and look at liam's face t t

the aftermath

Marisha: That was a three hour battle.

Matt: Yeah.

Marisha: We did nothing but fight.

Matt: And honestly? Kinda mucking it up with archers kinda helped too, because they were all about to just start focus firing on whoever was visible.

Laura: Yeah. So I’m glad we split them up. Getting Grog out… 

Matt: Getting Grog out was key. 

Matt to Laura: If you hadn’t have pulled him out and taken all those attacks of opportunity-

Travis: That was it.

Matt to Travis: -you would be gone.

Travis: I was at 20 and then- I was like “that’s it.”

Matt: They weren’t gonna stop when you hit zero.

Travis: Yea-no that would’ve been it.

Matt: They were going to cut you up until you were dead.

Matt’s face immediately following that statement:

Liam to Laura: Look at that guy, look at that guy-


Travis, to Liam: You saw it too didn’t you!?

Liam, laughing: I saw it

Travis: The shadow of a man that wished he could have butchered someone and didn’t quite get to.

Taliesin: That is the face of the fucking devil.

Travis: The shadow of Craven Edge lives behind those eyes!


Liam x Reader

Warnings: smut, sex, public sex, rough, biting, +18 gif undercut

Liam let out a low grumble as he shifted in his seat. It took all he had not to crawl under the table and bury his head between your thighs. Instead he glared at you from across the table while prodding his lunch with a fork.

When he finally had enough one hand vanished under the table and just as he had reached your thigh Scott’s hand grabbed his wrist while his glare was fixed on you. “Stop it (Y/N), don’t look at me like that we can all smell you.”

“Well we can’t.” Stiles added and jerked his thumb at Liam. “But this one looks ready to make it with the nearest thing that moves so, it’s a little obvious.” He chuckled when you pulled a face on innocence before leaving without a word, throwing a bright smile over your shoulder at Liam who looked like he was half way between a dead faint and crawling through the canteen over to you.

During your lesson Mason sat between you and tried to keep you both focused on the work. “… the trip will begin tomorrow morning and will end on the Saturday evening,it is compulsory even for those on the Lacrosse team.” Your teacher finished but you had barely pulled your eyes away from Liams.

When the class finished the three of you met the pack at Scott’s locker per usual and started walking out to Lydia and Stiles’ cars. “So is anyone else going on that trip because we have to miss the game?” Liam asked and Stiles rolled his eyes.

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I'm laughing I saw people talking about how "smitten" fionn looked and then I watched the video and his face is just a big question mark

fionn is the embodiment of anyone that is not used to harry’s attitude during interviews, like for us its normal to see him like this, for liam, niall, louis..all good, but then there are people outside the bubble that don’t quite get why he does it or how so they are like ??????????????? is he for real ??? and fionn is a bit startled every time cause harry has a particular sense of humor that you dont get if you don’t ‘know’ how he is on camera during these events, its so amusing to watch honestly 

Pack Mom - Part 20

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A/N// So Here Is Part 20. I’m Not Taking Requests For New Imagines, I Felt Bad For Not Finishing This Series As I kept Getting Asks To Finish This Series. So Here It Is. Enjoy!

All Pictures Are From Pinterest! I Do Not Own Any Of Them.


Derek's P.O.V

I couldn’t move. That was the ring. That was the one I was getting. It was gold, with a diamond in the middle with smaller diamonds around it. 

“Dad!!” Liam shouted after I ignored him the first 3 times he said it, I was just too mesmerised by this ring, it was perfect 

“Sorry son,” I told him not taking my eyes off this ring, I couldn’t believe it. I finally found it, I felt like if I looked away it would disappear. 

“Is that the one?” Liam asked looking down at the ring. A smile grew on my face and I nodded. 

“It’s perfect dad! Mom’s going to love it!” Liam told me with a smile growing on his face. Looking at me and then the ring. That was it, no more looking. That was the ring. I was buying that ring for my girl.

“This is sure one lucky person,” the cashier told us boxing up the ring as my smile grew wide. 

“Oh she sure is, I’m so lucky to have her and I can’t wait until she’s mine,” I told the cashier as I gave her the money for the ring.

“Well I hope you have a good wedding,” The cashier told us as I nodded and left the shop with Liam. I held the little bag in my hand so tightly so I wouldn’t lose it. 

“Should we go and get some lunch?” I asked Liam and he smiled and nodded. 

“God! Yes please, I’m so hungry” I laughed at how he over exaggerated his response. We ended up at a little restaurant and we both took our seats, then we both started looking at the menu. 

“Having anything you want. My treat” I told Liam placing down my menu as Liam told me what he wanted,  I went to the bar as I left Liam to look after the ring. 

I brought the drinks over to our table and I thought it would be the best time to ask Liam what I have been thinking. 

“Liam, I have been wanting to ask you something,” I said earning a confused look from my young beta.

“I want you to be my best man,” I told him and he immediately jumped up from his seat hugging me tight letting a few tears fall.

“R-r-really. You want me to be the b-best man?” He asked wiping his eyes then hugging me again.

“Yes Liam, I have been thinking about it and you always came to mind, you have helped Y/N and me so much with Talia, you have come so far from when you started living with us and I’m so proud of you Liam, and I want you standing next to me when I get married” I informed him wrapping my arms around him.

“Of course I will dad! I would love too! Thank you!” 

Y/N’s P.O.V

Lydia and I have been planning the wedding for hours now and we had the majority of the stuff sorted now. We are currently taking a break as Talia woke up so we have pictures, magazines and now all her toys everywhere. 

“Momma look” Talia shouted showing us her tower of blocks.

“Wow! Look at my little clever girl” I cheered clapping my hands at her.

“So all the flowers are ordered and will come for the wedding so they are fresh” Lydia smiled printing out the receipt putting in the folder. 

“We just need to go dress shopping for all the girls, So that will be me, you, Talia, Malia, and Kira. Derek can take Liam, Scott and Stiles to go and try on suits” Lydia informed us and I nodded as Talia came and sat on my knee pulling a picture off the table kicking her feet in excitement. 

“Momma this!” She told me, I took the picture and it was over a table full of bowls of different sorts of candy.

“Stiles would love that” Lydia laughed adding it to the list of things we need to get. 

“Oh definitely” I smiled as the loft door slide open with Scott, Stiles, Kira and Malia walking in. 

“Wow you guys have been busy” Scott smiled taking a seat on the sofa. 

“Unca Stiles!” Talia squealed running over to him holding her arms up.

“Where’s Derek? Please say he heard that?” Stiles smiled picking Talia up giving her a big hug.

“No Stiles, he’s out with Liam,” I told him gathering up the pictures. 

“Wait please say you’re using this one!” Scott exclaimed pulling a picture of the pile which shows a clear jar and Jenga blocks at the side with different coloured pens with a sign saying “Build Memories. Sign a Jenga piece”.

“You should so this and maybe read some of them out when you’re at the table,” Scott suggested which was a perfect idea.

“Oh my! Yes, Scott that is the best,” I said putting the picture in the yes pile and adding Jenga blocks to the list. 

After around 30 minutes of all the pack helping out, the loft door slid open and Liam came running in engulfing me into a big hug.

“Mum! Guess what! Guess what!” Liam shouted excitedly 

“What is it, sweetheart?” I question ruffling his hair.

“I’m going to be Dad’s best man!” He smiled hugging me again. 

“Sweetie that’s amazing! Can’t wait to see you dressed so smartly” I kissed his forehead as I sat back on the sofa pulling him onto my lap as he snuggled into me. 

Derek came in smiling at the scene, coming over kissing me on my lips then ruffled Liam’s hair. 

“Looks like you have all been busy,” Derek said taking the seat next to me, looking at all the work. 

“Yep, we just need to buy all the stuff, I made a list, the 4 of us can go together, then you and the boys can go and try on suits while us girls get dresses” I smiled getting excited finally getting somewhere while Liam flicked through the pictures, as Talia came running into the living room from the kitchen. 

“Daddy!” She yelled hugging his legs resting her head in his lap. 

“Hello sweetheart” He cooed lifting her up onto her lap to see her face is covered in chocolate as well as her clothes and hands.

“Where did you get the chocolate from?” He questioned grabbing the baby wipes from the side and cleaning her up as she had already covered Derek in chocolate. 

“Unca Stiles!” She clapped her hands as Stiles walked back in with a bag of M&Ms in his hands causing Talia to make grabby hands at him. 


Part 21? 

Stydia Reunion

‘You didn’t think you would do this without me?’ Stiles grinned, leaning out of his car. His best friend exhaled in relief, glad Stiles could make it on time.
‘Without us?’, Derek appeared next to Stiles, and Scott stared at him in an incredulous manner.
'Derek- how?’

Before the older werewolf could answer, fast footsteps were heard behind Scott. Lydia turned the corner, looking behind her to see if Malia and Liam were handling the situation. Lydia got worried about Scott, as he hadn’t returned, so she went out to seek him.

'Scott! Are you okay?’, she yelled, grabbing his shoulder as he stood hunched against a pole.

Stiles’ breath hitched, staring at Lydia. He hadn’t seen her in two months. He hadn’t seen her bright green eyes, her strawberry blonde hair. He hasn’t touched her hands and hair and face and lips since he left to Washington. Stiles’ eyes welled up. He had missed her so much. After two months he felt his heart thud louder and faster than normal.

Scott grinned at Lydia, pointing to Stiles and Derek. Lydia followed his finger, her eyes falling on a smirking Derek and- Stiles. She gasped.

Out of instinct, she ran towards him and Stiles jumped out of his Jeep. He didn’t want to be away from her for another second.
They met midway, Stiles scooping Lydia up in the air and kissing her fervently. She had grasped his cheeks, keeping him as close as she could. He still smelled the same.
Stiles kissed her lips as if she was the oxygen he had been needing for so long. He felt like he could finally breathe again. Through every touch of their lips, he gave away all his love to her, the love he had no words for in his vocabulary.

'I missed you,’ he breathed out. She nodded, and he placed her down on the asphalt. Lydia took his hand and Stiles glanced at their connection lovingly. He missed them. This. He waited so long, and it was an insecure time when he went away almost immediately as they got together. But they conquered. And now he was here. With her and her love and warmth.
He diverted his glance to Scott.

'What do we need to do?’

Liam smut teaser

Liam let out a low grumble as he shifted in his seat. It took all he had not to crawl under the table and bury his head between your thighs. Instead he glared at you from across the table while prodding his lunch with a fork.

When he finally had enough one hand vanished under the table and just as he had reached your thigh Scott’s hand grabbed his wrist while his glare was fixed on you. “Stop it (Y/N), don’t look at me like that we can all smell you.”

“Well we can’t.” Stiles added and jerked his thumb at Liam. “But this one looks ready to make it with the nearest thing that moves so, it’s a little obvious.” He chuckled when you pulled a face on innocence before leaving without a word, throwing a bright smile over your shoulder at Liam who looked like he was half way between a dead faint and crawling through the canteen over to you.

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Wait. Hold up a minute. How exactly does one read as gay? Gay men and women come in all stripes just as straight people do. To suggest otherwise is stereotyping and homophobic. 🌈😕

You poor Tumblr child. You spend too much time here and none in the real world if you don’t think that some people have the mannerisms and/or vocal inflections and/or face/body type that “reads” as gay.

The thing is that the particular “gay” look, voice, and mannerisms do not actually mean that someone is gay, but to suggest that a casual observer would not make that assumption is just foolish and wrong.

Louis Tomlinson, for the first 3 years of One Direction especially, was easily read as gay. Harry Styles was not. Neither were Liam, Zayn, or Niall. You know who else didn’t read as gay?  Lance Bass. You know who did? Jon Cryer.

It’s not a statement of fact about someone’s sexuality to say that they appear gay, it’s also not an insult because being gay is not something bad.

And for the fucking love of God IT’S NOT HOMOPHOBIC TO SAY THAT!  

That Shyness Tho

Summary: Ooh could you do a teen wolf thing uh Derek x reader, or maybe Scott if not Derek, but like she’s idk maybe super outgoing and then around him she gets quiet and he questions it and fluff and kissing?

Characters: Reader, Scott McCall, Liam Dunbar, Mason Hewitt

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: 581

Requested: Anon

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“Hey,” Louis says, when they get out of the water. They’ve been swimming for about two hours, and Louis’ stomach is grumbling, clearly in need of more sustenance. It’s probably time to break for lunch. “Where’s Harry?”

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Ryder and romanced companion's' reacting to their child's first serious injury? (Like a broken bone or deep cut)

Hey guys! Mod Ash here, still alive, somehow. Sorry that I’ve been inactive and letting Mod Di take on all the work load, BUT I’M BACK BABY! So let’s get this show on the road! 

(Side note, what do you guys think of a fic series?)

Liam: they were playing soccer with a couple of the other kids aboard the Nexus when a misstep resulted in the child heading face first into the smooth flooring. Liam was supervising the match and so immediately rushed over to check on them, and realized when they raised their head from the floor that their nose was gushing blood, looking a little twisted too, a broken nose. The game was called off effective immediately and he got the child to the infirmary, stat. Even though the doctor told them that it would heal soon and it wasn’t too serious, Liam couldn’t help but give the kid a few once-overs. “Let’s be careful, or else your mother will have both our heads yea?”

Cora: her kid had been making a poor attempt at parkour in the house when neither parent was home, and a jump landing on the wrong footing got them a broken ankle. The child had the sense to at least limp to the nearest doctor, who then informed Cora, she then rushed over like some sort of female Flash. When she got there, the kid got a multitude of scoldings, she said things like: “Why weren’t you more careful?!” and “What did I tell you about doing things you see on the Net?!” But in the end she still tells them she’s glad they’re okay, although now parkour is banned in the house.

Peebee: a field trip to see Eos had turned into a ride to the colony’s doctor due to the child trying to climb up on one of the formations and sliding down. And it wasn’t the fall that injured them, but the scraping of their leg against the rough surface, leaving them with a leg covered in friction burns and large cuts. Peebee had given the kid a small shelling and a threat to ban them from all future field trips out of the Nexus should they ever try to something as reckless as that again. She still bought them some sweets after though.

Vetra: Ryder and Vetra’s adopted kid decided to try skate boarding like those videos they saw from Earth, and ended up doing a flip- that landed them heading towards the ground face first. They fortunately had the sense of mind to raise their arm to protect themselves, and received only a broken arm. When she found out, Vetra fretted over them, and once she made sure they were more or less okay, then she warned them never to try something so dangerous again and made sure that if they still wanted to continue skate boarding that they’d do it with knee and arm guards.

Gil: the kid had broken their whole foot by dropping a box of his tools onto themselves when they were curious as to if Gil had any blowtorches or freaky wrenches inside. He didn’t, but the kid did not know that and now was in the infirmary for four broken toes and a fractured foot. When he found out, Gil’s first reaction was to exclaim ‘what’ very loudly at different pitches. Then he went over to the infirmary to tell the kid off and accompany them till they were able to go home. Needless to say he puts all his tools on high shelves now.

Suvi: her child didn’t really get an injury so much as poisoning. They had always seen her licking her rocks and decided to try the same with Suvi’s latest find from Veold. This caused some severe stomach cramps a few hours later. When Suvi came to know what had transpired, she first went to check on them and made sure that they were well, then made them some stuff to eat like soup. “Although I appreciate you taking an interest in my work, leave the licking to mommy alright dear?” 

Jaal: his child was playing with some other children in the Nexus when game of catching got too out of hand, and the child ended up tripping over another child and soon there were at least three children in a dog pile. Unfortunately his kid was at the very bottom, and was the only one that resurfaced with an injury, a broken leg. Bring the worried parent he is, he rushed the child to the closest doctor available and continued to pace around outside the examination room. He was told not to worry but still did so anyways. He is extremely reassured when he sees the child completely fine afterwards. 

Reyes: he never even thought he’d have a child in the first place, so he’s terribly protective of the kid. When they return home with a broken wrist after a day of shenanigans, he’s quick to get the medi-gel. After everything was fine and the the wrist was well on its way to being healed due to the wonders of modern medicine, he reprimanded them for being so reckless. Though, he is reminded of how reckless he was himself.

Ryder: their child came back home with a big bruise on their chest that was blossoming into something nasty. Turns out they tried to fight a Krogan child and got headbutted in the chest instead, probably bruising a rib or two. After a sigh and lot of medical attention from Lexi, they scold the kid for going off and getting hurt like that, but couldn’t deny that they were extremely worried seeing them with such a large injury in the first place.

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Anon 2: He honestly looks dead inside in those pics. Like that’s supposed to make me believe their in love? Pssshhhh Lima isn’t even trying and I love him for that. No one should have to stunt like that with someone like that 😣


Ugh, I know. I absolutely hate seeing any of the boys going through these pathetic charades.

Look at the expression on his face! 

Doesn’t his face just scream FUN TIMES AHEAD! ?? I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced.

Looks like he’s trying to communicate using only his eyes.

Risen (Stiles Romance Sequel) ~Chapter 8~

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My whole body was burning with anticipation, every cell, every muscle was prepared for this. I cried out and felt the white aura around me only grow stronger along with the glow in my eyes as I continued to fly toward the beast. However, I was so focused on trying to get to it that I hadn’t bothered to notice the young beta that jumped before me. I grunted in pain as he elbowed my torso with enough force to send me flying back into Stiles’ arms, the white flames disappearing. We both fell back into the grass, his arms wrapped tightly around my body before he began brushing back the hair away from my face.

“You! YOU! Don’t you EVER do that to me again!” He shouted before his hand cradled my face. Panting I looked up to him before he crashed his lips against mine.

“LIAM!” Hayden’s voice shrieked, snapping us out of the moment and jumping to our feet. The various screams echoed through the night sky as Liam flew back. My eyes widened and before I knew it, I began running toward the young beta.

“Liam!” I cried out, kneeling and taking him up, noticing the blood gushing out from his chest. “What the hell were you thinking?!”

“Stiles made me,” he grunted. “We didn’t want you to get hurt.”

“Alright, c’mon we need to get him back into safety,” Stiles began, taking up his other side.

“Liam, stay with us, okay?” Hayden pleaded as she made her way over to us.

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Just Fall - Hana x MC

This is for choicescreates #16. Yep, my own prompt ha ha. So, shout out to the gift of the choices fandom @hollyashton Thanks for the help on my story. You are a blessing. 

This week prompt is: “Don’t ask me to say I don’t love you.” it is a line from my favorite tv show, Arrow (episode 3x1, The Calm to be exact). Anyways, just another Hana x MC story. I hope someone enjoyed reading it. I used default names in this story. 

I was sitting at a table watching them dance. Seeing their smiling faces made my heart ache. I wasn’t supposed to feel this way. My stupid heart fell in love with Riley instead of Liam. Maybe that was why I could never fall in love before. I was always looking for a man to be in my life. But then Riley came along, and she looked my eyes. Slowly but surely she was bringing my real self out. I didn’t want to be the person I was before, and if I lose her, I might revert to my old self.

I couldn’t help it I was still watching them. It was like my eyes gravitated towards Riley when we were in the same room. Without warning, someone occupied the seat next to me, the seat Riley was sitting in earlier Liam asked for a dance. She seems happy to oblige him to dance.

“I know it is hard for you to see them dance together.” I whipped my head around at the sound of Drake’s voice. “It is Liam’s right to dance with whoever he chooses to,” I said. Drake chuckled and asked, “Ever the polite one aren’t you, Hana?” I responded, “That is how I was raised.” Drake shook his head at me and asked, “I bet your parents probably never went over what you would do if you fell in love with a girl, am I right? When are you going to tell her that you love her?”

I was at a loss for words when I opened my mouth to speak, “I don’t……I can’t.” I didn’t know what to say to Liam’s best friend. They have a “Bro Code” as Riley would put it. I put my hands on my face wishing I could just disappear. “Can we just keep this a secret,” I asked him. He asked, “She deserves to know doesn’t she?” I knew he was right so I nodded in silence. “Well, you better do it soon because Liam doesn’t have that much longer to decide on the next queen,” he said to me as he was getting up. He squeezed my shoulder as he left.

I don’t know what exactly to say to her but tonight might be the night to tell her my feelings. That night I was pacing in front of her door. The door suddenly opened and Riley pulled me into her room. “What are you doing outside my room? You know you can’t let anyone see you or they might get the wrong impression of us,” Riley chastised me. It was a crazy idea, yes, because who could imagine the front runner for Liam’s hand in marriage to fall for the long shot? Me?

What was I doing here? That was what I was thinking while I started pacing again. Riley came up and put her hands on my shoulders to stop me. She put one hand under my chin and lifted my chin and lifted it slightly so we were eye to eye. She asked, “What is wrong, Hana? You know you can tell me anything, right?” I could see the concern in her eyes, and I let out a breath. Well, I guess it is now or never to tell her. “Why would we be so unbelievable?” I had asked before I knew I was talking aloud. Riley looked shocked. She asked, “What?”

“Us together,” I said as I pointed at her then at me. She laughed a little and shook her head and said, “Nothing actually if we were back in the States but, you are here to get Liam, not me.” I couldn’t handle it anymore, and I just wanted to spill everything out and said, “But, what if I told you that I found someone better? Someone that I clicked instantly with. Who believes in me and makes me open myself up to different experiences that I would never try before. You make me that best person I can be. I couldn’t avoid but fall in love with you.”

“No Hana, this isn’t how this works. You are supposed to get married into this rich social class and have a family of your own. How would your parents feel if you were with a female commoner? You can’t, okay? Just get it out of your mind,” She told me. “That’s not fair,” I told her. She reached out and caressed my cheek. I savored the feeling of her touching me even if it was just my cheek. She whispered, “Life isn’t fair. You need to move on and forget about me. Find someone that checks all of your boxes. Knowing your family, you probably have one.”

I couldn’t help that my eyes got watery, and all I wanted was right in front of me. “I lo…….,” I began to say. She stopped me by putting her finger to my lips and shook her head. She started to walk away, and I grabbed her hand. I turned her around to face me. I declared, “Don’t ask me to say that I don’t love you.” She looked surprised by what I told her. I was staring at her, and she confessed that “I have not seen that fire in your eyes before.” I said, “I’ve never care about anyone has much as I care about you.”

Her face lightens up, and she was smiling at me. I must have done something right. I was the one to be surprised when her lips were suddenly on mine. After a moment, I realized what was happening. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and deepen the kiss. She had her hands on my hips trying to move me even closer. Our lips broke apart, but we were still wrapped up in each other. I whispered in her ear, “Riley, I love you.” She gave me another kiss on my lips and then said, “I love you, too.“    

Before the Worst

Day 1 of Liam Kosta Week, prompt: First Encounters. A little Pre-Andromeda fluff for Liam and Pathfinder Ryder before everything went to hell in a handbasket. Since they officially met in the shuttle over Habitat-7 it’s mostly passing glances. Special appearances by Alec Ryder, Harry Carlyle, and Scott Ryder.

Off limits.

Pathfinder Ryder had told him when he’d spotted the lovely young woman with the black hair helping a young man with the same hair color and facial features into his cryo-pod. Alec had practically growled it at him. She was by far and away the prettiest face he’d seen so far on the ark, and part of him couldn’t wait to wake up on the other side if she was going to be there. Alec stepped in his line of sight blocking her from view, looking ready to murder Liam in his sleeping pod, so he dragged his attention away from the way she filled out her initiative uniform. It wouldn’t do to be kicked off the Pathfinder’s team over a woman.

“But who is she?”

“Alexis is my recon specialist, she’s remarkably astute and her observational skills are off the charts. She’s also my daughter and I’d appreciate it if you kept your hands to yourself…I don’t want to have to find another crisis specialist when we get to Andromeda.”

Of course he had to be attracted to the one woman he couldn’t have; the pathfinder’s daughter.

His parents had come earlier to say goodbye, his mum couldn’t stop crying because her baby boy was going to wake up 600 years later in a new galaxy with no one, even if he had been handpicked for the job and they were so proud of him. How lucky that the Pathfinder got to bring his family, even having his daughter on his team, so he didn’t have to say goodbye. He’d always wanted to know what was out there and he was finally getting a chance to find out and HUS-T1 had launched the car as a farewell tribute…even if it wouldn’t be there in his lifetime, just knowing it was out there made him smile. Alexis smiled at him the moment Alec stepped away to go find his second, Cora.

“God, he’s cute…you think he and I–”

“Alex, no; dad would kill you if you hooked up with someone on the team and complicated things.” Scott chastised.

“How do you know he’s on the Pathfinder team?” She asked, her eyes following Liam’s every move as he started towards his own stasis pod.

“Dad wouldn’t waste his time with him if he wasn’t.”

Alexis rolled her eyes and leaned in to kiss her younger twin’s cheek, lovingly.

First day in a new galaxy, and there was already trouble; whatever they’d hit had damaged the ship and the controls of a couple stasis pods, the inhabitants trapped inside–one of them was Scott Ryder. Alexis was probably having a hard time, with her younger brother trapped in his pod, worry etched all over her face as Dr. Carlyle hovered over her scanning to make sure there were no adverse effects from cryo. Habitat-7 was supposed to be the flagship of the golden worlds and it wasn’t…not anymore, everything had gone to hell the moment they set foot in this galaxy. Liam sent her a small smile and a wave, her demeanor relaxing a bit as she returned it; it was the little things.

“I’m fine, Harry. Please focus on Scott…I need him to make it out.”

Alexis hopped off the medical bed, masking her anxiety and retreating behind a façade of calm readiness…she didn’t need to act strong; everyone had seen how close she and her brother were when they were all getting into their stasis pods. She was allowed to fret. Dr. Carlyle nodded and winked at her as he wandered off to prepare as well, it was about time to head to the shuttles, and they were all ill at ease with the situation. Though, even worried she was still beautiful, he realized with a start. She wasn’t going to be riding with her dad and was going to be in his shuttle he noticed when he finally made it to the hanger bay and she smiled hesitantly at him.

Maybe they’d finally be introduced and get a chance to talk to one another; it was a nice break from sitting with her father and Cora, talking strategy…

Pool Party // {Liam Dunbar x Reader}

Pool Party // {Liam Dunbar x Reader}

Imagine: You and your boyfriend Liam are invited to a pool party, Brett tries flirting with you and things start to get heated up.

Warnings: Kissing, Mild Swearing, Fluff

Scenery: Summer, around 6-7 pm, Lydias house.


It was mid July, Liam was over at your house.
You were watching 21 Jump street, you both loved that movie.
He was laying on your bed and you beside him with your head laying on his chest.
While watching the movie you have this feeling, like someone is watching you, you turn your head to Liam to see him looking at you.

“Why are you looking at me?” you giggled.

“Cause you`re beautiful” he said as he leaned over to your lips giving you a kiss.

You sit up next to him resting your head on his shoulder.

Suddenly you get a text, its from Lydia.

“Pool party at 6, wanna come?”

“Lydias hosting a pool party at 6, wanna go?” you asked Liam.

“And see you in a bikini? sure why not” he said with smirk on his face.

“Sure, Liam’s coming too” you texted her.

“Fine but try not to make out to much”

“I can`t promise you that”

~~~~*LATER THAT DAY*~~~~

“I outside” Liam texted you.

You took one last look at yourself before leaving out.
You wore black jean shorts and an olive green t-shirt, under it you wore a black bra style bikini top and a white cheeky bottoms that were scrunched in the back.

You went outside to find Liam waiting for you in his car,
You gave him a kiss and got in the passenger seat next to him.

“Do you know who’s coming to the party?” he asked.

“Umm.. Well its Lydias party so I guess everyone. I heard there`s also gonna be some kids from Devenford Prep but I don’t really care.”

He moved his hand closer to you, then holding your hand in his while still with his other hand on the wheel.
You rested your head on his shoulder occasionally looking up at him,
You loved him.
Feeling the warmth of his body on yours when he hugs you,
Your late night conversations when all you do is talk until 3 am,
When his lips meet yours when he gives you a kiss every morning,
When he sees you at his games cheering him and suddenly his eyes open up.
You love him.

You both arrived at the party,
Lydia obviously greeted you both and you continued on to meet your friends.

You took Liam by his wrist leading him to Lydias room.

“Wait here I just need to get undressed”

“Can I at least watch?” He said sarcastically with a grin on his face.

“Imagine it.” I whispered into his ear as you closed the door to get ready.

You set down your bag and got undressed,
When you were done you opened the door and Liam wasn`t there.
You took a couple steps forward and suddenly feel someone hugging you from behind.

“Oh my gosh Liam you scared me!” you nearly shouted.

“Sorry, Couldn`t help it.” He said with a smirk on his face as he gave you a kiss on your neck.

He took a couple steps back, scanning you up and down.

“Whats wrong?” you asked.

“N-Nothing, you’re just beautiful”

You gave him a little kiss and took his hand leading him to the pool area.

“Come on..” you said.

You both sat on the edge of the pool and only yours legs from your knees down were in the water.

After about 15 minutes of you just talking you got a up;

“I’m gonna go grab a drink, want one?” you asked Liam.

“Sure why not”

You started walking towards the kitchen, on your way there you felt as if someone was following you,
You ignored it and went straight towards the fridge to get a drink for you and Liam.

You opened the fridge door trying to find something to drink,
Suddenly someone closes the door and leaning on it in front of you, it was Brett.

“Can I help you?” you asked with a resting bitch face.

“You here alone?” he asked with a flirty look taking a step closer to you.

“I have a boyfriend” you said still with a straight face.

“But he’s never gonna know” he said as he pinned you to fridge, his face just inches away from yours.

“Let me go!” you said slightly raising your voice.

“What if I don’t want to..” he said getting even closer to you as you turned your head to side trying to avoid him.

Out of no where you see Liam coming pushing Brett off of you,
Liam went up to him pushing him up against the wall.

“What the f*ck do you think your doing!” he shouted at him.

You could see that Liam was all angered up, almost furious.

“I’m just having a little fun” Brett said with a smirk on his face trying to get into Liams head.

You went up to Liam pushing him slightly aside off of Brett,
Your hands on his bare chest.

“Calm down Liam”

“I can’t, he can’t touch you like that.
Your mine”

“I know, ignore him. He’s trying to get to you”

“I want to kill him” he said as his eyes started glowing.

You looked over to Brett and moved your hands onto the back of Liams neck pulling him into a long, rough, passionate kiss,
Liam hands were on your waist pulling you closer to him.

You broke the kiss looking into Liams eyes, they were back to their bright blue.

“You see, I’m yours, and only yours.” you whispered into his ear.

“Come on lets get out of here” he said taking your hand leading you back to the pool area.

You were both on the edge of the pool when suddenly someone pushes you in by surprise.
You fall into the pool and when you look back you see Liam grinning at you.

“Ugh I hate you” You said jokingly.

“I had to babe” he laughed.

“Help me up” you said as you handed your hand out to him.

“Sure” He said taking your hand.

As he held your hand you suddenly pulled him into the pool causing him fall in.
He swims up to the surface.

“Tease” he said looking into your eyes.

“Couldn’t help myself” you said sarcastically.

He moved his hand up to your jawline pulling you into a kiss.
You break the kiss as you lay your forehead on his.

“I love you Y/N” he said.

“I love you too.”


{Hope you enjoyed, this was so much fun to write and don’t forget to follow for more imagines}

'Shameless' Season 8: Will There Be a Time Jump?

So a possible time jump because The new actor playing Liam looks older than the Sim twins??? They didn’t jump time when they recast Mandy so why would people think they would do it now? I don’t even think he really looks older. But who knows maybe it will help bring Mickey back if some time has passed since the break out. 🙏 but when 7 ended they were all faced with what to do with a pound of Meth each!!!! Are they suppose to skip that little nugget of info as well???