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hey love u probably have already gotten this request but if and when u get time could u write the apartment neighbor au for bts hyung line?? thanks a billion!! i love u and ur work so so much! 🌷💗

i got a couple requests for it, so here it is the hyung line x neighbor au!!
find the maknae line (here)


  • lives like a recently graduated student,,,,,meaning he has barely any actual furniture in his house aside from bookshelves, a bed, and a desk
  • but namjoon likes the minimalist vibe,,,like he doesn’t need much just his essentials at his desk, maybe a couple signed photographs he’s hung up near his computer and dried flowers near the window
  • more than anything he likes having a lot of space to move around because he likes to walk in circles when he thinks and he doesn’t like it if he ends up like slipping on something or walking into a table 
  • plus the more furniture there is,,,,,,the more a safety hazard he is 
  • but one distinct thing about namjoon is i think he’d have a really good smelling apartment,,,,,,like he’d light candles because no matter what anyone says he’s a soft romantic at heart. like it’s deep down, but he is
  • has a habit of brushing his teeth at the morning sink and not in the bathroom because he falls asleep at his desk and not actually in his bed LOL
  • he’s the buildings library. if someone mentions that they’ve been meaning to buy a book namjoon probably already has it and will lend it to them,,,,,,,,,,,but he’s like “please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,bring it back”. he’s emotionally connected to his books
  • and everyone is like “he looks so smart and so,,,,,upright and stoic” when in reality namjoon is a clumsy guy who tries to hold steaming hot coffee, a philosophy anthology, a notebook, and some bread all at once and you can imagine how that ends (very. badly)
  • and in reality he wishes more of the neighbors would see him as a down-to-earth kind of guy,,,,but then like he’ll tower over them and have this apathetic look on his face and they’re like “oh,,,,,oh my ,,,,,” and he only realized later when he’s alone that “i should,,,,,,smile more shouldn’t i”
  • but you’ve never been put off by him, if anything you’ve always really admired how Intellectual he seems and when you talk to him you always feel like you learn so much
  • and you’re always like “namjoon, tell me a cool fact!!” and he’s like “well did you know aristotle thought he could tell if a goat was female or male depending on which way the wind was blowing” and you’re looking at him like ,,,,,,,,,,,,amazing and he’s just like sORRy,,,,,it’s not cool right but you’re like no omg every time you manage to surprise me it’s fantastic
  • and you and him get along,,,,namjoon is really grateful for you because you’re always telling the neighbors that he’s fun even if they think he’s kind of stuffy
  • and so you would consider yourself friends by most standards,,,,but how close well you’re not sure
  • but what you do know is one night you’re walking back home from a hangout with some friends and you’re alone and it’s dark and you can hear footsteps behind you and you look back and there’s,,,,,,some dude???? who you’ve never seen before
  • and he speeds up and passes by you with a smile and you’re like huh. weird
  • but then,,,,,,the next day you see him again. and this goes on for a couple of weeks and all your friends are like ‘dude you have a stalker you need to tell someone’ and you’re like not sure because he’s never,,,,,,like he’s never spoken or touched you
  • but it scares you ofc and you decide that you shouldn’t go out alone at night,,,,,,but it so happens that you’ve run out of toothpaste and you’re like grumbling about having to go down and walk the alley to the nearest convenience store
  • but you remember your stalker and you get kind of panicked,,,,,so you decide to see if namjoon can help
  • and when you tell him he’s like “of course ill go with you,,,,,,but,,,,,,im not intimidating at all” and you’re like “namjoon,,,,,i think you’re a sweet person but you’re like hitting six feet and have a jawline that could cut someone. i think,,,,,,,you’ll be really helpful” and namjoon kinda tilts his head and he’s like “some people have told me i give off a scary vibe”
  • and you’re like no no not scary,,,,,but im pretty sure people don’t want to mess with you and it’d just make me feel safe to have you there
  • and namjoon gets up and gets his keys and he’s like let’s go
  • and it’s chilly in the night air, but you and namjoon are talking about how your week has been when suddenly from the corner of your eye you see that freaky dude and you instinctively step closer to namjoon who reads the panic on your face
  • and he leans down and is like “is he here?” and you’re like “yeah,,,he’s over there by that building” and namjoon flicks his gaze over to see the guy staring you two down
  • and namjoon doesn’t like the way his eyes are glued to your figure even from far away and so namjoon decides he should do something before that creep gets any ideas
  • so he flings his arm around your shoulder, pulling a surprised you into his side and speaking a bit louder he goes “you came out without a jacket, yah as a good BOYFRIEND i should keep you close so you’ll be warm!”
  • and you look up at the word boyfriend, but namjoon is still glaring over at the stalker who instantly tenses at the word boyfriend and namjoons narrowed, pissed off gaze
  • and before you know it the guys turned the corner of the building and disappeared and namjoon safely gets you to and from the store
  •  and the whole elevator ride up he’s like “that guy is really weird, you should tell the police” but you’re like,,,,,,,,thinking about the warmth of namjoon’s broad chest,,,,,,and how,,,,,your heart almost melted when he called himself your boyfriend
  • and namjoon has to wave his hand in your face for a bit to get your attention and when you snap out of it he gives a soft laugh and he’s like “i was worried you went into shock.” and you’re like “ah,,,,,”
  • and he’s like “i really should accompany you more often, that guy was looking at you like some kind of animal i don’t want to let you go anywhere al-” and you’re like “i want that too, i want you to,,,,,” and you kind of clam up and namjoon is like hmm and you’re like under your breath you’re like “like,,,,,a boyfriend,,,,my actual boy,,,friend,,,,”
  • and you think he can’t hear you, but he does and his ears go pink and he’s like “ah- i ,,,,,i,,,,,,,,,,i can do that,,,,,” and you’re like wait really
  • and namjoon is like “this is going to sound really corny, but i didn’t want to let you go after pulling you into my arms. i guess you only feel that way with people you like?” and he smiles
  • that rare, beautiful smile and you like reach out and lightly take his hand and he feels your fingers lock and he’s like ,,,,,,,,,, and you’re like ,,,,,,,
  • but it’s cute you’re just standing there holding hands like two kids in love
  • also that stalker doesn’t even dare come around anymore. he accidentally ran into namjoon alone at the bus stop and namjoon ever so casually was like “you get near my s/o again and you won’t see the light of day. cough cough”


  • specifically asked for the basement apartment so he wouldn’t have any noisy neighbors and more than anything he likes having his apartment dimly lit. bright lights aren’t his things 
  • didn’t bother buying a tv, splurged on having a second monitor and good soundboard for when he makes music
  • spends a lot of his time sitting in his desk chair with his feet like pulled to his chest, chewing on the end of his pen and just thinking
  • unfinished cold coffee in really old mugs litter his kitchen, along with flyers for fast-food that he never throws out
  • has a pet cat named ‘clef’ after the sheet music symbol and who is slightly overweight and spends fifty percent of his time sitting on yoongi’s keyboard when yoongi is trying to work
  • sometimes he makes his bedroom into a dark room where he can make prints of the photographs he’s taken that he then hangs up on the walls,,,,but like two weeks later he gets sick of them and takes them down to replace with new ones
  • lives in comfy hoodies and basketball shorts and jimin comes over and is like “hyung, there’s no windows since we’re all the way down here - but you should go out and get some light!!! right clef?” and yoongi and his cat are both like,,,,,it’s ok. we’ll sit here in the dark we like it
  • clef likes to bury his cat toys in yoongi’s bed so when yoongi does sleep like in his actual bed he always finds some kind of stuffed mouse or a bundle of feathers under his pillow and he’s like “clef,,,,,,,,again?”
  • you’ve been bestfriends with yoongi for as long as you can remember and you’re not really his “neighbor” because you live like 5 floors above him but you hangout at his place whenever
  • and you also run errands for him because you know how busy he works so if clef needs cat food or yoongi needs human food you’re there for him if like jin or jimin can’t do it
  • when you do stop by most of the time you lay on the couch with clef purring on your stomach as you read a book and yoongi works on his music. stopping every now and then to play something for you and ask how it sounds,,,,,like you’re not high maintenance friends who need to blab about anything. you two are content in each others silent presence
  • but this is not the same,,,,,,for yoongi’s other friends. like jin gets his whole Leave me In Peace thing going on but jimin and taehyung and hoseok are all like “yoongi,,,,,,let’s get you a social life”
  • and yoongi is like “pass” but these three,,,,,,you can’t like,,,,,you can’t stop them
  • and so when yoongi calls you with a please save me you end up sitting in his living room squished between jimin and hoseok and yoongi is like “for hells sake i don’t want to go on a date with someone I DONT EVEN KNOW”
  • and taehyung is like “here hyung, borrow my tie it might be too big tho,,,” and yoongi is like “im not going. blind dates never work out”
  • and you’re like “guys, let him not go.” and they’re like “NO he needs to see the sun. talk to people. clef is not your significant other yoongi, that person is out there! waiting ! for ! you!” 
  • and yoongi grunts and falls back into his desk chair like “clef is fine. he understands me”
  • but as usual, three against one never works out great and somehow you end up watching yoongi walk down the street, pulling at his collar and grumbling as his friends shout that he’ll have tonight, they promise
  • and when yoongi looks back. dressed for the first time in actual dress pants and a dress shirt, hair slicked back you’re like,,,,,,,,holy shit my bestfriend is hot
  • but all he says is “take care of clef. ill be back soon”
  • and you sit in his apartment, clef nuzzling against your face as you think about all the time you’ve spent with yoongi, how well you know him, how well you guys get along without that much communication and you pick up clef and you’re like “meow if you think i like yoongi” and clef is like “meow” and you’re like “meow again if he likes me,,,,,,” and clef just sticks his tongue out and you’re like gfhbklsjfds but two minutes later you hear the gentle “meow” and you’re like,,,,,,,sighs,,,,,i should have told him when i had the chance
  • and yoongi gets home pretty late, like midnight and when you open the door he’s like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it was horrible”
  • and immediately like leans forward into your arms and you’re like !?!??! because he’s never been big on skinship and you’re like “yoongi?”
  • and he steps inside, pushing you gently backwards as he buries his head into your neck and he’s like “,,,,,,,peoplemfsoannoyingmf”
  • and you’re like “i can’t hear you???” and he let’s go, looking into your eyes and he’s like “people are so annoying.” and you kind of awkwardly chuckle like “yes i thought you knew this”
  • and he’s still looking at you, more intense than ever before and you’re like ????? and he’s like “not you though. you’re never,,,,,,,annoying. i want you around all the time.”
  • and you blink a bit, feeling your face heat up because like WHAT is he saying but yoongi just keeps looking, letting his fingers trail lightly down your cheek before he buries his face in your neck once again
  • and you’re like “yoongi,,,,,what does this mean?” and he whispers, letting his lips press to the skin of your collarbone and he’s like
  • “it means that i don’t need blind dates. i don’t need to find someone for me, i already,,,,,,,,,,i already have you,,,,,,,”


  • home is where the heart is,,,,,,,,and the heart is most pleased by food so guess who has a mario themed rice cooker and pan set ? THIS BOY (jin. i mean jin) 
  • but yes of course he’s the grandmaster chef who all of bangtan adores to and goes running to when they all remember they could probably set their own apartments on fire if they as much as tried to boil water
  • but like,,,,,,jin doesn’t only keep bangtan Fed,,,,,,he’s always like @ his neighbors like “i baked some cookies. i made some chicken. i actually bought too much lettuce once so i decided to hell with it and made a 5 course meal for 16 people you want to come over and have dinner with me?”
  • an actual angel is what im trying to get at here
  • but also an actual DORK his bedroom is just a bed full of mario plushies and he spends half of his days off laying upside down off his bed playing games on his phone like an actual child
  • like the most grown up thing about him is yes he can cook and actually has a first-aid kit and learned how to fix his fire alarm
  • but everything else is just,,,,,,,,,,him being as cozy as possible under his mario blanket in his mario pajamas playing a mario game on his old as hell gameboy that he begged the guy at the gamestop to fix for an obscene amount of money
  • like i don’t think jin goes out of his way to try and decorate his place or cater to an aesthetic, like his kitchen is stocked full of supplies and food and he has a stainless steal oven
  • but other than that it’s just,,,,,,,,,mario toys and a big sofa for him to enjoy said games and food on
  • he hates crumbs though. like taehyung came over and used his computer and the crumbs that go inbetween the keyboard literally made jin want to strangle him
  • oh how could i forgot: pink bath curtains 
  • and you don’t know him all that well, just that he’s unbelievably gorgeous and sweet and has a really loud laugh that you heard from an open window once and that you swore was the cutest thing in the world like how could someone laugh like that??? what purity
  • anyway you wish you could be his friend,,,he seems so positive and happy but you’re like ,,,,,,,,, he isn’t interested
  • until you get a knock on your door and it’s ???? jin and he’s like “heY do you know anything about acting?” and you’re like “i watch dramas?” and he’s like “good enough, i need some help”
  • and you let him in and you’re a bit confused but jin just sits on your carpet and hands you what looks like a script and he’s like i just graduated with an acting major and got a minor role for a friends performance,,,,,,,do you think you could read through the lines with me
  • and in your head you’re like,,,,,,,why ask me of all people
  • and jin like he basically can read your mind is like “i was going to ask namjoon to help me, but he couldn’t stop stuttering over the first three lines and i almost died,,,,,,sorry if this is random!!”
  • and you’re like no no it’s fine and so you look down at the script and your eyes nearly fall out because the first stage cue is literally ‘get on top of him’
  • and jin opens his arms and is like ‘come here so we can get in position’ and you’re like EXCUSE ME but you’re also like,,,,,,,he needs help he just graduated lsadfgjlefkt
  • so you like scoot a bit closer to him and jin is like “i know this is horribly awkward, but im gonna lay down and you can just like,,,,,pretend you’re doing a push up over me”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,what in gods name,,,,,,,,,,,,but he’s so handsome and nice and you’re like let me try to do this and not DIE
  • but when you like put your hand on either side of his head and like try to keep yourself up you look down and there,,,,,is jin’s beautiful face and he’s like “this is a good workout”
  • and you can’t like you can’t help but burst into laughter and your arms go weak and you manage to like not fall onto him but like roll off onto the side and jin is like “pleASE,,,,i need to get through these lines” and you’re like “i can’t im sorry” and he’s like ;;;;;;; it’s ok i understand how this is like,,,,,,,,,,so weird
  • and you’re like “how about i just read through them with you”
  • and jin says that he’s thankful you haven’t kicked him out of your apartment yet for asking for something so crazy,,,,but you’re just blushing and trying to laugh it off 
  • and you get through the script but jin stops before a kiss scene and is like “thank you i think you really helped”
  • and you’re like “,,,,,,,i hope the performance goes well” and jin gives you his gummy smile that makes your heart skip a beat and he’s like “i do too”
  • but before he leaves he’s like “im sorry again,,,,,about the whole do a push up above me thing,,,,” and you’re like ,,,,,,,,, covering your face because you two were so close but it was so,,,,,,,so ,,,,,, funny
  • and he’s like “it’s gonna be hard not to think of you when i do that on stage though,,,,,,” and you’re like huh and he’s like “you looked so cute trying to hard, i really am sorry”
  • and your face heats up again because ok you were embarrassed before from the Situation and now he’s just being really Cheesy but like you’re loving every moment of it
  • and jin catches himself and is like “you probably think im weird, ill go” but you’re like “,,,,,,,,,,no it wasn’t bad it was fun”
  • and jin perks up and he’s like “does that mean i can come and ask for your help again??” and you’re like “s-s-ure,,,,” and jin is like !!!!!!! “thank you so much ill be sure to bring some food as a gift next time too, see you then!”
  • and you close the door and have to like steady your breathing and you’re like he’s so cute whilst jin is just like,,,,,,,,standing in front of his apartment with his head pressed against the door and he’s like ‘i made a fool out of myself,,,,,,,,,but i think they like me??’


  • best neighbor award??? it is he 
  • the person who carries your sick grandma up the stairs, the person who entertains your kids if you have to run and check if you didn’t double park, the person who tells creeps to piss off if they start whistling at high school girls, and the person who you find telling others that he’s really grateful for being alive on this day
  • just like,,,,,he’s such a positive force it’s amazing
  • dances while brushing his teeth, dances while making eggs, dances while checking the weather, dances while locking up his door
  • you can usually find him with headphones in his ears and he rides his bike just about everywhere,,,,,,,and like
  • when it’s summer the tanktops come out and it’s a Blessing upon as all
  • he is the type to own like an inflatable pool that he drags out into courtyard when it’s super hot and at first it’s just for him but then all the kids come out and their parents and of course peoples dogs
  • and he probably just started a block party without even trying
  • likes to keep his place pretty clean, but he really likes the color red. like i see him having a lot of it in his home because it’s so loud and kinda sexy,,,,,,,,,,,,like him what no i didn’t say that
  • always has fresh fruits on his kitchen table because he’s conscious of what he eats as he’s an athletic person
  • and if like taehyung or jungkook spends the night he’s like “Eat breakfast. It is so important. The most important.”
  • drys his laundry by himself on his balcony but once he noticed his jeans went missing and he was like ????? there’s a thief in my house i need to find him
  • turns out they just fell down onto the floor below,,,,,,and he Overreacted LOL
  • cannot kill bugs. has to call over jin 
  • and hoseok is always helping people you know it’s in his nature like when he sees you one afternoon struggling with your groceries, he bikes over and is like “give me your bags!!” and piles them onto his handlebars and he’s like “hop on, ill give you a ride”
  • and at first you’re like hdglfvsd um how????? and he’s like “stand on the back of my bike” and you’re like “i think that’s too muc-”
  • but hoseok is shaking his head like “no no no i can handle it, come on”
  • and you try to balance yourself and he’s like “put your hands on my shoulders!!” and when you do you’re like oh,,,they’re big,,,,,
  • and he’s like “ok let’s go!”
  • and he manages to go really fast even with you and all your groceries 
  • and once you get to your building you get off and hoseok laughs a little and you’re like ?????
  • and he leans over and is like “the wind got to your hair!!!! let me fix it-”
  • and he gets so close that you can smell this kind of ,,,,,, slight cologne off of him and you’re like shouldn’t he be sweaty????? but he’s like fine 
  • and his fingers gently brush your hair back into place
  • and he’s like “we live across from each other, so let me carry your bags all the way!” and you’re like “hoseok, no you have to carry your bike let me-”
  • but he’s insistent and so are you
  • and you’re bickering back and forth over whose going to get a hand on the bags
  • and some old ladies pass by like “oh, young love always playfully getting on each others nerves”
  • and hoseok and you both stop like,,,,young,,,,,,,,,,,,,,love
  • but you’re just like UM,,,,,give me the bags
  • and hoseok is like “ill carry them. if you try to grab them, ill-”
  • and he pauses and you’re like ?????? you’ll what
  • and he’s like “i’ll,,,,,,,,,,,,,i’ll kiss you that’s what!”
  • and you’re like PFFT what are we in the 3rd grade and you reach over to get the bag, but hoseok is the faster person here and he puts his hand behind his back and tilts his face just in time to press his lips to your cheek
  • and when he pulls back you’re both wide eyed because oh my god ,,,,,he did it,,,,,,,,
  • and hoseok is screaming in his head like: OH MY GOD I DID IT
  • and you’re like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i,,,,,”
  • and he’s like “im so-”
  • but then you move forward and grab the bags from his startled hands and you’re like “got them!” and he’s like dhgkszds you,,,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like “well - aren’t you going to kiss me for real REAL this time??”
  • and hoseok is like “wELL Do YOU WANT ME TO?”
  • and you’re like “YOU SAID YOU WOULD”
  • like actual children you two
  • but hoseok finally is like ok. since you asked
  • and you feel his lips against yours,,,,,,,so suddenly that you almost lose a grip of yourself and fall backwards
  • and when he pulls away he grabs the bags back from your hands and he’s like “AHA”
  • and you’re like touching your lips and you’re like,,,,,,,,,
  • it’s silent for a bit but you’re like
  • “hoseok,,,,,,,,,” and he’s like “yes?” and you’re like “i have a feeling we’re gonna kiss again” and he’s like “don’t bother stealing the bags im really carrying them the whole way up-”
  • but you just shake your head and you’re like “no,,,,i mean we’ll kiss again after we get upstairs”
  • and hoseok gets a little red in the face, but boy the whole elevator ride up he’s practically jogging in place
  • because the minute you open the door the bags are forgotten in the hall and hoseok is like “really? do you want to do this?”
  • and his body is against yours, as you’re moving slowly toward your sofa and you’re like “yes, seriously just kiss me again!!!” 

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*slams fist on table* mORE DOMESTIC VICTUURI PLS

u mcreakin’ got it anon! also: i got carried away so i tucked the rest in a read more so i don’t have to crowd your dash oops

  • you bet ur ass victor and yuuri go big or go home when it comes to celebrating anniversaries
    • and if you think victor’s the only one hauling ass over this…. ur wrong
    • every single anniversary is one big surprise after the other and they love each other for it. so much. 
    • definitely the type of couple to travel during their anniversaries, i mean they have the means and the $$$ to so why not
      • first year anniversary? they are big gay cliches so it’s off to paris they go
      • yuuri’s never actually been to paris, or at least had time to go out and explore such a historical city, so victor takes it upon himself to be his personal tour guide 
        • plus, it’s v. helpful that victor’s fluent in french
        • imagine them going to the louvre and yuuri playfully telling victor they can’t possibly hold hands now because the sign clearly says don’t touch the art
          • this is it this is how victor nikiforov died
        • just imagine yuuri laughing and telling victor how much he loves his cute “vkusno!” everytime he eats something delicious and just. wow. point yuuri, yet again. 
        • victor and yuuri being a little sad that the love locks were taken down, but
          • victor takes yuuri’s hand, presses a kiss to his knuckles, and says, “cheer up. we don’t need a lock to say we’ll be together forever; i’m not going anywhere”
          • and the kisses! so many kisses. what saps. they are so in love they love each other so much

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Maybe they’re right. Maybe I am no good for you //  SHAWN MENDES

Tap…tap, tap… the sound echoes around my silent bedroom. My eyes flick open, body still at the sound. Waiting. Tense. It’s probably just the wind blowing the trees against my window pane. I shut my eyes again.

Tap, tap, tap… tap. This time I sit up. Maybe it’s just a bird? I look to the alarm clock, the light harsh against my eyes. 2:25 AM. What kind of bird is up at this time? I listen for the noise again. Nothing. I let out a sigh of relief and sink back into my blankets.

TAP, TAP, TAP. It’s more urgent this time. Ripping my blankets off my body I walk to the window. I reach to open the blind, hand faltering just I was about to open them. Isn’t this the part of like every horror movie ever where the girl opens the curtains and then they get stabbed by a masked killer?

TAP, TAP, TAP, TAP, TAP. I slam the curtains open. A black and white mask covers half his face in a skull pattern, the rest of him dressed in black. Bright brown eyes meet mine. Well shit. I hastily open the window and he climbs through.

“Gees women how long does it take you to open a window?” Shawn asks me, his voice muffled through the fabric.

“Oh I’m sorry,” I say placing one hand on my hip. “I didn’t know I was expecting company at 2:30 in the morning,”

He just grins at me. “Missed you too,” Shawn says cheekily.

I roll my eyes, hands reaching out to pull him by his cotton jacket towards me. I wrap my arms around his waist, leaning my head against his chest. He smells what he always smells like, soap and fresh air, which given by his choice in past time it’s not unusual.

One of his hands lifts up to stroke the back of my head, he rests a kiss on my forehead, while the other hand stays glued to his stomach.

I look at him suspiciously. “What happened to you?” I ask, pulling back completely and crossing my arms over my chest. Shawn knew my disapproval about him being in a gang, but of course he was stubborn and refused to leave until his contract was up. I never understood it.

He gives me a wry smile. “Not much,” he answers taking a step back, his face hardening.

“Liar” I say glaring at him. “It will be much easier in the long run if you tell me now,” We stare at each other. I sigh, uncrossing my arms. “I just want to make sure you’re okay, I’m worried about you, alright?” His expression softens.

“I know you do,” He says. Gently, he lifts his arm away and rolls up the bottom of his shirt. A bruise the size of my fist, black and blue, lines the side of his stomach. A gasp escapes me.

What did they do to you?” I cry, holding my arms to my chest. I knew what Shawn did was dangerous, never before however have I seen him hurt. 

“Its not what you think,” he says, tugging his shirt down. “Its just,” He falters. 

“Just what?” I say my voice rising. “Did they do that to you?” I ask. He doesn’t say anything. I turn away, not being able to look him in the eyes.

“I can’t believe this,” I mumble although its more to myself then to Shawn. I couldn’t stand seeing him hurt. 

“Baby its ok-”

“Don’t you dare tell me its okay,” I snap cutting him off. I can feel angry tears beginning to well in my eyes. “They hurt you. What’s going to happen next? Stab wound maybe? Broken bone? Fucking bullet wound?” 

I’ve kept this anger to myself ever since I found about Shawn being in a gang that he’s tied to until hes 22. His past is a mess. He got caught up with bad people and now he’s paying the price. 

“Y/N…” He trails off. 

“See! You can’t even defend yourself, you know i’m right,” 

“They had a perfectly good reason,” He tries to reason.

“And what reason was that? You didn’t get the proper drugs or wasn’t there enough cash?” I’m fully crying now. 

“They wanted to use you, dammit Y/N” Shawn runs a hand through his brown locks. I freeze. 

“What?” my voice sounds small, a faint chill creeping in from the open window. 

Slowly Shawn removes the fabric. More bruises appear on the once milky skin of his jaw. 

“They wanted to use you as bait for the drug lord in the west of the city,” His eyes flick up to mine, darkness swirls in the inkiness of them. “I told them over my dead body would they ever lay a fucking hand on you,” Tears continue to spring from my eyes at Shawn’s revelation. 

“Of course, lets just say they didn’t like my language nor defiance and this is what happened,” he shrugs his shoulders as though nothing happened.

I sniffle, trying to stop the tears. Gosh, it made me seem so weak in front of him. 

“I don’t know what to say,” I manage. 

“You don’t have to say anything, I have everything covered,” I don’t believe him. They hit him because he wouldn’t let them use me, I was his soft spot. What if they used me again against him? I couldn’t bare to see Shawn do something terrible just to save me. 

Wiping my eyes, I stand up taller, trying to remove all emotion from my face. Seeing Shawn standing there though, tall and handsome, I felt my stomach knot with what I was about to do. 

“When people first saw us together, in public,” I begin, my eyes never leaving his. “They thought I was crazy. They told me you were no good for me,” I let out a weak chuckle. “I’m.. I’m beginning to think that they’re right,” I can’t look at him in the face anymore. 

“I don’t want to be with you anymore, not like this,” I whisper. My body slightly slumps and I want to cry all over again. 

“No,” Shawn says. My head snaps up.

“What do you mean no? I’m breaking up with you Shawn- you can’t just say no,” I say, my eyes narrowing.

“I know what you’re doing.” A small part of me is filled with joy that he didn’t agree to break up. “You think that by us splitting up is going to make them stop coming after you to get back at me or to make me comply. It doesn’t work that way sweetheart,” He smirks at me, his confidence rolling off him in waves. Now I knew why he was such a valued member in the gang. He could keep his cool in just about any situation. 

“You can leave me but that doesn’t mean I just magically stop loving you.” Shawn takes a step forward, cautious that I might run off. When I don’t, he takes a few more until the tips of his shoes are inches from my sock covered feet.

“And maybe they’re right. Maybe I am no good for you. But honestly, does it matter? The best moments in my life have been moments spent with you and if you think for one goddamn second that I’m going to let you slip through my fingers, you’re wrong. I will do anything to protect you- anything. I don’t care what they do to me, I love you and I’m staying with you till I die baby,” 

I grin, “Staying in the gang might bring that day closer,” I say, wrapping my arms around his neck, leaving a kiss to his bruised jaw as I felt a chuckle vibrate through his body. 

“I only have 6 months left then I’m out. Then its just you, me and the open road, we can go anywhere. We could start a family!” excitement fills his eyes and I giggle tugging him towards the bed, watching as he slips off his shoes.

“We have to get through right now first,” He slides out his jeans and grabs my hand, tugging me back to him. 

“We will, trust me,” He says. The smile on his face is so certain that can’t help but forget my worries. 

“I love you,” Shawn says, kissing me softly.

“I love you more,” I say as I pull back and tug him towards the bed.

“Oh and Y/N?”

“Yeah,” I ask moving the covers so he can slip in next to me. 

“Never break up with me again,”


iamkenricgreen: Missing this lady right here… when we are being silly we like to play this game called the model look (swipe left for examples). The idea is to look like the wind is blowing in your face and scorning you at the same time with your mouth slightly open. It’s surprisingly hard to do it without laughing, try it for yourself. Even though my wife laughs while doing it I think she pulls it off so perfectly it doesn’t look like a joke at all. Secretly I play the game now just so I can admire her face. #yesshesmine #noyoucanthaveher

So I’ve been working on this drabble for a couple of days and somehow it grew to 2045 words. This one’s for @survey-corps-rookie based on an AU she told me about involving Comic book nerd Levi meeting his favorite actor, Erwin Smith. I wanted to do this as a thank you for always helping me find merch I’m looking for and I really enjoy talking about Eruri together. I hope this turned out ok. Also thank you to everyone whom looked over this for me, I appreciate it so much<3 I’m gonna just post now because the wind is blowing pretty hard right now and I don’t want to lose power XD

Levi checks over the items in his backpack one last time before zippering it closed. He slings it over his shoulder and takes a quick look in the mirror. He adjusts his glasses and grabs his keys off the dresser. He tries to ignore the nervousness in his stomach as he heads to his car.
The day of the Con had finally arrived after an agonizing 6 month wait. Levi had rushed to register  as soon he had seen the poster in his favorite comic store advertising this year’s  special guests. He would finally get the chance to meet his favorite actor, Erwin Smith. 

Levi had never been a fan of movie versions of his favorite comics. They always butchered the plot and the casting was always terrible .
One boring Saturday night about a year ago  had changed his mind. Hange and Moblit had dragged him to some shitty remake and Levi had only tagged along because Hange always got free tickets from their job at the theater and he had nothing better to do.

At least he could kill a couple of hours by pointing out every single plot hole and have a good laugh at the shitty acting that was sure to accompany it. His mind had been changed that night. For the first time ever, Levi had watched the entire movie. The film was still loaded with flaws but he was too mesmerized by Erwin’s performance to notice. As soon as he had arrived home, he went straight to his computer to find out everything he could about Erwin Smith. 


Levi pulls up in front of the house shared by Hange and Moblit and honks the horn impatiently. After a few moments the front door is thrown open and a slightly disheveled Hange exits being trailed by Moblit. Levi’s irritation leaves his face temporarily at the sight of them. He unlocks the doors and tries to bite back a laugh when Hange slides into the back seat trying not to lose her wig while Moblit gets in next to Levi. .

“Took you long enough, we have to be at the hotel by two pm for pre-judging for the cosplay contest!” Hange whines, wig still slightly off center. “Do people even watch “Sailor Moon” anymore?” Levi questions as he pulls away from the curb.
She straightens her tiara with a huff. “Pretty bold coming from a grown ass man who still plays with toys!” She snaps. “They’re action figures and I collect them, there’s a difference!” Levi shouts back. “At least I don’t guilt people into wearing lame costumes!” Moblit turns nervously towards the window. “ Tuxedo Mask isn’t lame, right Moblit?” Hange asks. Moblit  just nods and continues to stare out at the road.

Two long hours later, Levi pulls into the hotel parking lot. He huffs in annoyance as Moblit helps extract Hange from the back seat after her boot somehow got caught. They finally make their way to the hotel entrance from the parking lot. After obtaining their passes they decide to split up and meet again later in time for the signing. 

Nervous excitement is still buzzing through Levi’s veins just thinking about how close he is to meeting Erwin. He checks his phone and sighs upon noticing he has some time to kill. He heads into the dealers room to see if he can score some more merch for his collection back at home. 

Levi’s collection was small, only being able to buy figures here and there when he had some money to spare but it was his pride and joy. He kept them on a shelf in his room he had built himself and cleaned them once a week to keep them from getting dusty. 

He makes his way around the rooms, stopping when something catches his eye. He ends up buying a couple of keychains to add to his backpack and makes his way back to the lobby. He takes a seat on one of the empty couches and just people watches for a while. 

He lets out a small laugh when he receives a text from Hange bragging that she and Moblit had managed to win 3rd place in the Cosplay contest. He jumps slightly when the alarm he set goes off indicating that it was time to get in line for the guest signings.

After meeting back up with Hange and Moblit, they slowly make their way through the queue. Levi tries to get a glimpse of Erwin and then curses himself for being too damn short to see around the large crowd. “What’s the matter shorty, do you need a boost?” She says with a grin. “Ow, I was just kidding!” She cries when  Levi casually stomps on her foot in response. 

After an eternity of standing in line being subjected to Hange’s litany of complaints about starvation and tingling in her foot, they finally approach the guest table and Levi can feel his heart hammering in his chest. Now that he has an unobstructed view, he can clearly see Erwin and he is a hundred times more handsome in person. As Levi approaches him, Erwin looks up at him and smiles and Levi swears he feels his heart stop. 

Levi gasps as he is thumped on the back by Hange. “Aren’t you going to answer, Erwin asked you  what your name is?” She hisses quietly from behind him. Levi feels his cheeks heat up in embarrassment as he looks up at Erwin who is still smiling and waiting patiently. “Um, I-I’m Levi.” He manages to stammer. Erwin extends his hand to him. “Nice to meet you, Levi.” He says, grasping Levi’s hand firmly shaking it causing Levi’s blush to reach up to his ears.

Levi places a poster and a couple DVD cases on the table for Erwin to sign. “Oh, so you’ve seen some of my movies?” Erwin asks as he starts signing. “He’s seen all of them at least a hundred times and he’s the president of your fan club in our city!” Hange  chimes in from behind and Levi just wants to sink into the floor. 

“I’m sorry, someone obviously forgot to take their meds this morning.” Levi apologized, glaring daggers up at Hange. Erwin turns to Levi and smiles warmly. “No need to apologize, I am honored to meet such a supportive fan, thank you Levi.”  He gazes sincerely up at him with his beautiful blue eyes and Levi almost melts. Levi looks down at his hands.

“Um, it’s nice to meet you too, Mr. Smith.” He mumbles. Erwin chuckles. “No need for formalities , just call me Erwin.” He finishes signing and slides the items back across the table. Levi quickly but carefully returns the items to his bag. “Thank you, Erwin.” He replies shyly and gets ready to leave.

“Wait, Levi, I would like your email address if you don’t mind, I like to keep in touch with my fan clubs, I wouldn’t be here without them after all.” He says handing Levi a pen. Levi takes it nervously and scrawls down his name and email. “Thank you, Levi, I appreciate it.”  Levi’s cheeks heat up again. “No, problem.” He says with a small smile. “I’ll be in touch.” Erwin takes the paper back with a smile and waves at Levi whom waves back limply and walks away with Hange and Moblit in tow.

It was about a week later that Levi first heard back from Erwin. He honestly didn’t think he would ever hear from him in the first place. Erwin was a popular actor and a very busy man. Levi was sure that Erwin was just being polite after Hange had embarrassed him. Levi wasn’t mad at her though he knew Hange long enough to know that she tends to get overexcited sometimes. 

Late one evening, he checked his email like he always did before going to bed and to his surprise there was an email from Erwin. Levi felt a flutter in his stomach as he clicked it open. Levi had expected that it was just a formal mass email that was sent out as a formality but the only recipient of the mail was himself. Erwin had thanked him again for the support and coming out to see him. He had ended with a few questions for Levi about his hobbies and what fandoms he was into. Levi carefully typed out a short response and hit send.

After his initial response to Erwin, Levi started receiving messages from him once or twice a week sometimes less when Erwin was busy filming overseas. They started small, exchanging small talk about their lives and backgrounds. Levi found out that they were only five years apart in age when Erwin had mentioned he had just celebrated his thirtieth birthday a few weeks prior. Over time they had learned that they had quite a bit in common. They both were  collectors of comics and both got their start from their parents.

 Levi told Erwin how his mother had bought him him his first comic and how that day was was one of his favorite memories of her. Sadly she had gotten sick and passed away when Levi was still very young and that comic had gotten lost between moves to foster homes. Levi always keeps an eye out at cons hoping to find a copy of it again someday. 

Erwin had gotten his start by collecting with his father. He would go to the comic shop every other week with him and add to his collection. Levi chuckled when Erwin told him that his dad still sends him a comic occasionally in the mail.
As time moved on the emails moved to Skype, and recently the occasional text. Several months before the con came into town the following year, Levi had received a phone call from Erwin saying he was invited to attend again and that he would like Levi to come as his guest. 


Levi draws in a deep breath as he knocks on the door to the room where Erwin was waiting. As soon as he enters Erwin walks towards him with a smile. Levi blushes and pushes his glasses back up as they slide down again. Erwin tries to turn away quickly hoping Levi didn’t catch him blushing.
“It’s good to see you again,Levi.” Erwin says reaching out to shake hands. Levi can’t help but notice that Erwin’s hand feels just as clammy as his. “Oh, I almost forgot, I have something for you!” Erwin replies as he grabs a package off of a table and hands it to Levi.

Levi tears open the paper carefully and tears almost spring to his eyes. In his hands was a copy of the comic he had lost long ago. “How did you find this?” He asks softly. “I called in a few favors.” Erwin replies and invites him to join him on the couch. “Thanks but you didn’t have to do this, and I didn’t bring you anything.”  Erwin smiles. “You coming here was enough and besides I owe you an apology.” Levi raises an eyebrow at him. “Apology? For what?” He asks, confused. “I wasn’t exactly honest with you, when I asked for your email address because of the fan club, I have people that take care of that for me because I’m so busy.” Erwin averts his eyes momentarily.

“I just wanted an excuse to talk to you again.” Levi is silent for a minute. “So you made up some bullshit excuse to talk to me, why?” He asks, cheeks still slightly pink. “I thought you were cute.” Erwin admits nervously. Levi feels his heart race slightly. He chuckles. “Apology accepted, and Erwin?” He asks moving closer. “Yes?” Levi moves forward and kisses him on the cheek. “Maybe, I think you’re cute too.”

Only Us (Part Ten)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you? (things have changed but fuck it I’m still using this summary cuz idk)

Word Count: 2787

Warning(s): Swearing, domestic abuse

Additional Notes: If you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk. Also, a lot of you have asked to be tagged and I do tag you and then you ask to be tagged again. So you should be tagged but check the tagging list I have at the bottom let me know if you aren’t getting a notification. (Sorry this is a long chapter)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9

It had been about a week since my life turned toward the worst. I had canceled most of my shifts and spent my time in my room. I hadn’t gone to the roof since last week, I hadn’t even opened the shades of my window. Peter had shown up every night knocking on the window begging for me to open it. He had come up to me at school as well, causing me to skip some days—not caring about what I missed. As it turned out—just like me, my father had turned into a miserable slob more drunk than he usually was. My mom had been gone a week. Granted she left a lot but she was usually back by now. Neither of them cared what was happening to me, which for once I was grateful for.

The worst part of the entire thing was Peter, by far. I was angry—more than angry…and I was hurt. But my heart ached for him more and more each day, and him showing up every second didn’t help.

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Cherry blood

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// C O M I N G  S O O N //

genre: au, mafia, romance, angst, smut

pairing: oc x unknown member of nct 

warning: mention of depression, abuse, sex and death, swearing

chap 1

She was beautiful. Everyone could see that. The way her long dirty blond hair cascaded down her worn out jean jacket, made her stand out from everyone else. People felt almost bland standing next her. Like a cardboard box standing next to a statue made out of the purest gold. 

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“Non-Stop” Sentence Starters
  • “After the war I went back to New York.”
  • “I finished up my studies and I practiced law.”
  • “Man, the man is non-stop.”
  • “Are you aware that we’re making history?”
  • “That’s all you had to say.”
  • “Why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room?”
  • “Why do you write like you’re running out of time?”
  • “Keep on writing in the meantime.”
  • “Corruption’s such an old song that we can sing along in harmony.”
  • “I’ve seen injustice in the world and I’ve corrected it.”
  • “Now what I’m going to say may sound indelicate.”
  • “Yo, who the eff is this?”
  • “Why do you always say what you believe?”
  • “Do what you do.”
  • “It’s the middle of the night.”
  • “Is this a legal matter?”
  • “Yes, and it’s important to me.”
  • “What do you need?”
  • “I know I talk too much, I’m abrasive.”
  • “Hear me out.”
  • “No one will read it.”
  • “I disagree.”
  • “It’s full of contradictions.”
  • “We have to start somewhere.”
  • “You’re making a mistake.”
  • "We won the war, what was it all for?”
  • “And what if you’re backing the wrong horse?”
  • “For once in your life, take a stand with pride.”
  • “I’ll keep all my plans close to my chest.”
  • “I’ll wait here and see which way the wind will blow.”
  • “I am sailing off to London.”
  • “Don’t forget to write.”
  • “Look at where you are. Look at where you started.”
  • “The fact that you’re alive is a miracle.”
  • “Just stay alive, that would be enough.”
  • “Would that be enough?”
  • “Hamilton wrote the other 51!”
  • “Are you running out of time?”
  • “How do you write like tomorrow won’t arrive?”
  • “How do you write like you need it to survive?”
  • “How do you write every second you’re alive?”
  • “They are asking me to lead; I’m doing the best I can.”
  • “I’m asking you to be my right hand man.”
  • “I know it’s a lot to ask, to leave behind the world you know.”
  • “I have to leave.”
  • “Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.”
  • “Look around, isn’t this enough to be satisfied?”
  • “He will never be satisfied.”
  • “Why do you write like history has its eyes on you?”
  • “I am not throwing away my shot.”
  • “Just you wait.”
The Player

Edmund x Reader

Modern AU

Imagine: You and Edmund are really close and he’s kind of a player. You tell him that you think he should find a steady girlfriend and he confesses the only reason he hasn’t is because of his feelings for you.


You rolled your eyes as you saw Edmund put his arm around another girl and worked to conceal your jealousy. For months, you’ve watched him flirt and hook up with other girls all the while wishing he would think of you as more than a friend. 

You overheard him saying he’ll be right back and a few seconds later, he was sliding into the seat next to yours. “Hey Y/N.” You nearly swooned at his wonderfully accented voice but held yourself together. “Hey Ed. I see you’ve found yourself another girl.”

He smirked and leaned closer. “You jealous?” You scoffed in return. “You wish.” He laughed and leaned back in his seat. He hid it well, but in his head he really was wishing you were jealous. Because then he would know that you had the same feelings he did.

Before either of you had the chance to get out another word, the bell rang signaling the end of the school day. You picked up your notebooks and slung your bag over your shoulder, promising Edmund that you’d be at his house later for your traditional movie night with the Pevensies.

When you arrived in your bedroom 15 minutes later, you fell onto your bed sighing. “Why did I have to fall for him?


You walked into the Pevensie house, not even bothering to knock. it was basically your second home. You walked into the living room and crashed on the couch between Peter and Lucy, half landing on Peter. He grunted and shoved you. “Get off me you big oaf.”

You laughed, scooting over some. “Oaf? What does that even mean?” He laughed along with you. “I’m not sure but I know it’s an insult.” You snorted and turned, conversing with Susan and Lucy. 

After a while, you got tired of waiting for Edmund and told the group that you were going to make popcorn. “I wouldn’t go in the kitchen if I were you.” Said Peter. 

“Why?” You asked. Was he messing with you? The siblings exchanged looks, shrugging and you rolled your eyes, and headed into the kitchen. The sight that greeted you was terribly unpleasant. Edmund and the girl from earlier were having a heated make out session on the counter. You screamed, shielding your eyes with your hands and rushed out of the kitchen. You sat back down on the couch with red cheeks, and hit Peter on the shoulder. “Asshole.” You muttered, but he just smirked.

A few minutes later, Edmund and his latest girlfriend came through the open door, sitting on the smaller couch opposite the one you were on. “So, what are we watching?” Edmund asked as if nothing had happened.


Edmund was trying to watch the movie, but he just could not focus. He was ashamed that Y/N had caught him making out with Nancy. Sure, he’d had girls around her before but she’d never seen him in that position. He was trying so hard to get Y/N out of his head, he wasn’t thinking.

You kept seeing Nancy (you’d learned her name from Peter who kept telling her to be quiet) touching Edmund out of the corner of your eye. She kept grabbing his hand, stroking his face, leaning her head against his shoulder. You couldn’t stand it anymore, especially after she finally grabbed his face and kissed him.

You abruptly stood up, drawing attention from almost everyone. You walked through the kitchen and out the back door, sighing from relief as the cold air smacked your face. You could almost breathe again. You heard the door open and you looked at the ground, kicking at it with your shoeless foot. “Pete, I’m fine.”

“Uhh, it’s not Peter.” You turned in surprise at hearing his voice and his beauty once again overcame your senses. His black hair was blowing in the wind and his long sleeved blue shirt hugged his frame perfectly. His brown eyes shone with kindness like always. 

You smiled. “Oh, hey Ed.” He narrowed his eyes at you. “What’s wrong?” You kept the smile plastered to your face. “Nothing. It was just hot in there.”

He sighed, and you could tell he saw right through it. “Fine. Don’t you think it’s time that you got an actual girlfriend?”

His face contorted with confusion. That wasn’t what he was expecting. “Maybe I’m serious about Nancy.” He defended. “Fine.” You said.

He hit the wall suddenly, causing you to jump. “Gosh you’re so- ugh! Can’t you see the only reason that I’m with those girls is to distract myself from you? You’re the only girl I think about. The only one I want to be with.” He searched your eyes for a clue to how you were feeling. And then he leaned in, kissing your lips gently. 

After he pulled back, you waited for a moment before reattaching your lips to his, only this time with more passion, putting all of your feelings into the kiss. When you two finally broke away in need of oxygen, a huge smile broke out across his face. “So, does this mean you feel the same way?”

You smiled and nodded, slipping your hand into his.

anonymous asked:

Hi I just found your blog and love your writing so much!!! May I request a drabble to how each BTS member would handle being in a relationship with someone who's not fluent in Korean? Maybe how they would try to overcome the language barrier during an argument? Thanks, I can't wait to see what you come up with!!! <3

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Jungkook / Taehyung / Jimin / Jin / Hoseok/ Namjoon / Yoongi 

Haha! Told you I would keep my promise!!!

A/N: Kyaaaaaa!!!! Do you know how happy your message makes me every time I see it???!! You are so sweet Anon! Thank you soooo much for your compliment. It really makes my day year seeing someone enjoy my writing. I really don’t think I’m all that, and I know that despite my efforts, my writing is still riddled with mistakes and errors, and I’m such a perfectionist that if I re-read a piece of writing, my hands can’t help but itch to fix it. I promise (yet again) to work hard in order for you all to enjoy my writing much more. Also, shoutout to @happy-meo​ for being my (unbeknownst to her) senpai in the tumblr/BTS/writing community. Her incredible stories inspired me to finally put myself out there, and I cannot be more grateful. Also, to the Anon who sent this, please come off anonymous so that I can love you!

Important Note: I will post the rest of the drabbles asked for throughout the rest of the week at whatever time I feel like, and will add links to the rest of them on each post later! Please look forward to it! (And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the rest of you who requested.)

- Yeobo is an affectionate term between couples, like jagi.

- “Most italicized words in this format are in Y/N’s native language.”

- “All the rest are in Korean.”

When you and Jungkook met, it was an instant attraction. You had met one very rainy day in Seoul when you were on a trip with your best friend, traveling around East Asia. It was like in the movies in which you had just come out of a store with your best friend, only to find a deluge attacking the ground with harsh pellets of rain, and strong gusts of wind, making the raindrops hit you like bullets as you attempted to walk to the nearest bus station. 

As soon as you had managed to wrestle your umbrella to its full size, it flew right out of your grasp, and down the pavement where it landed at the foot of a stranger. You had raced after it, in hopes of catching up with it in time to save it from blowing away forever. When you had finally caught up with it, you had looked up to find a very handsome man leaning down to pick up your umbrella which sat at his feet. As he had handed it to you, you could tell he was just as in awe of your seemingly fated appearance as you were of him, as he continually stared at you for about ten seconds until the man realized he was staring, and handed your umbrella back to you.  

He spoke in your direction, but you had no knowledge of what he was saying, though sure it was in Korean considering you were in, well, Korea, and the fact that you knew only the very basics to help you survive on this adventure your best friend had dragged you on. 

You had begun to severely regret not taking the time to learn more.

“I - uhh… I am sorry. I do not speak Korean.” You had said with much trepidation.

Jungkook had looked at you with wide eyes as he came to understand your meaning, but his features relaxed as he giggled at your very adorable attempt at his native language.

“That’s okay. Do you understand, ‘where are you from?’”

You had blinked at him, trying in vain to understand what he had said, but to no avail.

Your best friend finally caught up to the two of you, exchanging glances between you and the mysterious man before you, and suddenly your awkward aura, shifting feet, and sweaty palms made sense. She chuckled at your  shyness before turning to the mystery man, speaking in (mostly) fluent Korean.

“I’m sorry omo. My friend speaks no Korean whatsoever, so you may find it difficult to speak with her.”

The three of you moved indoors to converse more freely without the rain hitting your backs like javelins, and your best friend became the translating mediator between you and the man now known to you as Jungkook. This continued on for a little while before Jungkook realized he had somewhere to be, and that you and your best friend really needed to catch a bus back to your hotel before the routes closed for the night.

Jungkook had asked for your phone number, which your best friend so graciously translated for you, and you granted him that luxury, hoping to one day be able to speak with him without borders.

Your relationship grew over time and much effort on both of your parts as you took up one another’s native tongue in hopes of having fewer misunderstandings (as there were many of those when your new best friend, Google, pretended it was fantastic at translations, only to find that in reality, it was awful).

Eventually, (probably not too long after you both met, let’s be honest here) you and Jungkook fell in love, and as your love grew for one another, so did your ability to speak one another’s languages (though you were still not fluent, thus bringing about many issues and arguments over misunderstandings or frustrations at not being able to fully translate your thoughts.

For example, when you had finally moved to Seoul to be closer to Jungkook:

“Jungkook! I’ll be fine, alright? I’m used to you not being around.” You say in very broken Korean.

“That doesn’t make it alright!” Jungkook’s eyes widen, hoping you’ll understand his distress.

You sigh in defeat, knowing the exact direction this argument was headed, as you have had it many times before since you had moved to Seoul.

“Look, yeobo. It’s not like I’m going anywhere! I’ll still be here when you get back, okay?”

Jungkook’s face falls, knowing you were right. “I know yeobo, but I can’t help but worry about how you’ll do without me around.”

His words strike a nerve, and you take a deep breath in attempt to calm yourself enough to prepare yourself to speak.

“Yeobo, did you say that I- You know what? Forget it.” You struggle to find the words to express your emotions in his language, instead settling for a long sigh.

Jungkook’s eyebrows furrow in concern, and he reaches out to caress your shoulder in the most gentle way imaginable; like a feather settling onto the skin of your shoulder. “Yeobo, are you alright?”

You brush him off angrily, well aware that he is just being a caring boyfriend, and yell in his face, “No! I’m not okay you stupid, stupid man! I hate that you are forced to leave me all the time! I hate that your schedule is always packed to the brim, so that we are never able to hang out properly! Sometimes I even wonder why I moved here since you’re never around! Sometimes I seriously consider moving back home! So no, I’m not okay!”

You chest heaves after your violent tirade that has probably left your neighbors questioning your sanity, and most certainly left Jungkook very concerned, and very confused. Jungkook winces, looking down at his feet as you finish, finally being able to fully understand a word of what you were saying as you had reverted back to your native language when yelling, forcing Jungkook to have an incredibly difficult time keeping up with what you were saying, and leaving him at a loss as to what to do since he quite literally could not understand why you were so angry with him.

He raises his head slowly to look at you, his sweaty palms rubbing together in nervousness. “Y/N, I don’t really understand why you are so upset with me-”

You rage flares to a dangerous level, despite the knowledge that he knows your language no better than you know his, and you feel the urge to break something. You pinch the bridge of your nose, attempting to keep your cool, and point to the front door to your apartment, not having the energy, nor the emotional strength to go through such a draining arugment right now.

“Get out.”

Jungkook takes a step back, obviously hurt by your curt command, and before he can protest, or ask why he’s being forced to leave, you look up at him and glare.

“Get. Out.” Jungkook’s eyes widen significantly at your threatening tone of voice, and he steps forward to try and make amends for whatever he had done wrong before he changes his mind, his face hardening as he steps away from you and towards the door you had so adamantly asked him to leave through, slamming the door behind him, and not bothering to look back. And as he leaves, you fall to the ground, frustrated tears finally escaping their confines, and falling to the laminate floor beneath you as heavy sobs wrack through your body. You wonder why love had to be so difficult.

Later, Jungkook would finally give in to his concerned friends and tell them what was up since he’s not exactly one for being really expressive about his problems, and when he does, he calls your bestie to get her to translate not only languages, but emotions as well. When she’d finally found out what was up with you, she relayed it to Jungkook while trying not to give too much away, so that the two of you could talk it out like civil adults. Jungkook would then went back to your apartment where you stood in the doorway as he offered himself to you, pleading forgiveness, and telling you how much he wanted to make up because he felt like he’d been dying without you by his side. From what you can understand at the rate he’s speaking to you, you realize that he is being sincere, so you move away from the entryway to allow him access back into your home (and into your heart omo). As the two of you try to communicate with each other with as few misunderstandings as possible, even using apps and yes, the help of your good, fake friend, Google, to fully understand one another’s grievances. Jungkook leaned his forehead against yours when all was said and finally understood, giving you that heart-melting bunny smile of his that gives sends butterflies flitting around in your stomach before saying that he loves you.


anonymous asked:

Can you pick up the kids from school today?

Mike pulls the phone back, checking to see if it was in fact who the phone claimed it to be.

Ginny eyeing him curiously in the passenger seat.

“Me?” He asks, confused at the request.

“Yeah, you.  Look, I just have a ton of things to do, and I know that you’re already out playing chauffeur to Ginny, I just thought, maybe, you’d like to pay me back for keeping my mouth shut,” she taunts, as if privy to a secret even he’s unaware of.

“Keeping your mouth shut about what?” And the moment he asks, he knows it’s a mistake, because Evelyn’s voice carries, and the next words out of her mouth are likely to reach the curious ears of the passenger beside him.

“You know what I’m talking about, Michael,” she warns in her serious voice, the one usually reserved for the twins and her husband, an apparently now him when it comes to Evelyn’s best friend.

He glances over at Ginny, who’s looking at the window with a soft grin.  The details of this thing Evelyn claims to know but won’t tell written all over her face, but admitting that, right here, right now not sounding like the most appealing option.

“Yeah, yeah, we can pick them up,” he couples them together, convincing himself it was more out of convenience than reading into the fact that they’d become a ‘we’ more and more these days.

“Change of plans?” She asks with a shake of her head, her curls blowing in her face at the wind as she looks at him, framing her in sunshine.

“Uhh, yeah, I took a part-time job as an uber driver,” he claims, but the smirk on his face gives way to the annoyance being nothing more than an act.

“Ooo-ber,” she mocks him, and its his turn to shake his head.

“I believe they threw things at him when that was done,” he reminds her, and she laughs.

“I knew you were watching without me!” She declares, her recent injury and the off season leading their boredom to stray onto a dark path of binge watching.

He pinks in embarrassment, until realization dawns on him with a raise of her brow.  “You would have to have been watching without me to know that…”

“I can’t help it if you fall asleep in the middle of an episode, old man,” she defends herself.

“Sure, Ginny,” he says, and he doesn’t miss the flicker of a flash in her eyes every single time he uses her first name.  Even now, living together as roommates, spending most, if not all of their time together, the frequency with which he finds himself using her given name, the feeling, the longing, the want from that night never leaves them.

As the boys pile in, their backpacks thrown against the back of his seat, fist bumping Aunt Ginny with her good hand as they lean over, he blanks on what he’s supposed to do now.

He looks at Ginny, always at ease with them.

“So, uhh, boys…what do you want to do?” He broaches, and he feels his ears getting warmer under the stare of Ginny.

The three of them make quick eye contact, the gleam of excitement present in all of them, as they simultaneously shout, “ICE CREAM!”

Ginny gives a punch in the air in victory, the boys energy matched with her own, before she twists back around to him.

“I didn’t realize I was picking up three children,” he teases.

And he can hear the laughter from the back as she sticks her tongue out at him with a wink.

“Just drive, Ooo-ber,” she teases.

“Just for that, tonight’s pick is mine,” he winks back.

She scrunches up her face in a slight pout, before conceding.

“Fine, but you’re getting sprinkles on your ice cream.”

“Why don’t you just kill me now, it’ll be easier than slowly poisoning me with all that sugar.”

She places her hand on his shoulder, and he swears, he can feel the tingle racing down his arm. 

“Now we can’t do that, can we boys?  We need our driver,” he hears agreement, and declarations of all kinds of odd combinations of ice cream that they plan to get.

“That’s all I’m good for, huh?”

She looks at him, tilting her head with a knowing grin, her eyes tracing over him.

“I guess we’ll see.”

Leave the first sentence of a fic in my ask box and I will write the next five sentences.

Shipppp babbyyy-

Geno (loverofpiggies) and reaper (renrink)

Bois name is Lorelai yeah I knowww, shhh, he kinda does that anyway I guess?

Anywayyy, this kid mannn, he is dead inside and doesn’t care anymoRE. Usually he keeps his cloak thingyyyy closed completely but I opened it a lil so you could kinda see his clothes underneath.

The ends of his cloak thing trail off in some weird smoke ooor something ??? And his scarf is constantly movng like wind is blowing, not that much but I wanted to show that there are two sides to it aND that ittt goes off in little strands of the fabric that usually fade away, like smoke or steam does, idk how to describe it

His right eye glitches from time to time but not usually, it happens more often when he is feeling more emotions.

I’ve heard that is you touch Reaper you diE so this kid inherited that, so don’t touch hiMm. He is kinda depressed looking an dead inside but if he likes something oor whatev he gets happy and cyOOOT.

arrenemris  asked:

oh and 73! honestly it gives some Kol vibes lmao

73: “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

I feel like my writing is getting worse…fuck xD Probably because it’s 5 am! But hey there’s Kol yay! On FF 

Also, If you want me to do one!

Surprise, Surprise!

Caroline stepped out of the hot shower, covering herself with her cute pink towel she exited the bathroom. “AHHHHHHH! KOL! What the hell?”

“What is it darling?” Kol asked stretching his arms.

“Uhm…is there a - good - reason you’re naked in my bed?!” Caroline insisted.

“There is a reason, whether it’s good or not…is unclear…”

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Serendipitous Sneezes

REQUEST: Since you and @wheresthekillswitch seem to be the causation of all the wonderful crack on my dash, would one of you take a crack request? Where the reader hunts with Sam and Dean and is allergic to things like cats, dogs…. and especially werewolves. - @kmb99t

Warnings: Slight language, sneezing, allergenic grossness, cat shenanigans

Word Count: 1,943

A/N: I hope I did this justice for you, babe! Much thanks to Lee and Han for giving me ideas and editing my tired brain errors on this!

My tags are way down below. Let me know if you want to be tagged in anything that I write :)

As soon as we stepped foot into the motel room, my nose started to twitch. I felt a familiar itch start to grow around my eyes. Well shit.

“There have been cats here,” I hissed, slowly backing back off of the moldy green carpet and out of the doorframe.

Dean looked over the room and then back at me standing a good few feet into the parking lot, “It looks clean, Y/N. I’m allergic, and I’m not sneezing.”

“I can sense them,” I whispered, resisting the urge to furiously rub at my irritated corneas.

Dean rolled his eyes, “Don’t be ridiculous.” He came out into the lot and took my elbow in his hand, slowly leading me back inside the room, “You’ll be fine.”

Famous last words.

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The Girl From The Bookstore (Stiles x Reader)

A/N: hey guys! I’m new to tumblr but not to writing, so this is pretty much all I do. I’ve written this one for a friend who suffers from depression and social anxiety.

Warning: TRIGGER WARNING! This fic may be triggering to those who are depressed/have suffered abuse. Contains images of self harm and attempted suicide.

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: Stiles makes a new friend, and falls in love with her without realizing it.


If he was being totally honest with himself, Stiles Stilinski could admit that he was a complete bookworm.

At first, he’d started with the basic, cheap, children’s books you could buy at garage sales. Admittedly, he didn’t really think about the stories all that much.

Then, one faithful day at a secondhand bookstore, he picked up the first Harry Potter book.

To him it was like he had discovered a whole new world, albeit at the tender age of eight. It didn’t matter that it was fictional because in this world he could be a wizard and go to a magical school, or he could be the son of a Greek God and meet others just like him, or he could find a beautiful new world in his closet and talk to lions, or could cure his mother of her dementia. In this world, he could be anything he wanted to be.

He’d admit that after his mom died, he didn’t find as much fascination in the beautiful stories anymore.

But then, along came high school and with it assigned readings. Stiles wouldn’t hesitate to tell you that he very much hated the idea of falling back into a book. Of course he would, after he’d been so lost in them the first time around he didn’t notice his own father turning into a drunk.

However, no one could be exempted and Stiles was forced to pour himself into Oliver’s Twisted tales, and write a report on it by the end of the month.

Of course he fell in love with reading again, and of course he began to swallow up any book he laid his hands. There was just something different about it now. Now he could appreciate the beauties of literature. He wasn’t a kid anymore. He understood the irony of foreshadowing, relished in the thrill of predicting the plot, and gasped in horror at his favorite characters deaths.

*cough* Sirius Orion Black *cough*

And at the end of the day, his love for reading was pretty much the only reason he could help the pack. He knew it was nothing personal and it wasn’t his fault, but the truth remained. Stiles was just human.

Anyway, back to the story.

It was his love for reading, his passion for the written word that had gotten him into this little predicament. Of course, he couldn’t blame every single thing on the books. It had a lot to do with teenage hormones and a girl who was just too damn beautiful for her own good.

A girl by the name of (Y/N).

A girl who didn’t want to take care of herself.

Stiles saw the signs, of course. He remembered the way his psychologist had explained them. Stiles first met her at the secondhand book store. She didn’t eat, at least from what he could see. She had glasses but Stiles saw the way her eyes continued to strain to see clearly. She didn’t sleep as much as she should have (he was completely aware of how hypocritical he was being) and she spent the hours that he was in the shop pouring over books that were becoming increasingly worrying.

Books like Freaks Like Us

Books like It’s Kind of a Funny Story

Books like The Impossible Knife of Memory

Books like Me Before You

To name a few. If Stiles was being completely honest with himself, he didn’t know why he watched her. He didn’t know why he cared. He should have just left it as it was. If she wanted help she would get it, right? Why should he care that she looked like a small gust of wind could blow her over or that she wore long sleeved shirts in the blazing heat?

He should have just let her be, but Stiles was never one to do what he should have done.

It started out pretty simple. He’d call her over to ask for some book or the other, make small talk and offer her whatever he was eating at the time. (Over the past few weeks his food became healthier because he noticed she would cringe at the fries and burgers). (Y/N) was too polite to refuse and she took one or two cherries or maybe an orange slice. Stiles watched the books she read and made certain to place little notes in the ones he thought she’d like. He smiled at her and offered to help stack the shelves and just tried to keep her company in general. He was just being a decent human being, you know?

But then, things started getting worse. Stiles quickly became attached to the cute, little lady behind the counter and her lovely, albeit rare, dazzling smile. Soon, he’d come to the store every day after school, when he knew she’d be there. He’d bring along his homework and whatever the pack needed and sit at the tiny desk in the corner for hours just to keep her company. He’d come up with stupid questions to ask that he totally knew the answers to, just to hear her tiny voice laugh. He’d invite her to dinner (Platonically, he’d say) and bring roast beef over when she said she had to close up.

Afterwards, when it was just about closing time, she’d playfully yell at him to leave and tell him to stop bothering her because ‘I’ve got work to do, Stilinski’, but the smile on her face would contradict her completely. When she closed the store and he was forced to leave, he’d throw his arm around her in a casual side hug, and feel the way she’d relax under him, as if all the tension just drained out of her.

He would pointedly ignore the way she instinctively swerved away from him, before practically tucking herself into him.

He would ignore the way she shuddered when he let go after walking her home, which was just a few blocks away.

He would ignore the way that he too began to find comfort in the small amount of intimacy they shared.

He couldn’t help himself from becoming attached. He liked her, really. She made sharp, witty conversation when she was in the mood and aways had a sarcastic side comment to mutter under her breath when she thought no one was listening. She had read the most beautiful of books and could pick them apart word by word for hours on end. She was, in general, a beautiful soul trapped inside herself.


The teenager jumped at the sound of his friends voice. He didn’t bother to look towards where he was sure Scott was staring at him in confusion. It was like someone had strapped him down and forced his eyes open; he couldn’t look away.

Stiles stood with Scott next to him, staring at the scene in front of him with his mouth agape. The Sheriff’s department had sent out a couple deputies to keep the scene under control. No one was allowed forward. He heard the sound of people gasping in horror and the ambulance sirens calling out in distress, but to him it was just background.

The medics rolled out a gurney with a body strapped onto it.

Stiles moved on instinct. He pushed his way through the crowd and towards the front ignoring Scott’s confused calls. The deputies saw him and made a weak attempt to stop the teen from getting through. Maybe it was the worried, crazed look about him that stopped them from doing anything.

He made it right to the front of the scene before he was pulled back. He could see the gurney being pulled into the ambulance truck, and looked at see who had come in his way.

It was his dad.

“Wha-?” was all Stiles could manage through the lump in his throat. He looked over his dad’s shoulder to see the doors being closed and the ambulance speeding away. Noah Stilinski let out a sigh and Stiles’ attention snapped back to him.

“Neighbors called when they heard screaming last night. Deputies only came in this morning when there the girl’s guardian couldn’t wake her up.” Stiles’ stomach dropped. “She’s got a history of mental illness. PTSD is one of them. She was on the suicide watch list until a few weeks ago. They thought she was getting better.”

He felt as though a knife was trying to cut its way out of his stomach. His eyes went wide and his body began shaking. “Wh- When? When did all this happen?” It took everything inside if Stiles to keep his voice steady.

“About a half hour ago.” The Sheriff looked at Stiles, confused. “Did you know her?” Suddenly, his tone was worried.

“Y-Yeah.” Stiles managed. “I- I, um-” he didn’t know how to finish the sentence. In all truth, he knew what he felt for (Y/N). He knew that it was more than just interest and curiosity. He looked at his father, and was sure that he had tears in his eyes. “I care about her, a lot.”

That, apparently, was all that the Sheriff needed to hear. He nodded to a deputy and clapped Stiles on the back, leading him towards the Sheriff’s Department Vehicles.

“She’s at Saint Bartholomew’s.”


It was more than five hours later that Stiles got any news. Her guardians weren’t there, and the teen suspected that it was because they didn’t actually give a fuck. The Sheriff’s persuasion and Stiles’ mad looks were probably the only reasons that the Doctor had divulged the details of (Y/N)’s condition to them.

“She attempted to overdose on sleeping pills.” The doctor told Noah and Stiles, sounding apologetic but looking cold. “We managed to get the drugs out of her system before any long term effects took action, but only barely.” he looked to the Sheriff. “You got lucky.” He said in an unprofessional manner, one that showed emotion. “I don’t think that you’ll be so again. I don’t know what your concern is with this girl, but I strongly suggest putting her in to a new home. The bruising patterns on her arms and stomach suggests she’s being abused by someone close. She needs help.”

Noah nodded, looking extremely grief stricken. The way he saw it, this girl was his son’s age. She was just another teenager that no one cared about. What if she had been Stiles? He read her report and knew that she’d gotten this way after her mother died and her father abandoned her. He shuddered at the parallels.

Stiles looked horrified for a completely different reason. He knew that she was suffering and he did try to help, but he never asked why. His dad explained the details of her case to him while they waited. If only he had known. He would’ve tried harder. He would’ve been braver and just asked her out. He would’ve brought her home to meet his dad and he would have shown her the love that she’d so desperately deserved. He would’ve convinced her to turn whoever was doing all these horrible things to her in.

Stiles had known her for months, *for months* without really knowing her at all.

“Can I see her?” The question fell from his lips before he could process it. Stiles looked up at the doctor, knowing just how he appeared. He’d always worn his heart on his sleeve and never bothered to hide his emotions. He knew his face reflected all the grief he felt within.

He suspected that to be the only reason the doctor nodded.

“She’s been awake for about a half hour.” the doctor said, looking at Stiles with pity. “I suspect that she’ll still be a little drowsy. Try not to agitate her or make her any more stressed than she already is.”

Stiles nodded and got the room number before taking off. He caught sight of a social worker in the waiting room and felt a small amount of relief. He knew his dad would take care of it. As Stiles approached the room, something in the gift shop caught his eye and he quickly bought it before going in.

“Hey.” he said softly from the door, closing it behind him. (Y/N)’s head shot up and she looked guiltily at Stiles, turning her face into her pillow. “Come on now, none of that.” The teen said immediately, walking to her in three quick steps and kneeling down at the side of her bed.

(Y/N) looked up at him in shame. This was the first time Stiles had seen her without makeup on. He saw the bags under her eyes that she tried desperately to conceal and the sadness within them that were usually hidden behind he glasses. He thought she looked tragically beautiful and he hated it.

“I’m sorry.” she said, a tear rolling down her face. Stiles held her gaze.

He didn’t say anything. He simply took her hands in one of his and used the other to wipe away the stray tear. Honestly he didn’t know what to say. He wanted to cry with relief because she was okay, *she was fucking alive*. He also wanted to scream in anger because how could she? How could she think so little of herself and truly believe that she could just *leave* and it wouldn’t matter?

He didn’t tell her this, of course. He knew what it was like to want so desperately for the pain to end; to truly believe that death would be better.

Stiles brought her hands, which were still wrapped up in his his, to his mouth and pressed a soft kiss to her knuckles. “You’re okay.” he said, and whether it was to remind her or himself he did not know. “You’re fine. Everything’s gonna be just fine.”

In all truth, Stiles didn’t know this. How could he? He was just a teenager who had fallen in love. But that didn’t matter. When he down at her, her body looking absolutely tiny against the huge hospital mattress, he knew it would be. When he looked into her eyes and saw the hope that shone through them, he knew that it was true.

Everything’s gonna be just fine.

All Apologies - Tate Langdon x Reader

REQUESTED:  Reader tells him that she loves him like never loved anyone before, she loves him more than her family, herself and more than life (she doesn’t know he’s a ghost) he kills her (he keeps doing that in my asks x) ) and she’s not mad when she finds out the truth, just happy. - @ambrissis

Okay guys sorry for the long gap here, my muse took a vacation I guess. I hope you like this it made me emotional a little. I think I’m just missing AHS a lot and it’s got me down. xoxoxox WARNING: SMUT

Sobs racked your body as you slid down the closed door in your room. Your chest was aching and empty, and it was a feeling you’d come to know so well in the past few months. The feeling of sadness that had seeped into your veins recently would not go away, and there was nothing you could do that would numb the pain. The only time you got a reprieve from it was when you were with Tate.

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anonymous asked:

Woozi or Joshua + high school crush? 🌸

Heya! I’ll with Woozi for this one! I’m so sorry this took too long and for the sloppy writing :( Another similar story here. enjoy reading!

Word count: 710

Have you always loved the feeling of falling in love with a person who inspired you so much? Remember the butterflies that flew around in your stomach? The excited heartbeats whenever you hear his name? And that dash of heat that crawled on your face when you and him made eye contact?

Yup, those were the days. And that one person- Lee Jihoon, was the young man that made you feel this way, though that was in high school. You left your alma mater two years ago and went on separate paths. You never heard of him since.

But then again, fate does its ways.

“Jihoon ah, I heard Y/N is transferring to our school.” Kwon Soonyoung told him as he wiped his face with a wet towel.

“Hm?” Jihoon responded, but not looking at him.

“Y/N! From high school! Don’t you remember her?” Soonyoung’s eyes went wide. 

Jihoon looked up to ponder for a moment, did your name ring a bell for him? Finally, he jumped a little, a little red in the cheek before coughing. He did know you because you confessed to him back in 2nd year. He remembered to reply, but he didn’t. “Ah. The vice chairperson in our senior year?”

“Yeah her! She’s coming to our school! A third Y/HS/N person! I’m finally not going to be stuck with you for three more years alone!” Soonyoung raised his arms excitedly as if he won a lotto.

“Soonyoung, you’re my roommate for the next three years. RIP me.” Jihoon shook his head.

“Oh that’s totally fin– wait what?”

You walked around the campus with your bag on hand, frustrated that you couldn’t find your way around the new area. A thought you had in your head made you remember that Soonyoung went to this school. You would probably run into him any time now.

“Y/N!” a familiar voice called. “Over here!”

You flicked your head to where the voice was. And as you thought, it was Soonyoung. Smiling from ear to ear, you waved and ran to where he was. Just moments later, a Jihoon appeared right beside him. 

The surroundings was like a movie- slow motioned. The wind blowing through your face and hair as you ran. Hearing your heartbeat drum on your chest in a slow rhythm. Seeing your crush look at you with a smile caught you off guard.

He’s too handsome, you thought.

And you tripped, face on the floor.

And just like the director would say, cut.

“Cut! You have a cut on your nose! Oh my g- Are you okay, Y/N?” Soonyoung helped you up. “Oh crap your nose’s bleeding! I’ll go get a first aid kit.” He ran off to the campus clinic.

“At least you don’t have a broken nose.” Jihoon said, holding his laugh.

“Very funny, Jihoon.” You took a napkin from your bag and before you could even wipe the blood off your nose, Jihoon took it from you and wiped your almost crimsoned face.

Your heart stopped for a moment, he was too close. What’s even weirder, he’s cleaning your bloodied face? 

“U-uh, it’s alright Jihoon. I can do it myself.” you stuttered. 

He didn’t answer. 

“Seriously, I-I can do it myself.”

He pulled a face. “Can’t I help the person I like?”


“What do you mean ‘oh’? You’re supposed to be happy.” He looked away. 

“I am.” you trailed off. 

“You are?” his eyes wide open, then his lips curled into a smile. “I’m grateful then.”

You smiled at him, Jihoon liked you. “What took you long? To confess, I mean.”

“Well you’re confident.” he chuckled.  “Let’s just say the high school me was an idiot to not realise his feelings earlier. I’m sorry to have made you wait.”

You pursed your lips into a grin. “Don’t worry, it was worth it.”

“May I?” he coughed to make an excuse to stopped himself from stuttering. “…Kiss you?”

You eyebrows raised. But yet you knew his sincerity. “Yes.”

And there he closed the gap between the both of you.

“I got the first aid ki–.. Oh.”

The Consequences Of Wearing A Skirt

Newt (The Maze Runner):

After Jorge captures the gladers and ties them upside down Jenna’s skirts hangs down and the gladers stare at her bare skin. Newt gets very possessive and starts yelling at them.

Requested by @hogwartsfanfiction03.


I knew that wearing a skirt would turn out to be not the best idea. But I liked it so much. The colour and the way it made my hips look more attractive.

The first time I cursed because of the skirt was when we had escaped. Running through the hallways and jumping over the broken windows wasn’t really as easy as I had hoped…

The second time I cursed because of the skirt was when we had ran away from the cranks. The loose fabric which blowed in the wind made it possible for a crank to grab me and pull me down. But thankfully, Newt was right next to me. He had punched the crank and pulled me up again to drag me with him.

The third time I cursed because of the skirt was when Jorge had captured us:

Hanging upside down, I tried to hold my skirt. My hands clutching the soft fabric and pressing it to my thighs but the skirt still hung down, revealing my underwear.

“Good plan, Thomas.”, Minho said sarcastically, “Just hear what the man has to say. Really working out for us!”

“Shut up, Minho.”, Thomas sighed, probably rolling his eyes. After a few second of silence he spoke again, “Maybe I can reach the robe.”

All of us tried to grab the robe that held us above the seemingly endless ground. I found out pretty quickly that it wasn’t working out - especially for me. So I went back to holding my skirt.

The others groaned, they couldn’t reach the robe either.

“Enjoying the view?”, I heard a voice and I tried to turn around, seeing Jorge approaching us.

“What the hell do you want?”, Thomas wanted to know and Jorge answered with a chuckle,“That is the question.”.

“My men want to sell you back to WICKED.”, he startet, “Life has thought them to think small. I’m not like that.”

“Yeah, sure.”, I scoffed and rolled my eyes before I heard Minho agreeing with me.
“Something tells me you’re not either.”, Jorge continued, ignoring my comment.

“Is the blood rushing to my head or is this shank not making any sense?”, Minho asked and I chuckled. “I’m pretty sure it’s both, Minho.”

“Tell me what you know about the Right Arm.”, Jorge demanded, ignoring us again, and pointed his walking stick at Thomas.

But before Thomas had the chance to reply, Newt spoke up, “I thought you said they were ghosts.”

“I happen to believe in ghosts.”, he shrugged, “Especially when I hear them chattering on the airwaves.”

We all kept still as he wandered to the lever wich was connected to the robes that held us. “You tell me what you know, and maybe we can make a deal…”, he said.

“We don’t know much.”, Thomas murmured and Jorge clicked the lever, his facial expression stone cold. We all fell maybe two foot deeper, shouting due to the shock.

“HEY!”, Thomas exclaimed, “They’re hiding in the mountains!”
Jorge didn’t seem very content with this information and Thomas continued, “They attack WICKED. They got out a bunch of kids. That’s it. That’s all we know.”

Jorge approached us slightly, opening his mouth to say something but another guy interrupted him. “Yo, Jorge.”

Jorge turned around to the guy who looked at us. His eyes lingered on me -or rather my butt- while I was still holding onto the fabric.

“What’s going on?”, the guy wanted to know and Jorge shrugged. “Me and my friends were just getting acquaintance.”, he pointed his walking stick to us, “We’re done now.”

“Wait, you’re not gonna help us?”, Thomas asked and Jorge chuckled. “Don’t worry, hermano. We’ll get you back to where you belong.”

“Totally trusting a guy who ties us up upside down.”, I mumbled sarcastically, loud enough for him to hear and Newt shot me a strict glare.

“Hang tight.”, Jorge laughed and left without another word while the other guy looked at my butt again before he left.

“That guy is disgusting.”, Newt groaned, making a face.
“At least he was staring at your ass, Newt.”, I mumbled and then there was silence.

Every second felt like an hour, time seemed to be frozen at this place. My head hurt from all the blood that has rushed to my head and I knew that I couldn’t hold my arms up for much longer.

I decided to let my arms have a short break, folding them in front of my chest.
Instantly feeling the shameless stares on my skin, I blushed.

“Stop it.”, Newt spoke up calmly. “It’s like I can hear your thoughts.”

I looked at him, confused. And when I looked around I saw the others turning their head away.

After a while Newt spoke up again, pretty angry this time, “Could you stop being so disrespectful shanks and stop staring at Jenna’s ass for a second?”

“You’re one to talk…”, Minho chuckled and Newt groaned loudly, covering his face with his hands. I couldn’t help but smile; Newt was so damn protective and it just made him much more cuter than I already found.

Feeling too embarrassed again, I decided to hold my skirt again, even though it didn’t make much of a difference.

“I- I’M NOT- I didn’t…”, Newt exclaimed, then sighed and continued a bit calmer, “ I’m think about a way to get out of here. You could do the same.”

“Well, then you got an idea yet?, Minho asked and Newt shook his head. Minho scoffed, “See? Even you-”

“Guys, I got an idea.”, Thomas interrupted, “Teresa, try waving around a bit. Minho, catch her and than push her. Maybe she can reach the lever.”

After several tries, Teresa reached the lever and pulled it, making us fall down deeper. But she was able to climb on the floor and freed herself before she came to me, helping me to get free. “Now, the boys can’t stare at your butt anymore.”, she chuckled quietly. “Yeah, that’s so said.”, I said sarcastically but gave her a smile.

While she went to Thomas I helped Newt and as soon as he was free he stood up to hug me tightly. “You okay, Jenna?”, he asked quietly while I snuggled my face into his shoulder. “Yeah. Just embarrassed…”, I mumbled and he pulled away to look in my eyes. “Jenna, I swear I didn’t-” “I know, it’s fine.”, I smiled and gave him a quick kiss on his lips, making him blush.

A smile appeared on his face but before he could say something, we heard Minho’s voice. “Hey, lovebirds. Do you mind helping me or are you too busy with snogging?”

“Ugh, shut up, Minho.”, Newt groaned but went to him to help him.


I finally finished it!!! I’m awfully sorry that it took me so long… I copied most of it from the movie to make it more seem realistic. (I hope that makes sense…) Anyway, hopefully you like it!
Feel free to send in requests! :)

thehound  asked:

headcanons for harry x luna?? idk it's probably unpopular but i've always loved them!

  • after the war, harry didn’t like to talk to many people.
  • especially after he broke-up with ginny.
  • ginny didn’t take it too bad; she understood where he was coming from with everything.
  • but everything still felt wrong to harry, and it seemed that the only person that could make him feel okay was luna. 
  • harry hadn’t seen her for a few months after the battle, and he was surprised to run into her in diagon alley.
  • he shouldn’t have been surprised; everyone shopped there. but harry was surprised to see an old face that didn’t still appear defeated.
  • there was something different about luna, too. she had chopped off her long blonde hair so it was now a few inches above her shoulders.
  • she approached him airily and wrapped her small arms around him.
  • he took a deep breath and inhaled her scent that reminded him of the sea and cucumbers.
  • harry, it’s so good to see you,” she breathed, “i was wondering when i would see you again.”
  • once they broke apart, harry rubbed the back of his neck from embarrassment. he was ashamed that he didn’t try to contact her sooner.
  • “sorry i didn’t try to reach out sooner luna i ju-”
  • but she interrupted him.
  • “you don’t need to explain it to me, harry. i understand.
  • it had been awhile since harry smiled, but it came naturally that day.
  • he followed luna around as she ran errands for her father. 
  • he was pleased to hear he was doing well and recovering.
  • luna seemed to be doing fine, too. and at the end of their day, he told her that her new hair suited her.
  • he had never seen her smile so wide.
  • he frequently contacted her after that until they were seeing each other daily.
  • luna made any bad feeling or thoughts he was experiencing go away.
  • she was a breath of fresh air, and she was symbolic for change.
  • he realized that luna’s life philosophy wasn’t so “loony” after all, and he grew to admire it.
  • one day, they were sitting on a hill close to the burrow overlooking a muggle village.
  • they were having a picnic, and harry loved the feeling of the long grass blowing in the wind and grazing his skin. 
  • “how do you do it?” he asked her suddenly, “how do you still have so much hope?”
  • his voice was quiet, but she heard him. she always did.
  • she blinked a few times thoughtfully and did something he wouldn’t have expected her to do.
  • she intertwined their fingers together and looked him straight in the eye.
  • “i think about all the good things i have right in front of me,” she answered.
  • harry’s breath caught in his throat, and then she looked down at their joined hands.
  • harry was sure it was just a friendly gesture, but he couldn’t help himself.
  • he leaned forward and tucked a short strand of hair behind her ear.
  • he kissed her softly, and to his surprise, she kissed him back.
  • once they pulled away, harry felt like he was floating.
  • luna smiled and squeezed his hand.
  • “this is why i have hope, harry potter.”