and look at his lips


Kara looks always SOOOOOOO disgusted and miserable when she’s kissing Mon-El, look at these scenes!!!! How can people NOT see it?? HOOOOOW??? I mean, look at the third gif, look at how she chases his lips, because that’s obviously what people do when they don’t want to kiss someone, they chase their lips!! So obvious!! She hates him so much!!!


Request by Anonymous: If requests are open can you do a criminal minds one where the reader Is hotch’s niece and he takes her to work but all she does is flirt with Reid ? (Sorry if its to specific)

Imagine being Aaron’s niece and him bringing you to work one day only for you to flirt with (sry for the spelling error) Reid the entire time.


Fandom: Criminal Minds

Gifs aren’t mine.

Aaron sighed for the fiftieth time in that hour and that’s all thanks to his niece who he had brought along for the day since she was in town, but now he realizes that he had made a big mistake in doing so. Since all (y/n) did was flirt with Reid the whole time.

Derek chuckled at Hotchner’s actions, “Who knew a Hotchner could be such a flirt. I’m kinda feeling’  jealous.”

Aaron just glared at his coworker who had an amused smirk planted on his lips as he looked towards Spencer and (y/n).

“Reid, are you a camera?” Reid looked up at the (h/c) female with a questioning look, “Because every time I look at you, I smile.” Spencer couldn’t help, but smile at the cheesiness of the girl who had been flirting with him non stop for the past our.

“No, but I wish I was. So I could capture every moment I spend with you.” Spencer’s reply had made (y/n) burst out in laughter.

Hotchner got up abruptly from his seat and walked out of his office down the stairs and pulled you by the arm out of the office, but before he could you placed your phone number on a piece of paper leaving it on Reid’s desk as you winked at him with your uncle pulling your out of the office.

I can’t even put into words how amazing SHINee in Dallas was . I want to do a fan account but I don’t even think I can because I won’t be able to do it justice. Seeing them so close I had the realization wash over me of them being REAL over and over it was so overwhelming … i bawled during Replay AGAIN lol …I have never known the feeling to be this happy before in my life …I got noticed by Onew and he grinned at me and I think I will never be the same lol he is SO SO beautiful and and his VOICE is perfection and gave me chills hearing it live … the way he would stand there always gently swaying from side to side looking around the room … constantly adjusting or fiddling with this shirt to make sure it looked ok… or nervously biting his bottom lip as the others talked … he was so precious omg … his stage persona is SO strong when he’s dancing and singing he just oozes confidence .. but the second it stops and the talks begin he just quietly watches over the other members and prompts them to speak first ..and when he does speak it’s not much .. just softly and gently with a beautiful smile ..I will never forget him he’s just as beautiful and amazing and gentle as I expected him to be … I don’t even feel sad it’s over I just feel so happy I was able to see a SHINee World concert at all T_T

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How would Pete dunne react to seeing you for the first time ?!

How would Pete dunne react to seeing you for the first time

Originally posted by sitkowski

~ He’d be standing with the other members of British strong style in some sort of bar chatting to them, when he suddenly turns silent as you enter the room. 

~ Tyler and Trent would be worried thinking he’d seen someone to beat up or get in some sort of argument with

~ They’d both realise that he was looking at you when his top lip would curl up in a smirk

~ Pete would be taking in every inch of you, examining exactly what you were wearing 

~ He is literally lost for words at the sight of you 

~ He stares shamelessly; fully aware that people around him can see his eyes fixated on you.

~ Winks commonly being aimed in your direction

~ Throughout the night he’d keep looking over at you instead of going to talk to you

~ Tyler would finally force him to go over to you; where he would act all shy. His cocky demeanour nearly gone

~ Yet his mind would be mentally undressing you, a lighter smirk still lacing his lips

~ Despite his dirty mind he’d still try and have an air of a gentlemanly attitude about him

~ Although when he got the chance to place his hands on your hips for a ‘dance’ to some overly sexual song he’d jump at the chance 

A/N: My first one of these and it was for the incredibly sexy man known as the bruiserweight; hope it was okay. Hopefully i post a few more of these tonight ~ Moxxii

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stanley mcgucket 15

Angie set her friend down on a nearby building.  She’d been patrolling the downtown area of the city that day when she’d seen him being threatened by a gang, and quickly swooped in to rescue him. She generally chose to keep her secret identity to protect him, but sometimes she wondered if she should bother, considering his own enemies made it necessary to rescue him all the time anyway.  

“We really need to stop meeting like this Mr. Pines” Grinning as he looked up at her. She had chosen to float just above him, rather than landing next to him. She would never admit it, but she rather like being taller than him. 

“What can I say Airstream? I like to live dangerously.” Stan flashed a cheesy grin and rested a hand on her raised knee, angling his face to look up at her lips. “Course, I’d be willing to look for a new line of work if I had another way to meet up with you, like maybe a dance?”

 She placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned in close to his face, close enough to feel the breath from his lips on her nose. Than she grinned and pushed off of him, flying about ten feet up in the air away from the buildings rooftop. “Maybe next time Stanley!” 

She turned around and fell away, grinning as she heard Stanley call out “That wasn’t a no!” 

15: Undercover/spy/superhero (They don’t know each other’s true identity.) 

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7 with bucky?

7. “What’s wrong?” - “I’m pregnant.”

You sat down on the bed, glancing down at Bucky’s sleeping self. His eyes were closed and his face was relaxed. His chest moved rhythmically with each breath and you mentally cursed, you hated having to wake him up from such a peaceful state. 

“Buck?” You shook his shoulder. “I need to tell you something.”

His eyes peeled open and a smile stretched across his lips. He looked so happy, so adorable; he rubbed his eyes to clear his vision. He propped himself up on your elbows and licked his lips, curious as to why you had woken him up at three in the morning. 

As soon as he saw your tear stained cheeks he switched to an upright position. Worry flowed through his veins as he studied your face, he was always one for trying to guess the problem rather than just asking you. When you rolled your eyes and turned your head he placed a hand on your shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” His voice was faint, barely audible as the air conditioning kicked in.

You sighed, not wanting to tell him what was going on. The news would crush him, it would send him running. You weren’t in a serious enough relationship for anything as big as the news was. You had just moved in a week ago and now…

Tears fell from your eyes and you dropped your head into your hands. Bucky rubbed your backed and repeated his question. You brought your head up and met his gaze.

“I’m pregnant.”

“I never want you to leave me, but you always do anyway.”

Luke’s baby blue eyes meet yours, but as soon as he realizes you’re looking at him too, his gaze shifts away. He licks his lips while looking down at his shoelaces, like he always does when he’s nervous. He’s picking non-existent dust of his white shirt, while you’re struggling to find something to say. Luke’s been on your mind for years, but you’ve always viewed him as off limits, besides the friends-with-benefit-thing you have going on. And you had tried to tell yourself that you were alright with that, but you can’t do it anymore. Not when he looks so incredibly cute with his curly hair going in all directions and a sleepy morning gaze scanning your fridge for something to eat. “Hi,” you whisper. “Hi Y/N,” he says while taking a bite of the apple he apparently found throughout the search of something eatable in your kitchen – you’re surprised he even found anything, you’re not sure you could have done it yourself. “Are you leaving?” you ask awkwardly and hope he doesn’t catch the way you look at him. Your friends always tell you that you look like someone ready to swallow him whole, and you’re not sure you’re ready for him to know how much you’re into him. He shrugs, still not looking at you. “I thought you wanted me to.” You swallow a gulp while telling yourself that ‘It’s now or never’. “I never want you to leave me, but you always do anyway.” He finally looks in your direction, and the confusion is clear in his blue irises. You’re pretty sure you can see some pain mixed in too, but that could be your imagination playing with you. You’re waiting for him to say something, but when he doesn’t, you know the game is over. “I thought that maybe, just maybe, things would change when you stayed the night, but I guess I shouldn’t get my hopes up too high; you’re still on your way to sneaking out, after all.” He bites his lower lip while looking you straight in the eyes with an intensity that scares you; you’ve known Luke for many years, but you’ve never seen him look this determined. “I had no idea you felt that way, but I hope I haven’t ruined things after tonight, ‘cause I really want to stay the night, and perhaps the morning after, for the rest of my life.” It takes you a few seconds to realize what he just said, but when his soft lips meet yours, you’re pretty sure you get what he’s trying to tell you. “I think I’d like that.”

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“Will you feed me six pomegranate seeds?” + ship of your choice?

Tomione, but Dark!Hermione for a change :)

Hermione huffed, dropping her books down with a thump on the table. Tom turned to look at her, one end of his lips quirking into a smirk as she met him with a heated glower. He placed his quill down, folding his hands in front of him as he said, “What happened now? Malfoy again?”

She growled at the name, tossing the chair beside him out too roughly as she dropped herself into it. “The unbelievably pompous, arrogant, vain, slimy, boorish-”

“Do you actually intend to get to the point, or do you just plan to list adjectives for the rest of the night?” 

She sent him a withering glare, lips pinched in frustration as if the physical restraint of it was the only thing trapping in her harsh retorts. 

“Don’t start with me, as well. I’ve had about my fill of Slytherins for today. Purebloods and their archaic beliefs. Acting as if they’re better simply because they’re the product of generational incest and have Ancient Roman and Greek names, when they wouldn’t be able to spell their way out of a wet paper bag,” she muttered.

“Is someone jealous that they aren’t named Agrippa or Demeter?” he teased.

“No, I’m jealous my father isn’t also my cousin, clearly,” she said, Tom chuckling from deep within his throat.

“Well, I hope you taught him a proper lesson in respecting you,” He said, picking his quill up once more as he began to continue working on his Ancient Runes assignment.

Her eyes lit up then, feverish and manic as she smiled shyly. “It was a punishment fitting of the Greek and Roman Gods themselves, I assure you.” His quill paused, only for a moment, as he flicked his eyes up at her before returning them to his parchment. It was only a matter of time before Malfoy pushed the powerful witch too far, and he was all too encouraging of it, if he were honest. He had long since been trying to appeal to her more primal impulses, showing her how to take back and assert the power others tried to steal from her. If Malfoy was the casualty required in this endeavor, so be it.

“And if anything, I’m an Athena,” she mumbled, and he smiled at that.

“I’d argue Persephone,” he responded. 

She furrowed her brows, a question in its own right.

“You’ll be Queen of the Underworld in no time, my Love,” he answered, and she continued to stare at him, her eyes quizzical and her lips slightly parted, pink tongue darting out to wet them. It was the same look she gave him every time she was uncertain of his sincerity, if he was merely playing the role of a monster or if he were a monster playing the role of man. She was resistant to him, at times, which made it that much sweeter a temptation to turn her away from the light and the from the Gryffindors who ignored her because she was smarter than they could appreciate, wilder than they could tame.

After what felt like a lifetime of scrutiny under her look, she finally settled back, smirking in a way that mirrored his own. Tilted to the side, not quite reaching her eyes. “Well, than in that case will you feed me six pomegranate seeds?”


Into The Deep End - Chapter 45

Sasha has always tried to play it safe, to keep her life as simple and risk-free as possible. Things change, however, when she garners the interest of a handsome, charming, younger man from a completely different world than hers. As she starts to question her own rules, is she ready to take the biggest chance of them all? Will she let herself take that dive? Roman Reigns/OC.

Song choice for the first half of this chapter is “Love You Down” by Ready for the World. The lyrics are perfect for Jasha IMO.

A few weeks later…

Joe lay on the narrow bed with his tattooed arm behind his head, gazing openly at his girlfriend. He could watch her for hours. She wasn’t doing anything more than cleaning up her bedroom, but it was the graceful way in which she did it that turned him on. He looked her over from head to toe and felt his lips turn up in a smirk. She walked around barefoot in the ‘pajamas’ she’d worn especially for him; a sexy satin camisole and matching tiny shorts that hugged her round butt perfectly. Her hair was high up on her head, and he could still see the little love bite on her neck that he’d given her the night before in this very bed, recalling how much she’d enjoyed that moment of him marking her. He couldn’t believe it sometimes; that he’d finally found a woman that ticked all the right boxes. He loved how strong their relationship was despite their ups and downs; loved how in sync they were, to the point that both always knew when something was bothering the other person. Like right now. She didn’t seem to be focused on what she was doing. She liked to clean and tidy up stuff like a typical mom, liked to ensure everything was neat and organized, so her sad expression seemed out of place. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

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D O N O T R E B L O G !!!!!!
His hair is killing me !!!!! But I think his lips looks nice since I fixed them :D:D:D Not sure if ill ever finish this tho lmao, (but I probably will since he’s my husband)