and look at that lack of cargo pants

Lost and Found

Blindspot fanfic. In which a tattooed coffee barista hires a stubbly private investigator to find her long-lost brother. Wildly AU. 

Because didn’t this fandom need a coffee shop AU colliding with a gumshoe AU? No? Ooops.

And also because conversations with @zumbagirl8302 and @dylancruca frequently devolve into the writerly equivalent of “Hold my beer and watch this.” I accept full blame for my questionable judgment, lol. 

Will probably definitely be longer than I planned and might will probably take me months to finish. I apologize in advance.

The only thing that made Monday bearable was coffee.

Well, coffee and a chance to flirt with the gorgeous barista at his local coffee shop.

As he neared the shop, though, he saw that the door to “The Pour House” was propped open. Which might have made sense on a crisp, spring morning, but today was a hot, still, humid summer day that was already miserable at barely eight in the morning.

The former cop that still lurked inside Kurt Weller didn’t like it when things seemed off.

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anonymous asked:

Is Bum suppose to be unattractive or something? It just seems like he gets treated like hes gross? ...

Great ask, love the topic. I’m going to answer this in regards to pre-Sangwoo lifestyle and also in regards to when the table of people reacted to Yoon Bum. (I also have 0 experience with the illness mentioned, so if someone with perspective on that wants to reply/reblog, I’d be happy.)

It isn’t that he’s unattractive; he just doesn’t know how to interact with others, leading to a superior/inferior atmosphere with Bum being assumed inferior.

He’s different just from first looks because of clothes and lack of proper hygiene. His clothes aren’t like other college students’ - he wears the same clothing daily, (for which I’m beyond curious how long he’s owned those clothes) and they’re not fashionable. He wears comfy clothes that’s practical (cargo pants) so from the very first glance, other characters will immediately judge him, especially if they care plenty about their looks.

Bum is also not a good conversationalist - he is nervous around others, has difficulty expressing himself until he’s absolutely pushed to his limit - his fear of knives, asking Sangwoo’s motive during the post-hanging scene, and an attempt at confessing to Sangwoo that nobody loves him in ch16. He just won’t say what he thinks until it’s absolutely necessary. 

Bum also doesn’t know what to say to others - I doubt he’s had lots of direct social contact, so he doesn’t know how to say what others want to hear like Sangwoo does. Bum doesn’t know what others expect of him, so all he has to rely on is his poor self image and lack of confidence.

Other characters also probably treat him as inferior due to different economic classes. 

In regards to attractiveness, we can’t exactly rely on Sangwoo’s harsh words to describe Bum (”middle-age”, “ugly”, “stupid”). He just bullies Bum and degrades him to make himself feel superior. Sangwoo definitely finds Bum attractive at some points - the clearest example I have is when Sangwoo pinches Bum’s cheek when he shoves ice into it, and clearly calls him “cutie”.

tl;dr - Others treat him as though he is beneath them, but I doubt it says much about his attractiveness.


or that time when they had to play 7 minutes in heaven

At seventeen years old, Ellery regretted that she deemed herself “too old” to trick-or-treat and “too cool” to hand out candy to all the little kids who came to her door. She also regretted allowing Harry to pick out their costume this year, showing up to her door in red braces, cargo pants, and a fireman hat and holding a dalmatian onesie in his arms with a wicked grin on his face. 

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minyoulater  asked:

Hi! I'm a little late to the party/meme. Thank you for doing Kuroko! Can you please do Kagami too? :D

No worries. And here you go! ^^


1. What does their handwriting look like?
His handwriting in the Latin alphabet is kind of loose and scrawly – not particularly neat, but not messy either. His handwriting in Japanese is a minor catastrophe because the poor boy is lacking years of kanji drills, so there’s a lot of eraser marks and ink smudges everywhere, and he keeps getting the stroke order wrong on the more complicated kanji (to the point where he’ll sometimes write them down backwards if he isn’t careful).

He’s getting better under Kuroko’s patient tutelage, though.

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bulmavegotaku  asked:

Bucky/Darcy #10 please?

Hope you don’t mind, but I ended up going with #3, “You came back.” *whispers* red henley!fic!

“You came back,” Darcy says conversationally to the homeless guy in the alley outside her apartment. The scruffy dude in a baseball cap and jacket is lurking in the same shadowy spot he was last time, only this time he’s standing like he wants to be seen.

“Yeah,” comes the rough reply, and that’s already more words than he’s ever spoken to her before.

He draws closer with the caution of a cat that’s trying to decide if it wants to be petted.

“What do you need, friend? Food, clothes, a shower?”

Last time he appeared, he’d been dripping with what smelled like pond water so she’d given him a towel and pointed him straight towards the bathroom. It had been far too cold a night to spend in wet clothes, especially in that weird one-armed leather vest thing that would have taken forever to dry out.

“Yeah,” he says again, with something that might even be an apologetic shrug.

“Well, in you come, then,” she says, waving him inside.

Jane’s always freaking out about Darcy not being more cautious when it comes to the homeless people around her block, but what’s Darcy supposed to do? Just sit there in warmth and comfort with a kitchen full of food while there’s someone else out on the pavement going without? Screw that.

Darcy’s assistance usually takes the form of the odd sandwich or a second-hand blanket, but occasionally she’ll go the extra mile for someone who really seems to need it. She doesn’t have the first clue what the deal is with this guy—his top-of-the-line prosthetic arm would seem to indicate that there was a time he was rolling in it—but that haunted look in his eyes is like a thorn in her paw and she just can’t leave him on his own out there.

“Why don’t you take a shower while I put some dinner together for us?” she says, opening the hall closet to look for a towel.

He shrugs out of his jacket and drops it and the cap on the end of her couch. He peels his shirt off too before he seems to remember that it’s not normal to undress in front of others. Not that Darcy minds. He’s beautifully built, with a healthy muscle tone that’s at odds with his pale skin and the dark shadows under his eyes.

Darcy passes him the towel, trying not to ogle. “Pick anything you want out of here,” she says, opening another cupboard full of clothes she’d gotten from goodwill for the very purpose of giving them away.

He selects a red henley and some cargo pants, then closes the door and turns to look at her. “Thank you,” he says in a voice that sounds rusty from lack of use.

She shrugs. “Don’t mention it.”

Helping people is easy when your motto is WWCAD: what would Captain America do?