and look at her perplexed face!

She was not going to text him. She’d have to get used to missing him all alone. She had to. She was not going to let her sadness consume her whole when the time comes. She’s got to be prepared.
But how do you let go of a certain routine; of a person? She can’t imagine them slowly drifting apart. She can’t imagine not hearing his voice, seeing him, touching his face.
His soft hair. His scrubby chin. The way he cracks her knuckles, making her flinch. Then she’d laugh with him.
The way he looks at her. Like she was all he could see. His smile, making her melt inside. When he kisses her, she loses herself in him. And yet, she keeps wanting him closer. Holding her. She could never get enough of him.
She’d wander around the hallways and catch the sight of him. In the library. At the gym. And perplexed, knowing he’s not there.
Sometimes she craves him.
Most of the time she feels affection.
She’d smell something and remember about him. He smells good. The manly, cleanly kind of smell. Even when he just finishes a dancing session and was sweating hella lot.
She made up her mind. When he’s gone, she was going to put all of him inside a box in her mind. Seal it tight. Open it, when she misses him too much she can’t take it on her own.
It’d hurt, she knows. She’s already bracing herself for it. Come what may.
But now, she’d bury herself in him and forget all about them. Just for a while. He can make her forget everything. And for once, she doesn’t mind.
—  Limited number of days

“What is her story?” Elena asked from her seat at the bar. She held an empty shot glass in her hand, and had a quizzical look on her face. The six others who all sat at the bar along side Elena gave her perplexed looks, not fully understanding what she had meant. Elena cast an irritated glare at each, before gesturing subtly at the girl on the opposite side of the restaurant.

“You mean (Y/N)?” Damon questioned, raising an eyebrow at Elena. Elena nodded her head, gazing into the Vampires eyes for only a moment before shifting it to the Originals. The ones who know most about (Y/N). The four Originals stared at Elena with curiosity.

“Why don’t you ask her yourself? You’re friends, aren’t you?” Rebekah asked, a hint of annoyance in her voice. The blonde was not up to spilling everything about her best friend to the doppelgänger. Elena shrugged, glancing over to (Y/N).

“I am, at least I think.” She mumbled. “But, I don’t know. It just seems kind of rude to ask her out right.” She admits, setting the shot glass down for the bartender to fill again. Stefan quickly leans over and grabs the now full glass away from Elena.

“You should at least be sober if you want to hear the story.” Stefan sighs, keeping the shot away from Elena.

“Dear, I think it might be just as rude to ask her out right as it is to ask her friends about it.” Klaus refers to Elena’s confession. The Original Hybrid sets his own glass down, and folds his arms over his chest, a small smile on his lips. They all sat in silence for a moment, it awkward for only some. At the opposite side of the bar (Y/N) continued to play pool against Enzo, her laugh adding to the noise filling the room. They’d played two games, and (Y/N) was in a drunken state, though Enzo continued to keep her upright.

“Brother, maybe we should share. (Y/N) knows personal things about Elena. It’s only fair if Elena knows something about (Y/N).” Elijah says to his younger brother. Klaus stares at his brother and then at Elena before letting out a huff.

“We all have stories to share. I suppose you should know some.” Klaus agrees. Elena perks up a bit, her eyes glinting with curiosity and excitement. She’s known (Y/N) for months and she knew so little, except the fact she was a vampire and raised by the Originals themselves.

“As you know, we found (Y/N) alone at a very young age, she wasn’t even six. We can assume she was born in the year 1299, giving the year we found her and the age she was at the time, which makes her around 717 years old.” Klaus starts, his mind and mouth going into story mode.

(Preview of meh new story, let me know what you think! I love feedback.)

I don’t own you, The Originals, or The Vampire Diaries. I only own this story.

That moment

Title: That moment

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Wordcount: 780

Warnings: Angst, language.

This is part 1 of 3 the others will be written by @mamapeterson (who also was the sweetest thing and beta’d this) and @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki.

A/N: Written for @spnbuddywriters SPN Team Building Challenge. Flashbacks in italics.

The Challenge entries are due March 15th.

Prompt Line: “Stop laughing and help me dammit!”   

Tags: @katnharper @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @for-the-love-of-dean @deandoesthingstome @adriellej @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @sis-tafics @mamapeterson @salvachester @crowley-trash @kittenofdoomage @manawhaat @aprofoundbondwithdean @evansrogerskitten

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“Stop laughing and help me, dammit!” She hissed at him.

But he hadn’t been able to. It had been physically impossible in that moment.

She’d managed to get her hair stuck in the door of the Impala and he hadn’t noticed in his rush to get his ass back home to his precious room. She’d looked perplexed at first, those asymmetrical lines appearing between her eyes, before her face broke out in pure annoyance. But to him, she’d looked nothing short of ridiculous. She’d had to lean her head back, looking awkward as hell, and in that exact moment, all the stress of the hunt had dissolved, leaving room for the laughter to take him over. And it had, completely. Before he unlocked the doors and therefore freeing her, he’d snapped a photo of her on his phone, making her groan in annoyance at his childish stupidity.

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Word Count: 2566
Author’s Note: @outside-the-government requested: So here’s my idea. What if the reader was real tired of Bones wanting to look at every little injury, every little cough or sniffle they had? To pay him back, reader would turn his own medicine against him and come slinking into med bay for the tiniest of problems. Eventually he’d catch on and give them the benefit of the doubt and promise he’d let them be the judge of when they needed his expertise. It could be so much fun. :D So this got away from me completely, and I hope you like it…

There must have been something perplexing about the look on your face because when Uhura sat down across from you in the commissary, she tilted her head to one side, narrowing her eyes and just looked at you for a minute before she spoke.

“Something is bothering you.” She said it like she spent a lot of time reading emotions instead of hearing words. It wasn’t as weird as you initially thought, really. Ninety percent of communication was non-verbal, so she really needed the ability in order to be able to do her job. And figuring out what Spock was thinking on a day to day basis probably made reading human emotions a cake-walk.

“Is Doctor McCoy weird, or is he just,” you trailed off, your eyebrows knitting together as you searched for the word, “just weird?” Screw it. You couldn’t think of what you meant, but you trusted Nyota to decipher it. She just laughed.

“That depends on the kind of weird you’re asking about, I guess.”

“I went for my intake assessment and he wanted to know why I had a bandaid on my finger,” you started.

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These Lovely Years (5/?)

Prompt : Millie meets her little brother.

There was a half-curious, half perplexed look on Millie’s face as she was looking at her little brother.

Felicity had just been back from the hospital with Baby Nathan one hour ago. The family and their new addition were now in the living room, Felicity on the couch holding the baby, and Oliver facing her on the coffee table, Millie standing between his legs, her thumb in her mouth and the other hand scrunching the fabric of his t-shirt.

She had been slightly clingy since they had brought the baby home.

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1. The Lotion Saleswoman

The final deliberation is a season highlight for me. As much as it perplexes me that all four judges aren’t like, “Duh, India, so that’s a wrap, I guess?” the fighting between the judges to pick a winner is delicious.

On one side of the table, we’ve got Rita and Drew who think India’s superior modeling skills make her the right choice. On the other side of the table, we’ve got Ashley and Law who think Tatiana is all three of the “B”s they’re looking for: Business, Boss, Brand.

Law, who has spent the last few weeks worrying that Tatiana doesn’t have the face for modeling, decides he was wrong based on a single photo. Ashley backs him up, arguing that personality is the most important aspect of modeling. She argues that at this point, the winner can’t be all about the pictures.

ANTM not about the pictures? (How about the music videos, commercial shoot, and runway which India was also the best at, then?) Excuse me, will you help me out, Jade?

Sorry, but if the judges are going to be like, “India killed it every week of the competition, but Tatiana had a business before this show started so she should win” what exactly was the point of the show? Pick a bunch of girls who already have small businesses to compete from the start if that’s going to be a main piece of criteria.

How much of a business is enough business for the panel? I respect Tatiana’s hustle, but skinBUTTR seems like a modest endeavor at this point. So, like, if India ran a lemonade stand at the edge of her driveway, would that give her an edge?

Moreover, could India’s business be “modeling” - you know, appearing in marketing campaigns for companies who want their brands represented by an attractive, talented, and kind young woman? Or is that just ludicrous?

In situations like this I will always think back to Cycle 3 when Tyra was straight up disgusted with Julie’s confession that she hoped to use modeling as a stepping stone into the fashion industry.  

Now it’s like, “How can we name India America’s Next Top Model if all she wants to do is model?”  

Law says he can make a star out of Tatiana with his styling expertise. He says he’ll bring her to Paris fashion week - not to walk in a show. Ashley tries to help by suggesting that Tatiana would be sitting front row, and Law undermines his whole case by saying, no, Tatiana would not even be invited to the shows. But he’d make sure the paparazzi were taking photos of her outside.

Drew fires back that he’ll redo India and turn her into a social media star that’s also on the cover of magazines. He then shouts, “You can sell lotion, and I will sell a brand!”

Speaking of lotion, pass me some, because I’m turned on enough to start masturbating in that moment. That was the argument to end all arguments.

When Rita brings the girls back, she tells them:

It turns out they literally COULD come to a decision, though, because two seconds later, Rita announces India as the winner. It’s not clear how the deadlock was broken, but the smart money is on the theory that Tyra gave herself a vote even though she pretended she was leaving it up to the new panel.

5 Funniest Moments of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 Finale

My Name is Ghost -Part 2

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Prologue, 1

Chapter Two

Jongdae sputtered and grumbled as he pushed the bookcase off of himself, or really what was left of it.  The thing was so old that the second it had slammed into him and sent them both into the parallel wall, it had pretty much shattered.  “Jongdae!” the brunette looked up to see one of his brothers hurrying to his side.  Minseok’s face was full of alarm as he quickly helped Jongdae to his feet and went about brushing the rubble off of him.  “What the hell happened?”

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Essays in Existentialism: Blakes

You should do a Clexa one shot where Clarke is a Blake and how Bellamy would react to their relationship. 

“Oh God, no!” Bellamy wished he could have covered his eyes, but his muscles went rigid at the sight of it.

“Fuck,” Clarke pulled up the sheets around her chest. Lexa froze, fingers stuck and eyes growing at the precarious situation unfolding in Clarke’s tent.

“With her?” her brother cocked his head, brow growing heavy and violent as his face balked and looked at her as if her were in a perplexed state of pain and anguish. “Her!” his voice grew. “What the hell, Clarke?”

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Sam had gone to pick up your drinks from the barista and you watched as he started back towards you with two full mugs in hand. Suddenly he was intercepted by a girl you had noticed when you came in. Now her mouth was agape and her eyes were round and wide.

“Oh. My. Gosh.” Her face cracked into a smile that was a little bit unsettling–not that she seemed dangerous. She just seemed…overly-intent on Sam. “You’re Sam Winchester.”

“What?” Sam looked perplexed. “Who are–do I know you?” he asked, his voice low.

You could practically see the hearts and stars floating around her head and appearing in her eyes as she looked at him. She let out a small excited noise. “It’s me! Becky! I contacted you about the fan club. Chuck gave me you–”

Now you watched in amusement as Sam’s jaw clenched. “Oh, right. Chuck gave you my info… and apparently somehow a picture of me… Well, it was nice to meet you Becky but I–” Sam was trying to extract himself and maneuver around her. She didn’t seem to take the hint.

“I have fantasized about this moment for so long,” she said. You bit your bottom lip to keep from laughing.

Sam only nodded and smiled awkwardly and a little abashedly. “Yeah. It was  nice to meet you…” he said, trying to escape yet again. 

“Let me buy you coffee! Coffee and a muffin! And lunch!” she squealed. “Please!”

He gave you a desperate look but you only leaned on your hand and grinned back at him in amusement and wiggled your eyebrows. “Uhh… Becky, right? Becky, that’s really kind of you but I’m, uhh–” he gestured with the two drinks in his hand. “I’m kind of already having coffee with someone,” he said, tilting his head in your direction.

Becky spun around and caught sight of you, leaning your elbow on the table and with a smile curving your lips. Her face was blank and you felt like she was looking you up and down. You laughed and waved at her. “Oh.” She spun back around to look at Sam. “Well, if you change your mind, I’ll just be right over here,” she said, batting her eyelashes at him, the doe-eyed smile returning to her face.

“Erm… okay…” Sam said, finally extracting himself from her with a murmured ‘bye’. “Gee, thanks for the help there, Y/N.”

You laughed. “I figured you could handle the 90 lb girl…”

“No, you were just enjoying me being uncomfortable too much.”

“Maybe a little,” you said, sipping your coffee. “And don’t look now, but your super fan is still staring.”

A Reasonable Paradox (M!Corrin x Setsuna)

A submission by @punchdrunkmarconline

Modern AU


Corrin sat on the roof perplexed as he stared at the two pieces of paper in front of him. They were the most recent mid-term exams, and once again Setsuna had gotten a better score than him. When he looked over the papers to his girlfriend he saw her eating her lunch with a joyous smile, completely unaware of the dilemma he was facing.

“How does she do it?” he wondered aloud.

“Hm?” Setsuna looked up from her meal. “Did you say something?”

“Nothing important. You got some rice on your face.” He pointed to the right corner of his mouth.

“I do? Can you get it for me? My hands are full…”

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You know what. 

They have Rebecca really pushing that she is the victim and was used by Robert. Except, as the audience, we are aware it isn’t true. 

What if the writers are setting her up for a “creampie.” You know, when a character gets high and mighty or boastful about something they are wrong about and gets a cream pie in the face (or the truth comes out and hits them). 

I might be giving the writers too much credit here, but that could be something they are setting up too. 

Sorry. Babbling. Babbling hard today. I’m now looking at this storyline as a writer (not a fan), and it perplexes me. 

Imagine Bucky being nervous about asking you out on a date.

Originally posted by natasha-stark-rogers

“Steve, I haven’t done this in decades,” Bucky said, clutching on to his knees. 

“Buck, you’ll be fine,” said Steve, gentle smile on his face. “She likes you and she’s going to say yes.”

“Did she explicitly tell you that she liked me?”

“Well, no, but-”

“Oh, God, than I rather not-”

“None of that! You’re going to ask her out. Here she comes.”

Steve pulled Bucky to his feet and pushed him towards you, making Bucky almost crash against you. Bucky lurched back and apologized as you looked up from your book, perplexed look on your face. 

“Bucky,” you said as you recognized him, lips splitting into a warm smile.

Bucky grinned before he heard Steve clearing his throat. You heard it as well and looked over Bucky’s shoulder and at Steve. 

“Steve, hey.”

“Hey, Y/N,” Steve said with a wave. “Bucky wants to talk to you.”

Before you could respond, Steve dashed out of the room and left you alone with Bucky, who looked quite nervous. His lips parted before he closed them again and you put a hand on his forearm. 

“Everything okay, Bucky?”

He nodded. “I just want to ask you something.”


“W-Would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow night?”


“Listen here” Zach tried to say firmly “That right there-” he pointed to you a few feet back with Gray looking over the Raptors “-Is my sister. And if you so dare think of hurting then mind my words. I am going to make you pay for it. And you are not going to like it.”

“Don’t you think you’re a little bit young about all of that?” Owen looked at him with a perplexed look and a small amused smile.

“What? Just because I am her younger brother doesn’t mean I won’t beat you if you do something to her?” he said crossing his arms over his chest.

Owen would have laughed at how adorable he was being but the seriousness in his voice and face assured Owen that he was being absolutely serious. Not that he would be able to do much to Owen and not that Owen would ever think of hurting you. He liked you too much for both your own goods.

“What are you two talking about here?” you asked, coming to stand next to Zach, with a smile that only got bigger when you locked eyes with Owen; a small blush even creeping up your cheeks.

“Nothing” Zach said “Just talking about the Raptors” he shrugged.

“Oh good” you said and ruffled his hair, giggling at the scowl that immediately appeared on his face.


spiderspeaks  asked:

With a familiar 'Vip!' noise, a familiar spider appears seemingly from thin air. A Basket rests on one of her arms. It's about time she'd come to see her friend, to her surprise when she was met face-to-face with a much BIGGER cat than her usual little friend! Muffet looked more concerned than perplexed. "> Keno..? Is that you, dear friend?" Her eyes fell to the wound on her tail. The Spider walks around it, Examining. She knew what this was from. "> ...Are you alright, my deary?"

// The large bakeneko stared down at the spider, seeming caught off guard and almost a little embarrassed. Having a friend see her like this was on par with a human being seen in the nude. Almost.

// A couple nervous ear flicks before she casually pulled her tail away from Muffet, that cheshire grin returning to her face

* Ah. I wasn’t expecting you, Muffet! It seems like you’re doing well. I’m fine just, got hit by one of those ‘magic an-yon’ things. 

// She laughed, waving a giant paw back and forth dismissively. Though it was clear the act was exhausting her, as it fell away rather quickly. 

* I’m okay. It stings a bit but… It’s not as bad as it looks. I promise. 


“Are you kidding me?”

Sam looked around, confused. “No… why? What’s the problem?”

“You sent Y/N. Alone.” Dean’s jaw clenched.

Sam raised his eyebrows at his brother. “Dean she’s perfectly capable–”

“Dammit, Sam! I told you not to let her go alone!”

“She’s been hunting on her own for years! She’ll be fine Dean! What is going on?”

Dean rubbed anxiously at the back of his neck and sat down heavily. The next instant and he was smoothing his hands over his face and letting out a heavy sigh.

Sam watched him, perplexity melting away to realization. “I’ve never seen you so worried about something over nothing before…” He gave Dean a small smile and a knowing look. 

Dean gave Sam an annoyed look. “Whatever you’re thinking, shut up. I just–I don’t think you should have sent her alone!”

“Uh huh…” Sam stood up and tossed his bottle in the trash. “Whatever you say, Dean.” 

The Strange Migardian Wash Basin

TITLE: The Strange Migardian Wash Basin


AUTHOR: Katerationopia

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki getting a haircut for the summer. 

RATING: PG-13  (It’s pretty tame) ; )

NOTES/WARNINGS: This is an excerpt from a full story I was working on. I added this scene just because I loved the Imagine Loki prompt I saw, and thought it was too adorable to not try writing.

“Lean back,” she murmured gently, attempting to lean him back over the edge of the basin, but his spine stiffened in resistance, his hands flying out to brace himself on the arms of his chair, as his green eyes flickered to her face in panic. “It’s just a haircut, silly.” She tried not to laugh but the amusement was clear in her voice. “It’s not going to hurt,” she assured him, before pinning him with a perplexed look. “Don’t they give you haircuts here on Asgard?”

“Not like this,” he frowned, his face darkening distrustfully.

“How do they do it then? They just dump a bowl of water over your head and chop off your hair?” She giggled and his eyes narrowed, though playfully this time, the sound of her laughter softening his dark mood.

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Whouffaldi that speaks to my heart #18

This is a moment from the end of the season 8 episode ‘Into the Dalek.’

The Doctor asks Clara that difficult question, (look at how hard it is for him to ask). He’s still a wounded soul, haunted by 800 years of Trenzalore, at the beginning of a new regeneration cycle. It’s no wonder he has a wobble. 

He begins the episode telling her he needs her help for an adventure. By the end of the episode he realizes that he needs her in more ways than he had really understood. She is his teacher, she taught him an important lesson inside the belly of the beast: that even a Dalek can learn, and what is once learned can be learned again.

You can see how perplexed Clara is at his question by the look on her face. She could have told him an easy lie here, and said ‘Of course you are a good man’ but she chose the harder, honest path. While she may be dishonest about many things, Clara Oswald never shies away from telling him the truth about himself. We all construct our identities in part from the way we think others see us: he see’s himself through her eyes. She tells him he tries to be a good man, and over the course of the next few episodes he learns more about himself. By the end of the season he says this:

I am not a good man! And I’m not a bad man. I am not a hero. I’m definitely not a president. And no, I’m not an officer. You know what I am? I… am… an idiot. With a box and a screwdriver, passing through, helping out, learning.

Season Nine

Of course by season nine we have a different Doctor, he has internalized so much of the heroic way Clara sees him that he becomes that man. The man who fights monsters. The man who stays and saves people. 

That’s Clara’s gift to him, helping him become the man we knew he was all along. She helps him become the Doctor. 

does it ever hit you that….dana scully is such a pretty lady…… yeah she looks like beautiful perplexed science scully all the time, and every time i see her face im like !!!!!!! thats pretty scully i love pretty scully! but sometimes just the change of an angle or the furrow of her eyebrows or the wind blowing her hair makes you take a step back and youre like……thats a beautiful woman right there….. scully is a beautiful woman…and i am looking at her and she is very beautiful it makes my heart go Woah…………….. is this relatable or nah i feel like probably it is to one Fox William Mulder