and look at his arms twisting his sword

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Twists to keep you in his line of sight, bringing his first sword around just in time to keep your blade from biting into his leg, teeth grit at the flash of pain it sends up his slashed arm. He resists the urge to look at your side and gauge how deep that wound is while he's thinking about it. You're still moving like that, so it's nothing to be too concerned about. "Don't take this personally, but—" Brings his other sword around, reiatsu compressed into the blade to release it point blank.

Absolutely takes it personally. Feels that gathering of reiatsu and since you gave him plenty of farther away examples, knows exactly what’s going on. Sneers and doesn’t even get his blade pulled away to ready for a block before he forms and releases the quickest, sloppiest cero he’s probably ever sent forth out of nothing but spite because if he’s going to take that pointblank than so are you and it can blow up in both of their faces.

Little bit of CS angst - where Emma has to bring back the happy endings after Gold erases them. Again, this is angst.

a matter of time before i lose mine

(it’s you)

“Who are you?”

He pointed his sword at the stranger, his other arm wrapped around Milah’s shoulders. His beloved had her face turned into his coat, her fingers clutching the lapel.

The blonde woman raised an eyebrow at him, looking pointedly at the sword, “Seriously? I just stopped Gol- Rumplestiltskin from crushing her heart. Maybe you should be saying, oh, I don’t know, THANK YOU?”

Killian gripped the hilt a little tighter even as he realized the woman had a point. Milah’s husband would have done it, he had seen the utter bloodlust in the man’s eyes. No, not a man anymore, a strange creature, twisted into something malevolent and evil in the years since Milah had left him. Whoever she was, he did owe her his thanks.

“Yes, gratitude is certainly in order now. So thank you. Now, tell me love, who are you? What are doing on my ship?”

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