and look at her lovely face

Trust me, you don’t wanna love me. You don’t wanna love someone who is incapable of loving you back. You don’t wanna love someone who is only gonna hurt you sometimes unintentionally but most of the times intentionally. You don’t wanna love a girl who can’t look at herself in the mirror or any reflective object. You don’t wanna love a girl who can kill the soul of a person without even flinching just because her own soul was murdered. You don’t wanna love someone who will tear you apart piece by piece with a smile on her face. You don’t wanna love someone who can’t even look anyone in the eye, who can’t have anyone look at her. You don’t wanna love someone who is always searching for ways to bring herself on the edge of life. You don’t wanna love someone who is always trying to kill herself just to feel alive. You don’t wanna love a screw up like me
—  You Don’t Wanna(My Excerpt) // JustScribbledWords
that hug...

Ok because I can’t yet bring myself to actually talk about the scene inside the house,  because it still reduces me into a blubbering mess, I decided to talk about something  else. 

That second hug.. because my God just take a look at this…

(gif by @hypernovadust )

The more I look at the less platonic this looks. I mean if you take a look how tightly they are wrapped up together,  you could not get the crack of dawn between them. And take a look at her hand on the back of his neck, in his hair as she pulls him a little closer. It’s at that moment when he presses his face into her shoulder and seems to breath her in.  It is in direct reaction to her hand caressing his neck. 

This is just a beautiful thing to look at. These dorks love each other so much and it’s so clear they don’t want to let each other. When you are holding someone that close and reacting to their touch  this way, they are clearly very, very special to you. 

Daryl has to pull away almost foricbly because if he dosen’t he’s never going to leave that is perfectly clear.  And tells her to take care of herself and walks away without looking back because… well he’d go back if he did. 

He has to go and dosen’t really want to. And she dosen’t want him to go, the way she watches him leave. These two really at this moment don’t know if they will ever see each other again. It is pretty heartbreaking at the same time its beautiful. Its really everything they are. 

These two look like two people who need just a little more time. A bit longer of break. More time together in this quiet place. They look so close to falling over that edge it does feel like it is only a matter of time. 

I mean the way they are holding each other right there guys…  can there be any doubt?

And when that happens they are really gonna kill me guys..

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How's your mum doing? Already back home? Wishing you all the best!

She’s doing really well actually. Thanks for asking anon! I haven’t seen her in a few days but my Dad was with her yesterday and he has a great video of her walking down the halls with a big smile on her face, which is a stark difference to how she was a month ago. Any time we go and visit her everyone talks about how sweet she is and how much they love looking after her which makes me happy. It’s really hard to find people who understand her disease and who are willing to have patience with her, but I can’t say enough good things about the hospital she’s in. She’ll be coming home soon :)

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There was something about Iris' face when she said "The man I love is a superhero". It's like this is the most mesmerized I've seen her when it comes to Barry Allen. It's a favorite look of mine so far. It's also so beautiful when Barry returns that look, too.

It’s definitely satisfying to see Iris so smitten with Barry and to realize how her view of him has evolved over the years. Her main point here is to emphasize Barry’s status as a hero in her eyes, but she doesn’t hesitate to call him the man that she loves because she’s reached a point where it’s so casual and truthful for her to acknowledge that.

And we know Barry always looks like this when it comes to Iris, but this smile is a little different in the way that while he will forever be in awe of her, he’s also reacting to her flattery and is genuinely touched and beyond happy that she sees him in this light now, that she refers to him as the man that she loves. He’s so pleased at this that he can’t help a shameless expression of glee.

          ☆゚. * · 。゚ aye lil’ mama, lemme whisper in yo’ ear !! okie dokie so my name’s kristin ( 18, she/her, est ) and i play this lovely man right here, ahn hongjin, and the beautiful han jihye ( son naeun face claim. ) i had no idea that acceptance was going to be this early, so obvs none of my pages are up … but that doesn’t mean i don’t want to get to know all of you !! so like this post if you want to plot, and i’ll hit you up through those im’s !! or, if you want, you can find me on aim ( @smthpoetic ) or on twitter ( @iglooyeon ) !! now, without further ado, look under the cut for a basic overview on this boi right here:

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How do you think team RWBY, Pyrrha, and Nora would react to a s/o who's generally quiet and somewhat stoic (and maybe even scary looking) at a point where they seem them properly laughing for the first time, and I mean loud, proper side splitting and wheezy laughter. bonus if their s/o snorts when they laugh and gets really flustered about it when it happens


  • She won’t lie and say you don’t intimidate her sometimes, but she’s always seen there was more to you than a stoic face.
  • Still, she’s not prepared for you to laugh so hard at her stupid joke.
  • It’s the widest smile she’s ever seen on your face.
  • She thought she loved you before but oh man, this is something. 
  • Her cheeks go a little pink as she starts to laugh with you.


  • She appreciates how calm you usually are.
  • Watching you keep an impassive face in battle and hearing your cackle are two entirely different things, though.
  • She hadn’t realized you could love a person’s laugh so much, but here she is.
  • She blushes even harder than Ruby.
  • Like her whole face is red and she gets real flustered.


  • She just stares in wonder at her normally so serious s/o snort and giggle, laughing their head off at some video.
  • It’s off putting, but in a good way.
  • A very good way.
  • She would give anything to see you laugh like that every day.
  • She doesn’t blush to much, maybe just a light dusting of pink, 
  • but she definitely smiles and ducks her head.


  • She’s been trying to make you laugh since before you started dating.
  • All she’s gotten is a small smile, though.
  • She’s beginning to think nothing will work, until…
  • Your watching her train, and she’s going all at it. 
  • She looks so serious as she pummels the training dummies.
  • There’s fire in her eyes and a smirk on her face-
  • -and then she slips on a small object on the floor and goes sprawling and face plants.
  • You can’t help it, seeing her go from super serious to kissing the floor unleashes a peel of laughter.
  • It takes her a moment to understand what’s going on.
  • But then she’s grinning right along with you.
  • “See! I knew I was funny!”


  • She doesn’t laugh above a giggle to often, and has never seen more than a smile and a puff of air out of you.
  • She just can’t handle the sight before her.
  • Her bad ass s/o, wheezing and laughing louder than she’s ever heard them even talk.
  • She swears, she loves you more and more each day.
  • Just, the sound of it, and how your eyes shine as your body shakes with laughter.
  • Her cheeks go as red as her sash and she tries to hide them with her hands.


  • Nora loves to laugh, and she doesn’t understand how you don’t.
  • She hopes you don’t think it’s embarrassing. That’s silly! Laughter is an expression of joy, no one’s laugh is embarrassing!
  • She really want’s to hear your laugh.
  • One day, she gets her wish.
  • You’re just talking and suddenly she says something so ridiculous you start to giggle.
  • She just watches with an ever growing smile as your giggle turn to full on, roaring laughter.
  • She starts laughing too, she’s so happy!
  • Your combined laughter is a hazard to people’s ear drums.
  • Once you both calm down she tackles you in a hug and gushes about how much she adores your laugh.
Left behind

A/N : This is the first time I wrote fanfic. I hope you like it. I’d love to hear some feedback. I’m not a native English speaker, but I hope it’s not too poorly written. I’m sorry if it is though :s

@winchesters-favorite-girl I hope you don’t mind me tagging you, if you do I’ll delete it. I just really love your stories and would love to get feedback from you. But only if you don’t mind of course! 

Warnings : Getting left behind? 

Summary : You’re the daughter of Sam. You’re having visions, but your mother doesn’t want anything supernatural in her life anymore. So she gives you to Sam. 

And there she was. Sam hadn´t seen her for five years. She still looked the same, but her eyes seemed darker. She stood there with a little girl in her arms. The girl shared some similar features in her face as Sam. The woman must have seen the question in his eyes.

‘Yes, she is yours.’ That little sentence put his whole life upside down. He had a daughter.

'That’s why you left?’ It’s more of a statement than a question. She nodded.

'I wanted a normal life. I wanted to give her a normal life, but somehow… Somehow she got your psychic powers. She has been having visions the last couple of days.’ Sam saw tears building up in her eyes. He didn’t even know what to say. He still couldn’t believe that he had a daughter. That the girl sleeping in the arms of the woman in front of him was his.

'I don’t want her anymore. I still want a normal life and she doesn’t fit in that.’ He couldn’t believe his ears. How could she just give you up. You’re still her daughter. He was shaking his head.

'Why?’ He asked.

'I met someone. I want to live with him, Sam. Really life. I don’t want to look over my shoulder every turn I take.’

Sam understood she wanted to have a normal life, but just leaving your daughter behind and not wanting to see her again. He just couldn’t wrap his head around it.

'What’s her name?’


Y/N. 'That’s a beautiful name. It suits her.’ He said as he watched how Y/N was peacefully sleeping.

Before he knew it the woman pushed Y/N in Sam’s arms. 'She’s yours now. Take good care of her.’ Tears were now streaming. Trails of mascara were covering her cheeks.  Y/N opened her eyes. She was rubbing in her eyes, a little whine escaping her mouth.

'Mommy’ Y/N mumbled. Y/N reached for her mother.

'I’m leaving Y/N. Daddy is going to take care of you now. I never want to see you again. Don’t come looking for me when you’re older.’

Y/N didn’t understand what was going on. She didn’t know the man that was holding her, although he did seem familiar. Her lip was trembling. Hoping desperately that her mother wouldn’t leave her behind.

'Bye Sam. Bye Y/N.’

And with that that the woman left her crying daughter behind. Hoping she could keep it together until she got home. They couldn’t see her break. She would never see her daughter again, but that was fine. That’s a sacrifice she has to make. At least that’s what she keeps telling herself.

Meanwhile Sam is desperately trying to calm Y/N down. Cooing her and rocking her in his arms. Nothing seemed to work and Sam was doubtful she would stop crying any time soon. He watched the mother of his daughter leave. When he couldn’t see her car anymore he stepped inside the bunker, thinking how in the world he is ever going to take care of the girl in his arms. But when he looked in your eyes he knew he’d do anything to make sure you were happy. He’d make it work. He was sure of it.

I wish (part 3/final)

Selena looked over at Taylor every few minutes as they drove the 15-minute journey between Taylor and Adam’s houses. It was a journey Selena had gotten to know like the back of her hand, having on a few too many occasions gone to meet Taylor at her house when Taylor had been staying at Adam’s and considering that her home for a while. Each time she looked over at Taylor she noticed Taylor’s breathing speeding up and the smile that had been on her face faltering quickly.

“Hey, it’ll be okay. I mean…did you READ that letter? It’s a roundabout love story…. unique to you two.” Selena said, nudging Taylor, who tried plastering a smile on her face.

“I know…it’s just…. I don’t know.” Taylor said with a shrug.

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This is something short I wrote for Valentine’s Day but never got to finish until now so here ya go.

Word count: 439

Warning: Bad grammar and spelling


“Tigress you can’t run away from this! from me.” He yelled as he went after her.

The feline stopped and turned to face him.

“Watch me.” She said and started walking towards the stairs.

Po grabbed her arm and pushed her against the jade column, he placed his paws by the sides of her head and trapped her.

“I love you, what part don’t you understand.” He looked into her eyes, brows knit.

“Then stop loving me.” She said with force.

“I can’t! That’s not how love works tigress, feelings don’t just disappear.”

“I’m not good for you Po. I’m not-” he cut her off.

“That doesn’t matter I love you and nothing will change that.” He declared.

She was left speechless, her mouth slightly agape. Po just stared at her and waited for her response.

“Wh-why? Why me? Everything was fine, I was fine but then you had to come along and ruin it.”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“It took me years, decades even to build the emotional walls I had. You made me feel things, things I’ve never felt before and it confused me because you managed to tear them down in such a short amount of time.”

Po looked at her with a soft expression. She’s been holding back her feelings for so many years, he wonders how she’ll react to his affections. Tilting his head slightly he places a paw on her cheek.

Tigress glances at it before looking into his eyes, she can see how much he truly loves her. Maybe she should give him a chance, it wouldn’t hurt to try…right?

“Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.” He says.

Po closes his eyes, leans it and gently kisses her.

She doesn’t kiss back, in fact she doesn’t react at all.

Tigress looks at Po through half lidded eyes before closing them and reciprocating the kiss, her decision made. The kiss is long but shy, it doesn’t get too hot but it’s far from chaste. Po wraps his arms around her waist and brings her closer, the feline jumps at the sudden movement but then calms down as she wraps her arms around his neck.

They break the kiss when air becomes necessary, both pant and press their foreheads against each other. They look into the others eyes, tigress sighs after catching her breath.

“I’ll give us a chance ok, but I’m new to this so don’t expect me to be the perfect girlfriend.”

“You already are.” He smiles.


That’s it, hope you liked it. I have a job now and my next day off is on Sunday so hopefully I’ll post something by then, laterz

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Hi :) I'm writing a story about a guy who has a relationship with a girl but slowly realises that he's gay and he's in love with the new guy. I don't want the realising to be very abrupt... Do you have any ideas how to do it?

Start with his feelings when he’s around the girl while the rest of your plot is going on - maybe he really likes her, but then hears how his friends talk about wanting/loving their datemates and realizing that it’s not the same for him. No spark, even when he really wants there to be a spark, but there’s this other guy who he always looks forward to seeing, stomach flipping, imagining touching their face whatever the more time they spend together. 

Maybe he starts comparing sometime later in your novel. Perhaps they’re thrown into a situation together so he’s forced to note the differences in his reactions towards them.

Probably he tries negotiating it, explaining it in otherwise, or trying to prove to himself that he fancies this girl because he really likes her so obviously that must mean he fancies her. Probably he does one of those crappy personality quizzes or something. 

Then, some time later, maybe he sees the guy with someone else and it he lets himself believe that okay, he likes him.  Or maybe the girl calls him out on why he’s being off, because she’s noticed the way he’s behaving and asks about it. 

Thank god this is just a message and not a call.

Something tells me Star’s mom would find a way to blame her for this even though it’s probably not her fault.

I…. don’t think that’s what he meant by that, Star.

I love how Star looks like she has devil horns when she’s in her pajamas.

Marco…. why are you obsessed with this now?

You know that those scores are meaningless because of course she’s gonna save you more. She gets you into a lot more trouble than you do to her.


Star no don’t make that face.


Uh….. Marco…..

I don’t think that’s what psychology is……

New Story...

Mini Drabble of Ben Solo and Rey’s doll.


@these-are-the-first-steps @tinylittlebrain


They’ve seen so much, learned so much, heard even more. The laughter of a child, the screams of nightmare filled nights. The cries of a new born.

Just like they are now, the hushing of the new mother as she bounces their son in her arms, it was too cold. Too cold for the newborn. Common mistake for new parents to make. Except he pulls the blanket tighter around their son. The cries stop.

“I’m sorry baby…” she whispers, kissing his head, brushing the poof of black hair before looking up at her husband, tracing the scar across his face.
“I love you Ben.”

“I know Rey.” he whispers before kissing her.

They’ve seen so much, learned so much, heard even more. And the two old old dolls leaning on the shelf of Han Solo’s nursery, were ready to see so much more.

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Arcade date with Pidge please :D????

here you go! i had a fun time writing this…. pidge the absolute arcade patronizer™

  • Arcade dates with Pidge would be fun though most of the time it could be a little messy and wild. The two of you would go around, trying all sorts of games—from shooting games to dancing games. The date wouldn’t be complete if you haven’t explored the whole place, as well as if you both haven’t tried all the available games.
  • Pidge always loves to see the look on your face whenever she manages to beat a game and win you some of the many cute stuffed toys they have on display. She loves the squeal of delight that spills out of your lips, the obvious joy she sees in your eyes; and above all, she absolutely adores the smile on your face as she hands you the prizes she’s won for you and you alone. This is probably one of the reasons why you always see her standing in front of the claw machine, though she would never admit it to anyone but herself.
  • You would always try to one up each other, attempting to beat one another in all kinds of games. This would often result to a shouting and screaming match whenever one of you gets defeated by the other. This would earn the two of you curious looks from bystanders, and sometimes irritated looks from the other visitor, obviously a little baffled with your rowdy behaviours.
  • There are instances where the two of you have been so caught up in your games that you’ve failed to realize that it’s already getting dark outside. This has lead to the two of you being reprimanded by one of the staff—and on rare occasions, even the storeowner himself—forcibly telling the two of you to go home already. Pidge would try to make an excuse, saying how she needs to beat the game or else she wouldn’t be allowed to go home by her parents, though the only response she would get is a glare and a stubborn shake of the head in an obvious refusal.
  • There are also instances where the both of you would be so caught up in you that you would fail to realize that the two of you have spent most, if not all, of your money on games and that neither of you have enough for the train ride back home. This has often resulted to the two of you having to walk back home, and while it’s a bit exhausting, Pidge often tries to lighten the mood by telling all sorts of amazing stories.

TLDR: Arcade dates with Pidge are absolutely fun. They could sometimes be a little wild but Pidge always knows how to make everything even better. She always knows how to have a good time, and she’s also down to do things she wouldn’t do under normal circumstances—like standing patiently in front of a claw machine for hours trying to get that stuffed toy she’d seen you eyeing for a while now—if it meant she would see you smiling.

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I'd love to see 29! “If you don’t like this world then change it.” For any of your families because I love all of them <3

OOOOH! A very good prompt @jacquiesims, thank you!

I have to do this about Romana, canonically she has a love for arithmetic (math) and science, which are considered unconventional and unfashionable in my hood. She’s quite stubborn and strong-willed, so as you can imagine she gets quite hot under the collar when being called a bluestocking.

“It is just so unfair, Cambrian!”

Cambrian looked at Romana with a small smile on his face.

“You are unconventional, that’s all,” Cambrian assured her, before adopting a sarcastic, teasing tone of voice. “And who was she, pray tell, before she became the wife of an earl? Miss Miranda Fortescue? That she had faded away into obscurity!”

“Oh dear, you sound like cousin Carolina!” Romana laughed heartily.

“Oh no, Rommy, if I was to imitate my dear sister Caro I should make my voice much higher, and my words far more cutting.”

Romana smiled at her cousin softly, before telling him the truth of the matter.

“It truly does bother me though Cam.”

He frowned, and seemed to be deep in thought for a moment before speaking once more.

“Dearest cousin, wolves don’t bother themselves with the opinion of sheep and besides, if you don’t like this world then change it.

She reached for his shoulder and looked deeply into his dark eyes as he continued his impassioned speech.

“Go out there and show those society ladies, you are far more clever, far wittier… far more beautiful than they!“

Romana’s mouth dropped open and her cheeks coloured while Cambrian looked as if he had swallowed a lemon whole.

“That is to say, you are quite pretty… and you have, well, a lot of talents, and you are very clever. You’re quite good at chess! And climbing trees. I seem to recall a manner of all different accomplishments-”

Romana interrupted him, speaking softly, “You think I am beautiful?” she paused for a moment, her brow turning quizzically. “’Far more beautiful than the ladies of our society’,” she quoted with a smirk.

Cambrian coloured deeply.

“You know yourself what you look like! Now it is getting dark, let’s make our way inside for I could most certainly use some tea…”