and look at her eyes

my hand itches
to feel her skin beneath my fingertips
her cheeks flush pink
as the lips i long to kiss
i want to reach out
and brush a strand of her hair behind her ear
i want to look into her eyes
and see everything i’ve never seen before
our shoulders brush as we walk together
her hand grazes back as she walks by
our fingers touch when i go to give her something
each and every time
it feels as though there is lightning inside of me
electricity spreads through my veins
and lights up in my chest
each and every time
we both linger for a second too long
i try not to think about it
but all i can do is think about it
all i can do is think about her
she is so
  it is almost as if
she isn’t real
how can something so ethereal
and precious
and soft
exist in a world so harsh and ugly?
and how did i
get so lucky
to exist in the same world as she?

she is a princess
and i, a dragon
my only hope
is that i don’t scare her away from me
—  cafegirlfeelings said: Can you write a poem about falling in love with a girl for the first time? 
(cc, 2017)
Give Me Love, 15

Throne Of Glass High School AU

Summary: He thinks she wants nothing to do with him. She thinks he can’t remember her. Aelin and Rowan were friends once upon a time. But high school drove them apart. However, one night - one party - is about to change not only their lives, but the lives of their friend as well.

Chapter: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15


One Week Later:

“Working here’s made me hate Christmas.”

Aelin looked up at Nehemia, playfully rolling her eyes. Her dark hair was pulled back in a messy bun and the apron she worn had a few stains of coffee on it. She let out a huff as she sat in the chair next to Elide, water bottle in hand.

“Dramatic much.” Aelin said. She took a sip of her gingerbread latte, letting the warm liquid warm her up from the inside out.

“Oh really?” There was a glare on Nehemia’s face as she glanced over Aelin’s shoulder for a moment. “Have you looked around the store? The line has been out the door all morning.”

She was right, of course. Nehemia worked in a small but popular coffee shop in the center of town. It was busy on a normal day. But add the holidays, everyone shopping for Christmas gifts, and the cold weather, they had been nonstop all morning.

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I saw a gifset of like Kara looking at Mon-ell and she looked at him like she wanted to die every time she laid her eyes on him. How do people think they're in love?

it’s called hating women

how long have you known?

“How long have you known?” Daveed asked as his hands met her stomach. A small kick came from the place where the baby was at. “I mean,” She paused and looked up at you, laying her hand’s on top of his. 

“Six months.” She whispered when his eyes showed he needed answers. Her eyes drifted to look behind him as they let out a sigh at the same moment, his large hand left her belly to touch her face in a soft motion. Her head moved upward once he moved her face upward.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He whispered and studied her eyes. “I told Rafa couple months ago, I begged him to let you have a break.” She mumbled. Daveed let out a huff of air before breathing in the intoxicating fumes that he knew to be the love of his life. “You should have told me…” His voice trailed off leaving them in a short but heavy silence. 

“I’m not sorry,” She whispered and moved so she was looking at his old Oakland shirt. “I knew you wanted to finish the tour,” she said in a soft tone, Daveed spoke up again and closed his eyes as tears filled them.

“The tour’s not done,” he spoke over you. “But I wanted to let you meet son.” she laid her hands on his face before bringing him down to kiss her. Their lips meshing.



tfw you briefly consider having a short-term affair with the cute and charming italian guy you just met on holiday but then you remember you’re happily married


inuchiyo (maeda toshiie) x mc (unnamed)

a/n: i got another request from @hajeema and i’m so unbelievably excited because requests are amazing. this prompt is from this list, number 1.

There are a few things he is almost certain run in the family: brashness, stubbornness, and the in ability to think under even the slightest influence of alcohol. He thinks that at least the last of these should have come with a warning, but it’s just the way of the Maeda Clan to keep some undesirable secrets tucked away.

(Him, for example, but that’s a thought for another day.)

Nobody ever warned him that alcohol was dangerous, and nobody ever warned him that the girl you love is as much a weapon as any poison, any blade, any bullet. He thinks she might just be all three — her voice, her smile, her eyes.

She always looks a little angry when he gets drunk, with a frown like her mother’s and her hands on her hips and a sigh that he imagines could be something lovely if she were kissed—

Not that he knows much about kissing, really, let alone kissing her. But he thinks about it a lot. A lot.

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Does she even understand how much I love her? How empty I feel when she’s not with me? I can sit for hours at night just thinking about how beautiful she is, how beautiful she looked when we were dancing in the moonlight.
I see stars in her eyes when she is dancing to her favorite song. I crave for her small touches and her kisses and miss her voice when I lay in my cold bed and can’t go to sleep. I think about her cuddling me and kissing my neck and think about how sometimes you can find all the secrets of the universe in someone’s arms

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If this isn't too late: #1 for Judy and Nick.

‘Late Night Musings’

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”
Nick laid next to her, half hanging off her too small bed. He twisted his ear, pulling his muzzle off the pillow to look at her. “Huh?” he yawned.
Judy was on her back, eyes up at the ceiling, despite the alarm clock reading 1 a.m. she felt wide awake.
“Where do you see yourself in five years?” she repeated.
“Old,” Nick said bluntly before burrowing his head back into his pillow.
Judy rolled her eyes, “Oh hush, you’re barely over thirty. I mean, relationship and career wise.”
Nick’s voice was muffled against his pillow, “Exactly where I am right now.”
Judy turned her head to look at him, “Really?”
That word had Nick lifting his head to stare at her, “Where do YOU see yourself in five years?” Hearing the worry in his tint and fear in his eyes Judy smiled and placed her paw over his. “Partners with the best fox in the world.” Nick relaxed against her.
“But,” Judy’s eyes trailed back to the ceiling. “I’d still like more. Is that selfish?”
“What could be better than this?” he asked, wrapping his arms around her.
Judy pressed her cheek against his chest, feeling his steady heartbeat against her ear. “I could think of a few things. A bigger bed for one.”
“That would be nice,” Nick admitted. “I’m going to end up falling onto the floor.”
“Maybe even a new apartment,” she tried. “One big enough for both of us.”
The fox hummed in agreement and it made the bunny’s heart soar. “Maybe a nice car? So we don’t always have to drive the squad car or take the bus.”
“Can I get one of those dancing bobble heads for the dashboard?” he asked.
Judy giggled, “Of course. And I’d love to be a lieutenant some day too.”
“You could be chief.”
“Even better!”
Nick chuckled softly and buried his nose into her neck. “And then we can get married and start our own warren.”
He smiled up at her surprised expression. “I know you Carrots, next time just cut to the chase.” He pulled his lips back into a yarn and snuggled against her. “Especially when it’s not and we have to get up at five.”


Bonner and Sharna discuss the inevitable… 

“I have to warn you about something,” Sharna said at once, keeping her voice low.

The camera crew had just left for the day. They were now left alone in their room, packing up and getting ready to head out after their third day of rehearsing together. Bonner looked up from his bag and into her eyes. He looked confused.

“What’s wrong?” he said, also keeping his voice quiet.

“Nothing’s wrong,” she said quickly. “It’s just that there’s something I should probably warn you about before it all comes out on it’s own.”

“Okay,” he said slowly. He sank down onto one of the chairs along the wall and she followed, sitting next to him and looking down at her hands.

“So, I’ve been doing this for a while now. This show. I’ve had a lot of partners over the years and I’ve been pretty lucky.”

“Good partners? Good dancers?”

“No. Well, yes. Good. Some very good. Obviously. But that’s not what I meant by lucky.”

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I once met a girl
who’d get excited over stars
gazing at them all through the night
she’d talk about how beautiful they are

It confounded me
how someone so wondrously​ wise
could look in the mirror
and not see the galaxies
shining in her eyes


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Title: kilig

Pairing: Kim Junmyeon/Reader

Summary: Once she looks at Junmyeon’s eyes, she hears Sehun’s laughter behind her. It wasn’t that obvious that she had a crush on him, right?

Oh Sehun, the name of the devil himself in a human form.

Not that her best friend was anything out of the ordinary, but if hell could have a king then it would be him. The meaning of mischief is a behavior that leans towards the bad part of life but is not intended to cause any pain. His eyes usually glistened with said description and the twist of his lips once the two of them entered his apartment was widened once he took a look at certain person. To some –including Sehun- love was not a necessary feeling, you could love someone depending on time and sometimes time was wrong, but he thought that the company of someone, whether it was a friend or a lover,  was necessary to the human form. He wasn’t worried, per se; he was more intrigued by the fact that she found so much interest in her newly found job, a new book and taking care of Sehun’s dog. Actually, he doesn’t even remember seeing her on a date in the past year, which began to worry him the moment she started to talk about how lonely she felt in one of their drunken nights.

If there was one person in this world that was the epitome of danger and lovingness at the same time, it was Kim Junmyeon. His stare could be blank most of the time, like a white wall drying slowly, but it held so much meaning when his lips twisted into one of his adorable smiles.  He was like a book, one of those that people passed by because it looked too boring, too long to even be interesting. Someone can’t really know other person until they read the entire book and most people grew tired of Junmyeon once they read the synopsis; after all, most people liked full-time attention and Junmyeon was a lover of his job, just like Sehun’s best friend. It only took a few glances at Junmyeon after practice when she was texting him about her loneliness to know that the two of them were like milk and tea, a mixture most people didn’t try, but it was useful and…quite nice.

She fixes the beret over her head, rubbing her lips together to get the color properly over her lips and she frowns once she sees Sehun’s body stopping in front of his opened door. Curiousness takes the best of her and without knowing; she was looking over the tall’s man shoulder, only to see someone sitting on the couch with Vivi on their lap. She recognizes the points of his face, the sharp jaw line, even sharper eyes accompanied by lips in the form of the most desirable plumpness with a pink tint here and there. His hair was sleeked back, wearing a navy blue sweater and a button up underneath, longish legs covered by skinny jeans and she looks over at Sehun, eyeing him up and down to see the smile plastered over his face. If there was something that she knew about Sehun was that he was made to create inappropriate situations and the cocky smirk on his face made her want to slap him across the face.

But she takes a breath, blows a raspberry before gripping Sehun’s arm, but he ignores it completely.

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Oh but on an actually relevant note when I was little I ate books. Like entire books. But the ironic thing is that they were books about manners, like "Don't Take What's Not Yours" etc. The weird thing is that I'm a published author now 😅

im just imaginin you doing something wrong or w/e and ur parents givin you a book abt manners and you just fucking, looking her in the eye and eating it out of spite

i hated the idea of embarrassment
of humiliation
not because i was often so
but because i hated the idea
of the person i loved
looking at me with pity in her eyes
pity in his eyes
pity in their eyes
at me trying my best to play
waiting for someone to love me
the way i love them
always trying
always failing

“I can’t do this anymore Rosé” I don’t want to fucking leave her but things became so complicated.

“I gave up my dream just to be with you, Isn’t that enough?” I can feel a warm liquid running from my eyes. Her eyes are closed avoiding my gaze. I love her so much. That I gave up everything just to be with her. But in the end she cheated on me.

“Do you still love me?” I move closer to her and cupped her face. “Look into my eyes and tell me that you don’t love me anymore” I told her. My tears are overflowing. It hurts so much. and yet there’s still no response from her.

She look straight into my eyes. “I don’t love you anymore” Upon hearing those words my whole world falls apart. i remove my hands from her face. “I’m setting you free” I told her before I leave our apartment.

I rested my head on the wheel and cried. Our 6 years of relationship are now gone because of an asshole. She chooses the guys she just meet over me. She gave up everything. I loved her with all my heart. I always think about me and her having some babies. building a mansion. growing old together. but now it’s all gone. We graduated high school it was so perfect. Maybe i’ll hate college for the rest of my life. I gave up my dream to study in my dream university. I rejected the offer because I don’t want to leave her. It will be a long drive for me to get to her. She’s not happy with my decision. but i still did. She changed my whole life. She’s the only person who stayed in my life, who never leave my side. The only person who loves my whole being. She supported me in every single way she can.

But she canged. He met this guy. who became her friend and started making a move on her. I drove back to the apartment. She’s not there anymore. I checked every room. it’s empty. I entered our room and her cabinets are already empty. I can’t explain the pain i’m dealing right now. i grab some cigarette on my drawer and saw a note.

“I’m sorry”

And tears started to fall down again from my ears. I hated myself from not hating her. I love her that much and I can’t even hate her for hurting me this much. I lighted my cig and bomb a smoke. to release some stress from my body.


Drugs, and alcohol is the only way i can forget the times I saw them together. it’s been 4 weeks. I saw them everyday at the university. Holding hands, hugging each other. i want to beat The crap out of him.

I was walking towards my vehicle when i heard a familiar voice.

“Y/N!” I didn’t bother facing the person behind me. “Fuck off Suho” i told him while unlocking my car. “Rosé ask me to gave you this” I face him with a confused look painted on my face. She grab my hand and opened it as he placed a silver ring on my palm. My whole body froze.

It was the ring that i gave her during our 1st anniversary. “I’m sorry” he told me. “Don’t worry I will gave her the attention she needs and the satisfaction you can’t give her” He told me with a smirk on his face.

My fist met his face. “Fuck you! you already have her you don’t have to fucking rub it into my face! You won already!” I shouted at him. My tears are starting to fall. my knees are weak and i’m starting to kneel in front of him. “Please, don’t—- hurt her…. please” I don’t want to feel anything anymore. “I won’t” he told me and leave.

I can see some feet in front of me. i looked up and see Seulgi. She offers her handkerchief. I grab it and wipe my tears. she stood down my level. “Those beautiful eyes should be happy” Seulgi is one of the girls making a move on me, but i rejected them all because i love Rosé. but now everything changes.


3 months later.

Everytime i’m going to my last class, i always saw her sitting under the same tree she’s been sitting everytime she’s waiting for me after my practices. She’s been reading her favorite book again. I’m still inlove with her, i can’t deny it. Her face became pale. Those lips are drying. a feel a pair of arms around my waist and a lips pressed to my neck.

“Babe. stop you’re hurting yourself” Seulgi blurted out. I closed my eyes. “I’m sorry I can’t help it but stare” I notify her. and i decided to go straight to my class.

After my last class I ended up in a convinience store near the campus to buy some yogurt. And i saw her mom buying some stuffs. her eyes widen when she laid her eyes on me.

“Y/N, it was nice seeing you today” she told me and give me a warm hug. i smiled at her.

“It was nice seeing you again Mrs. Park.” i helped her with the stuffs she’s buying to the counter. Her eyes are puffy, she became pale like Rosé too. While the cashier is taking care of the items, her phone rang.

“Suho? what happened?…….” that bastard. Her mom’s face became so worried and her eyes became teary.

“Oh God, i’m on my way….. thank you shawn” and she ended the phone call and she turn her face to me.

“It’s Chaeyoung”

and my heart drops. what happened to her?

“What….. what about her?” i asked her while pulling the groceries from the counter.

“Come with me” she told me while she exit the store. i followed her to her vehicle and put the bags behind the shotgun seat.

She’s driving fast to the nearest hospital. my heart is pounding.
“She has gastric cancer Y/N, stage III and she’s not taking any medication. That’s why she stopped performing live”

My whole world stops upon hearing those words. she didn’t told me this. but why? fuck. i have no idea. i should be with her, fighting for her but i didn’t.

We reached the hospital and i can’t even walk, i’m so weak. Suho saw us and he gave me a weak smile. “I’ll let you guys talk” Chaeyoung’s mom told us and she ran inside the hospital.

“I’m sorry Y/N, but Chae loves you so much. We’re not dating” He told me. i’m so confused.

“I don’t get it” i said, my mind is about to burst i can’t stop thinking about what he meant.

“She loves you. She asked me to fake date her because she’s sick y/n! She doesn’t want to be a burden to you, she wants you to be happy without her”

“That’s bullshit Suho, pure bullshit” i said. i ran inside the hospital and she’s still in the operating room. her mom is crying inside Jennie’s arms, the other members came here 20 minutes ago.and they are all crying and worried. i walked outside the hospital. Reminiscing all the memories we had.

Her first debut as an idol with the rest of the girls. he was so happy. she even cried after performing.

Our graduation i gave her a puppy but she died because of oldness. Our first fight because i lost her favorite handkerchief. i first break up because because she’s so jealous of f(x) krystal. i remember everything.

I sat on a bench in front of a pond and i looked at the sky and closed my eyes. “Please fight for me chaeyoung. i love you so much”

i’m sorry it took so long for me to update. i ran out of ideas hehehe. and something came up so. Finals week are coming please pray for me.

The Cursed Power- Prologue

A/N: Surprise, surprise!!! Here´s a prologue for Andy´s story~ This is about her living days before meeting everyone at Eel Guard!! Hope everyone likes it! :D

“You´re so useless. Your family must be so dissapointed to have you.” Many teenagers said, surrounding a brunette girl that wished to find a way to escape from them. It took some more insults and even a slap on the girl´s face for her to be finally free from them and leaving her there all alone on the floor as she let her tears fall over her face silently. Minutes passed by and the brunette got up, drying the tears from her face with her hands full of cuts.

By mistake, the girl looked at a mirror that was infront of her and frozen up. Her brown eyes looked back at her up and down, judging herself. Her clothes weren´t that amazing and were quite thin for the cold weather that was outside, plus her shoes were gone…they must´ve taken them away…

A voice coming from the very end of her mind kept repeating over and over again how useless she was, how ugly she was, how no one needed her, bringing her small hands to her ears, covering them, wanting to somehow make that voice stop. Unfortunately it didn´t stop for long minutes, but it did.

Shivering from cold, Andreia rubbed her cold hands together, trying to warm them as she walked outside of the class towards the exit. Nobody else was there, only herself, making her sigh in relief.

Opening the door to get out of the hellish place, she saw how badly was raining and how cold it was. A sad smile appeared on her face as she runned under the heavy rain without any umbrella nor shoes, trying to somehow protect her run-out books from getting destroyed.

Her house wasn´t that far and she was lucky to get there before it started rainning even more.

Before opening the door, the brunette took a deep breath to give her some courage.

“Don´t you dare enter inside this house in that awful state. Don´t you dare to shame this family even more.” An icy voice was heard and Andreia was met with a hateful glare.

“I´m deeply sorry mother…” The brunette´s voice was weak as she stepped back, having a towel and a bag with some fruits trown to her feet.

“Dry yourself before entering, take a quick shower and go to your room. Don´t come out from it. We have visits today. Having you be seen by them would be an embarassement.” The girl´s mother said with a disgusting look plastered on her face before turning around and go inside another division.

Andreia simply complied to her orders, drying herself with the towel, clening the wet spot she created, closing the door, picking the bag with fruits and carefully to not wet anything else, climbed a row of stairs and entered the bathroom, taking a very quick warm shower and covered herself with the towel as she washed her wet clothes. Cleaning the bathroom and picking everything up, she silently opened the door and walked towards her room, only to freeze in her place as she felt the presence of her brother.

“How useless can you be? Forgeting your shoes at school? Are you really that dumb? Here.” Throwing her shoes to her feet, he disappeared, letting her alone in the hallway as she picked up her shoes and looked up, seeing her father look at her with a dissapointing face and leaving her all alone once again.

Getting up, Andreia opened her bedroom´s door and locked it right away, letting everything fall at the floor and pick up a very old pajamas to wear.

Once with the pajamas in her body, she picked the clothes up and put them at the window hoping to somehow they would dry up. Lucky was she to have bought a second set of those clothes in case something like this would happen.

Placing her shoes besides the door and her books lined up at the floor besides her bed, she turned on the lights and dried her hair with the towel as she read the documents that the teacher had order them do read at home.

Once she finished reading everything and her hair was half dry, she eated the apples and pears that were in the plastic bag to after comb her hair and turn of the lights to finally lay down on her bed- a three blanket layers plastered on the floor with another think blanket being used as a pillow.

Looking up at the ceilling, Andreia let her tears fall down once again, letting them guide her to her sleep full of nightmares…