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Post a selfie ? (~˘▾˘)~

I don’t really take selfies anymore, if at all, but I did today, so here ya go anon.♥ 

First I would like to say thank you. Thank you for not only being a great YouTuber, but also for being a wonderful, kind, and sweet human being. The lives that you have touched in your life and career are countless and we are all here for you! May you never lose that part that drives you.
I do have a question, and I hope you don’t find it too much to do. I have a friend, Jesse, whose 18th birthday is coming up on April 6th. I have listened to him talk about how much he admires you and how he looks up to you as a role model, which you are a great one, by the way. When you upload videos, I will sometimes see Jesse post screenshots on Snapchat of the video. He had told me that you have taught him many valuable lessons and that he wouldn’t be where he is now without you or your content.
Mark, would you be willing to make a small recording of you telling my friend happy birthday? I hope it’s not too much to ask, and I would totally understand if it is, since you’re an incredibly busy person! I want to surprise him with the fact that you know who he is and that YOU wish him a great birthday. I feel that a recording of you would blow his mind because you are his idol. It would mean a lot to him.
Thank you so much, Mark, for taking the time to read this post, and I hope that you are having a wonderful day filled with love and contentment.
Anthony B.

I don’t know about you but I am really looking forward to all the mryder x gil and mryder x reyes fanart and fanfiction

“Let’s play and play, niichan!”

Waaaa, seeing so much fanart gave me a little courage to post something that I have been working on lately so even though it’s messy (I cleaned just a bit in Photoshop), here it is! My dear Gilberto (my current crush xD) that I tried making him look badass while he is preparing to attack with his skill “Death in Venice” and wow did I like that one single panel where the water took the shape of dragons.
I’m actually proud how they turned out because I really tried to make them appear fluid. Rarely do I feel proud about my drawings but I gave it my best for this one (I’m thinking of making it digital some other time), because I wanted to practice more of his features, like his hair (which I noticed that looks a bit different every time in the manga…), but I’m kind of used to make it like above.

On another note, I almost made holes in the paper for how much I erased the patterns on his scarf xD (I’m not sure what to call them…they kinda look like the sun in a way, or camera flashes? xD They could be since they could be connected to Ray’s ability and also the fact that Gil as well can use it together with him)
So uhmm, yeah I’m rambling a lot because I always like to point out what I went trough when drawing something.
I just love Gil so much now and I can’t wait too see him and Ray in the next chapter, hopefully! ♥


I can’t believe it guys! I hit 300 followers!

Thank you all so much for choosing to follow this trash!!

So anyway I wanted to do a raffle (just to hop on the bandwagon) but this time, the prizes will be videos of me singing and/or playing the piano!!!

To enter all you have to do is be following this blog from before the 28th of March at 1730 (NZT), 24 hours from when this post goes up and reblog this post before the 3rd of April at 1730 (NZT) 

(For those in other time zones make sure to look up the times soz)

So here are the prizes:

1st Prize - 1 winner:  A request!

They can choose any song they want, just make sure it’s easy for me to learn on the piano or for me to sing, if you want you can discuss it with me in private and we can come to a compromise (bear in mind I am a bass in the choir and I have only been playing the piano for about 6 years, in which only 3 of them I had lessons, so don’t go giving me the death waltz or something)

2nd Prize - 1 winner: The Scientist - Coldplay 

I will sing and play the piano!

3rd Prize - 1 winner:  OneRepublic - Secrets:

I will sing and play the piano! (I am going to sing the chorus an octave down though cause otherwise it’s too high sorry)

4th Prize - 2 winners: Things We Lost In The Fire - Bastille

I will sing and play the piano (naturally not the best but I’ll try)

5th Prize - 3 winners:  Undertale - Undertale OST

Naturally I will just play on the piano

Good luck everyone! And thank you all for following me and bringing me to 300!

callout got dam post:

• mikeys tune of choice when doing their make up is wham! - wake me up before you go-go
• they keep their make up in pink heart shaped boxes
• they have approximately 45 cacti on their windowsill

the whole thing look like a scene from a quirky indie movie and its… cute…

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Your posts from concert makes me so happy and emo at the same time ^^ I'm glad that you got to see Namjoon irl <3 He is even beautiful up close, isn't he?










50 followers gift!!

Hi angels!  (*・∀・*)

Last night I hit 50 followers?! That’s wild, I haven’t even been in the community for that long! I love you all dearly so I wanted to give back to you somehow, to thank you for your support :^)

So; I’m doing sim requests! Basically all you need to do is REBLOG this post and I’ll gather everyone’s names who reblogs this and select people randomly!

There will be 5 spots, so if you want a sim made, get in quickly! Please message me details on what you want your sim to look like as well <3

The deadline to enter will be Tuesday, 28th of March, 4:00pm PST. You don’t have much time so get to it kiddos! I can’t wait to make your sims           (∪ ◡ ∪)

Thank you all again, here’s to many more milestones!






Listen, I love tumblr but I hate how 80% of the people on here like to pretend they’re super woke and know everything about everything just because they read some biased text post with incorrect facts. A good majority of y'all are just bitter, toxic people looking for the smallest reasons to hate things.

do u like gay stuff and bigfoot????

just a reminder that my multimedia narrative about looking for bigfoot has begun and is continuously updating… so if you like seeing weird and fun posts about bigfoot, aliens, cryptids, and gay stuff, as well as care about better representation for lgbt people, mental illness, and other topics… you can follow my tumblr, my twitter, and my youtube channel

feel free to come ask questions and talk with me on these platforms. it is more fun for me and for people following the more participatory the narrative gets. i am always willing to make a fool of myself on my youtube channel too, so ask, suggest, and tease away :) i am here to please and to have both silly and serious discussions about cryptids and issues of representation

Good morning!! Sorry I haven’t posting art that much look drew Noodle though.. tbh I was not expecting the new Gorillaz songs to be so powerful and inspiring lol

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Hey Jasmine! I saw your most recent study with me video and I wanted to know how you learned to draw the little icons in your french notebook! They looked really cool and its a great idea to only connect with your target language as well!

i took art classes when i was young so i have pretty good hand control, basically when you draw icons, only draw the details that make the thing unique. so for example to tell the difference between and box and a book, it’s not about the text and rectangular shape - it’s about the pages on the book and the flaps on the box.

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Chloe followed 7 blogs including Miss-Bizzy and CC-N and liked maybe 5 posts to make it look like it's a real blog 😂. Yet she hasn't RB anything. That will be next 😂

maybe she”ll reblog me!!  A girl can dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

// ok im gonna make one/two more posts about wings newark then i will clean up my blog – the past several days have made my tumblr a mess bc it was basically me screaming at everything LKDGHEWJKLHGWEG

:’) memes will continue soon!