? Why did you kiss me?”

Niall pulls back, only a little, “Kiss?” He asks, eyebrows raised.

Harry’s eyes stay wide as he nods. “Yeah… like…” He trails off, his eyes moving back to ‘Niall’s’ lips.

Niall nods his head, seeming to understand. “Oooh.” He nods. “Kiss, so I speak.”

Harry’s heart thumps loudly, wondering if he was being punked.

The boy must see the scared look in Harry’s eyes because he’s quick to explain. “Please!” He begs. “Home gone, no home, please help.” Niall pleads with the tall man, gripping his forearms tightly. All signs of the bubbly little blonde are gone, replaced with a sad, teary little kicked puppy in Harry’s arms.

Harry, still stunned and confused nods, holding the boy close as he blubbers on in incomplete sentences, trying to explain the exact situation.

* * * *

When they arrived at Harry’s house, not much ground had been gained. Harry knew that Niall was cuddly and clingy, and also a bit on the slower side. He also knew that Niall wasn’t exactly a native of Brighton. Harry’s even beginning to believe that Niall may not even be a native of the Earth.

“Niall like.” The blonde proclaims, latching onto Harry’s bicep as he traces the visible pattern of one of Harry’s various tattoos. Harry smirks fondly as he places his car in park.

“Thank you,” Harry says softly and Niall dissolves into a fit of giggles.

“Thank you,” He repeats, not quite yet understanding exactly how the English language worked.

Harry lead Niall over towards his flat, dragging the smaller boy across the car park, ignoring Niall’s questioning noises at several of the things around the building.

Harry sighed heavily as they finally make their way up the stairs, “I’m home!” He calls loudly, nearly cursing himself because he forget about Louis.

“About damn time.” Louis shouts back, and Niall’s ears are perked and curious at the new character emerging from the kitchen. “Oh, who’s the blonde?” Louis asks.

Harry grins sheepishly, ready to introduce Niall when Niall does it for him, “Hi Hi! I Niall.” He says excitedly, jumping towards Louis and attempting to kiss the blue eyed boy before Harry pulls him back harshly.

Louis’ watching on with wide eyes as Harry shakes his head at Niall, lecturing him like he’s a child, “No, Niall, no. Remember what I said in the car? We don’t kiss strangers when we first meet them.”

Niall pouts, but nods, opening his mouth to apologize when Louis lets out a confused, “What.”

“Louis… I can explain.” Harry mutters, even though he’s not so sure if he actually can.

* * * *

“You brought home a fucking alien?!” Louis hisses as he pulls Harry down the hallway in their house, leaving Niall to explore their living room.

Harry looks around, making sure Niall didn’t hear, “He’s not.. You don’t really think he’s an alien?” Harry asks uneasily.

“What other explanation is there?” Louis asks, frustration clear in his voice. “Holy shit. I’m calling Li and Z.”

“No!” Harry nearly shouts. “I mean… aren’t we supposed to keep these kinds of things a secret? Like, what if the government tries to take him away and do experiments?!” Harry stammers.

Louis doesn’t bother responding, only giving Harry a disappointed look as if he couldn’t believe his friend’s idiotic train of thought.

* * * *

“No, Niall, you can’t do that… no…” Harry mumbled as Niall kissed along his collarbone. Wherever Niall came from, they were very very affectionate. He was aways holding onto Harry, sitting in his lap and kissing every inch of exposed skin. Harry would tell the blonde to stop… but he was enjoying it. He was probably enjoying it more than he should have, considering this was a friendly gesture that Niall’s people did with everyone, apparently.

Harry’s brought out of his thoughts as Niall nuzzles into his neck, purring loudly deep in his throat. “Like you.” He whispers lowly.

Harry lets out a disbelieving noise. “I like you too, Niall. We just need to work on you grammar, yeah?”

Niall nods, ready to agree with anything Harry said.

“See, Li, fucking PDA nonstop, ever since it got here.” Louis says, unimpressed.

Harry shoots a glare at Louis. “Shut up, Louis. Niall is a he, and this is just how his people normally act.” Harry defends.

“You don’t see him cuddling up to any of us.” Louis points out, and Niall finally realizes that there are new people in the room. He immediately hops off of Harry’s lap and sprints over to the newcomers.

“Hi! I Niall, I like Harry and water.” He exclaims exuberantly, recalling the water that Harry had given him when Niall complained of an “angry throat”.

Liam’s face is priceless, obviously contemplating if he should coo at the adorable kid in front of him or go straight to the police with a missing child report.

Zayn, on the other hand grins at the kid. “I’m Zayn, little man, how’re you doing?” He asks kindly, graciously allowing Niall into his arms as the younger boy lurches forward.

“I good, Zayn good? Harry good?” He babbles on, not even waiting for an answer.

Liam pulls Louis forward towards Harry as Zayn distracts Niall, whispering vehemently, “What the fuck?” He asks. “He’s like… a four year old or something. Are you sure he isn’t just some… autistic kid or a runaway?” He asks worriedly.

Harry shakes his head, “A runaway that came from a spaceship?!” He pulls out his phone to show Liam the pictures he took for proof, watching as Liam sighed in confusion.

“What is he saying about all this?” Liam asks, jerking his head back towards the blonde boy, who is still talking excitedly with Zayn.

“Niall!” Harry calls, trying to ignore the way his heart skips when Niall immediately bounds over into his arms. Niall licks at Harry’s throat lovingly, before responding.


Harry grins adoringly at the boy, ignoring his friends’ disapproving looks. “Can you tell us a bit about where you come from?”

Niall’s excited face drops a bit. “Mullingard.” He nods, “Scary, not safe.” He shakes his head. “Greg, brother… sent Niall to Harry so Niall is safe.” He shrugs. “Niall no go back.” He sniffs, his eyes sad and filling with tears. Harry rubs his back reassuringly.

“What about when you were little was… Mullin-gard? a nice place?” Louis asks, and Harry glares at his lack of decency.

Niall, seemingly gotten over his sadness already, nods happily. “Nice, nice place.” He repeats. “Good and safe and happy.” He sighs, “Niall mate and Greg mate and Theo.” He shrugs. “Happy.”

“M-mate?” Harry asks unhappily, frown tugging at his lips and disappointment pulling at his heart.

Niall nods. “Mate Josh.” He confirms. “Big, strong, serious.” He rambles. “No good for Niall.” The blonde shakes his head as he explains. “Niall’s maker chose Josh, Josh good and strong.” He shrugs. “Niall go before Niall and Josh mate.”

Harry, somewhat relieved, sighs happily and hugs Niall closer to him, making the blue eyed boy nuzzle him back. “Then Harry find Niall and now Harry and Niall mate.” He grins happily.

The room goes silent as Liam, Zayn, and Louis stare at The blonde in Harry’s lap. Niall senses the awkward atmosphere, curling up a bit as he makes a whimpering sound. Harry, not even thinking about it, tugs him closer reassuringly, even though he feels a bit stunned himself.

“What?” Louis asks lowly, confusion and dread in his voice.

Niall shakes his head, obviously thinking he said something wrong. Liam glares at Louis. “Niall, it’s alright.” He tries reassuring the blonde, placing his hands on his knees and rubbing them lightly. “We’re only a little confused. Can you explain?”

Niall snuffles, sitting against Harry heavily, but nods wearily. “Harry nice and good and strong and fun and Harry good for Niall. No maker to choose for Niall so Niall chooses Harry.” He tries, eyes trained on the ground. Liam sits back, seemingly stunned.

“Well, fuck.” Zayn laughs, and yeah, that just about sums it up.

* * * *

After the four boys had talked it over, they agreed that maybe it would be best if Niall spent a little time away from Harry.

Of course, Harry didn’t agree with the plan, telling the boys that it would only make the blonde more anxious then he already was. The others ignored him completely, telling him that he was only bias because of his newfound affection for the blonde.

Harry crosses his arms angrily, narrowing his eyes, “Have fun telling him, then, because I certainly won’t be the one telling him.”

* * * *

So Harry drove along with them, holding Niall close as they made their way to Liam and Zayn’s house on the opposite side of Brighton, away from the sea and nearer the busy city. Harry’s leg was tapping nervously, and Niall was trying his best to calm his curly haired “mate” down. “Harry, scary?” he asks, confused as to why the man is so nervous.

Harry smiles at the blonde convincingly. “No, love, of course not.”

Niall smiles at the nickname, “Love.” He repeats. “Love.”

Once Harry and Niall enter Zayn and Liam’s flat, Liam and Louis grasp onto the blonde’s arms reassuringly, but Harry knows why they’re really holding onto him. Harry gives the boys a dark, angry look, going foreword to kiss Niall on the forehead and whisper a reassuring, “Don’t worry, I won’t be long.” before rushing out of the front door.

He can hear Niall struggling to go after him, letting out a heart wrenching shout for Harry to come back. Harry scrubs a hand down his face, sitting on the porch steps, feeling heartsick.

* * * *


Another heartbreaking sob escapes from the house.

“Harry! I want Harry-y-y!” He whimpers harshly, and Harry feels like crying himself.

Harry lets out a low sounding groan, “Zayn…” He says, directed at the tan boy who had joined him on the porch after he too decided he couldn’t handle the younger boys cries any longer. “This hurts, it hurts.”

“I don’t understand how they haven’t given up yet. It’s been half an hour and he’s still crying his poor little eyes out.” Zayn sighs, shaking his head in sympathy.

Harry growls in frustration as Niall mewls Harry’s name sadly from inside the house. “Fuck this.”

He barges through the front door and goes straight into the living room, where Niall is on the floor, tears rushing down his face. His eyes are red-rimmed and his cheeks are puffy. His hair is mused from where his hands are pulling at it and he’s never looked so small and vulnerable. “This is over.” Harry announces, genuinely pissed off that his two friends were allowing his mate to get to this point. (Harry ignores the fact that he actually just referred to Niall as his “mate”)

At the sound of Harry’s voice, Niall’s head perks up, eyes widening as he lets out a happy sob of relief. “Harry.” He whimpers, arms wide open from the ground and Harry instantly picks the boy from the ground, hugging him close to his chest.

Harry walks out of the house, Niall tucked under his arm as he whispers constant “I’m so so sorry”’s and “Please forgive me”’s as he put the boy into the car. He could barely get Niall to let him go long enough so that he could get into the drivers seat. Luckily, Harry’s jeep had a bench seat, so Niall could sit against Harry, whimpering and snuffling into his neck tiredly.

Harry was aware that he left Louis abandoned at Zayn and Liam’s, but he was too pissed off to care at the moment to care. “Ni, I’m so sorry, they made me, I’m so sorry.” He mumbled, kissing Niall’s forehead once again. Niall didn’t respond, only pressing himself against Harry closer.

* * * *

Harry had turned his phone off after the 4th phone call he received from Louis. He was laying in his own bed, content as Niall purred against his neck happily. After several hours of reassurance that Harry wouldn’t ever let anyone try to keep them apart again, Niall had finally forgiven the curly haired mate of his. “Love.” Niall mumbled, and Harry nodded in agreement.

Niall rolled so that he was laying on top of Harry, his legs resting on either side of Harry’s torso.

His eyes were still a bit red from crying, and Harry’s heart ached a bit at that. “Harry mate?” He asks timidly.

Harry doesn’t even think before nodding. “Harry mate.”

Niall grins excitedly and Harry can’t help but tackle him, forcing Niall underneath him as the smaller boy giggled cutely. Harry smirked down at the boy and licked a stripe up his neck, placing kisses along the column of his throat. Harry’s laughing for a moment before he realizes that Niall has stopped giggling.

He pulls back, a little bit worried, as he see’s Niall’s eyes. They’ve turned an alarming shade of electric blue, his pupils dilated so far that the color was only a tiny sliver of color. “Niall?” He asks softly and Niall lets out an extremely loud moan, bucking his now hard member against Harry’s thighs.

Harry’s eyes are wide now, lust running through his body as Niall bucks against him inconsistently. “Holy shit.” He mutters as Niall ruts against him. Seemingly under a trance, Niall mewls, wonton and loud. Harry cuts him off, kissing the boy harshly, unable to resist the temptation any longer. Niall whines loudly into Harry’s mouth, unable to restrain the noises escaping his throat. 

“Fuck, fuck.” Harry moans as he and Niall get into a rhythm of rutting against each other, still covered by Niall’s joggers and Harry’s shorts.  

“Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry-” Niall moans over and over, “Mate!” He calls out loudly, and Harry’s pretty sure the warmth against his thigh is a good indicator of what Niall just did. 

Harry’s a bit surprised, so much so that he stops rutting against Niall. He holds back his laugh, reminding himself that the little blonde had never “mated” with anyone before. Still, Niall’s face is flushed red, looking embarrassed. “Sorry,” He stutter. “Harry… sorry, sorrry-” He whimpers, looking close to tears. 

“No! No… baby.. it’s alright.” Harry tries to reassure him, getting up uncomfortably, still painfully aware of his hard on. “It’s alright.”

Niall still looks embarrassed, but allows Harry to run a hand through his soft hair, his eyes run over Harry’s lower half, guilt doubling as he sees Harry’s still hasn’t.. “mated”. 

Niall’s hands move on their own accord, pulling at Harry’s shorts. 

Harry lets out a noise of argument. “No, Ni- you don’t have to-”

But he’s cut off as Niall is already in his shorts, tugging at his hard cock, thumb sliding over the slit teasingly. Within minutes Harry is putty in Niall’s hands, moaning and begging Niall to keep going. Then he’s shouting out Niall’s name, cumming over the boy’s hand, breathing heavily. His vision is blurred with pleasure, so he almost misses Niall tasting the white substance over his hand. 

Harry throws his head back. “Fucking shit, Niall.” 

Niall giggles loudly, falling on top of Harry. “Mate?” He asks sleepily, and Harry lets out a tired laugh as well, running a tired hand down Niall’s sweaty back.

“Of course, love.” Harry mumbles happily, content to stay as he is for the rest of his life. 

Cheesy ;-; 

This fic has just convinced me to do a baby!niall fanfiction. it’s officially happening: coming soon. (If you have a preference of the couple that will be his parents let me know)

Sorry for any mistakes and sorry it’s so long yada yada P.S. i love you guys y’all are the best <3

Prompts are open! I do any Niall-centered fanfiction (including OT3, OT4, and OT5(yes, i write with Zayn)). You can see my previous writings here.

Rey step by step

1. Sketch the basic shape of the head and jaw line.

2. Sketch out markers for the ears, brows, eyes, nose and mouth as well as the hair and neck.

3. Define and polish the features, I use the lasso tool and free transform a lot in this phase to push, pull, squish, and stretch the features until they match my reference or look right (if i don’t have a photo).

4. More polishing, more lasso tool and transform, fixed the jaw line a bit more.

5. When I’m happy with the base sketch, I save it to a new layer and hide it (in case i fuck up) then make the original layer multiply. I then try to color pick from the photo I’m using to find the mid tone for each part then use those tones to “flat” my colors in a layer under the sketch layer. If you aren’t using a photo then shame on you and just guess on colors.

6. Merge the sketch down on the colors so it’s all one layer. I color pick more to get the basic variations down. I lay out a rough version of the lighting information. Nothing is too detailed or sharp. Juts blurry color info to get the basic idea.

7. Just keep color picking and filling in the lighting information. I’m very rough and sketchy in this part. I also use a brush that has “Transfer” turned on with pen pressure so I can get even more color variations. At some point I also made a new Overlay layer and added some blush with a soft brush then merged it down when I was happy with it.

8. I erased the hair strands that weren’t working and drew in new ones. Basically you’re making a blurry image sharp in this step. Just keep refining the image into smaller and smaller details. I also use the Liquify filter A LOT in this phase. Lasso and free transform cause a bunch of gaps so Liquify works best. Mostly the push tool but sometimes bloat and pinch. Just keep making adjustments to the features.

9. Smudge! I used the smudge tool at 40% strength to blend the sketchy colors together. I like to keep some of the sketchy look so I don’t blend it too much. Be very careful not to over blend.

10. On a new layer using the “Soft Light” mode, paint in more lighting. I use a pale yellow to highlight the light parts and a greyish blue for the shadows. I just use a brush with 0% hardness. I also turn the opacity of the soft light layer to 40-50% what ever looks best. You want it to help the contrast but not blow out the image.

11. Added a color balance adjustment layer to finish it off. This is a personal preference thing cause I like my images to be more saturated and have more vibrant colors and color picking alone usually doesn’t do it enough. My rule is usually highlights should be warmer and shadows should be cooler and midtones are whatever works best for the image. Rey has a yellowish undertone in her skin and clothes so I kept an orange-yellow midtone, but Poe is more red.

Extra info:
USE REFERENCE! there’s no shame in using reference for poses, faces, colors, or anything! Everyone uses reference. It’s not cheating. Especially for something like this which is essentially a photo study.

Use what ever tools you are most comfortable with. I use photoshop and have a wacom cintiq companion 2 but if you’re more comfortable with SAI and an intuos 4 then use that. You do not need to spend more money to make better stuff. Practice is more important.

You don’t need fancy brushes. I literally only used three brushes and only one of those was custom. I mostly try to use a “sketching” brush with transfer turned on and controlled with pen pressure.

I’ve uploaded an accompanying video that captured from the flats colors on: . Let me know if you have questions or want to see more!

10 Things Donald Trump has in common with Eddy from “Ed, Edd n Eddy”

1. They’re both greedy as hell. Always scheming to make a quick buck no matter who they have to step on to get it. I could see Trump swimming in a golden pool of Benjamins while Eddy is diving into his pool of jaw breakers. 

2. They’re both smug narcissistic assholes who think that they’re good looking but c’mon? Look at those faces. What woman would be attracted to those mugs? Only their mothers. And maybe some gold-diggers…

3. They both have those weird white tan lines around their eyes and the rest of their face is a different color. What the fuck is up with that? Trump is so orange, I don’t even think he can be considered white, haha. 

4. They’re obsessed with status, being rich and though most people hate them, they still think they’re the shit. 

5. They’re scam artists. Anyone who grew up watching Ed, Edd n Eddy knows that Eddy loved coming up with scams to make money. Eddy once fattened up one of the cul de sac kids and turned him into a Sumo wrestler to make money off of him. And everyone knows the “Trump University” scam. 

6. They both think they’re “good businessmen.” Trump’s businesses went bankrupt 4 times and every scam that Eddy has tried to use to pull a fast one on the kids of the cul de sac have all failed in the end. “Good” must have a whole other meaning to these guys.

7. They don’t seem to have a lot of hair. Seriously! Eddy has all of 3 strands of hair on his head! And what the hell is up with Trump’s hair? Is that a dead animal on his head or what? What the fuck is up with that comb-over, dude? Guess he doesn’t want to wind up with a hair cul de sac like Bernie Sanders (but c’mon, no one rocks that better than Bernie).  

8. They both seem to live in a fantasy world where there are no rules. Seriously, in the world that Ed, Edd n Eddy takes place, we never see any adults so they pretty much do whatever the hell they want. And Trump certainly thinks that when he becomes president, that he can just do whatever the hell he wants and just shit all over the constitution, destroy the 1st amendment and keep Muslims out of the country. Yeah, good fucking luck with that, Trump. 

9. They’re both massively immature. Trump will argue like a 5 year old and use “they started it!” as a rebuttal to an argument. His political speech has the eloquence of a 5th grader (and I work with 5th grades who speak with more intelligence than him). Eddy almost never admits when his schemes aren’t working. He can’t talk to girls for shit, though he boasts himself like he’s god’s gift to women and though he’s a kid, he’s the most immature of all the characters on the show.  

10. They have both been mocked for their…ehem…shortcomings. There was a whole episode dedicated to making fun of Eddy for his height. He’s one of the shortest (if not thee shortest) characters on the show. And he got really pissed off because of it and tried to make himself tall with one of Double D’s inventions. Of course, that failed in the end. So did Donald Trump’s attempt to defend himself when Marco Rubio accused him of having a tiny dick. Why so defensive Trump? We know you’re well endowed in other areas but in your pants…not so much. 

what have I done

Have you noticed how Phil is made of sharp edges? His prominent chin, the clearly visible adam’s apple, the crevices where neck meets shoulder, his collarbones… everything about his body is clear cut, like a beautiful statue carved out of marvel. Even his eyes are clear and bright. Can you imagine Dan running his fingertips along those graceful lines, kissing the joints and edges and firm corners?
And in comparison, you will notice that Dan isn’t like that at all. The gentle curve of his chin, his adam’s apple hardly distinguishable, his neck all but melts into his shoulders… Dan looks soft, and the gentleness shines in his warm eyes. Now imagine Phil’s lips gliding over the elegant curve of his neck, his hands grasping the form of Dan’s waist, stroking along the line of his jaw.
How they must worship each other’s beauty.

  • "When senpai is fucking stupid"
  • "Ugh yes daddy"
  • "When ur fashionable friend is about to die"
  • "Hi my name is ______ and I'm really gay"
  • "Mr. steal your boy"
  • "Damn, look at that jaw line"
  • "First time touching a boob"
  • "You've been struck by a sad criminal"
  • "Shady mother fucker ily"
  • "When ur dad is a whore"
  • "niccccccccccccccccc"
  • "Whers bae"
  • "I swear I've saved this like three times.jpg"
  • "gimme ur dick lol"
  • "look at this yaoi hand" to the tune of Photograph by Nickelback
  • "shitshitshitshitshitshitshit"
  • "bout to tear that ass UP"
  • "Fabio"
  • "Look at those cheekbones damn bb maybe its maybelline"
  • "... fuck you"
  • "10/10 would rip ur dick off"
  • "basic bitches as far as the eye can see"
  • "how big is it.jpg"
  • "zig a zig ah"
  • "want to go punk i stg ill rip ur throat out thru ur ass"
  • "bitch-inverted"
  • "obvi from shoujo but w/e"