and look at how precious he is

Jack’s Betrayal

Bitty sobbed, “I can’t believe you! How could you do this to me?” He glared at Tater. “How can you let him do this?”

Tater shuffled his feet nervously, too afraid to look at Bitty.

“We are all human. Cannot help it.”

Jack tried to place a consoling hand on Bitty’s shoulder before thinking better of it.

“Bits, I’m so sorry.”

“Store bought pie! And not just any bakery bought pie! I’m gone for one week and you buy pie in CVS, and your precious Falconers just go along with it. How did artificial sweetener and failure taste like, Tater?!” Bitty spat out.

“We spoiled, of course we not like it as much as yours!” Tater hurriedly assured Bitty. “But we are human, and pie is pie.”

“Bits…” Jack tried to placate Bitty again, but was rebuked.

“Fine! Since all pie is pie then Jack can get all of your food from CVS! Maybe he’ll feel fancy and try Kroger cakes! Y'all better really enjoy that because I’m making nothing!” Bitty stomped off.

“Noooo!!! Zimbonni, what are we going to do? No more pie!” Tater cried out miserably.

Jack’s ears reddened, but otherwise there was no change in his expression. “Come on, he’s my boyfriend. I’ll find a way. Maybe. There’s still some frozen pie at home if everything fails.”

Tater’s mouth dangled open. “There was pie?! And you not share it with us? You give us fake pie and have Bitty be mad at everyone but it is okay with you because YOU still have pie at home?! You are dead man walking, Zimmboni.”

Jack shrugged.

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I was looking between hux and techie and a thought came to me. Wouldn't Hux be the kind of person not really wanting a kid? Sure Kylo may want one, huts it's huc that's gonna do the work. It isn't until his precious Techie has a bundle on the way does his views change. It's a little weird with how he reacts to it, but techie just laughs the thoughts Matt and Kylo have. Just holding the newborn, only hours of joining the world does Hux want a baby for himself what he didn't could was multiples.

how cute!! imagine Techie in the maternity section of one of th medical bays, sat up in bed in a brightly coloured room with a little bundle in his arms. His newborn baby girl is all wrapped up in a yellow blanket with a little white hat on her head and Techie rocks her as she sleeps, Matt sat on the bed beside them and stands to greet Hux & Kylo when they come to visit.

Kylo asks to hold her and Techie doesn’t hesitate in letting his brother-in-law hold his newborn, and it’s so strange seeing someone as big and as bad as Kylo Ren say hello to a newborn baby. Hux initially says no to holding her but Kylo passes her over quickly…and Hux falls in love. Her red cheeks and tiny nose, making small noises as she rouses from sleep.

When they’ve said goodbye to Techie and Matt, Hux and Kylo walk quietly back to their own quarters and that’s when Hux says ’…I want one.’

And one is made that night.

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i’m so happy for you! how are you feeling? he looks absolutely precious. so sweet and snuggly!!! are you going to post a birth story?

Yes! I’ll be writing it up later on my pregnancy blog! Merci! I’m feeling amazing!