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Yoooo “I’m never going to let you go.” for Katy & Quinn AND also I'm gonna beat Jade who-is-sleeping-right-now to it and ask for Meau, “Why are you staring at me like that?”. This is your chance to start building the ship! HAVE FUNNNNNNNNNN


Katy and Quinn’s will be part of a set of pictures because I felt it needed illustrating for some reason.

But here’s for Meau (I haven’t written anything story-like since high school SO THIS IS PROBABLY DISGUSTING DON’T JUDGE ME) @something-wicked-sims

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Beau wondered aloud, and then a look of horror washed over her face. “Oh no, did I spill something on myself?” 

She examined her dress, a dark colored floral thing that made  the blue of her eyes look like stars.

“Oh, no, no, just-” Max stopped mid sentence, thinking it wouldn’t be very nice to laugh but wanting to anyway. He caught her hands and placed them at her sides, stepping closer so she was forced to look up at him. He brushed away rebellious strands of her hair that had gotten loose in the pier wind and prepared to say something poetic but her tiny smile made him falter.

He only hesitated one second before he kissed her.

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Oh my goshhhhh, I just want to say all your 'The Resident' content is superb, but known I'm completely frustrated and freaking out about seeing the film!!! Like I'm enthralled and I shouldn't be! Ahhhhh, so many emotions!! JDM doesn't help either!

awww thank you! I’m glad you liked it <3 The resident can create some complex feelings lol I mean, what max is doing is so wrong but he looks like JDM and he has that lost puppy look that’s so hard to resist. It’s so frustrating lol


no one fux with kōhe

Promotional Trailer for The Raven Cycle as a Netflix Original Series 

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

let the bodies hit the floor

let the bodies hit the floor

let the bodies hit the floor

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