and look at the wind blowing at the right time

Caption: Along with the wind blowing across the seas, let my heart reach everyone too—

The breeze blowing across the sea— the fact that it felt this good, was something I only learned after coming to this town.
Coming to play at the sea every once in a while may be fun, but if you see it every day you would get bored— but actually that’s not really the case for everyone here in Uchiura, I think.
After all, the sea we see everyday— at a glance, it may look the same as it is every day, but still, it’s not the same at all.
While looking at it all the time—.
I feel almost like I’m drawn in by the deep color, and every day a different— nice breeze blows across the ocean.
And that’s when I was startled.
Though it seems like it’s the same wind blowing every day— But as I thought— it’s a different wind blowing against me every day.

And that— somehow feels like it resembles my life right now.
Something that is always expected to be there naturally, and always able to be seen.
But you see— if you look closely, the truth is that every day I get to see different expressions, and through that my heart gets to experience lots of new joys—.
That is, the people I’ve met after coming to Uchiura here— The smiles of everyone in Aqours♡
Just being with them alone brings a smile to my face— and makes me happy. Just as it’s always been, every day I am shown different sparkling smiles.
If that’s the power of school idols which Chika-chan talked about, then surely the one receiving the most of this power would be me, Riko♡
That’s why, even while waiting for everyone else like this.
Just like this too, I find myself smiling—.

And that’s why this person that I am— I’ll let this breeze that blows across the ocean carry me along.
It would be great if I could become an idol whose smiles could reach everyone.

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine December 2016 issue


BONUS to my previous post ;)

“It was almost 11pm, and while walking outside and simply talking seemed quite romantic, Mei was a bit shaky, since she didn’t knew this date would go on for so long. Junkrat, noticing her shiver, offered her his jacket, trying to be ‘a gentleman’, even though he’d never like to be associated with that word. Mei was bashful and refused the offer, yet as soon as the wind blowed again, she snatched the jacket right from his hands and covered herself up, however still looking away from the young mans side. Junkrat absolutely loves it when she shows him attitude, but this time instead of teasing her more, he asked if she’d like some boba, because there was one place serving it this late just around the corner. Mei wasn’t thirsty, but she didn’t want to go back home, neither did she really want to stop spending time with Jamison, because even though she hated to admit it, but he did make her feel some sort of special way…”

LOUD. Just be aware - You don’t have to unmute this really because the visual is the point and the wind was blowing that day which, along with the traffic, makes an awful ruckus.

But anyway. I took this last time I was home, from the outlook on Rt 16. And what you’re looking at is the cradle of the mountains that I grew up in and on. 

In the back there, looming large, is Mt. Abraham (Or should be if I’ve got my angles right!) Mt. Abraham is usually a bit of a haul from base to summit, coming in at approx 4050 ft, over reasonably rough terrain in places. There are cabins on the mountain so hikers can stop either on their way up or on their way back if they cannot complete the trip in a day. However if you take West Kingfield Rd. all the way until the tar turns to dirt and keep following Rapid Stream up and around you’ll find a dirt lot that intersects with the official trail part way up the mountain. Making the peak and easy reach for a day’s hike.

Rolling right from Mt. Abraham in this clip you can see bits of Mt. Spaulding and somewhere in behind those clouds you can usually catch a glimpse of Sugarloaf Mountain. Know to locals and to ski fans alike as simply “The Hill”.

They’ve even got a tumblr where they post beautiful shots of the mountain and resort if you want to check them out: @sugarloafmtn.

Here’s a google snapshot to give you a top-down idea of what you’re looking at:

And that’s a little look at my home! 

Late night drives were something you and Luke did all the time. The wind blowing through your hair, The 1975 cranked up on the radio at a stop light and your best friend Luke to the left of you in the drivers seat looking at you with his lip rig between his teeth and a slight smile tugging at the corner of his lips. “Luke” You say to him looking him in his blue eyes you’ve grown to love over the years. “Yeah, whats wrong?” He responded resting his right hand on your knee.”Have you ever thought about us being a thing?” You asked him. Luke looked ahead as the light turned green the car moving forward. “Yeah, I have. I don’t know I just travel so much you know” He let out a sigh. “It’s just complicated (Y/N).”

You and Luke were that couple that everyone thought you guys were dating but you two were just extremely close. He felt like you’re hot older step brother to you. You always wanted to date Luke but he just never made the move or you just didn’t have the courage to.

One day while Luke was on tour you decided to call him on skype something you guys did often when he was on tour. You were in bed with your laptop waiting for Luke to answer but he hung up and it said he was busy. You called him again and yet again it went to busy. You called him up one last time and this time he answered. 

“He Luke, why do you keep pressing busy, it’s 3am for you right now.” You asked him confused. 

“Um” Luke said then you heard a female voice in the background that you didn’t recognize.

“Who’s that, it’s 3 am Luke” You said in a stern voice trying to get his attention.

“I gotta go (Y/N)” Luke quickly hung up the call.

Was Luke seeing someone that you didn’t know about. You didn’t want to come to any conclusions so you closed the laptop and went to sleep. The next morning your twitter was blowing up with tweets from Luke’s fans. One said “ I shipped (Y/N) and Luke so hard and now he’s with Arzaylea :( ” Who was this Arzaylea? You started scrolling through twitter and then you saw a picture of Luke with some girl walking out of a club. Tears started pricking your eyes as you came to the realization of the situation. You’re hands were shaking and you went to Luke’s contact in your phone to call him. The time it took for him to answer his phone seemed like forever until he picked up his phone. “Hello? (Y/N)?” Luke said.

“Luke” You said your voice shaky from crying.

“What’s wrong baby girl?” He asked you worry in his tone.

“Luke don’t act like you don’t know, I saw the pictures” You said still crying, sniffling your nose.

“(Y/N) I can explain, it’s just complicated.” He said with a sigh.

“Luke you always say that, why don’t we just make it official. Everyone thinks we’re dating.” Your voice became louder and louder and you were practically yelling. 

“ (Y/N) I’m sorry but I have to go. I swear I’ll make this work for us” 

“Luke I love you” You said. It was silent for about a minute until Luke finally replied.

“Me too”





what if there was an extremely spooky clan of wind dragons that knew the ins and outs of sound, and used this sound for their own purposes?

what if they positioned bamboo and assorted other objects in such ways that when the wind blowed just right, the most elegant songs and choruses would bloom from seemingly nowhere?

what if the other clans in the area would wander into their territory in search of the music, but it came from everywhere and nowhere at the same time, so they would wander in circles for eternity, getting lost on the way back home?

what if the other other clans would come to look for the lost, but became lost themselves, finding themselves surrounded by mysterious dragons and their powerful melodies?

what if the lost ones fell into a trance, powered by song and kept so by the intense rhythms locked in their minds?

what if the lost ones were made to protect the mysteries, trapped forever in the music-based stupor, running off former family and friends?

and what if the lost in music could never be brought back?

EXO Reaction to your school uniform

Sometimes I miss mine. I didn’t have to struggle in deciding what to wear!

Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Appears in your school one day like this* “There’s no way I’m going to let the other guys be around when you have that uniform!”


*Needs to see more of this* “From now on I’ll be your Chinese teacher. Wear that every time we have lessons okay?”


“Lord have mercy… I love school!” *Suddenly feels like going back to high school*


“Haha you look cute.. specially when the wind blows…” *Enjoys watching you walk with that mini skirt xD*


“You should be studying…. me” *Uniform weakness*


“I’m having.. not very nice thought right now Jagi… you should take that uniform off… if you know what I mean”


“So… when is the next open class? Because I really want to visit your school… and the class room… and desks” *Naughty Byun* 


“You are so lucky that I’m in the basket team… So they all know you and that uniform are min..” *Who knows how he managed to get in*


“That uniform makes me want to keep you here forever…” *Starts to play with his handcuffs*


“Is it cosplay time? Because I have have a naughty one too…” 


“Pretty Y/N… very pretty” *That grin tho…”


“We have to go Y/N. No no… not to school. We are going to my room”

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Aight headcanon time.

Imagine if after being an Assassin for so long Arno is goes to America by request of the American Counsil of Assassins as told by Mirabeau to do when the time was right. He gets a lead about a Templar by the council. So he follows this lead and he ends up at this unguarded house on the fields, youd think there would be guards guarding the templar but the house looks almost abandoned. So he infiltrates the house, stumbles upon and starts reading Templar mission briefings, progressively getting angrier till he ends up at the porch. Where an old decrepit Shay is sitting there, drinking tea.

[continued below]

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Title: 7,200 Seconds

Summary: “Any second now.”

 "Any second now. Yeah. Any second.“

The smoke from Abraham’s cigar left a pungent odor in the air. The wind started to blow a little harder as sunset approached. Rick could feel his toes involuntarily clinch in his tight cowboy boots. Consequence of running around the countryside with Morgan. His heartbeat echoed in his head as his chest rose up and down in quick breaths feeling like he could never get enough air in his lungs. The fingers on his right hand twitched at his side. His trigger hand. The only time he took his eyes away from the road beyond the gate was when he looked at his watch. Two hours. Seven thousand, two hundred seconds since he arrived back to learn Michonne was still out there. He didn’t know where she was and if any harm had been done to her, but his mind had imagined her in the most dire of circumstances. He knew he told no one else to leave. He knew that people needed to be there in Alexandria in case they were attacked. But what he knew most of all was he needed Michonne more than the breath he couldn’t quite catch. He was going after her, and he was taking all the best fighters left with him.

"Abraham -” he started as he turned to the smoking man, but his attention was caught by the sound of a motor.

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does it ever hit you that….dana scully is such a pretty lady…… yeah she looks like beautiful perplexed science scully all the time, and every time i see her face im like !!!!!!! thats pretty scully i love pretty scully! but sometimes just the change of an angle or the furrow of her eyebrows or the wind blowing her hair makes you take a step back and youre like……thats a beautiful woman right there….. scully is a beautiful woman…and i am looking at her and she is very beautiful it makes my heart go Woah…………….. is this relatable or nah i feel like probably it is to one Fox William Mulder

Where I Am Right Now

This week has been horrible. And I have been on the verge of shutting down and walking away a few times, but I don’t really want to, but I didn’t really want to stay and be battered any longer either.

But I have a second wind (for fiftieth, whatever) and I’m not going anywhere.

Look, we don’t know what’s next, could be something great, could be another massive blow, but either way, this is almost over. And by “this” I mean Syco having control over the lives of the band members. I don’t know how babygate will play out, it might be months before we get a definitive answer, if ever.

But right now, I don’t care. I’m done with babygate, whether the child is Louis’ or Ann Marie’s or Amber Fillerup’s or my cousin Heather’s.  I don’t care. It’s there, it’s done and no forensic photoshop analysis is going to change that. If we get a negative paternity test tomorrow - EXCELLENT!  If we don’t get one - whatever. It’s not about that any longer. Babygate is just one more fucking thing on a long list of atrocities committed by the people with swords hanging over the heads of 1D, specifically Louis and Harry.

I swore a long time ago that I would never be like Justin Bieber’s fans, completely ignoring the horrific things that my favorites might do because they’re my faves and I KNOW they aren’t like that.

Well, here I am beliebing away and my fave is thought to be kind of a shitty person. But I know better and I’m defending him because I KNOW he’s not like that. I know it for a fact even though the closest I’ve been to him is front row at a concert where he spent little time in my vicinity (B was 20 feet behind me, though I didn’t know that at the time). Still. I know.

So call me deluded or a crazy fan girl or whatever you want, but I’m just going to let babygate go. It doesn’t matter to me anymore. What matters is Louis, Harry, Niall and Liam getting the fuck away from Simon and Ann-Marie and Syco and the Jungwirths, the rest will take care of itself.

5sos imagine: watching a storm roll in

Calum: he’d want you to sit in his lap outside in the backyard and watch the dark grey clouds roll in. You’d watch and hear the lightning and thunder in the distance get louder and louder. He would find it so relaxing and tell you all about his day and just feel the breeze softly blow right on his face and laugh when you flinch because of the thunder scaring you.

Michael: he’d love to just open the windows and turn off the TV and cuddle right on the couch with you. He loved thunderstorms. They were like a time for him to finally catch up on sleep and cuddle with you because you hated them. It was a time to just sit and listen to you and look out the window watching the trees move from the wind.

Luke: he’d be the one who would love to sit on the steps outside and strum his guitar and sing you songs from his head he’s working on. You’d just sit on the step behind him and wrap your arms around his waist and listen to him sing. It would be so soothing to listen to.

Ashton: he’d love to go on walks with you before a storm because its when everyone is inside and its just you two and you can talk about whatever you’d want. He’d hold your hand and giggle all the time. The breeze of the oncoming storm would feel so good against his skin and made you look so gorgeous when it blew your hair back when you were laughing.