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foxterra  asked:

Hey Joy I have a question. I'm a game designer student who plays video games on the pc when I have time. I'm looking for a new keyboard and mouse because the letters are fading and just want a new mouse. Would a ergonomic keyboard be better in the long term? If you don't know maybe one of your followers would know?

If you’re not having pain or having to work what feels like excessive tension out of your hands after a session? I’d say you don’t particularly need one. It really depends on your own physiology. If however you are already starting to experience these things or you spend a lot of time on the PC for other things, learning to use an ergonomic keyboard could save you wrist and joint problems in the future. 

Honestly you won’t know until you try it.

They used to be hellishly expensive but you can now get quality ones like the Microsoft Natural 4000 for less than $40 so you could always take a chance on it, and if it doesn’t work out either resell or gift it to someone else. They’re in high demand so I don’t think it would be a total loss. 

I really liked using it, it was comfortable and felt like a more natural position for typing. Until the space bar broke. But then mines was also second hand and already well loved for several years before I got it so that’s not necessarily an indicator of quality. It’s also the keyboard I use for gaming, so whatever claims about flat mechanical keyboards being easier to game with than curved ergonomics is, imo, nonsense. 

I personally could never go back to a flat keyboard, even without my pain issues. They just feel more comfortable to me. But then some people argue otherwise. I you’re able to go to a store that has them on display? Might be a good idea to play around a little and see what feels best for you. (Even if you then end up buying it on amazon or somewhere else lol)

Teaching Pennywise How To Use A Computer And Telephone Involves:

  • Pennywise just stared at the library computer screen behind you.
  • Which startled you and the librarian told you to be quiet.
  • “What are you staring at?”
  • “A computer, I’m working. Shhh.”
  • “Do teach me how to use your magic computer.”
  • You teach Pennywise how to use your computer at home.
  • His eyes wander over the screen and one eye looks directly at the mouse on the screen.
  • “What the hell are you doing, Pennywise?”

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“Hey baby /smooch/”
“Hey sweetheart. How’d practice go?”


Jack comes back home from practice and finds Bitty editing one of his videos.


Originally first in line to be crowned King of Disney Castle, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit disappeared many years ago under mysterious circumstances. (Read more under the cut if you like! Sorry if I get stuff wrong about anything.)

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