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How would GOM, and Kagami spend Christmas with their girlfriend

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Kuroko: He’d bring you out to look at the scenery, and just have a peaceful time together. You two probably made a snowman and had a short snowball fight. It may be cold, but being with him made you feel warm inside.

Kagami: He’d probably cook a very nice meal for himself and you. It wouldn’t be hella romantic and candlelit, since he wouldn’t have the guts to do it, but it’s definitely absolutely delicious. This dork gets a little shy when he brings you to the table full of food he made himself, but soon the two of you get comfortable and chatty.

Kise: The both of you would have loads of fun as you two go shopping in malls and participate in some fun christmas activities. He’d buy you many presents while shopping. Otherwise, if any, you two would go attend those count down events and party the night away.

Midorima: Well, he doesn’t seem like one to make a big deal out of christmas. However, he knows you’d want to spend it together, so he prepares a sweet present for you — whatever he deems fit ((probably a lucky item)) and goes on a date with you to go see christmas lights and just spend time together.

Aomine: This lazy ass probably doesn’t want to go out. He’d make you stay with him at his house and just cuddle and watch reruns of cheesy christmas movies together. Of course, in his case, innocent cuddling may turn into something smexy…

Murasakibara: He’d definitely be snacking on christmas goodies with you. I think this man child might just be buried in them. It’s a relaxing day as the two of you bake christmas goodies together, and while doing so, munching on them too.

Akashi: He’d want to make it a night to remember so he’d plan it out extravagantly. From the perfect present, to a candlelit dinner, to gorgeous christmas lights and if he wants to bring it up another notch, some fireworks just for the two of you. But no matter, he just wanted it to be perfect, for the both of you.

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