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i have no idea where to submit prompt ideas-- BUT i've been looking for ages for a really good jakob x f!corrin one so badly ;w; and you write amazingly-- so could you write a tiny story where the two go ice skating but corrin doesn't know how to ice skate so jakob being the gentlemanly butler he is, teaches corrin and lets her hang onto him and stuff for support!! that'd be super cute, and it's winter time, so it's perfect! thank you ;w;

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It’s not that you hated the ice; you were just convinced the ice positively despised every fiber of your being. You watched as Azura and Camilla skated gracefully over the frozen lake, the winter coats hardly keeping them from little twirls and tricks.

You smiled as Sakura grasped Elise’s hands, the former having to be helped along the ice so that she might not fall and the latter cackling like a madwoman as she jerked the poor little princess along with her.

Leo and Takumi wouldn’t stop racing each other, and Ryoma and Xander simply played referee over the mess. However, you weren’t bothering with any of it, simply watching from afar.

Only Jakob was the one to notice the forlorned, longing expression on your face, that even you didn’t realize you wore. Your husband approached with a furry muffler, gingerly slipped over your head. “Careful, milady. You mustn’t be underdressed; the cold is rather unforgiving in these parts.”

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I am so here for Bruce being Awkward Dad and Diana being Badass Mom of the Justice League tho, you guys have no idea.

Aquaman is the Big Muscley Uncle that looks really good in a shirt with no sleeves and has an unhealthy fascnation with pointy things.

Clark is the Overprotective Cousin who is constantly bringing gifts from home, ie homemade pies from Martha, Lois’ latest articles before they even hit the papers, etc, and who also gushes about his wife 24/7.

Victor is the Cool Brother who’s really into sports and computers and stuff. He’s the guy you would go to if you needed dating advice or the Pentagon hacked or something.

And Barry is the Hyperactive, Adorable Lil Bro who is everyone’s favorite even though they immediately deny it cause he’s constantly stealing their shit and cracking wise with puns he heard from his Rogues.


Give me weird-family dynamics Justice League please.

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Pratt Talks 'Sexy' Cameo on Wife Anna Faris' Show 'Mom': 'We've Been Rehearsing for 10 Years'

They found love on the set of Take Me Home Tonight almost 10 years ago and now Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are reuniting on Faris’ hit CBS comedy series, Mom!

ET has an exclusive first look at Pratt’s cameo, in which Bonnie (Allison Janney) encourages Faris’ character to date Marjorie’s nephew, Nick, played by Pratt.

WATCH: Chris Pratt Pokes Fun at His ‘Vanity Fair’ Photoshoot

“We get to have this really nice relationship,” Faris dishes on the appearance, airing this Thursday on CBS.

“We have a sex scene, like a sexy scene,” adds Pratt. “We’ve been rehearsing that for 10 years.”

Pratt, 37, adorably describes working with his 40-year-old wife as the most enjoyable job of his career.

“This is the most fun I think I’ve ever had on a set,” says the Guardians of the Galaxy hunk. “It’s really nice to see your spouse in their work environment. Well, I don’t know if it is for everyone. It is for me 'cause my wife is Anna Faris.”


The guest role marks Pratt’s first TV appearance since he last starred on Parks and Recreation in 2015. Having regularly attended tapings of Mom, he had long hoped to join his wife in front of the camera.

“Being her guest on Fridays when they would tape, part of me was always a little jealous that I couldn’t be out there on that stage with them and doing the curtain call at the end,” Pratt confesses. “This is really cool.”

RELATED: Anna Faris and Chris Pratt Bring the Chemistry in His 'Mom’ Guest Appearance

The cameo was Pratt’s first job in front of a live audience and Faris’ co-stars were smitten by the couple’s on-screen chemistry.

“They have a great chemistry together off and on camera,” says Janney. “All of us are just like, 'Awww.’”

See Pratt talk chemistry with his Passengers co-star, Jennifer Lawrence, in the video below.

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The Birthday, Marc Chagall. 1915. 

Do y’all have those artworks that you love because someone else loves them? My modern art history professor was really fond of Chagall. I wasn’t that big of a fan, but he adores this painting. “Look at how happy he is,” he explained to us, smiling. The image depicts the artist and his first wife, Bella Rosenfeld. They are literally floating in the painting, carried away by their happiness. The interior is simple, personal, bright, and intimate. 

“ Her silence is mine, her eyes mine. It is as if she knows everything about my childhood, my present, my future, as if she can see right through me,” Chagall said of Bella.

I so love it when fanfics remember that Volstagg is a great big sweetheart and not just a glutton but a very caring and paternal figure who happily looks out for all children (not just his own, though he has a ton of them) and adores his wife and is really a magnificent teddy bear of a warrior. 

Blast From The Past

Characters: Chris Evans x Reader

Chapter: Two

Warnings: LANGUAGE! (still laughing hysterically to myself for the reference)

Notes: Based off a really strange dream

Tags per request: @fandommaniacx  @beautiful-and-strange  @shamvictoria11   @everything-but-the-not-natural   

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Chapter One

Chris was so confused; a wife and child? A woman appeared right in his living room. “Robert, huh?” You looked at him and softened your expression. “Yeah, we named him after both you and your dad. He adores you but he is a mama’s boy. Just like you.” You smirked. Chris laughed softly.

“What is even happening?” he asked. “I wish I knew. One minute it’s 2016 and I am tucking my son in bed while my husband, you, walked our dog, then I’m here in 2012 and my husband is single and WAIT!” You shouted at the end startling Chris. “April 28, 2012? That’s today’s date?” Chris nodded. “Yeah, why?” “You don’t understand we met for the first time May 7, 2012. That’s just a week away!” 

Rubbing your temples you plopped down onto the couch beside him and sighed. “How do we meet?” Chris was surprised he was suddenly very interested. “Isn’t that against some rule? Revealing future information? Like some Butterfly Effect shit?” You laughed. “I never really liked that movie.” He flashed you that typical Chris smile that always drove you wild. You couldn’t help the small laugh that came out. “Yeah, I know.” Chris leaned up, “Plus, I’m not even sure I believe what’s going on. But what if this is real? Maybe you’re here to tell me so I can make sure to be there. Right place, right time. I don’t even know your name.” He watched as you laughed heartily at his comical rant. He tried to will himself to stop finding this crazy lady attractive. He thought you somehow looked familiar. “My name is Y/F/N Evans. Oh… well my maiden name is Y/L/N. In 2012 I am a dancer on Dancing With The Stars. That’s how we meet.” “I’m…I’m not going to be on Dancing With The Stars.” He said confidently. “No, but you attend the Season Premier. Chris Pratt’s wife Anna is a huge fan of the show. They had an extra ticket and asked if you wanted to go. You always told me that you were supposed to go to some other thing that night but for a reason you never told me, you decided to go to the show. You said when you saw me dancing you couldn’t keep your eyes off of me.”

 You were very aware that you were blushing as you were smiling and telling him the story he loved to tell everyone but decided to continue. “You met me at the after party and asked me to have dinner with you the next day. Then it was all downhill from there.” You turned and smirked at him. “Wait! What? Hey! Am I that bad of a husband?” He looked at you with a half playful, half serious expression. Without thinking you reached up to stroke his bearded face, “No, Chris, you are an amazing husband and father. I’ve never been happier in my entire life.” A silent tear escaped and rolled down your cheek. Chris didn’t realize he had nuzzled into your palm. He reached up and wiped your tear away. “Why are you crying?” He asked eyes full of concern. “Because, something is wrong. I’m not supposed to be here. You’re supposed to know me and be in love with me.” Putting your head in your hands you curled into yourself. Chris, not knowing what to do, put his arm around you and pulled you to his chest. He couldn’t help himself; he’s always been the type to care for everyone. It’s one of the things you loved about him. After a few minutes of being held by not your husband Chris, you attempted to pull yourself together. “It’s only been like 45 minutes and I already miss my husband so much. Sorry about crying on your shirt.” You sniffled and motioned to his chiseled chest. “Don’t worry about that. I’m sure your husband misses you. Well I’m pretty sure I’d miss my wife if she just disappeared. I’m happy to know that any version of me has someone that cares so much.” He looked off into the distance. “Chris I know with your anxiety that what happened today could not have been easy for you.” You reassuringly touched his arm. “You know about my anxiety problems? I’ve never vocalized them publicly.” “Not yet you haven’t, but you do eventually. Of course your wife would know about it. I have anxiety too. I love taking pictures and meeting fans but when they bombard me and surround me, it freaks me out. I feel like I’m trapped and I start panicking.” He grabbed your hand. “I understand that completely. That’s how I feel. If it’s a controlled situation I’m fine but otherwise I’m looking for an exit strategy.” 

You pulled out and unlocked your phone. “What do we call what happened? I need to figure out what it was and how to get back.” For some reason Google wasn’t working. “Why isn’t my phone working?” After thinking for a few seconds Chris thought that it may be because that model has not been made yet and would not be online. “Can I borrow your phone or laptop?” “Uhh sure.” You picked up Chris’s phone and put in the pass code to unlock it. “How did you…” Chris was interrupted by the smirk on your face. “Right… wife.” He sighed and pushed himself off the couch and went into the kitchen. “Beer?” You sighed in defeat after not being able to find any information on your little accident. “Got anything stronger? Maybe in the top cabinet to the left of the fridge?” He laughed and pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels. “Damn you’re good. Well when was the last time you had anything to eat? Hungry? I am.” While you were thinking back to your mac and cheese lunch with your son your stomach growled. “I could eat. How about Pizza?” Chris smiled. “Well I’m sure you know that I love pizza. I usually get everything, what about you?” “Same.” You beamed. “Oh and hot wings with ranch!” Chris just laughed. “Alcohol and pizza and wings. I can see why I married you.” You couldn’t help the smile that crossed your face. You thought about running across the room and jumping in his arms; but he’s not your husband, not yet.

There was a knock at the door and you got up to open it for the pizza guy. The delivery guy was checking you out, hard. Chris apparently took notice. He was at your side; his arm around your shoulders holding the door and his huge muscular body leaning towards the poor guy. “What do we owe you?” Chris emphasized. “Uhh $17.35. Please.” The suddenly unconfident delivery man stuttered out not daring to look at you again. Chris handed him a $20, muttered thanks and shut the door. You were no longer able to stifle your giggle. “You okay?” You asked. “Yeah. Fine. Why?” Biting your lip to hold back your laughter didn’t last long at all. “What? What’s so damn funny?” Chris questioned. “Oh nothing. Just you got really protective over someone who’s not currently your wife.” You laughed even harder, throwing your head back and holding your stomach. “I’m just looking out for future me! I didn’t like the way that guy was looking at you!” Finally managing to compose yourself, “Mhmm okay, hubby.

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Title: Going soft
Fandom: The Avengers: Age of Ultron
Character(s): Pietro, [wife] reader, Bucky and Tony
Warning(s): None
Requested by: Anon- Can I have an AoU Pietro maximoff imagine where the reader just had their baby and he’s in the hospital looking at the baby in his arms with adoration and the tony and Bucky reading him about getting soft? Thanks!
A/N: I hope you like it.

Pietro was sat in the rather uncomfortable chair in the hospital by your bed side, you had your back to and light snores could be heard, you had spend three hours in labor and you really needed the sleep. 

Pietro had his baby girl in his arms, some what frightened that he’ll drop her and that she’s made of glass, he could spend hours like this if he could, just watching his beautiful baby sleep, the corner of his mouth twitched up into a smile, he ran a finger of her cheek gently.

Pietro practically jumped out of the chair, holding onto his little girl as soon as he heard two very familiar voices from the door way of your hospital room “you’re going soft buddy” Tony smirked leaning against the wall his hands were folded in front of himself “yep, definately going soft” Bucky agreed, using his metal arm to prop himself up against the doorway “I’m not going soft” Pietro pouted, looking down at the baby who had started squeaking and gurgling in his arms.

“Sure your not” Tony and Bucky said at the same time, both of them walking further into the room and pulling a chair over each, before Pietro could protest the screeching sound from Tony dragging the chair across the white tiled floor, even Bucky cringed at the noise, Pietro’s hands instantly went to his daughters ears “you are going to be the worst uncle ever” Pietro moaned, looking over at your sleeping form, you shifted slightly, Pietro hoping Tony hadn’t woke you because you can be scary when you get woken up without intention.

“I thought I was her god father” Tony pouted, crossing his arms over his chest “why would I trust you to be her god father?” Pietro questioned with a mischievous smirk “because I’ll be a better god father than Mr.vice-like-grip over here” he responded, jerking his head in Bucky’s direction “hey, I’ll be a better god father than you” Bucky argued. 

Pietro laughed and just watched the exchange “she’s got iron man to protect her!” Tony responded “and the Winter soldier would be  a better idea to protect her from men who want to hurt her” Bucky retorted, babies can make even the ‘manliest’ man go soft,  Pietro just snorted “she doesn’t need the Winter Soldier when she has Iron man” Tony said, the two of them have been like this since they got the news about you being pregnant.

Pietro didn’t have the heart to tell them that you had already chosen someone to be the god father and the god mother, he just thought it would be best to wait and see their reaction when they are told.

“You two aren’t the god father” you mumbled quietly, pushing yourself into a sitting position, Bucky instantly helping you “what do you mean?” they asked at the same time, you looked over at Pietro who shrunk down in the chair, holding his girl close to his chest “he didn’t tell you? I already asked Bruce to be the god father” both Bucky and Tony glared at Pietro who laughed nervously.

You shook your head and laughed “seriously, all three of you going soft” you said to them.

I just realized that this would totally happen.

Bog and Marianne’s Kid: Look mommy look daddy! I drew a picture!

Marianne: Really honey?

Bog: Let’s see it, sweetheart!

Kid: [holds up painting of purple butterfly, intricate, gorgeous, beautiful, lovely in all its colors, a moon shimmering down in the background casting light down on the angelic figure below] Look! It’s mommy!

Marianne: [blushing] Oh, sweetie, that’s beautiful! 

Bog: Ye captured her perfectly. [winding fingers with his wife] Stunning as always.

Marianne: Stop it, you.

Bog: [looking at her with pure adoration] Never.

Kid: I also made a sculpture of daddy!

Bog: [perking up] Really!

Kid: Uh huh! Look!

Kid: [proceeds to hold up a moldy pinecone on a stick] Look! It’s daddy!

Marianne: [falls over laughing]


Marianne: [dead]

it’s almost 1am and I just finished watching the happy hour and the founding fathers panels and I’m just so emotional. I’m just thinking about how much I love geoff. He seems like this really intimidating guy with all these tattoos and he looks like he could kill you but then you see his pink sunnies on the top of his head and his voice cracks sometimes and he has the goofiest smile when he talks about his family, blood and found. He adores his wife and kid. He’s sad when he talks about how he doesn’t see the guys as much as he did in the early years. He talks about the rest of achievement hunter with as much love and pride in his voice as when he talks about the other four. He talks about how blown away he is by the younger crew in rooster teeth and how they could be doing so much more. He’s so full of love and support, it makes me so upset. I love geoff.